Best Smart Security Cameras in India (September 2021)

Are you looking for a way to monitor your house once you leave or maybe something to keep a check on your toddler? 

Well, then the gadget you need is none other than a smart security camera. These are cameras that are meant for the surveillance of both indoors and outdoors. 

Smart security cameras come in different shapes, sizes, and prices. To make it easier for you, we at Bettershark have come up with a curated list of the eleven best smart security cameras that you can purchase in the Indian market. 

So without further ado let’s check out the list!

Best Smart Security Cameras

1. Qubo SmartOverall Best Pick
2. Mi Home Security Camera 360Runner-up Pick
3. Ebitcam Value for Money Camera
4. Realme Smart Cam 360Feature-rich Security Camera
5. Godrej Spotlight Made in India Security Camera
6. TP-Link Tapo C200Best Indoor Security Camera 
7. Imou Ranger 2 Budget Indoor Security Camera
8. EZVIZ C6N Best Build Quality
9. TP-Link Tapo C100 Best Pocket-friendly Security Camera
10. Smarty TOTAL CameraCheapest Security Camera 
11. Zebronics Zeb Smart CamHonourable Mention

Note: The price shown are the once when we reviewed the products. However, as the promotional offers changes on the given E-commerce sites, the price may vary. Bettershark is supported by it’s readers and when you buy through links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission.

1. Qubo Smart

Qubo Smart Home Security Camera

Overall Best Pick

  • 24×7 Surveillance
  • IP65 dust and water resistance
  • Integrated Google Assistant and Alexa 


SD card support

AES128 encryption 

Inbuilt alarm system 


Speaker sound is a bit low

Qubo is an Indian company that is part of the Hero group. Qubo is a security company that manufactures security cameras for your homes and outdoors. 

This product discussed here is the Qubo Smart home security camera that retails for Rs.3,390 in the Indian market. 

Build and Design 

The Qubo Smart Home is a smart security camera that is meant for surveillance of your home. It can be used both indoors and outdoors. 

This security camera is made out of plastic but the overall build quality is very good. The camera feels very durable and thanks to the IP65 rating, it can handle any weather conditions be it rain, sun, wind, or snow. 

The Qubo Smart home security camera is oval-shaped and has a futuristic design to it. 

Setting up the camera is easy. You can set it up by downloading the Qubo app on your smartphone and follow the instructions. 

For this security camera to function properly, you need a stable WiFi connection. 

This Qubo Smart camera can be mounted on your walls or kept on the table or any other flat surface in your home. 


The Qubo Smart home security camera features a 2MP camera that is capable of recording at 1080p. To save recordings, you have to insert an SD card into the camera. 

This camera has a 24×7 live monitoring capability. You can watch the live feed of the camera from the companion app on your smartphone. It is even possible to watch the live feed at night as well thanks to the night vision capability of the camera. 

To ensure that you always know what is going on, this smart security camera has an advanced motion detection system that informs you if any person enters the vicinity of the camera. You will receive notifications on your smartphone as well. 

This smart security camera features an alarm system that rings a siren when motion is detected. You can make a routine set-up for the camera to enable the alarm system after a particular time. 

There is also a two-way talking ability that lets you speak to the person on the other side of the camera. This camera is fitted with a microphone for this purpose. 

Google Assistant and Alexa also work with this security camera. You can ask the voice assistant to display your footage on a TV or any other display. 

The data streaming on the camera is secured thanks to the AES128 encryption.


The Qubo Smart home security camera is an excellent camera for your home surveillance. This camera is reliable and loaded with features that will let you know what is going on in its vicinity 24×7.


Record Resolution1080p
Night VisionYes
Talkback FeatureYes

2. Mi Home Security Camera 360

Mi Home Security Camera

Runner-up Pick

  • 360-degree camera
  • Mi Home companion app
  • 1080p video recording


Wall/Ceiling mountable 

USB powered 

Night vision sensor 


No official IP rating 

Xiaomi is a household name for Indian consumers by now. They are one of the largest manufacturers and suppliers of smartphones in India. Xiaomi sells its products under the Mi and Redmi brand name in the Indian market. 

Although primarily started as a smartphone manufacturer, Xiaomi is active in the consumer electronics market including TVs, smartwatches, weighing scales, etc.

