Best Bluetooth Speakers Under Rs.3,000 (March 2022)

Bluetooth speakers give you the freedom of playing your favourite tracks anywhere you go – be it on the beachside or at a poolside party.

Since the audio technology that we enjoy today has improved in leaps and bounds, choosing a suitable wireless speaker that impresses you has become a tedious task.

To alleviate such worries, we recommend the nine best Bluetooth speakers that you can buy with a moderate budget of Rs.3,000 in the Indian market. Read along to know more!

Best Bluetooth Speakers Under Rs.3,000

1. Tribit Xsound GoOverall Best Pick
2. boAt Stone 1000Runner-up Pick
3. Amkette TrubeatsValue for Money Bluetooth Speaker
4. JBL Go 3Best Pocket Bluetooth Speaker
5. Zoook Rocker Boombox+Best Party Speaker
6. Portronics Breeze 2Best Versatile Bluetooth Speaker
7. Fire-Boltt Xplode 1300Best Sound Quality
8. Carvaan Saregama Mini KidsBest Bluetooth Speaker for Kids
9. Zebronics Zeb-Music Bomb XHonourable Mention

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1. Tribit Xsound Go

Tribit Xsound Go - Upgraded

Overall Best Pick

  • Ear-pleasing sound quality
  • Decent build quality
  • TWS function for surround sound experience


Bluetooth v5.0 technology

USB-C port

Lanyard for easy portability


Slow charging

Tribit is a North American audio products manufacturer that delivers quality Bluetooth speakers under affordable budget.

This product here is the upgraded version of Tribit Xsound Go with 16W sound output priced competitively under Rs.2,500.

Design and Build Quality

Tribit has improved the internals but the exterior is the same as the old model. The only change we can find is that it now has a USB-C port for charging which is an appreciable change.

The speaker has a stretched ellipse shape and it rests comfortably on a flat surface.

If you don’t find a place to put it you can hang it on the wall as well using the lanyard which is attached to the speaker from its right.

All the control buttons are at the top and in the rear, you will find an I/O port room hidden under the flap.

The grill with the Tribit branding is of metal and the rest of the chassis is made out of plastic materials.

The speaker does come with waterproofing so you can take it to the poolside or your bathroom while having a shower.

Speaker and Sound Quality

The Tribit Xsound Go now has improved 16W sound output and it consists of two 46mm drivers.

There is a passive radiator placed right in the center between the two drivers which helps enhance the low frequency.

Compared to its previous 12W model, this one does produce a more loud sound that is adequate for a medium-sized room.

Diving into the audio quality, we must say that the sound coming from this speaker is more polished and feels pleasing to the ears.

The vocals and instrumental sound are fine-tuned and the bass is also good.

To be honest, there is a noticeable distortion in this speaker at 100% volume which is to be expected from a budget speaker system.


The new addition of the Tribit Xsound Go also comes with Bluetooth v5.0 technology.

Apart from the Bluetooth wireless connectivity, the auxiliary cable is the only option left to play songs from a smartphone without turning on Bluetooth.

You will also get to enjoy the TWS function with this speaker. If your friend and you have the same speaker you can connect this speaker simultaneously to enjoy a louder surround sound experience.

Battery Life

The Tribit Xsound Go is powered by a 4400mAh battery that will last up to 24 hours as per the company but consider the battery backup for up to 10-12 hours with the volume level set at 80%.

The USB-C is indeed a good option to have but power input is limited to 5V so you have to wait for like 4 hours to fully charge this speaker battery.


The Tribit Xsound Go is undoubtedly one of the best speakers out there in the market with crisp and clear sound quality and an affordable price tag.


Frequency 20 – 20000Hz
ConnectivityAUX-in, USB-C
Water ResistanceIPX7
Driver Size2 x 40mm
Impedance4 Ohms
Battery LifeUp to 24 Hours

2. boAt Stone 1000

boAt Stone 1000

Runner-up Pick

  • The best companion for outdoor trips
  • Shockproof build
  • Loud sound output


Great bass

Rugged design

IPX5 certified


Bulky and heavy

The boAt is a brand famous for its sound-related accessories such as headphones and earphones.

