Best Gaming Keyboards Under Rs.2,000 (February 2021)

by | Feb 19, 2021

A keyboard is one of the most important peripherals for a gaming PC, without which you will find it difficult to interact with the computer.

There are a wide variety of keyboards, such as mechanical, membrane, chiclet etc. depending on the type of keys used.

Now if you are a serious gamer, you can’t expect to win games with a standard keyboard and will most likely require a gaming keyboard.

We know for a fact that choosing a gaming keyboard is quite a hassle as there is a wide range of options available out there in the market.

So we at BetterShark have curated a list of the ten best gaming keyboards in India priced under Rs.2000 to make your purchase experience a stress-free affair.

Without any further ado, let’s begin!

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Best Gaming Keyboards Under Rs.2000 in India

1. Cosmic Byte Neon KeyboardOverall Best Pick
2. HP GK320Runner Up-Pick
3. Ant Esports MK1000TKL Mechanical Keyboard
4. Cosmic Byte Fire FlyCompact Mechanical Keyboard
5. Quantum QHM9800Budget Mechanical Keyboard
6. Cosmic Byte Dark Matter Best Keyboard + Mouse Bundle
7. HP KM300FBudget Keyboard + Mouse Combo
8. ZEBRONICS Transformer Cheapest Keyboard + Mouse Combo
9. Redragon K506 Centaur Feature-Rich Membrane Keyboard
10. Redragon Karura K502Honourable Mention


Note: The price shown are the once when we reviewed the products. However, as the promotional offers changes on the given E-commerce sites, the price may vary. Bettershark is supported by it's readers and when you buy through links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission.

1. Cosmic Byte Neon Keyboard

Overall Best Pick
  • Robust aluminium chassis 
  • High-quality Outemu Blue switches
  • All-key anti-ghosting feature

Lighting customization options


Windows key lock


Control chip with firmware updates


RGB light pattern resets when turned off

Cosmic Byte is well known for its gaming peripherals in the Indian market.

They have a wide range of gaming peripherals including game controllers, mice, keyboards, headphones, etc. which cater to the needs of budget gamers.

The Neon Keyboard from Cosmic Byte is an entry-level mechanical keyboard that is priced at Rs. 2,365.

Build and Design

The Cosmic Byte Neon Keyboard is a 104 keys full-size mechanical keyboard with an aluminium body.

Thanks to the aluminium chassis, this keyboard feels sturdy and premium. It also features a chrome bezel around which adds to the sleek aesthetics of the keyboard.

Cosmic Byte has used Outemu blue switches in this Neon gaming keyboard. These switches are known for being tactile and provide a satisfying typing experience.

This gaming keyboard features rainbow backlit keys with a wide range of customization options. This keyboard features 10 backlight effects, 3 level brightness adjustments, and 3 level backlight speed adjustments.

Another important feature of the keys on the keyboard is that it is scratch-resistant. In the rear of the keyboard, you have a step stand which gives you a raised keyboard for a more comfortable typing posture.

To connect the keyboard to the host device you have a long 1.8m USB cable durable enough to withstand rough usage.


Performance on the keyboard is astounding, which is expected from a mechanical keyboard.

The Outemu Blue switches provide tactile sounding key presses. Once you use a mechanical keyboard, it is really hard to go back to a standard membrane keyboard.

Inside the Neon Keyboard is a high-performance chip that provides online update support for the best user experience. This will make sure that the keyboard runs on the latest firmware.

The keys on the keyboard have a keystroke life of 50 million which is more than most keyboards out there in the similar price bracket. Thanks to the long life of the switches, you don’t have to worry about the durability of the keyboard.

To ensure that all keypresses are registered correctly the keyboard comes with all key anti-ghosting features.

Anti-ghosting allows you to press multiple keys at a single time with all of them getting registered.

Games like Valorant require you to press multiple keys simultaneously and this is where the anti-ghosting feature becomes useful.

The keyboard has a Windows lock key which allows you to disable the Windows key. This keeps you from accidentally minimizing your games by pressing the Windows key.

