Best Cycles Under Rs.5,000 (Adults, Boys, Ladies & Kids)

by | Nov 28, 2020

Cycling is the best way to stay fit and explore the world around. Owning a cycle is a delightful experience for kids and adults alike.

Unlike the past, there are now a lot of specific function cycles that you can purchase and the selection is dizzying.

To make your purchase decision easier, we bring you this curated list of the eight best cycles in the Indian market priced under Rs.5,000 in each category.

Without any further ado, let’s jump right into the article.

Best Cycles Under Rs.5,000

1. Btwin My Bike Overall Best Pick
2. Hero Spunky 26T Runner-Up Pick
3. Hercules Stimulus RF 26TValue for Money Cycle
4. Rockrider ST100Best Kids MTB
5. Firefox Skurrerz 14TBest Kids Training Cycle
6. Speed Bird 12TEntry Level Kids Cycle
7. BSA Kids 14TKids Recreation Cycle
8. Btwin Darkhero 600Honourable Mention


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1. Btwin My Bike

Btwin My Bike
Overall Best Pick
  • Perfect for city roads
  • Lifetime warranty on frame and fork
  • Lightweight aluminium wheels

Btwin is a cycling brand owned by the French sports and adventure store brand Decathlon.

The My Bike from Btwin is an entry-level single-speed hybrid bike that retails in the Indian market for just Rs.4,999.

Design and Build Quality

As we mentioned above, the My Bike is designed to be a hybrid bike that can be used on city roads as well as light trails.

The frame of this bike is made from rigid steel that offers good rigidity and durability.

The steel frame and the steel fork together has a lifetime warranty from Btwin which will offer you peace of mind when taking the bike outdoors.

The U shaped handlebar is positioned in such a way that it provides a correct posture for riding and delivers good riding control.

The pedals are of decent quality and will grip your shoes or chappals very well without any issues whatsoever.

The polyurethane saddle is comfortable enough for short rides on city roads but expect some difficulty when riding on harsh terrain for long.

Suspension and Brakes

The Btwin My Bike has a rigid fork and doesn’t come with suspension either in the front or at the rear.

Since this is primarily a road bike meant for fitness purposes, the lack of suspension is not a big deal at all.

Speaking of the brakes, what we have here is the standard V wire brakes in the front and the rear.

These brakes work reasonably well to half the bike with decent stopping distance.

Gears and Tires

The Btwin My Bike is a single-speed bike. It has no other complicated derailleurs or anything of that sort.

For riding on flat city roads, the single-speed bike is the best in terms of affordability.

This budget entry-level bike comes with 36 hole aluminium wheels which are lightweight and rustproof.

These wheels and the fork absorbs most of the vibrations while riding on smooth tarmac, thereby resulting in a pleasant riding experience.


The Btwin My Bike is suitable for those who are 14+ years old. The maximum weight that this bike can support, as per the company is 100Kgs.


If you are looking for an entry-level single speed hybrid bike, the Btwin My Bike is a great choice for a budget under Rs.5,000.

Perfect for riding through city roads for fitness purposes, the My Bike is one of the very few adult cycles available in this price bracket.


Simple yet elegant design


Efficient V brakes


Affordable price


Comparatively heavy frame


Frame MaterialSteel
BrakeV-brake front and rear
Suited for 14+ and above

2. Hero Spunky 26T

Runner-Up Pick
  • Ideal for 13+ years
  • Durable mild steel frame
  • Suitable for short city commutes

The Hero Spunky 26T is a hardtail single speed bike suitable for fitness riding through city roads and slight off-road trails.

Made for an age group of 13+ years, this cycle is ideal for boys/men as their first bike to experience cycling as a passionate hobby.

Design and Build Quality

The Hero Spunky 26T has a macho-looking design that will be ideal for teenagers looking for a good looking budget city bike.

The frame is made up of mild steel and is solid enough to withstand moderately rough terrain biking with relative ease.

However, we advise you to be careful about taking this cycle into some sort of mountain trails.

There are no mud flaps included with the cycle. If you’re planning to use this bike in wet terrain, we advise you to install them to keep yourself clean from mud and dirt.

The hard PU saddle is quite comfortable to sit on during short rides but you might feel uncomfortable during long riding sessions.

