Best Headphones Under Rs.1,000 (October 2019)

by | Sep 23, 2019

Enjoying great music without a good headphone is just like listening to noise.

Not everyone listens to the music the same way.

Personal preferences vary, so does their experience with a particular headphone.

Some people like listening music in In-Ear Monitors whereas some people prefer Over the Ear “Headphones”.

Here we recommend to you a curated list of the best nine headphones under Rs.1,000 to make your search easier.

Let’s begin!

Best Headphones Under Rs.1,000

1. Sony MDR-310APOverall Best Pick
2. JBL T250SI Runner-Up Pick
3. Motorola Pulse 3Headphone with Stylish Design
4. Nu Republic Starboy WBest Build Quality
5. Skullcandy AntiBest Comfort Fit the Headphone
6. Boult Audio Bass Buds Q2Best Budget Wired Headphone
7. Energy Sistem DJ2Feature Rich Wired Headphone
8. Boat BassHeads 900 Honorable Mention

1. Sony MDR-310AP

Overall Best Pick
  • Affordable price tag
  • Decent build quality
  • Suited for bass lovers

Sony’s MDR series over the ear headphones are acclaimed for their deep bass levels and clean sound output.

The MDR-310AP has some impressive features which will make your music listening experience enjoyable at a reasonable price range.

Design and Build Quality

The Sony MDR series headphones are known for not only the extra oomph in the sound output but also for the aesthetically pleasing colour options and the overall elegant design.

This budget over the ear headphone similar to its higher-priced siblings comes with a minimal yet attractive form factor, made out of quality materials.

The adjustable headband has enough cushion to make it comfortable for you to wear this headphone for longer periods of time at a single stretch.

The earcups are sufficiently comfy and provide a closed back feel, offering passive noise cancellation from the outside noises.

Speaker and Sound Quality

Sony has provided a large 40mm neodymium driver which produces clean and crisp sound with some deep bass levels in the segment.

The headset features a sensitive diaphragm that will let you listen to the music across varying sound levels without any distortion.

The headphone has an impedance rating of 24 Ohms meaning it requires only a low power to deliver clear audio without the help of an amplifier.

A frequency response range that varies between 10 Hz – 24000 Hz makes sure you will be able to hear all the notes across the spectrum.

The quality of bass is exceptional and will satisfy even the hardcore bass audiophile out there.

Inline Remote and Microphone

Indian customers often give importance to the value for money aspect rather than the performance of a product. However, with this budget headphone, you’re neither missing out the two.

The Sony MDR-310AP comes with an inline remote and an integrated mic for voice calls.

The mic is very sensitive and picks up the voice quite easily, providing decent quality handsfree voice calls experience.


The cord length is 1.2mm and the connector is gold plated.

There is an inline remote and mic for accepting calls and changing tracks without having the need to look at the device while listening to music.

Earcups are of the swivelling type and this makes carrying the headphone easy.


Foldable design with deep bass levels and a wider frequency spectrum, this headphone lets you listen to the music the way it is intended to.

Available in a variety of eye-catchy colours, MDR-30AP is the one where style meets the substance.


Deep bass levels

Foldable Earcups
Inline mic and remote
Short cord length


Driver unit Size30 mm
Frequency Range10Hz – 24,000Hz
Impedance Rating24 Ohms
Additional FeaturesPressure Relieving Earpads

2. JBL T250SI

Runner-Up Pick
  • JBL signature sound output
  • Foldable ear cups
  • One-year warranty

JBL is an American company known for its speaker’s related components.

They have been making some quality headphones lately and some of them are massively popular.

There is almost a cult following for JBL among audiophiles owing to its great quality music output.

The JBL T250SI is a budget offering from JBL that performs well for the given price segment.

Design and Build Quality

The build quality of this headset feels premium, thanks to the use of high-quality
components for its construction.

The closed-back design ensures minimal sound leakage through the ear cups.

This ensures sound reflects into the ears creating a rich bass effect.

Foam cushions and adjustable headbands enhance the usability of this headphone.

Speaker and Sound Quality

The T250SI has a 40mm driver unit that produces some of the best bass levels in the segment.

