Best Microwave Oven in India (Latest 2020)

by | Jun 13, 2020

From conventional furnace to modern gas-operated stoves, India as a developing country has seen a huge growth in recent years.

With the change in lifestyle and improvements in the quality of life, kitchen accessories such as Microwave Ovens are seeing a huge growth potential.

Oven is particularly helpful for those who find cooking as a passion and for those who would love to experiment with new western dishes. Baking and grilling have almost become a part and parcel of the food lifestyle of Indians in the last few years.

Keeping this in mind, we have prepared a curated list of the best seven Microwave Ovens available in the market which will deliver you the best cooking experience without blowing a hole in the pocket.

Let’s find out the best product for you without any further delay!

Best Microwave Ovens In India

1. Morphy Richards MWO 25CGOverall Best Pick
2. IFB 25SC4Runner-Up Pick
3.Samsung MC28HValue for Money Oven
4. Whirlpool Magicook 23CFeature-Rich Oven
5. Onida MO20SMPBest for Bachelors
6. Samsung MS23Best Solo Microwave Oven
7. LG MC2886BFHonourable Mention


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1. Morphy Richards MWO 25CG

Overall Best Pick
  • Multi-stage cooking process
  • 2-year product warranty
  • Stainless steel cavity

Morphy Richards is a renowned kitchen appliance manufacturer based in England.

The Morphy Richards MWO 25CG is a budget convection type microwave oven available for purchase in the Indian market for a price of just around Rs.12,000.

Design and Build Quality

The Morphy Richards MWO 25CG cavity is made from stainless steel. This ensures better heat spread across the cooking surface and resultants in faster cooking times.

The quality of construction is top-notch and the attention to detail is exquisite. The soft-touch buttons are very responsive and easy to press.

There is a digital display that indicates all the necessary information regarding the cooking process.

Cooking process

This is a convection based cooking oven. This ensures better cooking properties and support for a wider range of food preparation.

The multistage cooking process in this microwave oven ensures the food inside is neither undercooked nor overcooked.

You can specify the type of dish you are preparing and the microwave oven will do the rest in controlling temperature and setting the required time for cooking.

The Morphy Richards MWO 25CG can also grill and microwave foods along with convection cooking. This offers an overall versatile cooking experience.

Power consumption

This budget microwave oven has an output power rating of 900W and uses variable power delivery for different modes of cooking.

For a 25L capacity oven, the electricity consumption is quite decent and won’t poke a hole in your pocket with the monthly electricity bills.


The Morphy Richards MWO 25CG comes with a child lock feature that will restrict under-aged children from accidentally using this device.

The 25L capacity is perfect for a family for 3 members and with a budget around Rs.10,000, it isn’t much to ask given the features that this oven provides.


The Morphy Richards MWO 25CG is a 25L convection mode oven that comes loaded with features in a high-quality durable chassis.

Nifty features like child lock and three-stage cooking process make it a no-brainer purchase for a price tag of just around  Rs.12,000.


Excellent build quality


Child lock security


Feather touch buttons



Child LockYes
Control PanelTouch keypad

2. IFB 25SC4

 Runner-Up Pick
  • Convection type oven
  • Suited for a family of 3-4 members
  • Child lock for added protection

IFB is perhaps the most famous kitchen appliances brand in the country. The company which started its operations by a German tie-up, way back in 1974 launching dishwashers and washing machines and has an excellent reputation among the Indian public.

The IFB 25SC4 is a budget Microwave Oven with a 25L capacity, ideal for a family of 3-4 members.

Design and Build Quality

The IFB 25SC4 exudes a sense of premium quality at first glance itself.

The strong stainless steel cavity coated with metallic silver and the raw metal finish exterior chassis looks very unique and will match any type of home decor you’ve back at your kitchen for sure.

The front section of this Microwave Oven may seem a little bit overpopulated due to the control buttons crammed into the side.

However, for any product, having more choices for the consumer to play around with is always a bliss.

The LED display up the top of the control panel will let you know the time and the status of the ongoing cooking operation.

The specially treated toughened glass will make sure no heat escapes out of the tray, thereby increasing the overall efficiency of the product.

Convection Cooking

Yes, the IFB 25SC4 is also convection based Microwave Oven.

Compared to the simple solo and conduction based Ovens, the convection Ovens exhibit higher power efficiency and better cooking characteristics.

This budget Microwave Oven offers three different cooking modes for you to choose from – convection, grilling and microwave.

With multistage cooking and express cooking modes, the IFB 25SC4 will be an added advantage for your cooking arsenal back home.

Power Consumption

The IFB 25SC4 has a rated power output of 900W to cook the food inside relatively faster and better.

The power consumption metric of this home microwave Oven is 1400W. If you’re worried that this Oven will consume a lot of power during its operation, don’t worry – it won’t.

Miscellaneous Features

The IFB 25SC4 offers 10-step power level adjustment to cook the food the way you want it to be.

This multi-stage power control helps you to precisely adjust the temperature levels according to the type of dish inside.

There is an option to steam clean the oven automatically. The steam clean and deodorize option will clean the interior effectively and remove any odour inside the cooking compartment.


