Best Bluetooth Speakers Under Rs.5,000 (April 2020)

by | Mar 30, 2020

Smartphones have become powerful, the number of features has skyrocketed, the form factor has evolved over time – but sound output from these devices has been in stasis for most of the time.

That’s where Portable Bluetooth Speakers come handy.

In this list, we have compiled some of the best portable Bluetooth speakers under Rs.5,000 that are earmarked carefully to let you choose the best one without much hassle.

Best Bluetooth Speakers Under Rs.5,000

1. UE WonderboomOverall Best Pick
2. JBL Flip 3Runner-Up Pick
3. Samsung Level Box SlimBluetooth Speaker with Best Battery Life
4. JBL TunerValue for Money Speaker
5. Anker Soundcore Motion BBest Build Quality
6. Zoook Rocker TorpedoBest Rugged Outdoor Bluetooth Speaker
7. Sony SRS XB12Best Bass Heavy Bluetooth Speaker
8. Infinity Fuze 700Feature Rich Bluetooth Speaker
9. Creative Muvo 2Honorabe Mention

1. UE Wonderboom

Overall Best Pick
  • Bass-rich pleasant sound output
  • Rugged design to withstand roughuse
  • No Microphone for voice calls

Ultimate Ears is a US-based earphones and Bluetooth speaker manufacturer with an excellent track record of marketing high-quality audio products priced affordably.

The UE Wonderboom is a portable Bluetooth speaker that is built like a tank to withstand any abuse you throw at it and still function like brand new without any degradation in performance.

Design and Build Quality

The UE Wonderboom has a rounded cylindrical design with a soft rubber layer on the top and bottom and the centre portion covered by tough nylon fabric mesh.

The build quality is excellent and the entire speaker feels like it’s built to last a lifetime. You can throw it around like paintballs and the device will still work as expected.

One of the main USP of this Bluetooth speaker is that it floats on the surface of the water. The next time you take the speaker to the lake or any other water body, don’t be afraid to be careless.

The single UE logo button on the top of this speaker acts as a control button. It can play/pause the music and when double pressed, skip songs for you.

The volume buttons placed on the fabric material is very responsive and tactile.

Speakers and Sound Quality

The UE Wonderboom, even though is marginally compact, house two 40mm driver speakers alongside two passive radiators for better bass reproduction.

These speakers get sufficiently loud enough to make you enjoy the music outdoors.

The bass radiators do a good job in delivering rich bass that feels just right with the mids and excellent highs.

Being cylindrically shaped, the UE Wonderboom has a 360 degrees audio throw and no matter what the orientation is, this speaker delivers equally loud sound in all directions.

There is an option to pair up two UE Wonderboom speakers for better stereo separation but not that you need the Wonderboom and not any other speakers from UE for this to work.


UE Wonderboom uses Bluetooth v4.1 for wireless connectivity with devices such as smartphones.

The signal reception of this Bluetooth speaker is exceptional and within a range of 100 ft, the device works unhindered.

There is no 3.5mm jack or a microphone for that matter for wired connectivity and voice calls respectively.

Battery Life

The battery pack inside this premium Bluetooth speaker will last for about 10 hours of music playback at 60% volume level.

The battery takes about 2.8 hours to juice up from 0 to 100%.

Since the device is charged by a micro USB port, you can plug it into a power bank during your travel and continue using it for days.


The UE Wonderboom is really a delightful product which delivers excellent build and sound quality in a small form factor.

Barring the presence of a microphone for voice calls, if you’re into wireless music listening, this device is definitely a great choice for a budget under Rs.5,000.

Solid build quality

Device to device pairing support


Loud sound output


No 3.5mm jack


Frequency 80Hz – 20000Hz
Battery LifeUp to 10 Hours
Driver Size2 x 40mm

2. JBL Flip 3

 Runner-Up Pick
  • Excellent sound quality
  • Decent stereo separation
  • Splash-proof design

JBL is a brand name synonymous with excellent audio quality. The JBL Flip 3 is the worthy successor to the JBL Flip II that was in the market for a while now.

The JBL Flip 3 comes with innovative features enclosed in a stylish package that is well worth owning for a budget around Rs.5,000.

Design and Build Quality

Flip 3 follows the same design trend from the original Flip. The rounded cylindrical design is retained with minor cosmetic changes. This cylindrical design has a significant benefit when it comes to sound propagation.