If you like to listen to music while gaming then the keyboard also features multimedia hotkeys which are integrated with the function keys. This allows you to play, pause, or skip music on the go.


Mechanical keyboards provide the best gaming experience with no doubt and if you are looking for a good mechanical keyboard then the Neon Keyboard by Cosmic Byte should be on your radar.

The sturdy Aluminium body and Outemu switches provide you with a premium experience for a not so premium price.


Type of KeyboardMechanical
Number PadYes
Backlit Key

2. HP GK320

Runner-Up Pick
  • Mechanical keyboard with blue switches 
  • Ulta long 50 million keystroke life 
  • Rainbow LED lighting 

Windows disable key


Durable build quality


Magnetic ring for loss-free data transmission


No media keys

The GK320 is a mechanical gaming keyboard from the American multinational IT company HP.

The GK320 is one of the cheapest mechanical keyboards available in the market, priced at just Rs.1,999.

Build and Design

HP has done a magnificent job with the GK320, to be honest. They have made a mechanical keyboard while still maintaining a price tag that is reasonable for the average consumer.

To keep the cost at bay, HP has gone with complete plastic construction. Even though the build is plastic it doesn’t feel cheap.

The switches used in this keyboard are blue, although the name of the switches are not mentioned they are most likely outemu blue switches.

There are 104 keys on the keyboard but unfortunately, there are no media keys available on the keyboard which is kind of disappointing.

HP has used double injection technology on the legends of the keys. This makes it water-resistant and minor spills won’t fade the legends on the keycaps.

The GK320 features a beautiful rainbow backlighting on the keys which makes the keyboard look elegant and elevates the mood when gaming.

In the rear of the keyboard, you can find rubber pads for grip and also legs which helps to elevate the keyboard for an inclined and comfortable typing experience.

The keyboard has a magnetic ring attached to the cable which eliminates signals and transmission errors for a smooth gaming experience. The cable is connected using a gold plated USB connector.


Since the HP GK320 is a mechanical keyboard, there is no doubt it outperforms the other membrane keyboards.

The GK320 gives you tactile feedback, which is expected from a mechanical keyboard. The key presses are extremely satisfying thanks to the mechanical switches.

The keyboard also features a 104 key rollover with anti-ghosting so that even during the most intense action you do not miss a single keypress.

The keys of the keyboard have a keystroke life of 50 million thanks to the mechanical switches. This increases the longevity and durability of the keyboard.

HP has provided the option to disable the Windows key on the keyboard. This is a useful feature that stops you from minimizing your game when you accidentally press the Windows key.


If you are looking for a mechanical keyboard from a well-known manufacturer rather than some ordinary brand, then this is the one for you.

Being a mechanical keyboard from HP you can expect it to be excellent in terms of build.


Type of KeyboardMechanical
Number PadYes
Backlit Key

3. Ant Esports MK1000

TKL Mechanical Keyboard
  • Double-Shot moulded ABS plastic keycaps
  • RGB LED backlit illumination
  • Full-N Key Rollover and anti-ghosting feature

Robust build quality


Dedicated media control buttons


Spill-proof design


No Numpad

The Ant Esports MK1000 is a gaming keyboard made by Ant Esports which is an Indian gaming company.

They started their baby steps in the industry by manufacturing gaming chairs in 2016 and later on ventured out into other gaming peripherals.

Build and Design

The MK1000 is a tenkeyless mechanical gaming keyboard. This is a small-sized compact gaming keyboard.

Since this is a TKL keyboard it doesn’t include the number pad and all the keys are within the comfortable reach of your fingers.

The overall build of the keyboard gives it a very premium look and feel.

The Outemu Blue switches on this keyboard deliver tactile and clicky feedback. The key caps on the switches are made from double-shot moulded ABS plastic.

Double-shot means that it’s a mixture of two plastics. So the letters and symbols on the keyboard won’t fade away even with rigorous regular usage.

