Best Fast Chargers in India (June 2021)

With the smartphone batteries getting bigger and bigger in terms of capacity, flagship phones get the perk of a bundled fast charger that can juice up at 30W or more for a quick refill. 

However, there are still certain manufacturers which support fast charging for their smartphones but are reluctant to bundle one with the package. 

In this short curated list, we discuss the eleven best fast chargers that you can purchase in the Indian market that will help you juice up your smartphone at the maximum supported speed.

Without any further ado, let’s get started!

Best Fast Chargers in India

1. Mi SonicCharge Overall Best Pick
2. Google ChargerRunner-up Pick
3. Apple ChargerBest Charger for Apple Products
4. RAEGR Arc 400Best Wireless Charger
5. SAMSUNG EP-TA20IWEUGINBest Adaptive Charger
6. MOTOROLA TurboPowerValue for Money Fast Charger
7. Syska WC-3AD-BKBest Dual-port Fast Charger
8. Mi Dual Port ChargerBest Build Quality
9. boAt Car ChargerBest Budget Car Charger
10. Ambrane AQC-56Best Affordable Charger
11. Portronics Adapto OneHonourable Mention

1. Mi SonicCharge 

MI Sonicharger

Overall Best Pick

  • 27W power output 
  • Made in India product
  • Overheat protection


Solid build quality

Surge protection measures

BIS certified charger


No cable included in the box

Xiaomi is a Chinese brand popular for its affordable consumer electronics products such as smartphones and related accessories.

The MI SonicCharge is a 27W fast charger available for purchase in the Indian market for just Rs.549.

Power Adapter

The charging brick is thick but not that hefty as the VOOC and Warp charger of Oppo and OnePlus, so it fits easily on typical Indian switchboards.

The hard plastic chassis and the minimal design gives importance to the practicality rather than aesthetic appeal.

Note that there is no connecting cable available in the box when you purchase this adapter. Either you will have to use a compatible cable that’s already with you or you would need to get one separately.

This AC charging adapter has a Type-A interface so USB Type-C to Type-C cables won’t work.

Charging Output

This particular Mi charger can juice up your device at 27W and it supports Qualcomm’s Quick Charge 3.0 technology.

Remember that not all smartphones support 27W fast charging. So the charging speeds might vary significantly depending on the capabilities of your device.
This charger with its 27W output can juice up a 4500mAh Li-ion battery from empty to a hundred per cent in less than 1.15 hours.


The Mi Sonicharger is one of the best fast charging adapters available in the Indian market with an affordable price tag of just Rs.549.


Power Output27W
Warranty6 Months

2. Google Charger

Google Charger

Runner-up Pick

  • 18W power output
  • Suited for smartphones with Type-C port
  • Detachable cable


Durable plastic build

12-month warranty

1m cable length



Google is not only a major software conglomerate but also dips its hand in hardware with devices such as Pixel lineup of smartphones and other AI IoT devices such as Google Home.

As the name suggests, the Google charger is the same 18W bundled charger that ships with the Pixel smartphones, which is compatible with most of the smartphones out there in the market.

Power Adapter

The charging brick itself is nothing to talk about in terms of design. Made completely from plastic materials, this white colour brick looks and feels similar to the other chargers available in the market.

The quality of plastic construction is good and the fit and finish of the product as expected is top-notch.

The white colour picks up the dust particles easily but we guess aesthetics don’t matter in case of power adapters. Afterall no one shows off their chargers.

The adapter comes with the standard rounded pins standard to the Indian power outlets, which makes it usable out of the box without any additional sockets.

USB Cable

The cable of this 18W fast charger from google is approximately one meter long and the quality of the wire seems robust.

The USB interface you get on this cable is USB Type-C to Type-C, which means you can only use this charger with those smartphones that feature a Type-C port.

You can also transfer data from your computer or laptop by using the cable, but make sure you have the Type-C port on the other end as well.

Charging Output

As we mentioned above, this is an 18W fast charger. It will support charging all smartphones which support 18W fast charging from brands such as Xiaomi, Oppo and Vivo.

We don’t recommend using this charger with devices that don’t support fast charging as it may damage the internal circuitry.


If you are looking for a no-frills 18W Type-C charging adapter, this charger from Google is a good choice.

Even though it is very expensive compared to other chargers in this list, the quality and durability stand second to none.


