Best Microwave Oven in India(November 2021)

We all love to taste various cuisines that are rich in flavour and with a tempting aroma. But, our busy schedule and conventional cooking methods prevent us from trying to prepare such exotic dishes most of the time.

Microwave ovens seem to be a boon for all those who are passionate about cooking – interested in trying out new dishes every day. These days, ovens are just like swiss army knives with the capability to grill and bake as well.

Ever since the COVID 19 pandemic started, people are spending more time at home cooking food on their own. Keeping this in mind, we are here with a curated list of the eight best microwave ovens available for purchase in the Indian market for you to begin your cooking experiments with.

Without any further ado, let’s get started!

Best Microwave Ovens In India

1. Morphy Richards 30 MCGR DeluxeOverall Best Pick
2. IFB  20SC2Runner-up Pick
3. Samsung– MC32J7035CT/TLAll-round Performer
4. LG MC3286BRUMLarge Capacity Oven
5. Godrej GME 730Feature-rich Microwave Oven
6. Whirlpool MAGICOOK ProValue for Money Microwave Oven
7. Bajaj 1701 MTAffordable Microwave Oven
8. Panasonic NN-GT23HMFDGHonourable Mention

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1. Morphy Richards 30 MCGR Deluxe

Morphy Richards 30 MCGR Deluxe

Overall Best Pick

  • 30L convection microwave oven
  • Maximum heating temperature up to 230°C
  • Two-year product warranty


Robust build quality

Motorized Rotisserie

Stainless steel cavity


No deodorizer

Morphy Richards is a renowned electrical appliances manufacturer based in England.

The Morphy Richards 30 MCGR Deluxe is a feature-packed convection type microwave oven priced just under Rs.12,000 in the Indian market.

Design and Build Quality

Designed to add an appealing look to your kitchen decor, this microwave oven is made out of black powder-coated CRCA steel to ensure maximum durability.

Thanks to the highly durable and easy to clean stainless steel cavity, the cleaning process with this oven are pretty much effortless.

The auto child lock feature prevents little kids at home from accidentally touching and operating the oven.

The touch keypad, where the whole control of the device lies is placed on the front right section of the oven for easy, unrestricted access. The keys themselves are tactile and responsive to the clicks.

The digital LED display on top of the control panel keeps you informed about the operation mode, temperature, cooking timer etc. 

Cooking Features & Performance

The Morphy Richards 30 MCGR Deluxe is a convection type microwave oven that can reheat, defrost, cook and bake along with grilling.

The auto cook menu that comes with 200 preset tempting culinary delights ensures you try out various dishes without any repetitiveness.

For effortless grilling, this device features a motorized rotisserie that even grills the dish inside, without leaving any blind spots.

The multistage cooking process in this microwave oven ensures the food inside is neither undercooked nor overcooked.

The five different power levels of operation provide the versatility to cook the dish inside, the way it is intended to and significantly saves money on electricity bills as well.

Power Consumption & Capacity

This feature-rich microwave oven has an output power rating of 900W and depending upon the mode of operation, has varied power consumption. 

The 30L capacity makes Morphy Richards 30 MCGR Deluxe, ideal for use among medium to big sized families with more than four members at least.


Morphy Richards provides a standard 2-year warranty on this product, which is quite a decent coverage considering the price.


The Morphy Richards 30 MCGR Deluxe is a 30L convection mode oven that comes loaded with essential features in a high-quality durable chassis.

This feature-packed kitchen appliance from Morphy Richards is one of the best microwave ovens that you can get your hands on for under Rs.12,000.


Cooking ModeConvection
Control TypeTouch Key Pad
Cavity MaterialStainless Steel
Turntable Diameter315mm
Power Output900 W
Warranty2 Years

2. IFB 20SC2

Runner-up Pick

  • Convection type oven
  • Robust build qualify
  • Auto reheat and quick defrost 


Auto cook menu option

Affordable budget

Multi-stage cooking process


Lacks memory function

IFB is a well-known kitchen appliances brand in the country, especially for their washing machines and dishwashers. 

