Best Gaming Controllers Under Rs.2,000 (April 2022)

The gaming industry is one of the fastest-growing industries in the world right now. There are more than 2 billion people who spend hours regularly on gaming and probably you would also be one of them.

Game controllers are necessary for gaming enthusiasts who want a more streamlined gaming experience instead of using the regular keyboard-mouse combo. Choosing a game controller suited for your needs and gaming setup is indeed a daunting task. 

In this article, we bring you the nine best game controllers priced under Rs.2,000 to make your choice an easier and learned purchase decision. 

So without wasting any more time let’s get right into it.

Best Gaming Controllers Under Rs.2,000

1. Redgear Pro Wireless Overall Best Pick
2. Redgear Pro WiredRunner-up Pick
3. Cosmic Byte Callisto Versatile Gaming Controller
4. Ant Esports GP 300 Pro V2Budget Gaming Controller
5. Logitech F310Best Build Quality
6. RPM EuroBudget Wireless Controller 
7. CLAW ShootPC Only Gaming Controller
8. Cosmic Byte C3070W NebulaLightweight Gaming Controller
9. Redgear EliteHonourable Mention

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1. Redgear Pro Wireless

RedGear Wireless Pro

Overall Best Pick

  • Up to 10 hours of battery life
  • Dual vibration motors
  • Quick charge support


Back-lit Keys

Tactile and responsive buttons

Configurable turbo mode button



Redgear is a well renowned Indian gaming accessories company known for its budget gaming peripherals. 

The RedGear Pro wireless gamepad is one of their finest gaming controllers available for a budget under Rs.2,000.

Build and Design

The RedGear Pro wireless gamepad has a striking resemblance to the Microsoft Xbox 360 Controller, the original design upon which it is based.

The RedGear controller has the same button layout as the Xbox 360 controller. The body of the controller is made out of plastic and it has a rubberized texture where the palms rest which allows you to have a better hand grip while holding this in hand.

The ABXY action keys on the controller are back-lit and make it much easier to play games while in the dark.

The controller comes with two small USB receivers which are to be connected to the host device you want the controller to be used with.

The Redgear Pro controller comes with dual-high intensity vibration motors inside the hand grips. These motors deliver an immersive gameplay experience by providing haptic feedback to the in-game actions.

To connect this controller to Android smartphones and tablets, a separate OTG cable might be required.


Gaming on the Redgear Pro wireless is a breeze. You can be assured to have a good gaming experience and with the added rubber padding for grip, you’ll be gaming for even longer sessions than usual.

The vibration motors in the controller are really good. The haptic feedback elevates the gameplay experience to a whole new level.

The buttons on the controller are responsive and tactile. The analog sticks are rubberized for added grip and the turbo button will give you an edge in certain games.

Turbo mode buttons allow you to configure shooting modes, thereby providing a distinct advantage over your enemies while gaming.

It supports both Xinput and Dinput.

Battery Life

Redgear claims that the Redgear Pro wireless controller will last up to 10 hours on a single charge. 

The controller also supports fast charging. Just 30 minutes of charging will let you play for two hours.

The controller is charged with the help of a Micro USB cable that is provided in the box.


The Redgear Pro wireless controller is no doubt one of the best gaming controllers available in the Indian market for a budget under Rs.2000.

If you don’t know much about controllers and want a budget controller with decent performance, then this is the controller for you.


CompatibilityPC, Android TV, Android Smartphones
Battery LifeUp to 10 Hours
Button(including triggers)13

2. Redgear Pro Wired

Redgear Pro Wired

Runner-up Pick

  • Zero-latency and input lag
  • Illuminated keys
  • Dual intensity rotors


Rubberized hand grips 

Lightweight and comfortable 

Smooth analog stick


Wire can be shot for some people

The Redgear Pro Wired is another one of the game controllers by Redgear in its Pro lineup. It is the same Pro controller by Redgear we have mentioned previously in our article however it is not wireless.

This game controller retails for Rs.1,199 in the Indian market.

