Best Earphones In India (June 2020)

by | Jun 18, 2020

As Bluetooth technology has still not reached the level to replace wires to carry sound signals, the Wired earphones deliver a much better sound output than its wireless counterparts.

In this article, we feature the best-wired earphones in India (albeit with a budget capping of Rs.10,000) which we think offers the best audio experience.

Grab a cup of coffee and read along to have an in-depth understanding of the best eight wired earphones in India.

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Best Earphones In India

1. Shure SE215-CLOverall Best Pick
2. 1MORE E1017Runner-Up Pick
3. Sennheiser CX 300-IIEarphone with Best Tonal Balance
4. SoundMagic E11CBest Value for Money Earphone
5. Philips Pro6305BKHi-Res Audio Certified Earphone
6. One Plus BulletsType C Earphone
7. JBL Endurance RunBest Earphone for Workouts
8. Sony MDR-XB55APBass Heavy Earphone
9. Mi Basic Cheap Wired Earphone
10. JBL C200SIEarphone with Best Noise Cancellation
11. Realme Earbuds 2Best Budget all Rounder Earphone
12. Mi Dual Driver EarphoneBudget Dual Driver Earphone
13. Infinity Zip 100Honourable Mention


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1. Shure SE215 CL

Overall Best Pick
  • Studio-grade sound output
  • Built to last
  • Excellent sound isolation

Shure is a widely acclaimed American audio products manufacturer that is known for high-end earphones and headphones all around the world.

The Shure SE215 CL is a premium wired earphone that gives a bang for buck buying proposition especially if you’re a hardcore music listener.


One thing for sure, the Shure (Oh!) SE215 CL has one of the iconic designs in the earphone world.

The transparent casing in itself is an eyecatcher.

The in-ear style earpieces rest inside the ear canals comfortably offering you one of the best passive noise cancellations in the segment.

The detachable cable from the earphone offers you the option to enhance the functionality further by adding official accessories.

Speakers and Sound Quality

The single dynamic driver inside each of the earpiece delivers the clean sound output with an edge over bass compared to the mid and highs.

The speaker drivers are distinctly tuned to perfection for covering the maximum frequency response spectrum so that the user can listen to a wider range of instrument notes in the music.

This wider frequency range enhances the immersive music listening experience to a whole new level.

Build Quality

This wired earphone will feel well made even from its looks. In hand, the carefully crafted earpieces and even the tiniest nozzle that extrudes the bass vibrations are made with utmost care.

The wires are thick & sturdy and it can withstand a few cases of abuse with no problems.

The detachable cable connector works well so that we won’t even feel it can be separated from the earpiece body.

The 1.6m cable is more than sufficient for the wire to reach the headphone jack from your pants pocket.


Shure is a world-class audio equipment manufacturer. Since they concentrate only on audiophile-grade products, the emphasis on audio quality rather than features is inevitable.

The Shure SE215 CL doesn’t feature an inline microphone or remote for that matter. More the number of obstructions between the 3.5mm jack and the earpiece more will be the signal drop.

However, we feel that the omission of an inline mic for voice calls isn’t much of a deal-breaker when you get to hear the absolute best sound.


If you don’t mind the microphone, the Shure SE215 CL is a stunning piece of audio engineering that will let you hear studio-quality sound from any compatible device you own.


Unique design


Excellent fit and finish


Rewarding music listening experience


No inline microphone


Mic AvailabilityNo
Frequency Range20Hz – 20000Hz
Warranty1 year
Impedance16 Ohms

2. 1MORE E1017

Runner-Up Pick
  • Two dedicated speaker drivers
  • Aluminium alloy construction
  • Treat for bass heads

1MORE is a Shenzhen based earphone manufacturer that has launched some popular models in the Indian market both in the budget as well as the luxury segment.

This dual-driver earphone from 1MORE is one of a kind wired earphones that features a balanced armature and a dynamic driver on each piece, delivering a sound which is rich in bass and treble.