Suspension and Brakes

Being a budget cycle, there is no sort of suspension to absorb the shocks that you may face while riding on the road.

If you are riding in rough terrain, the entire vibration can be felt in the seat and your hands while driving.

Speaking of the brakes, this cycle comes with standard wire brakes at the front and rear which uses the old school rubber pads to stop the cycle.

Gears and tires

The Hero Spunky 26T is a gearless, single speed chain and sprocket driven cycle.

It means that you will have to pedal through the way with more or less the same intensity to cruise forward.

For those who are looking for exercise along with fun, this won’t matter much.

The large flat 26-inch tires offer enough grip on the road surface and can tackle small rocks and boulders on the way effortlessly.


The company provides 3 months of warranty with this budget cycle along with a 2-year warranty on the frame and the fork.


The Hero Spunky 26T is a perfect choice for being a versatile city bike priced under Rs.5,000.

The strong and flexible steel frame induces confidence in the rider in you and the wider tyres make it easy to use the cycle in both dry and wet road conditions.

Included reflectors in the wheel

26-inch tires with decent grip


Robust V type wire brakes


Stiff seat


No mud flaps


Frame MaterialSteel
BrakeWire brake – front and rear
Suited for 13+ years

3.Hercules Stimulus RF 26T

Value for Money Cycle
  • Rigid and well-built frame
  • Quick-release seat adjustment
  • Ideal for city roads

Hercules is an Indian cycle company that has been in the market since time immemorial.

The Stimulus RF 26T is one of the latest entry-level road bikes from Hercules targeted at an age group of 13+ years.

Design and Build Quality

The frame of the Hercules Stimulus 26T is made from steel. The design of this city bike is similar to other bikes in this segment with a triangle centre frame with rigid front and rear forks.

The quality of construction is very good for the price. The seams and welds are very well done and ensure good structural integrity altogether.

The handlebar is slightly curved towards the rider for a comfortable riding posture.

The PU saddle comes with a quick-release mechanism that helps you to adjust the seat height without any specialized tools.

There are no mud flaps with this bike, so you might have to consider buying them extra in case you plan to use this bike in the rain as well.

Suspension and Brakes

Being a city bike primarily, the Hercules Stimulus RF 26T comes with a rigid fork in the front as well the rear.

The curved connecting rod design might make the ride feel bumpy but offers good ride control on the city roads.

Speaking of the brakes – both the front and rear brakes are the regular V type wire brakes with rubber pads.

These brakes are adequate for normal usage but don’t expect the efficiency of disc brakes.

Gears and Tires

The Hercules Stimulus RF 26T is a gearless city bike. You get a single-speed chain and sprocket mechanism with no added complications.

The 26-inch tires are well threaded to provide enough grip on almost any kind of terrain you ride in – be it on city roads or common off-road trails.


The rims come pre-fitted with two light reflectors each for added safety during night rides.

This cycle features a well thought out wider pedal cleats for good grip whether you are riding with shoes or a normal chappal.


The Hercules Stimulus RF 26T is an Indian made bicycle costing you just under Rs.5,000 with the good build quality and decent riding performance.


Curved handlebar


Adjustable cushion saddle seat


Reflectors on the wheel rim


No mud flaps included


Frame MaterialSteel
BrakeWire brake – Front and Rear
Suited for 13+ years

4. Rockrider ST 100

Best Kids MTB
  • Wide, grippy tires
  • Durable steel frame
  • Decent wire brakes

Rockrider is yet another in house cycling brand from Decathlon, similar to Btwin.

The Rockrider ST100 is an entry-level kid’s MTB priced around Rs.5000 in the Indian market.

Design and Build Quality

The Rockrider ST 100 features a rigid steel frame construction along with steel forks at both the front and the rear.

This cycle is well suited for those with a height ranging from 120-135cm. The thick steel frame of the ST 100 is specially designed with tackling rough terrains in mind.

However, this MTB rides through city roads just fine as well.

The ergonomically designed saddle on this bike comes with a bumper in the rear to give added protection from any rear impacts.

The pedals on this MTB are of decent quality and offer good leg grip while riding.

Suspension and Brakes

The Rockrider ST100 as we mentioned above has a rigid front and rear forks. It is quite logical to not to expect suspension setups on bikes at such a low price.

