Best Action Camera in India (April 2022)

Action cameras have evolved, adapting to the trends that people would like to see in a compact form factor.

Nowadays, there are action cameras that can perform everything that a full-fledged DSLR can do and then some, albeit in a trimmed down quality.

Choosing the right one for the job may be a hassle in today’s saturated market, but we’re here to help!

This article presents you with a sorted list of the eight best action cameras available in the Indian market at present.

Read along to find out more!

Best Action Cameras In India

1. GoPro Hero 10Overall Best Pick
2. INSTA360 ONE RRunner-up Pick
3. GoPro Hero 9 BlackFeature-rich Action Camera
4. DJI Action 2All-round Performer
5. DJI OSMO ActionValue for Money Action Camera
6. INSTA360 Go2Versatile Action Camera
7. GoPro Hero 8 BlackBudget 4K Action Camera
8. SJCam SJ6 LegendHonourable Mention

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1. GoPro Hero 10

GoPro Hero 10

Overall Best Pick

  • Durable construction
  • Hyper smooth 4.0 stabilization
  • 5.3K videos @ 60 FPS


Intuitive UI

Improved processor

Dual display setup


Average battery life

GoPro is undoubtedly one of the most popular brands in the action camera segment. It was founded in 2002 in the USA and then gradually got known all over the world for its durable and feature-rich action cameras.

GoPro Hero 10 is the latest flagship action camera that was launched this year and is the best GoPro you can buy right now in the market.

Design and Build Quality

The Hero 10 features the same revolutionary boxy design that the whole action camera market seems to be highly influenced by. 

It has a square-shaped lens on the front that is covered in a water-repellent hydrophobic coating which quickly repels any water traces left on the lens. The front of the camera has a 1.4-inch LCD along with a small led indicator. 

The rear of the camera has a 2.27-inch LCD touchscreen the quality of which has dramatically improved from its previous generation. 

The Hero 10 action camera is lightweight and weighs only 153 grams which is lighter than its predecessor. The Hero 10 is waterproof for up to 10 meters which practically needs no separate outer casing to protect it from water ingression. 


The Hero 10 is equipped with a 23.6 MP camera that is capable of recording videos up to 5.3K at 60 FPS which is one of the best in the market right now. 

This premium action camera sets a higher benchmark for the rest of the market by recording 4K videos at 120 FPS and 2.7K videos at 240 FPS. 

The all-new Hypersmooth 4.0 for stabilization does an amazing job of stabilizing all the videos. It can even work with the 5K videos which were not possible with its predecessors. However, it is limited to the 5.3K @ 30 FPS recordings.

This flagship action camera from GoPro can shoot 1080P videos at 270 FPS that can create amazing slow-motion videos.


The GoPro Hero 10 has a lot of useful features starting from the power tools like hindsight, scheduled captures, live burst, and duration capture. It has a feature called TimeWarp 3.0 that creates one of the best stabilized time-lapse films. 

The all-new chipset brings 2X performance improvements from its previous predecessors. This new chipset brings the Hypersmooth 4.0, 3D noise reduction for low-light, fluid and fast overall experience, and faster wired and wireless file transfer speeds.

Battery Life

The GoPro Hero 10 has a 1720 mAh battery pack that is similar to the previous GoPro Hero 9. This battery can last for about an hour when it is recording 4K videos at 60 FPS. 

The right side of the camera has a battery compartment that can be accessed by removing the lid from it. The charging of the battery also needs to be done by opening the lid.


The GoPro Hero 10 is undoubtedly one of the best action cameras in the market right now. It has an all-new chipset that improves the camera performance and introduces the Hypersmooth 4.0 that does an excellent job of stabilizing the videos.


Max Video Output5.3K @ 60 FPS
Screen Size2.27 Inch
Battery1720 mAh
Water ResistanceYes

2. Insta360 ONE R

Insta360 ONE R

Runner-up Pick

  • Innovative action camera from Insta360
  • Reversible display
  • Excellent picture quality


Multiple camera modules

Excellent stabilization

Well optimized app


Expensive add-on accessories

Insta360 is a Chinese camera brand that specializes in making action cameras, 360-degree cameras, and editing software for smartphones and desktops.

The Insta360 One R is a modular action camera that has one of the most innovative designs in the action camera market. It has a unique design that allows you to choose from three different camera modules.

Design and Build Quality

As mentioned earlier, the One R features a unique modular design that can be divided into three parts. 

First comes the battery pack seated at the very bottom that keeps both the other two parts together. The second comes the core control module for the camera that has a 1.5-inch LCD touchscreen, buttons and all the ports for connection. 