These double-shot ABS keys are water and abrasion resistant so that you don’t have to worry about spilling liquid or any erosion on the keyboard.

The MK100 is a six-colour LED-backlit keyboard which comes with 9 preset lighting effects. However, there is no software available to customize these lighting effects.

You also get a braided USB cable attached to the keyboard.


Since the MK1000 is a mechanical keyboard, you are assured to have a satisfying gaming experience with the keyboard. The Outemu Blue switches are also known for their tactile feedback. The Outemu Blue switches have a lifespan of 50 million keystrokes.

The switches on the keyboard don’t rattle or wobble as much, you will get an accurate response from the keys.

This budget gaming keyboard has full-N Key rollover functionality which means that the keyboard won’t miss a single press or confuse your commands from all the 87 keys.

You also get the ability to lock the Windows key so that any accidental presses don’t happen in between the gameplay.

This keyboard also features dedicated media keys that can be accessed without having to quit games or any other applications which is a bonus. It also features anti-ghosting so you can press multiple buttons at once.

As we mentioned earlier, there are lighting effects present in the keyboard with the option to create custom profiles so you can save your lighting effects whenever you need.

This gaming keyboard is compact, which means there will be more room for your mouse on the table.


The Ante Esport MK1000 is a robust mechanical keyboard for gaming enthusiasts who are in search of a budget-friendly gaming keyboard.

With its comfortable ten-key less form factor and durable switches, this keyboard will ensure you a delightful gaming experience without blowing a hole in your pocket.


Type of KeyboardMechanical
Number PadNo
Backlit Key

4. Cosmic Byte Fire Fly

Compact Mechanical Keyboard
  • Mechanical Keyboard
  • Outemu Blue Switches
  • RGB backlit illumination

Tactile, easy to press keys


Aluminium Upper Plate


Solid build quality


No customization software

Cosmic Byte is an Indian brand well known for manufacturing gaming peripherals and accessories catering to the needs of the average budget-conscious Indian consumer.

The cosmic Byte Firefly is a mechanical gaming keyboard that is priced at Rs.2,294 in the Indian market.

Build and Design

The Cosmic Byte Firefly sports a really clean design. This is a tenkeyless mechanical keyboard that is quite compact.

Regarding the build quality of this mechanical keyboard, it has an aluminium top plate upon which all the keys have been placed while the rest of its body is completely made of plastic material including the keycaps which are made of ABS plastic.

ABS plastic is a durable material that can withstand pressure and is resistant to any impact or scratches. The keycaps have a textured finish to them which makes it comfortable to type on.

Since this is a mechanical keyboard, we know that the keys have switches beneath them. Upon removing the keycaps you will find that the Firefly keyboard features Outemu Blue mechanical switches like most budget mechanical keyboards.

Outemu Blues are known for their tactile feedback and clicky sound which makes it a perfect gaming companion.

This keyboard also features LED lighting. You can choose from a wide range of beautiful colours and lighting effects that truly give the keyboard an extravagant gaming flair.

Behind the keyboard, there are fold-out legs that let you keep your keyboard in an inclined position which provides a comfortable typing posture.


It is no surprise that the Firefly keyboard will perform exceptionally well as is the case with most mechanical gaming keyboards.

Outemu switches on this keyboard make typing an enjoyable experience and once you get used to the feel of this keyboard, it is almost impossible to go back to a membrane keyboard.

Each keystroke feels tactile and responsive which is not something that the membrane keyboards can deliver. Cosmic Byte claims that the Outemu switches on this keyboard have a keystroke life of 50 million and it surpasses the life of any membrane keyboard out there.

The anti-ghosting feature allows you to press multiple keys together at the same time. This is a very important feature in gaming keyboards as you may need to perform certain in-game actions with special keypress combinations.

This keyboard also features integrated media keys. If you are someone who often listens to music while gaming, you can change tracks or adjust the volume without having to minimize your gaming session.

Being a tenkeyless keyboard you also find that all the keys of this keyboard are properly centred thanks to the exclusion of the number pad.