The Mi Home security camera 360 is a feature-rich security camera for your home or office priced under Rs.2,999.

Build and Design 

The Mi Home security camera 360 features an all-plastic build that is of good quality and should work fine indoors as well as outdoors.

Design-wise, this camera looks similar to the old rounded webcams which were earlier used with desktop computers. 

This security camera has a working temperature of -10℃ ~ 50℃ suitable for operation in tropical weather conditions in India.

To set up this security camera, you need to download the Mi Home app on your smartphone and follow the instructions. You will need a stable Wi-Fi connection at your home or office for the security camera to work. 

The Mi Home security camera 360 should be kept within the boundary of the Wi-Fi signal coverage.

The Mi Home security camera 360 is powered by a micro USB cable that can be connected to any wall using the adapter that comes with the camera.


The Mi Home Security Camera 360 is an excellent choice as a security camera for use at home or office.

This smart security camera has a 20MP lens that can record videos at 1080p. To save the videos you need to insert an SD card into the camera. The Mi Home security camera 360 can support an SD card of up to 64GB.

Xiaomi has ensured that the Mi Home security camera 360 comes loaded with a multitude of features like all their devices. 

This security camera features a talk-back feature that lets you communicate with the person on the other end of the camera using your smartphone. 

As the name suggests, this is a 360-degrees camera, meaning it can horizontally rotate 360-degrees. You can move around the camera using the smartphone application – this lets you have a good look at the surroundings. 

There is also the infrared night vision sensor in this camera that lets you see even in the dark. Even when the lights are out, you can view the surroundings without any problem.

The Mi Home security camera 360 has an inbuilt alarm system that can be scheduled. The advanced motion detection system on the security camera then alerts you if an intruder is seen in the vicinity of the camera. 


The Mi Home security camera 360 is a good option for an indoor or outdoor surveillance camera system. With an excellent night vision mode and motion detection sensors, you can always be aware of what is happening around just with your smartphone.


Record Resolution1080p
Night VisionYes
Talkback FeatureYes

3. Ebitcam


Value for Money Camera

  • Feature-rich companion app
  • Excellent night vision quality
  • Two-way audio


Configured with Wi-Fi as well as LAN cable

Offers you almost 360-degree vision

Robust build quality


Application setup is annoying

Ebitcam is a Chinese product and unlike other products from China which are much cheaper, the Ebitcam is one of the most expensive smart security cameras available on this list.

Ebitcam provides 360-degree vision capability and has an 8X zoom feature. Priced at Rs.4,999, let’s see if this security camera is the right choice for you or not.

Design and Build Quality

The Ebitcam smart security camera reminds us of a piece of chess but is thicker and larger. 

The entire construction of this camera is from hard quality plastic and it does not feel cheap at all.

The camera along with the sensor is positioned vertically in the black coloured portion.

This device has an infrared sensor and motion sensor – both of which work great and the motor inside it allows the camera to rotate on its axis for up to 350-degrees.

Not just horizontally, but vertically the camera module can rotate up to 100 degrees.

Behind this security camera, there is a micro USB plug for the power supply, a slot for a micro SD card, and an RJ-45 LAN port.

The camera lens is 4MP which supports FHD video recording with good details and visual quality. 

This security camera sure is good but setting it with the app for the first time is a cumbersome experience. You can use an ethernet port as well as Wi-Fi (Only 2.4GHz band supported) to use this camera.

This smart security camera supports memory cards up to 128GB which is sufficient enough for most home users. 


Setting up the Ebitcam requires an app to download from the App Store or Play store named “Ebitcam”. It requires sign-in and a few more steps to set up the security camera.

After you do everything in the app, you will see there are a lot of features and one we like is an alarm notification on mobile if it hears an unusual sound, or when it detects a face.

The motion sensor is the one thing you must keep always on so if anyone enters your house it will keep track of it.

The Ebitcam comes with two-way audio so you can always talk to your loved ones directly who live at home. This feature is very useful if you have a pet or a baby at home.

This device works fine with other IoT devices such as Alexa and you can operate it with voice commands.

If you hate deleting recordings from memory cards again and again, then you can use Box cloud service which is paid but you can manage all your recordings right from your smartphone.

Thanks to the Infrared technology, the night vision of this camera is good so no thieves can infiltrate your house and even if someone does the alarm is loud enough to wake you up.


