Best Gaming Keyboards Under Rs.1,000 (November 2021)

Gaming keyboards are in trend now, which once used to be a luxury is now available to everyone at an affordable price. 

We know that in this highly competitive market where products get obsolete in a matter of days, you must be having a hard time choosing the right gaming keyboard for you. 

Whether you are a professional gamer or a beginner, we have curated a list of the twelve best gaming keyboards under Rs.1000 available for purchase in India for you to spend your hard-earned money on. 

So without any more delay, let’s begin!

Best Gaming Keyboards Under Rs.1,000

1. Zebronics Zeb-Transformer K2Overall Best Pick
2. Amkette EvoFox Fireblade Runner-up Pick
3. Cosmic Byte CoronaValue for Money Keyboard
4. HP K500FDurable and Reliable Keyboard
5. Zoook ConcordBest Budget Gaming Keyboard
6. Zebronics Zeb-WarBudget Keyboard + Mouse Bundle
7. Amkette Xcite ProAffordable Keyboard + Mouse Combo
8. Artis Blaze Versatile Gaming Keyboard
9. Redgear Blaze Best Build Quality 
10. Live Tech EvonCheap Keyboard + Mouse Bundle
11. Live Tech KB03 ProInexpensive Keyboard
12. HP K300Honourable Mention

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1. Zebronics Zeb-Transformer K2

Zebronics Zeb-Transformer K2

Overall Best Pick

  • Multi-LED backlit keys
  • Laser-etched keys prevent fading
  • 50 million keystroke life


Integrated media keys

Dedicated number pad

1-year warranty


No aluminium top plate

Zebronics is an Indian company known for its affordable electronics and computer peripherals. Zebronics deals with various electronic products like headphones, power banks, security cameras, and many more. 

We have previously reviewed a few of their products in our articles.  

The Zeb-Transformer K2 is a new gaming keyboard manufactured by Zebronics for budget gamers and it retails around Rs.1000 in the Indian market.

Build and Design 

The Zebronics Zeb-Transformer K2 is the successor to the Zebronics Zeb-Transformer K gaming keyboard. 

This new gaming keyboard has taken a total shift in terms of design and build quality. It looks nothing like its predecessor. One of the noticeable changes is that the aluminium top plate has been replaced with an all polycarbonate body. 

The Transformer K2 is a full-sized gaming keyboard which means it features a dedicated number pad. This gaming keyboard has a total of 104 keys and the legends of the keys have been laser etched to prevent them from fading away.

Furthermore, Zebronics has added a small wrist rest to the keyboard to provide some support when typing for a long time. 

Zebronics has included multi-LED lighting on the gaming keyboard as well. The multi-LED lighting gives this keyboard an attractive gaming flair. There are three brightness levels for the backlight that can be cycled through. 

At the back of the keyboard, there are rubber pads for grip and also the foldable legs that help to raise the keyboard at an incline for a more comfortable typing experience.

Zebronics has ensured that the cable of the keyboard is of good quality. It is a braided cable with a gold-plated USB connector. 


The Zebronics Zeb-Transformer K2 cannot be compared to a professional-grade gaming keyboard but the performance it offers for its price is appreciated. 

This is a membrane keyboard and the reason for this is to keep the cost low. It is a known fact that membrane keyboards are not as good as mechanical keyboards but it is impossible to get a mechanical keyboard at this price point. 

Despite being a membrane keyboard, it is still quite comfortable to use and should work with all PC games.

This budget gaming keyboard has integrated media keys which can be useful for quickly performing actions like adjusting the volume or pausing music. 

It is possible to disable the Windows key on the Zebronics Zeb-Transformer K2 while gaming. This helps in preventing the keyboard from accidental button presses.

Zebronics claims that their keyboard is rated to last for up to 50 million keystrokes. This gives you a brief idea regarding the longevity of the keyboard. 


The Zebronics Zeb-Transformer K2 does a job well done as the successor of the Transformer K and budget gamers are going to have a good time with this keyboard. However, it does have its share of drawbacks as well. 

If you are looking for a gaming keyboard for a budget of around Rs.1000 then this is one of the best options available.


