Best Air Coolers in India (November 2021)

India is a tropical country experiencing a hot and humid climate in different parts throughout the year, leaving the people uncomfortable in indoor living spaces. 

With the rising global warming and the deadly air pollution, we find it difficult to be inside our room, office during hot days without an air conditioner.

Even ceiling fans blow hot air, making anyone occupying under it profusely sweat.

Though India is an economically developing country, air conditioners are still too expensive for most of the population.

This is where the role of inexpensive air coolers come into use. 

We Indians are extremely picky about our choices and always value the money and the time spent on making a purchase. 

So, in this article, we bring you the nine best affordable air coolers selected from hundreds of available models to make your purchase experience a much straightforward affair.

Without any further ado, let’s begin!

Best Air Coolers in India

1. Crompton Ozone Overall Best Pick
2. Hindware Snowcrest 85 HRunner-up Pick
3. Symphony Diet Value for Money Air Cooler
4. Voltas JetMaxFeature-rich Air Cooler
5. Bajaj Platini Torque PX 97Compact Air Cooler
6. Bajaj COOLEST DC 2016Best Cooler for Coastal Areas
7. Havells Celia All-round Performer
8. Kenstar Double Cool DxPortable Air Cooler
9. Bajaj MD 2020Budget Air Cooler
10. Maharaja WhitelineHonourable Mention

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1. Crompton Ozone

Crompton Ozone

Overall Best Pick

  • Suited for rooms/halls up to 500 sq. ft
  • Motorized Louver Movement
  • Castor wheels for portability


Inverter connectivity

Rust free chassis

Ice and water mode operation


Noisy at higher speeds

Crompton is an Indian multinational company based in Mumbai specializing in power generation and transmission equipment.

The Crompton Ozone is a budget air cooler designed for home usage priced competently at an affordable budget of Rs.8,750.

Design and Build Quality

The Crompton Ozone is by no means a small air cooler that sits stealthily in one corner of the room.

This air cooler is a sufficiently large-sized air cooler occupying significant floor space when compared with other models in this list.

The internal fan and the outer chassis of this air cooler are made from high-quality polypropylene plastic which is strong enough to be durable in the long run.

The vents are present on all sides to deliver a 360-degree air throw around the room.

The water filling column is conveniently placed in the front section of the cooler. You can add ice cubes on the top if much quicker cooling is desired. 

There are control knobs properly marked to increase fan speed and adjust the water pump.

Having a smooth and polished exterior makes the cleaning very easy as it can be wiped effortlessly with a piece of cloth.

Fan and Air Flow

The Crompton Ozone delivers an airflow volume of about 4200 cfm.

Airflow volume is the amount of air that is moved by the fan inside. Represented by the unit CFM (cubic feet per minute), the more the airflow volume, the better will be the cooling effect of an air cooler.

This air cooler has a maximum air throw distance of 50 ft which is enough to cool a large space.

The motorized louvres allow four-way air deflection in all directions inside the living space. This aids in the uniform cooling of the surroundings.

Capacity and Power Consumption

This budget room air cooler from Crompton features a maximum capacity of 75L. This means you can fill up to 75 litres of water in this cooler at once that lasts long upon usage.

Speaking of power consumption, this air cooler is rated to operate consuming a maximum of 190W.


The Crompton Ozone is a budget room/office air cooler with the capability to serve a medium to large-sized working space.

With the motorized louvres inside and the powerful fan, this air cooler delivers excellent cooling all over the floor space uniformly and effectively.


Tank Capacity55 L
Air Delivery Rate4600 m3/h
Power Consumption190 W
Cooling Area490 sq ft
Warranty1 Year

2. Hindware Snowcrest 85 H

Hindware SNOWCREST 85-H

Runner-up Pick

  • 85L Tank capacity
  • Intuitive water level indicator
  • Motorized vertical louvre


Wheels for easy movements

Four-way air deflection for effective cooling

User-friendly controls


No dust filter

The Hindware Snowcrest 85-H chassis is made from hi-impact polystyrene material which offers excellent build quality and at the same time is very lightweight.

The fan inside is made from polystyrene material. The dual-tone colour scheme of this air cooler looks refreshing and will blend with your home decor seamlessly.

The control knobs on the front section of the air cooler helps in controlling the fan speed, swing and cooling.

There are wheels on the underside of this air cooler to aid effortless portability.