When this speaker is kept horizontally on a flat surface, more will be the area covered by the sound from this speaker. When placed vertically you will get a 360 degree sound which is ideal when enjoying music with your friends.

The tough fabric mesh around the speakers imparts a classy feel to the speaker. The control buttons are located on the sides of the speaker and don’t protrude a bit from the body.

Speakers and Sound Quality

The JBL Flip 3 has two 40mm driver speakers with 8W output each when compared with the 2 x 6W configuration from the Flip 2 model.

The dual passive bass radiators on either side of this budget Bluetooth speakers provide one of the most bass-rich sound output in its category.

These passive bass radiators produce very deep lows that, as a bass fanatic will satisfy you to the core.

The speakers get loud enough to be used at the beachside party or even at the beach while taking a bath.

Don’t get too excited and take the speaker as this product is not certified to be water-resistant.

There is no sort of distortion when the sound is raised to the max.


The JBL Flip 3 features Bluetooth v4.1 with support for EDR and almost all codecs for high clarity wireless audio streaming.

This device is certified splashproof unlike its predecessor and can be used outdoors without being afraid of any damage.

And as a downgrade, JBL has removed the NFC capability on this Bluetooth speaker.

There is an inbuilt microphone on this Bluetooth speaker that supports the patented Soundclear echo and noise cancellation technology from JBL.

Battery Life

The JBL Flip II is powered by 3000mAh Li-ion battery. This battery will last for about 8 hours on moderate volume levels.

Charging is done via a micro USB port, so it can be easily charged from a power bank or a normal AC outlet.


The JBL Flip 3 is an all-around performer in the Bluetooth speakers priced under Rs.5,000 category.

Delivering rich sound with punchy baseline and high-quality vocals, the JBL Flip 3 is a sure bet for party lovers.


Solid build quality


Deep bass


Dual bass radiators




Frequency 85Hz – 20000Hz
Battery LifeUp to  8 Hours
Driver Size2 x 40mm

3. Samsung Level Box Slim

Best Battery Life
  • Best companion for a long off grid trip
  • Excellent sound output
  • Doubles up as a powerbank

Samsung is into everything it seems.

Mobile phones, Televisions, Refrigerators – you name a product, Samsung makes it.

The Level box slim from Samsung is a portable wireless Bluetooth speaker that does a great job considering the price at which the device is offered.

Design and build quality

The Level Box Slim comes with a retractable kickstand that will make it easy to place on a level surface with the speaker facing towards you.

The Samsung Level box Slim is IPX7 certified water resistant.

It can withstand being placed underwater at a depth of 1m up to 30 minutes without any damage to the internals.

There is no digital display on the device to indicate the charge levels except an array of four LED lights.

Speaker and sound quality

The speaker on this device has an 8W driver and is really slim that makes it pocketable.

The speaker even though slim is very loud and the output doesn’t lack the punch.

It has a frequency response range of 20 – 20000 Hz that lets it reproduce the lows, mids and highs in the music with precision.

Overall, the sound output is crisp and balanced with a decent amount of bass.

Battery life

Battery life is one of the other USP of this device. Even while powered by a mere 2600mAh Lithium-ion battery, this device manages to last for 22 hours.

This is much much more than what it’s competitors can do.

This device comes with two USB cables, one to charge the device and the other one – you wouldn’t have guessed this one right?

Well to charge other devices.


The Level Box Slim is an excellent performing wireless Bluetooth speaker that has amazing sound clarity and impressive battery life along with the brand reliability of Samsung.

Stellar battery life up to 30 hours
Excellent build quality
Great audio output
No display


Frequency 20 – 20000 Hz
Battery LifeUp to 30 hours
Driver Size40 mm

4. JBL Tuner

Value for Money Speaker
  • Suited for indoor use
  • Tabletop design
  • Decent sound quality

JBL Tuner is a small tabletop Bluetooth speaker that comes with a lot of nifty features under the hood, including a full-fledged FM radio/DAB tuner.

With the compact size and the plethora of useful features, the JBL Tuner is sure to grab your attention.

Design and Build Quality

As we said earlier, the JBL Tuner is a desktop Bluetooth speaker.

The rounded rectangular design is very pleasing to look at, thanks partly to the silver colour.

The speaker mesh grill covers the entire front side with the JBL branding.

There is a small LED display up front that shows important information such as battery remaining, FM station and the song name.

