Best Earphones Under Rs.2,000 (Wired)(October 2021)

Whether you’re an audiophile, music lover or a regular joe, good earphones are a must these days. The enjoyment, entertainment and comfort they offer while listening to your favourite tracks are immense.

If you’re looking for good quality in-ear headphones that are best sounding as well as well-built, your go-to budget is Rs. 2000. Here is the curated list of the seven best wired earphones under Rs.2000 available in the Indian market.

Best Earphones Under Rs.2,000 (Wired)

1. Philips Pro6305BKOverall Best Pick
2. Sony MDR EX255APRunner-up Pick
3. OnePlus BulletsBest Type-C Earphone
4. JBL T290No-frills wired Earphone
5. KZ ZSN ProIn-ear Monitor Earphone
6. Pioneer SE CH 3THi-res Audio Certified Earphone
7. JBL Reflect MiniBest Sports Earphone

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1. Philips Pro6305BK

Philips Pro6305BK
Overall Best Pick
  • Excellent sound stage separation
  • Built-in mic for voice calls
  • Hi-res audio certified device


Passive noise cancellation

Metallic earpiece housing

Ergonomic in-ear fit


No tangle-free flat cable

Philips products are widely revered as the ones with excellent build quality across the Globe. 

The Philips Pro earphones don’t break that notion either. The Pro 6305BK from Philips is a hi-res audio certified in-ear earphone priced just under Rs.2,000.

Build Quality

The earpiece casing of this earphone is made from metal. It looks almost similar to an Apple airpod but with a protruding stem for better comfort fit.

The quality of construction is really good. The 1.2m cable is thick enough to withstand minor abuses.

Unfortunately, the cable is not flat nor tangle-free but comes with a small mechanism to keep them neat and organised after use.

The 3.5mm jack is gold plated to minimise signal losses and to resist corrosion.

Overall, the build quality of this in-ear earphone is well worth the asking price.

Sound Quality

The Philips Pro houses a 12.2mm neodymium speaker which covers an impressive 7Hz – 40KHz frequency range spectrum. The lower the spectrum the better the bass and the higher the spectrum the better the treble in short.

The sound output from these speakers is very good, perhaps you will like this sound signature more than most other established brands in the market.

The bass never feels too artificial but blends with the vocals and treble notes very well. There is no distortion in the sound even when the music is played at full volume.


The Philips Pro 6305BK is the only in-ear style earphone in this list with a high-res audio certification.

This means experts have tested this earphone and verified that this device indeed meets the requirements to pass the same.

This earphone works very well with gaming, thanks to the excellent stereo separation that you can hear virtual surround sound in all its glory.

The inline mic sounds great with hands-free voice calls, even in the middle of a busy street, thanks to the passive noise cancellation from the in-ear design.


If you are not obsessed with the brand but requires a better sounding earphone, the Philips Pro 6305BK is your best bet.

With metallic body construction and high res audio certified music playback, things can’t be any better for a budget under Rs.2,000.


Microphone AvailabilityYes
Driver Size12.2mm
Frequency Range7Hz – 40KHz
Impedance16 Ohm

2. Sony MDR EX255AP

Sony MDR EX255AP
Runner-up Pick
  • Excellent sound clarity
  • Serrated strong cable
  • Clean and deep bass output


Comfort in-ear fit

Good Mic for voice call

Wide frequency range


No volume control button

Sony is a highly reputed brand in the consumer electronics space for its quality offerings across the spectrum.

Their brand of earphones also follows the same pattern.

Build Quality

The Sony MDR-EX225AP model is a compact earphone that delivers quality sound output.

Housing a 12mm neodymium driver that can respond between 5Hz-25KHz, the frequency range of Sony MDR-EX225AP is pretty wide.

The driver size is one of the largest in this price range which will deliver better sub-bass sounds.

Sound Quality

The overall sound quality of this earphone is very good. It has an excellent sound signature with a natural bass.

Even at maximum volume levels, there is minimal distortion in the music playback. If you’re a fan of EDMs, you’ll feel right at home with this earphone. 

The clarity and details of output are also very good with this wired earphone. Even the quality voice recorded via inline mic was impressive.


The Sony MDR-EX225AP houses its dynamic drivers in a plastic body. The cables have a serrated design to resist tangles and snags.