Fan and Air Flow

The fan inside this air cooler rotates at a decent rate of 1350 rpm and offers a maximum air throw distance of 40 ft.

Manual control of the fan speed lets you adjust the level of cooling required or you can even turn off the cooling and just operate the fan instead.

The Hindware Snowcrest 85-H offers an air delivery rate of 3500 cfm. The louvres inside are motorized and deflect the cold air from the fan in all four directions.

Capacity and Power Consumption

The Hindware 85-H air cooler consumes about 200W of power during its operation. This is not at all bad considering the 1350rpm motor inside.

The 85L water storage along with a separate ice compartment will provide enough cooling for a long time without wanting to refill the device frequently.

As a convenience measure, this device also comes with a water level indicator.


The honeycomb-shaped pads inside the air cooler offer a balanced cooling experience.

This air cooler from Hindware is inverter capable and can be hooked up with the same to have continued operation, even when the power goes out.


The Hindware Snowcrest 85 H is a budget home air cooler suitable for small and medium-sized indoor spaces.

With convenience features like castor wheels for easy portability and water level indicator, this is one of the best air coolers available under a budget of Rs.10,000.


Tank Capacity85 L
Air Delivery Rate3800 m3/h
Power Consumption200 W
Cooling Area450 sqft
Warranty1 Year

3. Symphony Diet

Symphony DIet

Value for Money Air Cooler

  • Dust, odour and allergy filter
  • Automatic louvres
  • Honeycomb pads 


Multidirectional castor wheels

Quick cooling



Plastic fan

Symphony Diet is a tower-shaped personal air cooler capable of cooling an area under 100 sq. ft comfortably under 10 minutes.

The Diet air cooler is loaded with features that are found on premium air coolers but at a considerably lower price tag.

Design and Build Quality

As we have already mentioned above, the Symphony Diet features a tower-shaped design with considerably increased height when compared with other air coolers in its price segment.

With the chassis structure made from ABS plastic, the Diet feels extremely durable but lightweight at the same time.

The fan inside is made from regular plastic material.

Since the height of this air cooler is about 84.5m, the cooling effect is much more pronounced and quicker than the competing models.

Fan and Air Flow

The 18cm diameter fan inside provides a very good airflow inside the room, lowering the temperature much quicker.

The dura-pump technology implemented in this air cooler allows fine misty droplets of water to uniformly propagate throughout the entire room resulting in uniform cooling.

The Symphony Diet features a maximum airflow volume of 1100cfm, which is decent for a personal air cooler at this price.

Capacity and Power Consumption

As the name suggests the Symphony Diet air cooler has a 12L capacity water tank inside.

This air cooler consumes about 170W of power during its operation.


This budget personal air cooler comes with a lot of health-centric features on board. 

The Symphony Diet is equipped with a dust and odour filter to keep the air free from contaminants and bad smells.

This air cooler comes with inverter compatibility to be used on battery power then the power outage happens, which in itself is a common occurrence in India.


The Symphony Diet is a feature-rich budget personal air cooler that is well worth the money you spend.


Tank Capacity12L
Air Delivery Rate900m3/h
Power Consumption170 W
Cooling Area99.2 sq.ft
Warranty1 Year

4. Voltas JetMax

Voltas JetMax

Feature-rich Air Cooler

  • Suited for medium-sized halls/large rooms
  • Efficient honeycomb cooling pads
  • Turbo air throw


Large capacity water tank

Solid build quality

Works with inverter


Lacks dust filter

Voltas is an Indian company specialized in the heating, ventilation, and air conditioning sector with its wide range of products catering to personal as well as industrial use. 

The Jetmax air cooler is available for purchase in India at a price of just Rs.11,369 is suited for both home and office usage alike.

Design and Build Quality

The Voltas JetMax comes in a royal white rectangular-shaped tower design. Made completely out of plastic materials, this air cooler weighs 19Kg. 

The multi-directional caster wheels at the bottom aids in better portability, You can move around the cooler easily around the living space on your own. 

The control buttons are placed on the upper portion of the cooler and are easily accessible for a quick change of settings. 

There is nothing unique about the design, but overall, the sleek and elegant design gives a premium look to the device. The compact build makes Voltas JetMax an extremely effective cooling device in small to medium rooms and office spaces. 

Fan and Air Flow

This air cooler offers a turbo air throw with the help of a large fan inside with a diameter of 43cm.

This fan is powerful enough to deliver cool air up to 14 m which is enough for a room size of about 473 sq. ft.