The last comes the most important part of the camera, i. e. the lens module which can be replaced as per the user’s requirement. Since the LCD module is behind the core, it can be switched in either direction which is useful for selfie mode. 


The camera is one of the most interesting parts as it offers 3 three different mods of the camera which can be switched as per the need. 

The first one is called, One R 4K Wide Angle Mod, second one is called the Dual Lens 360 Mod and finally the third one is called the 1-inch Wide Angle Mod.

Although these Mods don’t come for free, these need to be separately purchased or can be bought in a twin bundle. 

The camera uses FlowState technology for stabilizing the videos which is similar to GoPro’s HyperSmooth. This action camera is capable of shooting 5.3K videos at 30 FPS. It can also shoot 4K at 60 FPS without any issues. The 360-degree camera module can shoot up to 5.7K at 30 FPS.


The Insta360 One R supports voice control which is an innovative way to give commands to your camera. 

This camera also supports hyperlapse mode which can shoot awesome hyperlapse videos. It supports an external microphone and has an additional external mic adapter for it. 

The Insta360 One R comes with tons of additional accessories like the invisible selfie stick and a boosted battery base that plugs below the battery pack and acts as a holder to add an extra battery backup to it.  

Battery Life

The Insta360 One R has an 1150 mAh battery that can record 5.3K videos @ 30FPS for up to 65 minutes and around 70 minutes on 4K videos @ 60 FPS.

 The camera uses a Type-C power connector for charging and takes about 65 minutes to fully charge itself. 

Insta360 also sells a separate battery that can charge two battery bases at the same time which is pretty inexpensive if you choose to purchase it.


The Insta360 One R is one of the most innovative action cameras in the market right now. It can record beautiful 4K and 5K videos and have different camera mods that can be used for different purposes.


Max Video Output5.3K @ 30 FPS
Screen Size1.3 inch
Battery1190 mAh
Water ResistanceYes

3. GoPro Hero 9 Black

GoPro Hero 9 Black

Feature-rich Action Camera

  • Supports up to 5K 30fps video
  • Dual LCD colour displays
  • RAW audio capture


Robust build quality

Removable lens

HyperSmooth 3.0 stabilization



GoPro Hero 9 is the latest in the list of GoPro action cameras which can be dubbed arguably as the best Hero action camera that Go Pro has come up with to date. 

The GoPro Hero 9 Black succeeds the GoPro Hero 8 Black, which is still one of the best premium action cameras out there in the Indian market. 

Design and Build Quality

The all-new GoPro Hero 9 is now significantly thicker and heavier than Hero 8 Black.

The button layout remains the same along with the two integrated prong mounts in the bottom.

The display size has seen a sizable increase this time around as well. 

GoPro has also brought back one of the desirable features from the Hero 7 lineup – the removable lens mount. 

With this feature, it is quite easy to remove the lens and swap it with a compatible third-party lens and ND filters or even the Max lens mod from GoPro itself. 

The fit and finish of this premium action camera are top notch and to be short, built like a tank. 

This camera can withstand rains, water immersions, accidental falls etc like a champ without any sort of problems whatsoever. 


As we mentioned above, the GoPro Hero 9 Black has a slightly larger 2.27-inch LCD rear display.

This display is bright and has vivid and punchy colours for effortless outdoor usage.

The touch responsiveness also has improved a lot and the whole UI navigation feels a lot smoother. 

The front 1.4-inch display is now a colour LCD panel unlike the monochrome one of the Hero 8 Black. 

Using this display, it is now easier than ever to frame shots, eliminating the need for blind selfie shots. 

Sensor Details 

The 20MP sensor onboard this action camera now supports capturing 5K videos at 30fps along with the regular 4K at 60fps, 2.7K at 120fps and FHD videos at a whopping 240fps. 

The visuals from this camera turn out to be super clean and sharp and with accurate, natural colours. 

This sensor also captures HDR photos with a good amount of detail. 

The new and improved HyperSmooth 3.0 works better than ever to deliver super steady video footage without the help of a gimbal.


The GoPro Hero 9 Blacks comes GPS enabled and supports both Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity.

It does support .wav format RAW audio capture and has features such as advanced wind noise reduction and stereo audio.

You can make use of the diverse ecosystem of compatible mounts and mods to customize this action camera to your specific needs. 

Battery Life

The GoPro Hero Black is powered by a 1720mAh rechargeable battery. This increased battery size is to cater to the larger display and the processor inside. 

You will need at least two batteries for this device to last a day of intense shooting sessions.


If you don’t mind spending a premium, the GoPro Hero 9 Black is possibly the best action camera that you can get your hands on in the Indian market as of now.


