Best Action Camera Under Rs.5,000 (December 2021)

Unlike bulky DSLRs, these compact cameras can be carried anywhere in rain and dust without the fear of damaging the hardware while capturing your perfect moments.

With the prices coming down like a rocket, these action cameras now serve as an important recipe in a travellers backpack.

In this article, we bring you the curated list of the five best budget action cameras priced around Rs.5000 in the Indian market.

Best Action Cameras Under Rs.5,000

1. Procus ViperOverall Best Pick
2. SJCAM SJ 4000 AirRunner-up Pick
3. Mabron DrumstoneBudget Action Camera
4. Procus Convoy DashcamBudget Vehicle Dash Camera
5. SJCam Fun CamHonourable Mention

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1. Procus Viper

Procus Viper

Overall Best Pick

  • Included accessories and mounts
  • Video recording up to 4K 30fps
  • Inbuilt microphone


Solid build quality

1080p 60fps video

Decent battery life


Average low light image quality

Procus Go is an Indian company specializing in marketing VR related accessories and affordable action cameras. 

The Procus Viper is a first-generation budget action camera that gives a bang for buck deal in the sub-Rs. 5000 segment.

Design and Build Quality

The Procus Viper action camera has a minimal looking design with prominent Procus branding in the front.

This device has a rubbery silicone coating in the front and a textured rubber casing at the sides.

The control buttons and connectivity ports are located at the sides for easy accessibility. 

The construction of this action camera feels solid in hand. The buttons are tactile and responsive as well.

There is a 2-inch LCD in the back for previewing the photos and videos. The display resolution is decent for the price but a bit dim to our liking.

Sensor Details

The Procus Viper features a 16MP CMOS sensor inside. This sensor can shoot pictures with a resolution of 3840 x 2160 pixels and 4K videos up to 30fps.

There is support for 1920 x 1080 pixel full HD videos at 60 fps which is the normal resolution for most Youtube videos.

You can also shoot slow-motion videos up to 720p at 120fps which is decent enough for an action camera at this price.

The images and videos appear sharp and detailed in favourable lighting conditions. There is no form of image stabilization, however.

This results in shaky videos if not used with a gimbal.


The Procus Viper action camera has all the feature sets available in the more expensive action cameras in the market.

Burst mode shots help you take pictures of fast-moving subjects with relative ease.

There is also a time-lapse mode that lets you take stunning hyper lapses of sceneries.

Inside the box comes a lot of different accessories such as bike mounts and waterproof casing etc.

This action camera has an inbuilt microphone to record voice during vlogging.

Battery Life

The Procus Viper action camera is powered by a 1050mAh Li-ion battery. It will last for about 2.15 hours if used for recording videos continuously.

You can conveniently charge this device via a micro USB from a power bank for an AC outlet.


Procus Viper is one of the best action cameras that you can avail of under a budget of Rs.5000 in the Indian market.

The build quality and the optional 4K 30fps along with the full-blown 1080p 60fps recording makes this device a compelling purchase.


Megapixels16 MP
Max. Video Output4K @ 30FPS
Screen Size2-inch LCD
Battery1050 mAh
Water ResistanceUp to 30m

2. SJCAM SJ 4000 Air

SJCAM SJ 4000 Air

Runner-up Pick

  • Wi-Fi enabled action camera
  • 4K at 30fps, full HD at 60fps
  • 170-degree wide-angle view


Lightweight and rugged

Supplied waterproof case in the box

Crisp 2.0-inch LCD


No memory card included with the package

SJCam has been a major player in the action cam segment in the country for a while.

The SJCam SJ4000 Air is the budget offering from SJCam that is priced at just around Rs.5000 that offers great visuals accompanied by a ton of extra useful features.

Design and Build Quality

The SJCam SJ4000 Air is made of high-quality plastic and feels durable in hand. There is no flex or creeks on the chassis.

The buttons are click and responsive and offer good tactile feedback.

The waterproof casing and plethora of mounts make this action camera an all-weather, all-terrain usage device.