For the convenience of the user, the Voltas JetMax holds a control panel of which the speed can be controlled to three settings viz, low, medium, and high.

The honeycomb structured cooling medium works efficiently in absorbing the heat and delivers cooled air uniformly.

Capacity and Power Consumption

Featuring a 70L water storage capacity, the Voltas JetMax has one of the largest storage capacities, impressive enough for its price. 

To ensure the cooler never works with an empty tank, there is an empty tank alarm that automatically detects the low water level and alerts the user. 

The budget-friendly air cooler uses 185 W of power for cooling, which is quite reasonable for the cooling capacity of this machine.


The Voltas JetMax is one of the best air coolers in the industry with robust build quality and durability. 

If you are looking for a powerful yet affordable air cooler for your home or office, then you can check out this product.


Tank Capacity70 L
Air Delivery Rate4000 m3/h
Power Consumption185 W
Cooling Area473 sq.ft
Warranty1 Year

5. Bajaj Platini Torque PX97

Bajaj Platini Torque PX97

Compact Air Cooler

  • Suited for rooms up to 151 sq. ft
  • Power-efficient
  • Silent cooling operation


30 sq. ft air throw distance

Widespread service centres

36L water tank capacity


Average build quality

There will not be a single Indian who has never heard about the company Bajaj at least once in their lifetime.

The company, famous for its home appliances and two-wheelers, has an air cooler offering in the form of the Torque PX97.

Design and Build Quality

The Bajaj Platini Torque PX97 uses polypropylene and plastic materials throughout its construction. The build quality is not the worst, but decent at best.

This air cooler has a height of just 84.5cm, which gives it a low profile, less space occupying feel when placed near to the walls.

The design otherwise is nothing especially interesting but possible. The plastic control knobs feel cheap but do serve their purpose as advertised.

The caster wheels on this air cooler aids in better portability across the home or office space, if you want to frequently switch the place of action.

Fan and Air Flow

The fan inside this air cooler is made from ordinary plastic material, which is a bit of a letdown. 

However, the fan operates sufficiently faster to deliver good cooling performance for the price.

This budget air cooler has an air delivery limit up to 1117m3/h which is ideal for a small room with a couple of occupants.

The four-way air deflection and the air throw distance of 30 sq. ft makes the interior of the small room cool down in about 5 minutes after turning on the cooler.

Capacity and Power Consumption

The Bajaj Platini Torque PX97 has a 36L water tank which is enough for the air cooler to draw water from for more than a day of usage.

The motor fan inside this air cooler consumes only 100W of power for its operation, which makes it one of the energy-efficient coolers under the budget of Rs.5,700.


The honeycomb padded structures placed along the three sides of this air cooler offers even cooling across the room area.

This ensures that there will be no uneven cooled air in the room which might result in uneasiness and other discomforts for the occupants.


If you’re in search of a budget air cooler to serve a small area, the Bajaj Platini torque PX97 is an apt choice.

The lower power consumption and the efficient honeycomb pad supported cooling makes this device a product well worth the asking price of just Rs. 5,595.


Tank Capacity36 L
Air Delivery Rate1177m3/h
Power Consumption100 W
Cooling Area151 Sq ft
Warranty1 Year

6. Bajaj COOLEST DC 2016

Bajaj COOLEST DC 2016

Best Cooler for Coastal Areas

  • Suitable for halls/office spaces
  • Variable speed control
  • Turbofan technology


Corrosion-free chassis

Castor wheels for easy portability

Ice chamber for faster Cooling


Outdated design

There will not be a single Indian who has never heard about the company Bajaj at least once in their lifetime.

The company, famous for its home appliances and two-wheelers, has an air cooler offering with better cooling performance in the name of COOLEST DC 2016.

Design and Build Quality

The Bajaj COOLEST DC 2016 uses a durable plastic material for its chassis construction.

With a height of 111 cm, it’s a bit taller than some of the air coolers in this list but can easily be placed anywhere without any issue. 

The knobs placed on the top panel of the cooler helps the control operation to be much easier.

The multi-directional caster wheels aid in better portability across the home or office space, if you want to move around the cooler quite often. 

Fan and Air Flow

The fan inside this air cooler is capable enough to deliver an air throw of up to 90 ft, boosting the overall cooling experience by delivering the cool air to every corner of the room. 

Having a specially designed hexagonal structure ensures one of the best cooling experiences with the least water consumption. 

