Best Gaming Keyboards Under Rs.2,000 (March 2020)

by | Mar 19, 2020

Gaming keyboards helps you improve your skill in close combat first-person shooting games and other genres of fast-paced gaming titles.

Investing your hard-earned money in a good keyboard can easily be the defining point which determines your success as a gamer.

In this article, we bring you the best five gaming keyboards priced under Rs.2000 carefully curated and selected from a list of hundreds out there.

We hope this will make your purchase decision much quicker and effortless affair. Without any further ado, let’s begin!

Best Gaming Keyboards Under Rs.2000 in India

1. Cosmic Byte NeonOverall Best Pick
2. Night Hawk Nk101Runner-Up Pick
3. Lenovo Legion K200Best Branded Gaming Keyboard
4. Redragon Karura K502Best Ergonomically Designed Keyboard
5. Zebronics TRANSFORMERHonorable Mention

1. CosmicByte Neon

Best Gaming Keyboard
  • Excellent keystroke response
  • Durable build quality
  • 4-stage LED illumination

Cosmic Byte is a budget gaming peripheral manufacturer in India that has seen some success with their cheap gaming mouses and headphones that offer more features than any other brands out there at a similar price.

The Cosmic Byte Neon is a mechanical gaming keyboard from Cosmic Byte with a lot of features such as the anti-ghosting technology that was once seen only with expensive models.

Design and Build Quality

At the first look, we’d get confused with this keyboard. It looks similar to any other normal keyboard we have seen in the market.

The injection moulded plastic chassis exudes a sense of durability. The plastics used are of high quality and there is no flex anywhere on the chassis.

There are 104 keys in total on this mechanical keyboard. The responsiveness these keys offer are outstanding and will greatly aid you in better gameplay for sure.

Having colourful LED lights is a norm for gaming peripherals.

This gaming keyboard does feature the same. With a five-colour LED combination and four-step lighting control, this product looks as dope as it can get.


In gaming, a millisecond delay in a keystroke will cost you, dear.

Understanding this Cosmic byte has improved their previous designs and injection moulded double-shot keycaps that will ensure that your presses are accurately registered.

There are eight multimedia keys on this keyboard for controlling media in an instant.

The Neon gaming keyboard features anti-ghosting technology that many of the modern-day budget gaming keyboards lack.


In most of the games, there will be more than one key binding for performing a specific task.

But on those keyboards without this anti-ghosting feature, the keyboard ignores these multiple keypresses as it can’t process the same.

With the Neon, you can now bind multiple keys at once and click to achieve the function that you intended to perform during the gameplay without any hassle.


The Cosmic Byte Neon is a plug and play device. This means that you don’t have to install any additional drivers to get this keyboard up and running on your system.

The device will automatically start working as Windows will detect the product without any issues.

Also, no matter what OS you run, this keyboard will support it.

This is a wired gaming laptop as you would have already known.

The braided nylon wire is extremely tough and can withstand much abuse without hampering the usability of this keyboard.


If you’re looking for a mechanical gaming keyboard for around Rs.2000, the Cosmic Byte Neon is the best product that you can avail in the market at present.

With premium features like anti-ghosting technology embedded into durable and tough full-sized keyboard chassis, this product does offer one of the best bangs for the buck value proposition.


Mechanical keyboard


4 stage LED lighting


Anti-ghosting feature


Feels bulky and heavy


Num Pad Yes
Backlit FeatureYes
Media ControlsYes

2. Nighthawk NK 101

Runner-Up Pick
  • 1-year warranty
  • Anti-ghosting keys
  • Metallic chassis

Nighthawk is the gaming peripherals arm of the famous router manufacturer, Netgear.

The Nighthawk NK101 is the company’s cheapest gaming keyboard offering priced very competently given the slew of features it offers.

Design and Build Quality

The Nighthawk NK 101 has a metallic frame with raised keys for excellent typing comfort. The whole design reflects a gaming flair with its unique design and form factor.

The build quality and durability of this gaming laptop are on par with its competitor models.

The ergonomic design reduces hand and finger fatigue while gaming continuously for hours.


The Nighthawk NK101 has been crafted with gamers in mind. The keys on this gaming keyboard are of top-notch quality.
The sufficiently raised keycaps enhance the key travel distance which in turn makes your presses more responsive and accurate.

This particular gaming keyboard comes with 19 anti-ghosting keys.

Anti-ghosting increased the precision of pressing multiple keys at once to execute a specific task of the move during the game.


The Nighthawk NK101 comes with a three-zone RGB lighting effect that looks dope in the dark.

The colours can be changed and the patterns can be altered according to user preference. This gives you a gaming setup unique just for you.

Nighthawk gives one year warranty on this device if something unfortunate happens in between that period.


TheNighthawk NK101 is a perfect blend of ergonomics and performance.

The anti-ghosting keys along with the metallic chassis exude confidence in terms of durability as well as usability for an affordable budget, just under Rs.2000.


Robust build quality


Ergonomic design


Well-spaced keys


No dedicated media buttons


Num pad Yes
Backlit FeatureYes
Media ControlsYes

3. Lenovo Legion K200

Best Branded Gaming Keyboard
  • Anti-ghosting keys
  • RGB lighting effects
  • One-year warranty

Lenovo is a brand that needs no introduction. Famous for its laptops and smartphones, the company has carved out space in the Indian market with its feature-packed devices.

