Best Air Purifiers in India (November 2019)

by | Oct 29, 2019

Air Purifiers or Air cleaners are devices used to remove contaminants from the air such as dust, allergens and other harmful micro-particles which pose a threat to the respiratory system in our body.

In a country like India, the number of such air pollutants is increasing day by day – primarily due to emissions from vehicles, factories and other natural sources. The rising level of pollutants in the air has been causing respiratory problems countrywide for the last few years.

This is where the need for an air-purifier comes to play. There are a lot of affordable models out there to choose from, depending on your needs and the volume of the indoor space you wish to decontaminate.

This article lists the best six available water purifiers in the market for you to choose from, ranging from Rs.4,500 up to Rs.10,000. Let’s get to know the best products a little up close with the same.

Best Air Purifiers in India

1. Philips AC1215Overall Best Pick
2. Honeywell HAC25Runner Up Pick
3. Mi Purifier 2CFeature Rich Air Purifier
4. Honeywell MoveBest Car Air Purifier
5. Tefal Intense Pure Air Best Budget Air Purifier
6. Hindware MoonbowHonorable Mention

1. Philips AC1215

Overall Best Pick
  • Suited for medium to large rooms
  • High-grade HEPA filter
  • 2-year warranty

Philips is a common household name in India with years of product service in the country spanning from radios to Bluetooth speakers.

The Philips 1000 AC1215 is an indoor air purifier priced under a budget of Rs.10,000 suited for large sized rooms and halls.

Design and Build Quality

The Philips 1000 AC 1215 is by no means a small sized inconspicuous air purifier which can be tucked into a corner of the room.

Weighing about 7.04Kg, this device is bulky but with the solid build quality. The materials used for construction is of top quality and doesn’t exibhit any unwanted flex or weak spots.

The modern design with unique curved top part of the chassis will make sure that this device suits well with your home decor.

On top of the device, there is the control panel with soft touch buttons and a rounded LED status indicator display.

With the 1.8m cord length, this device can be easily placed anywhere in the room, without the necessity to be placed too close to the power outlet.


The Philips 1000 AC1215 features a high-quality HEPA grade filter to trap dust and other micro-particles in the air.

“HEPA stands for High-Efficiency Particulate Air and is currently the standard for air filters for capturing particles up to a size of 0.02μm.”

This device comes with the patented VivaShield Intelligent Purification System which consists of a air quality sensor placed in the front of the purifier to detect the particulate matter present in the air and purify accordingly without any physical intervention from the user.

This air purifier has a dual layer activated carbon and nano-filter for trapping allergens present in the air.

Miscellaneous Features

The rounded LED display on top of the air purifier has a coloured ring to indicate the quality of air in the room.

The blue ring indicates safe air quality whereas the red indicates the presence of allergens and dust particles above admissible levels.

The night mode feature on this device dims the lights on the purifier to give you a safe and sound sleep. It also adjusts the purification automatically during sleep.

There is a child lock button to keep your children from fiddling with the device.

Coverage Area

This air purifier from Philips can purify an indoor volume of up to 622 sq.ft, which in literal terms spans a medium to large sized room or hall.

The turbo mode helps the device to increase the fan speed so that it can cover the maximum distance to thoroughly purify the air in each nook and corner of the room.


If you’re planning to purchase a budget air purifier for a medium to large sized room, the Philips 1000 AC1215 is your best best.

Loaded with features and the two-year warranty makes this device one of the best in its segment under the budget of Rs.10,000.

Elegant design

Child lock


Turbofan mode




Purifier TypePortable Room Air Purifier
Filter TypeHEPA
Coverage Area677 sq.ft
Purification MethodVitaShield IPS technology
Warranty2 Year

2. Honeywell HAC25

Runner-Up Pick
  • 3000 hours of filter life
  • Ozone-free air purifier
  • Suited for small/medium rooms

Honeywell is an American multinational conglomerate with a sprawling product lineup ranging from consumer grade electronics to aerospace systems.

The Honeywell HAC25 is a portable room air purifier with over 99% efficiency in cleaning the indoor air from bacterias and other polluting particles.

Design and Build Quality

The Honeywell HAC25 has a futuristic design that looks elegant and minimal at the same time.

Made from high-quality polycarbonate plastics, this air purifier is made to last the test of the time without breaking down in between.

Carefully placed air vents around the chassis allow this device to have a 3D optimized air circulation all around the room.

The control panel is placed conveniently on top with soft-touch buttons and LED status indicators beside.


This portable air purifier from Honeywell comes with a dual layer HEPA filter combined with an activated carbon layer for added protection from harmful air pollutants.

The pre-filter present on this air purifier is washable and blocks out all sizeable dust and soot particles before passing the air on to the HEPA filter.

