Best Single Door Refrigerators In India

by | Sep 21, 2018

It is summer season and the most sought-after products during this season are air-conditioners and refrigerators.

With a rapidly rising middle class, India is one of the fastest growing home appliance markets in the world.

Realizing this potential, many companies are in the race to capture the market share before the other.

In this article,we are listing out the best six single door refrigerators available in India at present.

We have considered different parameters such as the energy efficiency, cooling type, capacity etc while preparing this list. Without further ado, let’s dive in.

Best Single Door Refrigerators In India

1. LG GL-D201ASPXOverall Best Pick
2. Whirlpool 200 IMPWCOOL PRM 5SRunner-Up Pick
3. Haier HED-20FDSValue for Money
4. Whirlpool WDE 205 CLS 3S Best Budget Refrigerator
5. Samsung RR20M182YR3/HLBest Design and Build Quality


Overall Best Pick
  • Suited for homes with space crunch
  • Smart features
  • Efficient inverter compressor
LG is an established player in the home appliance industry for decades.

The LG GL-D201ASPX is a single door, 190L refrigerator that comes with a durable smart inverter compressor at a price of just Rs.16,999.

4-star BEE energy efficiency rating

Being a 4-star energy rated unit, this fridge consumes less power when compared with the traditional energy-hungry models.

The type of compressor employed in this model from LG is a smart inverter type compressor which is very energy efficient.

Since there are no noticeable moving parts inside this compressor, the operation is very silent.

Inverter compressor

The smart inverter compressor determines the load inside the refrigerator automatically and adjusts the power required thereby making a huge margin in power savings.

LG has provided multiple vents throughout the refrigerator to have a uniform cooling all around the storage case.

The crisper which is used to store fresh vegetables come with a lattice type cover.

This balances the moisture content inside and keeps the vegetables fresh for a longer duration.

Smart features

The Smart connect feature on this refrigerator will connect the unit to run from an inverter (if connected) automatically in case the power goes off.

Also, the Solar smart technology enables this fridge to operate from the electricity generated from a solar grid.

The fluctuating DC current from the solar grid is converted to fixed DC voltage by the builtin inverter on this fridge.

The Smart diagnosis lets you scan the refrigerator for malfunctions automatically.


If any defect is detected, it will transfer the data to your phone and you can then call the customer care and pinpoint the problem.

If you are in search of a slightly larger refrigerator with the same features mentioned above, the LG GL-B221APZX might also be worth checking out.


The LG GL-D201ASPX single door refrigerator wins the ‘best in the list’ title quite convincingly, thanks to its powerful and efficient inverter compressor.

The smart features that accompany this single door refrigerator is an added bonus that you won’t find in any of the other models in this category.

If you’re looking for a well built single door refrigerator, the LG GL-D201ASPX should be definitely on your consideration.

Smart inverter compressor
Moisture controlling crisper
Smart Diagnosis
Smart connectivity with inverter/solar panel
Slightly smaller egg tray


Capacity190 Litres
Star Rating4 Star
Built in StabilizerYes
Compressor TypeInverter

2. Whirlpool 200 IMPWCOOL PRM 5S

 Runner-Up Pick
  • Suited for bachelors/small family
  • Consumes less energy
  • Large vegetable crisper
Whirlpool is a legendary home appliance brand based out of US as we all might know.

The IMPWCOOL PRM 5S is an entry-level refrigerator from Whirlpool with 185-litres capacity that suits the nuclear families consisting of 2-3 members conveniently.

Design and build quality

This refrigerator measures 536 x 604 x 1159 mm and comes with 185-liters capacity in a single door configuration.

The size of this Whirlpool refrigerator is compact enough to be placed in a small to medium sized kitchen easily.

The chrome plated handle adds a flair of appealing aesthetics to the unit.

There is a lock in case you want no one to open the door which is particularly useful when you are away from your home for days.

Hardware features

The freezer in this refrigerator is placed on the top.There’s no need to bend down to pick ice cubes for chilled beverages.

The large crisper helps you store all your vegetables in the refrigerator itself.