Max Video Output5K @ 30 FPS
Screen Size1.4 inch
Battery1720 mAh
Water ResistanceYes

4. DJI Action 2

DJI Action 2

All-round Performer

  • Innovative modular camera from DJI
  • Records up to 4K videos at 120 FPS
  • Waterproof up to 10 meters


Compact size with tons of accessories

Good quality video recordings

Excellent stabilization


No external mic support

DJI is yet another Chinese brand in the market that calls itself a ‘technology company’ and is popularly known for its drones for aerial photography and videography. DJI also makes gimbals, action cameras, flight control systems, flight platforms, and propulsion systems. 

DJI Action 2 is another modular action camera that flaunts a pretty compact body design, and impressive 4K video capabilities. This camera has a very innovative and customizable design that can be customized as per the shooting needs.  

Design and Build Quality

The DJI Action 2 features an extremely compact body design, especially when used without any accessories. The camera has different modules which can be magnetically interconnected with the camera to work together. 

Along with the magnet, it also has two clips on each end that helps it to stay safely connected to the other modules. It features a cube-shaped aluminium body that feels very solid and durable.

The front section of this action camera has a glass housing protecting the camera sensor along with a mic and an LED indicator. 

The back of the camera has a 1.7 inch OLED touchscreen that will be all needed to give controls to the camera and it works flawlessly. It has a single physical button that sits on top of the camera that controls the power and the shutter too. 

The main camera module has no microSD card reader, no charging port, or built-in speaker. It needs a front touchscreen module or the power module which adds three microphones, an extended battery life, an extra 64 grams weight, a microSD card reader, and USB Type-C charging port. 


The DJI Action 2 houses a 12MP camera sensor that can record 4K videos at a max frame rate of 120 FPS which is pretty impressive considering its size. 

Apart from 4K, it can also record 2.7K and 1080P videos. It also features Rocksteady 2.0 which does an elegant job of stabilizing all the videos. DJI says that the camera offers gmbal-smooth stabilization.

This premium action camera also has modes such as Time Lapse and Slow Motion. It has a mode called Horizon Steady that also helps in stabilization of the videos although it can work only till 2.7K 60FPS.


The DJI Action 2 has 32 GB internal storage which is rarely seen in action cameras but makes sense because the camera module has no microSD card slot. 

It also has built-in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth for connectivity. This camera also supports voice commands.

DJI offers plenty of accessories to pair with the Action 2 including the ones that can make it completely waterproof. Although the camera module itself is waterproof for up to 10 meters, the other accessories like the front facing touchscreen module or the power module do need a waterproof case to make it waterproof for up to 60 meters. 


The DJI Action 2 is powered by 580 mAh which offers a little less power than the other competitors in the market. Although added with a front touchscreen or module it can have an extra 1300 mAh battery. Since there are no ports attached to the main camera module,it can only be charged using the power module or the front-facing touchscreen module. 


The DJI Action 2 is a great action camera with an innovative modular design that comes with magnetic mounting points. This design offers a great amount of flexibility. 

The camera offers good stabilization and amazing picture quality. It has plenty of required accessories which can be switched at any moment as per the requirements.


Max Video Output4K @ 120 FPS
Screen Size1.6 inch
Battery580 mAh
Water ResistanceYes

5. DJI OSMO Action


Value for Money Action Camera

  • 4K at 30fps, 1080p at 240fps
  • Excellent rocksteady stabilization
  • Voice-activated controls


Solid build quality

Dual display

Type C charging port



It’s here! The action camera competitor to GoPros and Sony FD series cameras from DJI has hit the shelves recently.

The DJI OSMO action is a Go pro like compact action camera on steroids with several tricks under its sleeves to impress you.

Design and Build Quality

The DJI OSMO action camera looks a lot similar to the GoPro Hero 7 camera. The side-mounted camera lens and the secondary screen looks very familiar.

The similarity ends there. There is a blinking LED on the front side that will let you know when it’s recording or when the battery is low.

The buttons on this device are very clicky and responsive. The DJI OSMO action comes with an extra multi-function button which you can map to an action of your choice.

This action camera comes with a USB type C charging port and has a micro SD card slot that will take up to 256GB cards without any problem.

Sensor Details

The DJI OSMO action camera features a ½.3 inch 12MP CMOS sensor with an ISO range between 100-3200.

This sensor is capable of recording 4K videos at 60fps and 1080p videos at a whopping 240fps without any issues.

The pictures and videos turn out to be crisp and clear with vivid and accurate colours.