With a frequency response ranging from 20 Hz to 20000 Hz, it is sure that none of the beats will go unnoticed.

The impedance rating for this device is 32 Ohm.

Even with the higher impedance, T250SI can perform well without an external amplifier to assist.


Noise cancellation on T250SI works better than any other headphones in the segment.

The headphone feels lightweight and is comfortable to wear with cushions that cover the ears completely.


If listening to music peacefully while on a trip or a noisy environment is your agenda, the JBL T250SI is worth checking out as the noise cancellation on this headphone will let you do so effortlessly.


Lightweight and comfortable


Gold Plated 3.5mm headphone jack


Self-adjusting ear-cups

No inline mic


Driver unit Size40mm
Frequency Range20Hz – 20000Hz
Impedance Rating32 Ohms
Additional FeaturesLightweight and Compact, Adjustable Headband, Comfortable Cushions


3. Motorola Pulse 3

Headphone with Stylish Design
  • Universal compatibility
  • High quality neodymium drivers
  • Compact and foldable

Motorola had met with success in the headphone area with the second generation Pulse series and they are back with an improved version featuring a revamped design and improved sound driver.

Design and Build Quality

These headphones are very lightweight that you won’t bother wearing it and listening to music all day.

The cables are tangle resistant and you won’t have to spend time on untangling the maze anymore.

An inline microphone is present to attending the calls on the go while using this headphone.

The headband can be adjusted according to your size easily ensuring a snug fit.

Speaker Sound Quality

A 36 mm driver size helps the headphone to output over a wide frequency range thereby reducing the chance of missing any beats in the middle of listening to the music.

This headphone has a minimum frequency response of 18 Hz that goes up to 23,000 Hz.

The impedance rating for Pulse 3 is 32 ohms.

This ensures that the headphone will deliver quality sound output even if your smartphone doesn’t come with a dedicated audio amplifier.


Universal compatibility is one of the main USP of this wired headphone. The Motorola Pulse 3 works well with both iOS devices as well as Android phones.

You can also use this product with TV or laptops that feature a full-sized 3.5mm headphone jack with no issues.


Motorola Pulse 2 delivers excellent sound quality in a lightweight package.

The bass levels are deep and soothing to the ears.

The inline mic lets you attend the calls without any hassle. Tangle-resistant cable is one of the other features that make this headphone a compelling product to purchase.

Clean and crisp sound output
Great bass
Anti tangle cables
Noise cancellation not up to the mark


Driver unit Size36 mm
Frequency Range18Hz – 23000Hz
Impedance Rating32 Ohms
Additional FeaturesUniversal Compatibility

4. Nu Republic Starboy W

Best Build Quality
  • Enhanced bass output
  • Aux-in support
  • Passive noise cancellation

Nu Republic is another one of the hundreds of Indian companies importing and marking Chinese OEM goods under their brand name in India.

The Nu Republic Starboy W is a wired over the ear headphone priced under Rs.1000 which provides a decent value for money proposition.

Design and Build Quality

The Nu Republic Starboy W features a two-tone colour scheme on top of its polycarbonate plastic build.

The faux leather inserts on the earcup give these otherwise bland looking headphones, a premium feel.

The headband is comfortable and can be adjusted in size according to the person.

The earcups are comfy and are made from memory foam to last a lot longer than a traditional cushion.

Speakers and Sound Quality

The Nu Republic Starboy W features a large 40mm neodymium sound driver to deliver good quality sound output despite its low price tag.

Since the earcups cover the entire ear, this budget wired headphones provides a passive noise cancellation effect that adds to the overall music listening experience.

The bass notes are more pronounced with this headphone but not to the level that it overpowers the mids and highs.

Overall, the Nu Republic Starboy W provides a decent sound output well above its price tag.

In-line remote and Microphone

The 3.5mm wire on this headphone is detachable from its source for easier portability.

The integrated in-line remote consists of a microphone and a single control button. The microphone is capable of picking up voice without any letdowns even in a noisier environment,


The Nu Republic Starboy W is an excellent wired headphone priced under Rs.1000 that is both well built and delivers music with the sound quality which is on par with these competitors.

