Best Cycles Under Rs.10,000 (Adults, Boys & Ladies)

by | Sep 13, 2019

Cycling craze is well and truly back in India. Many people nowadays consider cycling as a fun and easy way to stay healthy.

Cycling also provides a way to explore the world in a more interactive way rather than to sit in a secluded car and peep out through the windows.

Choices being numerous, finding the apt bike may feel like a hassle unless you continue reading this article.

We have listed and reviewed the best five cycles in the market priced under Rs.10,000 that should ease your purchase decision.

Let’s go!

Best Cycles Under Rs.10,000

1. Hercules Roadeo Maverick 26Tl Overall Best Pick
2. Hero Next 24TRunner-Up Pick
3. BSA Lady Bird HazelBest Ladies Cycle
4. HERCULES Top gear DX2Value for Money Bike
5. Hero Spunky 26 T Best Budget Bicycle

1. Hercules Roadeo Maverick 26T

Overall Best Pick
  • 7-speed easy fire Shimano gear
  • Front shock absorber
  • Ideal for ages 8-15

The Hercules Roadeo Maverick 26T is a mountain cycle designed and perfected with all necessary features equipment set to become the best available mountain bike in this price segment.

Build completely of steel and mild steel components, the Roadeo maverick is a solid offering from Hercules at such an enticing price point.

Design and build quality

This mountain bike from Hercules features a flat colour scheme with exciting dual-tone graphics over it.

This adds to the adventure flare and the looks should impress boys and men alike.

The frame is made of steel and has reinforced twin frames crisscrossing over the midsection, providing much needed structural strength to the bike.

The bird type handlebar is easy to reach and with the perfect posture while riding downhill.

The Hercules Roadeo maverick 26T has a height of 98cm which makes it ideal for boys between 8-15 years.

Suspension and gears

This mountain bike priced under Rs.10,000 features a front-mounted shock absorber that will let you cruise through rough hilly terrain with minimal shocks and vibrations.

There is no rear suspension of sorts, so expect a bumpy ride in very rough terrains.

Speaking about the gears, the Hercules Roadeo maverick has a 7-speed Shimano gear system.

The gear shifting is really easy with the thumb shifter and the gear changes on the go without much hassle even at higher speeds.

Brakes and tires

The 26-inch tires with spoke wheels are made to handle rough terrains.

These tires have very good grips and provide excellent control and stability while riding the bike offroad.

There are reflectors on the spokes to make your presence noticeable to other incoming vehicles/cycles on low light conditions.

The Hercules Roadeo maverick comes with disk brakes on both front and rear.

The breaking is very quick and much more efficient than the normal V brakes which have a rubber pad to stop the vehicle.


The Hercules Roadeo maverick is the perfect bike for you when it comes to a feature-rich off-road mountain bike priced under Rs.10,000.

Smooth suspension to keep you in control of the path ahead and the disc brakes to infuse confidence in you to take the risks makes this bike the best in the business.


Front and rear reflectors


Elegant design and attractive graphics


Comfy seat


No mud flaps


Frame MaterialSteel
BrakeFront and Rear Disc Brake
SuspensionFront shock absorber
Geartrain7 gear
Warranty1 Year


2. Hero Next 24T

Runner-Up Pick
  • 18-speed Shimano gear
  • Dual shock absorbers
  • 1-year warranty

The Hero Next 24T is a mountain bike suitable for boys aged between 8-15 years.

Ideal for cyclists with a height between 2 feet 10 inches to 3 feet 8 inches, this rigid steel frame cycle is one of the best that money can buy under Rs.10000.

Design and build quality

The Hero 24T has a two-tone colour that’s very detailed and spread across the entire cycle from the frame to the tires.

The unique cross-linked mid-frame looks unique and with the crazy paint job, the cycle would be appealing to the boys.

The handlebar of this cycle is slightly twisted towards the rider which is a very good thing when it comes to riding comfortability.

Multi-linked steel frames add to the strength of the structure making it solid for rough terrain usability.

The seat on this bike is made of polyurethane and is comfortable to sit on.

