Best Camera Under Rs.20,000 (Bridge and Point & Shoot)

Digital cameras that fall between the point and shoot and DSLR cameras are known as bridge cameras and they often come with an affordable price tag.

What does a bridge camera offer as compared with a point and shoot camera? – ability to have exceptional optical zoom capability at the price of a bulky chassis.

When compared with the DSLRs, bridge cameras feature smaller sensors and don’t have interchangeable lenses.

In this article, we list the five best digital cameras available in India under Rs.20,000 and consist of a mix of bridge cameras and point and shoot devices.

Enough with the introduction, let’s get started!

Best Camera Under Rs.20,000 (Bridge and Point & Shoot)

1. Canon SX430B ISOverall Best Pick
2. Canon PowerShot SX540HSRunner-up Pick
3. Kodak PIXPRO FZ152-RDValue for Money Digital Camera
4. Canon IXUS 285 HSFeature-rch Digital Camera
5. Sony CyberShot DSC-H300/BC E32Honourable Mention

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1. Canon SX430B IS

Canon PowerShot SX430B

Overall Best Pick

  • Rich connectivity options
  • 45x optical zoom
  • Intelligent image stabilization


Ergonomic design

Decent build quality

3-inch LCD


Average low light performance

The Canon SX430B IS is an affordable bridge camera that offers basic manual controls for the precise capture of your favourite moment.

This digital camera is a perfect tool for amateur photographers to showcase their talent to the world without blowing a hole in their pocket.

Design and Build Quality

The Canon Powershot SX430B IS features an ABS plastic chassis covered with a layer of textured rubber to improve the grip and the overall crude look of the camera.

This digital bridge camera resembles a DSLR with its muscular frame in the front, but with minimal buttons and a fixed LCD screen at the back.

The circular dial at the top is very intuitive to switch various modes such as intelligent auto, programmable, lightweight manual mode etc.

The flash is embedded into the chassis and pops up when needed. This improves the robustness of the design and secures fragile components like flash from damage.

The buttons are positioned comfortably within fingers reach and gives positive feedback when pressed.

The 3-inch LCD in the back has a decent enough resolution and displays the photos and videos with crisp and detailed clarity.

Sensor Features

The Canon Powershot SX430B IS has a 6.15 x 4.55mm sensor, which when compared to Sony’s offering in the same price range is a bit small, but performs exceptionally well, thanks to the Digic 6 image processing chip inside.

The 20MP CMOS sensor has a maximum ISO value of 1600 which is the standard for many digital cameras priced within the same bracket.

This camera has a Canon zoom lens and comes with a staggering 45x optical zoom that will let you take close up shots from a distance without quality degradation.

The lens shift-type image stabilizer inside shifts the lens element for stabilizing the images with minimal shakes and blurs.

Image and Video Quality

The CMOS sensor on this camera can take still photos with a maximum resolution of 5184 x 3888 pixels and full HD videos with a resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels.

The images that come out of this camera look vibrant in detail. The optical zoom works well and captures far away objects without any colour shift or noise.

The image stabilizer helps the camera to deliver a blur-free image when zoomed in on the subject, but if you are serious with long-distance photography, we advise you to purchase a tripod.


The Canon Powershot SX430B IS comes with both Wi-Fi and NFC connectivity on board.

There is also an image sync feature that when configured automatically uploads captures images and videos directly into your cloud account when the Wi-Fi connection is available.

Battery life

This digital camera is powered by a rechargeable Li-ion battery pack that will last for around 2-2:30 minutes of usage.

However, the battery life depends on multiple factors such as temperature, screen brightness and even the use of zoom functions that take a toll on the battery.


The Canon Powershot SX430B IS is one of the best bridge cameras available under Rs.20,000 which has the perfect blend of build and image quality.

The 45x zoom feature along with image stabilization makes it a great pick for long-distance photography at an affordable budget.


Megapixels20 MP
Optical Zoom45x
Screen TypeLCD

2. Canon PowerShot SX540HS

Canon PowerShot SX540HS

Runner-up Pick

  • DIGIC 6 processor
  • 50x Optical Zoom
  • Wi-Fi & NFC Support


Easy operability 

Companion app support

Robust build quality 


No viewfinder 

Canon is a world-renown company when it comes to imaging-related products and services. This company is known for its printers and cameras. 

The PowerShot series by Canon is a digital camera lineup that first launched back in 1996.