The boAt Stone 1000 is an improved version of the company’s previous Stone series Bluetooth speaker, the Stone 700.

Design and Build Quality

Built quality is one of the key aspects of this portable Bluetooth speaker. It has a very rugged design language that almost resembles the tagline “built like a tank”.

The outer layer of the device is made of toughened fibre which feels almost impenetrable to any damage.

The speakers inside are protected by a metal grill that feels very solid and indestructible.

Although the design looks chunky, this Bluetooth speaker is worth the chunkiness when its durability is considered.

Speaker and Sound Quality

Powered by two speakers having a driver size of 45mm, they have an impressive frequency response that ranges between 20 – 20,000 Hz.

Larger the size of the driver, generally better the sound quality is.

The boAt Stone 1000 provides excellent bass with clean lows and mids. The speaker gets loud enough to be used even in noisy environments.

The dual speakers have a combined RMS output of 14W. This is more than sufficient for indoor as well as outdoor usage.

The clarity of the sound output from this Bluetooth speaker remains undistorted even at the maximum volume levels.


Bluetooth v4.2 connectivity ensures that the power consumption for wireless connectivity with other devices consumes less power.

This device is IPX5 certified meaning it is shockproof as well as protected from powerful water jets.

The ports on the device are sealed by tough plastic flaps to block the water from getting in.

Battery Life

The battery on this speaker lasts for about 10 hours on a single charge – nothing too impressive but not bad either considering the device has two speakers at once.

With moderate usage and infrequent hands-free calls, this number bumps up to 20 hours.


Ruggedness is the main USP of this device and it dutifully sticks to this with the build and design.

If you are looking for a heavy-duty Bluetooth speaker to carry with you anywhere you go and have a loud and clear sound output, the boAt Stone 1000 excels in the same.


Frequency 20 – 20000Hz
Connectivitymicro USB, AUX-in
Water ResistanceIPX5
Driver Size2 x 76mm
Impedance4 Ohms
Battery Life8 Hours

3. Amkette Trubeats

Amkette Trubeats

Value for Money Bluetooth Speaker

  • Battery life up to 16 hours
  • Bass rich sound output
  • SD card, USB port and FM tuner


Durable build quality

Inbuilt mic for voice calls

Doubles up as a power bank


Older Bluetooth v4.1

Amkette is computer hardware and other accessories with a product lineup including keyboards, gaming mice and speakers.

The Amkette Trubeats is a powerful Bluetooth speaker with 12W sound output, enough to fill a medium to a large-sized hall with excellent sound output.

Design and Build Quality

The boxy looking design that this product features isn’t strange to the Bluetooth speaker market. 

Made from metal, the Amkette Trubeats features a premium construction quality with assured durability over time.

The control buttons are placed on top and the I/O ports are located at the rear.

This design has been carefully optimized to ensure minimal vibrations and other acoustic overlaps for an enjoyable experience.

Speakers and Sound Quality

The Amkette Trubeats features two full-range speaker drivers for stereo sound output along with a passive bass radiator for deep, rich bass notes.

This Bluetooth speaker delivers a total sound output of 12W, which very few speakers in this price category are capable of.

The sound signature feels dynamic, with good stereo and stage separation. You can feel the bass, treble and even the minute instruments with clarity.


The Amkette Trubeats is packed with features in every sense. The regular AUX-in port is present and accounted for wired connectivity.

Additionally, there is an SD card slot, USB slot and an FM tuner for listening to your local radio stations.

Battery Life

The Amkette Trubeats is powered by a massive 4000mAh battery inside. This battery will last for up to 15 hours on a single charge.

You can also use this speaker as a portable power bank, as it can reverse charge your smartphone from its large capacity battery in emergencies.


The Amkette trubeats are like the swiss army knife of the Bluetooth speakers. 

Excellent sound output quality bundled with a long-lasting battery and value-added features such as FM radio tuner and SD card slot makes this a winner in its category.


