Best Inverter Air Conditioners In India (March 2020)

by | Mar 9, 2020

Gone are the days where people preferred low-priced home appliances over durable and high-quality products. Inverters ACs, even though priced considerably higher than conventional ACs is the latest trendsetter among the air conditioning systems.

Offering excellent energy efficiency and durability, these air conditioners have minimal maintenance throughout its operating life cycle. In this article, we’ll introduce the five best inverter type split ACs available in the Indian market.

Best Inverter AC’s In India

1. LG KS-Q18HNZDOverall Best Pick
2. Daikin MTKL50TVRunner-Up Pick
3. Bluestar IC324YATUBest AC for Industrial Usage
4. Carrier 12K Ester NeoMaintenance Free AC
5. Sanyo SI 10T3SCIABest Budget AC
6. Hitachi RSNG317Honorable Mention



Overall Best Pick
  • Smart diagnosis
  • Energy-efficient AC
  • Maintenance-free inverter compressor

LG is a South Korean conglomerate that has been playing in the Indian market along with Samsung.

The LG KS-Q18HNZD is an industry-leading 1.5-tonne inverter type split AC priced under Rs.40,000 loaded with useful features.


The LG KS-Q18HNZD is a 1.5 Tonne air conditioner which can cool small rooms pretty quickly.

This air conditioner boasts an indoor sound level of about 27dB which is one of the lowest in the market at present.

LG has used R32 refrigerant in this AC.

Copper Condenser and Dual Rotary Compressor

Copper coil condenser surrounded by gold fins ensures the components are anti-corrosive and will withstand the test of time pretty much without any hassle.

Dual rotary compressors are employed to increase the temperature span that the AC can achieve thereby providing the customer with a wide temperature range choice that suits his needs.

LG has included low refrigerant detection that will make sure the refrigerant levels are optimum.

Energy Consumption and Cooling Capacity

The KS-Q18HNZD has a maximum cooling capacity of 5100W at the rated energy consumption of 1440W.

In case of a shortage, the system will automatically detect and alert the user before any serious damage might happen.

LG’s patented Himalaya cool technology will help the AC to cool the surrounding pretty quickly.

This product from LG boasts of a 5-star BEE 2019 certification which implies better energy efficiency.


The brand value of LG itself will exude confidence in the consumers due to the reliability and performance of the products that the company introduced in the past.

If you don’t mind the budget and want a long-lasting air conditioner that won’t break a sweat in cooling your room, this is one of the best available right now.

The LG KS-Q18HNZD is packed with features that not only lasts performance but also ensures that the product lasts long enough for the customers to have a value for money experience buying this device.


Designed for Indian conditions


Gold finned condenser


Himalaya quick cooling technology


Bulky external unit


Capacity1.5 tonne
Condenser TypeCopper
Compressor TypeSmart inverter compressor
Cooling Capacity5100 W
Power Consumption1440 W
Star Rating5 Star BEE 2019 rating

2. Daikin MTKL50TV

Runner-Up Pick
  • 3-star BEE 2020 rating
  • Excellent durability
  • Inbuilt stabilizer

Daikin is a Japanese brand famous for its wide range of air conditioners and other related equipment.

The MTKL50TV is an inverter type Split AC that Daikin has introduced in the Indian market off lately.

Design and Build Quality

Even though Daikin ACs won’t win any awards in the best aesthetic appeal category, it is a very well made AC using high-quality polycarbonate plastics.

The design might look a bit bland when compared with the newer generation split ACs, however not downright ugly.

The indoor unit and outdoor unit of this refrigerator are a bit bulky. Apart from a design standpoint, the Daikin MTKL50TV works and performs excellently when it comes to air conditioning.

Reciprocatory Inverter Compressor

It’s uncommon to see a reciprocatory type inverter compressor inside an AC for home uses.

Usually, this type of compressor is used in large capacity installations such as factories and industrial setups.

Daikin manufacturers one of the most robust compressors in the market with excellent performance coupled with silent operation.

This AC comes with 100% copper condenser and ensures excellent heat transfer characteristics and durability.


The maximum cooling capacity of this air conditioner is rated at 5000W at an energy consumption rate of 1400W.

The cooling process is quite quick, thanks to the industrial-grade powerful reciprocatory compressor inside this AC.

This AC comes with a 3-star BEE 2020 rating ensuring significant savings on your monthly electricity bills.


Daikin uses R-32 refrigerant in this air conditioner which has zero ozone depletion potential.

This air conditioner with its multi-axis swing feature will throw the air up to a great distance ensuring all the corners of the room will be uniformly cooled without any exception.

Titanium Apatite Photocatalytic Air-purifying offers quality air output without any microscopic particles that might escape normally sized dust filters.