Power Output18W
Warranty1 year

3. Apple Charger

Apple Charger

Best Charger for Apple Products

  • 20W fast charging
  • Robust build quality 
  • Ergonomic design


USB Type-C interface

Supports iPhone 8 and above models

1-year warranty


No cable provided in the box

Apple recently announced a controversial decision to exclude packing a charger with their smartphones.

However, Apple sells its branded 20W charger individually in the market for a price tag of just Rs.1,774.

Power Adapter

Similar to other Apple products, this charger is very well made with high-quality components used for its construction.

The robust casing has ergonomically designed grooves on either side for added grip while plugging it in and out of the power socket.

This charger comes with the standard Indian pins so you don’t have to worry about using an adapter.

The connecting cable has to be purchased separately and doesn’t come included in the box.

Charging Output

This is a 20W power adapter with support for fast charging. If you’re using Apple iPhone 8 and above models, this charger will work flawlessly.

You can also use this adapter to charge your iPad and Airpods as well.


This charger is best suited for charging Apple devices including smartphones, tablets and Airpods.


Power Output20W
Warranty1 year

4. RAEGR Arc 400

RAEGR Arc 400

Best Wireless Charger

  • 2-year warranty
  • Decent quality anti-slip pad
  • 10W wireless charging output


Affordable pricing

Type-C connectivity

Small and lightweight


Heat up on continuous usage

Wireless charging is the most convenient way to charge your phone without the hassle of wires dangling around.

The RAEGR Arc 400 is one of the best affordable and reliable wireless charger priced just at Rs.999.

Charging Pad

The wireless charging pad of the RAEGR Arc 400 is made out of flame-retardant ABS material. This makes it fireproof and resistant to heating related problems. 

The round-shaped charging plate is so small and lightweight that it can be easily carried with you anywhere you go. 

The charging pad has the RAEGR logo on top and the plate has a Type-C port and an LED light for charging indication.

The LED remains yellow if there is no device connected to the charge, it turns blue when you put on your smartphone, and once it is done charging it changes into a purple colour.

The surface of the wireless charging pad is anti-slip and at the bottom, there’s a two-half curved rubberized pad to keep the device firm on the surface. 

Cable Quality

The cable you get to see here is USB Type-A to USB Type-C and the quality is quite good for the asking price.

Power Delivery

The RAEGR Arc 400 gives 10W power output which is normal for an entry-level wireless charger priced under Rs.1000.

To use it with your smartphone you must make sure that your device, be it wireless earbuds or smartphones, supports wireless charging.

In iPhones, the variants from 8 above support wireless charging, and this product will work perfectly.

The charging disk here intelligently controls the charging speed and provides suitable power output as required e.g. it will charge the Airpods Pro at 2.5W and iPhones at 7.5W, making sure your device remains safe.


Inside the box, there’s a warranty card and to claim it, you must follow the instruction given on that warranty card.

The company gives two years of warranty on this product but is limited to manufacturing defects. 


The RAEGR Arc 400 is an affordable wireless charger priced under Rs.1000 with support for 10W fast charging. You can also use it in your vehicles or on your desk to keep your devices always juiced up.


Power Output10W
Warranty2 Years



Best Adaptive Charger

  • Intelligent charging technology
  • Up to 15W power output
  • Durable build quality


6-months warranty

Detachable USB cable

Robust plastic casing of adapter


Bundled cable has a micro USB port

Samsung is a South Korean consumer electronics conglomerate that is well known for its wide range of products from smartphones to smart televisions all around the world.

The Samsung EP-TA20IWEUGIN is the standard 15W wall charger that ships with many of the mid-range smartphones from the company.

Adapter and Cable

The design of the Samsung EP-TA20IWEUGIN is simple and the adapter looks identical to the chargers from older Samsung phones except for the detachable cable part.

The hard plastic build feels durable as well as lightweight at the same time. The connecting cable is sufficiently thick and can resist minor abuses without any issues.

The cable unlike in older Samsung chargers is detachable and can be used for data transfers and USB tethering.

Power Delivery

The adaptive fast charging technology of this adapter gives the flexibility to use this charger with those smartphones which support only up to 10W power intake. This charger will intelligently reduce the power input to such devices and keeps them safe.

With supported smartphone models, this fast charger from Samsung will charge at 15W.


The Samsung EP-TA20IWEUGIN comes with a 6-month warranty and given it is a product from Samsung we don’t think the warranty is an issue.

Priced well under Rs.1000, this AC charger gives you a decently fast charging experience with your smartphone as well as other compatible devices.