Frequency 20 – 20000Hz
ConnectivityAux-in, USB, SD card slot, FM tuner, microphone
Water Resistance
Driver Size2 x 40mm
Impedance4 ohms
Battery LifeUp to 16 Hours

4. JBL Go 3

JBL Go 3

Best Pocket Bluetooth Speaker

  • Excellent sound quality
  • Stable wireless connectivity
  • Available in different colours


Solid build quality

Compact form factor

USB Type-C charging port


No AUX input port

JBL as a brand doesn’t need an introduction among customers here in India. 

The Go 3 from JBL is a pocketable Bluetooth speaker that comes as a successor to the much famed JBL Go 2 speaker.

Design and Build Quality

As we mentioned earlier, the JBL Go 3 is an improved version of the previous JBL Go 2. 

To be honest, the upgrade is real for this time, and from design to sound quality, there is indeed a significant improvement.

The high-quality fabric wrapping around the compact speaker looks and feels durable and unique. 

This Bluetooth wireless speaker comes with IP67 dust and water resistance, which makes it perfect for both listening indoors as well as taking the speaker outdoors along with you. 

Speaker and Sound Quality

The JBL Go 3 has a total sound output of 4.2W. The loudness of sound output from this tiny speaker is commendable. 

The sound output is clean without any noticeable distortions even at maximum volume levels. 

The bass notes are surprisingly detailed which blends well with the vocals as well as treble notes. 


The JBL Go 3 features the modern USB Type-C port for charging instead of the outdated micro USB port.

You can now use the same charging cable as that of your smartphone to charge this speaker up. 

Unfortunately, there is no AUX input or an SD card slot on this speaker. You can connect your devices wirelessly with the latest Bluetooth v5.1 and that’s it.

Battery Life

The JBL Go 3 is powered by a 750mAh Li-ion rechargeable battery inside that lasts for five hours of music playback on a single full charge. 

This battery takes somewhere around 3 hours to completely juice from zero to a hundred per cent. 


JBL Go 3 is a worthy upgrade to the previous JBL Go 2 Bluetooth speaker in terms of both build and sound quality.


Frequency 110 – 20000 Hz
ConnectivityUSB Type-C
Water ResistanceIP67
Driver Size40 mm
Impedance4 ohms
Battery LifeUp to 5 Hours

5. Zoook Rocker Boombox+

Zoook Rocker Boombox+

Best Party Speaker

  • Loud sound output
  • Rich connectivity options
  • Digital LED information display


Dedicated EQ button

FM Radio support

Two passive bass radiators


Slow charging

Zoook is a French company that builds innovative consumer electronics products and sells them in markets across the globe.

The Zoook Rocker Boombox+ is a heavyweight party Bluetooth speaker that provides a very loud sound output at the price of just Rs.2,765.

Design and Build Quality

The Zoook Rocker Boombox+ has an old-school design and it gives a nostalgic feeling of old tape recorders which were big and used cassettes to play songs.

Here the design is the same, the only difference is that the holder for cassettes is not here. Instead, you use wireless Bluetooth connectivity to play songs from your favourite devices.

This speaker is built using plastic material that is of good quality and the speaker grille is made out of metal.

The media control buttons located on the top frame includes – mode button, EQ, volume adjustment, FM radio, REP/Ch folder, and play/pause buttons.

In the front, there is a digital LED screen that shows the time of playback, indicates battery level, and which mode you are using to play songs.

Speaker and Sound Quality

The Zoook Rocker Boombox+ has large dual speaker drivers with a total sound output of 30W and is accompanied by two 1W bass radiators.

The audio coming out from this speaker is loud and there is no distortion in sound when played at 80% volume.

Diving into more details, the passive bass radiators help boost the low frequency to provide a decent bass output. The vocal sounds clear, so does the treble notes. 

Overall sound quality is good and if you want a speaker with loud sound output, then this speaker is perfect for you.


The Zoook Rocker Boombox+ comes with Bluetooth v4.2 technology which provides wireless connectivity up to a 10-meter range.