Daikin India provides a 1-year comprehensive warranty on this 1.5 Ton inverter AC.


Silent operation


Low maintenance

Environment-friendly refrigerant
Bulky form factor


Capacity1.5 tonne
Condenser TypeCopper
Compressor Typeinverter compressor
Cooling Capacity5000 W
Power Consumption1400 W
Star Rating3-star BEE 2020 ratng

3. Bluestar IC324YATU

Best AC for Industrial Usage
  • Best for industrial usage
  • 3-star BEE 2019 rating
  • Dual rotor inverter technology

Bluestar is an Indian company headquartered in Mumbai having years of experience in the HVAC industry in the country.

The Bluestar IC324YATU is a non-inverter type 2-ton split AC that is powerful enough to cool large areas, be it your home or office.

Copper condenser

The Bluestar IC324YATU features a 100% pure copper condenser to improve the cooling efficiency and for the power consumption efficiency.

Miscellaneous features

The air vents on this AC are cleverly designed to ensure a wide-angle of cooled air propagation.

The auto swing feature supplements this function by horizontal and vertical louvre motion, making sure the air reaches every corner of the room evenly.

The anti-freezing thermostat inside this AC makes sure they remain in operation for a very long time without needing frequent maintenance.

The timer mode function lets you set the time for AC operation and helps in saving energy as well as makes a significant decrease in electricity bills.

Energy consumption and cooling capacity

This product comes with a 3-star BEE 2019 certification which means this air conditioner is 25% more energy efficient than a non-star rated unit in the market.

The rotary compressor inside does its job as advertised. This 2-ton AC has a cooling capacity of 6300W at an energy consumption rate of 1750W.

With this air conditioning unit, Bluestar provides an effective 6-year warranty including the 5-year warranty on the compressor.


Bluestar IC324YATU is a solidly built air conditioner that performs exceptionally well to provide you with the best air conditioning experience.

The latest 3-star 2019 energy efficiency rating for this 2-ton air conditioner ensures that you won’t have to bother much about the electricity bills.


Precision cooling technology




Sleep mode


Uninspiring design


Capacity2 tonne
Condenser TypeCopper
Compressor TypeRotary inverter
Cooling Capacity6300 W
Power Consumption1750 W
Star Rating3-star BEE rating 2019

4. Carrier 12K Ester Neo

Maintenance-Free AC
  • Pure 100% copper condenser
  • Inverter compressor
  • 3-star 2019 BEE rating

Carrier is a Chinese electrical equipment manufacturer specializing in HVAC products around the globe and well regarded for high-quality air conditioning products.

The Carries 12K Ester Neo is a 1-ton capacity inverter type split AC suitable for a small room/office space with floor volume ranging from 100 – 200 sq.ft.

Design and Build Quality

The Carrier 12K Ester Neo is made using high-quality polycarbonate plastic chassis which is designed specifically to ensure smooth airflow.

This air conditioner comes with a hidden LED display which displays the temperature information. It can be turned off during night time to avoid any distractions while sleeping.

As a novelty, this AC comes with a sensor mounted remote that detects the temperature around the remote rather than the indoor unit, which is far less accurate.

This feature allows the unit to cool the interior much more precisely.

The outdoor unit is treated with an anti-weather coat to prevent bacterial growth and subsequent degradation of air quality.

Compressor and Performance

The Carrier 12K Ester Neo comes equipped with a rotary inverter type compressor.

This compressor has a maximum cooling capacity of 3518W at a rated electricity consumption of 1135W.

This powerful compressor inside the AC is capable of cooling down the surroundings even from a high ambient temperature level of 52 degrees Celsius.

This is suitable for Indian summers as it gets very hot outside and since the outdoor unit is placed in the open, most other air conditioners tend to struggle in cooling down the interiors.

The 100% copper condenser coil will ensure the durability and peak performance of this AC for a long time into the future.

3-star BEE 2019 Rating

With the 3-star BEE 2019 rating from the Government, this device is certified to be highly energy efficient.

The combination of the inverter compressor and the 3-star BEE 2019 rating means significant savings on your monthly electricity bills.


The leakage detector in this air-conditioner in case of a leakage detection of the refrigerant will automatically shut down the operation, preventing further damages to the system.

Auto-restart and in-built louvre-memory will remember the position of the swing blades and the temperature in case of a power outage.

The built-in PM 2.5 filter will trap dust and other particulate matters from entering the air stream, resulting in a clean and healthy environment.

The auto-cleanser option in this AC when activated blows wet air out of the indoor unit, eliminating the chance of bacterial growth inside the cabinet.


The company offers a 1-year warranty on the entire unit supplemented by a 5-year warranty cover on the compressor.

