Best Cycles Under Rs.15,000 (Adults, Ladies, Boys & Kids)

by | Jul 9, 2020

Cycling is not just a past time fun but an exercise in itself. To have the best riding experience, it is necessary to have a cycle equipped with features that suit your needs.

That’s why we have handpicked a list of the best five cycles in India intentionally capped with a budget of Rs.15,000. This easy to read article has categorized the best cycles in the market according to specific use cases for an easy purchase decision.

Let’s take a look without wasting any time further!

Best Cycles Under Rs.15,000

1. Urban Terrain UT1001Overall Best Pick
2. Cosmic TriumRunner-Up Pick
3. Montra BackbeatBest Road Bike
4. Endless Quest Best Budget Bicycle
5. Hercules Roadeo A50 Honourable Mention


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1. Urban Terrain UT1001

Overall Best Pick
  • Front and rear disc brakes
  • 21-speed Shimano easy fire system
  • Comfortable riding position

rigidThe Urban Terrain UT1001 is a budget MTB loaded with features such as 21-speed Shimano gear system, semi-rigid suspension setup and dual disc brakes.

How well does these specs on paper fare when it comes to real world usage? Let’s take a look.

Design and build quality

The Urban Terrain UTB1001 features a macho design with single colour paint job complimented by exciting body graphics.

The thick steel frame features a lowered mid frame to make it easy for the rider to get on and off the cycle.

This cycle comes with a dedicated bottle holder to carry water with you while riding without any carry bags or such.

 The saddle and the handle bar is aligned carefully to ensure a comfortable riding posture. 

The fit and finish of this budget MTB is noteworthy and considering the fact that Urban Terrain has managed to include a lot of premium features at this price range is noteworthy.

Suspension and brakes

The Urban Terrain features a tubular front suspension and a rigid read fork.

This semi-rigid suspension setup provides the versatality to have a pleasing riding experience in both flat terrains and rough trails.

The front suspension absorbs most of the vibrations and shocks and keeps the hands steady on the handle bar.

The Urban Terrain UT1001 has mechanical disc brakes in both the front and the rear. These brakes ensure short stopping distance but we advise you to use these brakes with caution in wet riding conditions.

Gears and tires

This entry level MTB from Urban Terrain surprisingly comes packed with Shimano Tourney deraileurs in both front and the rear.

This is a 21-speed gear system with Shimano’s own EasyFire thump shifters on the handle bar for easy gear changing on the go.

The shifting works smooth and without much delays. Expect some hiccups once in while as this is the entry level product from Shimano.

The 27.5-inch tires on this MTB from Urban Terrain are wider and has good threading for excellent road grip. The flat surface ensures good rolling where as the threads on the sides hold the bike steady on the ground.


The Urban Terrain UTB1001 is one of the affordable MTBs that you can get your hands on for a budget under Rs.15,000.



Attractive paint and sticker work


Integrated bottle holder


Strong steel frame


No mudguards


Frame MaterialSteel
BrakeFront and rear disc brakes
SuspensionFront shock absorber, rigid rear
Geartrain21 speed

2. Cosmic Trium

Runner-Up Pick
  • 21-speed Shimano gear train
  • Telescopic front suspension
  • Front and rear disc brakes

The Cosmic Trium MTB is a full-fledged budget mountain bike with all the necessary features for a safe and enduring rough terrain riding experience.

This cycle from Cosmic is an ideal choice for riders looking to ride through mild trails and bumpy roads.

Design and build quality

The Trium MTB features a traditional V-shaped steel frame that gives much-needed durability and stability for a mountain bike.

This cycle comes with a long seat post that is adjustable according to the rider’s height.

The handlebars are made from reinforced steel and have a slight curvature towards the rider.

These slight physical details will provide the correct riding posture and deliver an excellent riding comfort level.

The Trium MTB from Cosmic weighs about 17.5Kg which makes it an apt mountain cycle for people aged 15 and above.

Suspension and brakes

This mountain bike comes with a front zoom suspension which is a regular hydraulic type seen on cycles at this price point.

This suspension works pretty well to absorb vibration on the road and mild bumps on the mountain trails and keeps the cycle in control.

