Best Gaming Keyboards Under Rs.1,000 (Latest 2020)

by | Jun 11, 2020

Gaming is a thriving industry that attracts youth and adults alike all over the world. New gaming titles are released every few months and machines capable of running those games are manufactured as well.

Serious gamers always try to up their game by investing in specialized gaming hardware such as joysticks, gaming keyboards and mouse that offer some out of the box features tailor-made to excel in gaming.

These peripherals can be very expensive to own, but there are affordable ones for frugal customers as well. In this article, we’ll guide you through five best gaming laptops in the Indian market, priced under Rs.1000.

So buckle up, read through and select your pick!

Best Gaming Keyboards Under Rs.1000 in India

1. Redgear Blaze 3Overall Best Pick
2. Zebronics TransformerRunner-Up Pick
3. Nighthawk NK102Best Build Quality
4. Evofox FirebladeValue for Money keyboard
5. Cosmic Byte CoronaBudget-Friendly Gaming Keyboard
6. Tygot Mini Honourable Mention


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1. Redgear Blaze 3

Overall Best Pick
  • Anti-ghost feature enabled keyboard
  • Tactile floating keys
  • Aluminium unibody frame

Gaming keyboards are a necessary component in any serious gaming setup. Without these custom made keyboards for gaming, the results may vary by a huge margin.

The Redgear Blaze 3 is a budget gaming keyboard priced just under Rs.1000 that adds value to a budget gaming rig by all means.

Design and build quality

Made of an aluminium chassis, the Redgear Blaze 3 is a beauty to look at. The sufficiently spaced keys and the curved edges give this keyboard a serious gaming flare.

The floating type keys are designed in such a way that your finger will land in the exact middle for a precise keypress experience even when your clicks are too fast.

There is enough spacing between the keys for stress-free operation.

The inbuilt media control lets you control the voice and other such variables straight from the keyboard.

There is also a dedicated window switch that will block all the unnecessary window pop up during the gameplay.

Keys and keyboard lighting

The mechanical keys on this gaming keyboard offer good tactile response and clicky feel.

This is important for a gamer as he/she isn’t necessarily looking at the keyboard and if a mistype happens, that would adversely affect the gameplay.

The anti-ghost feature on this keyboard is of great help to professional helpers. This feature ignores accidental double presses and increases the accuracy of the keys.

The backlighting setup of these keyboard has three colour LEDs. You can either set a static colour or choose an alternating blinking pattern.

The keys having a lifespan of 10 million keystrokes, will surely last for years to come, even when used daily.


Being a wired keyboard has its unique advantages when it comes to gaming.

The steady power supply from the USB port helps the laptop responds to the keys consistently.

The bevelled edges on the aluminium unibody are comfortable to lay your hands on and provide support when idling while waiting for keypresses.


If you are in search of a gaming keyboard under Rs.1000, the Redgear Blaze 3 is a great choice.

With its mechanical keys and anti-ghost feature, this keyboard provides precise clicks and registers the keystrokes accurately.

The mood lighting effects on this keyboard add a further charm as well.


Excellent build quality


Mood lighting feature


Elegant design


Status indicators are a bit too bright


Number Pad Yes
Backlit FeatureYes
Media ControlsYes

2. Zebronics Transformer

Runner-Up Pick
  • Aluminium chassis
  • RGB lighting effects
  • Gold plated USB interface

Zebronics is a well-known name when it comes to budget-friendly computer accessories such as keyboards, mouse and Bluetooth speakers.

The Zebronics Transformer is an affordable gaming keyboard priced just around Rs.1000 suitable for those first-time gamers.

Design and Build Quality

The transformer keyboard is made from lightweight aluminium material for strength and durability.

There is no paint job whatsoever on the keyboard chassis, which adds further to the hardcore gaming flair.

The transformer from Zebronics features a strong, braided wire which further reinforces the durability standpoint.

Overall, the build quality of this budget gaming keyboard is very much on par with its competitors.

Hardware features

The keys on this keyboard are laser etched to allow light to pass through the keycaps.

These keys are placed with adequate distance in between to eliminate false key presses during intense gaming sessions.

The key travel distance is ample enough for a delightful typing experience as well. The keypresses are slightly noisy though.

Zebronics claims these keys last for up to 80 million clicks, which is quite impossible to test.