If you are looking for a mechanical keyboard that does not take up too much space but still provides an amazing gaming experience, then you can check out the Cosmic Byte Firefly gaming keyboard.


Type of KeyboardMechanical
Number PadNo
Backlit Key

5. Quantum QHM9800

Budget Mechanical Keyboard
  • Fade-resistant keycaps 
  • Integrated media keys 
  • RGB illuminated keys

Mechanical keyboard


Full key rollover


Foldable legs


A bit noisy

Quantum Hitech is a computer peripherals manufacturer that aims at providing its customers with high-quality and budget-friendly products. They are known for manufacturing audio equipment, gaming peripherals, health equipment, and other electronic accessories.

The Quantum QHM9800 is a mechanical keyboard priced just around Rs.1,700.

Build and Design

The Quantum QHM9800 is a full-sized wired mechanical keyboard that features an all-plastic build and this does not come across as a surprise considering the price of the product. Quantum has used high-grade ABS plastic on their keyboard and it feels quite durable.

Talking about the switches on this mechanical keyboard, Quantum claims to have used their B23 Blue switches on this keyboard but we believe they are Outemu Blue switches that have just been rebranded by Quantum.

These Blue switches are known for providing tactile and responsive feedback while typing. Once you get used to a mechanical keyboard you can forget going back to a membrane keyboard ever.

Quantum has used double-shot fade-resistant keycaps on this keyboard. This means that the inscriptions on the keycaps are not going to fade away that easily.

This keyboard features six distinct RGB colours with twelve different lighting effects which give you a visually pleasing experience when illuminated.

The bottom section of this gaming keyboard has two foldable legs that can be unfolded if you prefer an inclined typing experience.


Like every mechanical keyboard, the Quantum QHM9800 does exceptionally well in terms of its performance. Gaming with this keyboard is a blast regardless of the type of games you play – be it competitive or casual.

As we mentioned earlier, mechanical keyboards provide immersive tactile feedback compared to a membrane keyboard and this means that you are going to find it difficult to go back to using a membrane keyboard.

This keyboard has media keys integrated into the FN keys that let you adjust the system volume and also perform some shortcuts like opening up the mail or calculator.

Quantum claims to have full-key rollover on their QHM9800 keyboard which means that you can simultaneously press as many buttons as you like with every one of the keypresses registering. This feature can come in handy while playing competitive games.


If you are a beginner at gaming and want to start your gaming experience with a mechanical keyboard then this keyboard is for you. This keyboard is meant for gamers who are on a budget but still want to try out a mechanical keyboard.


Type of KeyboardMechanical
Number PadYes
Backlit Key

6. Cosmic Byte Dark Matter

Best Keyboard and Mouse Bundle
  • 10 million click life cycle 
  • LED backlighting 
  • 4 level DPI mouse

Comfortable typing experience


Robust build quality


Integrated media keys


No dedicated media keys

Cosmic Byte is a popular budget gaming brand in the Indian market. We have reviewed many of their products including gaming controllers and headphones in the past.

The Cosmic Byte Dark Matter is a keyboard and mouse bundle that retails in the Indian market at just Rs.1,499.

Build and Design

In terms of the build quality, Cosmic Byte’s Dark Matter keyboard and mouse both have an all-plastic construction which is acceptable for the asking price.

This is a full-sized membrane type keyboard with 104 keys. Although it is a membrane keyboard it does offer decent clicky feedback.

All the keys of the keyboard have full LED lighting and the light passes through the inscriptions on the keys making it visible even when in the dark. This keyboard has three backlight colours to choose from.

Keys of the Cosmic Byte Dark Matter are scratch-resistant which ensures that it is durable and looks new even after long term usage.

The bundled companion mouse features five non-programmable buttons. It also features a matte coating which makes it comfortable to grip inside the palm.

Both mouse and keyboard have a 1.6m lengthy cable that terminates with the USB type A connector.


If you are a beginner at gaming, then the Dark Matter keyboard and mouse combo by Cosmic Byte is a good choice to go for since you can get both the peripherals in one package.

