Best Gaming Keyboards Under Rs.3,000 (June 2021)

The online gaming industry in India is in a race to touch $2.8 billion by the year 2022. This shows the massive potential of the gaming industry in India and how it is on its way to becoming one of the largest industries in the country. 

Gaming has become widespread and naturally, people want their hands on the latest and greatest gaming devices and accessories that will fare the best for them be it laptops, desktops, headphones etc. 

The keyboard is one of the most important pieces of hardware when it comes to gaming on PC and it is no wonder that with so many brands in the market you are bound to get confused with which one to go for. 

To help you choose, we at Bettershark have made a list of the best ten gaming keyboards priced under Rs.3000. 

We don’t want to keep you waiting, so let’s jump right into it!

Best Gaming Keyboards Under Rs.3,000

1. Amkette Evo Fox KatanaOverall Pest Pick
2. Ant Esports MK3200Runner-up Pick
3. Cosmic Byte Black EyeValue for Money Keyboard
4. Zebronics Max PlusLow-profile Keyboard
5. Logitech G213 Best Membrane Keyboard 
6. Corsair K55Feature-rich Membrane Keyboard
7. CoolerMaster Devastator Gaming 3 Best Gaming Keyboard and Mouse Combo
8. Redragon K585 Best One-handed Gaming Keyboard
9. Gamdias Hermes E2Versatile Gaming Keyboard 
10. Redgear Invador MK881Honourable Mention

Note: The price shown are the once when we reviewed the products. However, as the promotional offers changes on the given E-commerce sites, the price may vary. Bettershark is supported by it’s readers and when you buy through links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission.

1. Amkette Evo Fox Katana

Amkette Evo Fox Katana

Overall Best Pick

  • 100% Anti-ghosting
  • Heavy-duty build quality
  • Programmable keys and macros


Windows disable key

Gaming software support

Detachable wrist rest


Lacks true RGB lighting

Amkette is an Indian electronics manufacturer that is known for manufacturing a wide range of electronic peripherals. We have reviewed a few of their products in our buying lists.

The Evo Fox Katana is the latest gaming keyboard by Amkette in their gaming series. This gaming keyboard is currently available for Rs.2,599 in the Indian market.

Build and Design 

The Amkette Evo Fox Katana has a design that is quite different from the previous keyboards manufactured by Amkette. 

This gaming looks quite sleek and stylish, it comes with an all-black colour which blends extremely well with the overall design of the keyboard.

Upon closer inspection, you will find out that the upper panel of this gaming keyboard has a brushed metal finish whereas the rest of the keyboard has polycarbonate construction. 

Amkette has also included a detachable wrist rest with the keyboard. However, the wrist rest requires you to screw it in place and is not magnetic. 

LED illumination is also present on this gaming keyboard. There are 9 unique backlighting effects to choose from. 

The keycaps of this keyboard are made from durable ABS plastic and the inscriptions on it are laser engraved. This means it will never fade away and the lighting is visible through the printing. 

At its rear are the foldable legs of the keyboard that are used to keep at an incline for a comfortable typing experience. 

The USB cable of this gaming keyboard is braided and has a length of 1.8m. An EMI suppressor is also present on the cable which eliminates any interference. 


The Amkette Evo Fox Katana is the first mechanical gaming keyboard by the company and we are glad to say that they have done a good job with it. 

This gaming keyboard is equipped with custom Blue mechanical switches that deliver high precision and satisfying keystrokes. The keystroke life of this gaming keyboard is 50 million which is excellent at this price range.

The keys on this keyboard have a travel distance of 4.0mm and this ensures that the typing experience is comfortable.

Another important feature in gaming keyboards is anti-ghosting and Amkette has included it in this keyboard as well. Thanks to this you can simultaneously press multiple keys without worrying about them registering. 

The Windows disable key is present on the keyboard and an LED light shows whether the key has been disabled. 

