Best Gaming Keyboards Under Rs.1,000 (Latest 2020)

by | Oct 9, 2020

Gaming keyboards are in trend now, which once used to be a luxury is now available to everyone at an affordable price.

We know that in this highly competitive market where products get obsolete in a matter of days, you must be having a hard time choosing the right gaming keyboard for you.

Whether you are a professional gamer or a beginner, we have curated a list of the seven best gaming keyboards under Rs.1000 available for purchase in India for you to spend your hard-earned money on.

So without any more delay, let’s begin!

Best Gaming Keyboards Under Rs.1000 in India

1. Zebronics Transformer KeyboardOverall Best Pick
2. Amkette EvoFox Fireblade Runner-Up Pick
3. Offbeat SlayerKeyboard with Best build quality
4. Live Tech KB03Best Budget Gaming Keyboard
5. DragonWar Desert EagleCheapest Keyboard
6. Portronics Key2Value for Money
7. Zoook ConcordHonourable Mention


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1. Zebronics Transformer Keyboard

Overall Best Pick
  • Durable Aluminum chassis
  • Dedicated media controls
  • RGB LED illumination

Zebronics is an Indian brand known for its high quality yet affordable computer peripherals, Bluetooth speakers and other accessories. Now they have entered the budget gaming accessories market as well.

The Transformer keyboard is one of their mid-range gaming keyboards priced just under Rs.1000 with useful gaming-centric features at a fraction of the cost of other keyboards in the market.

Build and Design

The Transformer gaming keyboard is built to last. This gaming keyboard features an aluminium chassis which ensures durability. Beneath the keyboard, there is a two-step stand which lets you keep your keyboard in an inclined position which adds to ease of use.

There are also rubberized feet in the rear which ensures that the keyboard doesn’t lose its grip and stays firm on the flat surface without sliding around.

This entry-level gaming keyboard consists of 104 keys. The keycaps on this keyboard are made of plastic and the characters on it are lasered so it doesn’t fade away easily.

This budget keyboard has LED backlight illumination which consists of a total of four LED colour modes to choose from.

The cable provided with the keyboard is a 1.8m braided one with a gold plated USB connector for better signal transmission.


The Transformer gaming keyboard offers noteworthy performance for the price. It should work reasonably well with most games be it competitive or casual.

Zebronics claims the keystroke life of the keys is 80 million, which is quite a bold statement that shows the confidence they have in their products.

The keyboard can disable the Windows key. So even when you accidentally press the Windows key it does not interrupt your gaming session.

There is a minor issue regarding LED lights on the keyboard. The characters on the keys are not visible in the dark which is quite inconvenient for nighttime use.


The Zebronics Transformer is a reliable keyboard for both gaming enthusiasts and beginners.

With the premium build quality and noteworthy performance at just Rs.1,049, this gaming keyboard is a great choice.


Tough braided cable


Rubberized feet


Gaming oriented design

Keycaps won’t light up in the dark


Type of KeyboardMembrane
Number Pad Yes
Backlit Key

2. Amkette EvoFox Fireblade

Runer-Up Pick
  • 19 anti-ghosting keys
  • Comfortable elevated membrane Keys
  • Plug n Play device

EvoFox is a gaming-oriented brand by Amkette which aims to create high-quality computer peripherals for gamers in the country.

The Fireblade is a gaming keyboard manufactured by Amkette under the EvoFox brand. The Evofox Fireblade keyboard retails in India for a price tag of just Rs.999.

Build and Design

At Rs.999, the EvoFox Fireblade is a keyboard that is really solid and well built.

At first glance, you might be fooled by the looks of this keyboard as it looks a lot like a mechanical one, but unfortunately, this is a membrane keyboard that is trying to mimic a mechanical one.

The Fireblade is an 87 TKL (Tenkeyless) keyboard, so it doesn’t have a dedicated number pad which you usually find on most keyboards. The keys on the keyboard are made of plastic and they have good key travel distance for the comfortable gaming experience.

In the rear of the keyboard, we have two foldable legs so that you can adjust the keyboard at a comfortable angle. These legs don’t have any rubber on them for grip so if you are on a slippery surface, this keyboard might not be that sturdy.

