Best Wireless Headphones Under Rs.3,000 (Over Ear) (February 2020)

by | Feb 7, 2020

Bluetooth headphones offer a wireless music experience without the hassle of dealing with wires and cables.

Furthermore, most of the mid-range smartphone these days a dedicated 3.5mm headphone jack which makes more sense in investing your hard earned money on a wireless Bluetooth headphone.

In this article, we have curated the best five wireless headphones priced under Rs.3000 just for you.

We feel that this budget is a sweet spot where you can get excellent quality product without compromising on the quality.

Without any further ado, let’s begin!

Best Wireless Headphones Under Rs.3,000

1. JBL T460BTOverall Best Pick
2. boAt Rockerz 480Runner-Up Pick
3. Sony WH CH400Best Bass Heavy Headphone
4. Bluedio Hybrid X2Feature Rich Wireless Headphone
5. Ant Audio Treble 1200 HD Best Budget Wireless Headphone
6. Motorola Pulse EscapeBest Comfort fit Wireless Headphone
7. Skullcandy Uproar Honorable Mention

1. JBL T460BT

Overall Best Pick
  • JBL pure bass sound profile
  • Up to 11 hours of battery life
  • Microphone for handsfree calls

JBL is a brand with a loyal fan following across the globe owing to its signature bass-rich sound output.

The T460BT from JBL is one such wireless headphone under Rs.3,000 powered by the custom-designed JBL drivers for bass-rich sound output.

Design and Build Quality

The JBL T460BT is made using tough plastic all around with no noticeable flex or creeks anywhere to be seen.

The large driver casing on this headphone creates an acoustic chamber for the speakers that results in the enhanced bass output.

The adjustable headband makes sure that the headphone fits on heads with different sizes without any problem.

The only problem with the headband is that it lacks a foam cushion. This might pose discomfort for those with bald heads.

The earpad cushions are large and comfy. It covers the ears completely, isolating outside noises effectively. The buttons are very tactile and offer responsive feedback when pressed even lightly.

Speakers and Sound Quality

The JBL T460BT is powered by the slightly smaller 32mm speaker driver for its sound output.

However, these custom-engineered drivers are perfected by the company for about two decades to output the best quality sound across the spectrum.

The pure bass technology offers deep yet clean bass that perfectly blends with the mid and high notes, delivering a close to studio music listening experience.

The large driver casing, as we had discussed earlier helps in improving the quality of the bass output from this earphones.

Those who love listening to EDMs and hip-hop music more than any other genre of music will find this headphone right up their alley.


The JBL T460BT has an inbuilt microphone for voice call support on the go. The microphone on this headphone works well to provide a distortion-free voice call, no matter how far you are from the smartphone.

The rugged construction and foldable earcups ensure that this device won’t buckle under pressure when kept carelessly in your backpack.

Powered by the Bluetooth v4.0, this device supports low energy wireless communication standards.

Battery Life

The battery on this wireless headphone is rated to last for about 11 hours on a single charge.

Charging is pretty easy with the supplied micro USB cable and can be done either from a power source with a suitable adapter or from a portable power bank if you’re on the move.


If you’re a basshead and love listening to EDMs and hip-hop music more than any other genre, the JBL T460BT is one of the best choices out there in the market.

The brand reliability and the solid build quality makes this headphone a favourable option for a budget under Rs.5,000.


Solid build quality


Custom-tuned sound driver


Comfortable fit


Stiff headband


Driver Size32 mm
Frequency Range20Hz – 20000Hz
Impedance Rating32 Ohm
Additional FeaturesJBL Pure bass

2. boAt Rockerz 480

 Runner-Up Pick
  • Excellent passive noise cancellation
  • Up to 10 hours of music playback
  • Aux-in connectivity

the boAt is an accomplished name in the Indian audio hardware industry, thanks to their affordable earphones and Bluetooth speaker lineup.

The Rockerz 480 is wireless over the ear headphone from boAt priced around Rs.3,000.

Design and Build Quality

The design of the boAt Rockerz 480 is quite a bit interesting. The single colour scheme looks minimal yet gorgeous and adds a premium flair to this product.

The accent lines and the minimal curves make this headphone look very pleasing to the eyes.

