Best Fully Automatic Front Load Washing Machines

by | Sep 17, 2018

Gone are the days we used to bang our clothes against the rocks to remove dirt.

Nowadays, nobody has the time or space to do laundry in that way.

With the advent of washing machines, one of the tedious tasks of homemaking turned simple and provided a lot of relief to crores of people out there.

In this article, we are covering 5 of the best fully automatic front loading washing machines that are currently available in the Indian market, both online as well as offline.

Before delving into the article , let’s inform you about the advantages of having a front load washing machine.

  • Better cleaning of clothes with minimal damage to the fabric.
  • Large loading capacity allows washing more clothes in one go.
  • Water and energy efficient operation.
  • Less maintenance.
  • Loaded with useful features.

Having gone through some of the advantages of front load machines in brief, without any further delay let’s get started.

Best Fully Automatic Front Load Washing Machines 

1. IFB Senator Aqua SXOverall Best Pick
2. Bosch WAK24168INBest Build Quality
3. IFB Diva Aqua VXBest Pick for Bachelors
4. LG FH0H3NDNL02Best Power Efficient – Entry Level
5. Samsung WW65M206L0W/TLBest Reliable Pick
6. Midea MWMFL070HEFBest Value for Money

1. IFB Senator Aqua SX

Overall Best Pick
  • User friendly LCD panel
  • Suited for large families
  • Powerful motor and durable drum
IFB is an Indian company which specializes in home appliances market that became popular with their wide range of products in the washing machines and dishwasher segments.

At present IFB is one of the best washing machine brands in India.

IFB Senator Aqua SX is a fully automatic front loading washing machine that comes on the premium budget segment that will cater to a family of about 5-6 members.

Design and build quality

Construction of this washing machine is solid with the components used being high-quality fiber for the chassis and stainless steel for the internal drum.

This front-loading washing machine has a capacity of 8Kg which is sufficient for a large sized family.

The design of this machine is aesthetically appealing with the front door chrome finish imparting a premium look.

There is a large user-friendly LCD display at the front that displays the current wash cycle, program chosen and the time remaining.


The features on this fully automatic washing machine are worth writing an article by itself.

IFB has designed and manufactured this machine keeping in mind the typical Indian scenarios such as voltage fluctuations and water supply timings.

The time delay mode on this front load washing machine enables you to set the start of wash cycle automatically in advance.

The time delay can be set anywhere from 30 mins up to 24 hours.

It can be programmed to start the wash at a certain time that suits your convenience even when you are away from the machine.

This washing machine from IFB comes with an auto-balance system that will automatically detect the distribution of the clothes inside and redistributes the same ensuring all clothes gets a balanced wash.

This function is more like an advanced fuzzy logic operation found on the top load washing machines in the market.

In addition, the bubble wash mode creates bubbles that will penetrate the fabric much easier than the water and helps in removing dirt easily and efficiently.

Indian households have a dearth of soft water as various studies have identified.

Convenient washing technologies

Detergents are hard to dissolve in hard water which will cause the washing to be less effective.

As a solution to this problem, IFB has an aqua energy mode that helps in softening the hard water in itself enhancing the solubility of detergent.

The ball valve technology inside this machine ensures that only the water draws out while drying without carrying the detergent away with it thereby reducing wastage.

Motor and drum

This washing machine has a crescent-shaped drum with patterns that will provide a soft water cushion to the fabrics inside and prevents damage during the washing process.

The maximum spin speed of this washing machine is 1400 rpm with a rated electricity consumption of 2250W.

Surge protection and warranty

The high-low voltage protection technology ensures that the voltage fluctuations won’t cause damage to the machine.

This unit comes with 4 years of comprehensive warranty from IFB along with 10 years availability of spare parts assurance.


IFB is one of the most popular brands when it comes to home appliances in India.

The Aqua SX is a great fully automatic front load washing machine that can clean dirt and stain off from your dresses quite easily.

The truckload of features built right in to this machine will let you have a pleasant washing experience.

8Kg capacity suitable for a family of 5-6 people
Large user-friendly LCD display
Time delay mode for convenient washing cycles
Voltage fluctuation protection
100 wash programs
Slight noise while rinsing


Body MaterialFiber
Tub MaterialStainless steel
Power Rating1400 rpm, 2250 W

2. Bosch WAK24168IN

Runner-Up Pick
  • Solid and durable washing machine
  • Powerful and efficient Vario-drum
  • Low water consumption
Bosch is a German corporation that has its wings spreads over a wide spectrum of products ranging from automotive parts to home appliances.

