Best Gaming Monitors in India (May 2022)

With the launch of the next generation of gaming consoles and graphics cards right around the corner, there is no doubt that a lot of people are going to be looking for a new TV or gaming monitor that can utilize the power of these devices to its full potential.

Gaming monitors are different from standard monitors because of their high refresh rates and quick response time and additionally, they come loaded with features that will further enhance your overall gaming experience.

So we, here at Bettershark have made a list of the eight best gaming monitors available for purchase here in India so you know exactly which product to spend your hard-earned money on. 

Without further ado, let’s get right into it

Best Gaming Monitors in India

1. Acer Predator XB273KOverall Best Pick
2. Acer Nitro VG240YSRunner-up Pick
3. Benq Zowie XL2546Value for Money Gaming Monitor
4. BenQ EX2780QFeature-rich Gaming Monitor 
5. BenQ EL2870UBudget 4K Gaming Monitor 
6. Gigabyte M27QBest QHD Gaming Monitor
7. LG Ultragear 27GL650FVersatile Gaming Monitor 
8. MSI Optix G241Honourable Mention

Note: The price shown are the once when we reviewed the products. However, as the promotional offers changes on the given E-commerce sites, the price may vary. Bettershark is supported by it’s readers and when you buy through links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission.

1. Acer Predator XB273K

Acer Predator XB273K

Overall Best Pick

  • 4K UHD IPS Display
  • Nvidia G Sync compatible monitor
  • 144Hz Refresh rate


Ambient lighting 

Rich connectivity 

VESA Certified HDR 400 display


A metal build would have been nicer

Acer is a Taiwanese manufacturer of computer hardware and peripherals known for their extensive range of laptops, desktops, keyboards, mice, etc. 

The Predator series is Acer’s gaming lineup and the XB273K is a gaming monitor from the acclaimed Predator series that includes gaming keyboards and mice. 

Build and Design 

The Acer Predator XB273K gaming monitor has a plastic backplate with a brushed metal finish. This monitor comes with a two-legged stand that feels sturdy and strong.

This gaming monitor has three vision shades that can be screwed on the sides. These shades keep you away from distractions and unnecessary lighting which can hinder your gaming experience.

You can unscrew the shades if you care too much about the aesthetics as the monitor looks better without them.  

The Predator gaming monitor features ambient lighting underneath the front bar and at the back. These light strips can pulsate on their own which adds to the gaming flair of the monitor.

The dual legged stand allows you to adjust the height vertically but it does not let you rotate the monitor to portrait orientation as most gaming monitors do at this price range. 

The port selection of the XB273K includes two display ports, two HDMI and four USB 3.0 ports. 

If you have a gaming laptop, you can connect it to the monitor using the HDMI port, but do remember that you won’t be able to get more than 60 frames on the HDMI port.

The monitor has an inbuilt speaker which is useful if you don’t have an external speaker, but the quality is decent to say the best. We always advise customers to invest in external speakers or headphones for the best immersive gaming experience.


The Predator XB273K is a high-end 27-inch gaming monitor with a UHD 4K resolution and a smooth refresh rate of 144Hz.

This is an IPS display with excellent viewing angles and has a quick response rate.

“Response time is the time that it takes your monitor to shift from one colour to another. In general lower the response time, better the gaming experience will be.” 

The IPS display provides you with vivid colours when you compare it to a TN panel as they have a wider colour gamut. 

If you are into competitive gaming it is always best to go for TN panels but Acer has done a great job with the XB273K and this performs as good as a TN panel for gaming. 

Now, if you are a serious gamer then there are times where you are going to be spending most of your time facing the screen. 

This can cause damage to your eyes and that is why Acer has equipped the monitor with an Eye Protect technology that reduces eye fatigue for a more comfortable and healthy gaming experience. 

The 4K UHD resolution on the monitor lets you play your games at a crisp 4Kresolution but to achieve 4K resolution you also need a PC that can push out graphics at such a high resolution.

So if you have a weak PC then it’s best to opt for a less expensive gaming monitor with a lower resolution. 

This gaming monitor is a VESA certified HDR 400 display which means you can get a beautiful range of colours for a visual treat. 