Behind the speaker, there are several physical ports namely USB-A, AUX-in, microSD card reader, and micro USB.

Battery Life

Zoook Rocker Boombox+ has a built-in rechargeable battery that is rated to deliver a battery backup up to 9 hours but take it with a pinch of salt and expect the battery backup to be somewhere around 5-6 hours in real-life usage.

You can use any 10W charger to juice up this Bluetooth speaker, It takes about 2.30-3 hours to completely juice up the battery inside. 


The Zoook Rocker Boombox+ is a loud and heavy Bluetooth speaker ideal for party freaks.

The speaker priced under Rs.3,000 comes with value-added features such as FM radio, USB flash drive playback, and memory card support.


Connectivitymicro USB, AUX-in, microSD card slot, USB-A
Water Resistance
Driver Size
Battery LifeUp to 9 Hours

6. Portronics Breeze 2

Portronics Breeze 2

Best Versatile Bluetooth Speaker

  • Ear-pleasing sound quality
  • Up to 7 hours of battery life
  • Lightweight and portable



Premium build quality

Dual passive bass radiator


No USB-C port

Portronics is an Indian brand that manufactures various types of accessories and from their stable, we bring you their finest Bluetooth speaker.

The Portronics Breeze 2 is a portable Bluetooth speaker that produces loud sound output and is priced under Rs.3,000.

Design and Build Quality

The Portronics Breeze 2 has a textured fabric material that feels premium in hand and the overall build quality is durable.

This wireless Bluetooth speaker comes with the IPX4 certification meaning it’s water-resistant and can survive minor splashes so take it to the pool party or at the beach without any worry.

All the physical buttons including power, volume adjustment, play/pause and TWS keys are located at the top side and right next to it you will see the I/O port compartment.

At the top, you will also get orange LEDs that show battery levels that are not available in most Bluetooth speakers.

Around the passive radiator, there is an RGB LED strip around it which glows as you turn on the speaker.

Speaker and Sound Quality

The Portronics Breeze 2 comes with dual 40mm drivers with a total sound output of 20W.

The audio coming from this wireless Bluetooth speaker is loud and clear up to 80-85% volume.

If you have a party at your house in a medium-size room, then this speaker will keep your party going with its quality sound.

The passive radiators on the sides enhance the lows in the sound. The bass is rich, and it does not disrupt any other frequencies so you will hear crystal clear vocals while having a vibrant bass.


The Portronics Breeze 2 comes with Bluetooth v4.2 technology and apart from wireless connectivity, you can use an SD card or auxiliary-in port to play music.

The TWS functionality of this speaker lets you connect two Portronics Breeze 2 Bluetooth speakers at the same time. By doing that, you can have a stereo sound experience.

Battery Life

The Portronics Breeze 2 is powered by a 2000mAh lithium battery that powers this Bluetooth speaker for up to 7 hours.

The battery takes almost 3-4 hours to fully charge from zero.


The Portronics Breeze 2 is an excellent party speaker that provides good sound quality and comes with the TWS functionality.


ConnectivityAUX-in, micro USB, SD card slot
Water ResistanceIPX4
Driver Size2 x 40mm
Impedance4 Ohms
Battery LifeUp to 7 Hours

7. Fire-Boltt Xplode 1300

Fire-Boltt Xplode 1300

Best Sound Quality

  • Rich bass and clear vocals
  • 1-year warranty
  • TWS function for surround sound


Dedicated mounting for strap

IPX7 waterproof rating

Up to 14 hours of battery life


Slight distortion at maximum volume

The Fire-Boltt is an Indian manufacturer that produces wearables, and different types of audio products.

The Fire-Boltt Xplode 1300 is a powerful portable Bluetooth speaker priced at just Rs.2,999.

Design and Build Quality

The Fire-Boltt Xplode 1300 has a metal mesh grille on the front and the blue coloured frames you see all around are made out of silicon.

This budget Bluetooth speaker feels premium in hand and the build quality does not seem to be cheap by any means.

The flap at the rear side hides the three I/O ports which are, micro USB – USB-A type, and an auxiliary port.

