Best Cycles Under Rs.10,000 (Adults, Boys & Ladies)

by | Mar 5, 2020

Cycling craze is well and truly back in India. Many people nowadays consider cycling as a fun and easy way to stay healthy.

Cycling also provides a way to explore the world in a more interactive way rather than to sit in a secluded car and peep out through the windows.

Choices being numerous, finding the apt bike may feel like a hassle unless you continue reading this article.

We have listed and reviewed the best five cycles in the market priced under Rs.10,000 that should ease your purchase decision.

Let’s go!

Best Cycles Under Rs.10,000

1. Hero RX2 26TOverall Best Pick
2. Hero Fashion 26TBest Ladies Bicycle
3. HERCULES Storm RF 26TBest Budget Bicycle
4. HERCULES Top Gear FX100Best Hybrid Cycle
5. Btwin 85034BHonorable Mention


1. Hero RX2 26T

Overall Best Pick
  • 21-speed Shimano gear
  • Dual shock absorbers
  • Front and Rear disc brakes

The Hero RX2 26T is a mountain bike suitable for boys and adults above 15 years.
Ideal for cyclists with a height of around 5 feet, this rigid steel frame cycle is one of the best that money can buy under Rs.10000.

Design and Build Quality

The Hero RX2 26T has a two-tone colour that’s very detailed and spread across the entire cycle from the frame to the tires.

The unique cross-linked mid-frame looks unique and with the crazy paint job, the cycle would be appealing to the boys.

The handlebar of this cycle is slightly twisted towards the rider which is a very good thing when it comes to riding comfortability.

Multi-linked steel frames add to the strength of the structure making it solid for rough terrain usability.

The seat on this bike is made of polyurethane and is comfortable to sit on.

The front and rear mud flaps are made of plastic and come with reflectors integrated into the body for safety during the night.

Suspension and Brakes

The Hero RX2 26T comes with a tubular front suspension that keeps the front wheel from slipping over obstacles and provides a minimal vibration trail ride experience.

There is also a spring-loaded mid-frame suspension linked with the rear wheel stem that supplements the front suspension.

The seat itself has a rudimentary form of suspension from the midway frame that doesn’t extend all the way across to the lower section.

Talking about the brakes, this mountain bike has dual disc brakes at the rear and the front.

The brakes work as expected and offer superior braking performance in off-road trails as well as in the city roads.

Gears and tires

The Hero RX2 26T features a Shimano gear system with the 21-speed operation.

The gear switching is done by the thumb shifter mechanism which is very convenient to use.

The Hero RX2 26T comes with 26-inch tires that have excellent road grip.

These tires come with a red outline which matches with the accent colour of the cycle.


The Hero RX2 26T is a feature-rich mountain bike available for an attractive price tag.

The dual suspension, disc brakes and the uniquely elegant design make this a compelling product to purchase under a budget of Rs.10,000.

This bike can double up as a city bike to ride on normal roads and the gear system is a plus for immersive riding experience.


Stylish design


Tires with excellent grip


Comfortable handle position


Cheap quality mudflap


Frame MaterialSteel
BrakeFront and Rear Disc Brake
Suspensionfront shock absorber and mid frame suspension
Geartrain21 speed
Warranty1 Year

2. Hero Fashion 26T

Best Ladies Bicycle
  • Lightweight
  • Good wire brakes
  • Ideal for 12+ years

Usually, Indians equate ladies bicycle to BSA ladybird series and it has been the same since each one of our childhood.

The Ladybird doesn’t have any worthy opponents till now but with the all-new Hero Fashion 26T, that is about to change.

Design and Build Quality

The Hero Fashion 26T comes with a familiar ladies bicycle design with an attractive design and feminine colour scheme.

The signature butterfly design that we are familiar with ladies bicycles remains the same with this cycle as well.

Stainless steel front basket and the integrated rear carrier serves multiple purposes like holding a school bag or groceries from the store.