Type of KeyboardMembrane
Number PadYes
Backlit KeysYes

2. Amkette EvoFox Fireblade 

Amkette EvoFox Fireblade

Runner-up Pick

  • 19 anti-ghosting keys
  • Comfortable elevated membrane Keys
  • Plug n Play device


Decent build quality

Compact form factor

Mechanical keyboard design


No number pad

EvoFox is a gaming-oriented brand by Amkette which aims to create high-quality computer peripherals for gamers in the country.

The Fireblade is a gaming keyboard manufactured by Amkette under the EvoFox brand. The Evofox Fireblade keyboard retails in India for a price tag of just Rs.999.

Build and Design

At Rs.999, the EvoFox Fireblade is a keyboard that is really solid and well built. 

At first glance, you might be fooled by the looks of this keyboard as it looks a lot like a mechanical one, but unfortunately, this is a membrane keyboard that is trying to mimic a mechanical one.

The Fireblade is an 87 TKL (Tenkeyless) keyboard, so it doesn’t have a dedicated number pad which you usually find on most keyboards. 

The keys on this keyboard are made of plastic and they have a good key travel distance for a comfortable gaming experience. 

At the bottom of the keyboard, we have two foldable legs so that you can adjust the keyboard at a comfortable angle. These legs don’t have any rubber on them for grip so if you are on a slippery surface, this keyboard might not be that sturdy.

EvoFox has gone for a rainbow LED-backlit for the Fireblade gaming keyboard. There aren’t many customization options for LEDs; you only get three lighting effects and two lighting modes.

The USB cable on the EvoFox Fireblade is braided and also has a magnetic ring that supposedly gives better signal transmission with minimal loss.


The Fireblade keyboard has 19 anti-ghosting keys supported. This means that when you are playing certain games that require multiple button presses at the same time, all the keys get registered properly.

The keys on the Fireblade have springy feedback to them which is quite satisfying and confidence-boosting that the keys don’t get stuck. The keycaps have a bit of wobble to them but it’s not something that would ruin your gaming experience.

This entry-level gaming keyboard has integrated media controls and they can be accessed by pressing the function key and the subsequent media key. The keystroke life of the keyboard is rated at 10 million.


In no way does the EvoFox Fireblade feel cheap, which is quite surprising as the keyboard is just Rs.999.

If you are after a budget entry-level keyboard with decent build quality and comfortable keys, then the Fireblade from Amkette is a good choice.


Type of KeyboardMembrane
Number PadNo
Backlit KeysYes

3. Cosmic Byte Corona

Cosmic Byte Corona

Value for Money Keyboard

  • LED lighting effects
  • Membrane keyboard
  • Water-resistant


Beautiful design

Step stand for raised typing

Lengthy cable


Full plastic construction

Cosmic Byte is a local Indian company that has been active in the low-cost gaming peripherals market in India for a while.

The Cosmic Byte Corona is one of their budget gaming keyboards available for purchase in the Indian market priced just under Rs.1,000.

Build and Design 

The Cosmic Byte Corona is a stunning keyboard that looks premium when you consider the price that you pay. 

This budget gaming keyboard is completely made from plastics and there is no other material being used for its construction except for the rubber pads found under the keyboard which provides a steady grip. 

This keyboard has scratch-resistant keys and the inscriptions of the keys also don’t fade away that easily. 

Cosmic Byte claims that the keyboard is water-resistant and can handle some accidental water spills. At the bottom of the keyboard, we have the drain holes through which water can pass through. 

This keyboard also has a step stand that lets you enjoy an inclined typing posture which reduces the pressure on your wrist. 

LED lighting on this keyboard looks really good. You get to choose from seven colours and nine lighting effects that look visually appealing in the dark.


The Cosmic Byte Corona is an excellent gaming keyboard suited for both beginners as well as amateurs. 

Regardless of the type of games you play, be it casual or competitive you can be ensured that the Cosmic Byte Corona is a reliable gaming keyboard. 