The XB273K is Nvidia G Sync compatible, meaning it synchronizes the monitor’s refresh rate with the GPU’s variable render rate for jitter and tear-free gaming experience. 


This gaming monitor is a perfect fit for both competitive and casual gaming. Being a 4K IPS panel at 144Hz, this is a dream come true for gaming enthusiasts.


Resolution4K UHD
Refresh Rate144Hz
Display TypeIPS Panel

2. Acer Nitro VG240YS

Acer Nitro VG240YS

Runner-up Pick

  • Built-in speakers 
  • 165Hz refresh rate 
  • Full HD 1080p resolution


HDR10 support 

Sturdy stand 

0.1ms response time 


No height adjustment 

The Nitro series by Acer is their dedicated budget gaming series primarily dealing with gaming laptops. Acer is now further expanding the line-up of products they market under the Nitro brand. 

The all-new Nitro VG240YS is a mid-range gaming monitor available for purchase in the Indian market at just Rs.13,590.

Build and Design 

The Acer Nitro VG240YS is a mid-range gaming monitor. In terms of its build quality, this gaming monitor has an all-plastic construction which is of decent quality. If you are expecting a high-end build quality then you are going to be disappointed. 

This gaming monitor features a V-shaped stand upon which you can mount this monitor. 

At the back of the gaming monitor, you will find a backplate with a brushed metal finish that looks clean and uncluttered. 

There are red gaming accents present on the stand of the gaming monitor which is reminiscent of the colour scheme Acer uses on their gaming laptops. 

This gaming monitor does not allow for any height adjustment but you do get tilt adjustment on this monitor. 

Connectivity ports situated in the back of the monitor include an audio jack, two HDMI ports, and a DPI port.

This gaming monitor also comes with dual two-watt speakers built-in. The quality of the speakers can be termed as decent at best. They are not very loud and we recommend using an external speaker or headphones for the best possible sound experience. 


The Acer Nitro VG240YS gaming monitor has a beautiful 23.8-inch display with minimal bezels. The minimal bezels give you more screen real estate resulting in a more immersive media consumption experience. 

This gaming monitor comes with a crisp full HD 1080p resolution along with a fluid 165Hz refresh rate. It is surprising to see Acer offering high refresh rates in a gaming monitor under Rs.15,000.

This gaming monitor has a peak brightness of 250 nits and also has HDR10 support for vivid colours and an impressive dynamic range. 

The display on the Acer Nitro gaming monitor is an IPS panel which means you get a wider viewing angle and much better colour accuracy compared to TN or VA panel. 

The Acer Nitro VG240YS has support for AMD FreeSync which means screen tearing and stuttering are now a thing of the past. For motion blur reduction this gaming monitor has a response time of 0.1ms. Your games will now look better than ever. 


If you are on a budget but require a gaming monitor that can display crisp visuals at higher resolution and frame rates then look no further than the Acer VG240YS gaming monitor.


Refresh Rate165Hz
Display TypeIPS Panel

3. Benq Zowie XL2546

BenQ Zowie XL2546

Value for Money Gaming Monitor

  • 240Hz Refresh rate TN panel
  • S-switch remote for easy menu access
  • Full height, tilt and pivot adjustments


Vision Shield to reduce distractions 

Retractable headphone holder

Stand with placement markers


No inbuilt speakers

The BenQ Corporation is a consumer electronics company headquartered in Taiwan. 

You must have heard the name BenQ or maybe seen a few of their electronic appliances such as projectors and monitors.

The BenQ Zowie XL2546 is a premium gaming monitor from a Taiwanese company that is priced at Rs.32,990.

Build and Design

In terms of build quality, the Zowie has a sturdy build and it comes with a height-adjustable stand. 

This gaming monitor is accompanied by two Zowie vision shields that are on the sides. These shields are meant to keep you away from distractions, unwanted light reflections, or other disturbances that can affect your gameplay experience. 

The shield is optional and it can be detached if you don’t prefer it. 

On the side of the monitor, you can find the retractable headphone holder, on which can conveniently place your headphones after the gaming session. 

This stand has placement markers on it that let you properly position the monitor at your desired height, swivel, or tilt it. These placement markers are helpful when more than one person uses the monitor so they can adjust the height accurately. 