Design and Build quality

The earpiece is made of high-quality aluminium alloy which feels a little bit hefty but aids in secure fit inside the ear canal.

The rounded silicon wire up top is not tangle-free but is very lightweight. From the split end and downwards, the nylon fabric cable adorns the build.

The inline remote has the same metal textured volume rockers and play/pause buttons with the same colour on the earpiece. These buttons are very tactile and responsive.

Dual driver speaker

In simple words, drivers are the components responsible for making sound inside the speakers. So obviously you might have guessed, more the number of drivers, better will be the sound.

This wired earphone comes with an armature and a dynamic driver that produce one of the best sounding music we’ve ever heard in our tests.

For bass fanatics, the richness in the bass is insane and you’d love it for listening to EDMs and hip hops.

With two separate drivers aiding in sound output, each instrument notes in the music are very detailed and can be heard distinctly.

The microphone quality is another outstanding feature that has to be said specifically. The mic in this earphone comes with a noise isolation feature that blocks background noises while attending calls.


If you’re in search of value for money and audiophile-grade wired earphones, the 1MORE dual-driver earphones give you the best in class Hi-Res audio output at almost half the price of its competitors.


Quality sound output


Wide frequency response range


Good build quality


No tangle-free cable


Mic AvailabilityYes
Frequency Range5Hz – 40000Hz
Warranty1 year
Impedance32 Ohms

3. Sennheiser CX 300-II

Sennheiser CX 300-II
Earphone with Best Tonally Balanced sound output
  • Best suited for hip-hop music
  • 2-year brand warranty
  • Excellent noise cancellation

The Sennheiser CX 300-II is the improved version of the original Sennheiser CX 300 with a more natural-sounding bass while the aesthetics remain almost unchanged.

This in-ear earphone provides an overall smoother sound output with perfect tonal balance, making it one of the best sounding earphones in its price category.

Design and Build Quality

The Sennheiser CX 300-II has a traditional earphone design with a rounded driver casing and a metal-clad insert over the same for aesthetic purposes.

The rounded wires of the earphone are of a decent thickness and sufficient length but weirdly has different lengths for each ear. The company advises wearing the longer ear cable around the neck for a proper fit.

The ear tips that come with these earphones are comfortable to wear and is sweat and moisture resistant. It won’t slide away loosely once it becomes wet.

There is no inline remote nor a microphone for voice calls and media controls. This earphone is solely designed for listening to music and nothing else.

The L shaped headphone jack is gold plated to ensure a minimal signal loss for better music output.

Speakers and Sound Quality

The Sennheiser CX 300-II features a dynamic 10mm neodymium driver inside to deliver a bass-driven, stereo sound experience.

This speaker driver has a minimum impedance of 16 ohms and a high sensitivity of about 13 dB/mW, making it possible to deliver high-quality sound output even on low-end budget smartphones.

This driver covers a frequency response range of 19Hz – 21,000 Hz, capable of reproducing even the slightest sound from an instrument used in music composition.

Since this is an in-ear style earphones, the speakers rest inside the ear canal. The rounded design of the driver casing provides a passive noise cancellation effect, attenuating most of the background noises from getting inside the ears.

This excellent noise cancellation effect enhances the immersive music listening experience, no matter where you are.


This earphone comes with three sets of eartips of different sizes for the best fit in our ears.

There is also a carrying pouch that comes with the box, which you can use to keep the earphones safely during trips in your bags or pockets.

Sennheiser provides a 2-year warranty for this earphone applicable anywhere in India.


If you want a no-frills earphone with the sole aim of listening to music, the Sennheiser CX 300-II is a good choice.

Excellent noise cancellation and the high-quality dynamic driver delivers excellent quality sound output, making this earphone a wise choice for a budget under Rs.3,000.