Build and Design 

The Redgear Pro Wired looks similar to the Redgear Pro Wireless in terms of its build and design except for the new attached wireless cable. 

This game controller has an all-plastic construction which does not come across as a surprise. The quality of the plastic used for the Redgear Pro Wired is the same as that of the Wireless variant. 

Like the Redgear Pro Wireless, this controller is also similar to that of Microsoft’s Xbox 360 controller. The Xbox 360 controller was once considered to be the definitive controller for gamers because of its ergonomic design and which is why the Redgear Pro Wired benefits from the same design. 

The game controller comes in black colour with red accents around it for a gamer design. 

For a comfortable grip the sides of the controller have been rubberized, this prevents it from slipping when gaming for a long time. 

The layout of the buttons on this controller is the same as the Redgear Pro Wireless. 

Something different in this controller compared to its more expensive wireless sibling is the weight. This game controller feels lightweight because there is no rechargeable battery hence making it more comfortable to hold.

To connect the gamepad with the laptop or Android device, there is a 1.8m long USB cable attached to the controller. The cable is adequately long enough to use comfortably within a short distance.


Speaking of the performance of the controller, there are almost no changes compared to the wireless controller since they are essentially the same controller but one is wired and the other wireless.

The buttons on the controller are responsive and the analog stick is also quite smooth. If you are expecting the controller to be equivalent to more premium offerings then you will be disappointed.

This game controller also features dual-vibration motors which provide rumble feedback based on in-game activity. The vibration truly immerses you in the gameplay. 

Since the controller is wired there is no latency while gaming. This makes it an ideal choice for competitive gaming. 

We also get the turbo button on the controller which functions similarly to that on the wireless variant. 

As mentioned earlier thanks to the lack of batteries this controller is quite lightweight and it can be used for long hours without any fatigue. 


The Redgear Pro Wired gaming controller is the go-to controller for someone who does not want a wireless controller and rather save some extra bucks. The Redgear Pro Wired gaming controller offers a similar experience to the Redgear Pro Wireless.


CompatibilityPC, Android TV, Android Smartphones
Battery Life
Button(including triggers)13

3. Cosmic Byte Callisto

Cosmic Byte Callisto

 Versatile Gaming Controller

  • Wireless controller
  • 12 hours battery life
  • Additional back buttons


Type C USB support 

Backlit keys

Detachable directional pad 


No rubberized texture

The Equinox Quasar is one of the many gaming peripherals you can buy from Cosmic Byte in their Equinox line-up. We have reviewed many of the different Equinox gaming mice in our gaming mouse articles. 

The Cosmic Byte Equinox Quasar is a wireless game controller that retails for Rs.1,949 in the Indian market. 

Build and Design 

The Equinox Quasar by Cosmic Byte is a game controller that is inspired by the design of the Xbox One controller. It is one of the many controllers that follow this design.

Gaming controllers are available in only plastic construction regardless of the brand and that is also the case with the Equinox Quasar. Cosmic Byte has used decent quality plastic for its construction. 

This game controller is available in only a single colour which is black with some red accents. It would have been nice to see some colour options since most gaming peripherals follow the same colour scheme.

All the buttons and triggers on the controller have been well placed and are quite responsive. The directional pad on the controller can be detached and you get an additional face for the directional pad bundled in the box. 

Backlit buttons are also available on the Cosmic Byte Equinox Quasar. The action buttons and the home button have backlighting which makes them visible in the dark.

There isn’t any rubberized texture on the controller for additional grip. It would have been appreciated if Cosmic Byte added it. 

Being a wireless game controller to connect it to the host device you get a 2.4GHz USB receiver which needs to be plugged into the USB port of the host device.


The performance of the Cosmic Byte Equinox Quasar is quite good. This game controller is compatible with PC, smart TV and Android mobile devices. 

Although a wireless gaming controller there is no delay in feedback while gaming. This controller should also support most gaming titles since it supports Xinput which is the commonly used program interface.