The buttons are very tactile and offer excellent click response. The retractable telescopic antenna can be folded and kept when not in use.

Speaker and Sound Quality

The JBL Tuner comes with a 5W 40mm driver speaker that delivers decent sound output.

The bass from this speaker is a bit on the lower side when compared with other products from JBL, but not too much to be a dealbreaker.

The highs and mids are clean and audible even at higher volumes without distortion.

For an indoor speaker, the JBL Tuner ticks all the right boxes with relative ease.

Connectivity Features

The FM radio function works very well on this budget Bluetooth speaker. The reception quality is excellent so does the sound output.

The LCD display offers a lot of information at a simple glance – detailing about the station name, scanned frequency etc.

This is where this product shines. Primary wireless connection is made through the Bluetooth v4.1.

The connection range is about and 10m and works flawlessly at that distance.

There is an SD card slot on this speaker by which you can independently listen to songs without pairing with your smartphone.

The 3.5 aux input lets you connect this device with others such as TVs without Bluetooth capability.

Battery Life

This device is powered by a large 2000mAh Li-ion rechargeable battery.

The JBL Tuner has a rechargeable battery lasts for up to 10 hours on a full charge.

This device takes up 3 hours to charge completely from empty.

The JBL Tuner can be also powered directly from the mains by the supplied 1.5/1A power adaptor.


Being from JBL, this device has a solid build quality combined with satisfying audio output for the price at which it retails in the market.

Additional features such as an FM Radio and SD card slot makes this a compelling device worth purchasing in the sub Rs.5,000 segment.


Build quality


FM radio


Elegant design


No microphone for handsfree calls


Frequency 85 – 20000 Hz
Battery LifeUp to  8 hours
Driver Size40 mm

5. Anker Soundcore Motion B

Best Build Quality
  • IPX7 waterproof 
  • Thumping bass sound output
  • Up to 12 hours of battery life

Anker is a Chinese company known for its wide product portfolio ranging from power banks to electrical accessories.

The Soundcore Motion B from Anker is a dual speaker powered stereo Bluetooth audio device priced under Rs.5000.

Design and Build Quality

The Anker Soundcore Motion B features a rectangular box design which we have seen on many other speakers in the past.

However, the fit and finish of this wireless speaker is a class apart from most of its competitor products.

The hard polycarbonate plastic chassis can withstand falls and drops quite easily.

The front mesh grille is metallic. It offers excellent protection to the speakers as well as imparts a premium feel to the entire construction.

The control buttons are placed on top of the Bluetooth speaker. The buttons are raised and shaped according to their specific functions.

The input and output ports are located on the sides and a rubber-sealed cap is present to cover the same.

Speakers and Sound Quality

The Anker Soundcore Motion B comes with two speakers and a bass radiator.

The dual 40mm speaker drivers deliver excellent quality sound output which is loud and clear even at maximum volume levels.

The bass radiator helps this speaker to deliver rich, deep bass that perfectly blends well with other musical notes to spice up your music listening experience.

All the speakers together output about 12w RMS of sound which is one of the best in its category.


The Anker Soundcore Motion B is IPX7 certified to be safe against water splashes and drizzles.

You can take this Bluetooth speaker out for your poolside parties or camping trips without the fear of your party being spoiled.

Battery life

This budget Bluetooth wireless speaker from Anker is powered by a 2600mAh rechargeable battery.

It will last up to 12 hours or about 240 track playback on a single charge.

With the micro USB port on the side, you can charge it up effortlessly from your laptop, power bank or the mains.


If you are in the market in search of a waterproof party speaker with loud sound output, the Anker Soundcore Motion B is one of the top contenders out there.

The rich bass and thumping beats makes it suitable for hardcore party lovers.

Dual speakers

Dedicated bass radiator


Easy to press, responsive buttons


Not easily pocketable


Frequency 20 – 20000Hz
Battery LifeUP to 12 Hours
Driver Size2 x 40mm

6. Zoook Rocker Torpedo

Rugged Outdoor Bluetooth Speaker
  • Best for rough use
  • Suited for large rooms
  • Built like a tank

Zoook is a French company that has been active in the Indian market for a while.

The Zoook Rocker Torpedo is a rugged wireless Bluetooth speaker that is built to last no matter how rough you handle it.

Design and Build Quality

The Zoook Rocker Torpedo has a boxy design with thick rubber covering around it. This will protect the device from scratches and falls on to the ground.