An important feature worth mentioning is rocksteady stabilization technology. This feature lets you capture smooth gimbal-like footage without the need to invest in an actual gimbal.

This works very well and offers butter smooth videos similar to that of GoPro Hero 7.


The DJI OSMO action camera, as we earlier said, comes with dual screens. The 2.25-inch LCD panel on the rear is touch-sensitive and supports gesture navigation. 

Swiping on this display with two fingers turns on the secondary small colour display on the front. This will be very helpful especially when you are vlogging.

Battery Life

The DJI OSMO action camera can shoot full HD videos comfortably for over an hour and a half at a single charge.

With some sort of proprietary fast charging technology, this battery gets charged fairly quickly from empty to full within one and a half hours.


If you are a DJI fanboy and wants an action camera that performs on par with the likes of GoPro Hero 7, OSMO action will fit the bill perfectly.


Max Video Output4K @ 60 FPS
Screen Size2.25 inch
Battery1300 mAh
Water ResistanceYes

6. INSTA360 Go2

INSTA360 Go2

Versatile Action Camera

  • FlowState stabilization
  • IPX8 water resistance
  • Decent build quality


Bundled accessories

Easy to carry around



Limited dynamic range

Insta360 Go2 is advertised as one of the smallest action cameras in the market that you can get your hands on currently. 

The Go2 as indicative from its name is an improved version of the original Insta360 Go camera and brings in some massive improvements in video as well as build quality. 

Design and Build Quality

The Insta360 Go2 is designed to be portable and with that we mean not just like any other action camera out there but a fully contained self-sustained unit. 

At first, you will mistake the Insta360 Go2 case for a TWS earbud charging case but that’s where the similarities end. 

Made from plastic, this case has a small compartment inside where the original camera rests, a tiny screen, a standard tripod screw mount, miniature tripod legs and a USB Type-C port for charging. 

With the box, you will get a pendant that can be worn around the neck, to which the camera can be attached magnetically. 

And yes, the camera is water-resistant and you can use it underwater but you should be careful while jumping into the water with the camera attached magnetically to the pendant as there is a chance the camera might get separated and lost. 


The camera performance from the Insta360 Go2 honestly is not comparable with the likes of Go Pros. 

The smaller size of this camera means the sensor itself is small and the overall video and the photo quality can be considered decent.

The dynamic range isn’t as impressive as we might like but the clarity and sharpness of the footage are on point. 

The FlowState stabilization feature works well enough to deliver a jitter free video capturing experience for the most part. 

You do get common features such as time lapse and slow motion with this camera both of which work decently.


This portable action camera from Insta360 can capture videos with a resolution up to 2560 x 1440p at 50fps and 1920 x 1080p videos at 50fps. There are a lot of intermediary resolutions at which you can record as well. 

The magnetic pendant, easy clip and the pivot stand comes as standard accessories inside the box. 

Versatility is what defines this action camera. It almost takes no time for setting up this device and starting recording when compared to one’s such as GoPro.

The proprietary AquaVision feature will turn your underwater shots much more vibrant and peppy right from the camera without any editing. 

Battery Life

The Insta360 Go2 can record videos up to 30 minutes on a single full charge. 

You can charge up the camera about thrice in the charging case and it takes around 35 minutes to completely juice up. 


If versatility is what you want, the Insta360 Go2 is one of the best choices you have in the market at present. 

This camera can be carried around without noticing and you can capture the memories as it happens without actively indulging in the recording process.


Max Video Output2K @ 50 FPS
Screen SizeNA
Battery1100 mAh
Water ResistanceYes

7. GoPro Hero 8 Black

GoPro Hero 8 Black

Budget 4K Action Camera

  • Hyper smooth 2.0 stabilization
  • Sharp and vivid visuals
  • Wide range of accessories


Robust build quality

Streamlined ergonomic design

8x slo-mo


Average battery life

GoPro brought the revolution of action cameras to the mainstream market with their Hero devices.

The Hero 8 Black from GoPro is one of the latest flagship sports action cameras from the company which is touted as the best in the business to date.

Design and Build Quality

The GoPro Hero 8 Black retains the traditional Hero series action camera design but with minor improvements.

The build quality is now a tad bit better with a polycarbonate shell that can withstand minor abuses when dealt with roughly.

This action camera is waterproof on its own and doesn’t require a separate clear shell case.

The signature GoPro dual screen is present and accounted for on this model. The back display is a 2-inch IPS LCD which acts as a digital viewfinder and playback monitor.

The front black and white display notifies the resolution, battery and time remaining.

Everything feels durable and the details of the fit and finish of the device are exquisite.