The defrosting in this refrigerator is of the direct cool type which consumes less energy compared to the frost-free units in the market.

Rotary compressor and 5 star BEE rating

This fridge has been given the 5-star energy efficiency rating by Bureau of Energy Efficiency Standards.

The rotary type compressor employed in this refrigerator has very low maintenance costs over the course of its operation.

The compressor on this product comes with 5 years of warranty, disposing of any worries that you may have about the durability.

This energy efficient refrigerator offers offline cooling retention up to 12 hours even when the power is off.


This refrigerator employs insulated capillary technology that conceals the refrigerant flow path with proper insulation leading to enhanced compressor efficiency.

This product comes with a built-in stabilizer as well to protect it from sudden voltage surges and fluctuations.


In search of a single door refrigerator that won’t burn a hole in your pocket when it comes to power consumption?

You’ve hit the jackpot.

The Whirlpool IMPWCOOL PRM 5S is the only 5-star BEE rated refrigerator on our list that features a powerful rotary compressor to get the things done.

With the chrome plated handle and the overall pleasing design, this refrigerator will definitely an asset to your kitchen for sure.

5-star energy efficiency rating
Insulated capillary technology for better compressor efficiency
Cooling retention up to 12 hours even when the power is off
Affordable price
Rotary compressor is less efficient than a reciprocating compressor
Manual defrosting required


Capacity185 Liters
Star Rating5 star
Built in StabilizerYes
Compressor TypeRotary

3. Haier HED-20FDS

Value for Money
  • Affordable
  • Quick cooling feature
  • Powerful compressor
Haier is a Chinese white goods manufacturer which has been in the Indian market for a while now.

The HRD-1954BS is a 195L single door refrigerator that comes with a plethora of features and excellent power efficiency.

Storage capacity

The overall capacity of this single door refrigerator is 195L out of which the freezer takes up 19L storage.

This fridge is a direct cool model which requires manual defrosting at least once in a while.

Energy efficiency

Bureau of Energy Efficiency has assigned a 4-star rating for this fridge which saves up energy bills up to 45% when compared with a conventional refrigerator.

The shelves on this single door refrigerator are separated by toughened glasses that can withstand weights up to 120 Kg.

The bottle storage compartment inside lets you keep water or beverages with ease and a bottle guard ensures that the bottles won’t tip off.

1-hour icing 

One of the main USP of this refrigerator is the 1-hour icing technology.

Whatever be the temperature outside, Haier promises to bring down the temperature inside the freezer to -5 degrees just under an hour.


The reciprocatory motor inside is very efficient and works well under heavy loads.

The built-in surge protection eliminates the need for a separate stabilizer.

The company offers one year of warranty on the refrigerator and a 10-year additional warranty on the compressor motor.

If you are in need of an increased capacity refrigerator but want the features mentioned above, Haier has got it covered with its HRD-2204BS-R/E model that comes with a 220L capacity priced at Rs.15,490.


The Haier HED-20 FDS is a great choice when it comes to purchasing budget single door refrigerators in the market.

The minimal design and aesthetically pleasing brushed metal finish gives this refrigerator a premium feel.

Coming with the Haier’s signature 1-hour icing technology, this fridge does get the contents cooled inside fairly quickly, thanks to the powerful compressor.

1-hour icing technology
4-star BEE rating
Easy maintenance compressor
Manual defrosting required
Bottom bottle shelf is small


Capacity195 L, 220 L
Star Rating4 Star
Built in StabilizerNo
Compressor TypeReciprocatory

4. Whirlpool WDE 205 CLS 3S

 Best Budget Refrigerator
  • 6th sense Quick chill technology
  • Stabilizer free operation
  • Power efficient
Whirlpool, the leading American home appliances manufacturer is on a comeback trail in the Indian market with back to back popular products such as refrigerators and air conditioners.

The Whirlpool WDE 205 CLS 3S is a single door budget refrigerator that is suitable for bachelors as well as a small family of four to serve their refrigeration requirements.

Design and build quality

The body of this refrigerator is made of fibre that feel tough and durable.