Customer satisfaction with excellent build quality and performance made IFB the first preference in home appliances among the Indian public.

The IFB 20SC2 is a budget microwave oven with a 20L capacity, ideal for bachelors and small families.

Design and Build Quality

This countertop convection microwave oven gives a feel of premium quality and uniqueness that catch attention quickly with its raw metal finished exterior chassis. 

The interior cavity of this budget microwave oven is made of strong stainless steel coated with metallic silver to ensure even heat spread and uniform cooking

The control panel on this oven is placed on the front right side and consists of slightly raised buttons that feel too cramped into a tight space. 

Cooking Features & Performance

On top of the control panel buttons is the single line LED display that indicates the timer, cooking mode and other miscellaneous information.

The sideways operating front door has a prominent handle for easy opening and closing of the oven.

Cooking Features & Performance

The IFB 20SC2 is a convection type microwave oven with the capability for cooking, baking and grilling processes.

The 24 standard auto cook menu in memory aids to get started with the cooking of your favourite dishes without any delay.

The keep-warm function on this microwave oven keeps the food warm and fresh inside even after 90 minutes once the dish is prepared. This avoids the need for frequent reheating and saves a lot of energy.

With three preset memory positions available for saving different cooking cycles, it is easier to recall the frequent ones to save a lot of time adjusting the settings manually.

Power Consumption & Capacity

The power output of this IFB Microwave oven is 800W and the power consumption is in the tune of 1250 watts in the grill mode, 2000 watts in the convection mode, and 1200 watts in the microwave mode. 

This 20L capacity IFB 20SC2 is an ideal choice for a family of 3 or 4 members and also the best choice for the bachelor looking for a compact, affordable convection type microwave oven.


IFB provides a 1-year warranty on the product and an extended warranty of 3 years on Magnetron and cavity means you can work with peace of mind.


The IFB 20SC2 convection type microwave oven packed with useful features along with a multi-stage cooking process makes this device well worth the asking price of just under Rs.10,000.


Cooking ModeConvection
Control TypeTouch Key Pad
Cavity MaterialStainless Steel
Turntable Diameter24.5 cm
Power Output800W
Warranty1 Years

3. Samsung– MC32J7035CT/TL

Samsung– MC32J7035CT/TL

All-round Performer

  • Ideal for large families
  • Space-saving design
  • Ceramic coated interior


Robust build quality

Durable and scratch-free surface

Uniform heat coverage


Lacks pasteurization feature

Samsung is a world leader in consumer electronics known for its prowess in a wide range of consumer electronics products ranging from smart TVs to smartphones.  

The Samsung MC32J7035CT/TL is a state of the art, feature-rich microwave oven retailing in the Indian market for a price of just under Rs.15,000.

Design & Build Quality

This Samsung microwave oven features a stainless steel body that will last you for a long time, without requiring any maintenance in between. 

The inner cavity is covered by a durable ceramic coating that is smooth, scratch-resistant, easy to clean, and prevents discolouration as well. 

An LED display, sensitive touch keypads, and a knob are housed on the right front portion of this oven for easy access and cooking controls.

The drop-down door mechanism needs no extra space and can be opened effortlessly. This drop-down door makes this Samsung best suited for kitchens with severe space limitations. 

This feature-rich oven also comes with a child lock to prevent kids from accidentally messing up with this device. 

Cooking Features & Performance

The wide grill inside this microwave oven helps you to place dishes of varying sizes inside without any issues. 

The auto cook menu which is pre-programmed with 247 different dishes just needs the press of a button to start preparing your favourite dish. 

Well packed with advanced cooking technologies such as quintessential tandoori rotis, advanced fermentation, and slim fry ensures tasty and healthy food. 