You can also pivot the monitor to a 90-degree angle, this lets you enjoy your content in portrait mode. 

The S-switch is a remote that comes bundled with the monitor with buttons on it that let you access the monitor menu remotely. This allows you to switch between three different profile modes and also switch between connected devices. 

For example, you can switch between a console or a PC that the monitor is connected to. 

The Zowie has multiple connectivity options including a display port, Dual-Link DVI-D, HDMI, and headphone/microphone input jack.

This monitor, however, does not have an inbuilt speaker so you will have to connect an external speaker for audio.


Now let’s talk about the important part and that is the display quality itself. 

The BenQ Zowie XL2546 is a 24.5-inch screen and comes with a TN panel that has a Full HD resolution of 1920×1080 pixels. 

TN panel stands for Twisted Nematic panels. These panels are known for having fast refresh rates that enhance your gaming experience by delivering smooth and stutter-free visuals.

This display has a refresh rate of 240Hz which gives you a smooth gaming experience. This BenQ monitor is an esports gaming monitor and has been used in esports gaming tournaments because of its extremely fast refresh rate and 1ms response time. 

The 1ms response time removes motion blur, jitter, and ghosting artefacts. 

The Zowie has a DyAC (Dynamic Accuracy) feature which reduces screen vibrations and provides excellent target accuracy while moving.

This gaming monitor comes with colour vibrancy and black equalizer technology that increases the colour contrast while also allowing you to increase visibility in dark scenes without overexposing the brighter areas. 

The intelligent flicker-free technology in this Zowie monitor reduces eye strain when you play games for long sessions. Do keep in mind that when DyAC is enabled, the flicker-free feature will be disabled.


The BenQ Zowie XL2546 is an esports grade gaming monitor suitable for competitive games thanks to the high refresh rates and other technologies that enhance your gaming experience. 

If you are into casual gaming we recommend you look into a monitor with an IPS display as they provide better colour accuracy than a TN panel but that does not mean the monitor isn’t capable of handling all types of games.


Refresh Rate240Hz
Display TypeTN Panel

4. BenQ EX2780Q

BenQ EX2780Q

Feature-rich Gaming Monitor

  • Crisp 2K resolution 
  • Fluid 144 Hz refresh rate
  • Inbuilt Trevolo speaker and subwoofer


Brightness Intelligence sensor 

ePaper mode

Rich connectivity options


No height adjustability 

The BenQ EX2780Q is a high-end gaming monitor by a Taiwanese multinational company. 

While the Zowie gaming monitor we discussed above features a full HD display, this gaming monitor comes with a sharper QHD display but at a premium price of Rs.35,990.

Build and Design 

The BenQ EX2780Q is a feature-packed gaming monitor with a robust metal stand and remote.

The stand feels solid and has a rectangular-shaped base that is hollow in the center. You can easily mount the gaming monitor on the stand without any trouble and be assured that it remains sturdy. 

There is only tilt adjustment available on the stand. It is not possible to adjust the height or swivel the monitor around. This gaming monitor is also VESA mount compatible if you prefer to mount your monitor on a wall. 

BenQ has equipped their gaming monitor with front-firing speakers on the bottom bezel and a subwoofer on the back. Audio on this gaming monitor is tuned by Trevolo and this is by far one of the best sounding speakers available on a gaming monitor. 

Connectivity ports on the gaming monitor include two HDMI ports, a display port, a Type C USB port, and an audio jack. 


The BenQ EX2780Q features a 27-inch QHD display that has a resolution of 2504x1440p or 2K. Gamers consider 1440p as the sweet spot between 1080p and 4K gaming. 

This gaming monitor has a fluid 144Hz refresh rate so that you can experience your favourite games the way it is meant to be played. 

This is an IPS panel with wide viewing angles without any noticeable colour shifts when viewed from extreme angles. 

BenQ has utilized HDRi technology on this gaming monitor. This technology brightens up darker areas in the game for better visual clarity. 

The BenQ EX2780Q has a Brightness Intelligence + sensor in its lower bezel that adjusts the brightness of the display based upon the ambient lighting in the room. 