Yes – this device comes with multi-coloured backlight support. You can turn off the light if that’s becoming too much a distraction during gaming.

The multi-coloured LED backlighting is very gorgeous to look at and delivers a soothing gaming ambience in the room.


The Zebronics transformer is a no-frills gaming keyboard priced under Rs.1000.

Made from aluminium and with high-quality laser-etched keys, this keyboard is definitely worth the asking price.


Well-spaced keys


Braided cable


Integrated media buttons


Keys are a bit noisy


Number Pad Yes
Backlit FeatureYes
Media ControlsYes

3. Nighthawk NK102

Best Build Quality
  • Full aluminium build
  • 3-color interchangeable LED lighting
  • Anti-ghosting keys

The Nighthawk NK102, priced comfortably under Rs.1000 is a budget, feature-rich gaming keyboard with a decent user-centric feature set.

Designed to cater to budget gamers, this gaming keyboard will deliver improved responsiveness and much-needed speed during your gaming stints.

Design and Build Quality

The Nighthawk NK102 is built from lightweight aluminium with a frosty black matte finish on top.

This design looks very much pleasing to the eyes. The ergonomic design of this keyboard makes it blend well with your gaming setup.

It also comes with an anti-skid roller at the bottom to make the keyboard stay intact even while your fingers pound on it mercilessly.

Hardware Features

The Nighthawk NK102 comes with membrane pad keys. These keys are not as good as mechanical keys but quite decent for the price.

This keyboard offers up to 8 different programmable buttons. You can use these buttons to assign a specific function during the game.

This keyboard supports up to 19 keys with anti-ghosting features. This means issues such as accidental double presses won’t cause a problem during the gaming.


The Nighthawk NK102 has a three colour interchangeable LED lighting system.

The lighting is not static and offers dynamic effects up to some extent. You can also switch off the lighting altogether.


The Nighthawk NK102 is a very well built budget gaming keyboard with some serious gaming-centric features such as anti-ghosting keys and programmable buttons.


Soft-touch keys


Decent key spacing


Ergonomic design


Not as good as mechanical keys


Number Pad Yes
Backlit FeatureYes
Media ControlsYes

4. Evofox Fireblade

Value for Money Keyboard
  • Raised membrane key design
  • Anti-ghosting support
  • 12 programmable keys

Amkette is a prominent gaming peripheral manufacturer popular for budget-oriented products such as gaming mouses and keyboards.

The Evofox Fireblade keyboard semi-mechanical keyboard with a floating keycap design retails at just under Rs.1000 in the Indian market.

Design and Build Quality

The Evofox Fireblade keyboard looks unique at the first glance itself, thanks to the black aluminium chassis beneath the elevated membrane keys.

There is a magnetic ring attached to the cable for an improved signal response.

The floating keycap design not only adds to the premium design but also improves the key travel distance.

This wired gaming keyboard comes with a braided cable which feels sturdy and durable.

Hardware Features

The floating keycap design is one of the hallmark features of this gaming keyboard. The keys are sufficiently spaced apart to eliminate cross typing. The excellent key travel distance makes each keypress more accurate.

Since accuracy is the most important factor in gaming, you are guaranteed to have a great time with this budget keyboard.

The higher quality USB connector offers minimal latency to your keypresses. This keyboard is also compatible with USB2.0 as well as USB3.0 standards.


The Evofox keyboard comes with RGB lighting effects for the added gaming flair. It can be turned off and on according to the user preference.

The double injection keycaps make sure that the light isn’t bright enough to be uncomfortable at night.


The Evofox Fireblade is an affordable wired gaming keyboard with comfortable switches for a pleasant gaming experience.


Elegant design


Decent build quality




Average quality bottom rubber padding


Number Pad Yes
Backlit featureNo
Media ControlsYes

5. Cosmic Byte Corona

Budget-Friendly Gaming Keyboard
  • Braided cable
  • Anti-ghosting keys 
  • Four levels backlit brightness control

Cosmic Byte is a budget gaming peripheral manufacturer in India that has seen some success with their cheap gaming mouses and headphones that offer more features than any other brands out there at a similar price.

The Corona is a mechanical gaming keyboard from Cosmic Byte with a lot of features such as the anti-ghosting technology that was once seen only with expensive models.