Cosmic Byte has tried its best to imitate a mechanical feel with this keyboard but unfortunately, they have not aced its feel which is understandable. You still get clicky and responsive feedback with this keyboard. 

This keyboard is loaded with features like anti-ghosting which is helpful when you are playing competitively. 

Cosmic Byte also claims that their keyboard has a keystroke life of up to 10 million which should be more than sufficient for your normal gaming needs and you won’t have to change your keyboard anytime soon. 


The Cosmic Byte Corona is a gaming keyboard that provides you with a bang for the buck value proposition. You get everything you would expect from a good keyboard with the Cosmic Byte Corona.


Type of KeyboardMembrane
Number PadYes
Backlit KeysYes

4. HP K500F

HP K500F

Durable and Reliable Keyboard

  • RGB LED Illumination
  • Robust build quality
  • 1-year warranty


Metal keyboard plate

Step stand for raised keys

Elegant design


Not for professional gamers

HP is an American multinational company known for its computers and related accessories across the globe. 

The K500F is a membrane-type wired gaming keyboard from HP priced at just Rs.1,234. 

Build and Design

The HP K500F has a plastic and metal mix construction with a minimal yet elegant design. 

The top panel of the keyboard is metal and the rest of the keyboard uses a plastic material.

The use of metal ensures durability whereas the plastics help HP to bring down the total cost without compromising on the performance. 

The HP K500F keyboard is scratch and rust-resistant and ensures the same brand new look and feel even after a long period. 

HP has equipped the keyboard with rainbow RGB LED backlighting which enhances the aesthetics of this gaming keyboard. The backlighting also makes the keys visible in dimly lit conditions. 


The performance of the HP K500F is similar to most other membrane type keyboards in this price segment. 

The raised keys on this gaming keyboard try to deliver a faux mechanical feel. Although they don’t give you a complete mechanical feel, these keys do have some clickiness to them which is very welcome. 

Competitive gaming requires simultaneous button presses and because of which this keyboard comes equipped with 26 anti-ghosting keys. This feature allows you to press up to 26 keys simultaneously.

The HP K500F keyboard has the Windows lock functionally which allows you to disable the Windows key while gaming. This prevents you from minimizing your games with accidental presses.

HP has not included any media keys on the keyboard which is a bit of a disappointment if you are someone who uses them often. 

The keyboard has LED notifications for the Caps Lock, Numlock, and Windows lock keys which indicate whether these are enabled or disabled. 


The HP K500F is a standard gaming keyboard without any stand out features compared to its competitors but what HP has focused on is the build quality, which is outstanding for this price point.


Type of KeyboardMembrane
Number PadYes
Backlit KeysYes

5. Zoook Concord

Zoook Concord

Best Budget Gaming Keyboard

  • Rainbow LED keyboard
  • Durable 1.6m braided cable
  • Built-in steel plate for rigidity 


Precision-engineered keycaps

Compatible with Windows and Mac OS

Fading resistant keycaps


More LED modes would have been nice

Zoook is a well-known brand that originated in France, they are known for their innovative and creative products. The Concord is a gaming keyboard by Zoook priced below Rs.1000.

Build and Design 

The Zoook Concord has a built-in steel plate to keep the keyboard rigid. The steel plate also brings confidence to the consumer in terms of durability.

The Concord keyboard has a total of 104 keys. The keycaps of the keyboard are precision-engineered with extreme detail. The key caps are fading resistant, and hence the inscription on the keys won’t fade off.

Zoook claims that the keys on the Concord keyboard are scratch and water-resistant. This means that the keyboard is quite durable for daily use.

Backlit lighting is available for the keyboard, the rainbow-coloured lighting adds to the gaming flair of the keyboard. These lights can be turned off if required.


The Concord gaming keyboard is compatible with all Windows PC’s and Mac OS.

Gaming with this keyboard is quite comfortable thanks to the precision-engineered keys. The keyboard also has integrated media functionality and hotkeys.

There is also the Windows lock ability which disables the Windows key so gaming sessions don’t get interrupted by accident.

An Anti-ghosting feature is available on this gaming keyboard and this comes in handy during competitive gaming as multiple key presses are usually required.