The ST100 features the standard wire V brakes in the front and the rear with decent stoppage performance.

Gears and Tires

The Rockrider ST100 is a single speed MTB meant for kids between 6-8 years.

Even with this single chainring setup, the cycle will feel smooth to ride on flat terrains such as the city roads.

The 20-inch wheels are thick and have enough grip to ride through harsh terrains with good control.

With the correct amount of tire pressure, this MTB ride will be smoother and without much vibrations reaching the handle.


The brake levers are specially designed for easy access and use by the small hands of children.

Just like any other bikes, Decathlon provides a lifetime warranty on frame and the fork of the Rockrider ST100 kid’s MTB.


If you are looking for a robust built, affordable MTB for your kid between 6-8 years, the Rockrider ST100 is a great choice for a budget under Rs.6,000.


Ergonomically designed saddle


Specially designed brake levers for kids


Good seating posture


No included mudguards


Frame MaterialSteel
BrakeV-brake front and rear
Suited for 6-8 years

5. Firefox Skurrerz 14T

Best Kids Training Cycle
  • Detachable trainer wheels
  • Chain Guard for added safety
  • Grippy, wider tires

Firefox is an Indian cycling company based in Jalandhar, Punjab known for its hybrid and MTBs.

The Skurrerz 14T from Firefox is a single-speed budget cycle for kids between ages 3-5 years.

This cycle comes fitted with all accessories targeting the kids such as support wheels and safety measures such as mud flaps and chain cover.

Design and Build Quality

The Firefox Skurrerz features a single tone bright colour paint job with exciting graphics and stickers.

The frame is made of mild steel and is very lightweight, making it easy for your kid to pedal without exerting too much pressure on the pedals.

The two support wheels fitted in the rear make sure that your kids won’t fall while riding this cycle.

The plastic mudguards prevent the kids from getting dirty while riding this cycle. The multi-stage seat adjustability is also one of the plus points about this budget cycle.

The chain cover ensures that the moving parts don’t come in direct contact with his/her body while cycling.

Suspension and Brakes

Since this is a kids bike and it isn’t meant for rough terrain usage, there is no need for a shock absorber on this bike.

The stem that connects the tires to the mainframe is of sufficient thickness and absorbs most of the slight vibrations and shocks from the surface.

The wire brakes are more than capable of stopping the cycle at moderate speeds and being the wire type, there is no sudden action that might let the kids slide out of balance.

Gears and Tires

The Firefox Skurrerz is a non – geared kids cycle for good.

The kids don’t need any gears as it would increase the complication and the kids might lose interest. Also, as it is a cycle for kids between ages 3-5 years, it’s pretty much an overkill to have gears.

The extra-wide tires cover more surface area and offer good stability even in slightly rough terrain.


The Firefox kids recreation and training cycle is designed for kids aged between 3-5 years.

The support wheels and large wide wheels provide the kids with a pleasant learning experience without the fear of falling over.


Comfy saddle


Exciting body graphics


Relatively lightweight frame

No storage bucket


Frame MaterialSteel
BrakeWire brake – front and rear
Suited for 3-5 years

6. Speed Bird 12T

Best for Kids 2-4 Years
  • Comfortable foam rubber tires 
  • Lightweight and compact frame
  • Front storage basket

The Speed Bird 12T is a budget bicycle with support wheels suitable for kids aged between 2-4 years.

The fancy colours and design supplemented with baby-centric features make this cycle a compelling product worth taking a look at.

Design and Build Quality

The Speed Bird 12T has an interesting dual-tone bright colour palette that will attract kids attention.

The unique shaped frame and the storage basket in the front are the other two attractions that will draw babies towards this cycle.

The easy to hold rubber handle and the low ground to body height makes it easy for small kids to ride this cycle.

Suspension, Tires and Brakes

Since the tires are made of thick foam rubber, it will absorb vibrations and shock on its own.

The hollow frame supplements this action and the kid won’t feel a thing while being transported in the cycle.

There are additional support tires for preventing the cycle from falling.

The wire brakes work well and the braking action is smooth and gradual making the babysitting on top comfortable.


The foam tires are wide and offer a sort of grip on the surface. The motion of this kids cycle is very gentle and the kids will love it.

The seat cushions on this cycle are one of the most comfortable in its segment.