This three-stage advanced air filtration system is claimed to be 99% efficient from harmful bacterias and allergy-causing particulate matter present in the air.

The activated carbon layer helps this air purifier to remove toxic fumes and gases such as formaldehydes. It also keeps in check of the bad odour of the contaminated air inside the room.

Miscellaneous Features

The Honeywell HAC25 is a completely eco-friendly air purifier. It doesn’t have any harmful gases or chemicals used inside with ozone depletion potential.

The HEPA filter inside can be used continuously up to 3000 hours, which averages about 1-year, considering 8-hours daily usage.

Coverage Area

The Honeywell HAC25 has a coverage capacity of 323 sq.ft, suggesting you can use this device in a small to medium sized room or living room to decontaminate the air inside.

There is a visual indicator of air quality in the form of an LED ring indicating different colours.


The Honeywell HAC25 is the best indoor air purifier for small and medium-sized rooms.

The optimized placement of air vents around the chassis results in efficient cleaning delivering a healthy and odour free breathing air inside the room.


3D all around air throw


Status LED indicator ring


Extended service network


Fan noise level creeps up at times


Purifier TypePortable Room Air Purifier
Filter TypeHEPA + Activated carbon
Coverage Area323 sq.ft
Purification MethodThree stage advanced filtration system
Warranty1 Year

3. Mi Purifier 2C

Feature Rich Air Purifier
  • Higher clean air delivery rate
  • True HEPA filter
  • Real time air quality indicator

Xiaomi is famous for its feature-rich smartphones in the Indian market.

The company also markets many other accessories such as power banks, earphones and Bluetooth speakers in the country.

The Mi Purifier 2C is an affordable air purifier priced competitively under a budget of Rs.10,000 loaded with cutting edge features which comes as an upgrade to the popular Mi Purifier 2S.

Design and Build Quality

The Mi Purifier 2C has a rectangular boxy shaped design which isn’t the best to look at if you ask as personally.

But the build quality is excellent with high quality polycarbonate plastic used for the construction.

There have been some cost cutting measures compared to the Mi Purifier 2S on this model.

There’s no OLED display on this device, but a status LED indicator that changes light accordingly.

This device has it’s vents strategically placed to deliver a 360-degree air purifying experience.


The Mi Purifier 2C relies on a three-stage purification process for clearing the contaminants from the surrounding air.

The first stage is a large sized particle filter which traps dust and other solid particles in the air.

The second stage is a bacteria filter which captures bacteria and other contaminants in the air.

The third and final layer consists of activated carbon filling which is capable of trapping particles up to 0.03 microns in size.

Coverage Area

The Mi air purifier 2C has an advertised coverage of about 452 sq.ft which is sufficient enough for a small to medium sized room or hall.

The tower design of this purifier helps in increasing the air intake capacity leading to maximum air purifying rate at any given time.


The Mi purifier 2C is a feature-packed device which comes with wireless connectivity onboard.

The three-stage filtration process inside the device helps in efficient contaminant removal from the surrounding air, making the environment healthy for its occupants.


Easy filter change


One button control


360-degree filter


No OLED display


Purifier TypePortable Room Air Purifier
Filter TypeHEPA
Coverage Area452 sq.ft
Purification Method3-layer filtration technology
Warranty1 Year

4. Honeywell Move

Best Car Air Purifier
  • HEPA filter
  • Ozone free operation
  • Low noise and power usage

We’ve already discussed a Honeywell product in this article above. The Honeywell Move is a product from the same company with the uniqueness lies in the fact that this is a car air purifier instead of a regular home air purifier.

The Honeywell Move is designed to be very portable and lightweight to be kept inside the vehicle for excellent air quality inside the cabin.

Design and Build Quality

At first glance, the Honeywell Move looks like a sub-woofer. The meshed upper portion reminds us of a Bluetooth speaker rather than a full-fledged portable air purifier.

This small box-shaped car air purifier has a rubber padding at the bottom to keep it steady inside the car.

This device uses less real estate inside the car cabin and doesn’t hinder the driving experience by any means.

A single power button is placed on the front part of the device and doesn’t come with any LED status indication display.

The hard plastics used for the construction of this air purifier is of very good quality and feels solid.


Even with this small factor, there is no dearth of air filtration prowess with this car air purifier from Honeywell.

The Honeywell move comes with a HEPA filter inside, capable of blocking particulate matter as small as 0.02μm.

Besides the HEPA filter, there is this dual-layered activated carbon mesh filter to block high-density particles and adsorption of h toxic fumes and odours inside the cabin compartment.

Miscellaneous Features

This car air purifier is a completely ozone free device and emits no free ions which might cause a threat to the environment.

The Honeywell Move operates at the native car voltage of 12V and can be plugged into the existing electrical system of your vehicle without any modifications.