The IFB 25SC4 is a great addition to your already excellent cooking range at home.

Excellent build quality combined with multi-stage cooking ranging from grills to baking makes this product one of the must-have in any cooking enthusiast’s kitchen.


Raw metal exterior finish


Steam clean feature


Multi-stage cooking


The densely populated button layout


Child LockYes
Control PanelTouch keypad

3. Samsung MC28H

Value for Money Oven
  • Indian recipe presets
  • Triple stage heat distribution
  • Child lock

Samsung is a leading multinational home appliance and electronics conglomerates in the world with a strong market presence in the Indian subcontinent.

The Samsung MC28H is a mid-range convection type microwave oven which comes loaded with features to make your cooking, an enjoyable experience.

Design and Build Quality

The outer shell of this oven is made using high-quality ceramic material.

The specially treated glass in the front is scratch resistant and won’t damage even when the heater is set inside to high temperatures for a longer duration.

This oven has a sideways opening door mechanism, which uses a bit more of real estate in the kitchen.

The Samsung MC28H has a 28L capacity interior which is sufficient for home usage with 3-4 members.

Convection Cooking

We’ve already mentioned above that this oven is a convection based cooker. What it means is that it has a heating element inside assisted with a fan. This will allow the uniform flow of heat across the food for even cooking.

The high-quality quartz heater inside is designed to heat up quickly and will last for a lifetime if properly taken care of.

This microwave oven can be used to grill, pre-heat or re-heat, bake etc.

The special fermentation mode function will let you enjoy homemade dough or curd anytime you want.

Power Consumption

The Samsung MC28H has an output power rating of 900W. Usually higher the output power, speedier will be the cooking.

The total power consumption of this microwave oven is around 1400W, which is well within the economic limits for a 28L convection Oven.

Miscellaneous Features

The Samsung MC28H has a touch membrane control panel on the right side of the device.

This panel hosts the control buttons to adjust the temperature, set the cooking mode and such, in a single tap.

There is a double line LED display to indicate the runner timer as well. The child lock functionality on this oven will prevent your children from accidentally messing up your cooking.


The Samsung MC28H is excellent convection based microwave oven available for a budget under Rs.10,000 in the Indian market.

This feature-rich oven along with the robust build quality and reliability of extensive service centres makes it to the top of our list.


Solid build quality


Pre-programmed recipes


Deodorisation function


The sideways door uses more space


Child LockYes
Control PanelTouch keypad

4. Whirlpool Magicook 23C

Feature-Rich Oven
  • Suited for a family of 3
  • Quick heating element
  • Effective 5-years warranty

Whirlpool is an Indian company popular for its affordable refrigerators and washing machines in the market.

With years of experience in understanding the pulse of an average Indian consumer, Whirlpool has launched the Magicook convection type microwave oven priced just under Rs.10,000.

Design and Build Quality

The 23L Whirlpool Magicool 23C microwave oven has a conventional box design with nothing much to write about.

The design is the bare minimum and looks uninspiring, to say the least. However, it can be said that Whirpool has given priority to the practicality rather than the look and feel of the device as a whole.

The control panel on the right side of the device is well laid out and easy to understand markings. There is an LED display on top to indicate the running timer as well.

The opening handle is large and easy to operate with one hand.

Convection Cooking

The Whirlpool Magicool 23C is a convection type microwave oven. This means that this device can be used for grilling, baking and roasting along with the regular pre-heating modes.

There is a supplied grill with this oven which can be used to grill or toast the food items of your choice conveniently.

This budget microwave oven from Whirlpool comes loaded with a pre-built menu containing 130 different Indian dishes.

Just select the type of dish you want from the menu and press Ok to start cooking.

Power Consumption

The Whirlpool Magicool 23C has an output power of 900W and consumes about 1400W of electricity during its operation.

Miscellaneous Features

Whirlpool being an Indian company has a wide network of service centres across the country. This is a great boon if something unfortunate happens with the product all of a sudden.

The company provides one year of warranty of the device and about 4 years of warranty of the magnetron heating element individually.


If you are looking to purchase an affordable entry-level branded convection type microwave oven, the Whirlpool Magicool 23C is an excellent choice.

The relatively low power consumption and the effective 5-year warranty on the product is a bonus for choosing this product over its contemporaries in the market.


Auto-cook menu with 130 dishes


Included baking tray


Convection type oven


No steam cleaning


Child LockYes
Control PanelTouch keypad

5. Onida MO20SMP

Best for Bachelors
  • 20L solo microwave oven
  • 360-degrees rotating turntable
  • Perfect for reheating and defrosting foods

Onida is an Indian company which once had a significant presence in Indian homes with its televisions.

The company is now active again after a short break with its wide range of home appliance products including this budget 20L solo microwave oven priced under Rs.4500.

Design and Build Quality

The Onida MO20SMP is made with high-quality polycarbonate plastic material exteriors and stainless steel interior cavity for better heat spread.

The exterior chassis has a premium glossy finish which makes this oven stand out from the rest of your kitchen appliances.

There are two jog dials on the sides of this solo microwave oven to manually adjust the power level and the heating duration.