The metallic grille up front has an attractive texture design which is pleasing to the eyes.

At the back is a powerful passive radiator which vibrates to the low notes while playing music.

The handle makes this device easy to carry around. The buttons are embedded in the body and are slightly raised from the surface.

Speaker and Sound output

Is very good. This Bluetooth speaker features two 25W speakers inside. These speakers sound loud enough to fill a big room with music.

The bass is decent and the treble is adequate. The final sound output is very well balanced and normal.

The bass radiator muffles a bit at times when playing certain songs at full volumes though.

Surprisingly the Zoook Rocker Torpedo has the same verbal feedback feature that we’d earlier seen with the premium Bose Soundlink Mini II Bluetooth speaker.


The Rocker Torpedo wireless speaker from Zook is water-resistant.

You can take this speaker outside for your adventure trips and play the music without the wear of water or dust.

The well-armoured body is capable of withstanding abuse. Make sure that you don’t drop this baby on your feet.

The Torpedo weighs a whopping 1.8Kg and will hurt your legs if it falls straight down.

Battery Life

The Zoook Rocker Torpedo has a massive 5000 mAh battery inside.

However, since the output RMS of the speakers is 25W each, the battery life is around 7-8 hours.

For such a loud sound output, getting around 7 hours is a good thing.


The Zoook Rocker Torpedo is heavy. If you don’t mind that fact, what you get is a loud Bluetooth speaker that has a rugged design.

To be fair, this product can withstand every abuse you can think of and still sound the same as ever before.




Loud sound output


Rugged and durable design


Heavy and bulky


Long charging time


Frequency 20 – 20000Hz
Battery Life7-8 Hours
Driver Size40 mm

7. Sony SRS-XB12

Bluetooth Speaker with Elean Bass
  • 16 hours of battery life
  • The IP67 water and dustproof
  • 1-year warranty

Sony SRS-XB12 is the least expensive model in the company’s revered XtraBass XB lineup.

Banking in on the prowess of that extra bit of bass in the music output, the XB-12 is surely a worthy contender in our list of the best Bluetooth speakers.

Design and Build Quality

The design of this device is similar to its big brother the SRS-XB12 with a compact cylindrical design having a metal grill at the top.

The body is made of plastic with rubber coating around to give it a textured feel. The bottom is made of rubber that stands firm on a plane as well as slightly tilted surfaces.

Sony has cut the cost of the device by compromising on the built quality of the device. The overall fit and finish of the materials used are not up to the mark as some of the other models from Sony.

Also, there isn’t a wall adapter coming with this device so you have to either find one or charge from a USB 2.0 outlet from any other device.

Speaker and Sound Quality

The speaker on this device with a driver size of 46mm faces up to give a 360 degree sound propagation.

There is a passive radiator at the bottom to give that extra bass you’d like to listen to.

The speaker covers a very decent 20 -20,000 Hz response range that will let you listen to all the notes without missing any.

The highs are crisp with deep lows and clean mid. There is no noticeable distortion even when played at high volumes.


This portable Bluetooth speaker comes with an inbuilt mic to attend hands-free calls. The mic is sensitive and picks up the audio without any problem.

The sound output through the speakerphone is loud and clear as well.


The Sony SRS-XB12 comes with Bluetooth v4.2 Low Energy protocol that drastically reduces the energy consumption when connected with other devices.

The Sony SRS-XB12 comes with IP67 certification that will protect the device from water splashes.

The device isn’t shockproof though, so think twice before dropping this one on the ground.

Battery Life

This Bluetooth speaker lasts up to 16 hours on a single charge before dying out.

This may vary according to the volume levels but from testing, it lasted for about 12.5 hours at 75% volume.


The Sony SRS-XB12 is the best Bluetooth speaker you might crave for if the bass is your jam. This Bluetooth speaker packs a punch when it comes to bass-filled music and you will feel the thump when listening to the same.

The excellent sound output combined with the build quality makes this device a great contender in our list.


Google Assistant integration


HD voice


Extra bass sound output


No stereo stage separation


Frequency 20 – 20000Hz
Battery LifeUP to 16 Hours
Driver Size46 mm

8. Infinity Fuze 700

Feature-Rich Bluetooth Speaker
  • Built-in power bank
  • Dual EQ sound preset
  • Up to 10 hours of battery life

Infinity is the sub-brand of Harman audio company which owns the popular audio devices brand JBL.

