Best PS4 Games in India (September 2021)

With the launch of the next generation of consoles like the PS5 and Xbox Series X/S, it is a good time to look back at some of the best games of the previous generation. 

The PlayStation 4 was the best selling console of the previous generation and has a vast library of games to choose from. 

We will be looking at some of the best games that launched on the PS4 throughout these years. Do note that this list is not ranked in any particular order and it consists of some of the games which we feel are a must-play. 

So without wasting any more time let’s begin!

Best PS4 Games

1. God of WarAction Adventure
2. Witcher 3: The Wild HuntAction RPG
3. Marvel’s Spider ManAction Adventure
4. Ghost of TsushimaAction Adventure
5. The Last of Us Part – 2Action Adventure
6. Sekiro: Shadows Die TwiceAction Adventure
7. Uncharted 4: A thiefs EndAction Adventure
8. Red Dead Redemption 2Action Adventure
9. Horizon Zero DawnAction RPG
10. Batman Arkham KnightAction Adventure

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1. God of War

God of War
Salient Features
  • Action-adventure storyline
  • Third-person game 
  • Beautiful graphics


Detailed game environments

Good storyline

RPG elements


Repetitive combat

God of War is one of the most critically acclaimed video games of the previous gaming generation. This game is the sequel to 2010’s God of War 3 and is the eighth instalment in the series developed by Santa Monica Studios which is a first-party studio for Sony Interactive Entertainment.

This game is exclusive to the PlayStation 4 console but can be run on the PlayStation 5 console as well. 


God of War is a third-person action-adventure video game where players take control of Kratos who is the protagonist of the series and the God of War. 

The camera of the game is an over-the-shoulder free camera unlike the fixed camera found in the previous instalments. 

The game does not feature the iconic Blades of Chaos as the main weapon. Instead in the game, players have with them the Leviathan Axe as their main weapon which can be used to attack enemies and the Guardian shield that can be used to block incoming attacks.

Like the previous instalment, this game primarily focuses on action and solving puzzles.

In this action-packed game, players get assistance from Atreus, the son of Kratos who attacks enemies and distracts weaker enemies so Kratos can fight the stronger ones.

The new instalment also has infused some RPG elements into the game such as crafting and upgrading of weapons. 


The new God of War is based on Norse mythology, unlike the previous instalments in the series that was heavily based on Greek mythology. 

The story revolves around Kratos and his son Atreus as they journey through the realm of Midgard to bury the ashes of his wife Freya at the highest peak of the nine realms. 

Throughout their journey, they face various obstacles that they must overcome and also unravel some hidden secrets about their past. 


If you are a fan of the God of War series and haven’t played the new instalment, then don’t wait anymore? Buy the game right now. It is claimed by some to be the best instalment in the God of War series while others say it is the best PS4 game. 

Santa Monica Studios is currently developing the sequel to the God of War which is supposedly releasing this year so if you hurry you can finish the game and be all hyped up for the next instalment.


GenreAction Adventure
RatingPEGI 18

2. Witcher 3: The Wild Hunt

Witcher 3: The Wild Hunt
Salient Features
  • Action RPG 
  • Robust crafting mechanics
  • Open World exploration


Rich and detailed gameplay world

A lot of side quests

Gwent is addictive


Long game and requires a lot of patience

Witcher 3: The Wild Hunt is an Action RPG game developed by the Polish studio CD Projekt RED. The Witcher game series is based on a series of fantasy novels of the same name written by Andrzej Sapkowski.

Witcher 3 has won numerous Game of The Year awards and is considered one of the best RPG games to be ever created. Even today the Witcher 3 has an active player base, though the game first came out in 2015.

This is the third main instalment in the Witcher game series and the sequel to Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings.


In Witcher 3: The Wild Hunt players take control of Geralt of Rivia, a monster slayer who is a part of the Wolf School and one of the Witchers that still exist. 

The players also occasionally get to play as Ciri, who is also a Witcher and a student of Geralt of Rivia. 

The game is an open-world featuring a real-time day and night cycle that influences the gameplay. During the night, you can expect more frequent encounters with monsters that are more powerful than in the daytime. 