Thanks to turbofan technology, this air cooler can cool the room much quicker compared to the normal mode of operation. 

Capacity and Power Consumption

The Bajaj COOLEST DC 2016 has a 67L water tank which is more than enough for the air cooler to operate for a couple of days.

The motor fan inside this air cooler consumes a power of 200W for its operation, which makes it one of the energy-efficient coolers under the budget of Rs.10,500.


If you are in search of an ideal air cooler for residential homes with a trusted quality and service network, then you can consider Bajaj COOLEST DC 2016.


Tank Capacity67L
Air Delivery Rate5800m3/h
Power Consumption200 W
Cooling Area800 Sq.Ft.
Warranty1 Year

7. Havells Celia

All-round Performer

  • Honeycomb cooling pads
  • Fully Collapsible Louvers
  • Auto water refill feature


Silent operation

Ice chamber for quick cooling

Cord winding station



Havells is not a strange brand name for us Indians. Manufacturing a variety of electrical products ranging from cables & wires to home appliances, it’s all about the quality of the products and customer satisfaction.  

Havells Celia Desert Air Cooler is a clean and breathable air cooler loaded with smart features available at the best price of Rs.13,999.

Design and Build Quality

The chassis of this air cooler is made out of Polypropylene (PP), which is long-lasting and easy to clean and maintain. 

This Havells Celia desert air cooler comes with fully collapsible louvres which act as a shield to keep the insects and dust away from the cooler.

The cord-winding station offers a hassle-free movement of the device and can store the cord safely while moving the cooler around.

The four multi-directional wheels fitted beneath the air cooler makes this product highly portable.

This air cooler has a small compartment for the ice chamber on the top panel, guaranteeing instant chilled air which is very desirable during hot Indian summer days.

Overall, the Havells Celia Desert air cooler is impressive with its design and build features. 

Fan and Air Flow

This air cooler comes with honeycomb cooling pads that are highly durable and efficient and need only less maintenance. 

Featuring properties such as anti-bacterial, anti-erosion, anti-deformation, and hydrophilic nature, this air cooler lets out filtered air to keep the indoor spaces healthy and cool.

The specially designed fan works with minimal noise and is capable enough to deliver effective air circulation, providing a cool and silent sleep experience. 

Capacity and Power Consumption

This best-in-class air delivery cooler with a powerful motor works flawlessly by consuming 250W of power and can save a significant amount of money on monthly electricity bills.

Featuring a water tank with 70 litres capacity, this cooler needs no frequent manual refilling. 

The auto-fill feature refills the tank automatically using the exhausted water from the connected supply. 


The Havells desert series air coolers are great for cooling both residential and commercial spaces. 

The Celia from Havells is a trustworthy product with highly efficient cooling characteristics with minimal power consumption.


Tank Capacity70L
Air Delivery Rate3500 m3/h
Power Consumption250 W
Cooling AreaUp to 900 sq.ft
Warranty1 Year

8. Kenstar Double Cool Dx

Kenstar Double Cool Dx

Portable Air Cooler

  • Decent cooling ability
  • Affordable price
  • Minimal power consumption


Four-way air throw

Compatible with inverter

Water level indicator


No ice chamber

A bit noisy

The Kenstar double cool Dx air cooler is a simple and very effective cooler with impressive cooling capabilities.

This reliable budget air cooler from the popular home appliance brand Kenstar offers a trouble-free cooling experience for just Rs.6,625.

Design and Build Quality

The Kenstar Double Cool Dx air cooler has a perfect cube shape design with cross airflow vents on either side and the front section.

You can conveniently place the air cooler either on the window or inside the room.

Featuring a corrosion-free, thermally re-engineered plastic body, this cooler lasts a lot longer and demands less maintenance.

The integrated dust filter prevents small insects and dust particles from getting into the cooling pads.

This air cooler has a water level indicator in the front, allowing an effortless water level check without opening the cooling pads. 

For an uninterrupted air cooling experience, this air cooler works seamlessly with an inverter during a power failure.

Fan and Air Flow

The Kenstar Double Cool Dx has a powerful blower with a 35ft air throw distance that can cover up a cooling space of about 215 sq. ft.

The impressive motor inside runs at 1400 RPM, providing an unmatched cooling experience for its asking price.

With the motorized louvre movements, this air cooler ensures that the cooled air is pushed uniformly across the room/office space. 