We know Rs.5,000 is more for a generic smart security camera. But, this one is loaded with lots of goodies that will protect your house and you can always keep an eye on your elders, children, and persons who visit your home.


Record Resolution1080p
Night VisionYes
Talkback FeatureYes

4. Realme Smart Cam 360

Realme Smart Cam 360

Feature-rich Security Camera

  • Motion detection and tracking feature 
  • Google Assistant and Alexa support 
  • Two-way talkback feature 


Unique design

Realme link companion app

Acts as a Wi-Fi extender 


Finicky auto-tracking

Realme is a smartphone manufacturer that is based in China. It is a subsidiary of the Chinese electronic conglomerate BBK electronics. 

Although Realme is primarily a smartphone manufacturer it has now also started manufacturing other consumer electronics gadgets such as TVs, smartwatches, etc.

One of which is the Realme Smart Cam 360 which is a home security camera for Rs.3,000.

Build and Design 

The Realme Smart Cam 360 comes bundled with power brick, USB cable, and a pad for wall/ceiling mounting. 

This smart security camera has a unique design compared to most other cameras on this list. It has a simple and futuristic design. 

Despite the unique design when it comes to the build quality it is completely plastic, primarily for its cost-effectiveness and durability. 

The operating environment temperature for this smart security camera is -10℃ ~ 50℃ which makes it ideal for outdoor use.

Since this smart security camera comes with a mounting pad, you can also mount it on the wall or inversely mount it on the ceiling. This keeps it out of reach from the intruders. 

For setting up the Realme Smart Cam 360 you have to download the realme link app on your Android or iOS smartphone and follow the instructions. Make sure that your house has a stable Wi-Fi internet connection and the camera is placed within the signal coverage boundary. 


The Realme Smart Cam 360 can take SD cards up to 128GB card to store your recorded videos. This security camera can record videos for up to 14 days straight and you will have to clear the data every 14 days. 

Videos recorded by the camera are encrypted and cannot be accessed by anyone else. 

Speaking of video recording, this camera can record videos at 1080p resolution which is more than sufficient for most purposes. 

This security camera has a motion detection sensor that alerts you if it finds out any anomalies or intruders. Alerts are sent via the Realme link app.

There is also real-time motion tracking available on the camera. This means that the camera tracks any object or person in its vicinity. The Realme Smart Cam 360 has a field of view of 105-degrees. 

It also features a two-way talkback feature that lets you speak with the person on the other end of the camera. 

The night vision and low light video quality are equally good. You can be assured that the camera can accurately capture video even in the dark. 

You can also watch the live stream of the camera at any moment directly through the Realme link app. 

If you are planning on using multiple cameras then you will need a wide Wi-Fi network coverage hence Realme has also added an in-built Wi-Fi extender into the Realme Smart Cam 360. This means that the security camera also functions as a Wi-Fi extender and enhances the signal quality of the Wi-Fi. 

The Realme Smart Cam 360 also has support for Alexa and Google Assistant. You can ask the assistant to show its live feed on any other compatible display.


The Realme Smart Cam 360 is an excellent smart cam for indoor and outdoor use. It is loaded with features such as two-way talk back and motion tracking. 

If you are looking for a reliable smart security camera then the Realme Smart Cam 360 should be there on your radar.


Record Resolution1080p
Night VisionYes
Talkback FeatureYes

5. Godrej Spotlight 

Godrej Spotlight

 Made in India Security Camera

  • AWS cloud storage facility
  • Premium design and build quality
  • 1-year manufacturer warranty


Easy to set up

Decent video quality

AES 256-bit encryption


Relatively high latency

Godrej is an Indian conglomerate headquartered in Mumbai. The company has many business verticals and from the bunch, what we have here is their high-quality security camera.

The Godrej Spotlight is a surface mount security camera priced at Rs.3,199 and the good thing is that the product is entirely made in India.

Design and Build Quality

The Godrej Spotlight is a well-built security camera that has a unique design compared to other cameras we’ve on this list.

The camera is placed within a drum-shaped enclosure mounted on a plastic pole. Although this design might look structurally less sound, it is indeed well constructed and will last for a long time if not handled roughly. 

The hinge mechanism inside allows the camera to rotate 355-degree on a horizontal axis and vertically you can rotate up and down up to 90-degrees.