High-quality neodymium driver


Gold plated, angled earphone jack


Comfort-fit design


No inline remote and microphone


Mic AvailabilityNo
Frequency Range19Hz-21000Hz
Warranty2 year
Impedance16 Ohm

4. SoundMagic E11C

Best Value for Money Earphone
  • Lightweight aluminium earpiece chassis
  • High-performance sound driver
  • Feature-rich inline remote

SoundMagic is one of the go-to brands for audiophiles when it comes to earphones. The company has bagged many awards in the industry for the design and sound quality of their products.

The SoundMagic E11c comes as a worthy upgrade to the E10C which was one of the most sought after wired earphones in the market.

Design and Build Quality

The SoundMagic E11C earpiece is made from lightweight aluminium. The fit and finish of the construction look and feel exquisite, thanks to the attention to the finer details.

The copper cable is coated with silver to improve better signal transmission and has a polyurethane sheet coating to ensure durability.

The 120-degree angled jack is gold coated and designed to last.

The earpiece sits inside the ear canal flush. Ths improved seal helps the earphone to block unwanted noise from getting inside, providing a calm, serene music listening experience.

Speakers and Sound Quality

The 10mm neodymium drivers inside the E11C sound the best for the price.

The bass is very defined but feels natural and blends well with the vocals and treble.

The mid notes reproduction is very pleasing. Be it any type of genre you are listening to, the E11C sounds near perfect.

The treble notes add depth to the music and add to the overall tonal balance.

In short, the E11C is indeed the best sounding earphones in the sub.Rs.3000 price category.


The SoundMagic E11C features an aluminium body inline remote with three buttons. The buttons feel very clicky and responsive.

Inside the box, SoundMagic provides a carrying pouch to keep these earphones safe and secure during transit.

The sound quality from the inline mic is very good, without any deal-breaking issues.


The SoundMagic E11C excels in two important departments – build quality and sound output.

The only issue with this earphone is that it gets out of stock often. If you can tackle that and get your hands on one, this is the best.


Silver coated cable


Angle gold plated jack


Carrying pouch


Limited availability


Mic AvailabilityYes
Frequency Range15Hz-22KHz
Warranty1 year
Impedance42 ohms

5. Philips Pro6305BK

Hi-Res Audio Certified Earphone
  • Hi-res audio certified
  • Rich and deep bass
  • Included carrying pouch

Philips products are widely revered as the one with excellent build quality across the Globe.

The Philips Pro earphones don’t break that notion either. The Pro 6305BK from Philips is a hi-res audio certified in-ear earphone priced just under Rs.2,000.

Design and Build Quality

The earpiece casing of this earphone is made from metal. It looks almost similar to an Apple airpod but with a protruding stem for better comfort fit.

The quality of construction is really good. The 1.2m cable is thick enough to withstand minor abuses.

Unfortunately, the cable is not flat nor tangle-free but comes with a small mechanism to keep them neat and organised after use.

The 3.5mm jack is gold plated to minimise signal losses and to resist corrosion.

Overall, the build quality of this in-ear earphone is well worth the asking price.

Speakers and Sound Quality

The Philips Pro houses a 12.2mm neodymium speaker which covers an impressive 7Hz – 40KHz frequency range spectrum.

The lower the spectrum better the bass and higher the spectrum better the treble in short.

The sound output from these speakers is very good, perhaps you will like this sound signature than most other established brands in the market.

The bass never feels too artificial but blends with the vocals and treble notes very well.

There is no distortion in the sound even when the music is played at full volume.


The Philips Pro 6305BK is the only in-ear style earphone in this list with a high-res audio certification.

This means experts have tested this earphone and verified that this device indeed meets the requirements to pass the same.

This earphone works very well with gaming, thanks to the excellent stereo separation that you can hear virtual surround sound in all its glory.

The inline mic sounds great with hands-free voice calls, even in the middle of a busy street, thanks to the passive noise cancellation from the in-ear design.


If you are not obsessed with the brand but needs a better sounding earphone, the Philips Pro 6305BK is your best bet.

With metallic body construction and high res audio certified music playback, things can’t be any better for a budget under Rs.2,000.