Ergonomic and comfortable
Soft memory foam ear cushions

Tangle-free cable


Single control button


Driver unit Size40 mm
Frequency Range20Hz – 20000Hz
Impedance Rating32 Ohms
Additional Features Deep Bass

5. Skullcandy Anti

 Best Comfort Fit Headphone
  • Bass-rich sound output
  • Passive noise cancellation
  • Lightweight and compact form factor

Skullcandy Anti is an entry-level wired headphone that leaves its own mark in the segment with certain useful features.

The Anti wired headphone doesn’t feature an inline microphone, so those who wish to have voice calls with their headphones should look for alternative products in this list.

Design and Build Quality

The Skullcandy Anti is entirely made of plastics. This has both its advantages and disadvantages. The advantage is that this headphone is very lightweight. You won’t even feel it’s right there on your head.

The disadvantage being the lack of structural strength, if you tend to use this headphone rough, there is a chance that it might break and render useless.

Skullcandy has given an interesting mix and matches the design with a half matte – half glossy finish for this headphone. It looks cool and is very attractive.

The ear cup cushions are very comfortable and to say the least these are the best headphones under Rs.1000 in terms of the comfort factor.

Speakers and Sound Quality

The Skullcandy Anti features the standard 40mm drivers which have bass-rich sound output. These drivers cover a decent frequency response spectrum between 20 Hz – 20,000 Hz.

The bass is pronounced in the sound output but not too much to overpower the mids and highs.

The vocals are very much audible and the overall output has a more natural tone to it.

The comfy earcups offer a rudimentary form of passive noise cancellation. Well having something is better than nothing – right?


As we have earlier mentioned, there is no inline microphone or remote with this headphone.

So for voice calls, you might have to rely on an earphone or headphone for that.

Skullcandy, despite the average plastic build quality, offers two years of warranty on this product.


If you are in search of an entry-level wired headphone with excellent wearing comfort, the Skullcandy Anti takes the lead among others here in this list.

The bass-heavy sound output and the passive noise cancellation makes this device one of our favourites in the price range.


Loud sound output


2 years warranty


Slim and sleek design


No inline mic for voice calls


Average build quality


Driver unit Size40mm
Frequency Range20Hz – 20000Hz
Impedance Rating32 Ohms
Additional FeaturesMatt finish design

6. Boult BassBuds Q2

Budget Wired Headphone
  • Universal compatibility
  • Comfortable ear cushion
  • Gold plated 3.5mm jack

Boult Bass Buds Q2 is a budget over the ear style wired headphone released recently in the Indian market that’s retailing at a very low price around Rs.700.

Design and Build Quality

The Boult Bass Buds Q2 is entirely made of hard plastics and nothing else. The quality of the construction is not as great as we would like it to be, but it isn’t too shabby either.

The matt finish body with Boult branding offers a minimal design choice which is indeed a good thing for many.

The ear foams are of good quality so does the headband cushion. The earcups are completely retractable, aiding in better portability.

Speakers and Sound Quality

The Boult Audio Bass Buds Q2 comes with a 32mm speaker driver that is advertised to deliver bass-heavy sound output.

In reality, the sound signature from this headphone is flat but tonally well balanced. The bass, vocals and the treble perfectly compensate each other for a decent music listening experience.

In-line remote and Microphone

The 3.5mm cable on this wired headphones is long and sufficiently thick enough to prevent it from any accidental damage.

The inline-remote and the integrated microphone works as promised to give you a no-frills hands-free voice calling experience.


The Boult Audio Bass Buds Q2 headphone is a good choice for those who have a tight budget but is in need of fully functional wired headphones with integrated mic for voice calls.




Retractable earcups


Decent sound output


Bass is a bit low


Driver unit Size32 mm
Frequency Range20Hz – 20000Hz
Impedance Rating32 Ohms
Additional FeaturesLightweight


7. Energy Sistem DJ2

Feature Rich Wired Headphone
  • Clean, deep bass
  • Detachable cable
  • Multi-function inline remote

Energy Sistem is a renowned Spanish audio equipment manufacturer popular for its DJ monitoring headphones.

