Best Bluetooth Speakers in India (January 2020)

by | Jan 7, 2020

Wireless Bluetooth speakers serve two main purpose – indoor listening as well as outdoor usage.

With the speaker technology gaining rapid improvement in terms of the quality of sound output and a simultaneous decrease in prices, the market is facing a boom right now.

To cope with the stressful decision of making an apt Bluetooth speaker purchase, we’re delivering a curated list of 6 best Bluetooth speakers available in India with a budget cap of Rs.20,000 in mind.

The legendary Marshall Kilburn tops this list with its exemplary design and build quality accompanied by its stellar sound output.

The Harman Kardon Go+ Play is our second best model that redefines the boombox nostalgia on to a whole new level.

Without wasting your precious time anymore, let’s see the products that we felt will be a great buy in terms of overall sound quality.

Best Bluetooth Speakers in India

1. Bose Soundlink Revolve PlusOverall Best Pick
2. Marshall KilburnRunner-Up Pick
3. Harman Kardon Go+ PlayBest Build Quality
4. Ultimate Ears Mega BoomBest Value for Money
5. Bose Sound Link Micro Best Branded Outdoor Bluetooth Speaker
6. Saregama CarvaanBest Bluetooth Speaker for Elders
7. JBL Flip 5Best Budget Bluetooth Speakr
8. JBL TunerFeature Rich Bluetooth Speaker
9. Sony SRS XB 32Best Bass Heavy Speaker
10. Samsung Level Box SlimBluetooth Speaker with Best Battery Life
11. Google Home Mini Smart Speaker for Information Retrieval
12. Mivi Octave BS16OTBest Pocketable Bluetooth Speaker
13. boAt Stone 600Best Budget Rugged Speaker
14. Portronics Sound Drum POR 871Decent Overall Performance
15. iBall MusiPlay A1Honourable Mention

When it comes to the audio-related equipments such as headphones and speakers, Bose is the most sought after brand in the premium category.

The SoundLink Revolve Plus is 360 degrees sounding Bluetooth speaker priced just under Rs.25,000 which delivers an immersive music listening experience over the air.

Design and build quality

The Bose SoundLink Revolve Plus has a cylindrical design which is tapering towards the top section.

Made of a single block of aluminium, this luxury Bluetooth speaker looks and feels very premium.

The mesh grill around the speaker at the bottom part is integrated seamlessly to the rest of the chassis.

There is a fabric handle which makes this device to be carried easily with a single hand.

Speaker and sound quality

The rounded cylindrical design and the positioning of the speaker at the bottom enable this device to deliver sound in all the directions evenly.

This 360 degrees sound propagation allows everyone around the speaker to enjoy music the same way.

The sound output is very loud and clear with the typical Bose clarity. The bass levels are very natural and sound very nice with the well-balanced mids and highs.

There is an inbuilt mic on this device to attend hands-free calls from your smartphone. The speakerphone sounds very crisp even at a range of about 10 m.

Connectivity options

The Bose SoundLink Revolve Plus feature Bluetooth v4.1 that supports low energy mode signal pairing.

This speaker, even though priced exorbitantly, does not have provision for an SD card or a USB drive to plug in to.


This speaker supports voice prompts.

You can pair two devices just by saying the same to this device.

Easy, isn’t it?

It also supports Google Assistant and Siri voice commands right out of the box.

There is a threaded mount at the bottom of this device, which helps you attach this speaker on any existing tripod.

Battery life

Being a comparatively larger Bluetooth speaker, this device has a large capacity battery that will power it for 12 hours of continuous music playback at moderate volume levels.

This device takes about 3-4 hours to completely juice up from empty.


The Bose SoundLink Revolve Plus is a great Bluetooth speaker that delivers stunning quality sound output with rich bass and crisp treble.

If you don’t mind the steep price, owning this solidly built aluminium finished marvel will be definitely a delightful experience.

Solid aluminium build
Clean sound output
Brand value
No SD card slot/FM tuner


Frequency Response20Hz – 20,000Hz
Battery Life Up to 12 Hours
Driver Size40 mm

2. Marshall Kilburn

Runner-Up Pick
  • Suitable for all genres of music listening
  • Vintage design that feels nostalgic
  • Impressive battery life

Marshall is one of a kind UK based audio equipment manufacturer in the world.

Their products with a retro look that delivers exceptional sound quality is a dream come true for audiophiles around the globe.

The Kilburn from Marshall is a boxy shaped wireless Bluetooth speaker that features a fully replaceable battery inside.