There is a clamp-type mounting provided as well on the speaker side and the brand has provided a dedicated strap for that as well.

Attaching the strap to the mounting will make it easy for you to take this speaker anywhere. You can hang it on a bicycle, ankle, or wall depending on the situation.

Speaker and Sound Quality

We don’t know the exact size of the drivers but the Fire-Boltt Xplode 1300 comes with dual drivers with a total sound output of 20W.

This speaker is loud and we like the fact that sound does not get distorted even at 80-85% volume.

If you are used to listening to heavy bass songs then you love it, if you put it on a table then the entire table will vibrate due to its deep bass.

The vocals sound clear and we don’t find frequencies clashing with each other as we increase the volume however a bit of distortion is there at 100% volume.

There is a dedicated passive bass radiator at the backside which helps boost the lows of the sound to deliver a satisfactory bass.


The Fire-Boltt Xplode 1300 is waterproof so whenever there is a pool party do not forget to bring this Bluetooth speaker alongside. 

You can play songs directly from a pen drive or using an auxiliary cable with this budget Bluetooth speaker.

With the TWS feature, you can simultaneously connect dual Fire-Boltt Xplode 1300 at the same time and have an immersive sound experience.

Battery Life

The Fire-Boltt Xplode 1300 is powered by a 3000mAh lithium battery and it will provide music playback for up to 14 hours.

The recharge time is almost up to 4 hours which is obvious because this Bluetooth speaker takes only 5V power input.


The Fire-Boltt Xplode 1300 offers excellent audio quality and has a reliable build at the price of Rs.2,999.

If you need a Bluetooth speaker with well-balanced audio the Fire-Boltt Xplode 1300 is one you need.


Frequency 80 – 18000Hz
ConnectivityAUX-in, micro USB, USB-A
Water ResistanceIPX7
Driver Size
Impedance4 Ohms
Battery LifeUp to 14 Hours

8. Carvaan Saregama Mini Kids

Carvaan Saregama Mini Kids

Best Bluetooth Speaker for Kids

  • Rich connectivity options
  • Preloaded media content
  • Ideal birthday gift for kids


Attractive paint scheme

Robust build quality

USB Type-C port


Not for outdoor usage

Saregama is one of India’s pioneer music companies with copyrights to thousands of old Hindi as well as other regional language songs.

The original Saregama Carvaan was one of the most popular jukebox Bluetooth speakers in the Indian market, ideal as a gift for elders. 

The Carvaan Saregama Mini Kids as the name suggests is a Carvaan speaker specifically aimed at kids. 

Design and Build Quality

The Carvaan Mini Kids has almost a similar design as that of the original Carvaan Mini but with subtle changes to attract kids.

For instance, the paint scheme is now more bright and vivid with attractive graphics to grab attention. 

While the speaker grill is made from aluminium, the rest of the Bluetooth speaker is constructed with plastic materials. 

On the right side of this speaker, there are shortcut buttons for rhymes, stories, learning, and mantra. On the top section are the playback control buttons while the right side houses the Bluetooth pairing button and the aux output port. 

All the I/O ports including the Type-C charging port, Type-A USB port and aux input port.

Speaker and Sound Quality

The Carvaan Saregama Mini Kids features a single speaker inside it that has a 5W RMS output.

This speaker is strictly meant for indoor usage. The 5W speaker inside is adequately loud and clear but don’t expect anything spectacular. 

The sound signature is flat with minimal stage separation but good enough for your kid to enjoy music.


What makes the Carvaan Saregama Mini Kids special is its inbuilt selection of songs, rhymes and other learning lessons. 

You can play this content without having to connect this speaker to a smartphone or a tablet. 

Speaking of the numbers, the Carvaan Saregama Mini Kids features 80 rhymes, 300 

stories, 15 learning songs and a few different mantras. These contents are available in both Hindi and English languages. 

Connectivity Options

The speaker uses Bluetooth v4.1 for wireless communication and provides stable connectivity anywhere within 10m.

