Best Silencers for Royal Enfield (Good Bass, Performance & Mileage)

There are bikes like Honda, Yamaha, Suzuki and a whole lot of other manufacturers and then there is Royal Enfield Bullet.

Royal Enfield has become one of the most revered motorcycles of the nation and for most people, it isn’t just a matter of riding a metal machine but a symbol of attaining maturity and flaunting machismo.

The feeling that you get while riding a Royal Enfield Bullet combined with that typical thump and brilliant torque is simply indescribable.

The sound it makes and the way it starts and runs, it makes you feel like you are riding a powerful machine.

The one thing why Bullet stands out from the rest is its thumping sound that comes out of the exhaust.

You remember those old Bullets in the 90’s which ruled the Indian streets with their heavy bassy exhaust sound?

Did you ever wonder why the new Enfield silencers are making much less exhaust sound compared to the oldies?

Let me tell you, due to some regulations of the Indian Government, new Royal Enfield stock silencers are manufactured in such a way that the exhaust sound and expelled gases are minimised to control sound and air pollution.

Because of this, new RE motorcycles are less noisy and gives out the best fuel efficiency, but they are not much ‘powerful’ than the old Bullets in terms of performance.

Most of the new gen Enfield riders thus change their exhausts to an aftermarket silencer to get a better sound or performance.

I assume since you are reading this, you are planning to replace your Royal Enfield’s exhaust and looking for the best silencer for your machine.

Believe it or not, choosing the best bullet silencer is tougher than you think, as picking the wrong one can harm your motorcycle badly.

You have a lot of brands to choose from, but most of them are manufactured unscientifically and using them will definitely affect your engine’s performance and reliability.

That’s why we have compiled a list of the best silencers for Royal Enfield including an ultimate buying guide which clarifies most of your doubts and common misconceptions about changing exhausts.

So, without further ado, here we go!

NOTE: If your RE is brand new, it is better to not replace your exhaust before running at least 3000 KM on stock exhaust.

Best Silencers for Royal Enfield

1. Red Rooster Performance RumblerOverall Best Pick
2. Red Rooster Performance VertexBest Exhaust for Himalayan
3. RRP Rumbler Continental GTBest Exhaust for Continental GT
4. RRP Stellar InterceptorBest Exhaust for Interceptor 650
5. Barrel Exhaust Canon Carbon 2.0Exhaust with Controlled Thump Sound Notes
6. Barrel Exhaust ScudExhaust With Soothing Bass Note
7. Barrel Exhaust GhostGood Exhaust for Himalayan
8. Barrel Exhaust Canon MirrorExhaust with Old School Beat Sound
9. Barrel Exhaust Scud ThunderbirdGood Exhaust for Thunderbird
10. Barrel Exhaust Scud Special EditionExhaust with Deep Bass Note
11. Moto Torque SharkLoud & Bassy Exhaust
12. Moto Torque BeatExhaust with Thumby Beats
13. Globe Dolphin ExhaustExhaust with Deep Bassy Thump
14. Globe TorpedoExhaust with Roaring Thump
15. Globe ExploderExhaust with Roaring and Bassy Sound Note
16. Globe CobraExhaust with Heavy Bass Sound Note

1. Red Rooster Performance Rumbler

Overall Best Pick
  • Slip-on exhaust
  • Excellent durability
  • Up to 20% performance increase

Red Rooster Performance is an Indian motorcycle modification company based in Bengaluru, known for its high-quality aftermarket parts.

The Rumbler series exhausts are earmarked for Royal Enfield motorcycles and assure increased performance and sound characteristics.

Design and Build Quality

The Red Rooster Performance rumbler series exhausts are ergonomically designed to match the aesthetics of the rest of the bike.

This is a slip-on type exhaust that can be attached to the exhaust line replacing the stock muffler.

Made from SS304 steel, which is the highest grade of commercially available stainless steel, the rumbler exhausts won’t break a sweat no matter how hardcore your riding patterns are.

The Rumbler series slip-on exhausts are available in both plain steel finish as well as black matte finish depending upon your aesthetic preference.


As we have mentioned earlier, Red rooster performance custom manufactures the rumbler series for a variety of Royal Enfield motorcycles.