Furthermore, the keyboard even has support for Amkettes gaming software which lets you program the keys on the keyboard and set macros. The onboard memory on the keyboard saves the details so you can carry your keyboard around with you. 


The Amkette Evo Fox Katana is a gaming keyboard that is well worth your money thanks to all the features it has. If you are in search of a mechanical gaming keyboard at a budget of around Rs.3000 then look no further.


Type of KeyboardMechanical
Number PadYes
Backlit KeysYes

2. Ant Esports MK3200

Ant Esports MK3200

Runner-up Pick

  • Mechanical keyboard 
  • Outemu Blue switches 
  • RGB LED backlighting


Satisfying click feedback 

Anti-ghosting feature

Robust build quality


No per-key RGB

Ant Esports started back in 2016 as a gaming chair manufacturer but gradually moved onto computer gaming peripherals ranging from keyboards, mice, controllers, etc.

The MK3200 is a mechanical gaming keyboard from Ant Esports priced around Rs.3,000 in the Indian market.

Build and Design

In terms of the build quality, this keyboard features a metal panel on the top upon which the keys have been placed while the rest of the material used for its construction is polycarbonate plastic.

If you are concerned about its build quality, then don’t worry as the construction is top-notch and there is no noticeable flex whatsoever. 

As mentioned earlier, this is a mechanical keyboard and comes equipped with Outemu Blue switches that are a cheaper alternative to the more expensive Cherry MX Blues. 

At the bottom section of this keyboard, you will find the two foldable legs that keep the keyboard in a raised position for a comfortable typing experience. 

This keyboard features LED-backlit lighting which gives it the gaming flair you would expect from a gaming keyboard. The MK200 keyboard has seven colour backlighting and each row is illuminated with a different colour. You can choose from six preset lighting effects to truly personalize your gaming keyboard. 

Talking about the weight, this keyboard weighs around 1kg which is not that heavy for a gaming keyboard. 


The Ant Esports MK3200 is suited for both competitive and casual gaming. This keyboard is suitable for those who want to try out a mechanical keyboard but not by spending a whole lot of money. 

Gaming with a mechanical keyboard provides a different experience compared to that of a membrane keyboard, thanks to its mechanical switches. 

Outemu Blue switches are known for being extremely tactile and having responsive feedback. These switches are satisfying to type with. If you are a programmer or content writer, you will have an enjoyable typing experience with this keyboard.

Ant Esports boasts that the Outemu Switches have a keystroke life cycle of 50 million which is much more than a standard membrane keyboard. 

One of the key features of this keyboard is that it has a full key rollover and can handle simultaneous key presses without any issues. 


If you are looking for the best gaming keyboard that Rs.3000 can get you, then look no further since the Ant Esports MK3200 is the choice for you. Being a mechanical keyboard you can expect an extremely satisfying experience with it while gaming or working.


Type of KeyboardMechanical
Number PadYes
Backlit KeysYes

3. Cosmic Byte Black Eye

Cosmic Byte Black Eye

Value for Money Keyboard

  • True RGB lighting
  • Outemu Blue/Brown switches
  • Full-sized gaming keyboard


Lengthy braided cable

Dedicated media keys

Foldable legs in the rear


Some keys might feel soft

The Black Eye is yet another one of the many gaming keyboards that have been manufactured by Cosmic Byte for the Indian gaming market. 

If you take a look at the gaming keyboard market in India then you will come across many of them being manufactured by Cosmic Byte. 

The Cosmic Byte Black Eye is an entry-level mechanical gaming keyboard that currently retails approximately Rs.3,749 in the Indian market. 

Build and Design 

The Cosmic Byte Black Eye is a well-built gaming keyboard that comes with an aluminium casing. In terms of its design, this gaming keyboard seems to be inspired by the Corsair K70 mechanical keyboard.

Along with the keyboard you receive a wrist rest that can be clipped on to whenever you need it. 

This gaming keyboard is full-sized and all the keys have been evenly spaced. The size of the keys is pretty good. This is not a low-profile gaming keyboard. 