This keyboard features 19 keys anti-ghosting which means that you can press up to 19 keys simultaneously and all of the keys get registered. It is handy while playing competitive games that require multiple key presses to trigger certain in-game actions.

The function keys on this gaming keyboard double up as media keys which provide shortcuts to actions like changing the volume, pause, play, or mute tracks. This is a useful feature if you want to change the volume of your songs or games without having to minimize the application you are using.

The keys on the Dark Matter keyboard have a keystroke life of 10 million which is sufficient for gamers.

Talking about the mouse, it features four DPI levels that can be cycled between by clicking the DPI button.

Both the mouse and keyboard are comfortable for long gaming sessions and you shouldn’t face any trouble.


The Cosmic Byte Dark Matter is a keyboard and mouse combo that is meant for a beginner who wants to save money by purchasing a good bundle rather than paying extra for a separate mouse and keyboard.

We would recommend this to anyone who prefers a good quality keyboard and mouse.


Type of KeyboardMembrane
Number Pad Yes
Backlit Key

7. HP KM300F

 Budget Keyboard + Mouse Combo
  • Scratch and rust resistant keyboard 
  • 1-year warranty 
  • Decent tactile feedback keys

Removable keycaps


6400 DPI mouse


Rainbow RGB lighting


Limited lighting effects

HP is one of the most well-known technology companies in the world with expertise in computers and related technologies.

The KM300F is a gaming keyboard and mouse combo from HP which is priced well under Rs.2000.

Build and Design

The HP KM300F is a membrane-type gaming keyboard bundled along with an optical gaming mouse.

The keyboard is constructed using a mix of metal and plastic materials. The top panel of the keyboard is made of metal while the base is plastic.

The keyboard has a floating key architecture with a spring-based mechanism. This delivers pleasant bouncy feedback while typing.

The keyboard panel is rust and scratch resistant which is appreciated for the longevity of the keyboard.

The keyboard has RGB rainbow LED lighting effects with 3 lighting modes which are breathing, blinking, and static. This adds to the gamer aesthetics of the keyboard. The bundled mouse also features RGB lighting.

The mouse which you get along with the keyboard is pretty decent and well built. It has a complete plastic construction like the keyboard. The mouse has 6 buttons with dedicated forward and backward buttons.

The keyboard has a 1.6m cable while the mouse has a 1.5m cable attached to it.


Although the HP KM300F is a membrane type keyboard, it does not fail to surprise, the keyboard does not have a congested key layout and instead, HP has kept it simple.

The feedback which you get from the keyboard is satisfying. While it doesn’t have a mechanical feel but the experience is pleasant nonetheless.

Removable keycaps on the keyboard is another useful feature that this keyboard comes with. This makes it much easier to clean up accumulated dust.

The mouse which comes along with the keyboard has a DPI of up to 6400 and you also have side buttons that can be easily accessed.

The keyboard has a 10 million keystroke cycle. This means you won’t have to worry about the life of the keyboard anytime soon.


The HP KM300F is a good mouse and keyboard combo priced well under Rs.2000. You also get a 1-year warranty with this bundle.

This is not a keyboard that we recommend for professional gamers, but if you are new to gaming or an amateur then you can go for this keyboard.


Type of KeyboardMembrane
Number Pad Yes
Backlit KeyYes

8. ZEBRONICS Transformer

Cheap Keyboard + Mouse Combo
  • Comfortable keys 
  • Gold Plated USB Connector
  • High quality braided cable 

Affordable price


Sturdy build quality


LED backlighting on/off control


Keys are not that visible in the dark

Zebronics is an Indian computer accessories brand from Chennai founded way back in 1997. It deals in audio components, gaming peripherals, mobile accessories, etc.

The Zebronics Transformer is a combination deal offering a gaming keyboard and mouse by Zebronics priced at just Rs.1,299.

Build and Design

The Zebronics Transformer gaming keyboard is a membrane-type keyboard. The body of this keyboard is made out of aluminium which gives it quite a premium look. It’s a full-size keyboard with a dedicated number pad.