Good build quality


Gold plated jack


Lightweight and comfort fit

No tangle-free flat cable


Mic AvailabilityYes
Frequency Range7Hz – 40KHz
Warranty1 year
Impedance16 Ohms

6. One Plus Bullets

Type C Earphone
  • Hi-res audio support
  • Excellent stage separation
  • Tangle-free cable

One Plus bullets are Type-C in-ear style earphones from the popular smartphone brand – One Plus.

Since the 3.5mm headphone jack is fast disappearing from the smartphones, investing in Type-C earphones or a wireless one for that matter has just become far too important than ever before.

Design and Build Quality

One Plus always keeps a standard build quality and audio quality with their smartphones and it is the same with the earphones as well. The One Plus bullets are one of the top-rated earphones in the sub-2000 rupees price range.

The earpiece of this budget in-ear styled earphone is made from lightweight aluminium alloy.

The One Plus bullets feature an aluminium casing with a textured surface which makes these pairs of earbuds more beautiful.

The earpiece is slightly oblique-angled to rest inside the ears naturally. This creates a passive noise cancellation effect for unhindered music listening sessions in the outdoors.

Speakers and Sound Quality

When it comes to the sound quality, the One Plus bullets are nicely balanced with clear highs and detailed mids, and good focus on the bass.

The specially designed dual-layer 10mm driver is capable of delivering some of the best quality audio experience you can get under a budget of Rs.2000.

You get clear vocals with this earphone, sub-bass is handled well and the low-end punch doesn’t get too boomy on these.


The inline microphone on this earphone works pretty well to eliminate background static while having voice calls.


Overall, if you are the one looking for Type-C wired earphones with the best build quality and doesn’t want to compromise on sound quality, One Plus bullets are the perfect choice for you!


Minimal yet elegant design


Three-button inline remote


Robust built quality



Mic AvailabilityYes
Frequency Range20Hz-20KHz
Warranty1 year
Impedance24 Ohms


7. JBL Endurance Run

Best Earphone for Workouts
  • Comfort fit earphones
  • Custom-tuned drivers from JBL
  • 1-year manufacturer’s warranty

JBL Endurance run is yet another bass-oriented budget earphone offering from the company.

These in-ear style earphones come with the signature custom-tuned JBL sound drivers for excellent sound output.

Build Quality and Design

The JBL Endurance run features a metallic earpiece section with a dual-tone matte and gloss finish.

There is a bit of textured ring at the end of the chassis which imparts an elegant feel to the other bland style of this in-ear style earphones.

The 1.2m cable is rounded and isn’t tangle-free. There is a fabric-covered cable from the inline remote to the 3.5mm jack to ensure maximum strength and damage resistance.

The clever design of the earpiece ensures that it remains inside the ear canal even when you are engaged in physical exercises which involves a lot of body movement.

Speakers and Sound Quality

All the JBL earphones and headphones with custom factory tuned drivers to ensure a rewarding music listening experience.

The JBL Endurance comes with an 8.6mm driver which sounds excellent overall.

The bass from this speaker is very pronounced and deep but not as much as that it overpowers the mid and highs.

No, the bass from this earphone isn’t comparable to the likes of boAt basshead series earphones, but we feel the overall sound output quality is clean and precise.


The gold plated 3.5mm headphone jack on this earphone is optimally angled at 45 degrees to ensure comfortable usage while holding the phone in landscape mode.

The sweat-resistant silicone eartips promote active usage while in the gym or jogging outside.

The inline remote and microphone is present and accounted for in this earphone. The remote button is very large compared to others in its segment and is easy to press.

The inline remote has integrated media controls in it and microphone lets you do hands-free voice calls.


The JBL Endurance run is for those who would like to have a tonally balanced sound output but with a relatively deep bass touch to it.

With the fully functional inline remote and microphone integrated into the earphone, this earphone is definitely worth purchasing under Rs.1500.