This gaming controller also features two additional back buttons. These buttons can be mapped in-game for an edge over other players.

The Cosmic Byte Equinox Quasar has dual-vibration support however compared to some other controllers the intensity of the motors does feel a bit lacking.

Battery Life 

The Cosmic Byte Equinox Quasar is equipped with a 380mAh lithium-ion rechargeable battery. 

According to Cosmic Bytes, this controller can supposedly last for around 12 hours while gaming on a single charge.

To charge up this controller you get a Type C USB cable in the box. It is great to see companies now adopting Type-C cables for their game controllers.


The Cosmic Byte Equinox Quasar is a good option for a wireless gaming controller for Rs.2000. The design of the controller along with some additional features like extra back buttons and backlit keys make the controller worthwhile. 


CompatibilityPC,PS3, Android TV, Android Smartphones
Battery LifeUp to 8 Hours
Button(including triggers)15

4. Ant Esports GP 300 Pro V2

Ant Esports GP 300 Pro V2

Budget Gaming Controller

  • Up to 12 hours battery backup
  • Works with PC, PS3, and Android mobiles 
  • High precision analog sticks 


Attractive minimalist design

High precision D-pad

Lightweight form factor 


No battery life indicator 

Ant Esports is an Indian marketing company that entered the market by introducing gaming chairs and then gradually moved onto other gaming peripherals like keyboards, gamepads, mouse, etc. 

The GP300 Pro V2 from Ant Esports is an entry-level wireless gaming controller priced around Rs.1,500 in the Indian market.

Build And Design 

The Ant Esports GP 300 Pro V2 has a complete ABS plastic construction which feels durable. 

The rubberized inserts over the chassis help this gamepad to have excellent grip, even for those with sweaty palms.  

The button layout of the controller is similar to that of an Xbox controller, with a similar ABXY action keys layout. 

The Ant Esports GP 300 Pro V2 is a plug and play controller, and does not require the installation of any software drivers except on Windows XP. 

The analog sticks on the controller are textured for better grip and the overall look and feel of the controller is quite premium for the price tag. 

On the controller, you will also find the status indicator which shows what mode the controller is on. 


The Ant Esports GP 300 Pro V2 is a wireless gaming controller that is compatible with PS3, PC, and Android mobile phones with OTG support. 

To connect the controller we get a 2.4GHz wireless USB dongle that can be connected to the host device. There is no delay in feedback while gaming even though this is a wireless gaming controller. 

Almost all games should work well with the gaming controller be it on PC or PS3. To connect the controller to android mobile phones you will need an OTG. 

Ant Esports have included dual vibration motors inside their controllers to enhance your gaming experience. Actions like firing bullets and accelerating a car in racing games will result in vibration feedback.  

The wireless range of the controller is up to 8 meters within which the connection is stable. 

Battery Life 

The Ant Esports GP 300 Pro has a battery backup of 12 hours which is fantastic for a wireless controller. 

This gamepad is powered by a 600mAh battery inside which can be recharged via a micro USB cable. 

This gamepad gets juiced up from zero to a hundred within 2-3 hours. 


If you are in search of a budget wireless PS3 controller or a PC controller, you can check out the Ant Esports GP 300 Pro V2 on your radar. 

This wireless gamepad does feel quite premium for the price you pay and features a sleek, minimal design.


CompatibilityPC,PS3,Android Smartphones
Battery LifeUp to 12 Hours
Button(including triggers)12

5. Logitech F310


Best Build Quality

  • Plug n Play device
  • An affordable wired gaming controller
  • 10 programmable buttons


Lightweight and ergonomic design

Robust build Quality

3 Years Warranty


No Vibration feedback

Logitech is a critically acclaimed American-Swiss company known for its high-quality computer peripherals such as keyboards, mouse and gamepads. 

The F310 is a wired entry-level gaming controller from Logitech priced at just around Rs.2,000.

Build and Design 

The F310 controller by Logitech has been in the market for quite a long time. This controller features a bit of an outdated design, which some might think of as nostalgic. 