The key caps on the keyboard are made of plastic and they are laser engraved keycaps. The markings on the keycaps or the characters are lasered onto it so they don’t get faded away with usage. There are a total of 104 keys on the keyboard.

Behind the keyboard, you also get a two-step stand with which you can adjust the height of the keyboard for a comfortable gaming experience. It also has rubber grips in the back to keep the keyboard steady on the table.

This keyboard comes with LED backlighting with three different colours and also has an option to turn off the backlighting when not required.

The keyboard comes bundled with a six-button entry-level gaming mouse from Zebronics.

Both the keyboard and mouse feature gold plated USB cable and also have a braided cable attached to them. The gold plated USB connector minimizes the signal loss and resists corrosion.


In terms of performance, the Zebronics Transformer keyboard and the bundled gaming mouse complement each other pretty well. All games should be supported by the keyboard without any problem.

This keyboard features integrated multimedia functions, which lets you increase or decrease the volume without exiting the game.

You also get the Windows lock function so you don’t get interrupted during your gaming sessions. The keyboard has LED notification lights in the top right corner which lights up when the caps lock, num lock, scroll lock, or windows lock is turned on.

The LED-backlit on the keyboard doesn’t work all that well in the dark, the characters on the keycaps don’t light up well enough so you can’t distinguish between the keys if you don’t know where they are in the first place.

The Transformer mouse on the other hand also has LED lights on it. The mouse has six buttons including a DPI button. There are four levels of DPI on the mouse with the highest DPI being 3200.

Zebronics claims that the Keyboard has a keystroke life of 80 million and the mouse has a button life of 2.5 million.


The Transformer gaming keyboard and mouse combo from Zebronics are apt for gamers who are on a restricted budget as you get a gaming keyboard and gaming mouse for the price of just Rs.1,299. If you are a casual gamer and don’t want to spend all that much on both a keyboard and mouse then you can go for this.


Type of KeyboardMembrane
Number Pad Yes
Backlit KeyYes

9. Redragon K506 Centaur

Feature-Rich Membrane Keyboard
  • 26 Conflict free keys
  • Durable braided cable
  • Silent keys 

Gaming design


Double shot injected moulded keys


12 integrated media keys


No wrist rest

Redragon is a Chinese brand which manufactures gaming accessories and peripherals. It is a subsidiary of Eastern Times Technology.

The Redragon K506 Centaur is a gaming keyboard that is priced just under Rs.2000.

Build and Design

Redragon has not held back with the design of the gaming keyboard. At the first glance itself, you get to know that this is a full-fledged gaming keyboard because of the way it looks.

The Centaur gaming keyboard has a metal and ABS construction. The chassis of the keyboard is made of metal while the rest of the keyboard uses ABS plastics.

Thanks to the metal and ABS build, you can expect great durability and rigidity.

This is a full-sized membrane gaming keyboard that has 104 keys and also features a dedicated number pad.

What adds to the gaming flair of the keyboard is its rainbow LED lighting. It features 7 colour LEDs which create a rainbow lighting effect. There are 10 different lighting modes for the keyboard. You can choose the one which suits your gaming setup.

The keycaps on the keyboard are double-shot injected moulded keycaps. These keycaps let the backlighting pass through it ensuring good low light visibility.

This keyboard sports a splash-proof design, which means that in case of any accidental liquid spills, the keyboard will work just fine.

To connect the keyboard to the PC, there is a long braided 1.8m gold plated USB cable. The gold plated cable eliminates unnecessary signals and transmission for better connectivity.


The K506 Centaur gaming keyboard is compatible with all Windows devices. In terms of performance, it is a great choice for those who are new to gaming on a PC.

Unlike mechanical keyboards that give clicky sounds, the Centaur membrane gaming keyboard has opted for a silent approach.

This keyboard is nearly silent and does not give you any clicky sound. If you are someone who likes the clicky mechanical sounds from gaming keyboards then it’s best to go for another gaming keyboard.