Available specifically for Royal Enfield Classic, Royal Enfield Standard and Royal Enfield Thunderbird, these exhaust replacements are guaranteed to improve the performance by at least 20% when compared with the stock muffler.


The Red rooster performance rumbler is a free flow exhaust addon. 

The physical structure of the exhaust doesn’t feature any curves or lines that might obstruct the airflow in any manner.

This ensures thumping sound as well as significantly improved performance. 

The ceramic wool inner packing absorbs gases and heat and dampens unnecessary noises, letting out bassy notes which are often above 80dB.


If you are in search of performance-based, well built, long-lasting slip-on exhaust perfect for the city as well as short-distance commutes, the red rooster performance rumbler is one of the best in the business.

Listen to Exhaust Note on YouTube


Outer MaterialStainless Steel
Packing MaterialCeramic Wool
Available VariantsGun Metal Grey, Matte Black Unibody, Matte FInish Unibody, Polished Finish Unibody, Dual Tone V1, Dual Tone V2
Compatible withRoyal Enfield Classic, Royal Enfield Standard, Royal Enfield Thunderbird

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2. Red Rooster Performance Vertex

Red Rooster Performance Vertex
Best Exhaust for Himalayan
  • Full exhaust system
  • A good substitute for stock exhaust
  • Reliable performance

Royal Enfield Himalayan is a true adventure tourer motorcycle released in the Indian market way back in the first quarter of 2016.

Featuring a completely different chassis and powertrain, the Himalayan got its praises from all walks of life, but for its stock exhaust.

Many customers have hit the online forums complaining the stock exhausts giving up during off-roading, mainly due to insufficient chassis support.

The Red rooster performance vertex comes up as a solution for the very same problem which brings benefits such as improved performance with it.

Design and Build Quality

The RRP Vertex exhaust is a full exhaust system meaning the system consists of the muffler and the exhaust pipe which leads to the engine head.

The RRP vertex exhaust has a somewhat triangulated muffler portion along with a careful crafter exhaust tube for better airflow.

Similar to other RRP custom exhausts, the Vertex is made from SS304 grade high-quality stainless steel material.


The RRP Vertex features a seamlessly welded hook that clasps the muffler to the chassis very tight. This ensures the exhaust system won’t rattle or fail during extreme offroading.

The free-flow design of the exhaust system ensures much better sound characteristics and performance improvements notably better than the stock exhaust.


The RRP Vertex Exhaust comes with dB killer in the pack which can be used to minimize the exhaust note sounds.

The performance improvements though subtle is noticeable when compared with the stock exhaust system.


The RRP Vertex is a perfect full exhaust replacement for your Himalayan adventure tourer with added performance benefits and a completely revamped exhaust note.

Listen to Exhaust Note on YouTube


Outer MaterialStainless Steel
Packing MaterialCeramic Wool
Available VariantsDual Tone Metal
Compatible withRoyal Enfield Himalayan

3. RRP Rumbler Continental GT

Best Exhaust for Continental GT
  • Slip-on Exhaust
  • Aesthetically pleasing minimal design
  • Aerodynamic structure

The Red rooster performance has launched a rumbler series exhaust specifically designed for Continental GT motorcycles.

Priced under Rs.10,000, this slip-on exhaust system offers unparalleled performance improvements to the motorcycle, elevating your bike riding experience to a whole new level. 

Design and Build Quality

The RRP Rumbler exhaust for Continental GT features a very minimal design that blends in with the rest of the bike seamlessly. For untrained eyes, it won’t appear as modified or retrofitted.

The brushed metal stainless steel is very hard and sufficiently thick enough to last for a lifetime.


The RRP Rumbler series exhausts are known for their improved performance metrics compared to the stock exhausts and it stands the same with Continental GT.

You can feel the power delivery different spot on with a sweet yet exhilarating bass exhaust note coming out from the muffler.

The ceramic wool packing material absorbs much of the crackling sounds and limits the vibration to a minimum.


Do note that this model is specifically designed to fit the Continental GT motorcycle and might work with other models with a retrofitted weld mount.

Make sure it will match your vehicle before purchasing the same.


The RRP rumbler exhaust for the Continental GT delivers unparalleled performance improvements without any degradation in the mileage.

With the minimal design and pleasing sound notes, this slip-on exhaust is very well worth the money you invest.