The keys on the Concord keyboard have a keystroke life of 10 million. 


The Zoook concord is a worthy gaming keyboard and that is why we have added it to the list. If you are in search of a gaming keyboard under Rs.1000 then the Zoook Concord is a good pick in terms of build quality and performance.


Type of KeyboardMembrane
Number PadYes
Backlit KeysYes

6. Zebronics Zeb-War

Budget Keyboard + Mouse Bundle

  • LED lighting on keyboard and mouse 
  • 12 million keystroke life 
  • Raised key architecture 


Decent build quality

All keys disable option

Gold plated USB connector


No rubberized side grips on the mouse 

Zebronics is an Indian company that is known for many of its affordable products ranging from Bluetooth speakers to headphones.  

The Zeb-War is a keyboard and mouse combo from popular peripherals manufacturer, Zebronics. 

This keyboard and mouse combo by Zebronics is retailing for just Rs.1,099 in the Indian market.

Build and Design 

The Zeb-War keyboard and mouse are both wired peripherals with full-body plastic construction. 

Zebronics has given this keyboard a floating key architecture which implies that they are trying to imitate the feel of a mechanical keyboard but raising the keys does not provide a mechanical feel. 

This keyboard features 3-Zone LED lighting which is of red, blue, and green colours. Four different LED lighting modes can be cycled using the LED control button on the keyboard.

In the bottom section of this keyboard, there are height-adjustable step stands which when retracted provide an inclined typing posture.

Keycaps on this keyboard are removable which helps in easy cleaning. 

The Zeb-War gaming mouse has a matte finish exterior which makes it comfortable to grip but it does not have a rubberized grip on its sides. For the asking price, the build quality of this mouse is acceptable. 

This mouse also features an LED lighting effect that changes on its own. 

The cable of the Zeb-War keyboard and mouse are braided. You can connect it to your host device via the standard gold plated USB connector.


For its asking price, the Zebronics Zeb-War is an excellent performing keyboard and mouse combo. 

This keyboard and mouse is suitable for someone who has a limited budget and cannot purchase a mechanical gaming keyboard and gaming mouse

All games on PC are supported by this keyboard and mouse. There are no issues regarding its compatibility with games. 

Zebronics claims that their keyboard has a keystroke life of 12 million which is quite a tall claim. This means that you do not have to worry about the keyboard until you are ready to upgrade. 

You also can disable or enable all the keys on the keyboard. This is primarily used to disable the Windows key which when accidentally pressed distracts the user. 

The mouse that comes bundled with this keyboard features six buttons that are not programmable. One of the buttons is the DPI button which can be cycled through on the fly. According to Zebronics, the buttons of the mouse have a click life cycle of 3 million. 

This mouse features an optical sensor which is pretty accurate and you shouldn’t have any trouble regarding its accuracy. 


The Zebronics Zeb-War is a good option for a budget-conscious gamer. Zebronics has done a good job with the price-performance ratio of their gaming keyboard and mouse.


Type of KeyboardMembrane
Number PadYes
Backlit KeysYes

7. Amkette Xcite Pro

Amkette Xcite Pro

Affordable Keyboard + Mouse Combo

  • Dedicated media and function buttons
  • UV coated keys
  • Spill-resistant design


Spill-resistant keyboard

Elegant colour scheme

Noise-free operation



Amkette is an Indian computer accessories company based in New Delhi. The company has been in this business for so long and some of us might even recollect the old Amkette CD’s and floppy disks back in the day.

The Xcite Pro from Amkette is a budget entry-level wired keyboard that is built like a tank to survive any abuse and last for a very long time.

Design and Build Quality

The Amkette Xcite Pro is designed very cleverly to have all the necessary keys within your reach without the need to extend fingers across to the sides of the keyboard.

This keyboard comes with a dual-tone orange-black colour scheme which looks unique and refreshing.

The entire frame and the keys are made from high-quality tough PU plastic material. 

The keys are coated with a special UV layer to make sure the marking won’t disappear after some time due to excessive use.


This mechanical type keyboard has relatively bigger sized keys for easy typing. 