The Canon PowerShot SX540HS is an entry-level digital camera in the PowerShot series that retails for approximately Rs.22,000 in the Indian market.

Build and Design 

The Canon PowerShot SX540HS is the successor to the PowerShot SX530HS. Design-wise they look almost similar but the SX540HS has a few new tricks up its sleeves.  

The overall design remains unchanged which is not necessarily a bad thing. Canon has taken the if it ain’t broke don’t fix approach. 

In terms of usability, the Canon PowerShot SX540HS is an easy-to-operate digital camera thanks to its basic controls and uncomplicated interface. 

Build quality-wise as expected the camera is made completely out of plastic material and has a textured hand grip. 

In the front of the camera body is the zoom lens which takes up a major portion similar to its predecessor. 

This camera device has a 3-inch LCD in the back that serves as the main interface and viewfinder. Even when used outside, the brightness levels of this screen seemed to be enough.

The menu navigation, as well as the flash and record buttons, are conveniently put down beside the LCD.

The power button, shutter button, and pop-up flash are positioned on the top section of this camera for easy accessibility. The mode dial is also situated next to the power button. 

Located at the bottom is the battery compartment where you place the battery pack and next to it is also the storage expansion. 

Camera Features 

Under the hood of the Canon PowerShot SX540HS are some notable changes compared to its predecessor. 

This model features a 20.3MP CMOS sensor compared to the 16MP Sensor of its predecessor. Paired with the sensor is the capable DIGIC 6 image processor which is much faster and reliable than the DIGIC 4 image processor. 

Speaking about the lens, this point and shoot camera feature the Canon-branded zoom lens with 50x optical zoom which pretty much remains unchanged. It has a wide 24mm- equivalent focal length that is suitable for wide landscape shots.

Image and Video Quality 

Thanks to the DIGIC 6 image processor and the sensor this camera offers increased image detail.

Image quality is also excellent on the Canon PowerShot SX540HS, both the sensor and processor combined provide good image quality in low light situations. 

With the improved image processor onboard, this camera lets you record videos at 1080p at 60 fps compared to the 1080p at 30 fps in its predecessor. 

Videos can also be recorded in MP4 format so you can easily share them on your mobile devices. 


A useful feature of the Canon PowerShot SX540HS is that it has support for both Wi-Fi and NFC technology.

There is also a one-touch smartphone button located on the back of the camera that lets you easily transfer photos to your smartphone or tablet with the help of the companion smartphone app.


The Canon PowerShot SX540HS is one of the best digital point and shoot cameras currently available in the market at around Rs.20,000. This camera is feature-loaded and can be used by both beginners and amateurs.


Optical Zoom50x
Screen TypeLCD

3. Kodak PIXPRO FZ152-RD


Value for Money Digital Camera

  • 16MP CCD Sensor
  • Optical Image Stabilization
  • 3-inch LCD


HDR support

Over 20 manual modes

Comfortable grip


Video recording capped at 720p

Kodak is an American multinational company and is one of the oldest manufacturers of imaging-related products in the world.

The Kodak PIXPRO FZ152-RD is one of the premium digital cameras from the PIXPRO lineup, available for purchase in the Indian market at just Rs.20,999. 

Build and Design 

The Kodak PIXPRO FZ152-RD is a compact digital camera that looks like a mini DSLR in terms of its design.

For the construction of this camera, Kodak has opted for an all-plastic build. The FZ152-RD digital camera also features a textured grip which makes it comfortable to hold the camera in the hands. 

In the front, we have the huge lens and the focus light along with Kodak branding. At the top, there is the power button and the shutter button. The shutter button also features a small lever that lets you adjust the zoom. You also have the pop flash on the top which you manually have to press to bring it up or put it down.

At the bottom of the camera is where the SD card compartment is hidden under a flap. Right next to it you will find the tripod mount. 

Like every other digital camera, the Kodak PIXPRO FZ152-RD has a large 3-inch LCD to preview your shots and adjust the settings through the menu UI.

Next to the LCD screen are the mode, record, delete and other buttons which you can use to navigate the menu or change the settings of the camera. 

On the right side of the camera, there is a USB AV out port concealed under a rubber flap. You also get a wrist strap along with the camera so you can prevent the camera from accidentally falling from your hands. 

Camera Features 

Features on the Kodak PIXPRO FZ152-RD are similar to most other digital cameras in this price segment.