This gaming monitor also has an ePaper mode that turns the display black and white for convenience while reading articles or other documents. This reduces the strain on your eyes.


If you are looking for a monitor that can handle 2K resolution at high-frame rates then you are at the right place. The BenQ EX2780Q is the top-of-the-line gaming monitor when it comes to all-around performance for a budget under Rs.36,000.


Refresh Rate144Hz
Display TypeIPS Panel

5. BenQ EL2870U

BenQ EL2870U

Budget 4K Gaming Monitor

  • 28-inch 4K UHD display
  • Rich connectivity options
  • 3-year onsite warranty


Flicker-free technology 

Inbuilt speakers 

Vesa mount compatible 


No height adjustment 

The BenQ EL2870U is another gaming monitor from the Taiwanese electronics company. 

Unlike the Zowie, this is a mid-range gaming monitor which is priced at Rs.21,990 and is capable of running games and streaming movies at 4K UHD resolution. 

Build and Design 

There isn’t much going on with the BenQ EL2870U in terms of build quality and design.

This gaming monitor has a plastic build and comes bundled with a stand. This stand has a combination of glossy black and grey brushed metal texture. 

The monitor has black plastic sides while the chin has the same grey brushed metal texture as used in the stand.

The stand is sturdy and does its job well without a hitch. There is no wobble even when you tilt the monitor to accommodate your viewing. 

You can tilt the screen 5 degrees downwards and 15 degrees upwards and there is no other method of adjustment. 

If required, you can also make use of the Vesa mount and hang the monitor onto a wall. 

This mid-range gaming monitor has integrated control buttons on it which can be used to alter the settings on the monitor such as brightness, contrast picture modes etc. 

Talking about audio the monitor also has inbuilt speakers which sound reasonably well. If you want to get the full surround sound experience, we suggest you invest in good quality external speakers.

The port selection on the monitor includes two HDMI ports, one DisplayPort, an audio port for speakers and a power input port.


The BenQ EL2870U is one huge monitor which has a size of 28-inches and this is one of the larger monitors on the list. 

This 4K UHD display has a resolution of 3840 x 2160 pixels which means you can expect sharp visuals from this monitor while gaming.  

It has a standard refresh rate of 60Hz making this monitor great for casual gaming but not the best for competitive gaming purposes. 

Being a TN panel, you get extremely fast response times and low input lag. This display fares great for gaming but is not the best for editing and content creation. You get a 1ms gtg ( grey to grey) response time that eliminates motion blur. 

TN panels do not have the best colour accuracy but the BenQ EL2870U is an HDR-compatible monitor, delivering better brightness and deep contrasts to enhance your viewing experience. 

AMD’s FreeSync technology eliminates screen tearing, choppiness and broken frames for a fluid gaming experience.

This gaming monitor features brightness intelligence plus technology (B.I.) that balances the brightness of the display and ensures that images don’t get overexposed while preserving the details in the dark for visibility. 

Additionally the B.I. + feature reduces strain on your eyes by adjusting the colour temperature of the display according to the ambient brightness. 

Flicker-free technology and low blue light also help in reducing the strain on your eyes when you game for long periods at a stretch. 


The BenQ EL2870U is a gaming monitor for those who want to enjoy 4K UHD gaming without blowing a hole in the pocket. 

This gaming monitor features the B.I. + and FreeSync technology which ensures an extremely comfortable gaming experience. 


Refresh Rate60Hz
Display TypeTN Panel

6. Gigabyte M27Q

Gigabyte M27Q

Best QHD Gaming Monitor

  • Wall mountable display
  • Multiple device control
  • High refresh rate 


170Hz refresh rate 

Excellent colour accuracy 

SuperSpeed IPS panel 


No swivel option

Gigabyte Technology is a Taiwanese manufacturer and supplier of computer hardware and gaming peripherals. They are prominently known for manufacturing graphics cards and motherboards but also manufacture products like laptops, keyboards, power supplies, etc.

The Gigabyte M27Q is a mid-range QHD gaming monitor that retails for around Rs.37,000 in the Indian market.

Build and Design 

The Gigabyte M27Q is one good-looking gaming monitor in terms of its design. This monitor is constructed completely out of plastic and does not feel cheap. 