Although the looks might be dated in terms of durability and build quality this controller is leagues ahead of most of the controllers on this list. 

The F310 features a design that feels like a mixture of the PlayStation and Xbox controllers. 

The shape of the controller looks like it is inspired by the Dualshock 2 while the buttons on them look similar to that of Microsoft’s Xbox controller. 

The F310 is a wired gaming controller and is connected to the host device via USB. The compatible devices for the controller include PC, Android mobiles, and Android TV. The F310 is a plug and play controller and doesn’t require any driver installation. 

Although there is an option to download the Logitech Gaming Software from their website, it is not mandatory.  


Logitech has no doubt created a good gaming controller with the F310 gamepad. 

The F310 gamepad works well with almost all modern games. This controller has both Xinput and Dinput support. You can toggle between Xinput and Dinput easily with the switch on the back of the controller. 

The F310 controller also has rubberized textures on its side grips which makes it convenient for long gaming sessions. 

An important feature which the controller lacks is vibration feedback.

Logitech has not included a vibration motor in its controller which is disappointing. If you want a controller that has vibration then you can go for the Logitech G F710 which is a more premium controller.

Feedback of the controller is really good as with wired controllers since there is almost zero latency. 


The Logitech F310 is a gaming controller that has a robust build quality compared to the others on the list. 

For the price, Logitech does give you 3 years of warranty. If you want to save an extra few bucks but insist on getting a branded game controller, this is one good choice for the price.


CompatibilityPC, Android TV, Android Smartphones
Battery Life
Button(including triggers)13

6. RPM Euro

RPM Euro

Budget Wireless Controller

  • Dual-vibration motors 
  • Plug and play 
  • Compatible with PS3 and PC


Good trigger resistance 

Xinput and DInput support 

Decent build quality 


Numbered action buttons 

The RPM Euro is a game controller from a generic Chinese brand that also manufactures a wide range of other peripherals such as gaming mice, earphones, thumb grips, etc.

The RPM Euro Games Controller is a wireless gaming controller which retails for Rs.999 in the Indian market. 

Build and Design 

At first glance, you will know that this game controller is inspired by the likes of the PS3 and PS4 controllers. Although not identical to the Playstation controllers, it does have a similar shape. 

This game controller is made from plastic material which isn’t a surprise since most controllers regardless of their company are made from plastic. The RPM Euro Games Controller has a decent build quality at best.

Unlike the Playstation action buttons or the ABXY action keys found in most gaming controllers, this controller has numbered action buttons which is quite disappointing since it can cause quite confusion when playing Xinput games. 

The triggers of the controller have a good amount of resistance which is good for playing certain games whereas the buttons although not the best are responsive. No LED-backlit buttons are available on this controller. 

There are contoured lines throughout the controller which do provide some grip however it would have been better if there was any rubberized texture present on the hand grips.


The RPM Euro Games Controller performs quite well for its asking price. 

Since it does have Xinput support most modern games will run on this controller without a problem and surprisingly this controller is also compatible with the Playstation 3 console. 

Vibration feedback is present on the controller, when playing certain games the controller will rumble for an immersive experience. 

As mentioned earlier there is a resistance to the triggers and this is good when playing racing games since it lets you control the speed.

This gaming controller is plug and play although if you are using Windows XP then you have a driver CD bundled with the controller. The driver CD is for vibration on Windows XP devices.


The RPM Euro Games Controller is a wireless gaming controller that comes bundled with a USB receiver in the box which is used to connect the controller to the host device. 

Battery Life 

The RPM Euro Games Controller comes equipped with a 400mAh rechargeable battery that will last for around 10 hours on a single charge.

To juice up the controller, you get a micro USB cable inside the box.


If you are on a budget and are in search of a wireless controller for gaming or maybe you are looking for an alternative controller for your PS3 game console then the RPM Euro Games Controller is the choice for you.