In the game, Geralt has an arsenal of weapons to choose from. You can have a silver sword that is meant to slay monsters and other supernatural creatures, a steel sword that is meant for non-monsters, crossbows, bombs, and various oils and potions that enhance your weapons or give you additional strength. 

Geralt is a Witcher who has access to magic with the help of signs. Five magic signs can be used namely Igni, Quen, Award, Axii, and Yrden, each with their distinct magical powers. 

This game also features side quests apart from the main quest line that significantly affects the outcome of the main quests. The whole world of the Witcher 3 is deeply integrated for a realistic gaming experience where actions have consequences. 

This game lets you travel by foot, horse, boat, and also fast travel through acquired check posts. 

Players can craft new items like armours, swords, and crossbows by searching for their blueprints along with materials to craft them. This allows players to craft items more powerful than the ones they are already using. 

Alchemy is also an important part of crafting, players can make potions that provide boosts and give you certain powers like the ability to see in the dark. 

Witcher 3 has a level-up system where players have to finish quests and fight monsters to earn experience points. After every level players get an ability point that can be spent to earn a new ability. 

Witcher 3 also features a card game called Gwent where players have to play with other NPCs to earn cards and fill their deck. 


The Witcher 3 takes place some years after the second instalment of the series. Geralt of Rivia is in search of Yennefer who is his love interest and then he finds out that one of his students Ciri has been seen and you are given a contract by the Nilfgaardian empire to search for Ciri.

Throughout his journey, Geralt meets some old friends and foes and he has to find the whereabouts of Ciri after which he comes to know that he is not the only one who is looking for her. 

The Wild Hunt is a mythical army that is behind Ciri because of her powers so they can harness it, Geralt must search for Ciri and also defeat the Wild Hunt before it is too late.


Witcher 3: The Wild Hunt is a video game that is bound to indulge you in it. The game is an RPG that has a long questline and can take hours to complete. 

If you are looking for a graphically impressive game and one which will get you hooked onto then you should check out Witcher 3: The Wild Hunt.


GenreAction RPG
RatingPEGI 18

3. Marvel’s Spider Man

Marvel's Spider Man
Salient Features
  • Superhero based gameplay 
  • Action-adventure game 
  • Exciting photo mode 


Fast travel mechanics

Detailed cityscape

Fun combat


Lack of day/night cycle

Marvel’s Spider-Man is a PlayStation exclusive that is developed by Insomniac Games which is famous for the Ratchet & Clank, Spyro the dragon, and Sunset Overdrive video games. 

Marvel’s Spider-Man is an action-adventure video game based on the popular superhero Spider-Man. This video game is regarded as one of the best superhero video games to be ever released. 


In Marvel’s Spider-Man, players control the titular superhero Spider-Man in a third-person perspective across Manhattan in a fictionalized New York City. 

The gameplay involves traversing the city of New York using webs and fighting thugs using your web-shooters. 

While combat is mainly done hand to hand, you also have an arsenal of various gadgets that can be used such as electric webbing, sticky webs, etc. You can also use objects in the environment to aid you during combat such as manhole covers. 

The swinging mechanism in Marvel’s Spider-Man is extremely satisfying and fun, for traversing the environment quickly, swinging webs are attached to the actual building and you can leave the webs at ideal moments while swinging to gain momentum and height. 

Stealth is also an essential element of the game. Certain situations can be handled much easier without the need for engaging in hand to hand combat. 

Throughout the game, there are sections where you also get to play as Spider-Man’s alter ego Peter Parker, his friends Mary Jane and Miles Morales. 

The game also lets you fast travel across New York City instead of web-swinging your way to a particular location. This in turn saves a lot of time. Another fun feature in the game is the photo mode that allows you to take beautiful shots across the landscapes and share them with friends. 

This game does not feature a dynamic day and night system. Instead, you can choose to either play in the night or morning. It would have been better if you had a dynamic lighting system across the game for a more realistic feel. 


The game takes place in the prime of Spider-Man’s career – Peter Parker has been Spider-Man for 8 years. 

The game begins with Spider-Man going behind the criminal mastermind Wilson Fisk also known by his alias the Kingpin. He manages to successfully capture him and gets him arrested. 