The construction is of plastic and feels fairly decent for the price. The driver casing is a bit bulky and has a matte finish exterior.

The soft-touch buttons are located on the exterior casing and are very tactile and responsive.

The only issue we feel with these buttons is that it’s tedious to exactly locate specific buttons without looking unless you’re getting used to it.

Speakers and Sound Quality

This wireless headphone features a 40mm driver speaker which is loud as well as clear.

The bass is on the higher side but doesn’t cause any artificiality to the overall sound output. The treble and vocals sounded fine and pleasing to the ears.

The ear cushions on these headphones are made of faux leather and feel comfy enough that will let you listen to your favourite tracks for extended periods without any discomfort.

These speaker drivers have a sensitivity of about 110dB. This means the sound output is louder than most of its competitors.

But be aware of the slight distortions while playing low pitch music at full volume.

Connectivity Features

The boAt Rockerz 480 uses Bluetooth v4.1 for wireless connection between the device and the host, be it your laptop or smartphone.

The connection is stable and won’t give you any troubles within a range of 10m.

There is also a 3.5 aux-in port that you can use to connect any device with a 3.5mm cable in case the battery goes empty.

Battery Life

The battery inside this headphone is of 300 mAh and lasts for about 10 hours of music playback. The company claims a standby time of 6-7 days.


In conclusion, the boAt Rockerz 480 is an all-around deal if you are looking for a wireless headphone that satisfies your ears without compromising on the build quality and battery life.


Elegant, stylish design


Lightweight and comfortable


Comfy earpad cushions




Driver unit Size40 mm
Frequency Range20Hz – 20000Hz
Impedance Rating32 Ohm
Additional FeaturesPassive noise cancellation

3. Sony WH CH400

Best Bass Heavy Headphone
  • Bluetooth and NFC
  • 20 hours of battery life
  • Bass-rich sound output

Sony headphones are known for their extra bass-heavy sound output among the audiophiles.

This time around with the Sony WH CH400, they have something other than bass to differentiate it from its competitors.

Design and Build Quality

The Sony WH CH400 follows the same design strategy that the company has tried with its higher-end headphones in the market.

The minimal, industrial design is very pleasing to look at and with the use of high-quality material for construction, this headphone feels solid and durable.

The driver casing may feel a bit bulky but blends well with the overall form factor quite well.

The headband lacks comfy cushion support and the size adjustment options are limited.

The ear cushion is very comfy and the use of high-quality memory foam makes it suitable for listening to music non-stop for a longer period of time.

Speakers and Sound Quality

The Sony WH CH400 packs in a compact 30mm driver with neodymium magnets which offers the best possible sound output.

As we’ve discussed earlier, the extra bass we’re familiar with Sony headphones is present and accounted for with this device as well.

The clean, non-distorted bass will make you groove to the beats. The mids and highs are distinct and come out clean even while listening to bass heavy tones.

The earcups offer passive noise cancellation and deliver a silent and immersive musical delight, no matter where you are stationed for the moment.


This headphone comes with a built-in microphone and hands-free call facility. The quality of these calls is decent, to say the least.

Speaking of connectivity, Sony devices are known for including NFC along with Bluetooth in their wireless products.

The Sony WH CH500 packs both and NFC enables one-tap pairing possible with your compatible smartphone or any other device.

Battery Life

Battery life is one of the main USP of this headphone apart from its all-around capability.

The Li-ion battery pack inside this headphone is rated to last for about 20 hours on single charge. This is almost double the endurance of some of its competitor devices.


Sony WH CH400 is a reliable budget wireless headphone that gives excellent battery life and bass-rich, clean audio output. If you don’t mind the extra bulkiness of the driver casing, this is one of the best choices under Rs.5000.


Brand reliability


Excellent quality speaker drivers


Voice assistant feature


No cushion on the headband


Driver Size30 mm
Frequency Range20Hz – 20000Hz
Impedance Rating32 Ohm
Additional FeaturesNFC

4. Bluedio Hybrid X2

Feature-Rich Wireless Headphone
  • Bluetooth headphone – speaker hybrid
  • Smart power off feature
  • Up to 7 hours of battery life

Bluedio is a relatively new entrant to the already saturated Indian audio equipment market.