This camera features a 16 MP 1/2.3-inch CCD sensor that can capture the most beautiful pictures. The lens on this camera is a 28mm wide-angle PIXPRO Aspheric Zoom lens which has an optical zoom of 15x that lets you take pictures of objects far off in the distance.

This camera also has built-in optical image stabilization that helps compensate for any unintentional movement when taking pictures or videos. Optical image stabilization helps to reduce the shakes and jitter by compensating the hand movements with motorized sensor motion. 

Speaking of videos, this camera can record at a maximum of only 720p resolution which is quite a low resolution compared to most new smartphones. 

For beginners, this camera also comes with an auto mode which automatically adjusts the setting of the camera and there is also a manual mode with over 20 different easy-to-use settings like sports, glass, sunset, etc.

Battery Life 

The camera is powered by an 890mAh rechargeable Li-ion battery that is rated to last for approximately 210 shots. 

It takes around 2-2.30 hours to completely charge this battery from zero to a hundred per cent. 


The Kodak PIXPRO FZ152-RD is a good choice of a digital camera for beginners in photography. For a compact and no-nonsense device, you will be surprised with what this camera is capable of.


Optical Zoom15x
Screen TypeLCD

4. Canon IXUS 285 HS

Canon IXUS 285 HS

Feature-rch Digital Camera

  • 12x optical zoom
  • Wi-Fi and NFC
  • Automatic album creator


High-speed burst photo mode

Solid build quality

Nationwide service centres


Flash placement might cause occasional blurs

Canon is a Japanese MNC specializing in the manufacturing of imaging and optical devices including cameras and lenses. 

The IXUS 285 HS is one of the premium models from the Ixus point and shoot lineup from Canon, priced well below Rs.20,000 in the Indian market. 

Design and Build Quality

The design of the IXUS 285 HS is almost similar to that of the IXUS 185 that we had reviewed in the best point and shoot cameras under Rs.10,000 article. 

The rounded rectangular chassis with metallic paint job looks and feels elegant. The curved sides help this camera to be held inside the palm without much trouble. 

The control buttons including the shutter are placed on the top side for easy accessibility.

The only gripe we have with this design is the location of the flash. For novice users, their fingers will sure come in between and smudge the photos at least once in a while.

There is a 3-inch LCD in the back for previewing the shots taken with the camera in full colour. This display also helps you intuitively cycle through the UI to adjust various in-camera settings as well. 

Sensor Features

The Canon IXUS 285 HS features a regular-sized 20.2MP CCD sensor inside.  

For its size and price, this is a relatively good quality sensor, ideal enough for entry-level photography enthusiasts who don’t want to shell out a lot of money. 

This point and shoot camera from Canon comes with a decent 12x optical zoom capability which will help you click pictures afar with minimal quality degradation. 

There are no major edge distortions or blurs with this lens, even when used in low light conditions. 

Image and Video Quality

The Canon IXUS 285 HS clicks images with a maximum resolution of 5152 x 3864 pixels.

Under well-lit conditions and outdoors, the pictures shot from the Canon IXUS 285 HS comes out pretty detailed and clean.

The colours captured feel natural and vivid without too much saturation added after post-processing. 

However, in low light conditions, don’t expect this camera to perform well. There are significant noise issues with this device when shot at night times.

Canon has implemented a lens-shift type image stabilization which solves the shake problem up to an extent but it is always a hit or miss case.

Connectivity Features

Connectivity is one area where Canon beats its competitors with a punch. The Canon IXUS 285 HS comes loaded with a plethora of connectivity options including Wi-Fi and NFC. 

Battery Life

The rechargeable Li-ion battery inside the Canon IXUS 285 HS is rated to last around one and half hours of shooting on a single full charge. 

It takes around 3 hours for this battery to juice up from zero to a hundred per cent. 


The Canon IXUS 285 HS is one of the best feature-rich point and shoot cameras ideally priced well below Rs.20,000.


Optical Zoom12x
Screen TypeLCD

5. Sony CyberShot DSC-H300/BC E32

Sony CyberShot DSC-H300/BC E32

Honourable Mention

  • 20.1MP CCD Sensor
  • 35x Optical Zoom
  • Optical Image Stabilization


Swappable AA batteries

Manual/ Auto mode

Textured grip


Only 720p HD record

The Sony CyberShot brand name needs no introduction when speaking about digital cameras. Sony is one of the pioneers when it comes to image processing and is known for its excellent cameras.

The Sony CyberShot DSC-H300/BC E32 is a digital point and shoot camera that retails under Rs.15,000 in the Indian market.