The 2MP lens records videos in FHD and the video quality is clear enough to identify what’s going on within the room.

This device supports memory expansion up to 128GB SD card and if you want, you can also use cloud storage. 

All of the recordings will be stored in AWS (Amazon web services), which is one of the safest cloud storage and your recording will be safe with the 256-bit AES encryption.

You can manage recording from your smartphone if you use cloud storage and delete the ones which you don’t require.


The Godrej Spotlight is easy to use – it requires the Godrej Spotlight application which is available on both stores, Google Play, and App Store.

Few clicks and you’re done with the setup. From the app, you can turn on the motion sensor so if any moving comes into the camera frame you can see it right away.

The device notification can be annoying while in the house so make sure to turn it off and while going outside make sure to turn it on again as it will notify you right away if any unnecessary movement happens in your house.

The infrared sensor works fine up to 33ft and can record decent quality videos at night. It also has a two-way talkback service so you can directly speak to the person who is at home.

Just like a perfect gadget doesn’t exist, this one also has a flaw which is latency response. Whatever you say delivers to the other person with a 2-3 seconds delay and the same with the movement if you quickly adjust the angle then you will see a clear frame drop in the image.


The Godrej Spotlight is a made in India security camera that is easy to set up but comes with minor drawbacks which are forgivable for its asking price. 

For its price of Rs.3,199, we think that this camera is the best for those who need an indoor guard for their home when they are outside.


Record Resolution1080p
Night VisionYes
Talkback FeatureYes


Easy to set up

Wide field of view

Up to 128GB microSD storage 


Not battery powered  

The TP-Link C200 is a security camera that is meant for indoor use. TP-Link is a Chinese manufacturer of networking equipment such as routers, extenders, network adapters, etc.

This smart security camera is available to purchase in the Indian market for just Rs.2,899.

Build and Design 

In terms of design, the TP-Link Tapo C200 looks quite similar to the Mi Home security camera. Both of these security cameras have a shape similar to older desktop webcams. 

For the construction of this webcam, the material used is polycarbonate plastic as is the case with most other security cameras. 

The TP-Link Tapo C200 requires continuous AC power for it to function and it is not battery powered. 

Setting up the security camera is fairly straightforward. Just download the Tapo camera app on your smartphone and follow the guide to set up the camera. 

This camera can be placed anywhere in your house and it can also be mounted on the wall or ceiling away from arms reach. 


The feature set of the TP-Link Tapo C200 is similar to that of most other home security cameras in its price segment. 

This camera can record videos at 1080p and to store the videos you need to insert a microSD card into the camera. This security camera supports microSD cards up to 128GB.

Apart from the video recording, you can also watch the live stream from the mobile app on your smartphone.

Night vision on this smart camera works well. When the light is turned off the camera automatically switches into night vision mode. 

This camera can tilt 360-degrees horizontally and 114-degree vertically which almost covers the entire surroundings.

There is also a motion detection feature available with this camera. In case, an anomaly is detected in the feed, the Tapo C200 will raise an alarm and notify you on your smartphone. The alarm will frighten away intruders if any. 

Two-way talk ability is also available on the TP-Link C200. It lets you speak directly via the camera. 


The TP-Link Tapo C200 is a good indoor camera from a reliable brand. It has all the features you would expect from a smart security camera.


Record Resolution1080p
Night VisionYes
Talkback FeatureYes

7. Imou Ranger 2 

Imou Ranger 2

Budget Indoor Security Camera 

  • Cloud storage 
  • 1080p recording 
  • Motion detection and inbuilt alarm


Good night vision capability 

Talk-back feature 

Smart tracking 


Requires SD Card to view the recording 

The Imou Ranger 2 is a security camera that is meant for indoor use in homes and offices. 

You can buy the Imou Ranger 2 camera for under Rs.3,000 in the Indian market. 

Build and Design 

The Imou Ranger 2 comes with an all-plastic build. This isn’t surprising since most other companies also use plastic for the construction of their security cameras.

The first thing you would want to do is set up the Imou Ranger 2. For setting up the device all you have to do is download the companion app on the smartphone and follow the given instructions.

This security camera requires a stable Wi-Fi or LAN connection for the camera to function properly. 

There is no wall mounting functionality available on this camera so you will have to keep the camera on a flat surface. 