The inline remote control and mic have a single button to take hands-free calls and switch tracks but there is no button to adjust the volume. 


If your concern is a good sounding earphone from a reputed brand, then the Sony MDR-EX225AP is a great choice for Rs.2,000.

The bass levels are satisfying for those who look for that extra punch in the music they listen to. Having an inline microphone makes it more useful than ever before for having voice calls on the go.


Microphone AvailabilityYes
Driver Size12 mm
Frequency Range5Hz-25KHz
Impedance16 Ohm

3. OnePlus Bullets

One Plus Bullets
Best Type-C Earphone
  • Supports 24bit audio playback
  • Decent quality inline mic
  • Clean audio output


Durable build quality

Internal DAC 

Lightweight and comfortable design


Not suited with 3.5mm jack

One Plus bullets are Type-C in-ear style earphones from the popular smartphone brand – One Plus.

Since the 3.5mm headphone jack is fast disappearing from smartphones, investing in Type-C earphones or a wireless one for that matter has just become far too important than ever before.

Build Quality

One Plus always keeps a standard build quality and audio quality with their smartphones and it is the same with the earphones as well. The One Plus bullets are one of the top-rated earphones in the sub-2000 rupees price range.

The earpiece of this budget in-ear styled earphone is made from lightweight aluminium alloy.

The One Plus bullets feature an aluminium casing with a textured surface which makes these pairs of earbuds more beautiful.

The earpiece is slightly oblique-angled to rest inside the ears naturally. This creates a passive noise cancellation effect for unhindered music listening sessions in the outdoors.

Sound Quality

When it comes to the sound quality, the One Plus bullets are nicely balanced with clear highs and detailed mids, and a good focus on the bass.

The specially designed dual-layer 10mm driver is capable of delivering some of the best quality audio experience you can get under a budget of Rs.2000.

You get clear vocals with this earphone, the bass is handled well and the low-end punch doesn’t get too boomy on these. The treble notes and the vocals sound distinct and the overall sound quality feels well balanced.


The inline microphone on this earphone works pretty well to eliminate background static while having voice calls.


Overall, if you are the one looking for Type-C wired earphones with the best build quality and doesn’t want to compromise on sound quality, One Plus bullets are the perfect choice for you!


Microphone AvailabilityYes
Driver Size10 mm
Frequency Range20Hz-20KHz
Impedance24 Ohms

4. JBL T290

JBL T290
No-frills wired Earphone
  • Voice assistant support
  • Bass rich sound output
  • One year warranty


Tangle-free cable

Lightweight and comfortable fit

Angled, gold plated jack


No volume control buttons

The JBL T290 comes as an upgrade to the popular JBL T210 earphones. This earphone priced just under Rs.1,600 offers the bass-heavy sound output quality that we are familiar with the JBL earphones.

Build Quality

In terms of build quality, the JBL T290 is a definite upgrade over the T210. This earphone features lightweight aluminium earpiece casing and tangle-free flat style cable.

The chamfered edges of the earpiece housing scream quality and provide this in-ear styled wired earphone a unique look.

The 3.5mm connector is gold plated to ensure minimal signal loss and to resist corrosion. 

This is a slightly angled connector for a better fit into the 3.5mm jack, which the phone is inside your pocket.

Overall, the fit and finish of the JBL T290 feel very much worth its asking price.

Sound Quality

The JBL T290 features an 8.7mm speaker driver, custom-tuned by JBL for the signature bass-rich sound output.

The bass comes out clean and crisp, and the vocals, as well as the higher notes, remain audible as well.

There is no noticeable sound distortion even when the music playback is at maximum volume levels.

For both bass lovers and pure music enthusiasts, the JBL T290 will deliver a satisfactory experience for sure.

Inline Remote and Microphone

The JBL T290 features a normal one-button inline remote control with an integrated microphone for voice calls.

The quality of voice calls is fairly decent indoors, but the mic will pick up certain background noises if you are outdoors.


For a budget under Rs.1,600, the JBL T290 is an all-metal wired in-ear earphone with bass-rich sound signature and decent inline microphone quality.


Microphone AvailabilityYes
Driver Size8.7 mm
Frequency Range20Hz – 20KHz
Impedance16 ohms

5. KZ ZSN Pro

In-ear Monitor Earphone
  • Dual driver earphone
  • Well balanced sound output
  • Robust build quality


Excellent passive noise cancellation

Detachable braided cable

Inbuilt microphone for voice calls


Average quality silicone tips

KZ Audio is a Chinese earphone manufacturer known for its premium in-ear type earphones.