Build and Design 

In terms of its design, the Sony CyberShot DSC-H300/BC E32 is inspired by a mirrorless camera although its functionality is quite different.

Build quality-wise this digital camera has a complete polycarbonate housing. At its front is a textured design that makes it quite comfortable to grip on.

There is a handgrip protruding at the front which is meant for tightly gripping the camera. 

As you would expect the front of the camera also houses the lens. It takes up a major portion of the front of the camera. At the top, there is the power button and the shutter button. The shutter button features a raised lip for the zooming function of the camera. 

Present next to the power button is the mode dial. The dial can be rotated to choose from modes like Intelligent Auto, manual, and many more.

The flash of the camera is concealed inside the body of the camera and can be popped upon at the press of a button. 

The rear of the camera features an LCD screen which makes up for the lack of a viewfinder. Next to the LCD screen are a plethora of buttons used for navigating the menu. 

Like most cameras, the bottom of the CyberShot DSC-H300/BC E32 features the battery and SD card compartment. 

At either side of the camera are small hooks where you can insert a lanyard which then lets you rest the camera around your shoulder or neck when not in use. 

Camera Features 

The CyberShot DSC-H300/BC E32 point and shoot digital camera features a 20.1 MP resolution CCD sensor which has a size of 6.17×4.55 mm coupled with the Bionz image processor. As far as the ISO levels are concerned, this camera supports Auto, 80-3200 ISO.

This camera features a Sony-branded lens and comes with an optical zoom of 35x which lets you click snaps from afar without degradation in quality. 

Furthermore, this camera also features optical image stabilization which ensures that images do not appear blurred. 

Beginner photographers will also be able to learn the ropes thanks to the various modes on the camera or if required you can use the Intelligent Auto mode to capture the best pictures based on the scene. 

Image and Video Quality

The Sony CyberShot DSC-H300/BC E32 is capable of capturing stills at a resolution of 5152×3864 pixels. 

Images captured by the camera are excellent and if you are adept with manual mode on cameras then you will be able to capture even better pictures. 

Recording videos on this camera is limited to 720p at 30fps. It is not the best you will find on a camera. Videos also have stabilization thanks to OIS.

Battery Life 

Battery life on the Sony CyberShot DSC-H300/BC E32 is pretty decent, it is rated to last for approximately 350 shots.

One of the unique features of this camera is that it is powered by AA batteries unlike battery packs in other cameras. You can easily swap between batteries whenever they drain.


The Sony CyberShot DSC-H300/BC E32 is an affordable point-and-shoot digital camera with great zooming capabilities. If you are in search of a camera for learning photography then this can be a good camera to start with.


Optical Zoom35x
Screen TypeLCD

That’s all folks! We’ve more upcoming budget camera buying guides coming up on our site. 

If you didn’t see one of your choices here, do let us know in the comment section below. Last but not least wherever you are, have a fruitful day ahead and thanks for visiting the site!

Buying Guide for Digital Cameras under Rs.20,000 

If you are fed up with clicking pictures with your smartphone camera and want to experience a more old-school way of clicking pictures then your options include going for an analog or digital camera. 

Most probably if you are reading this then you chose the latter but are confused regarding what are the features you should look for in a digital camera. To make your choice easier we at Bettershark have prepared a short buying guide that will give you an insight regarding some of the features you will find on a digital camera under Rs.20,000. 

The sub-Rs. 20,000 range of cameras vary from one another in terms of their respective features and build. By the end of this buying guide, you will have an idea regarding the basics of a digital camera and you will be able to make an informed decision. 

Build Quality 

The build quality of the digital cameras under Rs.20,000 varies from one to another. Most digital cameras will feature a plastic build quality because of their inexpensiveness while a few digital cameras also boast a premium metal build. 

The choice between metal and plastic is a personal choice. Both metal and plastic digital cameras tend to be durable but if you are looking for something that will offer a more premium feel then we suggest you go for a digital camera that has a metal build. 

Megapixels and Sensor Size

According to Wikipedia: A megapixel (MP) is a million pixels; the term is used not only for the number of pixels in an image but also to express the number of image sensor elements of digital cameras or the number of display elements of digital displays.

It is an assumption that megapixel generally indicates better image quality which is not accurate. Instead of the megapixels what you should consider is the sensor size because it has more impact on the image quality than megapixels. 

Generally the larger the sensor the better the image quality but if you prefer taking pictures of subjects that are far off in the distance then zoom is of priority. Sensors that are small in size provide powerful zoom. 