Listen to exhaust note on YouTube


Outer MaterialStainless Steel
Packing MaterialCeramic Wool
Available VariantsPolished SIlver
Compatible withRoyal Enfield Continental GT

4. RRP Stellar Interceptor

Best Exhaust for Interceptor 650
  • Comes with dB killer
  • High-performance stainless steel body
  • Premium fit and finish

The Royal Enfield Interceptor is a twin-cylinder motorcycle released in the Indian market in 2018.

This 650cc motorcycle comes with two exhausts that look very unique and retro.

Design and Build Quality

The RRP stellar is a slip-on type exhaust that replaces the stock muffler for improved performance and sound characteristics.

Made from high-quality stainless steel, this exhaust is sufficiently thick. 

The linear design ensures smooth airflow without any obstructions, giving a slight performance boost to the motorcycle.


This exhaust set comes with a dB killer. If you are not inclined with using a sound attenuator for this exhaust, do note that the sound level can cross 120dB and cops might fine you for the same.

The ceramic wool packing inside lasts for the entire lifetime and minimises unwanted vibration and noises arising from incomplete combustion.


If you don’t mind the higher price, the RRP stellar is the best custom exhaust you can retrofit your Royal Enfield Interceptor with.

Guaranteed performance as well as sound improvements, this modification will completely revamp your riding experience.

Listen to Exhaust Note on YouTube


Outer MaterialStainless Steel
Packing MaterialCeramic Wool
Available VariantsPolished SIlver
Compatible withRoyal Enfield Interceptor

5. Barrel Exhaust Canon Carbon 2.0

Exhaust with Controlled Thump Sound Notes
  • Reliable performance
  • Aggressive styling
  • Reasonably priced

Barrel exhaust is yet another Indian company specialized in custom exhaust fittings for motorcycles.

The all-new Canon carbon 2.0 is an incremental update to the popular Canon series slip-on exhausts.

Design and Build Quality

Made like a gun, rides like a bullet is the tagline of the Royal Enfield motorcycles. 

The Canon Carbon 2.0 does true justice to this with a unique canon type design that looks attractive and intimidating at the same time.

Made from mild steel, the quality of construction of this exhaust is decent, to say the least. The fit and finish along with the packing are perfect. This exhaust comes with all the necessary attachments in the box for easy installation.


The Canon Carbon 2.0 is not advertised as a performance improvement mod but more as a retrofit that improves the sound as well as aesthetics.

The controlled thump sounds at higher rpm makes this slip-on exhaust popular among the youths.

Al lower RPMs, this exhaust sounds more or less the same as the stock. 


This barrel exhaust Canon carbon 2.0 is made to fit Royal Enfield Classic 350, Classic 500, Standard 350 and Standard 500 motorcycles perfectly.

If you are looking to purchase this exhaust for any other models than the one mentioned here, please do make sure the mount points can be welded from a local workshop.


If the bass notes at higher rpm are your thing, the barrel exhaust canon carbon 2.0 is the best in the business.

Priced quite affordably, the Canon carbon 2.0 delivers your royal Enfield motorcycle a more aggressive stance

Listen to Exhaust Note on YouTube


Outer MaterialMild Steel
Packing MaterialCeramic Wool
Available VariantsSilver Chrome, Metalic Black
Compatible withRoyal Enfield Classic, Royal Enfield Standard

6. Barrel Exhaust Scud

Exhaust with Soothing Bass Note
  • Made from high strength mild steel
  • Attractive design
  • Pleasing to the ears bass notes

The barrel exhaust scud slip-on exhaust is made with Royal Enfield classic motorcycles in mind.

With a fancy circle cutout pattern muffler pipe, the barrel exhaust scud is one of the coolest looking muffler exhaust mods in the market right now.

Design and Build Quality

Made from mild steel, the barrel exhaust scud feels very durable. 

With robotic TIG welds in the joints, this budget exhaust mod offers excellent structural strength.

The circular cutout on the outer covering of the muffler not only serves aesthetics but also cools the silencer quickly, helping in better heat dissipation.


The barrel exhaust scud slip-on mod lets out a bassy exhaust not that isn’t too heavy for the ears.