Sweat and water-resistant eartips


Elegant design


Magnetic earpiece design


No tangle free cable


Mic AvailabilityYes
Frequency Range20Hz – 20KHz
Warranty1 year
Impedance16 Ohm

8. Sony MDR-XB55AP

Best Earphones for Bassheads
  • Excellent bass clarity
  • Flat tangle-resistant cable
  • Secure fitting silicone earbuds

Sony is a highly reputed brand in consumer electronics space for its quality offerings across the spectrum.

Their brand of earphones also follows the same pattern.

The Sony MDR-XB55AP model is a compact earphone that delivers quality sound output.

Housing a 12mm Neodymium driver that can respond between 5Hz-25KHz, the frequency range of Sony MDR-XB55AP is pretty wide.

The driver size is one of the widest in this price range which will deliver better sub-bass sounds.

It has an impedance rating of 16 Ohm and the sensitivity is 106 dB/MW.

Speakers and Sound Quality

The overall sound quality of this earphone is very good.

It has an excellent sound system that provides true sound through the earpiece rather than any boosted output.

The clarity and details of output are also very good with this wired earphone. Even the voice recorded via Inline Mic was impressive.


The Sony MDR-XB55AP houses its dynamic drivers in an aluminium body. The cables have a serrated flat design to resist tangles and snags.

The inline remote control and mic have a single button to take hands-free calls and switch tracks.

There is no button to adjust the volume. We felt the overall build quality is pretty average.


If your concern is a good sounding earphone from a reputed brand, then the Sony MDR-XB55AP is a great choice under Rs. 2000.

The bass levels are satisfying for those who look for that extra punch in the music they listen to. Having an inline microphone makes it more useful than ever before for having voice calls on the go.


Sensitive microphone


Solid build quality


Lightweight and comfortable


No volume control button


Mic AvailabilityYes
Frequency Range5Hz-25KHz
Warranty1 year
Impedance16 Ohm

9. Mi Basic

Cheap Wired Earphone
  • Suited for long listening sessions
  • Durable fit and finish
  • Clean and crisp vocals

Xiaomi doesn’t need any introduction to the Indian market.

With the introduction of best quality affordable smartphones, they have captured the hearts of millions of people in India and here they are, with a new accessory to their wide product catalogue – the Mi Basic earphones.

Design and Build Quality

There was a time when we all considered that the Chinese products had the cheap build quality and that’s why they are priced less.

But Xiaomi has changed that perspective with their products and with these earphones, they are taking it to the next level.

The design of this earphone is minimal at best. But at first glance, we noticed the level of detailing Xiaomi has done in designing this product.

From the unique shaped earpiece to the attractive button on the in-line mic, the Mi Basic earphone has exceeded our expectations.

The silicone eartips are comfortable to wear and don’t easily slip away from the ears.

The mic and the button is of excellent quality and lets you operate the phone handsfree for listening to music and attending voice calls.

The gold-plated angled earphone jack provides minimal resistance to the signal and plays a significant role in clean and clear sound output.

Speaker and Sound Quality

The Mi Basic comes with a 10mm neodymium driver inside that sounds loud and clear with distinct vocal clarity.
The level of bass is OK to say the best and it doesn’t overshadow the mids and highs in genres of music such as EDMs and hip hops.

However, if you’re a die-hard bass head, we advise you to consider other models listed in this article.

The in-line mic works well and delivers HD quality voice calls.

With the combination of neodymium drivers and a wider frequency response range, the details in the music are pronounced and a treat to listen to.

The aluminium alloy sound chamber inside the earpiece amplifies the sound further and enhances the sound output.


Xiaomi has designed this earphone with the consumers in mind.

The high-quality silicone earbuds are soft and very comfortable to wear for longer durations.

Also, they are gentle to the skin and don’t cause any pain or rashes on prolonged use.

The angled main earpiece body is very well designed to fit inside the ear canal without slipping out even during intense movement of your head.


Ye, you should. If you’re looking for a budget earphones that sounds decent and is comfortable for your ears for longer listening sessions, the Mi Basic is an apt choice.

Also, the build quality of this product is impeccable and for the price at which this product is retailing, there are only a few models that can match this.