The contoured lines on the rear of the monitor give it an aesthetically pleasing design. The top portion of the monitor has a glossy finish whereas the rest of the monitor has a matte finish. 

Bundled with this monitor is the stand which is quite sturdy and also large, meaning it is going to take up a lot of space. The stand is ergonomically designed to offer a range of height and tilt adjustments. 

However, if you don’t like using a stand then it is also VESA mount compatible for attaching the monitor on a wall.

The I/O ports on the Gigabyte M27Q include the display port, two HDMI ports, two USB Type-A ports, a USB Type C port, and a headphone jack. 


The display of the Gigabyte M27Q is a stunner. It is a 27-inch flat-screen QHD display with a fluid refresh rate of 170Hz. 

With the smooth 170Hz refresh rate you can enjoy your games at up to 170 fps which is extremely smooth if you are coming from a 60Hz refresh rate panel. The smooth refresh rate also gives you a competitive edge over other players.

Gigabyte has used a SuperSpeed IPS panel on their gaming monitor. This offers a reduced response time of 0.5ms while still maintaining excellent colour accuracy as you would expect from an IPS panel.

There is also support for AMD FreeSync Premium on this monitor which eliminates screen-tearing for a stutter-free experience.

This monitor has a 92% DCI-P3 super wide-gamut colour, 140% sRGB, and is a studio-grade VESA certified HDR 400 display. 

The Gigabyte M27Q gaming monitor has anti-flicker and low blue light technology, which eliminates eye pressure from long periods of staring at the monitor.


The Gigabyte M27Q has a KVM feature that allows you to control multiple devices connected to the monitor with only a single set of keyboard and mouse. This makes it easy to use multiple devices simultaneously. 

You have the KVM button at the rear of the monitor which is used to switch between the various devices in a snap.


The Gigabyte M27Q is a breathtaking QHD display for gaming. If you have the budget then this is one of the best 1440p resolution gaming monitors with a fluid resolution in the market.

It also has the KVM feature which lets you use a single keyboard and mouse for various devices connected to the monitor.


Refresh Rate170Hz
Display TypeIPS Panel

7. LG Ultragear 27GL650F

LG Ultragear 27GL650F

Versatile Gaming Monitor

  • Full HD IPS display
  • Smooth 144Hz refresh rate
  • HDR 10 certified panel


Stylish design

99% sRGB colour gamut coverage

Adjustable Vesa wall mount 


Wobbly stand

LG is a South Korean consumer electronics company known for its air conditioners, fridges, washing machines, TVs, etc. 

The Ultragear 27GL650F is a 27-inch Full HD gaming monitor from LG which retails at Rs.21,999 in the Indian market.

Build and Design 

The LG Ultragear is a gaming monitor that features minimal design aesthetics. This monitor comes with a stand onto which you can affix the monitor.  

But if you prefer mounting your gaming monitor onto the wall, then you can do so since it is also 100 x 100 VESA mount compatible. 

The stand is V-shaped and feels durable but when you mount the gaming monitor on the wall, it does have a slight wobble to it but you don’t have to worry about it falling. 

This stand also lets you adjust the height of the monitor – pivot, tilt, and turn it into portrait mode. So you can adjust the monitor to an angle that is perfect for you to an unobstructed view. 

In terms of its build quality, this gaming monitor is completely made from plastic materials that are of high quality. 

The Ultragear gaming monitor has red accent lines across the back and the stand which adds to the gaming flair of this monitor. 

In terms of connectivity options, this monitor features two HDMI ports, two display ports, and an audio port. 

There are no inbuilt speakers in this monitor so you will have to connect an external speaker or a headphone/earphone via the 3.5mm jack.


The LG Ultragear 27GL650F features a 27-inch display with a Full HD resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels. 

In addition to the full HD resolution, this gaming monitor also features a silky smooth 144Hz refresh rate thanks to which you can enjoy your favourite games at up to 144 fps provided that you have a capable GPU. 

This is an IPS display with wider viewing angles and excellent colour reproduction. This display covers 99% of the sRGB colour gamut for natural-looking visuals. As a cherry on top, this monitor is HDR10 certified to make the colours pop out with an excellent dynamic range. 