Battery LifeUp to 10 Hours
Button(including triggers)12

7. CLAW Shoot

CLAW Shoot

PC Only Gaming Controller

  • Up to 10 hours of battery life
  • Dual vibration motors
  • Stable wireless connectivity


Textured rubber inserts for added grip

One year warranty

Familiar Xbox One design


No Bluetooth connectivity

CLAW stands for Consumer Lifestyle Accessories Worldwide and is an Indian company based in Mumbai. 

The CLAW Shoot is a wireless gaming controller for PCs, priced at just Rs.1,500.

Build Quality and Design

The CLAW Shoot has taken design inspiration from the Xbox One controller, albeit it isn’t as premium as the Xbox controller but it does what it is supposed to. 

The Claw shoot wireless gamepad is made entirely out of plastic materials and to be honest, this is not something that should be shocking since most premium gaming controllers with good build quality come with a hefty price tag. 

The buttons on the CLAW Shoot are similar to that of the Xbox One controller and have a good tactile feel to them. 

On the side grips of the controller, you will find rubber inserts with a textured pattern which makes it easier to grip onto and also stops the controller from slipping from your hands even if wet or sweaty. 

The analog sticks and trigger buttons on the controller have a smooth feel to it although a bit of resistance on the trigger would have felt better. 


The CLAW Shoot is a gaming controller that is meant solely for PC gaming. The controller comes with a 2.4GHz wireless receiver which has to be connected to the PC. There is no noticeable latency when playing games.

There is no Bluetooth support which is why you cannot connect it to an Android mobile device. 

Gaming with the CLAW Shoot is comfortable. It works with all games because the controller supports both Xinput and Dinput. 

To further enhance your gaming experience, the controller also comes with dual vibration motors which give you rumble feedback that adds to the immersive gaming experience. 

The controller has a 10m wireless range which means you can game from a distance but since the controller is for PC most of the time you will be close to the screen. 

Battery Life

Battery life on the CLAW Shoot is pretty good. CLAW claims that you can get up to 10 hours of battery life on a single charge, which means you won’t have to recharge the controller all the time. 

The battery inside the controller is a 400mAh one and to recharge the battery you have a micro USB port to which you can connect a standard micro USB mobile charger or a power bank for that matter.


The CLAW Shoot is a great wireless gaming controller for those who game only on a PC. 

The textured grips and design of the controller make it comfortable for long sessions and the affordable price tag of just Rs.1,499 makes it a great deal.


Battery LifeUp to 10 Hours
Button(including triggers)12

8. Cosmic Byte C3070W Nebula

Cosmic Byte C3070W Nebula

Lightweight Gaming Controller

  • Turbo button for in-game shortcuts
  • Decent Haptic feedback
  • Backlit action keys


Lightweight form factor 

Up to 12 hours of battery life

Wireless connectivity



Cosmic Byte is known for its reasonably priced gaming peripherals and we have previously reviewed many of their peripherals like gaming keyboards and gaming mice. 

The Nebula C3070W is yet another wireless game controller manufactured by Cosmic Byte priced under Rs.2000. 

Build and Design 

The Cosmic Byte C3070W Nebula is a game controller that features an all-plastic construction. This does not come across as a surprise considering the price of the controller. 

This controller is inspired by Microsoft’s Xbox One controller. This gaming controller has an asymmetrical design like the Xbox One controller and also features the backlit ABXY action keys.

Upon picking up the controller, you will notice that the handgrips of the controller have a rubberized coating that lets you get a firm grip on the controller even when your palms are sweaty. 

Another thing you would notice when using the controller is that it is lightweight. The Nebula controller by Cosmic Byte weighs only 190 grams. 

Cosmic Byte has included a turbo button on their controller which functions similarly to the turbo button found on other controllers. The Xbox controllers do not feature a turbo button. 


The Cosmic Byte Nebula wireless gaming controller has multi-platform compatibility. This controller is compatible with PC, PS3, and Android smartphones

To connect this controller to the host device you get a USB 2.4GHz receiver which has to be plugged into the USB port of the device. Although this is a wireless keyboard there is no latency while gaming which is appreciated. 