The front and rear mud flaps are made of plastic and come with reflectors integrated into the body for safety during the night.

Suspension and brakes

The Hero 24T comes with a tubular front suspension that keeps the front wheel from slipping over obstacles and provides a minimal vibration trail ride experience.

There is also a spring-loaded mid-frame suspension linked with the rear wheel stem that supplements the front suspension.

The seat itself has a rudimentary form of suspension from the midway frame that doesn’t extend all the way across to the lower section.

Talking about the brakes, this mountain bike for boys under 15 years has a classic V wire brake at both the front and the back.

The brakes work as expected but the stoppage distance is way bit more than what you will experience from a disc brake.

Gears and tires

The Hero 24 T features a Shimano gear system with the 18-speed operation.

The gear switching is done by the thumb shifter mechanism which is very convenient to use.

The Hercules Hero 24 T comes with 24-inch tires that have excellent road grip.

These tires come with a red outline which matches with the accent colour of the cycle.


The Hercules Hero 24T is an excellent gift for your teenage kid.

The dual suspension and the uniquely elegant design makes this a compelling product to purchase under a budget of Rs.10,000.

This bike can double up as a city bike to ride on normal roads and the gear system is a plus for immersive riding experience.


Trendy design


Reflector integrated mudguards


Comfortable seat


No disc brakes


Frame MaterialSteel
BrakeFront and rear wire brake
SuspensionFront Shock Absorber and Mid Frame Suspension
Geartrain18 gear
Warranty1 Year



Best Ladies Cycle
  • Wire mesh front basket
  • Excellent quality V brakes
  • Colourful and elegant design

BSA Ladybird Hazel is a ladies cycle that retails under Rs.10,000 designed to cater to the needs of young girls aged 7-15.

This cycle from BSA has a lightweight design that girls will find very easy to use.

Design and build quality

The BSA Ladybird Hazel comes with a slightly feminine aesthetics that girls might be interested in.

Available in bright pink colour, this cycle is quite a stunner when it comes to the looks.

The single-frame chassis is thoughtfully designed for girls to exit and enter the seat without much stress.

Having only 70cm height, this ladies cycle can be easily driven without the fear of falling as one can easily step their foot on the ground for support.

This budget ladies cycle comes preinstalled with two metal mudguards for keeping the dirt on the road away from your dress.

Suspension and brakes

The BSA Ladybird has two comparatively thin angular wheel support that extends up to the frame.

Being a hollow steel stem, it absorbs most of the vibrations and shocks from the ground.

However, since the stem is too thin, riding this cycle on rough terrain is not advisable.

Frequent shocks might weaken the joints and can result in cracks over time.

The regular rubber pad wire brakes are of good quality and stop the cycle relatively quickly when riding with intermediate speeds.

Gears and tires

The BSA Ladybird Hazel is a non-geared cycle with a cotter and pin crankset.

The sprocket is protected by an open casing and feels very light to pedal even on rough terrains.

This budget cycle comes with rough terrain tires with steel wheels.

The outer grip of these tires makes them kind of stick to the surface and gives much more control while riding.


The butterfly-shaped handlebar on this sub.Rs.10000 cycles makes it easier for girls to rest their hands on the grip and this provides them with a relaxed riding position.

There are light reflectors attached with the wheels that will notify your cycle at night to other vehicles on the road.


The BSA Ladybird Hazel is the best ladies cycle that you can purchase under Rs.10000 in the Indian market.

With a comfortable butterfly handlebar and easy to exit and enter the standing frame, this cycle meets the requirements for comfortable riding experience.


Attractive colour scheme




Rough terrain friendly


No shock absorbers


Frame MaterialSteel
BrakeFront and Rear Wire Brake
GeartrainSingle speed
Warranty6 Months


4. Hercules Top Gear DX2

Value for Money Bike
  • Dual suspension system
  • 21-speed Shimano gear
  • Dual disc brakes

The Hercules Top Gear DX2 is an affordable mountain bike which features a gear system drivetrain and dual disc brakes at an enticing price range around Rs.10000.

Being a mountain bike, the Top Gear DX2 has a height of 100cm which gives it enough ground clearance for tall guys to ride comfortably.