This car air purifier emits only 49dB of sound, which is silent when it comes to the interior of a moving vehicle.


If you think that your car air conditioner is giving trouble at times and need a separate purifier to remove contaminants and bad odour, the Honeywell move priced under Rs.6000 is an apt choice.


Lightweight and compact


Rubber padding at the bottom




No status indicators whatsoever


Purifier TypeCar Air Purifier
Filter TypeHigh grade HEPA
Coverage Area25 sq.ft
Purification MethodDouble layer active carbon filter
Warranty1 Year


5. Tefal Intense Pure Air

Best Budget Air Purifier
  • Four stage filtration technology
  • 2-year warranty
  • Automatic shut off feature

Tefal is a UK based kitchen and home appliance manufacturer which recently entered the Indian market,

The Tefal Intense Pure Air is a budget room air purifier that gives the best bang for buck deal when it comes to price vs features comparison.

Design and Build Quality

The Tefal Intense Air Purifier has an elongated cylindrical form factor which sets in apart from other air purifiers in its price segment.

This device is fairly heavy, weighing in at 5.7Kg. There is a control panel on the top portion of this device with a LED display and associated control buttons.

The buttons are very tactile and offer excellent click response.

The quality of plastics used for construction is top notch and nothing to worry about.


The Tefal Intense Pure air purifier comes with a four-stage air filtration process. The primary pre-filter traps large particles such as dust and animals hairs from getting inside the air stream.

The secondary activated carbon layers adsorb the bad odour and toxic fumes that might be in the air stream.

The tertiary HEPA filter traps minute particles up to 0.03μm and the fourth and final nano capture filter blocks the formaldehyde pollutants.

Miscellaneous Features

The Tefal Intense Air Purifier comes with a maintenance reminder which automatically alerts the user when its time to change the filter.

The start/stop delay times mechanism with this purifier helps to reduce the energy consumption by turning on the system, only when it is absolutely required.

Coverage Area

This room air purifier has a coverage capacity of 377 sq.ft which is sufficient for a small to medium sized room/office space.

The multispeed fan inside offers excellent airflow within this perimeter, cleaning the air for a healthy environment,

If you’re tight on budget and want to decently performing room air purifier, the Tefal Intense Pure air purifier might be the best choice around.

The four-stage filtration mechanism along with the value-added features such as delay timer and maintenance alert system makes it a perfect budget choice under Rs.5000.


Solid build quality


Nano particle filter


Easy maintenance


Service network in infancy


Purifier TypePortable Room Air Purifier
Filter TypeHEPA + Activated carbon
Coverage Area377 sq.ft
Purification MethodFour layer filtration technology
Warranty2 Year


6. Hindware Moonbow

Honorable Mention
  • High grade HEPA filter
  • Decent clean air delivery rate
  • Five stage filtration process

Hindware is a leading sanitary ware company in the country with years of expertise in this regard.

The Hindware Moonbow is a low cost air purifier which is aimed to be used in personal premises just under 400 sq.ft of floor area.

Design and Build Quality

The Hindware Moonbow has a boxy, rather uninspiring bland design. If we are too picky on that front.

But for the price tag, the Hindware Moonbow has a durable plastic shell decent build quality to say the least.
There are touch sensitive control buttons present in the front to effortlessly manage the purifier.

The air outlet is placed facing the top and this ensures a uniform purified distribution throughout the room.


The Hindware moonbow features a high grade HEPA filter that removes particles as small as 0.3 microns in size.

The pre-filter traps large sized dust particles and the UV lamp radiation helps this device to eliminate bacteria in the air.

The activated carbon filter inside freshens up the air by removing any toxic gas content from the air and let’s out pure and healthy fresh air outwards with the help of the fan.

Coverage area

The Hindware Moonbow can cover up to 400 sq.ft area which is typical of an average personal space size.

With a clean air delivery rate of about 215m3/h, this air purifier is more than enough to provide a healthy breathing environment for smaller spaces.


The Hindware Moonbow is a budget entry-level air purifier features a high grade HEPA filter to make the air clean and healthy.

With its five stage purification process and delivery area of about 400 sq.ft, this purifier ends up being one of the best economical choices under a budget of Rs.5000.




Lightweight and portable


Serves up to 400 sq.ft


Bland design


Purifier TypePortable Room Air Purifier
Filter TypeHEPA
Coverage Area400 sq.ft
Purification MethodActive five stage filtration system
Warranty1 Year


This is it! Our best air purifier in India article concludes here.

This might not be the exhaustive buying guide you’ve ever come across, but we’ve done our best to narrow down your choices to the best among the best to aid a stress-free purchasing experience.

If you have any doubts regarding the article, do let us know in the comment section below.

We’ll meet you with another article covering a different gadget soon, until then Ciao!