If you are looking to get an immersive gaming experience then you will be happy to know that the controller also has dual vibration motors inside it. These motors provide you with haptic feedback that tries to simulate a feeling of what is happening in-game. 

Inside the box, you also get an OTG adapter which is used to connect the USB receiver to a smartphone. But the OTG provided is micro USB and not compatible with Type C USB phones. 

Vibration feedback is not available when playing games on Android devices. 


If you are looking for a controller that is lightweight and is compatible with multiple devices, then the Cosmic Byte Nebula is for you.

This budget gaming controller that is compatible with multiple platforms such as PS3, PC and Android is a product well worth the asking price.


CompatibilityPC,PS3,Android Smartphones
Battery LifeUp to 12 Hours
Button(including triggers)13

9. Redgear Elite

Redgear Elite

Honourable Mention

  • Up to 10 hours of battery life
  • Decent haptic feedback
  • Compatible with PC, Windows and smartphones


Affordable price

Xinput and Dinput

Tactile and responsive buttons


No Backlit functionality

The Redgear Elite Wireless gamepad is yet another controller from Redgear.

This budget gaming controller looks a bit different from their pro lineup of controllers but still tries to maintain most of its features while sticking to a lower price tag, affordable to many.

Build Quality and Design

So it looks like Redgear has taken some inspiration from Nintendo after all. The Elite gaming controller looks like a toned-down and less bulky version of the Nintendo Gamecube controller.

The Gamecube controller is quite old and the Redgear elite also does show its age. 

The Redgear Elite wireless controller is made out of plastic and to be honest, it’s not the best quality of plastic, but it does get the job done. 

This game controller under Rs.2,000 lacks the rubberized texture which we are familiar with the Redgear Pro series of controllers, so that’s a bummer. However, this controller still has the vibration feedback present and accounted for.

The button layout on the controller is the same as the Pro series, but the elite controller does not have backlit keys like its pro series counterparts. 

Instead of a dedicated backlit keypad, there is a circle of light around the home button that lights up when the controller is turned on or kept to charge.

To charge the Elite controller, Redgear has included a mini USB cable bundled in the box.

Being a wireless controller, the Redgear Elite comes with a USB receiver that has to be connected to the host device for wireless connectivity.

It supports both Xinput and Dinput.


There shouldn’t be any issues regarding which games will support the controller since it has both Xinput and Dinput, almost all modern games should work flawlessly.

The controller is good for casual gaming, it’s not the best when it comes to long gaming sessions considering the lack of any rubberized texture on the hand grips. 

Gaming with this controller for a long period can get a bit tedious as your palms might start sweating and become uncomfortable.

The tactile feedback and responsiveness of the buttons are pretty good for the price and analog sticks work smooth as well. It also has a turbo button like the Pro series for mapping weapon fire mode.

The Redgear Elite wireless controller also features vibration feedback which helps in the overall immersive gameplay experience.

The vibration feature should turn on automatically if you are on the newer version of Windows OS. 

If you’re running on Windows XP, then you will need to install the driver CD that comes alongside the controller for it to work properly.

Battery Elite

The Redgear Elite controller supposedly lasts up to 10 hours of gameplay on a single charge, so you won’t have the hassle of changing all the time. 

And when the controller does get low you can juice it up with the mini USB charging cable provided in the box.


The Redgear Elite Wireless is an affordable alternative to the Pro Series of controllers. 

If you are a casual gamer and don’t play games for long sessions then this is the controller for you, this gamepad is an ideal choice for a budget under Rs.2,000.


CompatibilityPC, Android TV, Android Smartphones
Battery LifeUp to 10 Hours
Button(including triggers)13

This concludes our curated list of the nine best game controllers under Rs.2000 available in India. 

We have included a wide range of controllers for you to choose from and hope you can find the controller that suits you the best from this list.

 If you have any suggestions or questions regarding this article, let us know in the comments section below. 