The Imou Ranger 2 can record videos at a resolution of 1080p but you will need to insert an SD card to save the videos or can opt for a cloud plan with Imou which lets you store videos on their cloud storage for a fee. 

Thanks to the H.265 codec, the recorded videos are highly compressed and do not take up much space.

A drawback of the Imou Ranger 2 is that the recorded videos cannot be seen on the smartphone app and you need to insert the SD card to view its contents. This can be a problem if the camera is stolen.

The smart tracking feature on the Ranger 2 tracks the movement of the person and it follows you wherever you move. This can be useful if the camera is used for tracking toddlers or old-aged people. 

This camera has a 360-degree panoramic rotation and 90-degree tilt. 

The motion detection feature on the camera alerts you if any anomalies or intruders are found. Motion detection needs to be scheduled to work properly.

Night vision on the camera also works flawlessly. This camera can record in the dark without any problems and it is quite clear. 

There is also a talk-back feature on the camera which lets you speak with a person on the other end of the camera using the companion smartphone app. 


The Imou Ranger 2 is a good choice to opt for if you are confused about choosing a smart security camera. It does have some flaws such as recorded videos cannot be watched through the app but the rest of the features are quite useful.


Record Resolution1080p
Night VisionYes
Talkback FeatureYes



Best Build Quality

  • 1080p video recording 
  • 24×7 live feed
  • Smart motion tracking


256GB microSD storage 

Cloud storage option

Privacy shutter 


Requires constant internet connection

EZVIZ is a company that manufactures security products such as smart cameras, alarms, security doorbells, etc. 

This company is a sub-brand of Hikvision which is a well-known security system manufacturer. 

Build and Design 

The EZVIZ C6N is an indoor camera meant for the security of your house or for keeping tabs on what’s going on in your house or office when you are not around.

Speaking of the build quality, the EZVIZ C6N is made completely out of plastic materials which is not a concern since plastic is one of the most durable yet inexpensive materials available.

Behind the camera, you will find the ethernet port and micro USB port. 

Setting up the EZVIZ C6N is fairly simple. All you have to do is download the smartphone companion app and follow the instructions given. 

This camera can be placed on any flat surface or you could always mount it on a wall or place it inversely on the ceiling. 


The EZVIZ C6N can support a microSD card of up to 256GB. A microSD card is required for recording and saving videos. 

There is also a cloud storage option that can be subscribed to in case you want to store the videos online. 

Videos on this security surveillance camera are recorded at a resolution of 1080p which is more than enough for a clear view. The recorded videos can be viewed easily using the smartphone app.

The smartphone app also lets you watch a 24×7 live feed of the camera as well. 

This security camera also has a smart tracking feature, which means that the camera will rotate to track any moving object. You can always have your eyes on the moving object or person. 

The in-built alarm in the camera alerts you if there are any anomalies detected or any intruders are found in the vicinity of the camera.

It is also possible to manually rotate the camera. 

This camera also features a privacy shutter which turns the camera lens off on just one touch whenever privacy is required. Two-way communication is also available in the EZVIZ C6N. This lets you communicate directly via the camera with your smartphone. 

EZVIZ C6N features an excellent night vision mode. The clarity of the video in night vision mode is quite good thanks to the infrared LED. 


The EZVIZ C6N is an excellent security camera that is suitable for indoor usage. This security camera has all the features you would expect. 

Since this camera is from Hikvision you can be assured that it is reliable.


Record Resolution1080p
Night VisionYes
Talkback FeatureYes


Good video quality

2-way talk back feature

Built-in microphone


No RJ-45 LAN port

TP-link is a Chinese brand manufacturing computer networking products and in India, the best thing they are known for is their Wi-Fi routers.

Apart from that the brand also has a security camera which is TP-Link Tapo C100 that is priced at Rs.1,599.

Design and Build

The product box of TP-Link Tapo C100 contains a proper mounting set for the wall which is easy to set up and you can do it yourself without seeking any external help.

To begin with its design, we can say the TP-Link Tapo C100 looks very simple but it has a sharp flat finish and a square-shaped module with rounded corners that make it look even more premium.

The mechanism provided at the bottom works fine but feels not durable so make sure you do not apply much tensile force, otherwise, you‘ll end up breaking it.