Minimal design


Excellent build quality


Superior comfort


Bass levels are not that good


Mic AvailabilityYes
Frequency Range20 – 20,000Hz
Warranty1 year
Impedance32 ohms

10. JBL C200SI

Earphone with Best Noise Cancellation
  • JBL signature sound
  • One-button universal remote
  • Excellent noise cancellation characteristics

JBL audio equipment is very popular among the youth in this country.

Their Bluetooth speakers are a major success in the market and the earphone and headphone sales are booming as well.

The JBL C200SI is a budget in-ear style earphones with legendary status among the audiophiles owing to its sound quality and the lightweight and comfortable form factor.

Design and Build Quality

The JBL C200SI features an attractive bulb-shaped earpiece made from high-quality glossy ABS plastic.

The JBL C200SI has soft ear tips that are great for extended usage and longtime music listening experience without hurting the ears.

When we talk about the build quality, the JBL CS200SI gives an above-average build quality for the price but, the cables are not that great.

They can get tangled in your pockets very easily.

The gold-plated earphone jack is well made and gives a better sound reproduction from the playback devices.

JBL provides a 1-year warranty on these earphones as well.

Speakers and Sound Quality

The JBL C200SI features 9mm drivers that deliver the signature JBL sound profile with rich bass and perfectly balanced mids and highs.

The dome-shaped structure that houses the drivers helps in creating an acoustic chamber that enhances the bass from inside.

The frequency response of the JBL C200SI ranges between 20-20,000Hz and the bass on these earphones are well pronounced.

Custom made JBL drivers inside this earphone deliver precise, powerful sound for an exceptional listening experience.

The snug fit inside the ears makes for excellent passive noise cancellation as well.

In-line Remote and Microphone

This earphone comes with a 1.2 m long cable which features an in-line microphone and remote control for music playbacks.

Microphone quality is good for the price as well and the single button on the inline remote is multi-functional.


If you love the brand JBL and its products, you might not want to miss this one.

The excellent deep bass coupled with clean and crisp vocals makes this earphone, one of the best in its business under the budget of Rs.1000.


One-touch access to Google assistant/Siri


Premium fit and finish


Lightweight and comfortable


Cables are not anti-tangle


Mic AvailabilityYes
Frequency Range20 – 20,000Hz
Warranty1 year
Impedance20 Ohms

11. Realme Buds 2

Best budget allrounder erphone
  • Magnetic earpiece housing
  • Ergonomic fitting
  • Six months warranty;

Realme buds are Realme’s answer to the Xiaomi’s Mi basic in-ear style earphones.
Priced just under Rs.600, the Realme Buds 2 offers excellent value for money proposition with this well-built earphones.

Design and Build Quality

The fit and finish of this budget earphones are excellent with great attention given to even the minutest of the details.

The braided cable offers durability to these earphones and keeps it from tangling to an extent.

The metallic earpiece housing is magnetic and sticks to each other without any issue.

The 3.5mm headphone jack is straight and comes without a gold coating.

Speakers and Sound Quality

The Realme buds 2 features a single 10mm driver covering a decent 20-20000Hz frequency spectrum to output the best possible sound in your ears.

Although the bass levels might not be up to the liking of bass fanatics, the overall sound signature is pretty decent for its price.

In-line remote and Microphone

The Realme Buds 2 earphones come with inline remote features three different buttons and a microphone.

The voice call clarity from the microphone is good without any distortion. The three-button aides in volume control and accepting/rejecting voice calls.

The buttons are a bit hard at the beginning but with a few keypresses returns to normalcy.


The Realme buds 2 offers a reasonably good quality sound output at an aggressive price point.

The magnetic earpiece and the braided cable add to the value of the wired earphone.