There is a storage basket in the front and an additional carrier seat in the rear, which makes this cycle look attractive for the kids to spark their interest.


The Speed Bird 12T is a cool gift for your kids aged between 2-5 years for a budget just under Rs.3,000.


An attractive dual-tone paint job


Comfortable cushion seat


Supporting wheels

Average plastic quality


Frame MaterialSteel
BrakeWire brake – front and rear
Suited for 2-4 years

7. BSA Kids 14T

Kids Recreation Cycle
  • Comfortable foam tires
  • Ergonomic design
  • Pre-assembled product

BSA is a veteran in the Indian cycle industry with years of expertise in the field.

The Kids 14T from BSA is an entry-level recreation cycle for kids aged between 2-5 years.

Design and Build Quality

The frame of this kids cycle is made from steel and the design has been very well thought out to make it comfortable for the kids.

For example, the frame height has been made low in the centre portion for the kids to easily get on and off the cycle.

The two-tone colour scheme and the body graphics with cartoon characters on it will attract kids to this cycle for sure.

The soft saddle is complemented with a backrest for the child to sit and ride comfortably.

The handlebar is slightly inclined towards the rider for a stress-free riding posture without bending too much to the front.

Tires and Brakes

The BSA 14T kids cycle, similar to most other kids’ bicycles, features full foam tires.

Thanks to these tires, the foam will absorb most of the vibrations from the ground, resulting in a smooth and pleasant ride experience for your kid.

BSA has also pre-fitted two support wheels to make sure kids won’t fall from the cycle during riding.

The wire brakes work decent enough to stop the speeding cycle. The foam tires offer some resistance and the brakes on top will prevent the cycle from rolling uncontrollably.


The BSA Kids 14T features a full cover chain cover to keep kids safe from the moving parts of the bike.


The BSA Kids 14T cycle is a good choice under the budget of Rs.5,000 if you are planning to buy a well-built recreation cycle for your kids between 2-5 years of age.

Attractive stickers and body graphics

Support wheels


Backrest for the saddle


No extra accessories


Frame MaterialSteel
BrakeWire brake – front and rear
Suited for 2-5 years


8. Btwin Darkhero 500

Honourable Mention
  • Freewheel drive train
  • Rigid steel frame
  • Comfortable foam saddle

Btwin is the in-house cycling brand from Decathlon.

The Dark Hero 500 from Btwin is an affordable kids cycle suitable for those between 4-6 years of age.

Design and Build Quality

The Dark Hero 500 features a steel frame and rigid front and rear forks.

This all-new frame from Btwin has a lowered centre design which makes it easy for the kids to get on and off.

The ergonomically designed handlebar and the brake levers offer comfortable riding and superior ride control.

This dual colour scheme painted cycle has exciting cartoon graphics on the chain cover for the aesthetic appeal.

The full cover chain guard also protects children from the moving parts and keeps their dress clean from the dirt and grease as well.

The comfortable foam saddle on this bike can be adjusted according to the height of the rider, making it easy for kids to ride no matter how tall or short they are.

Suspension and Tires

The Btwin Dark Hero 500 is a single speed kids bike with rigid forks in the front and the rear.

The hollow steel frame and the connecting rods together with the aluminium rim absorb most of the vibrations and allow for a smooth riding experience.

This kids cycle has real tires with inflatable tubes inside, which helps in good riding comfort.

These thicker tires also offer good road grip.

Gears and Brakes

The Dark Hero 500 is a single-speed cycle priced under Rs.5000. It comes with a freewheel mechanism which prevents the pedal from rotating around while going downhill.

Speaking of the brakes, we have the regular wire brake system on this cycle, which Btwin claims is up to 30% better in terms of stoppage performance compared to other kids’ cycle in this price bracket.


The Btwin Dark Hero 500 is a feature-rich kids cycle priced under Rs.5000 with a freewheel drivetrain mechanism.


Robust build quality


Efficient wire brakes


Wide, grippy tube tires


Limited availability


Frame MaterialSteel
BrakeV-brake front and rear
Suited for 4-6 years
That’s it for this article. We hope you liked this list for the eight best cycles in India priced under the budget of Rs.5000.

If you have any suggestions or recommendations. Do let us know in the comment section below.

Thank you and have a nice day ahead!

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