According to Cosmic Byte, the keycaps on this keyboard are double-shot moulded ABS keycaps. This means that the keycaps are made from good quality plastic and the characters inscribed on them are fade resistant.

One of the main highlights of this gaming keyboard is that it features true RGB lighting which is a first in this price range. It is possible to customize the RGB lighting for every key. 

If that wasn’t enough then there are also 13 different lighting effect modes to choose from as well. 

At its rear as usual this gaming keyboard features two foldable legs which can be opened to give the keyboard an inclined angle while gaming. 

The cable of this gaming keyboard is braided and it has a length of 1.8 meters. The cable terminates to a gold-plated USB connector which provides better connectivity than a standard USB cable.


We can assure you without a doubt that you will be having a good time gaming with the Cosmic Byte Black Eye. 

It is necessary to know that this gaming keyboard is available with either the Outemu Blue or Brown mechanical switches. 

If you are someone that prefers tactile feedback with loud clicky noises then the Outemu Blue switches are the right choice for you. On the other hand, if you prefer a more subtle gaming experience with tactile feedback and silent clicks then you know what to choose. 

Since these are mechanical switches they have higher longevity compared to membrane keys. The keys on this particular keyboard are rated to last for up to 50 million keystrokes. 

Another sweet feature of this keyboard is that it features 8 dedicated media keys unlike integrated ones found on other keyboards.

This gaming keyboard is compatible with all platforms and it shouldn’t be much of a problem.


The Cosmic Byte Black Eye is an excellent gaming keyboard with features that you typically don’t find on other keyboards at this price range. If you are an RGB lover then you can go for the Cosmic Byte Black Eye without batting an eye.


Type of KeyboardMembrane
Number PadYes
Backlit KeysYes

4. Zebronics Max Plus

Zebronics Max Plus

Low-profile Keyboard

  • Outemu Blue switches 
  • Anti-ghosting feature
  • Dust and water-resistant 


Sturdy and durable chassis

Braided cable 

Minimal design 


No wrist rest 

Zebronics is an Indian Company that is popular for its affordable range of computer peripherals and audio accessories. 

The Zebronics Max Plus is an entry-level full-sized mechanical gaming keyboard retailing for around Rs.3,000. 

Build and Design 

As we just mentioned above, the Zebronics Max Plus is a full-sized mechanical keyboard featuring 104 keys.  

The design of the Zebronics Max Plus keyboard is minimal to say the best. At the first glance, it doesn’t look anything like a gaming keyboard. 

This keyboard is constructed completely with polycarbonate material, the quality of which is very good and the whole keyboard weighs under 1.5kg. 

The bottom section of this gaming keyboard houses two foldable stands that provide a raised typing experience. 

The switches used in this gaming keyboard are Outemu Blue switches that are known for their clicky sound and tactile feedback. 

The keycaps of the Zebronics max are double injection moulded and the inscriptions on the keycaps won’t fade that easily. 

The Zebronics Max Plus keyboard has an anti-dust design and is also spill-resistant – it can handle accidental liquid spills without damaging the circuitry inside. 

This keyboard features RGB lighting with a multitude of illumination effects that can be changed directly with the press of a button without any software mapping. 

To connect the keyboard to the host device we have a 1.8m long braided USB cable that is attached to its rear end.


The performance of the Zebronics Max Plus is good which is expected from a mechanical gaming keyboard. 

The Max Plus gaming keyboard is an absolute beast when it comes to gaming – the tactile feedback keeps you engrossed. Once you use a mechanical keyboard it is almost impossible to go back to a regular membrane keyboard. 

The Zebronics Max Plus features eleven multimedia keys that are integrated with the FN keys, so you don’t have to exit your games or application when you want to change the volume, skip tracks, etc.

This keyboard has a Windows lock key which is useful while gaming. Sometimes due to the positioning of the Windows key, it gets pressed accidentally while gaming, and this can be quite annoying and distracting.  