The Bluedio Hybrid X2, however, comes with some unique features to make it stand out from the rest of the competitors in its price segment.

Design and Build Quality

The Bluedio Hybrid features a masculine look with a minimal design vibe to it.

The rounded design of this wireless headphone makes it look a lot less hefty than what it is.

The build quality, however, is just average. The body may structurally seem sound but it is flimsy requiring you to be careful while handling this headphone.

The earpad cushions are comfy and leave a tad but room for air-passage during your listening sessions to minimize ear fatigue.

Speakers and Sound Quality

The Bluedio Hybrid X2 comes equipped with the largest driver we have ever come across in a similar price segment.

The 50mm driver is one of a kind and delivers the excellent quality sound output with deep bass and rich treble.

If you’re a bass head, look no further. This wireless headphone will satisfy you instantly with its thumping bass.

The loudness of the sound output from this headphone is up to the mark but at higher volume levels you should expect some sound leakage.

With the help of patented electro-acoustic technologies such as physical positioning surround sound effect, this headphone offers a 3D sound output for an immersive music listening experience.


As the name suggests, this is a hybrid Bluetooth headphone. With a flip of a switch, this headphone changes to a full-fledged Bluetooth speaker with decent sound quality.

The Bluedio Hybrid X2 features a smart switch-off feature to save battery. This headphone will automatically turn off once it detects no connection for eight minutes at a stretch.

Battery Life

This feature-rich wireless headphone from Bluedio comes with a gigantic 750mAh Li-ion battery which is tested to last for about 7 hours of continuous music playback.

These statistics are very impressive considering the speaker driver size inside.


The Bluedio Hybrid X2 is one of the most feature-rich wireless headphones in the sub. Rs.3,000 price range in the Indian market.

The large 50mm drivers with excellent sound output supplemented by an impressive 20+ hour battery life make this purchase a no-brainer.


Bluetooth v4.2 low energy


Robust design


Six-month warranty

Average build quality


Driver unit Size50 mm
Frequency Range20Hz – 20000Hz
Impedance Rating32 Ohm
Additional FeaturesAluminium alloy build

5. Ant Audio Treble 1200 HD

Best Budget Wireless Headphone
  • Power-efficient Bluetooth v5.0
  • Up to 15 hours of music playback
  • Decent quality microphone

Ant Audio is a UK based audio equipment manufacturer which has recently forayed into the Indian market with some of its popular budget headphones and earphones.

The Ant Audio Treble 1200 HD is a budget wireless headphone priced very competitively and loaded with cutting edge features.

Design and Build Quality

The construction of this headphone is with high-quality polycarbonate plastic and faux leather inserts.

The over the ear design makes the headphones sit firmly on the head and offers excellent wearing comfort.

The adequate headband cushion also adds to the wearability of this wireless headphone for longer durations.

The soft memory ear pads reduce the chances of ear fatigue as well.

The control buttons are slightly raised from the earpiece and offer excellent tactile feedback.

Speaker and Sound Quality

The Ant Audio Treble 1200 HD features 40 mm speaker drivers custom-tuned for enhanced bass response.

It doesn’t mean that the treble and vocals are ignored, but rather gracefully complements the low beats.

The sound output from this headphone will please audiophiles of different genre music alike.

There is almost none to minimal distortion from the speakers while listening to music at maximum volume levels, which indicates the quality of transducers used inside.


The built-in microphone on this wireless headphone facilitates hands-free calling. The quality of the microphone is decent and picks up the voice accurately.

There is a 3.5mm aux-in jack for plugging in a separate cable if you wish to when the battery is down.

Battery Life

The 300mAh Li-ion battery inside this headphone delivers up to 15hours of music playback.

It takes about 2-3 hours to completely charge the battery from zero to hundred.


The Ant Audio Treble 1200 HD is a wireless headphone with decent audio output quality targeted at budget-conscious buyers.

Powered with the latest Bluetooth v5.0, this headphone offers excellent connectivity and good bass response.


Attractive dual-tone design


Comfy earpad


Wired connectivity backup


Long charging duration


Driver unit Size40 mm
Frequency Range20Hz – 20000Hz
Impedance Rating32 Ohm
Additional FeaturesBluetooth v5.0

6. Motorola Pulse Escape

Best Comfort fit Wireless Headphone
  • High fidelity vocals
  • 18-hour battery life
  • Lightweight form factor

Motorola is a brand which we all have been familiar with since our childhood.