Sensor Details

The Hero 8 Black features a 12MP CMOS sensor coupled with the in-house image processing chip, the GP1.

This sensor is the same found in the Hero 7 Black but the improved chipset and added RAM does perform wonders.

The 12MP sensor is capable of shooting 4K at 60 fs and full HD videos at a whopping 240fps without any struggle.

There is an option to shoot RAW photos that many hardcore photographers would love to use.

The pictures and videos come out extremely good with popping colours and an excellent contrast ratio.


Well, there’s a lot to say about this one. The Hero 8 Black supports voice commands which GoPro introduced a couple of iterations before.

Now the mic being more sensitive and offering a sort of noise cancellation effect, you can virtually control the camera just with your voice anywhere, be it a crowded beach or a windy hillside.

GoPro introduces the improved hyper smooth 2.0 image stabilization algorithm with this new Hero 8 Black.

This is a highly advanced form of EIS with built-in sensors inside the camera with the help of AI that predicts the motion and adjusts the frame accordingly.

Dizzying right? Fret not, the videos are extremely smooth and comparable to shots taken with a gimbal.

The Hero 8 Black now supports live streaming over Wi-Fi. You can now broadcast your favourite moments directly to major social media websites.

Battery Life

The GoPro Hero 8 Black has a 1220mAh battery powering its internals.

With this battery, you’ll be able to record 4K videos at 60fps for around an hour.


With industry-leading features like hyper smooth image stabilization and live video streaming, this device packs all the features that a content creator deserves.


Max Video Output4K 60fps
Screen Size2-inch LCD, 1.4-inch front
Water ResistanceYes

8. SJCam SJ6 Legend

SJCam SJ6 Legend

Honourable Mention

  • Excellent 4K video quality
  • Up to 110 minutes of battery life
  • Intuitive dual display


Durable build quality

Electronic Image stabilization

SD card support up to 128GB


Limited availability

SJCam is one of the first action camera brands to start marketing its products in the Indian market.

Combined with value for money features and the affordability factor, these action cameras are really popular among budget-conscious buyers.

The SJ6 Legend is one of the mid-range action camera offerings from SJCam which offers cutting edge features for a budget-priced under Rs.10,000.

Design and Build Quality

The SJCam SJ6 Legend is made from a high-quality polycarbonate material that excels in both build quality and is extremely lightweight.

The textured finish on top of the chassis enhances grip when held in hand without a tripod.

This action camera comes bundled with several accessories to use with vehicles and helmets and even includes a lens cap for added safety.

One main advantage of this budget action camera priced under Rs.10,000 is the presence of an external microphone jack which can be used to connect any third-party mic for better audio quality while recording video.

The buttons are located on top of the chassis and there is a tripod screw in the bottom portion beside the battery compartment.

This action camera from SJCam can take SD cards up to 128GB leaving you free of any worries regarding storage space.

Sensor Details

The SJCam SJ6 legend features a 16MP MN34120PA CMOS sensor powered by a Novatek NT9660 DSP chipset for excellent video and photo quality.

The images and videos from this sensor have sufficient details and the colour accuracy is one of the best in the segment.

This image sensor can record videos at a native 4K resolution at 24fps. 

There is an option for turning on electronic image stabilization for jitter-free videos.

The still photos from this sensor have a good amount of details, perfect for social media uploads. The wide-angle camera will let you take images from a different and unique perspective with more subjects in focus.


The SJ6 Legend comes with a dual-screen form factor – a 2-inch LCD touchscreen display in the rear and a 0.96-inch black and white screen in the front.

The touch response of the rear display is very good and will help you to navigate through the menus and flick through the photos and videos effortlessly.

The front display is mainly helpful for vloggers to see the recording duration, battery per cent and other details at a glance.


With the supplied waterproof casing in the box, the SJ6 Legend can be used underwater for up to 30m without any issues.

There is a dedicated dashcam mode on this action camera making it double up as an action camera.

Battery Life

The SJ6 Legend packs in a modest 1050mAh battery inside which is rated to last around 110 minutes of a single charge.

It takes approximately 2 hours to completely charge this battery from zero to a hundred per cent.


The SJCam SJ6 is one of the best action cameras that you can purchase under a budget of Rs.10,000.

If you don’t mind the lack of native 4K recording, this is indeed a well-performing camera with excellent video and visual output quality.


Max Video Output4K 24fps
Screen Size2 inches , 0.96 inches
Water ResistanceYes

These are the eight best action cameras that you can purchase in the Indian market at present.

If you have any doubts regarding the article or any suggestions that we might want to add, please hit us up via the comment section below.

Thanks for your time and have a great day ahead!

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