Design and Build Quality

At the first glance of the Marshall Kilburn wireless Bluetooth speaker, you’ll definitely feel at home with the design.

The same design that adored our old style radio which had a prominent grille upfront.

We can’t emphasise how cute and retro does it look in person rather than in the photos. This speaker is sure to be a priceless item on your home decor for sure.

The leather fabric coated interior chassis looks plush and premium. The detachable leather handle too adds charm to the overall build of this product.

What we liked about this design is the rotating knobs for volume and bass/treble controls. The ON/OFF button is a toggle switch that works flawlessly.

Even the supplied Aux-in cable has gold plated connectors and is coiled.

The company has polished the finer details which normally most of the companies prefer to leave untouched if not broken.

Speaker and Sound Quality

Behind the huge grill upfront grilled 3-speaker set up constituting a large 80mm driver subwoofer coupled with two 20mm driver tweeters.

The woofer lets out a deep bass that is punchy and natural at the same time.

The tweeters produce clean and crisp highs and pronounced vocals that don’t fade with the onset of bass.

This wireless speaker unit gets sufficiently loud. It can be used for parties or during an outdoor camping.

Beware that this product isn’t water-resistant, take utmost care not to let water get inside.

The really rich bass and crisp treble make this device suitable for listening to any type of music.

Battery Life

Yes, it is. Marshall Kilburn can last up to 20 hours on a single charge. In our tests, we found that the device lasted for about 18 hours with 60% volume from the beginning.

The one peculiar thing about this wireless Bluetooth speaker is that it uses a full-size AC charger to juice up the battery and not the traditional micro USB.

What it means is that, while you’re outdoors, you can’t charge this beast with your power bank.

However, the battery life is so impressive that this lack of micro USB charging isn’t a dealbreaker.


If you are inclined to have the best possible sound output from a portable Bluetooth speaker priced under Rs.20,000, Marshall Kilburn is the way to go.

With its deep, punchy bass and crystal clear vocals with tingling highs, this wireless speaker is suitable for listening to almost all genres of music in its full glory.

Excellent sound output
Retro design
Exceptional Build quality
Feels a bit heavy and bulky


Frequency Response62Hz – 20,000Hz
Battery Life 18-20 Hours
Driver Size1 x 80 mm, 2 x 20 mm

3. Harman Kardon Go+ Play

Best Build Quality
  • Suited for use in large parties
  • Excellent punchy bass
  • Separate amplifier for speakers

Harman Kardon is a world-renowned speaker and acoustic related equipment manufacturer which is a subsidiary of Samsung Electronics Ltd.

The Go+ Play from Harman is a Bluetooth speaker with a rather unique design which stands out from the rest of the speakers available in the market.

Design and Build Quality

The Harman Kardon Go+ Play has a cylindrical dome-shaped design with a metallic handle up top.

The whole front and back of this wireless Bluetooth speaker are covered with a strong fabric material which looks and feels nice.

When viewed from certain angles, this product has its share of resemblance with the old age boombox.

The build quality to speak about is top-notch. Being a premium luxury Bluetooth speaker, the components used in the construction is of high quality.

The front grill of this Bluetooth speaker is removable. With the grill removed, the raw look of this speaker gives it a more masculine look.

Speaker and Sound Quality

The Harman Kardon Go Play+ comes with a 90mm woofer driver and two 20mm tweeters in the same configuration that we saw earlier on Marshall Kilburn.

The clean mids and crisp highs compensate the punch rich bass in a perfect ratio that provides a soothing yet thumping audio output out of this speaker.

This wireless Bluetooth speaker gets so loud that you might never want to listen to the songs with this if you live in an apartment unless you want your neighbours to knock at your door.

At high volumes, there are no distortions for the sounds from either the woofer or the tweeters.

Harman has provided a 25W amplifier for each of the speakers to squeeze even the last bit of acoustic richness.


Harman has put so much effort in designing this product into perfection.

Even the welcome tones that the speakers let out during the startup and the pairing tones seems a right step towards the enhanced user experience.

The metallic handle that arches above the speaker chassis, although feels a bit slippery, add to the flair of a luxury wireless Bluetooth speaker.

If you want even more sound (no way!), Harman allows you to pair two of its speakers together for better spatial sound separation and immersive listening experience.

What we did not like about this Bluetooth speaker was its weight. The Harman Kardon Go + weighs about 3.43Kg.

While it’s still perfectly portable, some users may not have the liking towards carrying a heavy speaker around.

