Best Earphones In India (April 2019)

by | Apr 8, 2019

As Bluetooth technology has still not reached the level to replace wires to carry sound signals, the Wired earphones deliver a much better sound output than its wireless counterparts.

In this article, we feature the best seven wired earphones in India (albeit with a budget capping of Rs.10,000) which we think offers the best audio experience.

Grab a cup of coffee and read along to have an in-depth understanding of the best five wired earphones in India.

Best Earphones india

1. Bose SoundSportOverall Best Pick
2. Shure SE215-KRunner-Up Pick
3. FiiO F9 ProTriple Driver Earphone
4. 1MORE Triple Driver EarphoneBest Value for Money Earphone
5. FiiO FH1Dual Driver Earphone
6. RHA S500 UniversalCheap and Good Earphone
7. Audio-Technica ATH-CKS550iS BKHonorable Mention

1. Bose SoundSport

Overall Best Pick
  • Best sound separation
  • Excellent Brand value
  • Loud sound output

Whenever a Bose product comes on our list, we’re 80% sure that it will hit the top spot.

The SoundSport lineup was discussed earlier in our best wireless Bluetooth speakers article and it was our best pick there.

The SoundSport wired earphone faced tough competition from the runner-up Shure SE215-K but clinched on to the best pick title with its complete feature set.

Typical no-frills Bose design

As you might have expected, the price of Rs.10,000 does offer premium build quality. The Bose SoundSport is made of high-quality plastic material.

This wired earphone is available in a bunch of attractive colours that in terms of pure aesthetics sense is a welcome addition from a premium audio manufacturer.

The Silicone ear-tips that provide structural support to the earpieces are really soft and felt comfortable.

The only gripe we had in the build and design aspect is the flexible connecting wire inputs. It is way too flexible that seeing them flexing made us tensed about its longevity.

But hey it’s Bose, and they don’t easily give up on build quality.

So, relax.

In-Ear or Over the ear??

Even though in the first look, you might mistake the Bose SoundSport for an in-ear style earphone but it isn’t. The clever design made the earpiece to rest just outside the ear canal.

This will give you an immersive music listening experience along with the awareness of the surroundings.

Sound quality at its best

Bose has carried out extensive R&D measures to find that sweet spot between perfect bass and treble balance.

And after a few hours of listening, we have to say that this wired earphone sounds incredible.

The bass levels are such that it’s not too overpowering the mids and highs but not low as well. You can enjoy every genre of music with these earphones in its full glory.

Loudness levels are more than adequate for movies and music.

With 60-70% volume, the sound felt more than sufficient for our liking.

No iOS devices, please

We don’t know why exactly, but these earphones are compatible only with Android devices.

If you’re an Apple customer skip this section and head over to our runner-pick.

Say yes to voice calls

The Bose SoundSport does come with an inline microphone with a hands-free voice calling feature.

The buttons are really tactile and let you switch to attend calls during music listening on a single click.

The quality of the mic is awesome as well as it picks up your voice no matter what the ambient surroundings you are standing in.

End credits..err words

An incredible sounding lightweight earphone that delivers on multiple fronts such as build quality, voice call clarity and tonal balance is what the Bose SoundSport offer you for Rs.10,000.

Build quality
Balanced sound quality
Sweat resistant
Not compatible with iOS devices


Mic AvailabilityYes
Frequency Range20Hz – 20000Hz
Warranty1 year
Impedance16 Ohms

2. Shure SE215-K

Runner-Up Pick
  • Audiophile grade music output
  • Unique transparent design
  • Option to upgrade functionality

Shure is a widely acclaimed American audio products manufacturer that is known for high-end earphones and headphones all around the world.

The Shure SE215-K is a premium wired earphone that gives a bang for buck buying proposition especially if you’re a hardcore music listener.


One thing for sure, the Shure (Oh!) SE215-K has one of the iconic designs in the earphone world. The transparent casing in itself is an eye-catcher.

The in-ear style earpieces rest inside the ear canals comfortably offering you one of the best passive noise cancellation in the segment.

The detachable cable from the earphone offers you the option to enhance the functionality further by adding official accessories.