Now with the absence of Fisk a new criminal organization known as the Demons have taken over Fisk’s place and it is up to Spider-Man to find out who is behind this new organization and take them down. 


If you are a comic book fanatic then you should check out Marvel’s Spider-Man, since this is a PlayStation exclusive game you cannot enjoy it on any other console except the PS4 or PS5. 

The Marvel’s Spider-Man Remastered version has also been released on the PS5 which provides additional graphical features such as Ray-Tracing and performance mode.


GenreAction Adventure
RatingPEGI 16

4. Ghost of Tsushima

Ghost of Tsushima
Salient Features
  • PlayStation Exclusive
  • 13th Century Japan 
  • Large open world


Beautiful world

Responsive sword combat

Well told story


Enemy AI is not that intelligent

Ghost of Tsushima is an action-adventure video game developed by Sucker Punch Productions that is prominently known for its Infamous and Sly series of video games. They are a studio that is acquired by PlayStation to make and release console exclusives. 

Ghost of Tsushima is a new IP by Sucker Punch Productions that has been met with critical acclaim and won the audience choice for Best Game of The Year 2020. 


The Ghost of Tsushima takes place on the island of Tsushima during the first Mongol invasion of Japan.  

In this game, players take control of the protagonist Jin Sakai, a samurai who is on the quest to protect his land from the Mongol invaders. 

This is a third-person action open-world game where you are free to travel around the map at any moment. 

This game puts a great emphasis on stealth, you can strike enemies without alerting them or You can also enter close combat with weapons such as a Tachi, which is a long Japanese samurai sword. 

For long-distance combat, you have Kunai knives that can be thrown at your enemies to damage them and you have smoke bombs to create a distraction. 

Movement in the game is primarily done on foot or horseback by which the player can travel to various historical locations. 

This game also features a duelling mechanism where you can perform a one on one sword fight with NPCs, this is optional. 

Recently a multiplayer mode titled Legends has been released where you can play co-op with your friends. 


Ghost of Tsushima is set during Feudal Japan on Tsushima Island during the 13th century where Mongols have invaded the Island and taken over its population. 

Jin is one of the last samurais who have survived this invasion, he was thought to be dead and now hunts down the Mongol invaders as the Ghost of Tsushima unbeknownst to them. 

Traditional samurai tactics won’t allow him to fight back the Mongol empire and he has to adopt a new way of fighting as the Ghost in a war against the Mongols.  


Ghost of Tsushima is an action-adventure game that is meant to fulfil your desire of experiencing a game set in Feudal Japan. The Ghost of Tsushima sets the atmosphere and with a beautiful world to explore, you will be sitting on your couch playing this game for long hours.


GenreAction Adventure
RatingPEGI 18

5. The Last of Us Part – 2

Salient Features
  • Post-apocalyptic setting 
  • Third-person perspective
  • Action-adventure genre


Cinematic experience

Horror elements

High-end graphics


Graphics on regular PS4 is not the best, best experience on PS4 Pro

The Last of Us Part 2 is the sequel to the phenomenal and critically acclaimed video game The Last of Us, which has received various accolades for the Game of The Year and in 2020 its sequel The Last of Us Part 2 has also won the Game of The Year award. 

The game is developed by Naughty Dog studios which are famous for their narrative and visually breathtaking games. They are a first-party studio owned by Sony Interactive Entertainment and develop games exclusively for PlayStation consoles. 


The Last of Us Part 2 follows similar gameplay to that of The Last of Us – this game is a third-person action-adventure with some elements of horror added to spice up the experience. 

This game takes place in a post-apocalyptic world where an outbreak has caused people to turn into zombie-like creatures called Cordyceps. 

The player controls the character of Ellie and Abby as they traverse through the post-apocalyptic USA through abandoned buildings, streets, and forests. 

The Last of Us Part 2 game features some platform-like elements where you can climb over ledges and jump over obstacles. 

This game features gun gameplay where you can shoot firearms at enemies, you also can find objects lying around in the world like hammers and molotovs that can be used to your advantage to cause damage.

Stealth also plays a prominent role in the gameplay, players can silently strike enemies without going guns blazing or sneak past them to progress the story. 

This game has a linear design where you complete objectives and gradually progress through the story, the game provides a cinematic experience. 

