Best Air Coolers in India (January 2020)

by | Jan 23, 2020

It’s summer in almost all parts of India and the temperature levels are soaring high, leaving the people uncomfortable with a high level of humidity. Even ceiling fans blow hot air, making anyone under it to profusely sweat.

In a developing economy such as India, air conditioners are still too expensive for most of the population.

This is where budget air coolers find its importance. In this article, we bring you the best five air coolers selected from hundreds of models out there to make your purchase experience much simpler and straight forward.

All the models described here are priced under an affordable budget of Rs.10,000 keeping the middle class in mind. Without any further ado, let’s begin!

Best Air Coolers in India

1. Crompton Ozone 88Overall Best Pick
2. Hindware SNOWCREST 85-HRunner-Up pick
3. Voltas Victor 55Best Build Quality
4. Bajaj Platini Torque PXValue for Money Air Cooler
5. Symphony Diet 12THonorable Mention

1. Crompton Greaves Ozone 88

Overall Best Pick
  • Motorized louvres
  • Air throw distance of 50 sq.ft
  • Inverter capability

Crompton Greaves is an Indian multinational company based in Mumbai specializing in power generation and transmission equipment.

The Crompton Greaves Ozone is a budget air cooler designed for home usage priced competently under an affordable budget of Rs.10,000.

Design and Build Quality

The Crompton Greaves Ozone is by no means a small air cooler which sits stealth in one corner of the room.

This air cooler is a sufficiently large-sized air cooler occupying significant floor space when compared with other models in this list.

The internal fan and the outer chassis of this air cooler are made from high-quality polypropylene plastic which is strong enough to be durable in the long run.

The vents are present on all sides to deliver a 360-degree air throw around the room.

The water filling column is conveniently placed in the front section of the cooler.

You can add ice cubes on the top if much quicker cooling is desired.

There are control knobs properly marked to increase fan speed and adjust the water pump.

Fan and Air Flow

The Crompton Greaves Ozone delivers an airflow volume of about 4200cfm.

Airflow volume is the amount of air which is moved by the fan inside. Represented by the unit cfm (cubic feet per minute), the more the airflow volume, the better will be the cooling effect of an air cooler.

The motorized louvres inside this air cooler allow four-way air deflection in all directions inside the living space.

This aide in uniform cooling of the surroundings.

Capacity and Power Consumption

This budget room air cooler from Crompton Greaves features a maximum capacity of 88L. This means you can fill up to 88 litres of water in this cooler at once.

Speaking of power consumption, this air cooler is rated to operate consuming a maximum of 190W.


This air cooler has a maximum air throw distance of 50 sq.ft.

Having a smooth and polished exterior has its advantage. Cleaning is very easy as it can be wiped effortlessly with a piece of cloth.

The Crompton Greaves ozone comes with inverter connection facility by which the device can be hooked up to an inverter in case the power supply goes down.


The Crompton Greaves Ozone is a budget room/office air cooler with the capability to serve a medium to large-sized working space.

With the motorized louvres inside and the powerful fan, this air cooler delivers excellent cooling all over the floor space uniformly and effectively.


Rust free chassis


Ice and water mode operation


Easy to clean and wipe


Noisier at higher speeds


Case / fan material PP/PP
Airflow volume4200 cfm
Power consumption190W

2. Hindware SNOWCREST 85-H

Runner-Up pick
  • Suited for small-medium spaces
  • Four-way air deflection
  • One year domestic warranty

The Hindware group is a leading sanitary ware brand in India offering kitchen faucets and water purifiers in the Indian market.

The Hindware Snowcrest 85-H is a fan-operated room air cooler offering a four-way cooled air circulation for increased comfort levels during humid and hot climate.

Design and Build Quality

The Hindware Snowcrest 85-H chassis is made from hi-impact polystyrene material which offers excellent build quality at the same time is very lightweight.

The fan inside is made from polystyrene material.