The WAK24168IN from Bosch is a fully automatic front load washing machine priced just under Rs.30,000 in the Indian market.

Build quality and design

The build quality is exceptional with this device.

The solid steel frame is textured with a silver finish which imparts a premium look and feels. The inner drum is also made of stainless steel to enhance the operating life cycle.

This front load washing machine comes at a 7Kg capacity which is sufficient enough for a family of 4-6 members.

Efficient vario-drum inside!

The drum size of this model is larger when compared to other competitors in the same price segment.

The Vario-drum design with wave droplet design engages your fabrics gently, thereby protecting your expensive fabric from damage.

The unique design of the drum also ensures effective dirt/stain removal.

Bosch has taken utmost care in designing this washing machine.

The special anti-vibration design lets the unit operate without any vibrations even at high spinning speeds.

Water saving technology reduces wastage

The active water feature saves the wastage of water significantly.

The machine senses the amount of water required not only by the load but also by the type of fabric to be washed.

The reload function lets you add clothes in between the wash cycles without having to wait for the current cycle to terminate.

This reload function is also available in semi-automatic washing machines without blowing a hole in the pocket.

This feature considerably saves time as well as energy.

Motor and drum

The 2150 W motor on this fully automatic front load washing machine is powerful enough to rotate the drum at 1200 rpm for efficient cleaning.

This unit comes with a 2-year comprehensive warranty and an additional 10-year warranty on the motor.

If you’re interested in this washing machine but let down by the capacity, there’s a similar 8Kg offering from Bosch, the WAT24168IN that can be found here.


The Bosch WAK24168IN is the best pick if you are all in for purchasing a washing machine that you can use for years without any sort of problems.

Yes, the initial costs may be a bit on the higher side but the build quality and durability of this fully automatic washing machine is worth paying the premium.

German reliability
Exceptional build quality
Vario drum design
Active water feature for reducing water wastage
Connecting pipe that comes with the unit is short


Capacity7Kg, 8 Kg
Body MaterialSilver textured steel
Tub MaterialSteel
Power Rating1200 rpm, 2150 W

3. IFB Diva Aqua VX

Best Pick for Bachelors
  • 15 different wash programs
  • Good build quality
  • Minimal water wastage
The IFB Diva Aqua VX is a fully automatic front loading washing machine aimed at bachelors as well as nuclear families which constitutes of 2-3 members.

This small washing machine from IFB is compact enough to be fitted in tight spaces and comes with a 6Kg capacity.

Build quality and design

Similar to its bigger brother Senator Aqua SX, this machine comes with a fiber constructed chassis and a stainless steel drum inside.

Even though it lacks an informative LCD display but the easy to understand markings and the knobs with the LED light indication for the selected program makes the operation less cumbersome.

The front load door isn’t given a chrome finish treatment and this makes the look of this washing machine a bit bland.

The IFB Diva Aqua SX has a cloth loading capacity of 6Kg which is one of the most basic capacity to start with.

With a water consumption of 45 litres and the compactness in size, this has to be one of the best fully automatic front-loading washing machines for bachelors.


This machine comes with 15 different type of washing programs that has a different set of preset operation for washing various types of cloths such as silk, woollen, cotton and even kids-wear.

The 2D shower system washing methods make sure that your clothes are thoroughly washed to remove all the dirt from them.

Certain features have been back-ported to this machine from IFB’s much higher priced models such as Aqua Energy Mode.

This feature softens the hard water aiding in better solubility of detergent.

Based on the sheer number of innovative features, the IFB Diva Aqua VX is one of the best washing machines in India.

Crescent shaped drum

The fabric protecting crescent moon shaped drum has found its way into this model as well.

The detergent tray is conveniently placed on the front side with measuring cup for the exact amount of detergent to be added without wastage.

Talking about the wastage, the ball valve technology drains out the water and keeps the detergent intact which can be further used in the next wash cycle.

Bachelor specific features

The add laundry option is clearly and cleverly aimed at bachelors who have a habit of forgetting to add clothes at the time of wash and later regret about the same.

If you’re a bachelor, you should also check out our best compact semi-automatic washing machine article for inexpensive choices.

With the add laundry options clothes can be added without disturbing the ongoing washing cycle.