Crafting also plays an important role in the game – players can craft bombs that explode or cause distraction, there are also collectables around the game world that lets you upgrade your weapons to provide more damage. 


The Last of Us Part 2 takes place five years after the events of the first game. The story centres around Ellie and Joel who were the protagonists of the first game. 

Ellie is now 19 years old, she and Joel now live in Jackson, Wyoming with a community of other survivors. Everything goes well until an event causes everything to take a wrong turn.

Now it is up to Ellie to journey through the lands and find out the ones responsible for disrupting the peace in the town and find closure once and for all. 


The Last of Us Part 2 offers a cinematic narrative experience like no other. If you own a PS4 console, then The Last of Us Part 2 is one of the games that is a must-have in your gaming collection.


GenreAction Adventure
RatingPEGI 18

6. Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice
Salient Features
  • Soulsborne series game
  • Rewarding gameplay 
  • Action-adventure genre


Lots of places to explore

Fluid gameplay

Ability to revive on the spot


Tough game

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice is a video game developed by FromSoftware which is known for their extremely difficult Soulsborne games that test the patience and makes players grind for hours till they master the game. 

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice follows the same principle of the Soulsborne games with some new additions. 


The gameplay of Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice has the same mechanics as other Soulsborne games like Dark Souls, Demon Souls, and Bloodborne. 

In the game, you will play as Wolf who is a shinobi. The camera of the game is a third-person perspective, you can freely move around the camera as you like. 

The core gameplay of Sekiro is similar to other games by FromSoftware. The player has to beat enemies and monsters to proceed through the story. If you die in the game you go back to the nearest checkpoint and have to battle all the same enemies again. 

The unique ability in Sekiro is that once you die you get the chance to resurrect yourself on the spot to try again. This is new in the Soulsborne series of games. 

Sekiro, like other Soulsborne games like Dark Souls and Bloodborne, has a heavy emphasis on boss battles. The boss battles in this game are known for being one of the toughest fights ever in video games. 

Unlike Dark Souls and Bloodborne, players in Sekiro have more freedom in movement. The protagonist Wolf has a grappling hook that can be used to gain height and attack or avoid certain enemies. 

Stealth also plays a major role in this game, certain enemies can be killed with one strike when silently attacked. This is a major advantage. 


Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice tells the story of Wolf who is a shinobi who is bestowed with the task of protecting the young lord Kuro. 

This game takes place in Japan during the Sengoku period. Kuro has been kidnapped by the enemy clan and Wolf who was left to die by the enemies has to seek revenge and protect his lord Kuro.

He has to fight against various mythical creatures and enemies till he can rescue his lord and fulfil his duty as a shinobi. 

Throughout his journey Wolf gets access to an arsenal of weapons, he loses one of his hands and is fitted with a bionic arm that has different capabilities which provide advantages to his journey. 


Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice is not for the faint of heart, the game requires continuous hours of grind and practice. 

Sekiro does put forth quite a challenge but it is also a game that rewards you for taking risks and winning battles. If you are a fan of the Soulsborne games then Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice is a must-play.


GenreAction Adventure
RatingPEGI 18

7. Uncharted 4: A Thiefs End

Uncharted 4: A thiefs end
Salient Features
  • Action Adventure genre
  • PlayStation exclusive 
  • Cinematic experience


Great storytelling

Impressive graphics

Platforming elements


Gunplay feels a bit clunky

Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End is the fourth main instalment in the Uncharted series. This is the sequel to Uncharted 3: Drake’s deception.

The game is developed by the well-known game studio Naughty Dog. Their games are often compared with cinematic movies because of their beautiful set pieces and amazing narrative.


The core gameplay of Uncharted 4 is similar to that of its predecessors. In this game, the player takes control of Nathan Drake, a charismatic fortune hunter.

This game has a third-person view in which players can freely move around the camera.

This is an action-adventure game featuring some platforming elements. Nathan Drake can jump, sprint, climb over obstacles, shimmy across ledges, and swim just like the previous games. 

In Uncharted 4, Naughty Dog has introduced a grappling hook that can be used to swing across ledges and strike enemies from a height. 

Certain sections of the game also let you take control of vehicles to move around the world. 