The keyboard features 26 conflict-free keys, better known as anti-ghosting keys. This lets you press up to 26 keys at a single time and all the keys that have been pressed will get registered.

This is a useful feature in most competitive games and has become quite popular in gaming keyboards.

The Centaur gaming keyboard has 12 media keys which are integrated into the function keys of the keyboard.

These keys provide media functions like play, pause, skip, etc. This is a useful feature if you want to increase the volume, play, or pause music without having to exit your game.


The Redragon K506 Centaur is an impressive membrane gaming keyboard.

If you are not a fan of the clicky sounds in most gaming keyboards and prefer something quieter then this is the keyboard for you.


Type of KeyboardMembrane
Number Pad Yes
Backlit KEY

10. Redragon Karura K502

Honourable Mention
  • Integrated palm rest
  • 25 conflict-free keys
  • RGB illumination

Sleek design


Integrated media keys


Silent key noise


Not recommended for professional gaming

The Redragon Karura K502 is yet another gaming keyboard from the Chinese brand. Unlike the K506 Centaur, this keyboard has a bit more toned-down design.

This keyboard retails at under Rs.2000 in the Indian market and is a great choice for beginner gamers.

Build and Design

At the first glance, you will be perplexed by the looks of the Redragon Karura K502. This is a membrane-type gaming keyboard with an extremely slim form factor.

In terms of its build quality, this gaming keyboard is completely made of plastic materials and has a matte finish on the keyboard deck.

At the bottom section of the keyboard, we have the rubberized pads and also the foldable stand for a raised typing posture. This slightly raised posture is beneficial for your wrists since it reduces pressure on it.

Talking about the comfort factor, this gaming keyboard also has its very own integrated palm rest which is quite a surprise on such a low budget. Now you can type for long hours without any aches and pains on your wrist. It would have been better if the palm rest had some texture to it but it is still comfortable.

This keyboard has RGB illumination that enhances the look of the keyboard. Redragon gives you seven colours to choose from along with seven different lighting effects to personalize your keyboard to your needs.

Furthermore, Redgear claims that their keyboard is splash-proof and it can handle some accidental liquid spills. So if you happen to drop a cup of coffee or water on this keyboard you don’t have to worry about it spoiling the internal circuitry.


The Redragon Karura K502 is not a keyboard that is built for hardcore gaming. This keyboard is suitable for a person that is new to gaming or doesn’t like bulky keyboards.

Being a membrane keyboard you won’t be getting the tactile and responsive feedback that is in the case of a mechanical keyboard. Now, this isn’t new to a membrane keyboard. Redgear has instead opted for a more silent approach with this keyboard.

Regardless of the lack of tactile feel, this keyboard can still be used to play casual games as well as competitive games but we do not recommend you purchase this keyboard if you are a professional gamer.

One feature this keyboard includes that can aid you in your games are the anti-ghosting that allows you to press multiple buttons simultaneously. On this keyboard, you can press up to 25 keys at a single time but we don’t see it being used in real-life scenarios.

Generally, 8 key anti-ghosting is sufficient for most keyboards.

The Karura K502 also features the Windows disable key which temporarily disables the Windows key so you don’t accidentally minimise your games.

Integrated media keys are also available in this keyboard and they function similar to the ones that are available on other gaming keyboards.


The Redragon Karura K502 is a good choice for someone who prefers a sleek gaming keyboard that is not too bulky and would look clean with a setup. This is a membrane gaming keyboard and is not suitable for someone who previously used a mechanical keyboard.


Type of KeyboardMembrane
Number Pad Yes
Backlit KeyYes

This concludes our buying list for the ten best gaming laptops priced under Rs.2000. If you want something more economical, make sure to check out our best gaming keyboards under Rs.1000 for wider choices.

Voice your suggestions and queries if any, in the comment section below and we will get back to you asap.

That said, thank you for visiting our website and have a great day!

Buying Guide for Gaming Keyboard Under Rs.2000

If you are a serious PC gamer then a good gaming keyboard is a peripheral you would want to invest in.