With this mod retrofitted on your Royal Enfield motorcycle, you are sure to turn some heads on the roads.

Similar to the model we discussed right above this exhaust, the primary function of this slip-on exhaust is to improve the sound characteristics and nothing else.


The barrel exhaust scud is compatible with models such as the Royal Enfield Classic, Royal Enfield Electra and Standard.


The barrel exhaust scud is a slip-on exhaust mod that delivers bassy exhaust notes without any noticeable degradation in the performance of the motorcycle.

Listen to Exhaust Note on YouTube


Outer MaterialMild Steel
Packing MaterialCeramic Wool
Available VariantsMetallic Black
Compatible withRoyal Enfield Classic, Royal Enfield Electra & Standard

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7. Barrel Exhaust Ghost

Good Exhaust for Himalayan
  • High quality SS304 stainless steel body
  • Ceramic wool insulation
  • Venturi baffle design

Barrel exhaust ghost is an exhaust mod best suited for use with the Royal Enfield Himalayan motorcycle.

This custom exhaust is designed in such a way as to deliver you the right mix of performance and mileage.

Design and Build Quality

The Barrel exhaust ghost is made from SS304, which is the highest grade stainless steel available in the market.

This ensures that this is a one-time purchase upgrade for your motorcycle and will last a lifetime without any issues.


The barrel exhaust ghost is designed to ensure better and more efficient airflow through the exhaust pipe, resulting in overall better performance when compared with the stock muffler.

The ventury baffle covering over the muffler lets the silencer scavenge more air and helps the engine to breathe properly.

The ceramic wool attenuation inside reduces vibration and noise, thereby offering a smooth ride experience, both on and off track.


The barrel exhaust ghost is a great alternative to the stock exhaust system of your Royal Enfield Himalayan motorcycle, providing improved performance at an affordable cost.

Listen to Exhaust Note on YouTube


Outer MaterialStainless Steel
Packing MaterialCeramic Wool
Available VariantsDual Tone Black & Silver
Compatible withRoyal Enfield Himalayan

8. Barrel Exhaust Canon Mirror

Exhaust with Old School Beat Sound
  • Army tank barrel design
  • High quality SS304 stainless steel build
  • Rustproof

The barrel exhaust canon mirror is meant to be an aesthetics related upgrade to your royal Enfield classic motorcycle than a performance-oriented one.

Design and Build Quality

The design of the barrel exhaust canon mirror slip-on exhaust resembles the barrel of an army tank.

Made from SS304 grade stainless steel, this is one of the well-built custom exhaust available for royal Enfield classic motorcycles out there.


The cylindrical muffler design with the long tailpipe delivers a strong bass exhaust note, which is as close you can get to the original bullet bike exhaust notes.

Apart from that, there are no considerable performance improvements while using this exhaust instead of the stock one.


If you are inclined to change the look of the exhaust of your royal Enfield classic but don’t want to lose the signature bass beat exhaust notes, the barrel exhaust canon mirror is the go-to choice.


Outer MaterialStainless Steel
Packing MaterialCeramic Wool
Available VariantsPolished Mirror FInish
Compatible withRoyal Enfield Classic

9. Barrel Exhaust Scud Thunderbird

Good Exhaust for Thunderbird
  • Mild steel body
  • Ceramic wool insulation
  • Attractive design

The barrel exhaust scud slip-on exhaust mod is made from mild steel and has a minimal size footprint when compared with the thunderbird chassis.

This may not be everyone’s cup of tea but helps the motorcycle to stand out from the rest.


The Barrel exhaust scud exhaust is primarily a sound improvement mod for the royal Enfield thunderbird which lets out bassy exhaust notes at low as well as higher RPMs.

There is no visible performance improvement or degradation when using this exhaust instead of the stock one.


Outer MaterialMild Steel
Packing MaterialCeramic Wool
Available VariantsMetallic Black
Compatible withRoyal Enfield Thunderbird

10. Barrel Exhaust Scud Special Edition

Exhaust with Deep Bass Note
  • Dedicated resonance chamber
  • Available with black and chrome shield options
  • Compatible with Royal Enfield classic

The Barrel exhaust scud special edition as the name suggests is a limited production slip-on exhaust compatible with royal Enfield classic motorcycles.