Power Output15W
Warranty6 Months

6. MOTOROLA TurboPower

Motorola TurboPower

Value for Money Fast Charger

  • Wide compatibility
  • Smart charging technology
  • Good thermal management


1-year warranty

Good quality Type-C cable

Simple design and robust build


Highly variable pricing in the market

Motorola is a well-known manufacturer of smartphones and related accessories such as headphones and earbuds.

The Motorola TurboPower adapter charges the device 3x faster than the normal charger and is priced at just Rs.790.

Adapter and Cable

The case of the TurboPower charging adapter is made out of high-quality hard plastic material.

This adapter sits flush to the charging socket and without any loose contact with the pins.

The detachable Type-C cable comes bundled in the box and has sufficient length. It is adequately thick enough to withstand occasion rough usage without any fail.

If your smartphone doesn’t support Type-C cable, you can use a micro-USB cable with this adapter.

Smart Charging

The Motorola TurboPower features intelligent charging and doesn’t get heated up too much with fast charging.

This is a Qualcomm QuickCharge 3.0 and 2.0 compatible charger which will work fine with most of the Qualcomm powered Android smartphones.

The Motorola TurboPower charger checks the current status and health of the battery and adjusts the charging voltage accordingly.


The Motorola TurboPower is a well built and reliable 15W fast charger with intelligent charging support, priced at just Rs.790.


Power Output15W
Warranty1 Year

7. Syska WC-3AD-BK

Syska WC-3AD-BK

Best Dual-port Fast Charger

  • 15W fast charging
  • Universally compatible charger
  • Lightweight and compact


Internal circuitry protection

Robust build quality

6-months warranty


Outdated micro USB cable in the box

Syska is an Indian brand known for its high-quality power banks and LED lights.

The Syska WC-3AD-BK is a 15W fast charger priced conveniently under Rs.600 for purchase in the Indian market.

Power Adapter

The Syska WC-3AD-BK features a hard plastic power adapter casing just like other chargers in this segment.

However, unlike some other chargers listed here, this power adapter from Syska has two USB Type-A ports instead of just one. This means you can simultaneously charge two devices at the same time.

The dimensions of this Syska WC-3AD-BK are 40 mm x 20 mm x 70 mm and it weighs only 40 grams, making it easy to carry around.

Cable and Power Delivery

The charging cable which comes bundled with this adapter has a micro-USB connector. However, since the cable is detachable you can use a Type-C cable in your custody to charge up devices with Type-C charging ports.

The Syska WC-3AD-BK is a 15W fast charger similar to the Samsung charger we’d discussed just above.

Syska is known for its high voltage circuit protection and the same has been implemented with this charger to keep your devices safe from unforeseen voltage surges while charging up.


The Syska WC-3AD-BK is a budget 15W fast charger with dual ports for simultaneous charging of multiple devices.


Power Output15W
Warranty6 Months

8. Mi Dual Port Charger

Mi Dual Port Charger

Best Build Quality

  • 18W total power output
  • Dual USB port
  • QuickCharge 3.0 technology


Necessary surge protection measures

BIS certified

6-month warranty


Not for use with wireless earphones/earbuds

Xiaomi has been marketing affordable smartphones and related accessories for a while now in the Indian subcontinent.

The Mi Dual Port Charger is a pocket-friendly 18W power adapter that is capable of providing power supply to up to two devices at once.

Power Adapter

Mi chargers are well made with high-quality durable plastic materials that can withstand rough usage like a champ.

This Mi charging brick is slightly larger than the regular charging adapters due to the inclusion of two Type-A USB ports instead of just one.

This is a BIS certified product that ensures safe and reliable charging as it is tested and proven to be effective with the Indian electricity grid.

Power Delivery

This 18W charging adapter from Xiaomi is compliant with Qualcomm QuickCharge 3.0 technology.

When the two ports are simultaneously used, the power output is limited to 10W from each of the ports.

Mi has clearly stated in the FAQ that this charger is not ideal for charging up low powered devices such as wireless earphones and earbuds.


Xiaomi ships this 18W fast charger with just the adapter in the box. You will not get any cable inside and will have to use the one which you already have or purchase a new one.


The Mi Dual Port charger is a decent 18W fast charger priced just under Rs.600.

This charger is ideal for those who carry two phones at once and want to juice them up simultaneously.


Power Output18W
Warranty6 Months

9. boAt Car Charger

boAt car charger

Best Budget Car Charger

  • Qualcomm QuickCharge 3.0
  • No overheating issues
  • Smart IC technology


Bundled braided cable

Dual charging ports

2-year warranty


Average build quality

The boAt is an Indian manufacturer that came into the limelight by marketing quality earphones and headphones at a budget price.