The 2-inch LTPS LCD comes with 360p resolution and shows the exact preview of what you shot with the camera.

Sensor Details

The SJCam 4000 Air features an AR0330 CMOS sensor which is a 16MP unit capable of capturing photos at a maximum resolution of 4032 x 3024 pixels.

This action camera from SJCam can capture 4K videos at 30fps and Full HD 1920 x 1080 pixel videos at 60fps.

The Allwinner chipset inside this camera processes the image and video to make it look more natural-looking with precise colour reproduction and noise reduction.

The camera sensor has a 170 degrees field of vision to capture more subject, especially when dealing with panoramic shots.


Available in a different set of attractive colours, the SJCam SJ4000 air is one of the trendy looking cameras of the bunch.

This device comes with inbuilt Wi-Fi that will let you transfer photos and videos to a laptop or a smartphone without any wires or cables.

You can control the camera directly from your smartphone via the SJCam app as well.

Battery Life

The SJCam SJ4000 Air has a 900mAh battery powering its internals. This will last for about 90 minutes of continuous usage while shooting full HD videos at 30 fps.


The SJCam SJ4000 is the perfect companion for you if you like to have a feature-rich action camera with Wi-Fi onboard.

With a lot of aftermarket mounts available, this device can be installed on your bike or car and can be doubled up as a dashcam.


Megapixels16 MP
Max. Video Output4K @ 30FPS
Screen Size2 inch
Battery900 mAh
Water ResistanceUp to 30m

3. Mabron Drumstone

Mabron Drumstone

Budget Action Camera

  • Wi-Fi connectivity
  • 170-degree field of view
  • 4K video recording


Remote control option

Wide viewing angle

Waterproof case


Average build quality

Mabron is a brand that mainly deals with wearables products such as smartwatches and fitness trackers. They have also added action cameras to their range of products recently.

Mabron Drumstone is a basic 4K action camera that is one of the cheapest available 4K action cameras in the market. It has some basic features and offers a decent quality of photos and videos.

Design and Build Quality

The Mabron Drumstone looks like any other action camera in the market. It has a square-shaped plastic build body that feels durable enough for daily usage. 

The corners have a slightly textured finish that offers extra grip that prevents it from accidentally slipping off your hands, 

The front side of the camera has a wide-angle lens along with a mode button placed next to it. 

The rear side houses a 2-inch LCD that helps to see what you’re recording. The bottom side has a battery compartment while the right side of it has up and down buttons that help in navigating through the menus.


The Mabron Drumstone features a 16 MP sensor that is capable of shooting 4K videos. It can also shoot 1080P FHD, 1080P, 720P, and even lower resolutions than that. 

It has a wide 170-degree field of view that can take wide-angle shots. 

This budget action camera offers a pretty basic quality of videos and pictures which are decent at best. Although you cannot complain as it is enough for the price it is being offered at. 


The best feature about this camera is that it has in-built Wi-Fi which you can use to control this camera wirelessly using your smartphone. 

You can also share your files using Wi-Fi just like we can do with other action cameras in the market. 

The camera also has an anti-shaking mode that keeps the shots relatively stable which is impressive at its price point. This camera also has a waterproof casing that can be used to shoot underwater or in the rain.

Battery Life

The Mabron Drumstone comes packed with dual lithium-ion batteries that can continuously power the camera up for about 180 minutes while recording which is a decent time for a camera of this price bracket.


The Mabron Drumstone is a good basic action camera that you get at very budget-friendly pricing.

 This camera is not the best in the market nor has features that can make it your first choice, but if you have a very tight budget or you just want a decent camera with basic outputs, then you could consider this.


Megapixels16 MP
Max. Video Output4K @ 30FPS
Screen Size2 inch
Water ResistanceUp to 30m

4. Procus Convoy Dashcam

Procus Convoy Dash cam

Budget Vehicle Dash Camera

  • 1080p Dashboard camera
  • Motion detection and crash detection
  • Good quality video footage


Night vision lens

Capacitive battery

Wide dynamic range


Average build quality

Procus Convoy Dashcam is one of the cheapest dashboard cameras available in the market right now. 