Battery Life

Nothing in this world is perfect. So does the battery life of Harman Kardon Go+ Play.

This wireless Bluetooth speaker lasted for a good eight hours of continuous music playback on our tests.

Although eight hours for the quality of sound this beast produced is adequate, we feel that the battery life is just average as all the competitor products in this list exhibit double-digit battery life.


What defines the Harman Kardon Go+ Play wireless Bluetooth speaker can be summarized in three words – precise, punchy and distortion-free sound.

If you don’t mind the heft, this device is one of the best Bluetooth speaker in the market right now which delivers excellent sound quality without compromising on either the build quality or battery life.

Loud sound output
Premium build quality
1-year warranty
Heavy and bulky
Average battery life


Frequency Response50Hz – 20,000Hz
Battery Life Up to 8 Hours
Driver Size1 x 90 mm, 2 x 20 mm

4. Ultimate Ears Mega Boom

Best Value for Money
  • Suited for pool/beach parties
  • IPX7 certified speaker
  • Lightweight and portable

Ultimate Ears is a subsidiary brand of popular computer peripherals manufacturer Logitech.

The UE Bluetooth speakers have its presence in budget segment priced under Rs.3000 and are really popular as well.

The UE Megaboom is a premium grade Bluetooth speaker that comes with a coveted IPX7 certification which makes it one of the best outdoor wireless speakers on this list.

Design and Build Quality

The UE Megaboom Bluetooth speaker has a rounder cylindrical design. Yes – the same form factor we have seen on the JBL Flip 4 wireless speaker priced under Rs.10,000.

The UE Megaboom has a height of about 22 cm which is still very portable considering the cylindrical shape which can be easily tucked into the bags.

The entire chassis of this wireless speaker is covered with braided-nylon fabric which feels very much tough at the same time easy to hold on to.

There no flex whatsoever on the body. The control buttons are located on the sides and are tactile and responsive.

Speaker and Sound Quality

It’s not a typo – this Bluetooth speaker from Ultimate Ears does feature four distinct speakers, two 90mm driver size woofers and two 20mm driver size tweeters.

People would expect something great from this setup and to be honest, UE has successfully delivered the same.

The loud, clear sound output with distinct notes from instruments without being overshadowed by the rich bass is a speciality of this speaker.

The bass response hits deeper when listening to certain genres such as EDM and hip-hop which bass heads are going to like a lot.

Water Resistance

This wireless speaker from UE comes with IPX7 certification. This means that you can use this device outdoors no matter what the climate is.

The UE Megaboom also can be submerged underwater up to 1m without any issues in playback.

Remember that after a few minutes of floating on the surface, the Megaboom does sink. So take care of your speaker if you want to retain it in its full glory.


The UE Megaboom comes with speakerphone feature which lets you attend the calls handsfree from the speaker itself.

The voice call clarity is good but when used from a distance less than 5m, echoing happens intermittently.

When the volume rocker buttons in the front are pressed simultaneously for a few seconds, the speaker gives voice prompt about the exact battery level which is a very useful addition.

Battery Life

The UE Megaboom despite having to power the four speakers, has one of the best battery life in this list.

UE claims that the Lithium-ion battery inside lasts for about 20 hours on a single charge.

Expecting this as a market gimmick, we tested the claims and was pleasantly surprised to get about 18 hours of continuous music playback on a single charge.


If you’re a fan of punchy bass with clear vocals, the UE Megaboom won’t disappoint you.

Adding to the excellent sound output quality, this Bluetooth speaker is IPX7 certified, can be used indoors as well as outdoors during pool/beach parties with no fear of damage.

Build quality
Quad speakers
Stellar battery life
Low quality rubber flap on the charging port


Frequency Response65Hz – 20,000Hz
Bluetooth v4.0
Battery Life Up to 20 Hours
Driver Size2 x 90 mm, 2 x 20 mm

Bose audio products range from home theatres to headphones that are one of the sought after products in the market.

There is a loyal audiophile fan following for the company’s products around the globe.

Design and build quality

The Bose Soundlink Micro has a rounded square which feels different from the truckloads of rectangular blocks in the market.

The chassis is made of soft-touch silicone which feels durable and extremely comfortable in the hands.

A detachable strap comes with this device which lets you hand this speaker anywhere you want without falling.

The battery percentage indicator and the status LED light is located on the top side.

The buttons are placed on the chassis itself providing a seamless design to the speaker.

Speaker and sound quality

The Bose Soundlink Micro has a single 40mm speaker driver that delivers mono sound output.