The gaming keyboard features anti-ghosting with full key rollover, this lets you press as many buttons as you want simultaneously.  


The Zebronics Max Plus is a fantastic gaming keyboard priced under Rs.3000. If you are looking for a gaming keyboard that has minimal gaming accents but does an amazing job when it comes to performance, then you should check this keyboard out. 


Type of KeyboardMechanical
Number PadYes
Backlit KeysYes

5. Logitech G213 

Logitech G213

Best Membrane Keyboard 

  • 5-Zone RGB backlighting 
  • 4x Faster than a traditional keyboard 
  • 2 years warranty 


Attached palm rest 

Software support 

Good build quality 


Mushy media keys 

When it comes to computer peripherals, Logitech is one of the first names that pops up in our mind. That is because they have been delivering good quality peripherals for well over a decade and have a good rapport with their customers. 

Logitech also manufactures gaming-centric computer peripherals for both budget-conscious as well as premium customers.

The Logitech G213 is an entry-level wired membrane gaming keyboard that is a part of their prodigy series. 

Build and Design 

The design of the Logitech G213 is really basic. The layout of this keyboard is similar to that of most other gaming keyboards out there and is easy to get used to. 

In terms of its build quality, the Logitech G213 gaming keyboard is completely made of plastic. The quality of plastic used is good and it doesn’t seem like Logitech has cheaped out with it. 

The Logitech G213 wired gaming keyboard does exhibit some chassis flex, but you won’t notice it unless you deliberately press harder. In real life usage, this shouldn’t be much of a concern.

This wired gaming keyboard has a palm rest attached to it for wrist support when gaming or typing. This palm rest is not detachable so it can be concerning if you have limited table space. 

The Logitech G213 keyboard features 5-zone RGB backlighting which means you can customize the lighting on the keyboard based on your gaming setup or the games you play.  

Customization of the RGB lighting can be done through Logitech gaming software. This software lets you choose from over 16.8 million colours to customize the ambience of your gaming keyboard.

Since this keyboard is certified spill-resistant, you won’t have to worry about accidental water splashes on the keyboard. It won’t damage the internals and hamper the functionality of the keyboard. 

In the bottom section of the keyboard, there are rubber paddings for grip and two-step stands for an inclined typing experience. The inclination of the keyboard is 8-degrees when the stands are unfolded. 


The Logitech G213 provides a satisfying and clicky typing experience, although it is a membrane keyboard. 

Even though the typing experience is far off from that of a mechanical keyboard, it is still quite an experience on its own. 

Logitech claims that each key on the G213 gaming keyboard has been tuned to provide a tactile experience with a good click response. 

If you are someone who listens to music while gaming, you would be pleased to know that this keyboard features dedicated media keys that let you change tracks and adjust the volume without having to exit your game. 

The media keys on this keyboard feel quite mushy compared to the rest of the keys and they do not provide that great of a tactile feel. 

The Logitech G213 features a dedicated game mode key that allows you to disable certain keys like the Windows key while gaming. You can further customize the game mode to disable any other key using the Logitech gaming software. 


The Logitech G213 is a good quality membrane-type wired gaming keyboard that provides clicky tactile feedback and the RGB lighting on the keyboard further adds to its gaming flair. 

If you are planning to purchase a membrane gaming keyboard from a reliable brand then do keep this product on your radar.


Type of KeyboardMembrane
Number PadYes
Backlit KeysYes

6. Corsair K55

Corsair K55

Feature-rich Membrane Keyboard

  • 3-Zone RGB lighting 
  • Detachable wrist rest 
  • Silent keys 


3-Zone RGB lighting

Detachable wrist rest

Silent keys


Wrist rest is not comfortable

Corsair Gaming Inc is an American company that manufactures and sells gaming hardware and peripherals. 

When we talk about gaming peripherals, Corsair is a name that often comes to mind because of its good track record. Corsair is widely popular for PC cabinets, gaming keyboards, and mice.  

One of their peripherals is the Corsair K55 RGB membrane gaming keyboard. 