There is no suspension of any type on the rear and since the frame is a V-shaped tub, there isn’t a spring cushion either.

The Trium MTB comes with disc brakes both in the front and the rear. This provides much better stoppage even while travelling fast.

Although the sudden braking action might drift the cycle away if used carelessly.

Gears and tires

The 21-speed Shimano gear train comes with a thumb shifter for easier gear switching while riding the bike.

The Shimano derailleurs at the rear ensure smooth switching even while riding uphill or downhill without any chain slip and offers smooth riding experience.

The tires on this mountain cycle are of 26 inches with a width of 2.125-inches fitted on to a Henri double-walled alloy rim.

This tire offers excellent grip on the road and keeps the cycle in control even while riding at higher speeds on rough terrain.


The Cosmic Trium MTB is the best mountain bike that you can purchase under a budget of Rs.15,000.

The dual disc brakes and the efficient front suspension make this cycle a hardcore, rough terrain cycle.


Rigid steel frame


Comfortable saddle position


Wide, flat pedals


Rigid rear column


Frame MaterialSteel
BrakeFront and rear disc brakes
SuspensionFront shock absorber, rigid rear
Geartrain21 Speed

3. Montra Backbeat

Best Road Bike
  • Durable and lightweight aluminium alloy frame
  • Easy fire thumb gear shifter
  • Ideal for 11+ years

The Backbeat from Montra is a budget road bike priced around Rs.15,000 that provides the unmatched comfort of a city bike.

With features such as disc brakes and advanced gear train transmission standard, the Montra backbeat offers a fulfilling riding experience across a multitude of terrains.

Design and build quality

The Montra backbeat comes with the traditional look and feel of a road bike.

The slightly more obtuse V frame with two-tone colour scheme looks very pleasing to the eyes.

As this is a very lightweight and compact bike, it allows the rider to accelerate and decelerate quickly without much effort.

The seat position is fixed below the handlebar and that creates a favourable posture for a long duration of riding without any body aches or pains.

This cycle, made from aluminium alloy feels very durable and solid while driving on the road as well as gives them the confidence to take it to a bit of offroading,

Suspension and brakes

The Montra Backbeat features a single tube type suspension in the front.

This being a road bike intended to drive and ride around flat surfaces, a single shock absorber is very much sufficient.

The front suspension works well to absorb vibrations and shocks while riding around.

At the rear, the thin stem connecting the tire to the mainframe being hollow does provide some sort of dampening effect as well.

The Montra Backbeat features a front and rear disc brakes. The braking is very quick and reliable even while riding at high speeds.

Also, disc brakes don’t have the maintenance of wire brakes which requires brake pad replacements.

Gears and tires

This one also comes with the 21-speed Shimano gear system for customizable riding experience.

The company advertises the gear changing mechanism as ‘easy fire’ which in itself is a thumb shifter that lets you change gears and the resulting speed of the bike easily by the flick of a wrist.

The shifting mechanism works smoothly at all possible speeds and doesn’t cause much wear and tear to the components.

The 26-inch tires are designed with city biking in mind. These tires are considerably thin when compared with mountain bikes and offer quick acceleration.

The grip provides necessary traction on the surface and lets you ride the bike in total control.


The Montra backbeat is one of the top city bikes that you can purchase around Rs.15,000 in the market.

With its elegant design and feature-rich packaging, this might be your best if you’re looking for a value for a money city bike.


Aesthetically pleasing design


Comfortable riding posture


Front and rear light reflectors


No local service


Frame MaterialSteel
BrakeFront and rear disc brakes
SuspensionFront shock absorber, rigid rear
Geartrain21 speed

4. Endless Quest

Best Budget Bicylce
  • 21-speed Shimano gear system
  • Front and rear disc brakes
  • Front shock absorber

Endless is a popular bicycle manufacturer known for its affordable and feature-rich mountain bikes in the Indian market.

The Endless Quest is a premium mountain bike loaded with features, priced conveniently under a budget of just Rs.12,000.

Design and Build Quality

The Endless Quest mountain bike features a regular V-shaped frame with hollow tubes made from carbon steel material.