Sound – Magic

The single dynamic driver inside each of the earpiece delivers clean sound output with an edge over bass compared to the mids and highs.

The speaker drivers are distinctly tuned to perfection for covering the maximum frequency response spectrum so that the user can listen to a wider range of instrument notes in the music.

This wider frequency range enhances the immersive music listening experience to a whole new level.

Build quality in 1 word – TOP NOTCH!

This wired earphone will feel really well made even from its looks.

In hand, the carefully crafted earpieces and even the tiniest nozzle that extrudes the bass vibrations are made with utmost care.

The wires are thick & sturdy and it can withstand few cases of abuse with no problems.

The detachable cable connector works really well so that we won’t even feel it can be separated from the earpiece body.

The 1.6m cable is more than sufficient for the wire to reach the headphone jack from your pant pocket.

The negatives?

Shure is a world-class audio equipment manufacturer.

Since they concentrate only on audiophile grade products, the emphasis on audio quality rather than features is inevitable.

The Shure SE215-K doesn’t feature an inline microphone or remote for that matter. More the number of obstructions between the 3.5mm jack and the earpiece more will be the signal drop.

However, we feel that the omission of an inline mic for voice calls isn’t much of a deal breaker when you get to hear the absolute best sound.

The final verdict

If you don’t mind the microphone, the Shure SE215-K is a stunning piece of audio engineering that will let you hear studio quality sound from any compatible device you own.

Best build quality
Transparent earpiece
Brilliant sound output
No inline mic


Mic AvailabilityNo
Frequency Range20Hz – 20000Hz
Warranty1 year
Impedance16 Ohms

3. FiiO F9 Pro

Triple Driver Earphone
  • Hi-res audio certified
  • Solid build quality
  • Elegant design

FiiO F9 Pro is a triple driver wired earphone that delivers deep bass and treble of unmatched quality under a budget of Rs.10,000.

Triple drivers mean that the bass, treble and the mid vocals, each get separate drivers for sound output, creating high resolution audio which will satiate any audiophiles soul out there.

Design and build quality

The FiiO F9 Pro earpiece shell is made of aluminium that is machined to perfection.

The design itself is very unique and gives it a robust and masculine look.

The ripple design on the shell serves not only the aesthetic purpose but also reinforces the chassis for better strength and durability.

This wired earphone has an over the ear design that is very comfortable for a user during his long duration of usage.

There won’t be any considerable fatigue and distraction as the earpiece comfortably rests on top of the ear canal and not inside it.

Speakers and sound quality

The FiiO F9 Pro has three individual speaker drivers inside for better spatial separation.

Bass, mid and treble is processed by each driver and this gives you a precise studio quality music listening experience.

The bass levels are very deep and truly remarkable.

This earphone covers a frequency response range between 15 Hz and 4000 Hz which indicates that you’ll be able to hear the last bit of details in the music.


The FiiO F9 Pro comes with a standard MMCX connector by which you can detach the 3.5mm cable and replace it with a 2.5mm one if you like.

This makes this wired earphone more versatile to be used with a multitude of gadgets such as laptops and even TVs.

The F9 Pro comes with an amble 12 pair interchangeable earbuds and a waterproof carrying case for safety.


The F9 Pro from FiiO is one of the few triple driver earphones in the market priced under Rs.10,000.

If you would love to have a full-blown immersive music listening experience, the FiiO F9 Pro would be a smart choice.

Triple driver setup
Aluminium build
Interchangeable cable
High impedance


Mic AvailabilityYes
Frequency Range15Hz – 40000Hz
Warranty1 year
Impedance16 Ohms

4. 1MORE Triple Driver Earphone

Honorable Mention
  • Triple drivers
  • Aluminium alloy construction
  • Treat for bass heads

1MORE is a Shenzhen based earphone manufacturer that has launched some popular models in the Indian market both in the budget as well as the luxury segment.

This Triple Driver Earphone from 1MORE is a one of a kind wired earphone that features two balancing armatures and a dynamic driver on each piece, delivering a sound which is rich in bass and treble.

Design and build quality

The packaging of this wired earphone from 1MORE is very premium. It comes in a book like a box with a magnetic lock. The pages inside describe the method of manufacturing with detailed hand drawings of the earphone itself.