You can also play media directly from a pen drive with this Bluetooth speaker, 

The Carvaan Saregama Mini Kids comes with English language content as default. To change the language to Hindi, you need to press the back button successively 3-4 times. 

Battery Life

The battery inside the Carvaan Saregama Mini Kids speaker will last you around 4-5 hours of continuous music playback on a single charge. 

You can expect this battery to juice up from zero to a hundred percent within 1-2 hours. 


The Carvaan Saregama Mini Kids is an ideal gift for your child as it comes preloaded with nursery rhymes and stories that will keep them engaged for a very long time at the same time while being entertained.


ConnectivityAUX-in/out, USB Type-C, USB Type-A
Water Resistance
Driver Size40mm
Impedance4 ohms
Battery Life5 Hours

9. Zebronics Zeb-Music Bomb X

Zebronics Zeb-Music Bomb X

Honourable Mention

  • Pleasant sound output
  • SD card slot
  • Robust build quality


RGB LED illumination

Unique design

Portable and lightweight


Slow charging

Zebronics is a popular Indian brand known for its affordable range of products including Bluetooth speakers, gaming keyboards and home theatre systems.

The Zebronics Zeb-Music Bomb X is a stylish Bluetooth speaker available for purchase in the Indian market for just Rs.2,449.

Design and Build Quality

The Zebronics Zeb-Music Bomb X looks and feels quite different from other speakers in its price segment. 

The rounded elliptical design with a stylish front speaker grill reminds us somewhat of the boom box speakers from decades before. 

Even though the construction material is plastic, Zebronics has given a rubber covering on top for added grip and safety. 

The playback control buttons are positioned on the top section of this speaker. 

Inside the grill around the speakers, there are RGB LED lights that can be set to follow nine different lighting patterns. 

Since this device is IPX7 certified water-resistant, there is no problem carrying it outdoors even under drizzles. 

Speaker and Sound Quality

The Zebronics Zeb-Music Bomb X features two 45mm driver speakers inside that are faced forward. 

The total sound output power of this Bluetooth speaker is 20W, sufficient enough to fill a medium-sized room with loud music. 

The bass is punchy and deep whereas the vocals and treble remain distinct and crisp. Even while listening at a high volume, you won’t notice any distortions for the most part. 

The built-in microphone on this speaker facilitates hands-free voice calls, the quality of which is decent when used indoors.


Connectivity options are one of the strong points of this budget Bluetooth speaker from Zebronics. 

This device comes loaded with an AUX input port and a micro SD card slot for wired and independent music playback respectively. The maximum size of the SD card accepted is capped at 32GB. 

Battery Life

The Zebronics Zeb-Music Bomb X is powered by a gigantic 4000mAh battery. With this battery, the Zeb-Music Bomb X speaker will last for up to 20 hours on a single charge. 

Given the mammoth battery inside, it takes 4 hours to juice up the same using a standard wall adapter. 


The Zeb-Music Bomb X from Zebronics is one of the best portable Bluetooth speakers with a bass-heavy sound signature and flashy LED illumination effect for a budget under Rs.2,500.


Frequency 60 – 20000Hz
ConnectivityUSB Type-C, AUX-in, SD card slot
Water ResistanceIPX7
Driver Size2 x 45mm
Impedance4 ohms
Battery Life20 Hours

The best buying list for the nine best portable Bluetooth speakers under Rs.3,000 concludes here. Have you made up your mind?

If yes, thank God we’re in the same boat. If not, you may find your favourite Bluetooth speaker here.

If you feel that we’ve missed any products that you think should be on this list please do

let us know in the comment section below.

Thanks for your time and have a great day!

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  1. Could U Please Suggest any best branded speaker under 3000 with best sound which could be heard clearly throughout the house???

    • Hi Sai,

      Based on your requirements, we have zeroed in on two Bluetooth speakers – the boAt Stone 1000 and the Blaupunkt BT 52. The boAt Stone 1000 features a 14W sound output which is enough to fill an entire floor with decent audio quality. The Blaupunkt on the other hand has a 10W sound output. Both these speakers are priced well below Rs.3000 and is generally well received among the public.


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