The clarity of the sound from the speaker is excellent and doesn’t have any sort of distortion even at the maximum volume level.

The bass is natural and blends well with the mids and highs, thereby providing you with a blissful music listening experience.

Connectivity options

The Soundlink Micro comes with Bluetooth v4.1 for wireless connections with other devices such as smartphones and TVs.

Additionally, this Bluetooth speaker has NFC for one-tap pairing with other NFC supported gadgets.

Battery life

The battery inside this device lasts for about 6 hours on a single charge.
It takes about 2-3 hours to completely charge this battery from zero to full.


If you had ever wished to own a Bose product but the budget made you not to, this is a golden chance to own one for just under Rs.10,000.

The well-balanced sound output and the waterproof design makes this one of the best Bluetooth speakers priced under Rs.10,000 in the Indian market at present.


Brand value


Balanced sound


Build quality


No 3.5mm AUX input


Frequency Response20Hz – 20000Hz
Battery Life Up to 6 Hours
Driver Size40 mm

6. Saregama Carvaan

Best Feature-Rich Bluetooth Speaker
  • 5000 songs preloaded
  • Suited for elders
  • FM radio tuner

Saregama Carvaan is a new take on Bluetooth speakers with a unique feature that makes this device stand out from the rest.

Preloaded with 5000 old Hindi film songs, this is one of its kind of portable Bluetooth speaker available in the Indian market.

Design and Build Quality

The Saregama Carvaan looks like a 70’s radio. The design brings back a lot of nostalgic memories, especially for elder people.

The chassis is made of high-quality ABS plastic and feels solid.

The chrome finished buttons and the volume adjusting jog dial offers an excellent touch of finesse on the device,

The two-tone colour chassis has a chrome handle which makes it easy to hold while moving around.

The LCD display on the front shows battery percentage and the information about the song playing currently.

Speakers and Sound Quality

The Saregama Carvaan features two 40mm driver speakers for stereo sound output.

The left and right channels have surprising channel differentiation and provide an immersive music listening experience.

Loudness levels are sufficient and the vocals are delivered crisp and clear even at maximum volume levels.

The frequency response range is a bit narrow, which results in the slightly less accurate bass output.

Connectivity Options

Apart from the Bluetooth v4.1, the Saregama Carvaan comes with a USB port. This will let you play your favourite songs directly from a USB drive.

The built-in FM radio ensures you have alternative listening choices when tired with the built-in 5000 Hindi songs ( which you won’t).

Battery Life

This portable Bluetooth speaker is powered by a 2200mAh Li-ion battery.

On continuous usage, the Saregama Carvaan will last for up to 5 hours on a single charge.

What’s outrageous is that this device takes about four hours to get completely charged up.


Nostalgic design


Stereo speakerses


USB port


Less punchy bass


Slow charging


Frequency Response20Hz – 10000Hz
Battery Life Up to 5 Hours
Driver Size2 X 40 mm


7. JBL Flip 5

Best Budget Bluetooth Speaker
  • Powerful, sound loud output
  • 12 hours of battery life
  • Excellent stereo stage separation

JBL Flip 5 is the latest Flip series portable Bluetooth speaker from JBL priced well under Rs.10,000.

The Flip series is known for its build quality and powerful sound output and the Flip 5 doesn’t disappoint on that front.

Design and Build Quality

The JBL Flip 4 was a cylinder. Well to be precise, a loved-by-everyone kind of cylinder. We’re happy that Flip 5 decided to keep the same form factor intact.

The nylon fabric is awesome as always and feels very tough. The control buttons are a bit raised this time, giving awesome tactile feedback when pressed.

We feel that the JBL Flip 5 weighs more than the Flip 5. That’s our thought and even then, this cute Bluetooth speaker is a joy to carry around.

Speaker and Sound Quality

We were impressed by how well the Flip 4 sounded. The Flip 5 sounds even better. The bass is more pronounced this time around. You’ll feel the punch for sure.

The mids and highs are clear and sound pure. We didn’t notice any kind of distortion even at maximum volume levels.

But we did feel a tiny lack of detailing in the sound of certain instruments. Not a deal-breaker though as most of us won’t even notice the difference at all.

Water Resistance

The JBL Flip 5 comes with a standard splash and spill resistance. This time around the company has added an IPX7 certification to the bunch.

Now you can submerge this wireless speaker up to 1m of water for 30 minutes without any damage to this product.

Beware, this speaker doesn’t float. So better drop somewhere you can easily pick it up.