Motor and drum

The drum on this washing machine spins at 800 rpm which is sufficient enough for a machine of 6Kg capacity.

The electricity consumption is rated at 2150W which is a bit steep for a washing machine of this size.


The IFB Diva Aqua VX is for those who want a feature rich fully automatic washing machine but can’t afford something like the Senator Aqua VX.

With 15 different wash programs, you can be sure of washing various fabrics without worrying about the damage or cleanliness.

If you have a small family or is a bachelor and is inclined to purchase a fully automatic washing machine, this is one of the potential candidate.

Small and compact washing machine
Add laundry option
Crescent moon shaped drum to prevent fabric damage
2D shower system for thorough wash
Steep electricity consumption rate
No LCD display


Body MaterialFiber
Tub MaterialStainless steel
Power Rating800 rpm, 2150 W


Best Power Efficient – Entry Level
  • Direct drive inverter technology
  • Powerful motor
  • Six speed rotation
LG is one of the best and largest home appliance makers in the World.

The brand name has a legacy and trust value associated with it which makes most of the first time buyers prefer their products, be it in any category.

The LG FH0H3NDNL02 is a fully automatic front loading washing machine that comes with a 6Kg capacity and a price tag of Rs.25,499.

Design and build quality

The LG FH0H3NDNL02 is made of good quality fiber chassis all around that doesn’t feel cheap.

The fit and finish of this LG washing machine is top notch with no noticeable quality drop anywhere.

The drum inside is made of stainless steel as is the case with all the other models on our list.

The 6Kg capacity means that this machine is suitable for bachelor’s or up to two people.

Direct drive inverter motor

The main USP of this automatic washing machine is its inverter direct drive technology.

Other competing washing machines make use of the belt and pulley driven drums which is less efficient.

As the belt and pulley being constantly in motion, the noise and vibration will be significant and the maintenance cost will add up in the due course of operation.

The direct drive technology eliminates the belt and pulley system and places the motor in direct contact with the drum.

The six-speed motion steps performed by the drum ensures the optimized washing for different kind of fabrics.


The mini LED display on the front gives the information about the remaining time of the current washing cycle in operation.

The detergent box is placed in an easily accessible location on this washing machine.

The box has segregated compartments for filling detergents for rinse mode operation as well the main washing cycle.

There’s also a softener filling compartment for liquid softeners like comfort fabric conditioner.

Smart diagnosis

LG has been introducing it’s smart diagnosis feature to almost all the appliances recently.

This washing machine also has a smart diagnosis function.

The only thing you have to do is call the customer care and place the phone on the device and it will automatically send the report to the team and you can get your solution to the problem instantly.

This feature is also present in fully automatic top load washing machines from LG.

The tub clean function cleans the tub from detergent build-up as well as other dirt from the fabric at the touch of a button.

Motor and drum

Being a direct drive drum, it rotates at a higher spindle speed of 1000rpm and consumes less power compared to the other 6Kg models in the market.

The rated consumption of this LG fully automatic front loader washing machine is 1700W making it one of the most power efficient washing machines currently in the market.

If you are really interested in this model but the meager 6Kg capacity bothers you, the LG FH0B8QDL22 model comes with the same specifications and with a higher capacity of 7Kg.


The LG FH0H3NDNL02 is a small yet powerful fully automatic front load washing machine that consumes less power, thanks to the direct drive technology incorporated into it.

If you’re in need of a power efficient fully automatic washing machine that won’t break your back when the electricity bill pops up, this is a compelling choice.

Power consumption is less
Small and compact
Direct drive technology
Smart Diagnosis
One touch tub cleaning
The remaining time calculation for the wash cycle takes longer


Body MaterialFiber
Tub MaterialStainless steel
Power Rating1000 rpm, 1700 W

5. Samsung WW65M206L0W/TL

Best Reliable Washing Machine
  • Wide service centre network
  • Powerful and reliable motor
  • Efficient ceramic heating element
Samsung and washing machines?

Even though popular, we haven’t seen much of it in the commercials.

However, Samsung has some front-runners for the best front loading fully automatic washing machines list and the Samsung WW65M206L0W/TL model is one of them.

Design and build quality

This 6.5Kg washing machine is best suited for a family of three.

This unit is compact and can be placed easily in tight places where the room for a larger capacity model is scarce.

The design is very elegant with minimal controls that look less confusing, to begin with.