Uncharted 4 is a linear game with different chapters but the game does feature some open areas that can be explored as well. 

Gunplay also plays a major part in the game. Players have access to shotguns, assault rifles, and handguns throughout the mission. Players also can throw handheld explosives like grenades to cause damage to their enemies.  

This game also features some sections where stealth is given importance, so you can silently strike enemies without raising any alarms. 

Uncharted 4 also features a multiplayer mode where you can play with your friends and engage in competitive gameplay. The multiplayer section of the game features various modes like deathmatch, capture the flag, and trials. 


Nathan Drake, a retired fortune hunter is living a normal life when one day he gets a surprise visit from one of his close family members who he thought was long dead. 

Drake embarks on the hunt for a new fortune which is a pirate treasure, throughout his journey he encounters some foes and friends. His friend Sully also joins him in his journey for the lost pirate treasure. 

But the path is not easy as Nathan Drake will have to choose what he is willing to sacrifice for the lost treasure. 


Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End is one of the highest-rated instalment in the Uncharted series. The game received critical acclaim for its visuals and story. If you own a PS4 then this is a must-have game in your collection.


GenreAction Adventure
RatingPEGI 16

8. Red Dead Redemption 2

Salient Features
  • Open-world action adventure
  • Wild West setting 
  • Beautiful graphics


Smooth gunplay

Rich and detailed open-world map

Advanced RAGE engine


Takes a long time to complete

Red Dead Redemption 2 is the third instalment in the Red Dead series and is a prequel to Red Dead Redemption which was released on the PS3 and Xbox 360. 

The video game is developed by Rockstar Studios which is one of the most reputed studios in the video game industry. Rockstar Studios is known for its iconic GTA video game series. 


Red Dead Redemption 2 follows the gameplay mechanics found in the previous Red Dead game and improves upon it. 

The game runs on Rockstars RAGE engine which is their proprietary engine that they use to develop games. 

In this game, the player takes control of the protagonist Arthur Morgan who is an outlaw and a member of the Van der Linde gang for a major portion of the game. Players also get to control the protagonist of the previous game John Marston in certain segments as well. 

The gameplay of Red Dead Redemption 2 is similar to that of the GTA games where the player has to undertake a series of missions to progress forward through the story. The game is open world and the player is free to travel around the map. 

While GTA takes place in a modern city, Red Dead Redemption 2 takes place in the Wild West during the year 1899 in a fictionalized United States. 

Transportation in the game can be done by foot, horse, trains, or boats. The protagonist Arthur Morgan can also swim while John Marston cannot – this is a reference to the predecessor in which John Marston would die when in water. 

In the game, players have a wide range of weapons to choose from such as revolvers, rifles, shotguns, bow, etc. The game features a cover and shoot mechanism for gunplay. 

The Deadeye mechanism also makes a return in the game. The player can mark targets in this mode by slowing down time and execute a series of gunshots at the marked targets in a single go.

Visually the game has gone through a major overhaul. It is widely considered as one of the best looking open-world games in the generation. 


The events of this game take place before the predecessor Red Dead Redemption, the game takes place in the year 1899. 

Federal governments are taking over lawless territories and the Van der Linde gang plan one last heist that could make them a fortune and set them for life. 

But the heist does not go according to plan and all hell breaks loose with members of the gang dying or running away. 

You play as Arthur Morgan who is the lieutenant of Dutch the leader of the Van der Linde gang as your loyalty to the gang is put to its test. 


If you want to experience the Wild West at its finest with the most beautiful graphics, then you should check out Rockstars Red Dead Redemption 2 which is regarded as one of the best open-world games and a must-have on PS4.


GenreAction Adventure
RatingPEGI 18

9. Horizon Zero Dawn

Horizon Zero Dawn
Salient Features
  • Action RPG game
  • Realistic game world setting
  • PlayStation exclusive title


Open world map

Crafting and upgradability

Dialogue choices


Enemies are easy to fight

Horizon Zero Dawn is an action RPG game set in a distant post-apocalyptic future that has been overrun by machines. 

Guerrilla Games is the studio behind the development of this game. They are a first-party video game developer that exclusively makes games for the PlayStation consoles. 

Some of the games that they manufacture include the Killzone series of games. 