Made from carbon steel, the company offers a one year warranty on manufacturing defects with this exhaust mod and a generous lifetime service warranty.


The Scud special edition slip-on exhaust is the first in the barrel exhaust line-up to come with a dedicated resonance chamber.

This resonance chamber will help improve the bass levels of the exhaust note. The result is much cleaner yet bassy thumping notes which is quite pleasing to the ears.

There are no significant performance-related improvements with this exhaust mod.


Outer MaterialStainless Steel
Packing MaterialCeramic Wool
Available VariantsDual Tone Black & Silver
Compatible withRoyal Enfield Classic

11. Moto Torque Shark

Moto Torque Shark
Loud & Bassy Exhaust
  • Up to 15% performance improvement
  • Aggressive design
  • Ceramic wool insulation inside the muffler

The Moto Torque shark as the name suggests features a shark-like visual aesthetics. 

Made from high quality mild steel, the moto torque shark is compatible with Royal enfield motorcycles such Standard-350cc , Standard-500cc , Electra-350cc Electra-500cc ,Classic-350cc ,Classic-500cc ,Desert Storm-500cc ,Thunderbird-350cc and Thunderbird-500cc.


The Moto torque shark promises up to 15% improvement in engine performance when compared with the stock exhaust.

This specific model also alters the sound profile of the exhaust note to a more pleasing bass-heavy beat.

Listen to Exhaust Note on YouTube


Outer MaterialStainless Steel
Packing MaterialCeramic Wool
Available VariantsBlack, SIlver, Black & Silver Dual Tone
Compatible withAll UCE Models launched after 2010

12. Moto Torque Beat

Exhaust With Thumby Beats
  • Minimal design
  • Available in black and chrome finish
  • Improved sound characteristics of the exhaust note

Moto Torque beat and the shark is compatible with the same models as we have mentioned right above. 

The only difference is in the design standpoint where the beat has a more conventional rounded form factor.

Available in both black and chrome colour options, this budget slip-on exhaust delivers punchy bass-filled exhaust notes.

Listen to Exhaust Note on YouTube


Outer MaterialStainless Steel
Packing MaterialCeramic Wool
Available VariantsBlack & SIlver Dual Tone
Compatible withAll UCE Models launched after 2010

13. Globe Dolphin Exhaust

Exhaust with Deep Bassy Thump
  • Affordable
  • Decent quality construction
  • No performance improvements

The Globe Dolphin is a slip-on exhaust for Royal Enfield models such as Classic, Standard and Thunderbird.

This budget exhaust is made from normal mild steel and given a chrome finish for visual appeal.

Priced affordably, this custom exhaust mod for Globe Dolphin alters the plain bassy exhaust note of the stock muffler to something more pronounced and distinct.

Listen to Exhaust Note on YouTube


Outer MaterialStainless Steel
Packing MaterialCeramic Wool
Available VariantsBlack, SIlver
Compatible withRoyal Enfield Classic, Royal Enfield Standard, Royal Enfield Thunderbird

14. Globe Torpedo

Exhaust with Roaring Thump
  • Short slip-on exhaust mod
  • Exhaust sound alteration
  • Rustproof construction

Globe torpedo is a short slip-on exhaust mod for selected Royal Enfield motorcycles such as Classic, Standard and thunderbird.

This stainless steel exhaust mod is perfect for those who are looking to alter the exhaust sound to something completely different from the stock muffler.

In addition to the sound alteration, this exhaust mod also helps in vibration reduction while riding at higher speeds.

Listen to Exhaust Note on YouTube


Outer MaterialStainless Steel
Packing MaterialCeramic Wool
Available VariantsSilver
Compatible withRoyal Enfield Classic, Royal Enfield Standard, Royal Enfield Thunderbird

15. Globe Xploder

Exhaust with Roaring and Bassy Sound Note
  • Visually pleasing design
  • Ceramic wool insulation
  • Minimal vibration

Globe Xploder is a matte finish black slip-on exhaust mod compatible with Royal Enfield Bullet Classic 350, Bullet Classic 500, Bullet Standard 350, and Bullet Standard 500 motorcycles.

This anti-rust exhaust mod is best for altering the sound of your existing stock silencer to a more bassy low pitched note.