EvoFox has gone for a rainbow LED-backlit for the Fireblade gaming keyboard. There aren’t many customization options for LEDs; you only get three lighting effects and two lighting modes.

The USB cable on the EvoFox Fireblade is braided and also has a magnetic ring that supposedly gives better signal transmission with minimal loss.


The Fireblade keyboard has 19 anti-ghosting keys supported. This means that when you are playing certain games that require multiple button presses at the same time, all the keys get registered properly.

The keys on the Fireblade have springy feedback to them which is quite satisfying and confidence-boosting that the keys don’t get stuck. The keycaps have a bit of wobble to them but it’s not something that would ruin your gaming experience.

This entry-level gaming keyboard has integrated media controls and they can be accessed by pressing the function key and the subsequent media key. The keystroke life of the keyboard is rated at 10 million.


In no way does the EvoFox Fireblade feel cheap, which is quite surprising as the keyboard is just Rs.999.

If you are after a budget entry-level keyboard with the decent build quality and comfortable keys, then the Fireblade from Amkette is a good choice.


Decent build quality


Compact form factor


Mechanical keyboard design


No number pad


Type of KeyboardMembrane
Number Pad No
Backlit FeatureYes

3. Offbeat Slayer

Keyboard with Best Build Quality
  • Braided cable with gold plated USB connector
  • Anti-ghosting feature
  • Easy to clean keycaps

Offbeat is an Indian company that focuses on budget-friendly gaming peripherals such as gaming mouses and keyboards in the Indian market.

The Offbeat Slayer is one of their mid-range gaming keyboards at just Rs.999.

Build and Design

The Slayer is designed based on Offbeat’s very own crater architecture for longer durability and better structural integrity. The Slayer keyboard has an aluminium frame and a plastic body.

The keys on this keyboard are made of plastic material and the characters on the keycap are laser engraved so they don’t fade off over time. The keycaps can also be removed which makes them easier to clean. The keys also have a skin-friendly coating on them which should provide a better grip.

The Slayer gaming keyboard is shockproof and water-resistant. It should be able to handle some spills without a problem.

The keys on the keyboard are back-lit with a seven-colour rainbow LED, with the option of a breathing effect. There is also a choice to adjust the brightness of the LED.

The cable of the keyboard is braided and has a gold plated USB connector for minimal signal loss


This gaming keyboard is comfortable to use for gamers and casual users alike. Gaming for long sessions with the Slayer keyboard won’t be much of a problem.

You get integrated multimedia keys for ease of access while gaming. This comes in handy when you want to increase or decrease the volume without having to exit the game.

The Slayer also has the option to disable the Windows key so your gaming sessions don’t get interrupted by accidental keypresses.

The keys of the Slayer are meant to give a semi-mechanical feel yet they don’t give you the satisfying mechanical sound which the actual mechanical keyboards give.

The keyboard has an anti-ghosting feature that registers multiple key presses at a single time without fail.

Offbeat advertises that the keys on this Slayer gaming keyboard are rated to last for over ten million keystrokes.


The Slayer is quite a tempting keyboard with the beautiful rainbow backlit keys and an aluminium frame, it’s an attractive and reliable option for a gaming keyboard.

Priced just under Rs.1000 this is a great choice for budget-constrained buyers looking for an entry-level gaming keyboard.


Comfortable typing experience


Solid build quality


Removable keycaps


Keys are a bit hard to press


Type of KeyboardMembrane
Number Pad Yes
Backlit KeyYes

4. Live Tech KB03

Best Budget Gaming Keyboard
  • Plug n Play keyboard
  • Anti-ghosting keys
  • Ergonomic Design

The Live-Tech KB03 is an entry-level gaming keyboard priced at just Rs.845. Live-Tech is an Indian company that strives to provide low-cost yet good quality electronic peripherals to the average consumer.

Build and Design

The KB03 is a full-sized keyboard and Live Tech claims that the keyboard is crafted with strong components. This is a membrane-type keyboard, which is somewhat similar to TV remotes in its keypad functionality.

The key panel of this keyboard has a textured design which we don’t see all that often in gaming keyboards. This design makes the keyboard look premium and makes it stand out from the rest of the competition.