As mentioned in the name itself, the boAt car charger is a 12V charging outlet suited for use inside vehicles for on-the-go charging.

Power Adapter

Since this is a car charger, it is designed in a way to fit the 12V auxiliary power output of the vehicle.

The tube-shaped chassis is entirely made from plastic which doesn’t feel that premium in hand, but acceptable given its price and indoor usage.

This charger comes with two USB ports, out of which one port supports fast charging whereas the other can be utilized for regular charging.


boAt has provided USB Type-A to micro USB braided cable which is very durable and tough.

However, if your device has a USB Type-C port, then you’ll have to use a compatible Type-C cable.

Power Delivery

The boAt car charger supports fast-charging up to 15W with compatible devices. This is a Qualcomm QuickCharge 3.0 certified product that works well with similar devices.

If you have a regular smartphone or a low powered device such as wireless earphones or headphones, you can plug them into the secondary, non-fast charging enabled port.

boAt has implemented the exclusive Smart IC charging technology inside this charger for optimum smart charging technology, to keep your device safe.


The boAt dual-port car charger is an ideal choice if you want to charge up your devices on the go.


Power Output15W
Warranty2 years

10. Ambrane AQC-56

Ambrane AQC-56

Best Affordable Charger

  • Up to 18W power output
  • Intelligent charging 
  • BIS certified adapter


Qualcomm QuickCharge 3.0

Universal compatibility

Compact design


Cheap plastic build

Ambrane is an Indian company popularly known for portable power banks for smartphones.

The Ambrane AQC-56 is an affordable 18W fast charger with Qualcomm QuickCharge 3.0 technology support.

Power Adapter

The Ambrane AQC-56 Quick Charger is a compact and lightweight AC charging adapter.

The plastics used for construction is of average quality and doesn’t feel as durable as some other adapters mentioned in this list.  

This adapter comes with a single USB port. This charger will work just fine with older devices with QuickCharge 2.0 and 1.0 technology.

This charger is a BIS certified product that ensures a safe and reliable charging operation. 

Cable and Power Delivery

The bundled cable in the box has USB Type-A to micro USB interface but you can also use a lighting cable and Type-C cable with this adapter if you have them already.

The cable quality is robust and thick enough to deliver a high voltage power supply without any issues.

Qualcomm Quick Charge Technology juices up the battery life faster than conventional charging.

This Ambrane AQC-56 18W fast charger works with the QuickCharge 3.0. If your device supports only a 15W capacity power supply, you can still use this one.


The Ambrane AQC-56 Quick Charger is one of the cheapest 18W fast chargers available in the Indian market for a budget of around Rs.500.


Power Output18W
Warranty6 Months

11. Portronics Adapto One

Portronics Adapto

Honourable Mention

  • Up to 18W power output
  • BIS certified charger
  • Quick Charger 3.0 certified


Robust plastic casing

Durable USB-C cable

6-month warranty


Lack of service center network

Portronics is an Indian brand that manufactures high-quality accessories products like Bluetooth speaker, cables, chargers and more alike.

The Portronics Adapto One is an affordable charger with a maximum power output of 18W and is priced at just Rs.395.

Power Adapter

This BIS certified charger is designed specifically for Indian sockets and the adapter looks big but it only weighs 51 grams.

The adapter outer casing is made using plastic material and it has a matte black colour finishing with minimal branding.

There is a single USB-A port on this device and this power adapter is certified with Quick Charge 3.0 technology which helps juice up the smartphone battery quickly.

Cable and Power Delivery

Portronics Adapto One comes with a 1-meter USB-C cable as most modern smartphones sport a USB Type C port.

The charging cable is durable enough and feels sturdy enough to last longer.

This charger can be used for those smartphones with fast charging support of up to 18W. The minimum output of this charger is 15W and the maximum output is 18W.


If you are looking for an affordable fast charging solution for your smartphone, then Portronics Adapto One is one of the best wall mount chargers you can get for Rs.395.


Power Output18W
Warranty6 Months

This here concludes our curated article on the eleven best fast chargers available for purchase in the Indian market.

While this is not an exhaustive list, we have tried our best to include some of the best value for money products that are well worth your hard-earned money. 

If you have any queries or suggestions regarding this article, let us know in the comments section below. 

Thanks for your time and have a great day ahead!

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