The user-friendly display up front and the soft touch buttons with their functions marked enhances the usability of this washing machine a lot.


A unique digital inverter motor powers the drum on this device.

It is a brush less motor meaning high efficiency and silent operation.

As there are far less moving parts in this motor than a conventional setup, the durability is guaranteed.

No wonder why Samsung provides a 10-year warranty on the motor, huh?

This washing machine comes with a quick wash program that lets you clean lightly soiled clothes very quickly.

The diamond drum with shallow grooves embossed on them provides a gentle yet thorough washing.

Drum design is an important factor that differentiates the efficiency between a semi-automatic and a fully automatic washing machine.

It eliminates the need of getting afraid about the damage to your costly clothes.

The Samsung WW65M206L0W/TL has a ceramic heater element that prevents calcium build up around the heating component.

This calcium component if formed will absorb heat and leads to increased power consumption rates.

The ceramic element heats up quickly and efficiently thereby saving your precious time.

To cope with the unforeseen surges in electrical supply, Samsung has implemented its Volt control technology.

This feature will protect the device in case of a voltage variation. It can normalize the voltage even if it varies around +- 25%.

Motor and drum

The drum on this washing machines rotates at a speed of 1000rpm at a rated electricity consumption of 2000W.

Considering the capacity of this washing machine and the efficiency of the inverter motor, this is a really good figure.

There is a higher capacity variant of the same fully automatic front loading washing machine from Samsung with an 8Kg capacity available for Rs.32,699 at Flipkart.

Go with that model if you need a bigger capacity.


With the 3 years comprehensive warranty cover plus the additional 10-years warranty on the motor, this model from Samsung is one of the best reliable fully automatic front load washing machine on the market.

3 years + 10 years warranty on motor
Ceramic heater element
Volt technology protection from power surges
Compact size
Number of wash programs are limited


Body MaterialFiber
Tub MaterialStainless steel
Power Rating1000 rpm, 2000 W

6. Midea MWMFL070HEF

midea mwmfl070hef
  Best Value for Money
  • Low cost front load machine
  • Nickel plated heater
  • Powerful washing cycle
Midea is a Chinese home appliance manufacturer which has been recently active in the Indian market.

The company focuses on delivering feature rich products and follows an aggressive pricing strategy which is highly beneficial for the customers.

The Midea MWMFL070HEF is a budget fully automatic front load machine that has some interesting tricks up its sleeve to impress the buyers.

Design and build quality

Surprisingly, this washing machine looks very attractive considering the price at which it retails for.

For a moment, we did mistook this product for an expensive washing machine.

The central knob is symmetrically placed on the front and increases the pleasing aesthetics of this already good looking washing machine.

The outer body is made of hard polypropylene material and feels very solid and durable.

The inner drum is made of stainless steel and this eliminates the risk of causing wear and tear after continuous operation for months and even years.


The Midea MWMFL070HEF comes with a much needed prewash function that does reduces the difficulty in washing heavily soiled or stained clothes.

The pre wash function will complete a wash cycle before the main program begins. This will loosen up the dirt particles and stains and gives spotless clothes after wash.

Automatic wash programs is one of the specialities of a fully automatic washing machine. The more the number, better the washing output.

This washing machine comes with 23 different programs that you can set according to the type of fabric, temperature and even the required wash time.

The company has even provided an extra rinse function that will add an extra rinse cycle after the main washing process.

This ensures that there are no more leftover dirt or stains in your clothes.

Nickel Plate heater

Most fully automatic washing machine comes with a heater. The heater is for heating the water so that the detergent gets easily mixed in the water.

Heated water also loosens up the dirt and stain much easier than water at room temperature.

Having a heater inside the washing machine comes with its own drawbacks as well.

The nickel plated heater prevents water scales to be formed on the sides resulting in reduced energy consumption.

Motor and drum

The Midea MWMFL070HEF comes with a 1950W motor that spins at 1000 rpm.

For a 7Kg washing machine that can wash 10-12 clothes in a single go, this motor is sufficiently powerful to have a thorough washing cycle.

The steel drum inside is wide and can accomodate clothes without getting crushed.


The Midea MWMFL070HEF is an affordable fully automatic front load washing machine that packs in a powerful motor and a durable stainless steel drum.

Having 23 different wash programs makes it suitable to wash and clean almost all types of fabrics that you might have in hand.