The construction is robust with a very lightweight frame for added portability.

Suspension and Gears

The Hero Fashion 26T is a single-speed budget ladies cycle. It doesn’t come with any sort of gear shifters for added complication.

Since these ladies bicycles are only meant to be ridden on flat roads, it’s more than okay to avoid the added cost and engineering of integrating a gear system.

This ladies bicycle from Hero has rigid suspension in the front and the rear.

Brakes and tires

The Hero Fashion 26T comes with 26-inch standard tires. These tires are comparatively thin and light, which enables this cycle to attain speed with much less effort.

The wire brakes come as standard on both the front and rear and do a pretty decent job of arresting the movement of the tires.


Hero has added some minor improvements to ensure the safety of the rider with this bicycle.

The light reflectors on the tire help others to spot the cycle in poorly lit road conditions.

There is also a full-sized chain cover to keep your dress and legs safe from getting in between.


The Hero Fashion 26T is one of the best ladies bicycles that you can get for a budget under Rs.10,000.

The quality of construction and the maintenance-free single speed gear train is well worth the money you are spending on this one.


Attractive butterfly design


Light reflectors on tires

Frontside basket
Thin frame


Frame MaterialSteel
BrakeFront and rear wire brake
GeartrainSingle speed
Warranty6 Month

3. Hercules Storm 26T

Best Budget Bicycle
  • Affordable city bike
  • Efficient V-brakes
  • Front and rear light reflectors

Hercules brand has been in the Indian cycle business market for so long that our father and even grandfather have memories using them.

The Storm 26T carries that legacy to the present with a very affordable budget of just under Rs.6,000.

Design and Build Quality

The Hercules Storm 26T is made entirely of mild steel. The semi triangular mid-frame feels durable enough to withstand minor shocks during bumpy rides.

The hollow tubes make this cycle very lightweight and agile. The quality of construction as we expect from Hercules is top-notch.

The bright blue colour is attractive to look at and the subtle graphics make it appealing as well.

Suspension and brakes

The Hercules Storm 26T being a budget bicycle, doesn’t come with all the bell and whistles such as shock absorbers and disc brakes.

The rigid suspension in the front and rear is just a cost-cutting measure and a very justified one as well.

This is designed to be a city bike and city bikes are only meant for flat and paved roads.

Adding a suspension setup to a bike of this configuration isn’t much help in terms of the price tag.

This budget bicycle from Hercules comes with traditional wire brakes. This is sufficient for bringing the bicycle to a halt within a decent stopping distance.

Gear and Tires

The Storm 26T has a single speed gear train which is very smooth as expected.

The chain and sprocket are made from high-quality material and is sure to last for a while before you encounter any sort of problem with them.

The 26-inch tires are very grippy to ensure that the cycle stays on the tarmac without any issues.


If you are looking to purchase a budget no-nonsense bicycle, the Hercules Storm 26T is a perfect choice.

Brand reliability is a big factor and we know for sure that Hercules is one of the best value for money offerings in the budget bicycle segment in the Indian market.




Comfortable handle position


Integrated luggage carrier


Bumpy ride


Frame MaterialSteel
BrakeFront and Rear Wire Brake
GeartrainSingle speed
Warranty1 Year

4. Hercules Top Gear FX100

Best Hybrid Cycle
  • Affordable price
  • 6-speed Shimano gear
  • Efficient V wire brakes

The Hercules Top gear FX100 is an affordable hybrid bike that is suitable for mountain riding as well as city use at an enticing price range around Rs.10,000.

Being a mountain bike, the FX100 has a height of 81cm which gives it enough ground clearance for tall guys to ride comfortably.

Design and Build Quality

This mountain bike has a wide V-shaped steel frame chassis that blends seamlessly with the front and rear connecting stems out of which the rear stem is considerably small when compared with other bikes from Hercules.