Power Consumption & Capacity

The Samsung MC32J7035CT/TL has an output power rating of 900W, which is decent enough for an oven with features as robust as this one. 

With 32L capacity, this Samsung microwave oven is suitable for use with large families or groups.


Samsung provides a 1-year warranty on this product and 4 years of extended warranty on the magnetron.


The Samsung MC32J7035CT/TL, with the large 32L capacity and the robust build quality, makes this product a strong contender in this curated list of best microwave ovens in India.


Capacity32 L
Cooking ModeConvection
Control TypeTouch+Dial
Cavity MaterialCeramic Enamel
Turntable Diameter345 mm
Power Output900 W
Warranty1 Years

4. LG MC3286BRUM


Large Capacity Oven

  • 32-litre capacity
  • Intelliwave Technology
  • Child lock


Excellent fit and finish

Silent operation

User-friendly operation



The brand LG needs no introduction, thanks to the company’s presence in popular home appliances segments like a refrigerator, air conditioner, televisions, and beyond. 

LG has made a big footprint in the Indian kitchen appliance market by introducing competent microwave ovens featuring the latest innovative technologies inside.

The LG MC3286BRUM is a smart convection type microwave oven available for Rs.19,790 which is best suited for big families with more than 5 members.

Design and Build Quality

Considering other models in the same price segment, this LG convection microwave oven features a unique and attractive floral pattern, adding to the beauty of your kitchen decor.

The interior cooking cavity of this microwave oven is made out of stainless steel for even cooking and durability. 

The control panel has evenly spaced buttons with tactile click response which is a delight to use. The jog dial present in this oven is a convenient method to adjust temperature rather than pressing buttons. 

The LED digital display which is placed at the top portion of the control panel keeps you aware of the timer functions throughout the cooking process.

Coming to the door function, it is designed to open sideways, which makes the open and close mechanism a bit easier but demands quite more space on the side.

The four lengthy legs beneath the oven allow comfortable cleaning of the small space between the countertop and the area occupied by the oven over it. 

Cooking Features & Performance

The pasteurized milk technology gives you nutrition-rich bacteria-free milk, which can be trusted for feeding infants. 

This microwave oven comes with Intelliwave technology, which helps in even circulation inside which ensures healthier and faster cooking.

The specially coated multi cook tawa of a non-sticky type that comes in handy can be used for making a variety of dishes that demands to overheat. 

The additional cooking features and a few containers of this microwave oven, allows you to cook in a wide variety of ways with all its perfection. 

Power Consumption & Capacity

The output power of this convection type LG microwave oven is 900W and is within the margin to perform an array of functions. 

Holding a capacity of 32 litres makes this product much suitable for large families.


From LG, a 1-year warranty on the product is offered and a super deal of 5 years extended warranty on Magnetron from the date of purchase. 


If you are in search of the best-featured microwave oven from a reputed brand and the price doesn’t matter, then LG MC3286BRUM is an excellent choice for your big family.


Cooking ModeConvection
Control TypeTactile Buttons, Jog Dial
Cavity MaterialStainless Steel
Turntable Diameter34 cm
Power Output900 W
Warranty1 Years

5. Godrej GME 730

Godrej GME 730 CR1 PZ

Feature-rich Microwave Oven

  • Ideal for large families
  • Rust-free stainless steel cavity
  • Convection & Grill type cooking


Deodoriser steam clean

Stainless steel cavity

Decent build quality


No bundled starter kit

For Indians, Godrej is a very familiar brand that can be seen somewhere over any household product without much probing.

The all-new Godrej Convection & Grill Microwave Oven packed with amazing features are highly confident enough to compete with the other moving products in the Indian market. 

Design and Build Quality

The glamorous floral designed countertop convection and grill microwave oven give a fresh look and feel to your kitchen.

Comes with a stainless steel cavity, it keeps the oven stay rust-free and makes it highly durable.

The deodorizer steam clean eliminates the leftover filled smell in the oven after cooking and thereby ensures complete hygiene. 