Build and Design 

The Corsair K55 gaming keyboard has complete plastic construction, the plastic used is of good quality. 

The keys on the keyboard are nicely spaced for a good typing experience. 

This keyboard is lightweight and easy to carry, generally, it is recommended for keyboards to be a bit heavy because it helps to stay in place. 

The K55 gaming keyboard comes with a textured palm rest that can be detached if you don’t like using a palm rest. The wrist rest is not that comfortable since it is just hard plastic and it does not have a soft finish.

This keyboard features 3 zone RGB lighting which makes it visually pleasing to use, the keyboard does not require any gaming software and the lighting can be customized directly through the keyboard.

The various lighting effects like breathing, blinking, and rainbow can also be set from the keyboard, you can also adjust the speeds of the lights. 

The Corsair K55 is IP432 dust and water-resistant. This means that the keyboard can handle some accidental liquid spills without damaging its circuitry. 

The K55 features a wired USB cable that can be easily plugged into your desktop or laptop.


The performance of the Corsair K55 is pretty good although it is a non-mechanical keyboard, the keys do feel a bit mushy and you do not get that tactile feedback that is found in a mechanical keyboard.

But we have to put into consideration that mechanical keyboards from big brands tend to be very expensive. The Corsair MK2 K70 mechanical keyboard is priced at more than Rs.10,000. 

This keyboard features an 8-key rollover with anti-ghosting, which means you can press up to 8 keys simultaneously and all of them would get registered. 

The Corsair K55 also features 6 programmable macro keys, the macros can be programmed via the record macro key present on the keyboard. This is bound to give you an advantage over other players. 

This keyboard also features dedicated media keys that allow you to adjust the volume, skip, play, rewind or pause tracks without having to exit from your gaming session. 

The keys on the keyboard are very silent and do not have loud clicky noise, if you are someone who prefers clicky feedback then this is not the keyboard for you.


The Corsair K55 is a good keyboard for those who are beginners and have not used a mechanical keyboard. If you are going for this keyboard after using a mechanical keyboard then you are bound to be disappointed with it.


Type of KeyboardMembrane
Number PadYes
Backlit KeysYes

7. CoolerMaster Devastator Gaming 3 

CoolerMaster Devastator Gaming 3

Best Gaming Keyboard and Mouse Combo

  • Wired membrane keyboard 
  • Decent quality gaming mouse
  • In-built palm rest 


Bundled gaming mouse

Multicolour LED backlighting

Custom membrane keyboard 


Single lighting effect

CoolerMaster Technology Inc is a Taiwan-based company that manufactures computer hardware. They are known for their PC cabinets, power supplies, CPU coolers, etc.

The CoolerMaster Devastator Gaming 3 is a gaming keyboard and mouse combo that is priced under Rs.3000. 

Build and Design 

The CoolerMaster Devastator Gaming 3 keyboard features a polycarbonate plastic construction. The bundled mouse also has a polycarbonate construction with a matte finish texture for a comfortable grip. 

This keyboard is full-sized and has a dedicated number pad. It also has a small integrated palm rest which acts as a support for the wrist while gaming or typing. 

The overall design of this gaming keyboard is aggressive and has all the sharp accents and grooves that you come to expect from a gaming keyboard

This keyboard features LED lighting – you can choose from seven different colours that can be manually cycled from the keyboard. 

The gaming mouse also features the same colour scheme as the keyboard so you can sync it with the keyboard for a visually pleasing experience. 

The keyboard and mouse are both wired and can be plugged into the USB port on your host device. 


The performance of the CoolerMaster Devastator Gaming 3 keyboard and mouse is good for its price. 

Both the keyboard and mouse work hand in hand and will suit you the best if you are on a budget. 

The typing feedback provided by this gaming keyboard is impressive for a non-mechanical keyboard. The membrane sheet on the CoolerMaster Devastator 3 keyboard is custom designed to provide a robust tactile experience. 