Listen to Exhaust Note on YouTube


Outer MaterialStainless Steel
Packing MaterialCeramic Wool
Available VariantsBlack
Compatible withRoyal Enfield Classic, Royal Enfield Standard, Royal Enfield Thunderbird

16. Globe Cobra

Globe Cobra
Exhaust with Heavy Bass Sound Note
  • Slip-on type exhaust mod
  • Affordable
  • Visually appealing design

The Globe Cobra is a cheap slip-on exhaust mod that ensures the exhaust sound notes from your Royal Enfield motorcycle has a thumping bass to them.

Made from stainless steel material, the Globe cobra has a chrome finish surface layer and the design in itself imparts a unique personality to your bullet.

Listen to Exhaust Note on YouTube


Outer MaterialStainless Steel
Packing MaterialCeramic Wool
Available VariantsSilver
Compatible withRoyal Enfield Classic, Royal Enfield Standard, Royal Enfield Thunderbird

This concludes the list of 16 exhaust mods which you can use with your Royal Enfield motorcycle.

This list contains the best possible modes for performance improvements, sound alterations and exhausts for changing the visual appeal of your bike.

If you have any questions regarding this article, let us know in the comment section below and we will promptly get back to you.

Royal Enfield Silencers – Myths Explained

Is it legal/illegal to replace Royal Enfield Exhausts?

Legally, if you make any modifications to your vehicle, you have to get approval from RTO for using it in the streets.

So, any sort of changing or modifying silencers are considered to be illegal if you don’t have approval from the RTO.

Purpose of a Silencer/Exhaust

As the name implies, one of the major purposes of a silencer/exhaust is silencing the engine exhaust sound.

The silencers have pathways specifically designed to minimize the sound coming from the exhaust.

Hot gases are released out from internal combustion engine on each blast and these gases have to be absorbed and the noise should be reduced.


The real purpose of a good exhaust system is to expel out these gases while maintaining the power and performance of the vehicle.

Sometimes mufflers (silencers) also happens to have a catalytic converter which can reduce the emission of certain pollutants that come with the exhaust gases out of the engine.

The catalytic converter is a vessel in the exhaust system containing catalysts like Platinum, Palladium, and Rhodium.


Platinum and Palladium convert harmful exhaust gases by further oxidation of Carbon Monoxide and unburned Hydrocarbons into Water and Carbon Dioxide, and Rhodium breaks the toxic Nitrogen Oxides into non-toxic Nitrogen and Oxygen.

Back Pressure

The most misunderstood and one of the most important factors about the Royal Enfield silencers is the back pressure, which affects the power delivery of the engine to a large extent.

Back pressure refers to the pressure opposed to the desired flow of gases in a confined place such as a pipe.

It is created with the help of obstructions in the exhaust system using mufflers, barriers or shape of the silencer to maintain an optimum pressure level of the exhaust gases for optimum power delivery throughout all the RPM ranges.

A certain level of backpressure is important for every engine and Royal Enfield stock silencers meet this requirement perfectly because the company has scientifically designed them for their own engines.

The general rule about back pressure is, the lesser the back pressure, the louder the silencer.

However, a small amount of back pressure is crucial for optimal engine performance.

Back pressure in the exhaust system pushes any unburned intake back into the engine.

Without this sufficient back pressure, some intake is lost, leading to higher fuel consumption.

When it comes to the aftermarket exhausts, the amount of back pressure is different on various silencers.

Most of the silencers from unknown brands don’t provide sufficient amount of back pressure to the engine.

So, if you are replacing your RE’s stock silencer with an exhaust which doesn’t provide enough back pressure, it will definitely affect the performance of the machine in the long run.

Most third party bullet silencers have drastically reduced back pressure levels to increase pick up and create a more bassy scavenging effect.

Because of this, motorcycles fitted with these exhausts tend to have a reduced top speed, slow acceleration at high RPM and dismal performance when going uphill.

On top of this, this type of exhausts creates a high decibel noise that can even damage the rider’s ears.

Hence, you need to have an exhaust with sufficient amount of backpressure depending upon the kind of machine you are using in order to achieve better performance and more mileage.

Changing Silencers and their Effect on Engine

The Enfield owners are often concerned about changing the stock exhaust due to the fear of affecting the engine in any harmful way.