The glossy paint job gives this refrigerator a very pleasing look that suits to any kind of home decor that you might have.

Even though, this is a 190 L capacity refrigerator, the clever design and sectioning of compartments provides you the much needed flexible storage spaces without any wastage.

The Whirlpool WDE 205 CLS 3S comes with an antibacterial gasket that prevents the bacterial growth inside the fridge that might render the food and other contents inside inedible.

6th sense Quick chill technology

This refrigerator features a powerful reciprocatory compressor that quickly cools the contents inside.

Not only this quick cooling, the refrigerator is very properly insulated in a way that even if the power goes out, the cooling is retained for up to 9 hours.

This is a great feature that will definitely help us during summers and especially during power outages.

Cleverly designed compartments

Whirlpool has included a chiller compartment to keep milk packets and juice cans chilled.

The sufficiently large vegetable crisper allows you to store more of perishable items like fruits.

Along with that there is a moisture lock that prevents the vegetables from getting stale over time.


The Whirlpool WDE 205 CLS 3S comes with a 1-year warranty and an additional five year warranty on the compressor.

The 3-star BEE rating for this single door refrigerator means approximately 35% power savings from a non star rated appliance which is quite significant in terms of the current energy bill tariff.


The Whirlpool WDE 205 CLS 3S is a very capable budget single door refrigerator that favors the consumer with both the budget and feature list that it has.

If you want a reliable refrigerator for a small family, this product is worth considering.

Low maintenance compressor
Large vegetable crisper
No toughened glass separators


Capacity190 L
Star Rating3 Star
Built in StabilizerYes
Compressor TypeReciprocatory

5. Samsung RR20M182YR3/HL

Best Design and Build Quality
  • Suited for stylish kitchen interiors
  • Low on electricity consumption
  • Reliable inverter compressor
A home appliance best list without Samsung is like divine love – Almost non-existent.

The Samsung RR20M182YR3/HL is an elegantly designed 192 L single door refrigerator that comes with a 4-star energy efficiency rating.

Design and build quality

The design and build quality of this Samsung refrigerator is top notch.

Samsung calls it as the crown design, with a rounded top accompanied by clean lines that will impart a sleek and seamless blend with any home decor.

The long vertical door handle is very futuristic and gives this refrigerator a break from the traditional design aesthetics.

4-star BEE energy efficiency rating

Bureau of Energy Efficiency has given 4-star energy efficiency rating for this single door refrigerator.

The digital inverter compressor operates silently and is highly energy efficient.

It works automatically based on the load inside and helps to maintain an optimal temperature inside keeping the contents fresh for a long time.

Hardware features

The shelves on this Samsung single door refrigerator is made of toughened glass and can hold the weight of even the heaviest vegetables with relative ease.

The cooling retention capability of this refrigerator is commendable.

Thanks to the excellent insulation, this fridge can keep the contents inside cool up to 9 hours, in case of a power outage.


Samsung provides a year worth of comprehensive warranty with this device plus an additional 10-year warranty on its digital inverter compressor.


The Samsung RR20M182YR3/HL has an elegant design that is very attractive to look.

The inverter compressor inside has been proved to be efficient in the past with various models and the same shines with this product in terms of performance.

Sleek and elegant design
Efficient digital inverter
9 hours cooling retention
No frost-free operation


Capacity192 Litre
Star Rating4 Star
Built in StabilizerYes
Compressor TypeInverter Compressor
This concludes our list of the best six single door refrigerators in India under various price brackets.

We have done our best to find and review the best in class products that might pique an interest in you.

If you are OK with extending your budget with a couple of thousands, do check out our article on the Best double door refrigerators for more choices.

If you find this list productive, do consider subscribing to our newsletter here for constant updates on new gadgets and more such buying guides.

Thanks for reading and have a pleasant day!

How To Choose A Refrigerator: Buying Guide For Single Door Refrigerators

How to choose single door refrigerator
Confused about buying a single door refrigerator?

Let’s walk you through the various aspects that you should be in touch with.

Trust us, this won’t be long and tedious.