The Infinity Fuze is a feature-rich wireless Bluetooth speaker priced well under Rs.5000 offering a ton of value-added options for the end-user.

Design and Build Quality

Available in different bright attractive colours, the Infinity Fuze 700 has a rounded cylindrical form factor.

Most of the chassis is covered by a thick fabric mesh material which is hard and durable.

The control buttons are located on the top and are very accessible and easy to interact with.

Overall, the Fuze 700 from Infinity feels like it is built to last, thanks to the no cost-cutting measures from the brand to reduce the budget.

Speakers and Sound Quality

The Infinity Fuze 700 features a single 40mm speaker driver placed sideways. This speaker is very much capable of delivering high-quality music output.

The bass levels, thanks to the internal acoustic chamber, are very rich and thumping.

The vocals and treble notes exhibit excellent stage separation ensuring a very satisfying music output delivery.

The Infinity Fuze 700 comes with a dual EQ mode which can be toggled on and off accordingly.

If you love extended bass notes, you can switch the EQ mode and if you are more inclined to a normal neutral sound profile, you can opt for that as well.


The Infinity Fuze doubles up as a power bank to charge your smartphone and other smartphone accessories.
Powered by the latest Bluetooth v5.0, the Infinity Fuze 700 offers stable and power-efficient connectivity.

The dual pairing connect feature let’s hook up multiple fuze speakers to seamlessly output stereo music with excellent stage separation.

Battery Life

The Fuze 700 from Infinity is powered by a fairly large 2600mAh battery inside.

This battery is rated to last for up to 10 hours of music playback under optimal settings.


The Infinity Fuze 700 is a feature Bluetooth wireless speaker with dual equaliser modes for manually switching the sound profile according to your personal preference.

With decent battery life and features such as reverse charging, this is an excellent value for money device priced under Rs.4000.


Available in attractive colour options


IPX7 water resistance


Stable Bluetooth v5.0 connectivity


Speaker is placed sideways


Frequency 20 – 20000Hz
Battery LifeUP to 10 Hours
Driver Size40 mm


9. Creative Muvo 2

Honorable Mention
  • Bass-heavy sound signature
  • IP66 water and dust resistance
  • 10 hours of battery life

Creative is a Singapore based Global brand specialized in the design, manufacturing and distribution of sound-related equipment.

The Creative Muvo 2 is a portable Bluetooth speaker which doubles up as an accessory speaker to your home appliances such as TV and laptop.

Hardware Features

The Creative Muvo 2 has a boxy design which looks very traditional yet elegant.

This flat bottom Bluetooth speaker effortlessly rests on plane surfaces without moving around, even at high volume levels.

The meshed grill front and the polycarbonate shell body feels very durable in hand.

Also, the Creative Muvo 2 comes with IP66 dust and water resistance certification meaning it will let you use the device by the poolside or even in the shower without any fear.

Speakers and Sound Quality

This device consists of the main speaker featuring a full range driver along with a passive woofer that delivers great sound with deep bass levels.

The speakers are capable of covering a minimum frequency of 20Hz and go up to 20,000 Hz.

The mids and highs are distinct from this speaker.

In addition to the Bluetooth speaker itself, the Creative Muvo 2 comes with a glass enclosure.

This enclosure acts as an echo chamber and helps amplify the sound output further.


The Creative Muvo 2 comes with an SD card slot for playing songs offline. This device supports most of the codecs including FLAC for hi-res audio playback.

Multiple Muvo 2 speakers can be paired with each other to have stereo sound output separation. This is very useful during camping or partying with friends.

Battery Life

Powering the device is a 2200mAh Li-ion battery that the company claims will last up to 10 hours on a single charge.


The Creative muvo 2 is an excellent wireless Bluetooth speaker which delivers high fidelity sound output, rich in bass and with clean vocals.

Addition of an SD card slot for offline music playback makes this speaker to be used independently without being paired with any other device.


Robust build quality


SD card support


Multiple speaker pairing capabilities


Not easily pocketable


Frequency 70 – 20000 Hz
Battery LifeUP to 10 Hours
Driver Size2 x 40 mm

While our search for the best portable Bluetooth speakers under Rs. 5,000 ends here, yours might just have started.

If this list has a product that we can both agree with, great!

And if you don’t find a device that we should have included in this post, please check out our related articles on wireless speakers priced under Rs.10,000 and Rs.3,000.

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