During our research for finding the best bullet silencers, we have seen a lot of people inquiring about the same, everywhere on the Internet.

Let me tell you the real truth behind this.

Believe me, changing your stock exhaust to an aftermarket unit is safe most of the times, but if the exhaust system is designed so badly, there are chances that the engine could be affected.

There are a lot of silencers out there in the market with prices starting from Rs.1000 to even Rs.15000, and many of them are not up to the mark in terms of quality and performance.

But, if you are purchasing from reputed brands like Barrel Exhaust, Red Rooster Performance, Moto Torque, Globe etc you can be assured of the performance and durability you desire.

Mileage after Changing the Silencer

With regards to mileage, it can both increase or decrease, but it depends on a lot of other complicated factors also.

Though mileage depends on the type of exhaust you use, the actual fuel consumption directly depends on working conditions of the engine.

If the engine is well tuned according to the new exhaust, it will give out the best fuel economy for sure.

More than these, fuel efficiency also depends on how you ride the bike.

Aftermarket exhausts free the engine up a bit, so it produces a little more torque and power.

Whenever you ride your motorcycle without revving on the throttle, the engine runs at a lower RPM than before and thus will get a slightly better mileage.

On the contrary, the new exhaust will make your Enfield sound beefier, and this could motivate you to ride faster.

If that’s the case, then the mileage will plummet for sure.

Types of Royal Enfield Silencers

Before discussing the types of Royal Enfield exhausts, let’s understand a little about the design and working of an exhaust system.


An exhaust pipe has an outer sheet metal cover which protects the silencer and inside it, there is a perforated tube through which exhaust gases pass out.

Some silencers have a packing material wrapped around the perforated tube which absorbs unnecessary noises and gives out a bassy sound.

The packing material also acts as a thermal insulator and it absorbs a specific amount of heat from the expelled gas.

Glass wool and ceramic wool are the two types of packing materials commonly used in silencers.

They are a type of man-made fibres with high thermal insulation and low thermal conductivity.

Strategic placement of these packing materials around the perforation tube gives a different thumb and bass for the exhaust sound.

Mainly, there are three types of Royal Enfield exhausts out there.

Free Flow Silencer

Free flow silencers are made by creating minimum obstructions inside the silencer and thus it provides an easy path for the exhaust gases to flow.

Here, the sufficient backpressure is created inside the silencer by making some modifications in the design of the exhaust pipe or with the help of baffles.

Compared to glass wool and ceramic wool exhausts, free flow silencers has a lesser backpressure and thus they have a high scavenging effect.

Free flow silencers range from Rs.1000 to Rs.2000.

Glass Wool Silencer

In Glass wool silencers the material packed inside the exhaust are either glass, silica or sand.

Glass wool is an insulating material made from fibres of glass arranged using a binder into a texture similar to wool.

It traps many small pockets of air between the glass, and these small air pockets result in high thermal insulation properties.

Compared to ceramic wool, glass wool has a tendency to deteriorates over time and might need replacement in the long run.

The price range of Royal Enfield’s glass wool silencers starts from Rs.2000 to Rs.3000 in India.

Ceramic Wool Silencer

Ceramic wool is another type of packing material used in the Enfield silencers.

These are more durable than glass wool and it has a higher thermal insulation capacity.

Because of this, these silencers doesn’t get too hot even after a long ride.

Ceramic wool silencers costs around Rs.4000 to Rs.10000 in India.

Please note that some Glass Wool and Ceramic Wool exhausts are considered as Free Flow silencers as well.

These are some commonly available Royal Enfield exhausts categorised based on sound and design.

Long Bottle

Gives slow strong and long strokes. Bass is heavy and strong treble is recessed. These are very long and protrudes out of chassis.

Short Bottle

The sound is similar to Original Cast Iron beats, it’s very pleasant and balanced tune, very soothing for ears, not that much loud.

Red Rooster

The silencer with a perfect balance of performance and bassy exhaust sound.


Emphasises especially on Bass. The bass is deep, heavy and thumpy. The sound seems artificial and hurts ears at higher RPMs.


Looks like a mouth of dolphin, large sound with high bass.


Has a very Techno- Bassy tune. The hearing sound seems very artificial and not very soothing for ears. Treble is boosted as well.