The earpiece is made of high-quality aluminium alloy which feels a little bit hefty but aids in secure fit inside the ear canal.

The rounded silicon wire up top is not tangle-free but is very lightweight. From the split end and downwards, the nylon fabric cable adorns the build.

The inline remote has the same metal textured volume rockers and play/pause buttons with the same colour on the earpiece. These buttons are very tactile and responsive.

Speakers and sound quality

In simple words, drivers are the components responsible for making sound inside the speakers. So obviously you might have guessed, more the number of drivers, better will be the sound.

This wired earphone comes with two armatures and a dynamic driver that produce one of the best sounding music we’ve ever heard in our tests.

For bass fanatics, the richness in the bass is insane and you’d love it for listening to EDMs and hip hops.

With three separate drivers aiding in sound production, each instrument notes in the music are very detailed and can be heard distinctly.

The microphone quality is another outstanding feature that has to be said specifically. The mic in this earphone comes with noise isolation feature that blocks background noises while attending calls.


Inside the package, you get an aeroplane adapter cable. If you’re to take this earphone while travelling abroad, you can use this adapter to plug the earphone to the inflight entertainment system directly.

The box package also contains 8 pairs of eartips of different sizes. They come in both soft silicon as well has hard silicon variants.


If you’re in search of value for money and audiophile-grade wired earphone, the 1MORE triple driver earphone gives you the best in class Hi-Res audio output at almost half the price of its competitors.


Quality sound output


Wide frequency response range


Good build quality


No tangle-free cable


Mic AvailabilityYes
Frequency Range20Hz – 40000Hz
Warranty1 year
Impedance16 Ohms

5. FiiO FH1

Dual Driver Earphone
  • High-quality drivers
  • Wide frequency response range
  • Noise isolating microphone

FiiO is a Chinese audio equipment company that manufactures high-end DACs, amplifiers and earphones. The FiiO FH1 is a relatively new wired earphone model that features a dual driver setup for hi-res audio output.

Design and Build Quality

We had the green colour variant to test out and we must admit – it has an eye catchy design. The attractive glossy paint job is sure to turn certain heads in public.

The main distinctive feature of this wired earphone from the rest is that the earpiece nozzle is made of high-quality brass rather than aluminium.

This reduces the unwanted vibrations and reflections of sound leading to a much cleaner sound output at the user’s end.

The rounded cables have MMCX connections at the end which can be detached from the earpiece and swapped easily.

Although the exterior earpiece is made of plastic, it has been nano-coated to resist scratches.

Speakers and Sound Quality

We had already discussed an earphone above that featured three drivers inside. The FiiO FH1 consists of two – a balancing armature and a dynamic driver that produces one of the perfectly balanced highs and lows in the market.

The frequency response range of this wired earphone lies between 20Hz – 40000 Hz, which will cover almost all the possible notes that instruments make in a music file.

This earphone comes with Hi-Res audio certification which is proof that it can be used to listen to the music the artist intended to sound like, just like what you hear in the studio.

Miscellaneous Info

The armature inside this earphone is the popular Knowles 33518 which delivers rich but subtle musical notes with details.

The 10mm neodymium dynamic drivers push the bass in such a way that it doesn’t bleed into the mids and highs, keeping the clarity of vocals and accompanying treble intact.

The FiiO FH1 also comes with an inline mic and remote. The hands-free calls sounded great with minimal or almost no external signal distortions.

If you’re the one who receives a lot of voice calls and would like to attend via the earphone, this product delivers a convincing experience in terms of voice call quality.


The FiiO FH1 is an affordable wired earphone that delivers music the way the artist intended it to sound like.

In our extensive testing, we found that this product sounds better than any of the dual driver wired earphones priced under Rs.6,000.


Build quality


Dual driver sound output


Hi-Res audio certification


Volume rockers won’t work on iPhone


Mic AvailabilityYes
Frequency Range20Hz – 40000Hz
Warranty1 year
Impedance26 Ohms

6. RHA S500 Universal

 Cheap and Good Earphone
  • Excellent build quality
  • Superior audio clarity
  • 3-year manufacturer warranty

RHA is a UK based professional audio equipment manufacturer who is widely acclaimed for its audiophile quality earphones and headphones within an affordable budget.

