Best Earphones Under Rs.3,000 (October 2020)

by | Oct 16, 2020

Earphones have been one of the must-have accessories for your smartphones and laptops which helps you listen to the audio from these gadgets in complete solace.

There are many established brands in the market manufacturing expensive earphones with nerdy technical specifications, about which most of us are ignorant.

We know that you would love to have excellent sound output from the earphone and nothing less. That’s why we have taken the pain to chew these tech specs and spit out the essentials for you to understand the scene in simple words.

Here are the six best-wired earphones available in the Indian market priced under Rs.3,000 that offers an exciting combination of affordability and superior performance. Enough with the intro, let’s go!

Best Earphone Under Rs.3,000

1. Beyerdynamic Beat ByrdOverall Best Pick
2. Brainwavz M2Runner-Up Pick
3. Claw ANC7Wired Earphone with ANC
4. Sony XB510Best Sports Earphone
5. RENWOTONG Triple DriverBass Heavy Earphone
6. Jays One+Honourable Mention

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1. Beyerdynamic Beat Byrd

Overall Best Pick
  • Well balanced sound output
  • Robust build quality
  • Excellent wearing comfort

Beyerdynamic is a German audio equipment manufacturer popular for its earphones, microphones and other related hi-fi audio accessories.

The Beat Byrd from Beyerdynamic is an entry-level wired in-ear style earphone priced just around Rs.2,200 in the Indian market.

Design and Build Quality

The Beat Byrd has possibly the smallest earpiece housing we have ever seen on a wired earphone till date.

This ergonomically designed compact earpiece sits flush into the ear canal with a perfect seal.

It is one of the lightest in-ear earphones with excellent wearing comfort. Thanks to the tight fit, this earphone won’t fall out of your ears even when subjected to harsh head movements.

The connecting cable is thicker than most of its competitors and exudes confidence about the build quality.

Even though this wire is rounded, it is somewhat tangle resistant.

Speakers and Sound Quality

Due to the smaller earpiece housing design, the speaker driver inside too is smaller in size but that doesn’t limit the audio performance of this wired earphone in any manner.

The bass notes remain audible and distinct from the mid-range vocals and higher-end treble notes.

If you are a fan of tonally balanced sound output with equal emphasis on all musical notes, then you’re in for a treat with this earphone.

The sound distortion is almost non-existent with the Beyerdynamic Beat Byrd even when the music is played at maximum volume levels.


This in-ear style earphone from Beyerdynamic lacks an inline remote and the subsequent microphone for hands-free voice calls.

The gold plated 3.5mm connector is straight. We wish it was slightly angled for easier use with the smartphone while it is inside the pocket.


The Beyerdynamic Beat Byrd is a capable in-ear style wired earphone with the excellent build quality and pleasing sound output.

If you can handle the lack of an inline microphone, this is one of the better choices for audiophiles in the sub. Rs.2,500 price range.


Comfort-fit design


Gold plated 3.5mm connector


Comfortable eartips

No inline mic for voice calls


Mic AvailabilityNo
Frequency Range15Hz – 21000Hz
Tangle FreeNo
Warranty1 Years
Impedance18 Ohms
Driver Diameter8 mm

2. Brainwavz M2

Runner Up Pick
  • Exceptional sound output quality
  • Universal compatibility
  • Best in class stage separation

Brainwavz M2 is an IEM (In-Ear Monitor) type wired earphone which strikes the best balance between build quality and superior sound output.

Design and Build Quality

The Brainwavz M2 earpiece housing is made from high-grade aluminium. It features a black coloured end cap to improve the visual aesthetics of the product.

The earpiece feels very comfortable and lightweight. The polished metal housing imparts a premium styling to this earphone.

The 1.3m cable has a twisted pair design which is both durable and tangle-free. The right-angled 3.5mm jack is gold plated to minimise signal loss and prevent corrosion.

Speakers and Sound Quality

The Brainwavz M2 features 10.7mm speaker drivers with natural bass reproduction.

The excellent instrument separation helps to hear even minutest of the notes, thereby delivering a fulfilling audio experience.

This earphone performs equally well with EDMs, vocals and pop, thanks to the wide frequency response spectrum.


This IEM (In-Ear Monitor) style earphone doesn’t come with an inline remote or a microphone for that matter.

This means you won’t be able to do hands-free voice calls with this earphone.

The box of this earphone consists of a velcro cable tie, a shirt clip and a hard carry case.

Even though the cable is not tangled free, you can tie the cable with velcro and keep it safe inside the pouch.


Brainwavz M2 is a no-frills in-ear wired earphone with soothing sound output and robust build quality.