The ZSN Pro from KZ Audio is an affordable twin driver earphone that is available for purchase in the Indian market for just Rs.1,899.

Build Quality

The ZSN Pro earphone is carefully crafted using the finest quality materials and the fit and finish can be termed as exquisite.

The ergonomically designed unique earpiece design ensures excellent in-ear fit and also provides good passive noise cancellation. 

The outer casing of the earpiece is constructed from zinc alloy and the rest of it from resin to keep the weight down to the minimum. 

The twin pair twisted braided cable is tangle-free and solid enough to withstand minor abuses without any fail. 

This premium earphone has a detachable cable design that can be upgraded in the future if required.

Sound Quality 

The KZ ZSN Pro comes with a 10mm dynamic driver along with a balanced armature that delivers crystal clear vocals, rich deep bass and tingling highs. 

The sound stage separation from this wired earphone can be termed as the best in its class. 

Combined with the noise-cancelling design, the ZSN Pro provides a soothing, well-balanced sound output, ideal for listening to music belonging to different genres. 

Even when the music is played at maximum volume levels, there is no noticeable sound distortion whatsoever. 


As we earlier mentioned, the KZ ZSN Pro features an inline microphone for hands-free voice calls. 

The quality of voice calls is decent. Both the listener and the speaker can listen to each other without too much background noise from creeping up. 


The KZ Audio KZN Pro is a futuristic-looking in-ear earphone that delivers a well-balanced sound output with punchy bass and crisp vocals. 

If you don’t mind the unconventional design, the KZ Audio KZN Pro is well worth the asking price of just Rs.1,899.


Microphone AvailabilityYes
Driver Size10mm
Frequency Range7Hz – 40000Hz
Impedance24 ohm

6. Pioneer SE CH3T

Pioneer SE CH 3T
Hi-res Audio Certified Earphone
  • Bass rich sound output
  • Decent stage separation
  • Zero sound distortion


Robust build quality

Comfort-fit design

Soft silicone eartips


Limited availability

Pioneer is a Japanese manufacturer well known around the Globe for its digital entertainment products from car to home audio systems.

The pioneer SE CH3T is a no-nonsense hi-res audio certified wired in-ear style earphone costing just under Rs.2,000 in the Indian market.

Build Quality

This entry-level laptop from Pioneer is primarily made of plastic materials the quality of which is very acceptable for the price.

Available in a variety of trendy colour options, the Pioneer SE CH3T has a comfort fit design with the earpiece stem angled inwards for better sound sealing.

The connecting wire is 1.2m long and has sufficient thickness to withstand rough use. However, this cable is not flat and tangle-free.

The 3.5mm headphone jack is right-angled for easier insertion and is gold plated to prevent corrosion and signal loss.

Sound Quality

The Pioneer SE CH3T has a 5.5mm speaker driver inside which delivers a decent bass-rich sound output with clean vocals and crisp high-end treble notes for the price.

This sound driver covers an impressive frequency response spectrum of 8 – 40000 Hz, which makes the bass notes sound exceptionally well.

This wired earphone can get sufficiently loud without any noticeable distortions but we won’t recommend you blasting music at full volume into the ears as it might cause severe ear fatigue and perhaps damage over time.

The snug comfortable fit inside the ears helps in decent passive noise cancellation, enhancing the immersive music listening experience further.

Inline Remote and Microphone

The inline remote of this wired earphone has an integrated mic for hands-free voice calls.

We can’t say this is the best microphone in this price range, but it performs reasonably well, both indoors and outdoors.


The Pioneer SE CH3T is a well built hi-res audio certified wired earphone with a bass-heavy sound signature for an affordable budget under Rs.1,600 in the Indian market.


Microphone AvailabilityYes
Driver Size5.5mm
Frequency Range8 – 40000Hz
Impedance16 Ohms

7. JBL Reflect Mini

JBL Reflect mini
Best Sports Earphone
  • Lightweight design
  • Soothing bass output
  • Light reflective cable


Decent quality microphone

Ear clips offer a secure fit

Elegant and stylish design


No tangle resistant cable

JBL Reflect Mini is advertised as the lightest in-ear style wired sports earphones by the company.