The dual-tone colour scheme of this air cooler looks refreshing and will blend with your home decor seamlessly.

The control knobs on the front section of the air cooler helps in controlling the fan speed, swing and the cooling.

There are wheels in the underside of this air cooler to aide effortless portability.

Fan and Air Flow

The fan inside this air cooler rotates at a decent rate of 1350 rpm and offers a maximum air throw distance of 40 sq.ft.

Manual control of the fan speed lets you adjust the level of cooling required or you can even turn off the cooling and just operate the fan instead.

The Hindware Snowcrest 85-H offers an air delivery rate of 3500cfm. The louvres inside are motorized and deflect the cold air from the fan in all four directions.

Capacity and Power Consumption

The Hindware 85-H air cooler consumes about 200W of power during its operation. This is not at all bad considering the 1350rpm motor inside.

The 85L water storage along with a separate ice compartment will provide enough cooling for a long time without wanting to refill the device frequently.

As a convenience measure, this device also comes with a water level indicator.


The honeycomb-shaped pads inside the air cooler offer a balanced cooling experience.

This air cooler from Hindware is inverter capable and can be hooked up with the same to have continued operation, even when the power goes out.


The Hindware Snowcrest 85 H is a budget home air cooler suitable for small and medium-sized indoor spaces.

With convenience features like castor wheels for easy portability and water level indicator, this is one of the best air coolers available under a budget of Rs.10,000.


Elegant design


Solid build quality


High air delivery


No dust filter


Case / fan material ABS / PP
Airflow volume3800 cfm
Power consumption200W

3. Voltas Victor 55

Best Build Quality
  • 55L tank capacity
  • Three-stage speed settings
  • Power-efficient cooler

Voltas is an Indian company specialized heating, ventilation and air conditioning sector with their wide range of products catering to personal as well as business needs.

The Voltas Victor 55 is a mid-range air cooler which costs around Rs.15,000, suited for home as well office uses alike.

Design and Build Quality

The Voltas Victor 55 comes with a rectangular tower design made from polypropylene plastic material.

The build quality of this air cooler is excellent with no flex whatsoever.

The blower is faced towards the user in the front, allowing for a more horizontal push of cooled to a larger area.

But this setting has its disadvantages when it comes to 360-degree uniform cooling as well.

There are scrollable wheels on this machine to effortlessly move it around the house or office space.

Overall, the design and fit and finish of this air cooler from Voltas are on par when compared with its competitors.

Fan and Air Flow

This air cooler features a fan inside with a diameter of 41cm, enough to push cooled air up to 40 ft.

The fan speed can be controlled according to the comfort of the users occupying the space and has three settings – low, medium and high.

Even though the fan is placed towards the front, air deflection works in all four directions, providing decent uniformity in cooling the entire space.

Capacity and Power consumption

The Voltas Victor 55 has a 55L water storage capacity, which is respectable for its price tag.

There are the regular water level indicator and zero water warning to ensure smooth working of this air cooler.

The ionizer setup inside refreshes the outgoing air, providing a healthy environment for the users.

This budget air cooler uses 175W of power for cooling, which is quite reasonable for the cooling capacity of this machine.


The Voltas Victor 55is one of the best air coolers on the market with durable construction and quality internal hardware.

With a cooling capacity of up to 40 sq.ft, this machine is suited to cool both office spaces as well as homes.


Decent build quality


Easy to move around


Aesthetically pleasing design


No dust filter


Case / fan material PP/PP
Airflow volume4000 cfm
Power consumption175W

4. Bajaj Platini Torque PX 97

Value for Money Air Cooler
  • Suitable for small rooms
  • Convenient ice chamber
  • 30 ft. air throw distance

There will not be a single Indian who has never heard about the company Bajaj at least once in their lifetime.

The company, famous for its home appliances and two-wheelers, has an air cooler offering in the form of the Torque PX97.