The keys on the keyboard are slightly raised and the keycaps have a curve to them that centres your finger correctly on the key and makes it comfortable to type. The keyboard also comes with a palm rest.

This keyboard doesn’t have any back-lit functionality that we usually see on other gaming keyboards. So if you want a backlit gaming keyboard you should check out the other keyboards on the list.

Beneath the keyboard, you have two foldable feet which help to keep the keyboard in a raised position for a more comfortable sitting posture.


The KB03 keyboard from Live tech does not require the installation of any drivers. This is a Plug n Play keyboard and is easy to set up. The keyboard is compatible with all versions of Windows operating system as well.

This budget keyboard has anti-ghosting features that let you press a plethora of keys without having to worry about whether the keys will get registered or not.

The keys are comfortable thanks to the high raised design and have a keystroke life of over 10 million keystrokes.

This keyboard lacks LED-backlit lighting which can be a reason that the keyboard may be a hard pass for some. This makes it difficult to game in the dark if you usually do.


The Live-Tech KB03 is a great choice for a gaming keyboard if the lack of backlit keys isn’t much of a gamechanger to you. If you are looking to save some extra bucks on gaming keyboards then you can no doubt go for this.


Raised key design


Compatible with all versions of Windows


Comfortable typing experience




Type of KeyboardMembrane
Number Pad Yes
Backlit KeyNo

5. DragonWar Desert Eagle

Cheapest Gaming Keyboard
  • Keyboard for casual gamers
  • Dedicated multimedia keys and hotkeys 
  • Keyboard mat included with the keyboard

DragonWar is a Hong Kong-based gaming peripherals manufacturer. They have a wide range of gaming peripherals available in the country catering to the gamer’s needs.

The DragonWar Desert Eagle is their budget-friendly gaming keyboard best suited for entry-level gaming needs.

Build and Design

The Desert Eagle is a full plastic body matte black keyboard with the decent build quality.

DragonWar has opted for a simple approach when it comes to the design language of the keyboard.

The Desert Eagle keyboard looks a bit outdated compared to most of the modern gaming keyboards.

There is no LED backlit lighting on the desert eagle, and honestly, this is quite a boring look as almost all gaming keyboards have adopted backlit keys and it also makes them look quite attractive.

Instead of backlit keys, the Dessert Eagle has the arrow keys and WASD keys in a different colour than the rest of the keys. There are swappable keycaps for them that come in the box if you wish to give the keyboard a uniform look. Beneath the keyboard, there are foldable legs for a comfortable gaming position.

The Desert Eagle is a spill-proof keyboard so in case you spill water on any other liquid, it shouldn’t cause any damage to the keyboard.

Along with the keyboard in the box, you also get a keyboard mat which should help keep your keyboard sturdy.


This is a keyboard that is intended to be used by casual gamers and not competitive gamers. It should also be a fine keyboard for beginners.

The keyboard is comfortable to use and doesn’t cause any strain on the hands, if needed you can also use the legs in the back for a more inclined position. The mat is also a bonus for the price you pay.

The keyboard has dedicated multimedia keys and hotkeys on the side. This is a nice additional feature as most keyboards have the media keys integrated with the function buttons. The hotkeys also help you quickly access certain tools like a calculator.

Gaming in the dark would be quite impossible if you are not that familiar with the keyboard layout as there is a lack of backlit keys.


If you are new to gaming or want a keyboard-only for casual gaming and don’t play any competitive games then the Desert Eagle is a great choice.

If you don’t mind the lack of keyboard backlighting, the Desert Eagle keyboard is no doubt a good deal for a budget just under Rs.600.


Coloured WASD and Arrow Keys


Simple Design


Extra Keycaps in the box


No back-lit keys


Type of KeyboardMembrane
Number Pad Yes
Backlit Keys

6. Portronics Key2

Budget Keyboard + Mouse Combo
  • Scissor switch keyboard
  • Wireless keyboard and mouse
  • Lightweight and compact design

Portronics is a pioneer when it comes to portable and innovative technology.