Capacity and Power Consumption

The water storage tank inside this small-sized air cooler is of 50L capacity, enough for the device to cool the surroundings for hours at a stretch. 

The Kenstar Double Cool Dx draws only a limited power of 150W during its operation even under peak loads. 


The Kenstar Double Cool Dx air cooler is an affordable and ultra-compact portable device that can be carried anywhere you go.

This is a perfect cooling mate for dry climates, best suitable for small to medium-sized rooms and office spaces.


Tank Capacity50 L
Air Delivery Rate1750 m3/hr
Power Consumption150 W
Cooling Area35 feet
Warranty1 Year

9. Bajaj MD 2020

Bajaj MD2020

Budget Air Cooler

  • 54L water tank
  • Typhoon blower technology
  • High air delivery rate


Compact design

Inverter compatible

Auto Water Level Indicator


No ice chamber

Bajaj is a brand that we all have seen and heard about while growing up and enjoys considerable brand loyalty among Indian customers.

The Bajaj MD2020 loaded with user-centric features is an affordable air cooler available for purchase in the Indian market. 

Design and Build Quality

Made out of plastic, the cube-shaped sturdy design imparts a unique and aesthetically pleasing look and feel to this air cooler.

The variable speed control knob on this product allows 3-speed adjustments, viz low, medium, and high. This allows the user to control the speed of the blower based on your convenience. 

The blower material is polypropylene plastic, which is extremely durable and lightweight at the same time.

Since the height of this air cooler is about 63cm, the cooling effect is much more pronounced and quicker than some of the competing models in its price segment.

Fan and Air Flow

The blower inside this air cooler features the typhoon lower technology, features a powerful air throw covering a quite larger area and cools down the surroundings much quicker. 

The Bajaj MD2020 operates on Maxcool Technology, where the cooler uses the wood wool cooling medium, which helps in fast and efficient cooling.

Promised with an air delivery rate of 3600 m3/h, this product delivers an enjoyable cooling experience to the users. 

Capacity and Power Consumption

The Bajaj MD2020 window air cooler holds a 54L capacity water tank inside.

This air cooler consumes about 230W of power during its maximum operation.


The Bajaj MD2020 is a comfortable window air cooler with all the essential features, is well worth the money you spend.


Tank Capacity54 L
Air Delivery Rate3600 m3/hr
Power Consumption230 W
Cooling Area400 Sq ft
Warranty1 Year

10. Maharaja Whiteline

Maharaja Whiteline

Honourable Mention

  • 65L water tank capacity 
  • Motorized louvre movement
  • High cooling efficiency


Rust and shockproof body

Inverter power support

Antibacterial tank


Bulky design

Maharaja Whiteline, an Indian company is one of the most known brands in the country for its largest range of kitchen appliances, home comfort, and garment care etc.

Maharaja Whiteline Hybridcool manufactured using advanced techniques offers an efficient cooling experience at an affordable price of just Rs.10.290.

Design and Build Quality

Designed in a bit bulkier rectangular form factor, the Maharaja Whiteline Hybridcool features a pleasing white and black colour combination.

An add on feature is that it comes with a rustproof and shockproof body which is very much a necessity in the hot and moist Indian weather.

To ensure longevity and easy maintenance of the product, the body is made out using high-grade plastic material.

The inbuilt ice chamber helps the device to deliver additional cooling air to enjoy a refreshing sensation even when the ambient temperature is high outside.

Fan and Air Flow

Maharaja Whiteline Hyrbidcool features efficient wood wool cooling pads for delivering maximum cooling and offers a long term reliable service.

To provide uniform cooling and to cover every nook and corner of the room, this product features motorized louvre movement. Again, this is the feature that regulates the wind flow and offers a cooler indoor sensation similar to the air conditioner.

The powerful motor aids the fans achieve 1400 rpm, which propels out cool air in all directions evenly. The four-way air deflection technology ensures that the room is covered with the perfect cool air, without any blind spots.

The dry run protected submersible pump inside ensures the safety of the product even when the water in the tank has completely dried up.

Capacity and Power Consumption

The Maharaja Whiteline Hybirdcool with a marked voltage of 180W offers a power-efficient operation.

Along with enhancing the indoor living condition with cooling, this air cooler focuses on work by consuming less power.

Equipped with a germ-free water tank of 65L, the Hybridcool cooler ensures a healthy cool air delivery by preventing the chance of forming calcium deposits in the tank.


The Maharaja Whiteline Hybridcool is a budget air cooler with decent indoor performance.