The keys are very well spaced which makes typing a comfortable experience for those with large and wide fingers.

The keys on this budget wired keyboard exhibit excellent key travel distance, delivering a precise feedback experience while swiftly typing. This also minimizes the problem of double typing to a certain extent.


Amkette Xcite Pro offers a noiseless typing experience, thanks to the clever key arrangement with the base.

The special function buttons and media control buttons are located on either side of this keyboard and are designated with a special orange colour.

The body of this keyboard is certified to be spill-resistant. Even if you accidentally spill any liquid over this product, it will not damage the circuitry inside and you can continue using the keyboard as before.


The Amkette Xcite Pro is an excellent wired keyboard with one of the best build quality in its segment.


Type of KeyboardMembrane
Number PadYes
Backlit KeysNo

8. Artis Blaze 

Artis Blaze

Versatile Gaming keyboard

  • Spill-resistant
  • Laser engraved keycaps
  • LED backlighting 


Step stand for raised typing experience 

10 million keystroke life

Integrated palm rest 



Artis is an Indian company that manufactures a wide range of electronic products ranging from keyboards, mice to power supplies.

The Artiz Blaze is a full-sized gaming keyboard currently retailing for Rs.999 in the Indian market. 

Build and Design 

The Artis Blaze is a well-built gaming keyboard that looks and feels quite sturdy in hand. 

It is quite surprising that Artis has managed to make a keyboard with such a good build quality under Rs.999. 

The company has used polycarbonate material for the body of the keyboard. However, the quality of polycarbonate used is good and feels like a bang for the buck.

This keyboard has a matte finish on the body and keys which provides a good amount of grip when typing. 

The key caps on the keyboard are made from plastic and are laser engraved. The markings on the keycaps or the characters are lasered onto it so they don’t get faded away with usage.

All the keys of the keyboard have full LED lighting and the light passes through the inscriptions on the keys making it visible even when in the dark. This keyboard has three backlight colours to choose from.

The rear of the camera features a step stand that is used to give the user an inclined experience when typing. 

There is also an integrated palm rest on the keyboard which ensures that you have a comfortable typing or gaming experience.

Since it is a wired gaming keyboard all you need to do is plug the USB cable into your laptop or PC and you will be good to go.


The Artis Blaze gaming keyboard is compatible with all Windows devices. In terms of performance, it is a great choice for those who are new to gaming on a PC.

The click feedback which you get from this keyboard will be satisfactory. While it doesn’t have a mechanical feel, the experience is pleasant nonetheless.

This keyboard has a 10 million keystroke cycle. This means you won’t have to worry about the life of the keyboard anytime soon.

A unique feature of the Artis Blaze is that it includes four programmable G-keys which is not something that you see often in sub-Rs. 1000 gaming keyboards. 

This keyboard is loaded with features like anti-ghosting which is helpful when you are playing action-intensive gaming titles.


The Artis Blaze is a well-built gaming keyboard ideal for no-frills casual gaming and a budget under Rs.1000, it is a bargain.


Type of KeyboardMembrane
Number PadYes
Backlit KeysYes

9. Redgear Blaze 

Redgear Blaze 3

Best Build Quality 

  • 19 keys anti-ghost
  • For beginners and amateurs 
  • Floating key architecture 


Aluminium top plate 

Braided cable 

10 million keystroke life 


Limited LED lighting effects 

Redwood Interactive is a well-known Indian brand that markets its gaming peripherals and accessories under the name of Redgear. When we talk about gaming peripherals, Redgear is a name that we come across often. 

The Blaze is one of the entry-level gaming keyboards from Redgear priced at just Rs.1,226. 

Build and Design 

Redgear has paid close attention to the details of the Blaze keyboard. In terms of design and build quality, they have gone for an aluminium top plate that curves around the top while the rest of the material used in the keyboard is good quality plastic.

This keyboard is no doubt a good-looking one but Redgear has given the keys a wavy design and they are not uniformly placed. This might be an issue for some but it really shouldn’t cause much difference when it comes to gaming. 