The JBL Connect feature has received an upgrade on the Flip 5 Bluetooth speaker. You can now pair up to 100 speakers at once. Yes, a hundred.

The only downside of this feature is that now the Connect + feature isn’t backwards compatible.

In short, sweet words, you can only connect a connect + certified device to the Flip 5 and not the other way around.

The voice call is another area where we faced certain issues. While attending calls within 5 feet distance, we kept on hearing echoes. This is uncomfortable, to say the least.

However, the signal reception is exceptionally good. We were able to pair up the device and roam around the office without any break in the signal.

Battery Life

Fret not, the battery life is pretty good with the JBL Flip 5. Our device lasted for about 15 hours of continuous music playback on a single charge. If you’re listening at full volume, expect this to drop significantly.


The overall performance from the JBL Flip 5 is phenomenal making it the best portable Bluetooth speaker priced under Rs.10,000.

The excellent sound quality coupled with the superb battery life and build quality make this product one of the best in this budget.


Robust build quality


Illuminated status indicator


JBL signature sound


Echoing during voice calls


Frequency Response65Hz – 20000Hz
Battery Life Up to 12 Hours
Driver Size40 mm

8. JBL Tuner

Feature-Rich Bluetooth Speaker
  • Suited for indoor use
  • Tabletop design
  • Decent sound quality

JBL Tuner is a small tabletop Bluetooth speaker that comes with a lot of nifty features under the hood, including a full-fledged FM radio/DAB tuner.

With the compact size and the plethora of useful features, the JBL Tuner is sure to grab your attention.

Design and Build Quality

As we said earlier, the JBL Tuner is a desktop Bluetooth speaker.

The rounded rectangular design is very pleasing to look at, thanks partly to the silver colour.

The speaker mesh grill covers the entire front side with the JBL branding.

There is a small LED display up front that shows important information such as battery remaining, FM station and the song name.

The buttons are very tactile and offer excellent click response. The retractable telescopic antenna can be folded and kept when not in use.

Speaker and Sound Quality

The JBL Tuner comes with a 5W 40mm driver speaker that delivers decent sound output.

The bass from this speaker is a bit on the lower side when compared with other products from JBL, but not too much to be a dealbreaker.

The highs and mids are clean and audible even at higher volumes without distortion.

For an indoor speaker, the JBL Tuner ticks all the right boxes with relative ease.

Connectivity Features

The FM radio function works very well on this budget Bluetooth speaker. The reception quality is excellent so does the sound output.

The LCD offers a lot of information at a simple glance – detailing about the station name, scanned frequency etc.

This is where this product shines. Primary wireless connection is made through the Bluetooth v4.1.

The connection range is about and 10m and works flawlessly at that distance.

There is an SD card slot on this speaker by which you can independently listen to songs without pairing with your smartphone.

The 3.5 aux input lets you connect this device with others such as TVs without Bluetooth capability.

Battery Life

This device is powered by a large 2000mAh Li-ion rechargeable battery.

The JBL Tuner has a rechargeable battery lasts for up to 10 hours on a full charge.

This device takes up 3 hours to charge completely from empty.

The JBL Tuner can be also powered directly from the mains by the supplied 1.5/1A power adaptor.


Being from JBL, this device has a solid build quality combined with satisfying audio output for the price at which it retails in the market.

Additional features such as an FM Radio and SD card slot make this a compelling device worth purchasing in the sub Rs.5000 segment.


Build quality


FM radio


Elegant design


No microphone for handsfree calls


Frequency Response85 – 20000 Hz
Battery Life Up to 8 Hours
Driver Size40 mm

9. Sony SRS XB32

sony -srs-xb-32
Best Bluetooth Speaker for Bass Heads
  • NFC connectivity
  • Rich bass output
  • The IP67 water and dust resistance

Sony is popular for its consumer electronics products all over the world.

The Xtra Bass lineup of audio equipment from Sony is spread across earphones, headphones and Bluetooth speakers.

With the SRS XB32, Sony has a budget Bluetooth speaker in the market that offer some of the best in class features which we think might satisfy a lot of audiophiles out there.

Design and Build Quality

The rounded box design is a breath of fresh air into a space dominated by boxy and cylindrical design Bluetooth speakers.

The rubberised texture on the chassis blends well with the metallic grill in the front.

Around the grill is a thin strip of white LED illumination that flashes and strobes according to the beats in the music played.

The pattern of this illumination can be adjusted using Sony’s application.

This lighting effect does add to the overall immersive experience of music listening while at a party.