Design and Build Quality

The Bajaj Platini Torque PX97 uses polypropylene and plastic materials throughout its construction. The build quality is not the worst, but decent at best.

This air cooler has a height of just 82cm, which gives it a low profile, less space occupying feel when placed near to the walls.

The design otherwise is nothing especially interesting but possible.

The plastic control knobs feel cheap but do serve its purpose as advertised.

The caster wheels on this air cooler aides in better portability across the home or office space, if you want to frequently switch the place of action.

Fan and Air Flow

The fan inside this air cooler is made from ordinary plastic material, which is a bit of let down.
However, the fan operates sufficiently faster to deliver good cooling performance for the price.

This budget air cooler has an air delivery limit up to 2000cfm which is ideal for a small room with a couple of occupants.

The four-way air deflection and the air throw distance of 30 sq.ft makes the interior of the small room cool down in about 5 minutes after turning on the cooler.

Capacity and Power Consumption

The Bajaj Platini Torque PX97 has a 36L water tank which is enough for the air cooler to draw water from for more than a day of usage.

The motor fan inside this air cooler consumes only 100W of power for its operation, which makes it one of the energy-efficient coolers under the budget of Rs.10,000.


The honeycomb padded structures placed along the three sides of this air cooler offers even cooling across the room area.

This ensures that there will be no uneven cooled air in the room which might result in uneasiness and other discomforts for the occupants.


If you’re in search of a budget air cooler to serve a small area, the Bajaj Platini torque PX97 is an apt choice.

The lower power consumption and the efficient honeycomb pad supported cooling makes this device a product well worth the asking price of just Rs. 5,595.


30 sq.ft air throw distance


Widespread service centres


36L water tank capacity


Average build quality


Case / fan material PP/Plastic
Airflow volume2000 cfm
Power consumption100W

5. Symphony Diet 12T

Honorable Mention
  • Dust, odour and allergy filter
  • Automatic louvres
  • Honeycomb pads 

Symphony Diet 12T is a tower-shaped personal air cooler capable of cooling an area under 100 sq.ft comfortably under 10 minutes.

The Diet 12T is loaded with features which are found on premium air coolers but at a considerably lower price tag.

Design and Build Quality

As we have already mentioned above, the Symphony Diet 12T features a tower-shaped design with considerably increased height when compared with other air coolers in its price segment.

With the chassis structure made from ABS plastic, the Diet 12T feels extremely durable but lightweight at the same time.

The fan inside is made from the regular plastic material.

Since the height of this air cooler is about 84.5m, the cooling effect is much more pronounced and quicker than the competing models.

Fan and Air Flow

The 18cm diameter fan inside provides a very good airflow inside the room, lowering the temperature much quicker.

The dura-pump technology implemented in this air cooler allows fine misty droplets of water to uniformly propagate the entire room are resulting in uniform cooling.

The Symphony Diet 12T features a maximum airflow volume of 1100cfm, which is decent for a personal air cooler of this price.

Capacity and Power Consumption

As the name suggests the Symphony Diet 12T air cooler has a 12L capacity water tank inside.

This air cooler consumes about 170W of power during its operation.


This budget personal air cooler comes with a lot of health-centric features on board.

The Symphony Diet 12T is equipped with a dust and odour filter to keep the air free from contaminants and bad smell.

This air cooler comes with inverter compatibility to be used on battery power then the power outage happens, which in itself is a common occurrence in India.


The Symphony Diet 12T is a feature-rich budget personal air cooler which is well worth the money you spend.


Multidirectional castor wheels


Quick cooling


1-year warranty


Plastic fan


Case / fan material ABS/PP
Airflow volume1100 cfm
Power consumption170W

Here it is! The curated list and the accompanying short product description of the best five air coolers in India conclude here.

If you have any questions regarding the products mentioned here, do let us know in the comment section below and we’ll get back to you ASAP.

Thanks for your time and have a great day !