Robust build quality


Premium design


Tangle-free twisted pair cable


No inline microphone for voice calls


Mic AvailabilityNo
Frequency Range20Hz – 20KHz
Tangle FreeYes
Warranty2 year
Impedance20 ohms
Driver Diameter10.7 mm

3. Claw ANC7

Wired Earphone with ANC
  • Active Noise Cancellation up to 28dB
  • Comfort fit, lightweight design
  • Up to 15 hours of battery life (ANC unit)

The Claw ANC7 is a one of a kind in-ear style wired earphone priced under Rs.3,000, available in the Indian market.
This earphone comes with ANC (Active Noise Cancellation) feature that will greatly reduce the ambient noise around you to deliver a more immersive music listening experience, even outdoors.

Design and Build Quality

The shell of the Claw ANC7 earphone is made from aluminium and plastic, which feels very robust and well built.

The connecting wire is thick enough to withstand minor abuses but is not tangle-free.

The straight 3.5mm headphone jack is gold plated for lossless signal transmission.

This earphone comes with a dedicated ANC unit that is significantly larger than a typical inline remote.

This is justifiable since the ANC unit has to accommodate additional circuitry and a battery pack to work.

Claw has also included a good quality carrying pouch to keep this earphone safe and secure while in transit.

Speakers and Sound Quality

The Claw ANC7 features a large 13mm speaker driver which gets adequately loud without any distortions.

The bass levels are decent and the vocals, as well as the treble notes, are perfectly audible as well.

The stage separation between these notes is not quite what we expected it would be. However, for a casual listener, it won’t be much of an issue.

Speaking of the inline microphone, the voice call quality turns out to be perfectly fine, without any noticeable issues on either end.

Active Noise Cancellation

Now let’s talk about the star of the show – the ANC. The Claw ANC7 as we said, comes with a dedicated ANC unit.

This ANC unit is capable of cutting the ambient noise up to 28dB which is very impressive considering the price.

When the ANC is turned on, you’ll notice the immersive music listening experience kicking in without any delay.

Outside noises won’t bother you in any way while listening to your favourite tracks. When the ANC is turned on.

There is also a monitor mode on this device, which when switched on allows you to hear the sound around you, without having to take the earpiece out of the ears.

Battery Life (ANC unit)

The ANC unit has a built-in rechargeable battery that will last up to 15 hours of continuous ANC usage on a single charge.

This unit is charged via the regular micro USB cable and supports fast charging.


The Claw ANC7 is one of the very few ANC enabled wired earphones priced under Rs.3,000 in the Indian market.

The robust build quality and the decent sound output makes this device one of the desirable choices in its price segment.


Robust build quality


Decent inline mic quality


Three-button inline remote


Average stage separation


Mic AvailabilityYes
Frequency Range10Hz – 22000Hz
Tangle FreeNo
Warranty1 Year
Impedance32 ohms
Driver Diameter13 mm

4. Sony XB510

Sony XB510
Bass Heavy Earphone
  • Metal driver casing provides better bass
  • Best suited for EDMs and trance music
  • IPX7 water and sweat resistance

Sony MDR-XB lineup has been one of the fan favourites among audiophiles who are in search of affordable, high-quality headphones for listening to EDM and trance music.

The Sony MDR-XB510 comes with an inline remote and microphone, making it a complete package worth investing your hard-earned money into.

Design and Build Quality

The Sony MDR-XB510 is designed to perfection using high-quality materials for its construction.

The angled in-ear tube and the metallic driver casing makes this earphone stand out from the rest in terms of aesthetics.

Additionally, there are earclips to keep the earpieces intact even while engaging in active sports and workout sessions.

This earphone also comes with the IPX7 water resistance certification for outdoor use without any damage.

The 1.2m cable is sufficiently long enough to reach your pant pockets with enough slack so that you don’t have to fear the cable being stressed under pressure.

The flat style cable is tangle-resistant and can withstand minor abuses without damage.

This budget earphone comes with three pairs of eartips that you can replace according to the size of your ear for a tight and comfortable fit.

Speaker and Sound Quality

The Sony MDR-XB 510 features a 12mm neodymium magnet driver to deliver excellent quality sound output across the spectrum.

This driver has a sensitivity of 111dB/mW, which is quite high for a budget earphone.

Sensitivity measures how efficient the electrical signals are converted into sound signals by the drivers. More the sensitivity, the better the sound output at minimal power consumption.

However, higher sensitivity might induce occasional sound distortions at very high volume levels.

The driver inside this earphone covers an impressive frequency response range of 4Hz – 24,000 Hz, providing an immersive music listening experience.

The clever design of the driver casing includes a bass duct that improves the quality of the low pitch sound, making it a bass lovers dream companion.

Inline Remote and Microphone

The inline remote on this earphone features a single button to accept/reject incoming calls and to play/pause the music track.

The microphone underneath the remote delivers excellent voice call quality. The mic doesn’t pick up any unwanted noise in the background while you’re calling, making voice calls, a much better experience.


If your music listening routine consists mostly of EDMs and other bass-rich tones, purchasing this earphone won’t disappoint you at all.