The Reflect Mini is, in fact, lightweight and in our tests proved to be a trusty companion in our active lifestyle exercise schedules without compromising either on build quality or audio performance.

Build Quality

The JBL Reflect mini has a smaller size footprint when compared to other in-ear sports earphones available in the market.

Made of high-quality plastic and polycarbonate material, the small-sized earpiece feels solid and durable in hand, ughh! I mean, in-ear.

The cable used with this earphone is long and has decent thickness. This cable can handle minor abuses without denting the functionality of the earphones.

The wires are coated with light reflecting paint so that even if you are on the road or mountain trails jogging or cycling, others can spot you easily with the light reflecting off from these.

The slightly angled gold-plated headphone jack makes it easily pocketable. The jack sits in position without loosening over movements and doesn’t hinder your music listening lessons, no matter where you are.

The over the ear clips hold the earpiece in place and provides additional support for the earpiece to stay in place while indulging in adventure activities or doing exercises at the gym.

Sound Quality

To preserve the lightweight form factor, JBL compromised on including a smaller driver of 5.8mm inside the earpiece.

However, even with these smaller driver speakers, the quality of sound output is not compromised.

This in-ear style sports earphone offers excellent bass and clean vocals. The level of treble coming out of this device is perfectly in tune with the mids and lows, resulting in a tonally rich music listening experience.

The earphones are sufficiently loud at 80% volume even when used with budget smartphones and while increasing the volume further, we didn’t notice any distortions in the audio quality.

Inline Remote and Microphone

The Reflect mini has a cute rectangular shaped inline remote with curved edges, matching the accent colour on the earpiece. This inline remote has a single button that can be used for playing/pausing the media playback or accepting or rejecting the voice calls.

The built-in microphone works well to pick up the voice clearly and the audio is decent on the receivers end as well.


The JBL Reflect Mini is the best in-ear style sports earphones priced under Rs.3,000 available in the Indian market at present.

The lightweight design with tight fit ear clips and excellent sound quality makes this earphone a perfect companion in your workout sessions.


Microphone AvailabilityYes
Driver Size5.8mm
Frequency Range20Hz – 22000Hz
Impedance16 Ohm

This concludes our list of the best seven wired earphones under Rs.2,000 right now in India. We will be updating this list when new products that can dethrone our top picks emerge in the market.

If you have any suggestions or queries regarding this article, let us know in the comments section below. 

Until then, keep following our best lists and buying guides to stay updated with the latest and greatest gadgets. Ciao!

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  1. Hey xyz,
    Before moving on to dual/triple driver earphones/IEMs, I wanted to try some best single driver earphones.
    The choices I have,
    1. Sony EX255ap
    2. SoundMagic e10c
    3. 1more Piston fit
    4. Sennheiser CX80s
    5. Blon-BL03
    Now you maybe like where is rha ma390, cx275s, moondrop spaceship, sony xb55AP, Jbl stuff.
    So basically there are 3 points that an earphone should serve for me,
    1. Balanced Audio signature (ie:- not to punchy, not to flat, not to thumpy,)
    2. L-shaped port (Its a hit or miss for me)
    3. Microphone (I mean you never know when you ll need it, imagine talking to someone and they be like “do you have an earphone or something?” and you be like I have an earphone but it doesn’t have a mic. REALLY BRO ITS 2020++)

    • Hi Ayush!

      Skullcandy products are indeed good with regards to the sound quality but when it comes to the build quality, they fare average. Most of the entry level Skullcandy wired earphones have thin cables that might fail if you handle roughly, much faster than some other earphones in its price category.

    • Hi Ayush!

      We personally feel that the while the sound output quality from Skullcandy Ink’d Plus is fine, the build quality is comparatively average.

      • Hi Ayush!

        The final purchase decision of a product is subjective and it depends totally on the individual. For the same budget category, you can also check out the Sony MDR-EX150AP (Link – and MI Dual driver earphone (Link –, both of which offer good build quality and excellent sound output.

      • Hey Ayush,
        Skullcandy used to make some great earphone like 5 years back, but now they are worst at it.
        You don’t get L-shaped port, you don’t get mic in some models, the wire and connectives are of poor quality and tend to last for a year or so, plus there is nothing special about getting one. Its just an average earphone.

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