The bundled gaming mouse has 4 DPI levels and the maximum DPI of the mouse is 2400 which should be enough for most casual games. 

The keyboard features dedicated volume keys that allow you to change the volume of the system without having to exit your games. 


If you are looking for a good keyboard and mouse combo on a budget, then you should check out the CoolerMaster Devastator 3 since it provides immense value for money.


Type of KeyboardMembrane
Number PadYes
Backlit KeysYes

8. Redragon K585 

Redragon K585

Best One-handed Gaming Keyboard

  • 7 Macro buttons 
  • 16.8 million RGB backlit illumination
  • Mechanical keyboard 


USB passthrough support 

Type C connectivity 

Compact size 


Dedicated only for gaming 

Redragon is a Chinese brand that manufactures gaming accessories and peripherals. It is a subsidiary of Eastern Times Technology.

The Redragon K585 is a one-handed mechanical gaming keyboard that is meant for hardcore gamers and it retails under Rs.3,000 in the Indian market. 

Build and Design 

If you are a professional gamer and have your dedicated gaming setup but are short on space and cannot keep a full-sized keyboard on your deck then the Redragon K585 is the keyboard for you. 

The Redragon K585 is a 42 key mechanical keyboard and it is equipped with Outemu Blue switches which are known for their tactile bump. 

This keyboard is essentially half the size of your ordinary full-size keyboard in addition to a magnetic wrist rest. The wrist rest can be detached if it isn’t comfortable for you. 

Speaking of the build quality, the Redragon K585 features a construction that is made completely out of polycarbonate material. Despite no metal being used for its construction the keyboard is sturdy and feels quite premium.

The Redragon K585 is a keyboard that features 16.8 million RGB illuminated backlit keys. It is possible to customize the colours on the keyboard with the Redgear software which you can download from their website. 

Bundled with the keyboard you receive a Type C USB cable which is used to connect the keyboard to your computer or laptop. There is also a pass-through USB port on the Redragon K585 to which you can connect your mouse or a storage device. 


Since the Redragon K585 is a mechanical keyboard, you are assured to have a satisfying gaming experience with the keyboard. The Outemu Blue switches are also known for their tactile feedback. The Outemu Blue switches have a lifespan of 50 million keystrokes.

Other than the normal keys this keyboard also has seven programmable macro keys which you can customize to perform macro functions. The keys can be customized using the Redragon gaming software.

Redragon claims to have full-key rollover on their K585 keyboard which means that you can simultaneously press as many buttons as you like with every one of the keypresses registering. This feature can come in handy while playing competitive games.

This one-handed gaming keyboard is meant primarily for gaming and if you plan to do other work on your computer or laptop then we recommend that you opt for a full-sized keyboard and not the K585 by Redragon.


If you are a hardcore gamer and are building a setup purely for gaming or maybe you want a keyboard that is dedicated to gaming then the Redragon K585 one-handed gaming keyboard is the one for you.


Type of KeyboardMechanical
Number PadNo
Backlit KeysYes

9. Gamdias Hermes E2

Gamdias Hermes E2

Versatile Gaming Keyboard 

  • Tenkeyless keyboard 
  • Decent build quality
  • Custom mechanical switches 


Compact form factor

Robust build quality

Foldable feet


No braided cable 

Gamdias is a company founded way back in 2012, known for manufacturing gaming peripherals and accessories. 

The Gamdias Hermes E2 is a mechanical gaming keyboard that retails under Rs.3000 currently in the Indian market.

Build and Design 

The Gamdias Hermes E2 is a TKL ( Tenkeyless) gaming keyboard with a compact form factor. This makes it a suitable gaming keyboard for those who want a clean setup that takes very little desk space.

Talking about the build quality of this keyboard, the upper plate of this gaming keyboard is made of metal while the rest of the body of the keyboard is made of good quality plastic material.

In the bottom section of this keyboard, there are rubberized pads and foldable feet. You can either lay the keyboard flat or keep it inclined according to your preference. 