Furthermore, the keycaps on this keyboard have a floating key architecture. This is meant to mimic a mechanical keyboard feel but there is still a long way to go although it is much better than your standard membrane keyboard. 

For those who love LED lighting on their gaming accessories, Redgear has made available three colour choices to choose from. Unfortunately, there isn’t an option for a mixed colour backlight. You are stuck to either a red, blue, or purple backlight. You do have the option for a breathing effect but there isn’t any other lighting effect available. 


If you are going to switch from a mechanical keyboard to a membrane keyboard like this one, then you are going to be utterly disappointed. 

This keyboard has been created to suit the needs of gamers who are on a budget and don’t mind the lack of mechanical keys. Yes, you do miss out on the mechanical feel but not everyone can afford to go for a mechanical keyboard. 

Gaming with this keyboard works fine and you shouldn’t face any problems regarding its compatibility with modern games. This keyboard is suitable for casual and competitive gamers but if you are looking for a keyboard to play professionally, then this is not going to be the best choice.

To help you in competitive gaming, this keyboard also has 19 keys anti-ghosting which lets you press up to 19 keys at the same time. 

Redgear claims that the keys on their keyboard have a life cycle of 10 million which should be sufficient for most gamers. 


This is a keyboard that will provide a refined experience for someone who wants a good keyboard on a budget. The build quality of this keyboard is good for the price and it also has the basic features you would expect from an entry-level budget gaming keyboard.


Type of KeyboardMembrane
Number PadYes
Backlit KeysYes

10. Live Tech Evon

Live Tech Evon

Cheap Keyboard + Mouse Bundle

  • Bundled mouse 
  • LED-backlit keys
  • Metal chassis 


Floating key architecture 

Integrated media keys

Foldable feet 


Fixed LED lighting 

Not for competitive gaming

Live-Tech is an Indian company that strives to provide low-cost yet good quality electronic peripherals to the average consumer.

The Live-Tech Evon is an entry-level gaming keyboard and mouse combo priced at just Rs.895. 

Build and Design 

The Live-Tech Evon keyboard and mouse combo are a good pair together and work hand in hand. 

Speaking of its build quality, the Evon gaming keyboard has used a combination of metal and plastic materials for its construction. The top plate of the keyboard is made from metal while the rest of its body has plastic construction.

One of the disadvantages of the design of this keyboard is the sharp edges of the metal chassis which might cause cuts if carelessly handled.

Beneath the keyboard, there are two foldable feet which help to keep the keyboard in a raised position for a more comfortable sitting posture.

Furthermore, the keycaps on this keyboard have a floating key architecture. This is meant to mimic a mechanical keyboard feel but there is still a long way to go although it is much better than your standard membrane keyboard.

The Live-Tech Evon gaming keyboard also features LED backlighting. The LED backlighting on the keyboard gives it a beautiful look, especially in dimly lit rooms. Unfortunately, the lights are fixed and cannot be changed. 

Bundled with the keyboard is the Live Tech gaming mouse which has a glossy finish. This mouse too comes with RGB LED illumination. 


The Live-Tech Evon keyboard and mouse is an excellent choice for someone who wants to spend less. 

This keyboard and mouse is not meant for competitive gaming and instead is meant for casual gamers.

Integrated with the function keys of the keyboard are the media functions, which can be accessed by pressing the Fn key and the respective function button. This allows you to change the volume, play, or pause your music without exiting the game.

The mouse that comes bundled with this keyboard features six buttons that are not programmable. One of the buttons is the DPI button which can be cycled through on the fly. 


The Live-Tech Evon keyboard is not the keyboard with the best build nor is it going to be the most reliable but if you would rather save some bucks and go for a combo that provides you with a mouse along with a keyboard then this is the one for you.


Type of KeyboardMembrane
Number PadYes
Backlit KeysYes

11. Live Tech KB03 Pro

Live Tech KB03 Pro

Inexpensive Keyboard

  • Anti-ghosting keys
  • Ergonomic design
  • Good for regular and gaming use


Foldable stand for convenient typing experience

Works fine almost all OS

Raised keys with a curved shape



Live Tech is another Indian brand that tries to provide the best quality product at pocket-friendly prices.