The DJ2 from Energy Sistem is affordable over the ear wired headphone available in the Indian market for a price under Rs.1000.

Design and Build Quality

The Energy Sistem DJ2 has an exemplary design which looks soothing to the eyes.

The flat single colour profile across the chassis makes the headphone look minimal yet aesthetically elegant.

The rounded grooves on the earplate with the brand name impart a luxury feel as well.

The materials used for the construction is of high quality and very much on par with its competitors.

The cushioning on the earpads and the headband is adequate to deliver a pleasant long music listening session.

The 180 degree swivelling earpiece makes the headphone compact and easy to carry around in tight backpacks.

Speakers and Sound Quality

This budget wired over the ear headphone features a 40mm sound driver to let out pleasing quality sound output.

The company has tuned these drivers to cover the frequency spectrum of the entire human ear audible range.

The result? Deep rich bass along with clean highs and crisp vocals.

Whatever be the genre of music you intend to listen, the Energy Sistem DJ2 speakers will generously deliver a satisfactory experience for sure.

The speakers inside this headphone have a sensitivity of about 108 dB/mW which means the sound can get loud enough without considerable distortion even at high volume levels.


The ergonomic design of this over the ear headphone enhances the wearing comfort and also aides in better portability.

The inline microphone performs well with voice calls.

Inline remote consists of a multifunction button to accept/reject calls or to skip the tracks forward and backwards.

The 3.5mm cable can be detached from the headphone in case you want to use a third party cable.

This feature is usually found only on premium headphones.


If you are looking for an affordable headphone with an excellent all-around performance, the Energy Sistem DJ2 is a great fit.




Build Quality


Tonally balanced sound output




Driver unit Size40mm
Frequency Range20Hz – 20000Hz
Impedance Rating32 Ohms
Additional FeaturesDeep, rich bass


8. Boat BassHeads 900

Honorable Mention
  • Passive noise cancellation
  • Bass-rich sound
  • Snug fit

boAt audio products are fairly popular in the Indian market because of its affordability and features.

The Bassheads 900 from boAt is an over-the-ear headphone targeting users who love bass.

Design and Build Quality

Construction wise, boAt has done a great job with this product. The faux leather cushions feel really comfy and will last longer compared to the normal fabric cushions.

The metal mesh finish on the outside of the earcups looks premium and classy. The adjustable headband is where a slight discomfort creeps in.

There are sharp edges on the headband which might cause discomfort if you’re wearing this headphone around the ear.

If you’re bald, we’d recommend you to stay away from this product as the sharp edges may scratch your head.

Speaker and Sound Quality

Talking about the quality of sound from this headphone, the bass is on the higher side as we’ve expected from the name BassHeads itself.

This wired headphone priced under Rs.1,000 delivers good sound quality for the price at which it retails in the market.

At times, the bass overpowers the mids and highs but it isn’t much evident when listening to EDMs and other instrument-heavy music.


The wire on this device is sufficiently long and thick. It feels like it is built to last, so thumbs up to boAt for that.

The 3.5 mm connector has a metal case covering which is textured. This adds grip to the pin and can be easily plugged in and out of the devices without breaking a sweat.

Since the faux leather cushion covers the ear properly, it acts as a passive noise cancellation medium.

Though not a complete solution to block outside noise, having something is always better than nothing.


The boAt Bassheads is the perfect headphone for listening to music while engaged in activity sports such as jogging or while working out at the gym.

The long sturdy cable and comfortable ear cushions make this product a compelling choice.


Bass heavy sound


Inline microphone


Comfort cushions

Sharp edges on the headband


Driver unit Size40 mm
Frequency Range20Hz – 20000Hz
Impedance Rating32 Ohms
Additional FeaturesNoise cancellation


Here is our curated list of the nine best headphones under Rs.1,000.

The list, although is not an exhaustive guide, will let you have a basic idea of what to look for while purchasing headphones in this segment.

We’d also suggest you to check our post on Best Headphones under Rs.2,000 for more attractive choices.

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