The control panel of this device is designed with feather touch controls but seems to be clubbed together with a lot of options followed one after the other, lacking a space to breathe. 

Like most microwave ovens, the Godrej GME 730 CR1 PZ has a side door open design.

Cooking Features & Performance

The unique multi-distribution technology of Godrej GME 730 CR1 PZ allows heat to pass evenly and stay uniformly, helping to cook evenly.

Featuring a variety of cooking modes, this oven allows you to choose from the dish of your choice or can cook upon with the included features, to follow a strict diet plan. 

With multistage cooking and ease of operation, you can cook conveniently and eat healthily.

Whether breakfast, lunch, dinner, or something to snack on, the Godrej GME 730 is ready for hassle-free cooking.

Power Consumption & Capacity

The Godrej Convection & Grill Microwave Oven has an output power of 900W and consumes about 1400W of electricity during its microwave operation. 

The 30L capacity makes this device best suited for families with more than five members. 


Godrej gives a 1-year warranty on this amazing product and 3 years additional warranty on the magnetron individually. 


The Godrej GME 730 is a convection and grill model microwave oven with appreciable features and economical power consumption available for a price of just Rs.13,999.


Cooking ModeConvection & Grill
Control TypeFeather Touch
Cavity MaterialStainless steel
Turntable Diameter27 cm
Power Output900 W
Warranty1 Years

6. Whirlpool MAGICOOK Pro

Whirlpool MAGICOOK Pro

Value for Money Microwave Oven

  • Stainless steel cavity
  • Combi cooking modes
  • Effective 5-years warranty



Included calorie meter

Auto-cook menu with 130 dishes


No steam cleaning

Whirlpool, an Indian company popular for its affordable home appliances such as refrigerators, washing machines, and air conditioners, now has made a big leap in the kitchen appliances segment as well.

The Magicook Pro convection type microwave oven from Whirlpool, priced at Rs.8,279 is tightly packed with all the essential cooking features, ideal for Indian conditions. 

Design & Build Quality

The Whirlpool MAGICOOK Pro microwave oven comes in a basic box design with metal construction. 

The look and feel of this microwave oven are pretty basic to say the best. 

The stainless steel cavity and glass-type turntable inside allows you to cook or reheat a large variety of food items with uniform heating.

The control panel on the right side consists of well-spaced, easily readable, and comfortable to operate control buttons. 

A well designed LED display, lets you know about the power level and running time even from a notable distance. 

The unique calorie meter function tells you the amount of calorie intake to keep you fit and healthy.

Cooking Features & Performance

The Whirlpool Magicool Pro is a convection type microwave oven with which you can bake, grill, and roast the dishes perfectly. 

Featuring ten different power levels along with a variety of cooking accessories helps you prepare delicious dishes effortlessly. 

The one-touch pre-programmed auto cook option six magic quick menus ensure you a delightful cooking experience. 

This feature-rich microwave oven offers combination modes such as grill and convection, microwave and grill or microwave and convection that lets you cook a variety of dishes. 

Power Consumption & Capacity

The Whirlpool Magicool Pro has an output power of 800W and consumes about 1000W of electricity on grill operation and 1950W on combi and convection cooking mode.

The Whirlpool Magicool Pro has a 24L interior capacity, which is sufficient for medium to large-sized families. 


Whirlpool provides a 1-year comprehensive warranty and an additional 4 years on the magnetron heating element individually.


This affordable convection type microwave oven is an excellent choice for those who are looking for a feature-rich, long term warranty covered product within an affordable budget.


Cooking ModeConvection
Control TypeFeature Touch
Cavity MaterialStainless Steel
Turntable Diameter270mm
Power Output800 W
Warranty1 Years

7. Bajaj 1701 MT

Bajaj 1701 MT

Affordable Microwave Oven

  • Ideal for bachelors and small families
  • 17L capacity
  • 30-Minutes timer and alarm functionality


Compact design

Easy to use mechanical controls

One year warranty


Bland and uninspiring design

Bajaj is one of the most renowned and trusted consumer electronics brands in India, having a strong presence in the premium home appliance and cookware segments.