The Live-Tech KB03 Pro is a wired keyboard with a dedicated number pad that is priced at just Rs.599.

Design and Build Quality

The Live Tech KB03 Pro is built using plastic materials and the quality does not seem cheap at all.

This keyboard has a distinctive look with that textured finish and it’s something that you don’t find on every budget keyboard out there.

The keys are slightly raised from the board which is done for providing the user a mechanical but the fact is that it’s a membrane-type keyboard which is okay considering its price.

If you look closely at the keys you will notice that all the keys have a curved shape so it helps you type correctly without slipping your fingers here and there.

This keyboard does not have palm rest so whenever you place this keyboard make sure the flat surface is big enough so you can land your palm on it.

Underneath the keyboard, there is a foldable mechanism that helps raise the keyboard height from the top side so the consumer will have a better typing posture.


The Live Tech KB03 Pro does not feature LED-backlighting which is acceptable considering the price tag of just Rs.599.

The brand tries well to provide nice feedback on typing. The keys are well-spaced and offer a clicky response.

This keyboard has anti-ghosting features that let you press plenty of keys without having to worry about whether the keys will get registered or not.

The multimedia keys are included with the function keys however, it would be more convenient if they provide dedicated keys.


The Live-Tech KB03 Pro is a good choice for regular and gaming use; the only exception is that it lacks LED backlighting.

For the price of Rs.599, this keyboard is just perfect for budget consumers.


Type of KeyboardMembrane
Number PadYes
Backlit KeysNo

12. HP K300

HP K300

Honourable Mention 

  • Dedicated number pad
  • Water-resistant keyboard 
  • RGB LED backlighting


Membrane keyboard 

Super-wear resistant keys

Minimal yet elegant design 


No media keys

HP is a popular manufacturer of laptops and its peripherals not just in India but across the entire world. 

The HP K300 is an entry-level gaming keyboard from HP which is priced around Rs.1,200. 

Build and Design 

The HP K300 wired gaming keyboard is constructed with polycarbonate plastics with reliability and long term durability in mind. 

This is a budget full-sized gaming keyboard with 104 keys and features the US key layout. 

HP has used a double injection moulding process on the keycaps of the keyboard to keep the markings intact even with heavy usage. 

The keycaps on this HP keyboard have three layers – the matte layer on top, super-wear resistant UR layer, and finally the texture layer. This ensures good quality keycaps that have a satisfying feel. 

HP K300 keyboard features rainbow LED illumination which makes the keyboard attractive. You can stylize the keyboard however you want for a tailored and personal experience. 

At the bottom of the keyboard, you will find two-step stands that can be utilized to deliver an ergonomic typing experience. 

HP certifies that this is a water-resistant keyboard and has provided drain holes in the chassis in case you accidentally spill something over. 


The HP K300 performs well and this is something that you would expect from a high-profile brand like HP.

The keyboard features 19 key anti-ghosting which is a must-have feature in gaming keyboards because most modern games require complicated actions and multiple key presses at a single time.

Thanks to the anti-ghosting feature you can press up to 19 keys at a single time. 

Although the keyboard is not as tactile as a mechanical keyboard, HP has done their best to imitate a mechanical feel. If you don’t mind saving some extra bucks and going for a cheaper membrane keyboard then this shouldn’t be a problem. 

Thanks to the beautiful LED backlighting on the keyboard, it is also possible to enjoy your games in dimly lit conditions without having to blindly search for the keys. 

Unfortunately, there are no media keys on the keyboard which is a bit disappointing. Media keys let you increase or decrease your volume and play or pause music without having to minimize your games. If you don’t use media keys all that often then this should not be a problem for you. 


If you are someone who does not want to spend much on a high-end mechanical keyboard but want to get an idea about how they would feel, you can go for the HP K300.


Type of KeyboardMembrane
Number PadYes
Backlit KeysYes

This is it! The curated buying guide for the twelve best gaming keyboards under Rs.1000 in India concludes here.

We have taken utmost care to select the best six from hundreds of products out there.