Although it is possible to play games on a standard office keyboard, if you want the most from your gaming setup then it is best to go for a gaming keyboard.

It might seem that choosing a gaming keyboard is pretty easy by thinking, after all, it is just a keyboard. But that isn’t the case and there are a few important points one should look into before purchasing a gaming keyboard.

So we at Bettershark have written a short buying guide which would help you make an informed decision when purchasing a gaming keyboard under Rs.2000.


Gaming keyboards have three types of builds. A complete plastic build, a metal build, or a combination of both.

The build which is most common in the Rs.2000 range is either a complete plastic build or a combination of both metal and plastic.

It is rare to find a gaming keyboard that boasts a complete metallic build. Do keep in mind that the keycaps on gaming keyboards are made of plastic and by build, we mean the body of the keyboard.

A keyboard with a metallic build tends to look and feel more premium, while a plastic one might feel like a less premium choice but it often is equally good in terms of durability.

When going for a plastic gaming keyboard make sure that the quality of plastic used is really good, ABS plastic is the most commonly used plastic when it comes to gaming keyboards while aluminium is the common metal found in gaming keyboards.

If you are looking to save some extra bucks you can go for a gaming keyboard with a plastic build.


Mechanical keyboards feature spring-loaded switches in them while membrane keyboards have keycaps that press down a thin membrane layer that has a circuit underneath.

A known fact is that mechanical keyboards are better than a membrane keyboard because of the tactile feel which one gets when using it. But now in 2020 membrane keyboards have come close to the experience one gets when using a mechanical keyboard.

If you want the best gaming experience, then you can go for a mechanical keyboard but if you are looking to save some cash it is best to go for a membrane keyboard since it is cheaper.

If you are a beginner it is best to go for a membrane keyboard and later upgrade for a mechanical keyboard once you are more used to the PC gaming ecosystem.


Before purchasing a gaming keyboard it is best to go through the features which it provides.

The common features which one should have in a gaming keyboard include anti-ghosting and Windows lock. These are the basic functions that are required in a gaming keyboard and if they don’t have it, you should avoid that keyboard.

Some other features you may find in a gaming keyboard include programmable macro keys, media keys, water and scratch resistance, etc.

Another important thing to note is the number of keys available on the keyboard, you may find TKL ( Tenkeyless ) keyboards, 104 keys and 120 keys keyboard, depending on your usage you can choose the keyboard.

TKL keyboards do not include a Number pad, 104 keys are your standard keyboards while 120 keys keyboards have extra buttons in them.

It is always best to go for a gaming keyboard that has more features.


Backlit keys are a highlight of gaming keyboards but there is no other advantage to the backlit keys other than aesthetic requirements.

If you require a gaming keyboard that has LED lighting, then you can go for it or if you are not a fan of LED lighting you can always turn them off or go for a gaming keyboard that does not have any.


If you are going for a membrane keyboard then there isn’t much to know about the type of keys, but if you are thinking of purchasing a mechanical keyboard then the type of keys is something to take note of.

Mechanical keyboards at the Rs.2000 budget usually have Outemu switches in them. There are different colours of Outemu switches available. Blue, red, brown, etc.

Blue switches are known for being tactile and clicky, red switches are known for their speed and brown switches are a middle ground between blue and red.

So depending on your needs you can opt for the switches that meet your requirements.

Make sure you go through the points mentioned above before purchasing a gaming keyboard since it is going to be a part of your gaming experience.

If you have any other queries regarding choosing a gaming keyboard do feel free to comment down below and we will get back to you.


Q. Which is better – mechanical or membrane keyboards?

A. Mechanical keyboards are better than a membrane keyboard because of the tactile feel it gives but they are also more expensive. If you don’t mind spending extra then it’s always better to go for a mechanical keyboard.

Q. What do media keys do?

A. Media keys are used by people who tend to listen to music when playing competitive games, this makes it easier for them to switch between music or change the volume without having to exit their games.