The immersive bass reproduction along with clean mids and clear highs makes it the best all-around performing earphone in the sub Rs.3,000 price segment.


Aesthetically pleasing design


Good quality microphone


Flat tangle free cable

Slight sound distortion at maximum volume


Mic AvailabilityYes
Frequency Range4Hz-24KHz
Tangle FreeYes
Warranty1 Year
Impedance16 Ohm
Driver Diameter12 mm

5. RENWOTONG Triple Driver

Triple Driver Earphones
  • Dedicated bass driver
  • Excellent stage separation
  • Durable twisted pair cable

Triple driver earphones serve a niche category of audiophiles who are adamant about getting the studio-quality music experience, no matter how expensive the device is.

Well, not anymore. The Renwotong earphone is a triple driver earphone which delivers all the goodies of a premium earphone within an affordable budget.

Design and Build Quality

The Renwotong earphone might be the most unorthodox looking earphones you might ever come across in life.

Because this is a triple driver earphones, the design needed to accommodate three drivers at once and this has gifted this earphone with a weird form factor.

However, the minimal colour scheme which flaunts silver and black makes this earphone look a lot better in person than in pictures online. The silver accented rings around the driver housing compliments the curves and accent lines on the plastic casing.

The 120cm cable is of twisted pair design and coated with a plastic sheet to ensure durability.

The angled earpiece with silicone ear tips fit snug inside the ear canal and won’t slide loose even while jogging or walking fast.

Speakers and Sound Quality

Usually, earphones come with a single driver that manages the entire soundstage on its own.

Having multiple drivers helps this earphone to deliver mids, highs and lows separately through each driver, thereby improving the details and enhancing the soundstage separation for stunning quality audio reproduction.

The Renwotong comes with two 7mm sound drivers and a 9mm balanced armature inside.

The main dual driver setup specifically targets the bass and treble and the balanced armature helps in adding richness to the music by enhancing details in the vocals.

These three drivers cover a wide frequency response range of 17Hz – 22000Hz, resulting in crisp and clear sound output that will satisfy the audiophile in you.

The adaptable ear mould is designed to have passive noise cancellation features. This further increases the quality of the sound coming out of these drivers.

Inline Remote and Microphone

The Renwotong earphone features a plastic inline remote with a single button.

The button is tactile and easy to press. You can control media playback on your smartphone or accept/reject voice calls at the click of this button.

The microphone on this earphone is of decent quality and performs well in both indoors as well as outdoors.


The Renwotong earphone is a great choice for those who are looking for a budget earphones with excellent audio quality. This triple driver earphone is very well worth every penny you spend on it.


Unique premium design


One year warranty


Wide frequency response range


Plastic earpiece housing


Mic AvailabilityYes
Frequency Range5Hz – 40000Hz
Tangle FreeNo
Warranty1 Year
Impedance16 Ohm
Driver Diameter2 x 7mm, 1 x 9mm

6. Jays One+

Honourable Mention
  • Ideal for voice calls
  • Two-year warranty
  • Robust build quality

Jays is a renowned sub-brand of the popular audio-related equipment manufacturer Northbaze.

The Jays One+ is one of the best choices for casual music listening for a budget under Rs.3,000.

Design and Build Quality

The Jays One+ is one of the elegantly designed wired earphones that looks very premium and pleasing to the eyes.

The flat tangle-free cable and the right-angled headphone jack is built to last and feels very durable in hand.

Jays One+ earphones feel very lightweight in the ear and sit comfortably inside the ear canal without falling off during head movements.

Speakers and Sound Quality

The Jays One+ wired earphones feature 8.6mm speaker drivers which emphasize vocals and higher-end treble notes.

The lower end notes emerge perfectly fine but not to the liking of heavy bassheads for sure.

There are no sound distortions of any sorts even when the audio is played at maximum volume levels.

The Jays One+. owing to its perfect vocal clarity is one of the best-wired earphones suitable for voice calls under the price tag of Rs.3000.


The silicone eartips with specially designed sleeves ensures effective noise cancellation, blocking most of the ambient sounds outside.

Jays have also released a dedicated Android app to tune the earphone sound output to perfection for those perfectionists.


Jays One+ is a premium in-ear style wired earphone which is perfect for voice calls.

The elegant design and durable build quality ensure this earphone is worth every penny you spend on it.


Tangle-free flat cable


Lightweight and comfortable


Compatible with Android & iOS devices


Not for bass heads


Mic AvailabilityYes
Frequency Range20Hz-18KHz
Tangle FreeYes
Warranty1 year
Impedance16 Ohms
Driver Diameter8.6 mm

Here we conclude this curated post detailing the best 6 wired In-Ear Earphones available in the market priced under Rs.3,000.

In case if you’re looking for ‘over the head’ Headphones or Speakers, do check them out following those links.

We hope we have your favourites listed here but if not, do let us know your choices in the comment section below so that we can further improve the article by reviewing them as well.

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