Design and Build Quality

At the first look, we’d get confused with this keyboard. It looks similar to any other normal keyboard we have seen in the market.

The injection moulded plastic chassis exudes a sense of durability. The plastics used are of high quality and there is no flex anywhere on the chassis.

There are 104 keys in total on this mechanical keyboard. The responsiveness these keys offer are outstanding and will greatly aid you in better gameplay for sure.

Having backlit keys is a norm for gaming keyboards.

This gaming keyboard does feature a single blue colour backlit for easy visibility of keys during night time.

Hardware Features

In gaming, a millisecond delay in a keystroke will cost you, dear.

Understanding this Cosmic byte has improved their previous designs and injection moulded double-shot keycaps that will ensure that your presses are accurately registered.

There are eight multimedia keys on this keyboard for controlling media in an instant.

The Corona gaming keyboard features anti-ghosting technology that many of the modern-day budget gaming keyboards lack.

What is anti-ghosting?

In most of the games, there will be more than one key binding for performing a specific task.

But on those keyboards without this anti-ghosting feature, the keyboard ignores these multiple keypresses as it can’t process the same.

With the Corona, you can now bind multiple keys at once and click to achieve the function that you intended to perform during the gameplay without any hassle.


The Cosmic Byte Corona is a plug and play device. This means that you don’t have to install any additional drivers to get this keyboard up and running on your system.

The device will automatically start working as Windows will detect the product without any issues.

Also, no matter what OS you run, this keyboard will support it.

This is a wired gaming laptop as you would have already known.

The braided nylon wire is extremely tough and can withstand much abuse without hampering the usability of this keyboard.


If you’re looking for a gaming keyboard under Rs.1000, the Cosmic Byte Corona is the best product that you can avail in the market at present.

With premium features like anti-ghosting technology embedded into durable and tough full-sized keyboard chassis, this product does offer one of the best bangs for the buck value proposition.


Scratch-resistant keys


Easy to clean keyboard design


One year warranty


Single colour LED backlight


Num Pad Yes
Backlit FeatureYes
Media ControlsYes

6. Tygot Mini

Honourable Mention
  • Eight hours of battery life
  • Integrated touchpad with gesture support
  • Wireless connectivity

Gaming not only encircles desktop computers, laptops and gaming consoles but also smartphones and tablets. There are a lot of great games available on both Android and iOS such as PUBG and Fortnite.

Playing these games with on-screen buttons may not be everyone’s cup of tea. This is where products such as Tygot Mini comes relevant.

The Tygot Mini is a compact wireless keyboard with an integrated trackpad, best suited for use with smartphones and tablets.

Design and Build Quality

The Tygot mini has a joystick form factor in general. The rounded edges help in gripping the keyboard in hand.

The mini-sized keys are arranged well with sufficient spacing in between them, considering the overall size.

The buttons feel very tactile and soft. The overall build quality is decent for the price.

Hardware Features

On the left and right top edges, the rounded media control buttons and navigation buttons are placed conveniently.

There is a small touchpad in the middle, which is capable of recognizing multi-finger touches and swipes.

The keys are backlit which makes this keyboard usable in the night as well.

There are one-touch buttons to revoke custom functions such as opening the messaging app and search bar which improves the overall usability of this keyboard.


The Tygot Mini makes use of Wi-Fi connectivity to connect with your smartphone and tablets. The wireless connection is stable without any drops.

You can use this wireless gaming keyboard with a smartphone, a tablet running both iOS and Android. It also supports PCs and laptops as well.

Battery Life

The Tygot Mini keyboard is powered by a rechargeable and removable battery. This battery lasts for about 8 hours on a single charge even with backlight switched on.


If you’re an avid mobile gamer, the Tygot mini is the best gaming keyboard you can get your hands on for a budget under Rs.1000.


Dedicated media controls


Universal compatibility


Lightweight and compact


Very bright backlight which might strain your eyes


Number Pad No
Backlit FeatureYes
Media ControlsYes

This is it! The curated buying guide for the best gaming keyboards under Rs.1000 concludes here.

We have taken utmost care to select the best six from hundreds of products out there.

If you have any queries regarding the article, let us know in the comment section below and we’ll be happy to help.

Thanks for your time and have a great day!