Good build quality
Power efficient operation
No auto power off


Capacity7 Kg
Body MaterialFiber
Tub MaterialStainless steel
Power Rating1000 rpm, 1700 W
Front-loading washing machines are expensive – Yes. But this comes with various advantages too.

Firstly, they consume 1/3rd the power of top loaders.

Also, a front loading fully automatic washing machine has the drum placed in the center that increases the efficiency of washing cycles.

If you’re more inclined towards owning a budget washing machine, read our best fully automatic top load washing machine article.

We know you came looking for a front loader with a vague yet certain budget in your mind.

In this article, we have tried our best to include the best ones across a broader price spectrum.

If we missed something that you would like to have seen reviewed, do inform us in the comments below.

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Buying Guide: What you should know before buying a front load washing machine

Front load washing machines are the most expensive type of automatic washing machines in the market.

Since you’ve made up your mind for purchasing one of these, let’s give you a quick overview of what you should look for.

 1) Price

As mentioned earlier, front load machines are expensive.

It really depends on the capacity of the machine but you should expect a starting price of Rs. 20,000 for a 6Kg+ capacity variant.

The IFB Senator Aqua SX  is a 6.2Kg fully automatic front load washing machine priced under Rs.20,000.

2) Capacity

A word of caution – never skimps on the machine capacity to save a couple thousand bucks. If the household consists of more members and you end up buying a washing machine of lesser capacity, it’s an investment with a guaranteed loss.

A smaller capacity machine for a large household means the average number of wash cycles will be doubled. This additional operation costs energy, cost of detergent, water, most importantly the time.

Always buy a machine that suits your household member strength. Brands like Onida offers the Onida F75TDWW, a 7.5Kg front load machine that costs only Rs.23,899.

3) Build quality and construction

Remember the fact that you’re paying a premium for the product.

You have the right to expect nothing short of a solidly built machine.

Steel drums are the standard among fully automatic washing machines. These drums are durable and require little to no maintenance for a very long time.

Most of the front load washing machines come with fibre chassis. Additional features like cover plate under the body to prevents rodents are a must, in our Indian scenarios.

If you root for the absolute best build quality, the Bosch WAK24168IN, a 7Kg front load machine priced at Rs.29,990 will suit better. It has a well-built silver textured steel body as well a steel drum inside.

4) Effect on clothes

Among all type of washing machines, fully automatic front load machines are the most gentle on your fabric. It effectively simulates hand washing to remove all the stains and dirt from your fabrics.

The effect of the drum on the fabric inside is dependent on the features drum posess.

For eg. the six motion direct drive technology in LG FH0B8QDL22, a 7Kg machine priced at Rs.32,248 features tumbling, rolling, scrubbing and swing functions for better dirt and stain removal without damaging the clothes inside.

5) Efficiency

Fully automatic front load machines are the most efficient washing machines when it comes to clean the clothes. It features a horizontally placed drum, that coupled with the effect of gravity removes the dirt efficiently.

These machines conserve water as well as detergent. They have more wash programs than any model out there. You can set programs according to the fabrics to wash and yield better results.

Also, most of the front load models like the Samsung WW65M206L0W/TL, a 6.5Kg machine priced at just Rs. 25,499 features a heater which heats the water inside the tub. Heated water exhibits a better solubility of detergents in the water resulting ultimately in the excellent cleaning of your clothes.

6) Spin Speeds

Speeds, singularly don’t provide any usefulness in the case of washing machines. Faster spins coupled with drum features like grooves and rollers add to the overall efficiency of the machine.

With a fully automatic front load washing machine, you can expect spins speeds up to 1400 rpm. Higher spin speeds mean more the solubility of detergents in the water which equates with better washing cycles.

Models such as IFB Senator Aqua SX, an 8Kg washing machine priced at Rs.34,690 features a powerful motor that spins up to 1400 rpm for increased efficiency during washing heavy fabrics such as jeans.

7) Wash programs

Wash programs are theoretically various settings that the machine has in its memory.

These settings will be different for different for various fabrics.

For example, delicate fabrics might require only a fraction of detergents compared with something like jeans.

These programs are pre-set and you would only need to press the button to activate the same. These wash programs offer optimized washing cycles catering to a specific type of fabric. This is highly beneficial for efficient cleaning.

Most of the front load machines will have more than 10 wash programs that can be selected easily from the control panel at the start of a wash cycle.

Models like the IFB Senator Aqua SX has more than 100 wash programs to select from.