LG also claims that their gaming monitors have 1ms MBR( Motion Blur Reduction ) resulting in minimal motion blur with fast visuals on screen for a smoother gameplay experience. 

This gaming monitor has support for Nvidia G Sync and AMD’s FreeSync which eliminates screen tearing and stutters. 

With a peak brightness of 400nits, this display is very much legible under brightly lit indoor conditions. 


if you’re in search of an FHD gaming monitor with a high refresh rate for competitive gaming and a colour accurate screen for work-related purposes, then the LG Ultragear is the one for you.


Refresh Rate144Hz
Display TypeIPS Panel

8. MSI Optix G241

Honourable Mention

  • Full HD 144Hz refresh rate 
  • AMD FreeSync support 
  • IPS panel  


Sturdy stand 

VESA mount compatible

Easy to navigate menu


No inbuilt speakers 

MSI is a Taiwanese technology company that is known for manufacturing gaming hardware and peripherals. We have come across many of their laptops and peripherals in many of our best lists

The Optix G241 is a gaming monitor from MSI retailing in the Indian market at Rs.16,342.

Build and Design 

The MSI Optix G241 is a stunning gaming monitor in terms of design aesthetics. This monitor is constructed from plastic materials with a brushed finish texture on the sides.  

Bundled with this gaming monitor is a stand that is partly built with metal and plastic. The base of the stand features a metal build while the rest of it is made of plastic due to budget constraints. 

This gaming monitor is also compatible with VESA mount which means you can mount the MSI Optix on a wall. 

The stand of the monitor is sturdy and does not wobble when you mount the monitor on it. This boosts the confidence of the user. 

Behind the monitor, you have a red joystick that lets you navigate the menu on the gaming monitor. With this joystick, you can change display settings such as brightness, mode, contrast etc.

The I/O ports of this gaming monitor are also situated in the back and these include two HDMI ports, a display port, and an audio jack. 

This monitor does not have an inbuilt speaker so you will have to use an external speaker or wear a headphone to listen to the audio. 


The MSI Optix G241 features a beautiful 24-inch full HD 1080p display that is capable of running your games at a fluid refresh rate of 144Hz.

Thanks to the 144Hz refresh rate, you can enjoy esports games like Valorant and CS GO up to 144 fps. Once you are used to a high refresh rate display, then going back to a standard 60Hz refresh rate is almost impossible. 

MSI has used an IPS panel on their Optix G241. IPS panels are known for their wide viewing angles and good colour accuracy. 

This gaming monitor has anti-flicker and less blue light technology that reduces the strain done to your eyes when watching the screen for long hours. 

There is a Night Vision feature on this monitor that enhances the visuals of the screen during darker scenes for clearer visibility. 


The MSI Optix G241 is a gaming monitor that is capable of high refresh rate gaming at full HD resolution. The build quality of this gaming monitor is robust and the stand of the monitor is also sturdy.


Refresh Rate144Hz
Display TypeIPS Panel

This concludes our list of the eight best gaming monitors available in India under different price brackets.

If you have any queries regarding the monitors listed above please feel free to comment down below.

We hope that this curated buying list helps you to choose the best product that suits your requirements. 

As always, thanks for your time and have a great day ahead!

Buying Guide For Gaming Monitor In India 

If you are serious about gaming then it is necessary to invest in a good monitor because if you plan on winning matches or making the most out of your games, then you would also need a display that facilitates it. 

Gaming monitors unlike regular monitors come loaded with specific gaming-centric features that enhance the image quality and provide smooth visuals. 

Not everyone knows what it is you should look out for when purchasing a gaming monitor and that is why we at Bettershark have made a short guide that will give you some information regarding gaming monitors. 

We will touch upon a few important factors you should consider before purchasing a gaming monitor. Without wasting time any further, let’s get right into it. 


The first thing to look out for is the size of the monitor. 

Gaming monitors are available in different sizes. You can find monitors as small as 20-inch to as big as the size of full-fledged TVs. So before you purchase a monitor make sure your gaming setup has enough space to accommodate the monitor you’re about to purchase.   

It is recommended to go with a gaming monitor which isn’t too small or too big. A size anywhere between 24-inch to 28-inch should be a good choice. 