For those who prefer a less flashy wireless speaker, there is the option to turn this off completely.

Speakers and Sound Quality

Sony’s XB lineup is famed for providing that extra punch to the already rich in bass music playback.

The SRS XB32 comes with a dedicated Xtra Bass button that can be turned on according to your preference.

The bass output from this Bluetooth speaker feels punchy and non-distorted.

If you’re a bass head and love listening to bass-heavy tunes, this speaker won’t disappoint you.

The mids and lows sound accurate and the vocals are loud as well.

The overall quality of sound output from this wireless speaker is definitely on the positive side.


For those who wish to take this Sony Bluetooth speaker outside in their trips – yes this an IPX7 certified product.

It is a splash as well as spill-resistant and can work effortlessly in drizzles.

The control buttons up top are tactile and offer good responsiveness.

The call button can be used to activate Google Assistant on an Android phone or Siri on iOS devices.

One other thing to praise about this wireless speaker is the handsfree call quality.

It sounds crystal clear and picks up our voice neatly.

The Add feature from Sony lets you add another Sony Bluetooth speaker to this device to give a more immersive stereo listening experience.

Battery Life

The Sony XB32 Bluetooth speaker has impressive battery life.

The Sony SRS XB20 lasted around 24 hours at 60% volume in our tests.

If you’re listening to music inside a small area, this is sufficient enough to fill up the room with sound beats


The Sony SRS XB32 is a wireless party speaker that delivers rich bass and immersive vocals.

The fancy LED illumination effects adds to the party flair as well. A portable Bluetooth speaker that checks most of the right boxes? Definitely, Yes!


Robust build quality


Party LED lights


Dust and shockproof


Unidirectional sound output


Frequency Response20 – 20000Hz
Battery Life UP to 24 Hours
Driver Size48 mm

10. Samsung Level Box Slim

Bluetooth Speaker with Best Battery Life
  • The best companion for a long off-grid trip
  • Stellar battery life
  • Doubles up as a power bank

Samsung is into everything it seems. Mobile phones, Televisions, Refrigerators – you name a product, Samsung makes it.

The Level box slim from Samsung is a portable wireless Bluetooth speaker that does a great job considering the price at which the device is offered.

Design and Build Quality

The Level box comes with a retractable kickstand that will make it easy to place on a level surface with the speaker facing towards you.

The Samsung Level Box Slim is IPX7 certified water-resistant.

It can withstand being placed underwater at a depth of 1m up to 30 minutes without any damage to the internals.

There is no digital display on the device to indicate the charge levels except an array of four LED lights.

Speaker and Sound Quality

The speaker on this device has an 8W driver and is slim that makes it pocketable.

The speaker even though slim is very loud and the output doesn’t lack the punch.

It has a frequency response range of 20 – 20000 Hz that lets it reproduce the lows, mids and highs in the music with precision.

Overall, the sound output is crisp and balanced with a decent amount of bass.

Battery Life

Battery life is one of the other USP of this device. Even while powered by a mere 2600mAh Lithium-ion battery, this device manages to last for 22 hours.

This is much much more than what it’s competitors can do.

This device comes with two USB cables, one to charge the device and the other one – you wouldn’t have guessed this one right?

Well to charge other devices.


The Level Box Slim is an excellent performing wireless Bluetooth speaker that has amazing sound clarity and impressive battery life along with the brand reliability of Samsung.


Stellar battery life


Excellent build quality


Great audio output


No display


Frequency Response20 – 20000 Hz
 Battery Life Up to 22 Hours
Driver Size40 mm

11. Google Home Mini

Best Smart Speaker
  • Hands-Free voice assistant
  • Battery-free operation (DC)
  • Personalized usage with up to 6 people

The Home Mini is an affordable smart speaker from the tech giant Google.

This smart speaker behaves like the hardware version of the smart assistant that you might have come across on your Android smartphone.

Design and Build Quality

The Home Mini is a pebble-shaped device that has almost the size of a doughnut.

This device is made of high-quality polycarbonate plastic and feels solid and durable in hand.

On the top portion, there is the fabric made speaker grill that adds to the style and flair of the device.

There are no other ports except the single micro USB port for charging on this device. No, not even a 3.5mm aux-in port.

There are four coloured LED up top carefully hidden inside the fabric covering, which lights up in different patterns depending on the current operation status.

A mute button switch is given on the side of the speaker if you want to keep things a bit calm and quiet around the house.