The Bajaj 1701 MT is a simple yet efficient solo microwave oven with hand-picked useful features available for purchase at just Rs.3,889.

Design and Build Quality

This budget entry-level oven has a regular boxy rectangular design with an uninspiring white colour scheme.

The controls of this device are limited to a couple of mechanical knobs, which are highly durable and easy to operate, even for beginners. 

A built-in timer alerts you with the notification once the cooking process is completed. This aids you to continue working on your chores without the need to wait beside the oven all the while cooking. 

Both the body and the included components are made of stainless steel, ensuring a rust-free, durable ownership experience. 

The safety lock button placed at the end of the control panel prevents unnecessary door opening while the cooking process is continuing inside.

The compact size of this product demands limited space and can be easily accommodated in kitchens where space is a luxury.

Cooking features & Performance

This solo microwave oven can be used for reheating, defrosting, and cooking.

Featuring five different cooking levels, this solo microwave oven from Bajaj is perfect to try out various recipes of your choice.

With a 30-minute timer, this Bajaj solo microwave oven enables you to control your cooking requirements with ease. 

The defrost function helps you to quickly use the frozen food taken directly out from the refrigerator. 

Power Consumption & Capacity

This solo microwave oven has an output power of 700W, which is adequate for the healthy cooking of simple dishes.

This microwave oven comes with a storage capacity of 17 litres that suits best for bachelors and couples. 


Bajaj provides a one-year warranty on this entry-level microwave oven. Thanks to the nationwide service centres, quick repairs and maintenance are just a phone call away, no matter where you live. 


This Solo microwave oven from Bajaj, capable enough to meet more than just the basic cooking needs, is an ideal cooking solution for those with a limited budget.


Cooking ModeSolo
Control TypeMechanical Knob
Cavity MaterialStainless steel
Turntable Diameter245 mm
Power Output700 W
Warranty1 Years

8. Panasonic NN-GT23HMFDG

Panasonic NN-GT23HMFDG

Honourable Mention

  • Affordable price 
  • Best for small families and bachelors
  • Comprehensive one year warranty


Decent build quality

Wire rack included

38 Auto cook menu


Not suitable for baking

Panasonic launched their first microwave oven way back in the year 1966, which was a successful product and was used by restaurants and large hotels of that time.

Panasonic NN-GT23HMFDG is a convenient grill type microwave oven designed to meet your daily cooking requirements without fail.

Design and Build Quality

This microwave oven from Panasonic features a compact, black coloured metal outer chassis with a no-frills modern design which will blend well with any type of kitchen decor you have back home.

The Panasonic NN-GT23HMFDG devotes more space to the interior capacity, offering enough space to cook with a 25.5 cm glass turntable inside.

The touch membrane keypad is neatly laid out and labelled. The buttons are soft-touch and very responsive to the clicks.

The cavity of this microwave oven is made from epoxy material, offering decent build quality and durability.

The child lock function is present and accounted for to keep this appliance safe from the prying hands of little kids at home.

Cooking Features & Performance

The five adjustable power levels and three grill levels of this Panasonic microwave oven offer flexibility in cooking.

For hassle-free cooking, this grill microwave oven has a 38 auto cook menu out of which 26 are pre-programmed with Indian cuisines. 

Panasonic’s unique Japanese technology enables cooking in a quick, healthy way without compromising on taste.  

The auto programmed timer and modes allow the reheat and defrost process to quick and reliable. 

Power Consumption & Capacity

While on the grill mode, this microwave oven consumes a power of 1000W and in the microwave mode, this machine consumes 800W. 

The 20L capacity is ideal for use with small families of 2-4 members and bachelors. 