Design and Build Quality

This mountain bike has a wide Y shaped steel frame chassis that blends seamlessly with the front and rear connecting stems.

The Top Gear DX2 is quite lightweight for its size and provides the best combination of speed and comfort even for a teenager.

The front and rear mud flaps are made of plastic and they prevent the mud and dirt splashing on to your dress while riding through muddy or slushy mountain trails.

There are two reflectors on each wheel and a few in the rear and the front to ensure safe night driving.

The seat on this bike is a bit too stiff for a comfortable ride, so swapping it out or adding a cushion layer over it is advisable.

Suspension and Brakes

This affordable mountain bike priced under Rs.10,000 comes with a hydraulic front suspension and spring-based rear suspension.

The dual suspension offers a comfortable and less shaky bicycle ride be it on city roads or treacherous mountain trails.

The Hercules Top Gear DX2 is one of the very few bicycles priced under Rs.10000 to come with dual disc brakes.

The disc brakes aid in minimal stoppage distances in case of any emergency during the riding.

Gears and Tires

This mid-range mountain bike comes loaded with a 21 gear Shimano system with a Revo shifter.

Revo shifter is a mechanism by which you switch the gears by turning the handle slot up and down.

This is less intuitive and comfortable than a thumb shifter but the price of this bicycle justifies its inclusion.

The 26 inches spoke wheel tires are specially designed to handle rough trails and have an excellent grip that offers traction and control all the time.


Costing significantly less than most of the similarly specced mountain bikes, the Hercules Top Gear DX2 is a value for a money mountain bike for kids and adults alike.

The 21-speed gear system lets you ride with variable velocity across different terrains with the precise control in your hands, thanks to its dual disc brake system.


A lot of useful features


Solid frame design

Rigid fork

Less intuitive Revo gear shifter


Frame MaterialSteel
BrakeFront and rear disc brake
SuspensionFront shock absorber and mid frame suspension
Height81 cm
Warranty3 Year


5. Hero Spunky 26 T

Best Budget Bicycle
  • Single-speed city bike
  • Effective V brakes
  • Affordable

Hero Spunky 26 T is a city bike suitable to ride for fun or have a bit of physical exercise by cycling around.

Priced very competitively around Rs.5000, the Spunky 26 T is suitable for boys aged 15 and above as well as adult men.

Design and build quality

As with many other cycles in this price segment, the Spunky 26 T chassis is made of steel.

The regular V-shaped frame offers excellent structural strength and stability of this cycle.

The angled steel handlebar is comfortable to use without bending too much to the front resulting in reduced back pain while riding long distance.

The seat height can be adjusted according to your kid’s preference. The front stem of the handlebar is also adjustable for the correct riding posture.

Suspension and brakes

Being a city bike and primarily meant for riding through flat terrains, the Spunky 26 T doesn’t feature a shock absorber.

The sturdy ride is what most of them prefer in a city bike and with the cleverly designed fork stem, this bike delivers it.

The low maintenance V-shaped wire brakes are present both in the front and rear of this cycle.

These brakes offer gradual stoppage which is very much what a city bike needs instead of sudden disc brake action.

Gears and tires

The Spunk 26 T from Hero is a gearless single-speed city bike.

Having no complications such as a gear train makes the maintenance of this cycle much easier.

Also, since the number of moving parts is less, the chance of failure is decreased.

The 26-inch tires offer a high riding position and enough ground clearance to traverse through the flat as well as unpaved roads with boulders.


If you are looking for a stylish and durable city bike for your kid or yourself, the Spunk 26 T is a great choice under Rs.1000.
The low maintenance and effective V brakes make this cycle safe for long-distance riding.

Minimalistic classy design
Tires with good road grip
Low maintenance
No mudguard


Frame MaterialSteel
BrakeFront and Rear Wire Brake
GeartrainSingle speed
Warranty1 Year


This marks the end of this curated list of the best cycles in India under Rs.10,000.

If you have any further queries or doubts about buying a cycle, do let us know in the comment section below.

We will be happy to help you.

As always, thanks for your time and have a great day!

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