Speakers and Sound Quality

You shouldn’t expect any surprising sound performance from a smart speaker like Google Home mini.

This little guy here has a single upward-firing speaker with 40mm drivers.

It sounds louder and clear but the bass and highs are a bit off.

You can listen to songs on it, yes but if your sole aim is music listening, you should take a look at the other speakers listed in this article, period.

Smart Features

The Google Home Mini can answer any general question you can throw at it – and it is quite quick to respond.

The voice recognition works very well, thanks to the omnidirectional microphone inside.

You can also pair it up with a plethora of Wi-Fi enabled devices such as your Android TV to operate them handsfree with commands.

The ecosystem for more and more hardware integration is ongoing at the moment as we speak.

This device can initiate voice calls remotely from your phone as well.

The voice to text is still in testing and is soon expected to roll out in its full glory.


The Google Home Mini comes with Bluetooth v4.1 for connection with devices such as smartphones.

The Wi-Fi aids in connecting the mini over to the internet.


The Google Home Mini is an ideal smart speaker that answers your queries and initiates certain smart actions with the devices you have at home.


Elegant design


Quick and responsive in answering queries


Loud sound output


Average sound quality


No 3.5mm aux-in jack


Frequency Response20 – 20000 Hz
Battery Life 
Driver Size40 mm

12. Mivi Octave

Pocketable Bluetooth Speaker
  • 360 degrees audio propagation
  • IPX5 water and dust resistance
  • Excellent battery backup

Mivi is a local Indian brand specialized in marketing wireless earphones and other smartphone accessories.

The Octave from Mivi is a compact Bluetooth speaker in a cylindrical form factor for 360 degrees sound propagation.

Design and Build Quality

The Mivi Octave has a rounded cylindrical design with a circular fabric material covering almost all the front end.

This material feels strong and durable and at the same time acts as an air vent to the speakers inside.

At the top and bottom, there are rubber inserts which make the device look elegant.

The rubber padding at the extreme bottom helps to hold the speaker in place while playing bass-heavy tracks.

The control buttons are located on the fabric covering and is raised from the surface for easy accessibility.

The charging port and aux input port is securely covered by a flap, aiding in the IPX5 water and dust resistance.

Speakers and Sound Quality

The Mivi Octave has a 40mm driver speaker accompanied by a bass driver on top. The speakers are very loud and are rich in bass.

The quality of mids and highs are on point and the speaker has no problem playing bass-heavy and vocal rich music.

The bass radiator at the top enhances the lows and offers a pleasant bass rather than letting out artificial bass for the sake of it.

With the 360 degrees orientation, the sound is evenly distributed towards all sides. You can even pair two of these Mivi Octave speakers for true wireless stereo audio output.

Overall the sound from this speaker feels natural and pleasing to the ears.


The Mivi Octave is powered by the latest Bluetooth v4.2 with EDR and low energy technology.

EDR or Enhanced Data Rate allows for faster and efficient data transfer between the devices wirelessly, significantly improving the audio quality, especially on Bluetooth speakers.

In case you don’t want to use Bluetooth on your smartphone or if you want to use this speaker with a legacy device without Bluetooth, there is the aux input for wired connectivity.

Battery Life

The Mivi Octave Bluetooth speaker comes with a 2600mAh Li-ion battery inside.

At moderate volume levels about 60%, the battery is rated to last for about 10 hours on a single charge.


The Mivi Octave excels in its build quality and sound output that is loud as well as clear.

The 360-degree audio reproduction with the bass radiator makes it the best companion for enjoying your favourite songs in its full glory – be it EDMs or vocals.


Build quality


Responsive buttons


Wireless stereo playback option


High-frequency notes become too flat at times


Frequency Response20 – 20000 Hz
Battery Life Up to 10 Hours
Driver Size40 mm

13. boAt Stone 600

Best Rugged Bluetooth Speaker
  • Perfect for outdoor parties
  • Up to 8 hours of battery life
  • Water and shockproof construction

the boAt is a brand famous for its audio-related accessories such as headphones and earphones.

The boAt Stone 600 is a rugged portable Bluetooth speaker that can be used indoors as well as outdoors alike.

Build Quality and Design

Built quality is one of the key aspects of this portable Bluetooth speaker. It has a very rugged design language that almost resembles the tagline “built like a tank”.

The outer layer of the device is made of toughened fibre that feels almost impenetrable to any damage.

The plastic mesh given on the sides is protected by a metal grill.

Although the design looks chunky, this Bluetooth speaker is worth the chunkiness when its durability is considered.