The turntable inside the cavity rotates 360-degrees ensuring full cooking of the food without leaving any uncooked spots.

Solo cooking

This budget oven is a solo type microwave perfect for reheating the food, cooking and defrosting.

This basic microwave oven doesn’t come with features such as grilling and baking but for most of the common kitchen needs, this budget oven will suffice.

Power Output

The Onia MO20SMP has a rated power output of 700W which is not at all bad considering its price.

With your cooking activities limited to defrosting and reheating, the 700W perfectly fits the bill.


This microwave oven features the steam clean feature which automatically cleans the interior with superheated steam.

This will not only make sure the cavity is clean but also odourless and healthy.

The company provides three years warranty with this device.


The Onida MO20SMP is one of the cheapest microwave ovens available in the Indian market.

Perfectly suited for bachelors, this small and compact 20L solo microwave oven is well worth its asking price.


Elegant design


Easier to use jog dial


Steam clean option


No child lock


Child LockNo
Control PanelMechanical knobs

6. Samsung MS23

Best Solo Microwave Oven
  • Affordable 
  • 20 preset cooking modes
  • Power-efficient operation

Samsung is a world leader when it comes to consumer electronics. The company has a loyal fan following in India, thanks to the quality products that have increased the positive brand perception among the people.

The Samsung MS23 is a 23L solo type microwave oven priced just under Rs.6,000 packed with features which are not usually found in competing models.

Design and Build Quality

Samsung has not cut corners with this solo microwave when it comes to build quality.

The signature Samsung premium design is present and accounted for with the best quality materials used for construction.

The black and silver finish is elegant and pleasing to the eyes. It won’t be any surprise if you feel this budget oven looks way better than many expensive models out there.

The silver finish handle along with the jog dial completes the front section. The buttons are neatly laid out in rows and the functions are pretty self-explanatory with the markings.

There is a blue LED display upfront which indicates the time remaining for completing the cooking process.

Solo cooking mode

The Samsung MS23 is a solo type microwave oven. As with all other solo ovens, this appliance can cook, reheat and defrost foods and not do grilling or baking.

The internal ceramic cavity of the Samsung MS23 has triple slots for uniform heat spread for better and efficient cooking.

There are 20 pre-set cooking modes which can be utilized according to the food. This will let the oven adjust temperature and timing without any manual intervention.


This Samsung MS23 has a very low power consumption in standby mode. The power output of this oven is 800W which will let the food cook fast.

This solo microwave comes with a child lock option to prevent your kid from accidentally opening the oven. This will let your mind be in peace even with toddlers at home.


The Samsung MS23 is one of the best solo microwave ovens available in the Indian market at present.

With features such as preset cooking modes, LED display and child lock, this solo oven is a steal for the price of just Rs.6,000.


Robust build quality


Premium design


Triple slot heat distribution



Child LockYes
Control PanelTouch keypad

7. LG MC2886BF

Honourable Mention
  • Auto cook menu
  • Grilling, baking and reheating
  • Motorized rotisserie

LG, similar to Samsung, is a brand which needs no introduction in the country.

Popular for its air conditioners and televisions, LG has a loyal fan following when it comes to home appliances in the Indian market.

The LG MC2886BF is a 28L convection type microwave oven available for purchase in the Indian market for a budget under Rs.16,000.

Design and Build Quality

The LG MC2886BF has an impeccable build quality with the construction being of ceramic and stainless steel components.

The design of this Microwave oven looks refreshing and modern. The control keypad is well laid out with the functions labelled neatly for better understanding.

A bright one line LED display is present on the oven to indicate the timer functions.

The mesh engraved glass in the front lets you see the food cooking inside and blocks harmful UV light at the same time.

Convection Cooking

The LG MC2886BF is a convection type microwave oven. This means that it can perform almost all types of cooking including grilling, roasting, baking and defrosting.

The quartz heating element inside is of very high quality and spreads the heat uniformly inside the stainless steel cavity for even cooking.

The company provides a few containers that can be used with this microwave oven, to start flaunting your culinary skills right away.

Power Consumption

The output power of this convection type microwave oven from LG is 800W, similar to most other ovens in its price and capacity range.

This oven consumes about 1400W of power during its operation.

Miscellaneous Features

There is the steam clean option available with this oven to clean the internal cavity with hot steam, once the cooking process concludes.

LG also provides readymade health plus cooking methods which will prepare dishes with pre-set calorie levels for those who are health conscious.

The auto cook menu consists of a plethora of dishes from within the country and abroad for you to try from.


The LG MC2886BFG is a convection type microwave oven suitable for a family of 3-4 members.

Those who are passionate about cooking will have a nice time dealing with this product as it is feature-packed to support your culinary experiments.


Stainless steel cavity


Neatly laid out buttons


Bright LED display




Child LockYes
Control PanelTouch keypad

This is it! The article covering the best seven entry-level Microwave Ovens concludes here.

We have taken utmost care to include every type of Ovens in this article but not every single model can be covered as you might know.

If you have any suggestions or doubts about the products listed here, please do let us know in the comment section below. Thanks and have a great day!

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