The Legion series from Lenovo is known for its gaming laptops that offer unprecedented power-packed performance in a relatively thin and sleek form factor.

The Legion K200 falls into the same category but is a wired gaming keyboard priced just under Rs.2000.

Design and Build Quality

The Lenovo Legion K200 is built like a tank. The build quality feels premium as expected from a world-class brand like Lenovo.

The subtle lines and distinct curves make this laptop stand out from the rest of its competition.

The connecting wire is thick and sturdy and can take a few cases of abuse without hampering any functionality of this keyboard.


The Lenovo Legion K200 has a maximum of 108 keys spaced apart conveniently for easy key presses.

These keys offer an excellent tactile feedback when pressed. Since the key travel distance is more, there is no issue on having accidental keypresses during usage.

The quality of the keycaps is decent. The pressing mechanism in itself feels pretty good for the price.


This keyboard is compatible with both macOS and Windows. Since it is a plug n play device, you don’t have to hunt for missing drivers anymore.

The Lenovo Legion K200 comes with three circulating RGB light patterns with the red, blue and purple colour LEDs.


Lenovo Legion K200 is a gaming-oriented wired keyboard with all the necessary features earmarked to ensure you pleasant gaming experience.

From the build quality to the quality of keys stands up to the hype of an international brand like Lenovo.

Brand reliability

Robust construction


Plug n play setup


Noisy keys


Num pad Yes
Backlit FeatureYes
Media ControlsYes

4. Redragon Karura K502

Best Ergonomically Designed Keyboard
  • Anti-ghosting keys
  • Spill-proof design
  • Palm rest

Red Dragon is a widely acclaimed gaming peripheral manufacturer in the country.

The Redragon Karura K502 is a premium wired gaming keyboard with enticing features that makes it one of the best in business in its price category.

Design and Build Quality

The Redragon Karura features an entirely new look and feels when it comes to the budget gaming keyboards in its segment.

The Karura K502 features an ergonomic spill-proof design that blocks anything from getting beneath the key and hamper usability.

We are all victims of spilling beverages on to the keyboard at times, so this is a welcome addition.

This keyboard comes with a palm rest support extending downwards that helps you keep your hands in resting position, reducing fatigue during long gameplay sessions.


The Red dragon Karura K502 comes with 104 highly polished keys that feel durable and premium.

These keys have relatively short key travel distance. This makes them much quieter during pressing. Those who like a silent gaming environment, this would be the best keyboard option under Rs.2000.

The ultra low profile design makes the keyboard lie flat on the surface and doesn’t wobble or move around while you are vigorously pressing the keys.


The Red dragon Karura K502 comes with laser engraved keycaps. This makes sure that there are no light leaks with the RGB LEDs.

This feature helps a lot at night as the light does not strike the eyes directly irritating.

User can also adjust the intensity of the backlight or even switch off the lights completely if he/she wishes.


The Red dragon Karura K502 is a feature-packed keyboard with the good build quality.

The premium design and the ergonomic design makes it one of the best keyboards on our list.


Non-slip ergonomic design


Silent keys


Comfortable wrist rest


Minimal key travel distance


Num pad Yes
Backlit featureYes
Media ControlsYes

5. Zebronics TRANSFORMER

Honorable Mention
  • Keyboard + Mouse combo
  • RGB lighting
  • Metallic frame

Zebronics has been in the computer peripheral industry for a while now. The company markets low budget speakers, keyboards and mice for budget-conscious buyers.

The Zebronics Transformer is one of a kind gaming keyboard offering premium features at the lowest price point.

Design and Build Quality

The Zebronics Transformer keyboard looks bulky, to be honest. But the construction is of good quality. The metallic finished main plate adds a premium feel to the keyboard.

This full-sized keyboard has ergonomically-designed keycaps which let to type faster and more accurately.

As a value addition, the Zebronics Transformer comes with a gaming mouse in the bundle.

The quality of the mouse is nothing questionable.


The keys on this gaming keyboard have excellent key travel distance. The responsiveness is quite decent enough to be enjoyable as an entry-level gamer.

The keys are a bit noisy but at the price range this keyboard retails, it is perfectly passable.

This full-sized keyboard not only can be used for gaming but also regular typing purposes.


As you get with other gaming keyboards, the Zebronics transformer keyboard comes with RGB lighting.

This three-stage RGB lighting effects can be enabled and disabled according to your preference.


The Zebronics Transformer gaming keyboard with mouse combo is one the most value for money gaming peripheral deal right now.

The keyboard in itself isn’t that bad, so is the mouse. Budget-conscious buyers are sure to love this bundle.




Decent build quality


Large keys




Num Pad Yes
Backlit Featureyes
Media ControlsYes
This is it! The curated buying guide for the best gaming keyboards under Rs.1000 concludes here.

We have taken utmost care to select the best five from hundreds of products out there.

If you have any queries regarding the article, let us know in the comment section below and we’ll be happy to help.

Thanks for your time and have a great day!