Thank you for your time, and we expect to see you again!


Recently gaming controllers have been in huge demand due to the popularity of video games like PUBG and Fortnite. 

These video games have boosted the gaming industry within the country and it is no doubt you might also be looking for a gaming controller to play the latest and greatest video games. 

But before you purchase a controller there are certain points you should look out for as they would affect your overall gaming experience. 

This short yet concise buying guide will inform you about a few important points that should be checked out before fixing your purchase decision on a gaming controller. 


The first most thing you have to make sure is what is the device for which you are purchasing a controller. Not all controllers are compatible with every device. 

Controllers may be compatible with PC, Android smartphones, tablets, gaming consoles like PS3, Xbox, etc. 

So if you are purchasing a controller to game on your mobile device, be sure to check if the controller you have chosen is compatible with the respective device. Usually, controllers for Android and iOS phones require an OTG connector. 

For PC Gaming one should check whether the controller has Xinput support since most modern games use the Xinput interface.


Gaming controllers usually come with plastic construction. . Plastic is used because it is inexpensive and durable. But even in plastic, there are different types. Controllers which come from Chinese brands usually are of cheap quality and they might break if dropped too harshly.

If you are looking for a gaming controller with a superior build quality you would have to pay more. 

Controllers can either be wireless or wired. Gaming controllers which are wireless are usually connected with the help of a USB dongle or Bluetooth. Most gaming controllers don’t have any latency in feedback, be it wired or wireless.


One of the important factors you should consider is comfortability. Gaming controllers vary in size and shape. What may be the perfect controller for you might not be the one for someone else? 

Make sure that depending on your hand size or your orientation of whether you like symmetric or asymmetric controllers. Weight should also be considered when purchasing a controller. You cannot game comfortably for too long with a heavy gamepad in hand. 

Talking about long sessions, textured grips on controllers are another thing to look out for. Controllers with textured grips add to the comfortability factor and don’t slip that easily.


Some controllers have a wireless range of 10m while some may have more than 10m or less.  

Vibration is another important feature. Most controllers generally have vibration feedback, but some gamepads lack that feature.

LED lighting and backlit keys are aesthetic features that are available on gaming controllers. These in no way enhance the gameplay experience but if you like the additional gaming flair, then it is something that you should consider. 

Certain controllers also have turbo mode on them. On pressing the turbo button you get repeated presses on any of the keys to which you have assigned the turbo function. This comes in handy when playing FPS games.

Battery Life

Battery life is limited to only wireless controllers. Most wireless gaming controllers have a battery life of an average of 10 hours. 

Don’t worry much about battery life on gaming controllers, you can opt for any of the controllers as long as they have more than 6 hours of battery life. 

Charging a gaming controller takes up around 2-3 hours. 

With this, we have reached the end of our short yet concise buying guide to help you choose a gaming controller for Rs.2000. 

If there is anything else you would like to know about then do feel free to comment down below and we will get back to you as soon as possible. 


Q. What are Xinput and Dinput? 

A. Xinput and Dinput are both application program interfaces created by Microsoft. Earlier Dinput used to be the standard interface for input devices like gaming controllers, keyboards, and mice. 

But with the launch of the Xbox 360, Microsoft created a new API known as Xinput which is used for all modern games. Hence Xinput is required for controller use with the latest games. 

Q. Which is a better controller, wired or wireless?

A. Both wired and wireless controllers have their pros and cons. 

Wired controllers tend to have faster feedback and don’t require recharging but they cannot be used from a distance. 

Wireless controllers can be used from a distance and provide fast feedback but not as fast as a wired connection. You also have to recharge the batteries most of the time. 

Q. How to use a Type A USB controller on a Type C or Micro USB Android device?

A. To use a USB Type-A controller on a Type C or Micro USB Android device you would need to use an OTG adapter. 

You will have to purchase it separately if it does not come with your controller. If the controller is wireless and has Bluetooth support then it can also be connected via Bluetooth. 

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