Tank Capacity65 L
Air Delivery Rate4998 m3/hr
Power Consumption180 W
Cooling Area750 sq. ft.
Warranty1 Year

 This concludes our article for the ten best air coolers available in India to purchase right now.

We have tried our best to include a variety of coolers suited for different conditions and with a variable budget that you can comfortably choose from according to your preference. 

If you have any suggestions or queries regarding this article, let us know in the comments section below.

Buying Guide: Air Cooler Buying Guide

Air coolers, when compared with air conditioners, seem to be economical and eco-friendly. Buying the right air cooler that fits all your requirement demands a little bit of research.

The air coolers have changed a lot in terms of technology, components, and models over the years. So, the lack of basic knowledge about these appliances may lead you to end up with a wrong product not worthy of your money.

The buying guide you are about to go through lists and describes the most important features to be considered while purchasing the air cooler. We always focus on making things simple for you.

So, Let’s get started.

Key Features to Consider While Selecting the Best Air Cooler

Indoor / Outdoor Air Cooler

The indoor air coolers are very compact in its overall design. Featuring multi-directional caster wheels, these air coolers are very portable.

These types of air coolers hold small water tank capacity which is built in a way not to be of excessively overweight while water filled in, which makes it difficult to move around.

And finally, the indoor air coolers are ideal for small to medium-sized rooms.

The outdoor air coolers, also known as desert air coolers, are larger, and with some models, it demands a mount or stand for the right placement.

The modern outdoor air coolers are designed with a significantly larger tank capacity. These air coolers are best suited for medium to large-sized rooms.

Cooling Pads

Most of the air coolers feature with honeycomb cooling pads, designed in a way to provide maxing cooling experience to the users.

These cooling pads demand low maintenance, balances low-pressure drop, and have higher longevity.

While checking about the type of cooling pad, it’s very important to have a look for the pad’s thickness. For better cooling, it’s advised to pick the air coolers with cooling pads of 90mm thickness.

Fan Motor

Air coolers with copper fan motors are the best to pick which offers excellent durability.

Made of copper, the fans run efficiently and result in low power consumption at its maximum speed.

Inverter Compatibility

Air coolers consume less power than air conditioners. Hence, it can be used with the inverters for uninterrupted cooling.

Not all air coolers are inverter compatible. The coolers that have high build quality with the internals made out of copper wires are typically the ones that support this feature.

For a seamless cooling experience in summers, pick the inverters that feature inverter compatibility.

Castor wheels

Movable air coolers have multi-directional castor wheels beneath the chassis to move these coolers around with ease.

For easy movements across the rooms, regardless of the weight of the air cooler, the castor wheels aids in the high portability of the device.

Ice Cube Tray

This is an advanced feature that can be seen with most of the portable indoor air coolers.

The perfectly spaced ice tray allows the users to add ice cubes which makes the tank cool quickly and deliver excellent cooling.

While adding the ice cubes, do not add much ice to the tray which prevents the evaporation, and thereby reducing the cooling efficiency.

Automatic Shutoff Dampers

The shutoff dampeners are the well-designed flaps that open when the fan works and shuts down automatically when the fan gets off.

This efficient feature helps in protecting the cooler from insects and other large particles entering inside the fan compartment which might damage the cooler.

Tower Design

This is a very convenient design that is suitable in areas with limited room space.

These air coolers are highly portable without having castor wheels and can save space to a great extent.

Digital Features

Digital features are the most advanced features that make interaction with the device more user-friendly and smart.

Most of the modern air coolers have remote controls that help the users to control the functions of the cooler from a distance.

The digital control panels and other convenient features like remotely operated fan speed control are to be noted under these advanced features.


Some of the latest coolers in the market come with a timer operation, where the users can set a desired operating interval on the unit.

This feature helps to switch off the air cooler automatically, if not needed to operate all night or for longer durations.

Water Level Indicator

The water level indicator allows the users to check the water level in the storage tank at a glance.

Having a water level indicator saves the time to check the water by opening and closing the cooler.

Product Warranty & After Sales Support

Look for the best warranty coverage that, in case of any damage caused, can easily get covered by the warranty of the product.

Other than falling for the pre-sales support, look for the product’s after-sale support that helps the users get the right support in case any fault is detected after the purchase.


Before planning to buy an air cooler, consider these key features that, for sure will help you to grab the right product of your choice.

Thank you for your valuable time and have a great day !

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