The resolution of the monitor might be one of the single most important features to look out for when purchasing a gaming monitor. 

The resolution which you find on a gaming monitor include 1080p (1920 x 1080) more commonly known as Full HD, 1440p (2560 x 1440p) and 4K (3840 x 2160) which is also known as Ultra HD. 

So the basic rule of resolution is that the higher the resolution the better the sharpness and image quality.  

Gaming monitors with high resolution come at a more expensive price while those with lower are cheaper. You can also find monitors which have a 720p resolution but it is best to avoid them since it is outdated. 

Do note that if you are going to buy a 4K or 1440p gaming monitor you should also have a graphics card or gaming console which is capable of running games at the respective resolution. There is no point in purchasing a gaming monitor with a high resolution if your device is not able to output the resolution level. 

Refresh Rate

The next important thing to consider before purchasing a gaming monitor is its refresh rate.

What is a refresh rate?

A refresh rate is a rate at which a monitor can display an image. A 60Hz display can display 60 images per second. The higher the refresh rate the more fluid the visuals on the monitor.

The standard refresh rate on a gaming monitor is 60Hz but you can find gaming monitors which have a refresh rate of more than 300 Hz. 

If you are a casual gamer then a refresh rate of 60Hz should be fine but if you like playing competitive games or are a professional gamer then you should go for a higher refresh rate. 

Purchasing a monitor which is capable of gaming at a high refresh rate is not enough. There is no point in purchasing a gaming monitor with a high refresh rate if your console or PC is not capable of outputting high frame rates.

Panel Type 

The type of panel you opt for will also determine the quality of your games. Generally, there are three types of panels available in gaming monitors namely TN Panel, IPS Panel and VA Panel.  

When we talk about the raw performance, then the TN Panel is the best panel for gaming since they have the fastest response times and usually the highest refresh rates. 

IPS panels have a slower response time compared to TN Panel and VA panel have the slowest response time in the panels. 

Response time is the time it takes for a display to change a pixel from black to white or grey to grey. The fastest response time you can find is 0.5ms and the slowest in gaming monitors should be 5ms.

TN panels have a really bad viewing angle and don’t have good colour accuracy, whereas IPS panels have the best viewing angles and colour, finally the VA panel lies in between both TN and IPS panels. It has a better viewing angle than a TN panel but not as good as an IPS panel, it also produces better colours than a TN panel. 

TN panels are the cheapest, IPS panels are the most expensive and the price of VA panels usually vary but the expensive ones have a performance level that matches a TN panel.

TN panel is the best choice for gaming but you can also find IPS panels slowly achieving the performance of TN panels. 

AMD FreeSync or Nvidia G-Sync

Both AMD FreeSync and Nvidia G-Sync perform the same function. They both eliminate screen tearing and stuttering by syncing the frames being output by GPU to that of the monitor’s refresh rate.

Choosing between them is fairly easy. If you have an Nvidia graphics card you should opt for a monitor which is G-Sync compatible likewise if your gaming PC has an AMD graphics card you should go for a monitor which supports AMD FreeSync. 

With this, we come to the end of the short buying guide for a gaming monitor in India. 

Make sure you go through the guide properly before purchasing a gaming monitor and if you have any other questions regarding a gaming monitor do feel free to comment down below and we will get back to you. 


Q. Which is the best panel for competitive gaming? 

A. The best panel for competitive gaming is a TN panel because of its fast response time. They don’t have the best colour accuracy but it is not of importance when it comes to competitive gaming.

Q. Is a curved monitor good for gaming?

A. A curved gaming monitor gives you more viewing area, immersive experience and reduces eye strain. It does not give you a significant edge over other monitors but it doesn’t have any drawbacks as well. 

Q. Which monitor is going to reduce eye strain?

A. A gaming monitor which has a blue light filter or an anti-glare coating will reduce strain on your eyes. You should always go for monitors which have anti-glare properties if you are going to game for long periods. 

Q. Are inbuilt speakers in monitors any good?

A. Inbuilt speakers are alright for temporary use but it is best to invest in good external speakers or gaming headphones because inbuilt speakers in monitors are average at best.

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