In Horizon Zero Dawn gamers take control of Aloy the protagonist of the game. This game has a third-person perspective allowing the player to have full control of the camera. 

Players can freely travel around the post-apocalyptic world ranging from snowy mountains to dense forests. 

The enemies in the game include machines that exhibit characteristics of wild animals. This game features various enemy classes ranging from flying enemies to dinosaur type machines. 

Aloy also engages with human enemies in the game such as bandits. Aloy uses a spear and arrow as her main weapons, she can also set traps to take down enemies. 

The game does feature some stealth segments where she can take down enemies and machines silently. 

Being an RPG the game does feature crafting mechanics and upgradability options where you can unlock certain abilities that improve combat, health, etc. Aloy can communicate with NPCs, you have a dialogue wheel using which you can choose to communicate with NPCs. 


Horizon Zero Dawn takes place in a post-apocalyptic world in the 31st century where humans are scattered and live in tribes. Machines now roam the free lands and co-exist with humans. 

An event known as Derangement has caused machines to grow aggressive towards humans and larger machines that are deadlier have now ravaged the lands.

Aloy who is a young hunter travels through this world over various lands in search of the truth and to know what has happened to the machines. 

Throughout the journey, she meets new people and comes across ancient artefacts and ancient technology that will determine the fate of the world. 


Horizon Zero Dawn came out in 2017 and a sequel known as Horizon Forbidden West has been announced and is supposed to be released later this year. 

If you are a fan of open-world games then you might enjoy Horizon Zero Dawn, it is one of the best games of 2017.


GenreAction RPG
RatingPEGI 16

10. Batman Arkham Knight

Batman Arkham Knight
Salient Features
  • Action-adventure genre
  • Realistic graphics 
  • Good narrative experience


Fluid combat mechanics

Good game atmosphere

Exciting gameplay


Batmobile sections feel repetitive

Batman Arkham Knight is the fourth instalment in the Arkham series and the direct sequel to Batman Arkham City. 

The Arkham series of games have been well received by critics for being one of the best superhero games. 

Rocksteady Studios is the developer behind this masterpiece and this game is considered one of the best games of the console generation. 


In Batman Arkham Knight the players control the titular character Batman as tries to protect Gotham City from the supervillains. 

The game is played from a third-person perspective – players can run, walk, jump and glide their way through Gotham City. 

One of the main highlights of the game is the introduction of the Batmobile, which serves as an important means to travel around the city. 

Players have to fight villains and solve puzzles to progress through the story. 

The combat in the Arkham games has received critical acclaim for being fluid, responsive, and easy to learn. The combat follows a combo system where players can attack foes and build up the combo meter – the higher the combo the more fluid Batman gets and the more damage he does. 

Stealth is also a part of the game. Players can attack enemies from shadows without alerting anyone and take them down one by one without any damage. 

The game also lets you use many of Batman’s gadgets like his Batarang, freeze bomb, grappling hook, bat claw, etc. 

The game also features multiple side quests aside from the main storyline which can be followed any time. 

Riddler trophies have been hidden throughout Gotham City and if you are a fan of puzzles then you can use the Batmobile and various gadgets to solve puzzles. 

In the game, you can earn experience points by finishing main quests and side quests, with these experience points you unlock Wayne points that can be used to upgrade or unlock new abilities for Batman and his Batmobile. 


Batman Arkham Knight takes place nine months after the events of Batman Arkham City, The Joker is dead but a new villain called the Arkham Knight has emerged and is making all hell break loose in Gotham. 

It is now up to Batman to find out who is the Arkham Knight and what is his motive, through the game you will see some familiar faces both allies and enemies. 

Will Batman be able to save Gotham City before it is too late or will it be the end of him? 


If you are a fan of superhero games then you will love Batman Arkham Knight. This game has a rich story with a lot of twists and turns that will keep you on the edge of your seat. If you have played the previous Arkham games or even if you haven’t this might be a good time to try.


GenreAction Adventure
RatingPEGI 18

With this, we have finally reached the end of our list for the ten best PS4 games. As mentioned earlier the games are not ranked based on any features but just a list of games we consider the best.

If you feel we missed out on anything feel free to comment down below. As always thank you for your time and have a nice day.

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