There is a micro SD card slot that supports up to 128GB memory card and can store video recording for up to 16 days after which you have to delete the previous recordings.

The camera has a mic and LED in the front and the speaker is placed at the rear side of the camera.

The infrared sensor offers an excellent night vision view up to 33ft and we are surprised with the nighttime recording quality.


After fitting the camera in the appropriate position all you need to do is download the TAPO app from App Store or Play Store.

The app itself will guide you through animation steps that are easy to understand and follow.

In this app, you can configure 32 total TP-Link Tapo C100 cameras and can track records of every camera from the app.

The device also has a 2-way audio system which can be helpful to connect to the people who are living in the house.

The app also has privacy mode which restricts the camera from recording, this is a useful feature when you are physically present indoors.  

If you have a smart speaker with a display like the Amazon Echo, then you can monitor the camera performance using voice commands as well.


Overall, we like the TP-Link Tapo C100 security camera for its good video quality and the price is very reasonable.

If you are looking for a great security camera for around Rs.1,500, the TP-Link Tapo C100 is the one you should aim for.


Record Resolution1080p
Night VisionYes
Talkback FeatureYes

10. Smarty TOTAL Camera

Smarty TOTAL Camera

Cheapest Security Camera 

  • 128GB microSD capacity 
  • Two-way talkback feature
  • Motion detection 



LAN connectivity 

Decent night vision performance


720p recording 

The Smarty TOTAL Camera is a smart security camera from a generic Chinese brand. Nevertheless, this can be a great option for a security camera for someone that is looking to save extra bucks rather than going for a more expensive premium security camera. 

Build and Design 

It is no surprise that the Smarty TOTAL Camera is made completely out of plastic since it is one of the least expensive yet durable materials that can be used. 

The design of this security camera is a bit dated. While other security cameras tend to have the Wi-Fi antennas hidden, the Smarty TOTAL Camera has two Wi-Fi antennas protruding out from the body of the camera. 

This smart security camera comes with an instruction manual that tells you what should be done to set up the camera. You will need a stable Wi-Fi connection or you can connect an ethernet cable to the back of this security camera. 

Inside the box along with the camera, you will get the USB cable, power brick, and mounting stand. 


This camera records videos at 720p resolution and 30 frames per second. This is quite low compared to the 1080p recording resolution found in other smart security cameras. 

To save the recorded videos you need to insert a micro SD card into the camera. The maximum storage capacity the camera can handle is 128GB.

Features like motion detection and two-way talkback are also included in this security camera. Although they do not provide a refined experience as the other cameras. 

Night vision functionality works well in the camera. Despite the low resolution, the video recorded in the dark is still quite clear enough to understand what is going on. The live stream of the camera can be viewed from anywhere as long as you have an internet connection using the smartphone application. 


The Smarty TOTAL Camera is a good choice if you are looking for a basic indoor camera to keep a check on your home. If you are looking for a reliable product that is not going to fail under any circumstance then we recommend you invest in a more premium security camera.


Record Resolution720p
Night VisionYes
Talkback FeatureYes

11. Zebronics Zeb Smart Cam

Zebronics Zeb Smart Cam

Honourable Mention

  • Two-way audio communication
  • Full HD video recording
  • Intuitive Zeb Home companion app 



microSD card support 

Motion detection 


No 360-degree movement

No wall mount 

Zebronics is an Indian company that is known for manufacturing audio electronics and computer peripherals. We have reviewed many of their products including gaming keyboards, laptop cooling pads, mice, etc.

The Zeb Smart Cam is a budget security camera for your home available for purchase in the Indian market for just Rs.1,424.

Build and Design 

The Zebronics Zeb Smart Cam is a security camera that is meant for indoor usage. 

The construction of this security camera is from plastic materials and has a matte finish exterior. The build quality of the Zebronics Zeb smart cam is decent at best. 

For setting up the security camera, you have to download the Zeb Home app on your iPhone or Android device and follow the instructions.

A stable Wi-Fi connection is necessary for the Zeb Smart Cam. If you do not have a Wi-Fi connection then do not go for this security camera.

This smart security camera can only be placed on a flat surface like a tabletop. It is not possible to mount the smart security camera on the wall or ceiling. 


The Zebronics Zeb Smart Cam features a 2MP lens that can record videos at a resolution of 1080p. This security smart camera has a microSD card slot in which you can insert a maximum of 128GB microSD card. 