Hercules claims that this unique design will improve the rideability as well as overall control over the bike.

The plastic mudguards on this cycle have been designed to match the aesthetics of the rest of the chassis and have reflectors integrating right into them.

There are two reflectors on each wheel and a few in the rear and the front to ensure safe night driving as well.

The seat on this bike is a bit too stiff for a comfortable ride, so swapping it out or adding a cushion layer over it is advisable.

Suspension and Brakes

This affordable mountain bike priced around Rs.10,000 comes with a tube-type suspension setup in the front.

The tube accentuates back and forth while riding through bumpy terrain and offers much-needed stability.

The Hercules Top gear FX100 has the traditional V-shaped wire brakes offering good leverage ratio for stopping the cycle on rough terrains effectively.

Gears and Tires

This bike has a simple 18 gear Shimano system with a Revo shifter. Revo shifter is a mechanism by which you switch the gears by turning the handle slot up and down.

This is less intuitive and comfortable than a thumb shifter but the price of this bicycle justifies its inclusion.

The 26-inch spoked wheel tires are specially designed to handle rough trails and have an excellent grip that offers traction and control all the time.


Costing significantly lesser than its geared counterparts, the Hercules Top gear FX100 is a value for a money mountain bike for kids and adult men alike.

The 18-speed gear system is the USP of this low budget cycle which lets you ride it with variable velocity across different terrains with precise control in your hands.


Novel revo shifter


Solid frame design

Rigid fork

Vibrations arise from mudguards


Frame MaterialSteel
BrakeFront and rear disc brake
SuspensionFront shock absorber, rigid rear
Geartrain18 speed
Warranty1 Year

5. Btwin 85034B

btwin -85034b
Honorable Mention
  • No-frills city bike
  • Durable rigid steel fork
  • Comfortable riding posture

Most of us have known about Decathlon, the ubiquitous sports good supermarket chain.

Decathlon not only sells sports and adventure goods but also markets products in their brand.

The Btwin is one such bicycle lineup from Decathlon catering first-time buyers within an affordable budget.

Design and Build Quality

Minimalism is a word we commonly use with gadgets and automobile design. It generally means simpler the design, aesthetically pleasing it will be.

Same goes for the design of the Btwin 85034B bicycle. This bicycle is available in a single colour option with no distracting graphics or anything.

Just a subtle Btwin branding sticker on the mid-frame completes the entire design structure.

This cycle is made from mild steel material and feels lightweight and durable.

The cleverly designed triangular mid-frame ensures there are no weak spots in the structure anywhere on the entire cycle structure.

Suspension and Brakes

The Btwin 85034B bicycle, as we said, comes with a budget price tag.

To keep the price in check, Decathlon hasn’t opted for fancy features such as shock absorbers or disc brakes in this bicycle.

The rigid front and rear bar are the same we have seen with other models in this price segment. To be honest, for a city bike, this configuration is the best if you ask us.

The brakes are the traditional V-shaped rubbed pads. These brakes help the cycle stop gently without a reverse shock as in the case of disc brakes.

Gears and tires

This is a single-speed bicycle primarily meant for city roads. The added complexity is unnecessary for city bikes to be honest.

The Btwin 85034B comes with 26-inch aluminium wheels to withstand rusts and other climatic consequences.

The tires are adequately gripped to keep you on the tarmac without any difficulties.


If you want a minimalistic looking no-frills bicycle under a budget of Rs.10,000, the Btwin 85034B is an excellent choice.


Minimalistic design


Comfortable saddle seat


26-inch wheels


No shock absorbers


Frame MaterialSteel
BrakeFront and Rear Wire Brake
Geartrainsingle speed
Warranty6 Months

This marks the end of this curated list of the best cycles in India under Rs.10,000.

If you have any further queries or doubts about buying a cycle, do let us know in the comment section below.

We will be happy to help you.

As always, thanks for your time and have a great day!

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