This budget dashcam from Procus comes packed with multiple safety feature modes to provide you with a safe journey experience. 

Design and Build Quality

The camera has a very sleek build and looks premium on the first look.

 Since the body is pretty sleek, half of the camera lens sits on top of the camera. The body is made of decent-grade plastic that makes it quite lightweight. 

On top of the camera are the connectivity ports while the left side of it has the navigation buttons and a TF card slot. 

This camera also has a microphone that sits on the lower side of the camera. On the backside of the camera is a 3-inch LCD screen.


The Procus Convoy has a 12 MP camera sensor that can record videos at a resolution of 1080p. 

It uses H.264 compression technology along with smooth image processing that together creates an excellent quality of video footage. 

This dash camera has a night-vision lens and a unique wide dynamic range (WDR) video system that enhances the night footage.


The Convoy comes with multiple attachments that come in handy in setting the camera up. 

The additional accessories include a car charging adapter that will be used to power this camera up. There is also one suction cup that will hold the camera up on your windshield. 

This entry-level camera has smart security features such as motion detection and parking monitoring systems. It can automatically detect ignition and turn itself up. It has a G-sensor that detects any impact or movement when you are not in the car and starts recording.

Battery Life

The dashcam is powered by the car charging adapter that comes packed with it. Although it does have a rechargeable battery pack inside of it that can help the camera record even when the car is turned off. 


The Procus Convoy is an affordable dashboard camera that has all the necessary features to keep your car safe. It even has an in-built battery pack that will make it record even when the car is turned off. If you’re looking for a dashboard camera that is enough to keep your car safe, then this one will surely get your job done.


Max. Video Output1080P @ 60 FPS
Screen Size3 inch
Water ResistanceNA

5. SJCam Fun Cam

SJCam Fun Cam

Honourable Mention

  • Basic camera for kids by SJCAM
  • Waterproof
  • In-built games


Durable build

Decent picture quality

Interface specially designed for kids


Pictures are a little blurry

SJCAM Fun Cam is probably the cheapest action camera that you can buy right now in the Indian market. This camera is mainly focused on young users like kids and hence is offered in multiple funky colors. 

Design and Build Quality

As mentioned above, the Fun Cam is mainly focused towards young kids which can be felt in the design language of this camera.

 It has a small and compact design that flaunts a rectangular plastic build body with rounded corners. The build quality is pretty decent and it feels durable when you hold it in your hands.

The front side has a camera lens along with a flash LED placed next to it. The rear side has a 2-inch LCD that is fitted next to the controls buttons and a speaker. 

This camera has very few accessories to offer and one of them is a hand strap that you can attach to it to prevent accidental drops.


The Fun Cam has a 5MP CMOS camera that can record videos at a resolution of 1080P. It can also be used for clicking pictures. The picture quality is good enough because it is made specifically for the kids. 

It also has a built-in microphone that records audio along with the ongoing video recordings. This action camera also features some interesting camera modes like time-lapse and photo frames.


The Fun Cam is waterproof to an extent which is one of the most important quirks a device needs when it is designed for the kids. 

The camera also has in-built games inside of it that are a plus point. It comes with a strap out of the box that makes the little handier and prevents it from accidentally dropping it. 

Battery Life

The Fun Cam is powered by a 800 mAh lithium battery that offers a good battery life. Since the battery is rechargeable, SJCAM has included a USB cable within the box that can be used to charge the camera up.


The Fun Cam is just a fun camera with a 5 MP camera for decent picture and video quality. This surely doesn’t compete with the best action cameras in the market but is surely a good product if you’re considering it for your young kid.

 It is a fun-to-learn camera for those kids who have a little interest in photography and want to learn the basics of photography.


Max. Video Output1080P @ FPS
Screen Size2 inch
Battery800 mAh
Water ResistanceYes

The search for the best five sports action cameras priced under Rs.5000 concludes here.

If you have any doubts or suggestions regarding this article, let us know in the comments section below. 

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