Braided cable


Elegant design


Pleasing sound output


Bass is limited


Mic AvailabilityYes
Frequency Range20 – 20,000Hz
Warranty1 year
Impedance32 ohms

12. Mi Dual Driver Earphones

Mi dual driver earphone
Budget Dual-Driver Earphone
  • Dual dynamic drivers 
  • Tangle-free braided cable
  • Magnetic earpiece

Xiaomi is one of the prominent smartphone manufacturers in India with a majority share in their pocket.

Xiaomi has shown their prowess in smartphone accessories like power banks as well. Their budget earphones are also popular among the masses.

Design and Build Quality

The Mi dual-driver earphones are exceptionally well built. The machine cut precision is evident from the first look itself.

The design language is very much minimal at the same time appealing to the eyes.

The specialized twin driver earpiece case design has a metallic chamber inside which the speaker drivers are placed.

This makes the sound to reverberate inside and creates an amplified effect on its own.

Sound Quality

The sound quality is very much pleasant to the ears. The bass is pronounced and the treble matches with the rest of the audio spectrum quite beautifully.

Since this is a dual driver earphone, there are separate drivers for bass notes followed by a normal vocal and treble driver.

What this does is output the purest bass in conjunction with excellent clarity vocals which improves the overall listening quality fivefold.

The only downside we could find with this earphone is that there are no ear markings anywhere to be seen.


The 90-degree L shaped connector is gold plated and offers the least resistance to the signals.

The inline mic and remote are one of the most comprehensive we have seen in this category.

There is an answer/end call and two separate volume rockers which is very much desirable for any earphone out there.

The kevlar coated and braided cable feels strong, sturdy and induces an indestructible feel. Do note that if you abuse the wire so hard, it will eventually break.


If you want a well-built earphone with great sound quality the Mi earphones are one of the best in the business.

These earphones sound great for its asking price and the excellent build quality ensures that the product is durable for long term use.


Robust build quality


Gold plated headphone jack


Passive noise cancellation


No easily visible L/R ear markings


Mic AvailabilityYes
Frequency Range20 – 40,000Hz
Warranty1 year
Impedance32 ohms

13. Infinity Zip 100

Honourable Mention
  • Bass-heavy sound output
  • Integrated mic for hands-free voice calls
  • Tangle-free flat cable

Infinity is a sub-brand of Harman, a popular American company which is famed for its audio and visual products.

The Infinity Zip 100 is a budget-oriented in-ear style earphone with an added emphasis on bass, priced under Rs.500.

Design and Build Quality

First things first, the build quality of this in-ear style earphone isn’t impressive. The earpiece casing is made from plastic, which is lightweight but feels cheap inside the ears.

The 1.2m wire is flat and tangle-free but feels fragile. The silicone ear tips are comfortable and fit inside the ear canal perfectly.

The 3.5mm jack is gold plated to ensure excellent signal transmission without any losses.

Overall, the build quality on this product is borderline decent, to say the least.

Speakers and Sound Quality

This is where the Infinity Zip 100 shines. The sound profile of this earphone is excellent with punchy bass and clean vocals.

The high-end notes perfectly complement the mid and low-end tones, delivering you one of the best sound output in the sub. Rs.500 price point.

The 9mm drivers inside output deep bass, which is best suited for listening to EDMs and rock music.

If you like that extra punch of bass in your music, this is it.


The Infinity Zip 100 features a one-button inline remote with integrated microphone for hands-free voice calls.

This earphone supports Google assistant integration, activated on a triple press.

The angled connector avoids the stress on the headphone jack when you are listening to music with the smartphone stuffed inside your pocket.


The Infinity Zip 100 is an affordable in-ear style earphone delivering bass-heavy sound output.

If you’re ok with the average build quality, this earphone won’t disappoint you in terms of its sound output.

Comfort fit inside the ear

One year warranty


Voice assistant integration


Average build quality


Mic AvailabilityYes
Frequency Range20 – 20,000Hz
Warranty1 year
Impedance16 ohms

That concludes this article about the best-wired Earphone in India.

We know that these products we listed might not have your favourite pick in it but fret not.

Please refer to our article lists for the best earphones under each and every budget to hunt for the best.

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