Panasonic offers a 1-year comprehensive warranty on this grill microwave oven which covers all the problems arising due to manufacturing defects.


Other than just baking and grilling, if you are looking for a perfect daily cooking companion for your home kitchen, this Panasonic microwave oven is well worth the asking price of just Rs.9,273.


Cooking ModeGrill
Control TypeTouch Key Pad
Cavity MaterialEpoxy (Gray)
Turntable Diameter25.5 cm
Power Output800 W
Warranty1 Years

This concludes our list of the best eight microwave ovens available for purchase in India. 

We have tried our best to include products from different budget segments to make sure that there is a choice for every type of customer out there.

We also suggest you read the comprehensive buying guide given below before zeroing in on a product to purchase. 

If you have any questions regarding the article, let us know in the comments section below. As always, thanks for your time and have a great day!

Microwave Oven in India – Buying Guide

Microwave ovens, unlike other normal home appliances, are relatively elusive in terms of product specifications and other technical details, making it difficult for an average person to come up with a learned purchase decision.

With this buying guide, we have tried to explain the basics of microwave ovens and details about the few different points that you should be looking for while purchasing an oven.

Sit back and read along!

Types of microwave oven

Solo Microwave Oven

A solo microwave oven is an entry-level model with limited cooking features. These ovens feature a single magnetron with support for only cooking but not baking or grilling.

These microwave ovens are the cheapest among other types of ovens available in the market.

Grill Microwave Oven

Along with the basic cooking features, this model comes with additional grilling accessories where both the microwave and the grill modes can run simultaneously to make perfectly grilled dishes in no time.

To support the grill function, these ovens are equipped with heating coils for grilling, roasting and toasting.

Convection Microwave Oven

These ovens come as a combination model of solo and grill type ovens. The convection microwave oven will have all the features of solo and grill type ovens with an additional fan to circulate the heat efficiently and uniformly for baking.

Key Features

Auto Cook Menu

This is the first and foremost feature to consider while purchasing a microwave oven. With the preset programmed menu, all you need to do is select the dish number and wait for the cooking to complete.


Defrost is another feature that you should consider. This feature is used to bring frozen foods back to its normal state. Simply, it is used to unfreeze the frozen food from the refrigerator quickly.

By placing the frozen food inside the oven, it will automatically set the best program to defrost. With some of the models, you can even set these manually by adjusting the time and power level depending on the weight of the food kept inside.


This is an accessory that you can see with most of the microwave ovens. This is very useful for barbecuing meat and baking cakes.


This feature comes mainly with the convection type microwave ovens. This feature allows you to set the temperature before cooking inside the microwave oven. Mostly, preheating is done for baking and grilling out certain food items.

Child Lock

This is the very essential safety feature that you need to consider in a microwave oven. Child lock prevents your kid from operating the oven accidentally.


The capacity of the microwave oven is another factor to consider based on the size of your family.

For normal household usage with less than 3 family members, just go for the models that are 20L or below. This suits best for the bachelors and couples.

Now, for a large family of 3 or 4 members, then try considering the Ovens with a large capacity of 20 to 25 litres to get the best out of it.

There are oven models with larger capacity from 25 to more than 30, which can be used to treat a family of 4 to 6 members.


These are the three most important factors to consider when purchasing a microwave oven. We’ll update the article frequently to add more information and when new products are launched, so keep coming back.

Thank you and have a great day!

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  1. A well researched, structured and detailed blog. Found it extremely informational and helpful. Great work.
    Could you please suggest which mode is better for baking cakes? Convection or Microwave? And how does the two mode differs in respect of cooking mechanism?

    • Hi Bharat,

      Convection type ovens are best suited for baking. With respect to the cooking mechanism, convection ovens use small fans to spread the heat waves all over the food for evenly cooking all surfaces. The microwave oven uses radiation to cook the food. A point to note here is that convection type ovens cooks faster than a microwave oven.


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