They are a leader in the consumer electronic space and have launched over 1600 products since its inception. The Key2 is one of their portable keyboards and mouse combo priced around Rs.1,000 in the Indian market.

Build and Design

The Key2 is not primarily a gaming keyboard, but it can handle casual games without a problem. The keyboard is built with portability kept in mind.

The Key2 is a really small and compact keyboard. This is a tenkeyless keyboard and does not have a dedicated number pad.

This is a keyboard that is meant for laptop users in general due to its portability. It can easily fit into your laptop bag or any bag for a matter of fact.

The keyboard is only 1.5cm thick and weighs 336g.

The Key2 does not boast any gamer accent or designs, it also lacks backlit keys but it’s understandable considering the sheer size of this keyboard.

The Key2 Combo also includes a mouse which has a DPI sensitivity of up to 1500 for your casual gaming needs.


The Key2 keyboard and mouse are connected to the host device with the help of a 2.4Ghz wireless receiver. The single receiver connects both the keyboard and mouse.

Even though this is a wireless keyboard, there isn’t any noticeable input lag.

Like we mentioned earlier, the Key2 keyboard is not meant for competitive gaming, this is only fit for casual gaming. Since this is not a full-size keyboard it also saves a lot of space.

The scissor-switch keys of the keyboard provide you with a quiet and comfortable typing and gaming experience.

The keyboard is slim so it is necessary that it is handled with caution or it could break easily.

The mouse does not come with any extra buttons. This is a standard three-button mouse and the buttons remain silent on clicking.


The Key2 keyboard and mouse are both wireless and require AA batteries to function. The longevity of the keyboard and mouse depends on the quality of AA batteries used.

If the keyboard is not used for more than three minutes then it automatically goes into sleep mode to save power.


If you are someone who plays games casually and prefers a simple keyboard that doesn’t take a lot of space and is also easy to carry around, then look no further, the Key2 from Portronics is the right choice for you.


Minimalistic design


Portable keyboard


Additional mouse


Not a hardcore gaming keyboard


Type of KeyboardScissor Switch
Num Pad No
Backlit KeysNo

7. Zoook Concord

Honourable Mention
  • Rainbow LED keyboard
  • Durable 1.6m braided cable
  • Built-in steel plate for rigidity 

Zoook is a well-known brand that originated in France, they are known for their innovative and creative products. The Concord is a gaming keyboard by Zoook priced below Rs.1000.

Build and Design

The Zoook Concord has a built-in steel plate to keep the keyboard rigid. The steel plate also brings confidence in the consumer in terms of durability.

The Concord keyboard has a total of 104 keys. The keycaps of the keyboard are precision-engineered with extreme detail. The key caps are fading resistant, and hence the inscription on the keys won’t fade off.

Zoook claims that the keys on the Concord keyboard are scratch and water-resistant. This means that the keyboard is quite durable for daily use.

Backlit lighting is available for the keyboard, the rainbow-coloured lighting adds to the gaming flair of the keyboard. These lights can be turned off if required.


The Concord gaming keyboard is compatible with all Windows PC’s and Mac OS.

Gaming with this keyboard is quite comfortable thanks to the precision-engineered keys. The keyboard also has integrated media functionality and hotkeys.

There is also the Windows lock ability which disables the Windows key so gaming sessions don’t get interrupted by accident.

Anti-ghosting feature is available on this gaming keyboard and this comes in handy during competitive gaming as multiple key presses are usually required.

The keys on the Concord keyboard have a keystroke life of 10 million.


The Zoook concord is a worthy gaming keyboard and that is why we have added it onto the list. If you are in search of a gaming keyboard under Rs.1000 then the Zoook Concord is a good pick in terms of the build quality and performance.


Precision-engineered keycaps


Compatible with Windows and Mac OS


Fading resistant keycaps


More LED modes would have been nice


Type of KeyboardMembrane
Number Pad Yes
Backlit KeysYes

This is it! The curated buying guide for the seven best gaming keyboards under Rs.1000 in India concludes here.

We have taken utmost care to select the best seven from hundreds of products out there.

If you have any queries regarding the article, let us know in the comment section below and we’ll be happy to help.

Thanks for your time and have a great day!

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