There is no 360-degree movement on this camera and you only have a fixed position. 

You can watch the live stream of the security camera at any time using the smartphone app.

The security camera also features an infrared night vision mode that enables you to record or watch the live stream even in the dark. The quality of the night vision mode is not the best on a smart security camera but it is passable.

Motion detection feature is available in the smartphone, in case of any anomalies or suspicious movement you will get an alert on your smartphone app. 

There is also two-way audio communication on this smart security camera. It means that the camera has a speaker and mic that lets you communicate with the person on the other end. 


The Zebronics Smart Cam is a budget-friendly security camera that is suitable for someone who does not want to spend a lot of money. The feature set of this security camera is similar to most others but it does lack finesse.


Record Resolution1080p
Night VisionYes
Talkback FeatureYes

With this, we have finally reached the end of our list for the eleven best smart security cameras in the country. If you have any queries regarding the products mentioned above feel free to comment down below and we will get back to you. 

As always, thank you for reading and we hope to see you again. 

Buying Guide for Smart Security Camera  

With the advancements in technology, we have finally reached a point where security cameras are affordable by even the common public. 

No more are these cameras expensive and you can now use these cameras to provide security for your homes or offices. 

Although security cameras are cheaper than ever before, now we also get a wide range of options to choose from and this can be quite confusing.

Hence to make your purchase decision a bit easier we at Bettershark have made a buying guide that will give you a brief understanding of the features available on Smart security cameras and the ones which you should look out for. 

Without wasting any more time let’s jump right into it!

Internet Connection

The first and foremost thing you have to make sure of while purchasing a smart security camera is that your house has a constant internet connection either wired or wireless. 

Without an Internet connection, most security cameras do not work hence make sure you set up an internet connection at your home before purchasing a smart security camera. 

Build Quality

The build quality of a security camera is not something that you should pay a whole lot of attention to but just make sure that it has the basic requirements you would need. 

Most security cameras will have a plastic build hence that is not a concern but do make sure that whichever camera you are purchasing can be mounted onto a wall or ceiling since most cameras work best when mounted. 

Mounting a security camera is always recommended especially because it can be kept away from arm’s reach. 


A security camera without recording is useless hence always go for a smart security camera that has a recording ability.

Videos in security cameras are typically recorded in 1080p or 720p resolutions. We recommend going for a camera that can record in 1080p for the best results. 

Live Surveillance 

Live surveillance is a must for a smart security system, if there is no live surveillance in the camera then we recommend not to go for it.

Live surveillance in a smart security camera can be accessed generally using the companion app. 

Motion Tracking 

Motion tracking is the ability of the security camera to track an object and rotate according to the movement of the object. This helps in always keeping the subject within the viewfinder of the camera. 

Motion Detection

Motion detection is a feature in security cameras that tracks any unusual movement and alerts the user. This is a useful feature if you often leave your home empty. 

Motion detection can be scheduled after a certain time during the day for effective use, usually at the night or when the home is left empty. 

Alerts are sent to the mobile application and certain cameras even have inbuilt alarm systems that scare off any intruders.

Night Vision 

Night vision is a must-have for a security surveillance camera, since these cameras generally work 24×7 without night vision it would not be possible to identify any mischievous activities that happen at night. 

Talkback Feature 

The talkback feature is now a necessity in most security cameras especially those that are used outdoors for guarding the entrance of homes and offices. 

The talkback feature lets you communicate with the person on the other side of the camera directly using the companion smartphone app.

The above-mentioned points are some of the most important features that you should look for in any smart security camera. 

Some security cameras might have some additional features as well which you can go for as long as the above-mentioned features are also included.

If there are any questions you would like to ask regarding the purchase of a smart security camera then feel free to comment down below and we will be more than happy to get back to you. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How to watch recordings of smart security cameras?

A. The recordings of most smart security cameras are available in smartphone applications but some cameras require you to take the SD card out of the camera and use a card reader to view the recordings. 

Q. Can you use multiple security cameras at once?

A. Yes. It is possible to use multiple cameras at once and you can view all the connected cameras using the smartphone application. It is recommended that you use more than one camera as security for your home. 

Q. Can security cameras be used offline?

A. Some security cameras can be used offline but a vast majority of them require a constant internet connection.

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