If you have any queries regarding the article, let us know in the comment section below and we’ll be happy to help.

Thanks for your time and have a great day!


If you are new to PC gaming, then investing in a gaming keyboard should be a priority if you plan to win matches. 

Gaming keyboards are not your typical keyboards and offer tactical advantages over your fellow players, thanks to the specialized keys and other related features such as anti-ghosting and Windows lock key options. 

With the ever-growing gaming industry, there is no doubt that the market is filled with a wide range of gaming keyboards for you to choose from. 

We at Bettershark will guide you through a few basic yet important points you should go through before fixing on a gaming keyboard under Rs.1000. 

Do make sure you go through the following important points and make the best decision. 


Gaming keyboards under Rs.1000 would either come with a plastic build or if you are lucky you might also find a gaming keyboard that utilizes both plastic and metal. 

The type of material used is a personal choice when it comes to gaming keyboards but do make sure that the quality of material used is good. ABS plastic is recommended when choosing a plastic gaming keyboard. 

If you want a more premium-feeling keyboard you can opt for one which has an aluminium frame on top but the rest of the body would no doubt be made of plastic.

We recommend you go for a gaming keyboard that utilizes both metal and plastic, but if you are looking to save some cash you can go for a plastic gaming keyboard.

Mechanical or Membrane 

Mechanical keyboards feature spring-loaded switches in them while membrane keyboards have keycaps that press down a thin membrane layer that has a circuit underneath. 

A known fact is that mechanical keyboards are better than a membrane keyboard because of the tactile feel which one gets when using them. But now in 2020 membrane keyboards have come close to the experience one gets when using a mechanical keyboard. 

Although it is uncommon to find a mechanical keyboard under Rs.1000, if you do happen to find one you can go for it but the durability of the keyboard might not be as top-notch as the more premium mechanical keyboards.

It would be more common to find membrane keyboards under the Rs.1000 mark and although you won’t get the mechanical feel they would be your best bet for a good gaming keyboard.

 If you want a reliable mechanical keyboard then you would have to spend some extra money.


It is necessary to check the feature set of the gaming keyboard before purchasing it.

Gaming keyboards under Rs.1000 might have limited features compared to more expensive gaming keyboards but below are the few things that you should look out for when picking up a gaming keyboard.

  • Anti-ghosting keys
  • Windows lock
  • Scratch and spill resistance 
  • Media keys

If you require features like macro functionality and USB pass-through then you would have to spend a premium price. 


Gaming keyboards are known for having flash LED lighting on them which make them stand out from the standard keyboards.

Although LED lighting is not a necessity when it comes to gaming keyboards since they don’t provide any important benefit other than visibility in the dark but if you are an avid gamer you would already know the key locations. 

LED lighting shouldn’t be much of a concern when it comes to gaming keyboards since even if you don’t like them usually all keyboards have the option to turn the lights off. 

Types of Keys

Under Rs.1000 the most common keyboards are membrane keyboards and they have similar keys so there isn’t much to decide upon but if you happen to find a mechanical keyboard do check out the switches that it uses. 

Most mechanical keyboards come equipped with Blue switches but there are other colours available like red and brown switches. 

Blue switches are known for being tactile and clicky, red switches are known for their speed and brown switches are a middle ground between blue and red. 

The above-mentioned points are really important when choosing a gaming keyboard because that is what will decide your final gaming experience. 

If you have any other queries regarding choosing a gaming keyboard do feel free to comment down below and we will get back to you


Q. What are Anti-ghosting keys?

A. Certain competitive games require you to perform multiple actions at once and that requires you to press more than 1 button simultaneously. This is what anti-ghosting keys do, they let you press multiple keys simultaneously with all of them getting registered. On ordinary keyboards, you cannot press multiple keys at once.

For example games like Fortnite require you to jump diagonally while running and this requires three button presses simultaneously.

Q. How do I clean a gaming keyboard?

A. Most gaming keyboards now come with removable keycaps which make it easier to clean and that is the easiest way to clean a keyboard. You should keep your keyboard clean always because dust can cause some disruptions when gaming.

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