Speaker and Sound Quality

Powered by a speaker with a driver size of 40mm with a frequency response that ranges between 80 – 18000 Hz, the boAt Stone 600 provides excellent bass with clean lows and mid.

The speaker gets loud enough to be used even in noisy environments.


Bluetooth v4.0 connectivity ensures that the power consumption for wireless connectivity with other devices consumes less power.

This device is IPX6 certified meaning it is shockproof as well as protected from powerful water jets.

The ports on the device are sealed by tough plastic flaps to block the water from getting in.

Battery Life

The battery on this speaker lasts for about 8 hours on a single charge – nothing too impressive but not bad either.


Ruggedness is the main USP of this device and it dutifully sticks to this with the build and design.

The boAt Stone 600 as the name suggest endures the abuses like a stone with no damage to the overall functionality of the product.

If you want such a built like a tank Bluetooth speaker, don’t think twice.


One year warranty


Bluetooth low energy


Hands-Free calls and controls


Bulky and heavy


Frequency Response80 – 18000 Hz
Battery Life Up to 8 Hours
Driver Size40 mm

14. Portronics Sound Drum POR 871

Decent Overall Performance
  • Best suited for house parties
  • Latest Bluetooth v4.2
  • Excellent sound quality

Portronics Sound drum is a compact cylindrical-shaped wireless Bluetooth speaker that features two speakers at the sides facing opposite to each other.

Design and build quality

The design is similar to the usual cylindrical-shaped speakers out there but what makes this product stand out is the quality of construction.

The grilled mesh around the chassis looks premium and feels sturdy.

The speaker cover has Portronics logo etched on it. The speaker itself is splash and water-resistant.

Speakers and sound quality

The two 5W speakers output a total 10W RMS which is sufficiently loud enough even in noisy environments.

The low, mid and highs are defined very well and they’re distinct and audible.

With this Bluetooth speaker, you can enjoy your favourite tracks of any genre without any loss in clarity.

The sound from the two speakers doesn’t distort even when played at maximum volume.

The bass feels adequate and never overpowers the mids and highs.

Connectivity options

The Portronics sound drum features the latest Bluetooth 4.2 protocol which provides an effective playback range of about 10m.

There is no loss in quality when listened from anywhere around that radius.

The supplied aux cable can be used to plug in this device to any other media player around that doesn’t support Bluetooth.

This product has a powerful FM tuner built-in. The internal antenna is so powerful that there is no problem in signal reception whatsoever.

Battery life

1800mAh Li-ion battery powers this wireless speaker.

The Portronics Sound drum lasts up to 7 hours of continuous music playback.


If you’re in search of a Bluetooth speaker for your house party or outdoor music listening, this product delivers the best experience among this list of portable Bluetooth speakers under Rs.2,000.


Good build quality




Powerful dual speakers


Less pronounced bass in low/medium volume


Frequency Response20-20,000Hz
Battery Life 6-7 Hours
Driver Size2 x 40 mm

15. iBall MusiPlay A1

Honorable Mention
  • SD card and FM radio support
  • Six hours playtime
  • Bluetooth v5.0

iBall is a familiar computer peripherals marketing company in the country, popular for its dirt-cheap keyboards and mice.

The iBall MusiPlay A1 is a cube-shaped ultra-compact wireless Bluetooth speaker which can be carried anywhere, even inside your pants pocket.

Design and Build Quality

The iBall MusiPlay A1 as we mentioned has a cube-shaped form factor with a metallic front grille mesh covering the speaker inside.

Primarily made of plastic, the build quality is not something worth writing about. It is decent to say the best.

The control buttons and the input ports are located on the chassis itself.

There is a lanyard dock which can be used to attach a strap which aids in better portability.

Speakers and Sound Quality

This wireless Bluetooth speaker has a single 40mm speaker driver inside which delivers OK quality sound output.

The bass feels flat while the vocals and treble are on par when compared with other speakers in the same price segment.


There is no lack of features in this budget wireless Bluetooth speaker from iBall.

There’s an FM radio tuner with an integrated antenna to improve signal reception, an SD card slot and a USB port to plug in an external USB drive for music playback.

Battery Life

The iBall MusiPlay A1 is rated to last for four hours of music playback on a single charge.

This product can be charged from the DC mains supply with a micro USB cable or directly from a power bank.


Pocket-friendly speaker


Superior sound quality


Colourful designs


Average build quality


Frequency Response80 – 20000 Hz
Battery Life Up to 6 Hours
Driver Size40 mm

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