Best Feature Phones In India (November 2019)

by | Nov 19, 2019

Even though most of the users prefer a smartphone with impressive specifications, there is definite demand for feature phones that do basic tasks.


Primary reason being the stellar battery life and the other being the ease of use.

Even those with a smartphone in hand tend to buy a feature phone for their secondary usage.

Keeping these facts in mind, we’ve tailored a list of the best five feature phones in India.

Let’s begin.

Best Feature Phone in India

1. Nokia 216Overall Best Pick
2. Samsung Guru 1200Runner-Up Pick
3. Nokia 130Best Ergonomic Design
4. Lava A1Value for Money Feature Phone
5. JioPhoneSmart Feature Phone

1. Nokia 216

Overall Best Pick
  • Suited for rough use
  • Impressive battery life
  • Reliable product from Nokia

The Nokia 216 is a great feature phone ideal for users who need no smart functionality.

They do the age-old jobs you expect from a mobile phone like crystal clear voice call, text messaging, FM radio, Bluetooth connectivity and torchlight functionality without any issue.

Sleek design and comfortable form factor…

The Nokia 216 has a candy bar design with subtle curves around the edges. This makes this device comfortable to hold in your arms.

Meanwhile, the plastic construction feels tough and durable but is a bit slippery in hand.

The legendary Nokia build quality is evident with this product. This device can handle rough use and mild abuses and can remain fully functional.

Simple and intuitive User Interface…

The Nokia 216 runs on Series 30+ OS with 16MB internal memory.

The phone has an easy to learn interface that’s quite understandable even for first-timers.

Adults using a phone for the first time would find it extremely helpful thanks to the large icons and easy to read fonts.

The OS is well optimized for the phone to run smoothly. There are no lags while using the phone even for long hours.

The ringtones are loud enough and the vibration feedback is strong as well. Don’t be afraid of losing calls or messages even when you’re in the middle of a chaotic crowd.

The display – QVGA it is!

It has a 2.4-inch QVGA display and 0.3MP rear and front cameras.

This display isn’t the sharpest we’ve seen but holds in the ground when it comes to other competitors in the same price league.

What makes the display even more attractive is the large fonts and icons used.

The cameras at both the front and the rear serve a rudimentary purpose of clicking occasional photos or selfies for the sake of just enjoying it on the screen and not anyplace else.

Connectivity and battery life…

It has dual SIM capability and can store more than 2000 contacts.

This is one of the most relevant features for an average user. Having a lot of space for contact storage is a desirable feature in any phone, be it a smartphone or not.

In case you love listening to songs on an SD card, there is a dedicated memory card slot to expand memory up to 32GB.

It has an outstanding battery backup of 1020mAh that can withstand 4 days of normal usage.

The phone also comes with Bluetooth 3.0 so that if you need to connect anything wireless such as a headphone or an external speaker, it would help in the cause.


The Nokia 216 is the best intermediate phone for those who feel that they are not yet ready for a full-fledged smartphone.

With almost all the functions such as internet availability and cameras onboard, this feature phone has one of the best build quality around that will ensure peace of mind no matter how rough you are going to use it.


Dual SIM feature phone


Torchlight+FM Radio


Ergonomic design


No 3G/4G connectivity


Operating SystemSeries 30+
 Memory16 MB Internal Memory
Camera0.3MP Rear, 0.3MP Front
Display2.4-inch QVGA Display

2. Samsung Guru 1200

Runner-Up Pick
  • Excellent cellular reception
  • Long battery life
  • Built-in torchlight

Samsung started with feature phones at first in the market and then shifted gears to smartphones later after which it has been a dream run for the company in India.

The Guru 1200 is a massively popular feature phone in the Indian market popular for its durability and ease of use.

Design and Build Quality

The Samsung Guru 1200 comes with a practical design that has nothing extraordinary to make it look cool.

The whole design is centred around practicality, which for a feature phone is of utmost importance.

The keypad on this phone is one of the most comfortable ones we’ve seen on any feature phone to date. The keys are clicky and very soft to press as well.

The backplate of this phone has a textured finish to aid proper grip while holding the phone even with wet hands.


The Samsung Guru 1200 is a single SIM device.

You won’t get any dropped calls with this device as the antenna bands are powerful enough to keep you latched on to a network much better than most of the smartphones out there.


The Samsung Guru Music 1200 features a 1.5-inch TFT screen with a resolution of 54 x 154 pixels.

The brightness levels of this tiny display are decent and you will face no issues using this feature phone in bright sunlight.

The fonts are large enough for adults to see and navigate the menus with minimal stress or strain.

Battery life

It has an 800mAh battery that will last almost a week. The battery charges pretty quickly within an hour, which is of great use for those who have a busy life schedule.


For simple functionalities like voice calling and text messaging, the Samsung Guru 1200 is a compelling choice.

The comfortable form factor and the rugged build aids rough usage without any fear of damage.


Rugged build


Comfortable keypad


Polyphonic ringtones

Sound distortion at high volumes


Operating Systempropreitory
Camera –
Battery800 mAh
Display1.5-inch QVGA Display

3. Nokia 130

Best Ergonomic Design
  • Robust build quality
  • Affordable
  • Easy to use interface

Nokia 106 is another good entry-level feature phone from Nokia at around Rs.1,500.