The fit and finish of the welds and seam joints look clean and polished.

The dual-tone black and green colour scheme looks refreshing and makes this bicycle stand out from the crowd.

The Quest MTB comes with a front and rear plastic mud flaps for keeping the dirt away from the rider while riding the bike in slushy terrains.

There is a sprocket guard for the chain assembly for added rider safety.

Overall, the build quality of this Endless bicycle is on par with its competitors considering the asking price of just Rs.10,385.

Suspension and gears

The suspension setup is an important factor to consider while purchasing a mountain bike.

The Endless Quest MTB features a front shock absorber with a rigid rear connecting rod.

The suspension setup in the front will reduce the jerks from uneven paths a lot, helping you to have a more polished ride with fewer vibrations on the handlebar.

This mountain bike comes equipped with the 21-speed Shimano derailleurs and shifter for effortless gear shifting depending upon your riding scenarios.

The Shimano system used in this bicycle is known for its durability and reliable performance.

Brakes and Tires

The Endless Quest budget mountain bike features a front and rear disc brake setup for minimal stoppage distance.

These disc brakes are significantly more reliable than a regular V-type wire brake given the brake response.

The 27.5-inch wide tires on this bicycle have good ground grip and are mounted over a double-walled rim which adds to the overall pleasant riding experience.


If you are short on cash but desire a feature-packed mountain bike with the decent build quality, the Endless Quest is a steal.

This mountain bike provides you with almost all the premium features such as dual disc brakes, front suspension etc for just under Rs.10,500.




Decent build quality


Wide tires with god grip


No bottle holder


Frame MaterialCarbon steel
BrakeFront and rear disc brakes
SuspensionFront shock absorber, rigid rear
Geartrain21 speed

5. Hercules Roadeo A50

Honourable Mention
  • Lightweight and agile
  • Front and rear disc brakes
  • 21-speed gear train

The Hercules Roadeo A50 26T is a mountain cycle designed and perfected with all necessary features to become the best available mountain bike in this price segment.

Made completely of steel and mild steel components, the Roadeo A50 26T is a solid offering from Hercules at such an enticing price point.

Design and build quality

This mountain bike from Hercules features a dual-tone colour scheme with exciting dual-tone graphics over it.

This adds to the adventure flare and the looks should impress boys and men alike.

The frame is made of aluminium and has reinforced the V-shape, providing much needed structural strength and stability to the bike.

The bird type handlebar is easy to reach and provides the perfect posture while riding downhill.

Suspension and gears

This mountain bike priced under Rs.15,000 features a front-mounted shock absorber that will let you cruise through rough hilly terrain with minimal shocks and vibrations.

The rear section of this cycle has a rigid support stem that connects the mainframe to the rear wheels. There is no sort of suspension here other than the tires themselves.

Speaking about the gears, the Hercules Roadeo has a 21-speed Shimano gear system. The gear shifting is really easy with the thumb shifter and the gear changes on the go without much hassle even at higher speeds.

Brakes and tires

The 26-inch tires with spoke wheels are made to handle rough terrains. These tires have very good grips and provide excellent control and stability while riding the bike offroad.

The brakes of the Hercules Roadeo A50 26T are of disc type. Both the front and rear features this and the braking is very quick and much more efficient than the normal V brakes which have a rubber pad to stop the vehicle.


The Hercules Roadeo A50 26T is the perfect bike for you if you’re in search of a feature-rich, off-road mountain bike under Rs.15,000.

The Smooth suspension to keep you in control of the path ahead and the disc brakes to infuse confidence in you to take risks makes this bike the best in the business.


Comfortable handlebar


Lightweight aluminium frame


Two years warranty


Stiff seat


Frame MaterialSteel
BrakeFront disc and rear wire brake
SuspensionFront shock absorber, rigid rear
Geartrain21 speed

This concludes our list for the best cycles in India. As we said earlier, we haven’t included premium models in this article as we think a budget of Rs.15,000 might be a sweet spot offering most of the goodies that a common man will care for.

However, if you have suggestions and tips for improving our articles, please do share them in the comment box below.

Thanks for reading and have a great day!

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