So let’s get started right away! Here are the few primary concerns you should try addressing:

1) Price

Single door refrigerators are the cheapest among all types of refrigerators in the market. They are compact as well as light on features.

As almost all the single door refrigerators in the market are of the direct cool type, the starting prices of these products are really low.

A 181L Haier HRD-1813BMS-R/E single door refrigerator with a 3-star BEE rating costs only about Rs. 11,790.

If you are low on budget and space, a single door refrigerator is your best bet.

If you are looking for something under a budget of Rs. 10,000 the 99L Godrej RD Champ 114 is a good choice priced at just Rs. 9,990.

Remember, lower the price, fewer will be the features as well.

If you are okay skipping some features, a single door refrigerator is not at all a bad choice.

2) Capacity

Capacity is directly related to the number of people in the household.

Single door refrigerators generally come in various capacities ranging from 99L – 250L.

This is sufficient in case you are a bachelor or for a small family of 2-3 members.

Blindly following the budget with no respect for anything else is a blunder.

For. eg buying a 99L refrigerator for a family of 5 isn’t going to work out so well.

Similarly, a 250L fridge for a bachelor too is a wastage of money as well as energy.

For a family of 4-5 members, the 245L Whirlpool 260 IMFRESH PRM 4S single door refrigerator priced at Rs. 20,990 is a suitable model.

Coming to the lower end of the price spectrum, the 195L Haier HRD-1954BS-E comes with a price tag of just Rs. 12,690.

Everyone loves to have extra features that come handy.

Unfortunately, the rock-bottom prices of single door refrigerators make it hard for the manufacturers to include features.

Not that these products are completely feature-less, we’ll discuss some useful additions that might help in the long run.

3) Frost free refrigeration

We had mentioned above that almost all the single door refrigerators come with a direct cool type technology.

Still itching to find that one square peg in a round hole?

Here it is for you – the 245L Whirlpool 260 IMFRESH PRM 4S 4-star single door refrigerator comes with a frost-free operation at a price of just Rs. 20,990.

Is frost free necessary? Honestly yes. This technology will defrost the freezer automatically.

Unless you want to manually remove ice formation inside the freezer, this technology is a welcome addition.

4) Anti-microbial protection

Make sure the refrigerator you are about to purchase offers some form of protection from microbial growth instead.

A removable gasket or a special coating on the crispers may be sufficient enough.

The 190L LG GL-D201ASPX single door refrigerator priced at Rs. 16,999 comes with an airtight anti-bacterial casket that prevents mold growth inside the refrigerator.

5) Inverter compressor

Inverter compressors are most energy efficient and maintenance free type of compressors on the market.

Due to the fact that these compressors don’t shut down and turn on a regular basis, the wear and tear are minimal.

If there’s an inverter compressor within your budget reach, don’t think twice. Go for it.

The Samsung RR20M1Y2XUT is a 5-star 192L single door fridge with a digital inverter compressor on board at a price of just Rs. 17,550.

Also, the 190L LG GL-D201ASPX comes with a similar inverter compressor at a slightly less price tag of Rs. 16,999.

6) Toughened glass shelves

Glass shelves are the pieces of glass that partition the interior of the refrigerators.

Single door refrigerators as a whole come with limited capacity compared to other types of refrigerators.

Having a toughened glass shelf means you can keep certain fruits as well as heavy vegetables on it without the fear of breaking.

Although it doesn’t make much difference having one is quite useful.

The 190L Haier HRD-1954BS priced at Rs. 12,690 comes loaded with this feature.

7) Built-in stabilizer

This is a very important feature to have in a refrigerator, especially in our Indian conditions.

Almost all the refrigerators, no matter the price comes with one.

You should make sure that your choice has one or be sure to purchase an additional stabilizer.

The entry-level 181L Haier HRD-1813BMS priced at Rs. 11,970 comes with an inbuilt stabilizer to protect it from unexpected power surges.

8) Warranty

Most of the brands provide warranty on the complete unit along with some additional warranty on the compressor alone.

For some brands, the compressor warranty may be of 10 years, and for some others, it may be 4.

Brands like LG and Samsung usually provides a 10-year warranty on their compressors.