It only has some basic features but it does what is expected out of it very well.

Build Quality and Design

Even though the Nokia 106 is as cheap as it can get, Nokia has made some efforts to make this device look attractive.

The Nokia 106 is available in a host of bright colours which will make it stand out from the rest of the devices.

The polycarbonate back shell even when scratched retains its colour, so the aesthetics will remain the same forever.

The buttons on the keypad are soft to press and are big enough for those adults with big fingers to dial the numbers accurately.

Overall, the Nokia 106 is a very well built device that can withstand abuses without compromising on the functionality.


It has 2G dual-SIM connectivity with a crystal clear voice call output.

The signal reception is on par with the competitors and does a great job with voice clarity even with less signal strength.

Even when the call is made by the in-built speakerphone, there is no voice distortion at high volume levels.


The Nokia 106 comes with one of the best practical features that any feature phone should possess – a torchlight.

In a country like India, where power cuts are more of a serious issue, having a handy torchlight in hand is a much-appreciated need.

Also, Nokia has included the classic Snake Xenzia game on this device so that you can turn your dull and boring times to a much more enjoyable and entertaining one.


The Nokia 106 is a bare minimum feature phone that comes with a rock bottom price.

With the excellent build quality and great signal reception on both of its SIMs, there is nothing more than you can ask for at this price.

The ergonomic design, easy to use the touchpad and well-built body elevate the overall user experience of a feature phone.


Small and compact


Tactile buttons


Rear camera

Slippery plastic back


Operating SystemSeries 30+
 Memory8 MB
Display1.7-inch QVGA Display

4. Lava A1

Value for Money Feature Phone
  • Suitable phone for elders
  • Phonebook storage up to 1000 contacts
  • 1-year replacement guarantee

Lava is an India based mobile phone marketing company which has been in the business for a while.

The Lava A1 is a basic feature phone which is targeted for the adult population who are just starting to using a mobile phone for the first time.

Design and Build Quality

The Lava A1 is robustly designed with older people in mind. The ergonomic design of this phone is very much in tune to please the rural population.

The Lava A1 feels very light and easy to hold. The keys on the keyboard are larger and easy for elders to use without any false keypresses.
The hard plastic case of the Lava A1 is capable of withstanding rough usage.

Even if this device is handled without care, this feature phone is capable of functioning in all its entirety

Display and Camera

The Lava A1 features a 4.5-inch LCD colour display with a resolution of 240 x 320 pixels.

The proprietary OS is well designed with large fonts and easy to use menu structure.

This helps even a first-time mobile phone user to use the device straight out of the box without any hiccups.

The 0.3MP camera in the rear is capable of taking occasional photos which is not much of a necessity for the potential users of this kind of a feature phone.


The Lava A1 has a phonebook memory capable of storing up to 1000 contacts and comes with 24MB of onboard storage.

It has a dedicated SD card slot in case you love listening to music from your phone on the go.

Battery Life

This feature phone from Lava comes with an 800mAh Li-Po battery which is rated to last for up to three days of heavy usage.


The Lava A1 is an easy to use budget feature phone for people looking for a secondary device or as a gift to elder people.


Ergonomic design




Battery life


The plastic body easily prone to scratches


Operating Systempropreitory
 Memory24 MB
Camera0.3 MP Rear camera
Display1.77-inch QVGA

5. Jio Phone

Best Smart Feature Phone
  • 4G VoLTE feature phone
  • Small and compact
  • Attractive data/voice rates

Reliance launched the Jio Phone effectively for free and caused quite a buzz in India at the end of 2017.

Consumers can pay Rs. 1,500 as a security deposit and obtain this phone but that amount is refundable after three years if you return the phone and meet all the terms and conditions.

This is a great deal if you are looking to buy a “smart” feature phone and will be using a lot of data.

But remember that the amount Rs.1,500 is refundable only if you recharge Rs.153 monthly for 36 months continuously.

The Jiophone is not just a feature phone with limited functionalities. It has some smart features like 4G LTE and VoLTE, support for Jio’s bundle of applications and many more great features.

You can stream Live TV, browse the Internet and use Facebook on this mobile phone.

You can even connect the Jio Phone to your TV to stream content for an even better multimedia experience.

Jio Phone is running on Kai OS with 4GB storage and 512MB RAM. It has a single SIM slot and a memory card slot to expand storage.

The SIM card supports 4G LTE for data and VoLTE for the voice call.

The voice calls are crystal clear and signal reception is not an issue with this device.

It has a 2MP rear camera and 0.3MP front camera. The camera is just for namesake with below-average quality output.

The colour display is 2.4-inches with no touch support. All the navigation is done by a physical D-pad which at first may seem cumbersome but easy to get used to.

The battery backup is 2000mAh. Having a low-resolution display helps this phone to last longer even with all the smart features it comes with.


‘Smart’ feature phone


The phone is effectively free if you meet the conditions


Good battery life

Single SIM/

No other SIM apart from JIO supported


Operating SystemKai OS
 Memory4 GB
Camera2MP Rear, 0.3MP Front
Display2.4-inch LCD

There you have it! We curated this list with the intention to cover a broad spectrum of user base on our mind and in the meantime might have missed some models that you find interesting.

Please let us know about your opinions in the comments below and do subscribe to our weekly newsletter in case you haven’t. Wishing you a great day ahead!

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