The Pulse Escape is a budget wireless Bluetooth headphone which gives priority to the ultra-lightweight and comfortable design.

Design and Build Quality

As we’ve mentioned in the introduction, the Motorola Pulse 89820N is a lightweight headphone with enhanced wearing comfort.

However, this lightweight design has its disadvantages. The headband even though comfortable to wear is a bit flimsy.

You ought to give special attention to the same while packing this headphone in your backpack.

The earpiece in itself can be raised or lowered according to the ear position.

Sounds and Speaker Quality

The Motorola Pulse Escape comes equipped with a standard 40mm speaker driver which delivers decent quality sound output across the entire 20 – 20000 Hz frequency response range.

The level of bass might not impress the hardcore bassheads out there but is enjoyable.

Those who love to hear vocals would love to have this headphone in their backpack. High-fidelity mid and high tones make this headphone usage enjoyable and pleasing to the ears.


One of the main disadvantages of the Motorola Pulse 89820N is the lack of a 3.5mm jack for wired connectivity.

Once you are done with the battery inside, you will need to plug in the headphone before using it any further.

Battery Life

One of the biggest plus points of the Motorola Pulse escape is its impressive battery life.

Given that this headphone doesn’t have a 3.5mm jack for plugging in the cable, the battery life has to be stellar and Motorola has got that right.

With 18 hours of music playback on a single charge, this Bluetooth headphone offers one of the best battery life in its segment.


If you’re looking to purchase a decent quality affordable wireless headphone with excellent battery life, the Motorola Pulse Escape fits your bill just right.


Wearing comfort


Height adjustable earpiece


Compatible with Android and iOS


No 3.5mm jack


Driver unit Size40 mm
Frequency Range20Hz – 20000Hz
Impedance Rating32 Ohm
Additional FeaturesBluetooth v4.2

7. Skullcandy Uproar

Honorable Mention
  • Well balanced sound output
  • Available in trendy colours
  • 2-years global warranty

Skullcandy Uproar is a budget wireless headphone that is very lightweight and comfortable to use.

Available in trendy colours, this is one of the best looking headphones for those who like fashionable lifestyle accessories.

Design and Build Quality

The Skullcandy Uproar is a beautifully designed wireless headphone which comes with bright and trendy colour schemes.

The plastic build of this headphone aide in its lightweight form factor and makes it easy to wear for a longer period of time without any discomfort.

The size of the headband can be easily adjusted accordingly. It also comes with a cushion at the top part made of synthetic leather for wearing comfort.

The ear cushions are also made of soft memory foam that supports the headphones in place and isolates the outside noise.

The control buttons are raised from the chassis and easily accessible even without looking at them while listening to music.

Speakers and Sound Quality

The Skullcandy Uproar has a 40mm speaker driver with excellent bass response.

This over the ear headphone delivers clean bass that feels natural to listen to. The sound distortion is very minimal even while cranking up the volume to the highest level.

The vocals and the high notes are clean and easily audible even while playing bass heavy music such as EDMs.


The microphone on this headphone works well when it comes to the audio quality. The voice on the recipient end is clear and loud, thanks to the increased sensitivity of the mic.

The Bluetooth v4.1 works flawlessly and delivers a strong and stable connection with your smartphone anywhere within the operating range of 10m.

Battery Life

The company advertises that this headphone will last for about 10 hours on a single charge.

But to be honest, the Skullcandy Uproar can play music anywhere between 7-8 hours before it needs charging again.


If you’re in search of a fashionable wireless headphone that can be worn around in public without compromising on comfort and audio quality, the Skullcandy Uproar is a good choice.


Trendy design


Comfortable headband


Excellent Bluetooth reception


Average build quality


Driver unit Size40 mm
Frequency Range20Hz – 20000Hz
Impedance Rating32 Ohm
Additional Features2 years warranty


This is it for now! We have done great research and hands-on reviews to bring you these best picks from hundreds of models out there.

If you can’t make up your mind on these models, read our best wireless headphones article for more choices under different budgets to choose from.

As always thanks for your time and have a great day!