This AC has an inbuilt stabilizer to handle voltage fluctuations which is a common occurrence in India.


The Carrier 12K Ester Neo is an excellent 1-tonne AC which comes with an energy-efficient inverter compressor to handle even the harshest of Indian summers.

Novel features such as remote mounted temperature sensor and auto cleanser add to the charm of this quality product.




Silent operation


Sleep mode feature

Relatively indoor noise levels


Capacity1 tonne
Condenser TypeCopper
Compressor TypeInverter Rotary
Cooling Capacity3518 W
Power Consumption1135 W
Star Rating3-star BEE 2019

5. Sanyo SI 10TSCIA

Best Budget AC
  • Inverter compressor
  • Power-efficient
  • Quick cooling

The SI 10TSCIA is an entry-level 1 Ton budget Split AC from Sanyo that offers great value for money.

This air conditioner can be used in medium-sized rooms that do not exceed 120 sq.ft.

Compressor and Performance

The Sanyo SI 10TSCIA is one of the cheapest air conditioners in the Indian market which comes with an inverter type compressor.

The rotary compressor inside this AC along with the copper coil condenser offers excellent performance on a smaller area footprint.

A copper coil condenser is used in this device to ensure optimal performance and durability.

The rotary type compressor offers a quiet operation even under heavy loads.

The maximum cooling capacity of the Sanyo SI 10TSCIA is 3400W with an energy consumption of around 1000W.


The turbo cool mode present in the Sanyo SI 10TSCIA will ensure quick cooling of the surroundings.

There is also an antibacterial filter that enhances the quality of the air output. R32 is the refrigerant in use in this air conditioner.

The built-in sleep mode will let the conditioner to hibernate in low power mode when the desired temperature is attained thereby increasing the power efficiency.


The main reason for the low price tag for this AC is because of its BEE rating. This appliance is rated to have a 3-star 2019 certification for energy efficiency.


If you have a tighter budget but are in dire need of an inverter compressor with a copper condenser, the Sanyo SI 10TSCIA should be the goto choice.

This AC comes equipped with many India specific features such as auto-restart and auto-clean functions which will provide you with a pleasant AC ownership experience.


Low noise operation


Maintenance-free compressor


Efficient dust filter

Uninspiring design


Capacity1 tonne
Condenser TypeCopper
Compressor TypeRotary inverter
Cooling Capacity3400 W
Power Consumption1000 W
Star Rating3-star BEE 2019

6. Hitachi RSNG317

Honorable Mention
  • 3-star BEE 2019 rating
  • Maintenance-free operation
  • Suited for rooms ranging 150-170 sq.ft

Hitachi is a Japanese conglomerate with products and services spanning from social infrastructure to construction machinery items.

The RSNG317is Hitachi’s latest offering in inverter type split AC category which has some compelling features for a reasonable price tag.

The Hitachi RSNG317 has a rated Tonnage of 1.5 Tonne which is sufficient for a large enough room with a couple of occupants or more.

Energy Efficiency

This air conditioner has attained a 2019 Bureau of Energy Efficiency (BEE) rating of 4-star, which by the way is the near-maximum rating an electronic device can achieve indicating its overall energy efficiency.

The refrigerant used in this Air conditioner is chlorotrifluoromethane (R-32).


This Air conditioner uses a rotary type inverter compressor that is small and very quiet in operation.

The advertised cooling capacity of this device is about 5100W at a power consumption rate of 1530W.

Inverter Compressor

The Hitachi RSNG317 is equipped with a high-quality rotary inverter compressor which delivers excellent cooling performance at the expense of minimal energy consumption.

Hitachi branded compressors are well known for their quality and minimal maintenance.

Since the parts are easily available and the machine seldom breaks down, the need for repairs near to zero and even if something unfortunate happens, the compressor is easy to repair.


The koukin filter inside will prevent bacteria growth inside the air conditioner unit. The overall operation of this air conditioner is silent and the cooling is quick.


Combining the Japanese engineering prowess and the build quality, the Hitachi RSNG317 offers one of the best cooling experiences in the sub. 1.5-tonne AC segment,


Filter clean indicator




Feature-rich remote control


Noisy outdoor unit


Capacity1.5 tonne
Condenser TypeCopper
Compressor TypeRotary inverter
Cooling Capacity5100 W
Power Consumption1530 W
Star Rating3-star BEE 2019 ratng

This marks the end of the best five inverter type split-ACs available in the Indian market at present. By no means, we are claiming this article completely, but you can refer to our AC buying guide for more choices under different capacities.

If you have any doubts regarding this article, please let us know in the comment section below. Thanks for visiting our website, check more often for the latest tech updates and reviews.

Thank you and have a great day!

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