The RHA S500 Universal is one such entry-level RHA product that can be used with both iOS and Android devices as well as any device with a compatible 3.5mm jack.

Design and Build Quality

When it comes to building quality and craftsmanship, the RHA products are on par with most of their competitors in the same price category.

The RHA S500 Universal has a minimalistic design accentuated by the aluminium driver housing with a tapered edge that screams premium quality at first sight itself.

The rounded dual material cable is 1.35m long, making it easy to carry it in your pocket without any stress to the joints. There is additional structural support at the joints, making this earphone capable of withstanding mild abuses.

The high quality 3.5mm jack is surrounded by metallic inserts with a textured pattern for easy grip. This gold plated jack also helps in the signal to flow uninterrupted to your smartphone.

Speakers and Sound Quality

The RHA S500 features a custom made 14mm dynamic drivers that deliver excellent audio that will satiate a true audiophile’s quest for studio quality sound output at such an affordable price tag.

The aluminium casing in which the driver has placed acts as an acoustic chamber and enhances the low notes and lets out a pleasant bass which gracefully assists the clean vocals and high pitched music notes.

Having a sensitivity of 100dB equates to the perfect combination of loudness and distortion free sound, making this earphone meet the best of both worlds.

In-line Remote and Voice Quality

The inline remote on this wired earphone is placed strategically near to the earpiece so that it’s close to your mouth rather than dangling down at your hip level.

This enhances the voice pickup abilities and perfectly catches your sound, no matter where you are standing. The remote has a single button that can either accept/reject the calls or play/pause the current track.


The RHA S500 is the perfect headphone that you can currently purchase for under Rs.3,000.

The perfect combination of bass and treble makes for a delightful music listening experience with this earphone.


Universal compatibility


Metallic driver casing


Dual layered strong cable


No passive noise cancellation


Mic AvailabilityYes
Frequency Range16Hz – 22000Hz
Warranty3 year
Impedance16 Ohms


7. Audio-Technica ATH-CKS550iS BK

Honorable Mention
  • Deep and rich bass response
  • Excellent Noise cancellation
  • Dual field magnetic drivers

Audio-Technica is a Japanese audio equipment manufacturer popular for its studio quality headphones and in-ear monitors.

The ATH-CKS550iS BK wired earphones from Audio-Technica is one of entry-level premium quality earphone with exceptional quality sound output at a reasonable price.

Design and Build Quality

This in-ear style wired earphone is made from a combination of metal and high-quality plastic to ensure durability and that the earphone remains lightweight.

The slightly angled earpiece design lets the speakers to enter the ear canal easily and offers a tight fit.

The soft silicone earbuds are extremely comfortable and won’t cause any skin irritation whatsoever.

The straight 3.5mm headphone jack comes with flexible reinforcements to make sure the cables won’t get damaged easily.

Speakers and Sound Quality

The Audio-Technica ATH-CKS550iS BK comes equipped with a 9.8mm speaker driver, one of the biggest in its segment.

The sound quality from this earphones is probably the best among other wired earphones in the same price category.

It covers a wide frequency response range of 5 – 24000 Hz, delivering deep bass and crisp highs without compromising on the vocal clarity.

The company has integrated bass stabilizers to minimize reverberation effects, resulting in a much cleaner audio output.


The inline remote comes with s single button for media controls and accepting/rejecting the voice calls.

The button feels very tactile and responsive. The microphone on this earphones works decently well to provide a pleasant hands-free voice calling experience.

The company also provides a carrying pouch to keep the earphones safe while in transit.


The Audio-Technica ATH-CKS550iS BK is an absolute steal for a budget around Rs.5000.

The excellent sound output complemented by its exceptional build quality makes this wired earphone a very desirable choice for serious audiophiles.


Build quality


Carrying pouch


Comfort fit


High Impedance


Mic AvailabilityYes
Frequency Range5Hz – 24000Hz
Warranty1 year
Impedance40 Ohms


That concludes this article about the best wired earphone in India.

We know that these five products we listed might not have your favorite pick in it, but fret not.

Please refer to our article lists for the best earphones under each and every budget to hunt for the best.

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