In the Hermes E2 keyboard, Gamdias have used their own custom-designed Blue mechanical switches. These switches from Gamdias are tactile and require less actuation force compared to the Outemu Blue switches. 

This keyboard has LED backlighting which adds to the gaming flair. There are seven colour LEDs on this keyboard.


There is no doubt that this mechanical keyboard performs exceptionally well compared to the traditional membrane gaming keyboards.

This keyboard is suitable for beginners as well as regular gamers alike. There shouldn’t be any compatibility issues with this keyboard and it should function flawlessly with all PC games.

Regardless of the types of games you play – be it competitive or casual, you can still go for this keyboard. If you are a professional gamer then you should invest in a premium keyboard.

Being a mechanical keyboard, the tactile feedback is there and you have no latency when gaming since it is a wired keyboard.

Integrated media keys are available on this keyboard. Like most other keyboards these can be accessed via the FN key. 


If you are looking for a gaming keyboard that is versatile and suitable for various gaming genres, then you should consider purchasing the Gamdias Hermes E2.


Type of KeyboardMechanical
Number PadNo
Backlit KeysYes

10. Redgear Invador MK881

Redgear Invador MK881

Honourable Mention

  • Metal frame
  • 70 million keystroke life
  • Mechanical keyboard 


Braided USB cable 

8 LED modes 

Full-key anti-ghosting 


No palm rest 

Redgear is an Indian company that specializes in marketing gaming accessories for smartphones, desktops, and laptops.

The product line of the company ranges from gamepads to joysticks and has an impressive selection under affordable price points.

The Redgear Invador MK881 is a wired mechanical gaming keyboard that will enhance your gaming performance.

Build and Design 

Redgear has gone all out with the design and build of their Invador MK881 gaming keyboard. 

First off design-wise the keyboard does not look surprisingly different from the ones that are being offered by other brands and this isn’t necessarily a bad thing since most mechanical gaming keyboards have a design that is suitable for gamers.

In terms of the build quality, the Invador MK881 has a metal frame while the rest of the body is made of hard and durable plastic material. 

Since the Invador MK881 is a mechanical keyboard it means that it has mechanical switches in it. This keyboard comes with either blue or brown mechanical switches by Kailh.

The Invador MK881 features RGB LED illumination as well. This keyboard features 8 different LED modes and you can also set up 6 different profiles which you can switch between at any time.

The Redgear MK881 comes with a braided USB cable that is thick and feels durable. To get started just plug the USB wire into your host device and you are ready to go.


When it comes to the performance of the Redgear Invador MK881 it’s no surprise that it will surpass all of its membrane keyboard competitors. 

Since it is a mechanical keyboard using the Redgear Invador MK881 is a joy. The Kailh switches do an amazing job, if you want a tactile bump and clicky sound then you should opt for the blue switches whereas those who prefer a less clicky sound but want the tactility can go for the Kailh browns. 

The keys on the keyboard have a keystroke life of 70 million which is more than most keyboards out there in a similar price bracket. 

Thanks to the long life of the switches, you don’t have to worry about the durability of the keyboard.

To aid you in competitive gaming this keyboard has full key anti-ghosting. This lets you press multiple keys on the keyboard simultaneously and all of these keys get registered. 

It is a really useful feature in keyboards and comes real handy during intense situations. 

There is also the Windows lock ability on the Redgear Invador MK881 which disables the Windows key so gaming sessions don’t get interrupted by accident.


If money isn’t a problem and you would like to have an excellent gaming experience with a mechanical keyboard then you should check out the Redgear Invador MK881.


Type of KeyboardMechanical
Number PadYes
Backlit KeysYes

We have finally reached the end of our list for the ten best gaming keyboards under Rs.3000. 

The list includes a variety of gaming keyboards catering to the needs of most users with different play styles. 

If you have any questions regarding the keyboards mentioned above feel free to comment down below and we will be more than happy to answer. 

As always, thanks for your time and have a great day!

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