Looks tiny, but gives heavy beats, and has the deepest bass of all.


Loud, fast beats, emphasized on Bass, the sound is much more continuous without interval.


Heavy tune, authentic and balanced tune interval. Non-fatiguing tune.

120 thoughts on “Best Silencers for Royal Enfield (Good Bass, Performance & Mileage)”

  1. Hi

    I have new bullet 350 ES BS6, which aftermarket exhaust is giving old classical thump beat.. please suggest me bet one

    • Hi Anandaraj!

      The Moto Torque Beat Black (Link – is an ideal aftermarket exhaust for Bullet 350 with a signature thumpy exhaust note. This silencer comes with high quality ceramic wool insulation and dB reducer for better performance and compliance with law authorities.

  2. Hi Team,

    Sorry to bother again.

    I have gone through below 3 exhaust today deeply and got this information.

    1) Barrel exhaust Scud – Mild steel , no increase in performance but good look and decent thump.

    As it’s an MS so I believe it will last a year or half and the cost is 4K.

    2) Globe Exploder – Mild steel, no increase in performance but it has good sustainability and deep bass. The look is similar to thunderbird stock exhaust.

    This exhaust will last atleast 2 yrs due to its built quality and the cost is 4K.

    3) Globe Street Jet – Stainless steel, little bit performance increase (globe claims) . It has high thump and decent bass.

    I did not got any riding sound of it so I contacted Globe and they have sent me the riding sound of this new exhaust. There are no video and reviews about it but as far I reasearched it , the exhaust look is very good and as it’s an SS so definitely it will last longer. The cost is 5K in Amazon.

    It will be great if you can provide me your personal feedback and review about Globe- Street Jet.

    Amir Khan

    • Hi Amir!

      We personally haven’t tested the Globe street jet exhaust but from a quick search and a short video from YouTube, we noticed that it is indeed a good choice with a balanced mix of soothing bass sound and performance, ideal for Indian conditions, especially the strict motor vehicle exhaust sound norms. Even if it costs a thousand rupees extra, the Globe street jet will be a good choice compared to the other two.

  3. Hi Althaf,

    Hope you are good.

    I have Royal Enfield Electra 250 (BS3) , I have 2 exhaust in my mind which are within 5K.

    1) Globe – Exploder
    2) Moto Torque Launcher.

    1) Globe Exploder – I believe its a long run exhaust with good sustainability and even the design of it is similar to Thunderbird exhaust, so police wont create a issue for it.

    But its not performance exhaust and I heard people say it creates vibrations on high REVS.

    2) Moto Torque Launcher – Its an performance exhaust with Dyno Test and they claim they provide 15% increase in performance, the cost is little bit higher compare to globe.

    But its not stainless and I am not sure if its an sustainable exhaust or not ? And there might be chances police will create issue for it , as the sounds is ear catching.

    I reside in Mumbai, so as you know the weather & roads of mumbai are very rough. So I need an exhaust which can at least stay with me for 2 yrs. Please be free to suggest any other exhaust too if you have in your mind suitable for me.

    Note – Current I am using Bazooka from 2 yrs.

    Awaiting your prompt response.

    Amir Khan

    • Hi Amir!

      A stainless steel exhaust, despite the higher price is preferable over the mild steel variant if you’re looking for a long term use, say 2 years or so. Especially in a tropical country such as India where the temperatures can get as high as 46-50 degrees, the stainless steel exhausts performs much better than mild steel exhausts with bikes such as RE Electra 250 used for regular commutes and occasional long drives. With these facts in mind, the Globe Exploder (Link – will be a good choice over the Moto Torque launcher.(Link –

      • Thanks a lot Bro for prompt response…

        Do you want to suggest any more exhaust ? So that I can look into it..

        Amir khan

      • Hi Amir!

        You can also check out the Barrel Exhaust Scud and Barrel Exhaust Ghost series exhausts if possible. Due to the prevailing pandemic situation, the availability of exhausts is pretty limited online so you may have to search it locally.

  4. Mere pas royal Enfield ki Electra Bs6 jan2021 modal hai mai kaun sa selencer lu jiska havvey base aur bandha hua saund ho aur jisse bulet ki mailage aur engine per bhi koi fark na pade


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