Under Rs.20,000 you will find multiple cameras with different sensor sizes and you can choose one that is meant for your needs.


Zoom is of two types, Optical zoom, and Digital zoom. 

Optical zoom is the ability of the camera to get close to a subject using the capability of the lens of the camera. Images that have been captured using optical zoom maintain good image quality. 

Digital zoom is the ability of the camera to zoom in more than the lens capacity using AI and image processing. Images that are taken using digital zoom generally tend to be more blurred compared to optical zoom. 

If you are looking for a camera that takes good quality pictures of subjects that are far away then go for one which has a high optical zoom. 

Image Stabilization 

Image Stabilization is of utmost importance in a camera. There are two methods of image stabilization, optical and digital image stabilization.

Cameras that are embedded with gyroscopic sensors offer optical image stabilization which helps in the removal of unwanted movements from your images and videos. 

Digital image stabilization is a method of stabilization that involves the use of the accelerometer in your camera to determine the movement of your hands and reduce any shakiness and blur.

Of these two the reliable one is optical image stabilization. If possible always opt for a camera with optical image stabilization for the best results. 


The LCD screen and its quality are of utmost importance when it comes to purchasing a digital camera. The size of LCD screens in digital cameras usually is around 2.7-inches to 3-inches. 

What you should check out is the resolution of these LCD screens and make sure that the images shown on them are colour accurate and it is also good for outdoor use since you are going to be using outdoors most of the time under sunlight. 

Battery Life

The battery life of the camera is another important feature that you should look into. 

Most digital cameras have a battery life that is rated to last around 200-300 shots which is quite decent. 

So when purchasing a camera you can opt for one that has a good battery life and which is suitable for your needs. 

For charging the battery you will receive a USB cable or a separate charging device for your battery.


Storage is of vital importance when it comes to cameras. If you are going to click pictures then you also need a place to store them. This storage comes in the form of a memory card. These cards need to be purchased separately or are included with the camera. 

They come in various sizes and you can choose one that is suitable for you. Make sure that you transfer your pictures from the memory card to your laptop or smartphone to make space for newer pictures. 

Certain cameras also have Wi-Fi and NFC features that let you transfer images from your camera to your smartphone or tablet without having to connect a USB cable or any other device. 

We have reached the end of our Buying Guide for Digital Cameras under Rs.20,000 if there are any other questions you have regarding purchasing a digital camera then feel free to comment down below and we will get back to you. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Q. Is digital zoom important?

A. No. Some cameras do not have a digital zoom feature and that does not affect your overall experience since images were taken using digital zoom are not that clear. 

Q. Is a digital camera useful for vlogging?

A. It is possible to vlog using a digital camera but under Rs.20,000 digital cameras don’t have a flip-out LCD screen which means you cannot record selfies hence it is not the best choice. 

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  1. I need a camera under 20K which shoots 4k or 1080 HD videos and is good for low light photography with wifi connectivity, please suggest

  2. I m confused between DSC H300 sony and DSC wx220. Both r being sold at smae price range. Please suggest. Plus i m also looking for Pop Color effect in camera which r being found in cybershot cameras. Any other suggestions will also be welcomed.

    • Hi Raj,

      Between the Sony DSC H300 and the WX220, we’d pick the WX220. The DSC H300 comes with an amazing 35x optical zoom, but have a bridge camera form factor which is a bit bulky. The WX220 on the other hand is lightweight and easy to carry around. The WX220 comes loaded with connectivity features such as Wi-Fi and NFC which the former don’t support.

      The Canon IXUS 285HS is also a product to consider in the same price range and it comes with numerous in-buit editing options.

    • Im a filmmaking beginner. Can you suggest me a camera under 25k which has a really good video quality and is good in low light conditions? By good video quality i mean less noise and good video stability

      • Hi Radhakrishna!

        Since you are looking for a camera primarily for video, we’d suggest to go for a DSLR camera or a mirrorless camera instead of a point and shoot camera. Investing on a DSLR camera/mirrorless camera will help you experiment with different lenses and other attachments which are not usually possible with bridge cameras.

        For a budget around Rs.25k, the best choice for you will the be the Fujifilm XA 5 mirrorless camera that has support for 4K video recording up to 15fps and the Canon EOS3000D with Full HD recording up to 30fps. We advice you spend a bit more initially rather than settling for a low cost bridge camera if you are really passionate about movie making.

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