Best Smartwatches Under Rs.3,000 (April 2019)

by | Apr 25, 2019

More people are starting to embrace smartwatches these days and as a result, the demand has surged sharply.

There are hundreds of cheap Chinese brands pushing out smartwatches in to the market.

This has saturated the market up to a point where people are confused to make their pick.

Fret not, we bring you the list of best five smartwatches priced under Rs.3,000, on which you can safely bet your money.

Most of the models listed here might belong to companies you will be unfamiliar with, but trust us they are well worth the deal for their price.

Note: Don’t expect too much from these smartwatches as all these are cheap rebranded Chinese products. If you are looking for a more reliable smartwatch, it is better to stretch your budget a little bit and go for a smartwatch under Rs.5,000.

With that said, here are the best smartwatches under Rs.3,000 you can buy in India.

Best Smartwatch Under Rs.3,000

1. Toreto SmartwatchOverall best pick
2. JOKIN V9Runner-Up Pick
3. Globe Trak Kids smartwatchBest Smartwatch for Kids
4. SKMEI GS10347Best Fitness Based Smartwatch
5. Novateur SmartwatchBest Budget Smartwatch

1. Toreto Smartwatch

Overall Best Pick
  • IPS LCD display with Gorilla glass protection
  • 1-year warranty
  • Heart rate and blood pressure sensor

Toreto is a recently launched Indian company concentrating on Bluetooth speakers and headphones.

The Toreto smartwatch is a new generation fitness oriented smartwatch with a trendy design aimed to capture the hearts of the youth in the country.

Design and Build Quality

The Toreto is a unisex watch suited for both males and females. The rubber strap is very lightweight and comfortable to wear around the wrist.

There are numerous punch holes on the strap which provides excellent aeration to the hands and minimise the chance of skin irritation.

The stainless steel square dial looks premium and the fit and finish feel very premium.


The Toreto fitness smartwatch features a 1.3-inch IPS LCD display supposedly with Corning Gorilla Glass 5 protection.

With a 240 x 240 pixel resolution, this is one of the crispest and detailed displays we have ever seen on a smartwatch priced under Rs.3,000.

The curved glass screen blends well with the metallic alloy body and feels very premium.


The NF52832 chipset inside this smartwatch is powerful and at the same time very battery efficient to provide you with a long lasting smartwatch.

The UI is easy to navigate, the larger font and the fluid interface makes using this fitness-oriented smartwatch a delightful experience.

Fitness Features

The Toreto fitness smartwatch comes with the regular array of sensors such as an optical heart rate monitor and a blood pressure counter to track your metabolic activities.

There are additional features such as calorie counter, assisted GPS tracking with the help of your smartphone, sedentary reminder functions etc to keep to stay healthy and fit.


This smartwatch uses Bluetooth v4.1 to wirelessly connect and sync with your smartphone.

The Toreto smartwatch is compatible with Android phones and iOS device alike.

Battery Life

This smartwatch, thanks to the power efficient chipset inside delivers a solid 7 hours of battery life on a single charge.

This battery takes a full 2 hour to charge completely from zero to hundred percent.


The Toreto smartwatch is probably the best fitness based smartwatch which you can get your hands on in the sub. Rs.3000 price segment.

With its trendy design and loaded features, this smartwatch will sure find its takers among the young audience of the country.


Colourful design


Lot of


Easy to use UI



Strap MaterialRubber
SIM CardNo
Battery7  Days
Display1.3 inch IPS LCD
Dial ShapeSquare
Bluetooth v4.1



Runner Up Pick
  • OLED display
  • Calls and message notifications
  • Compatible with Android and iOS

Jokin V9 is an affordable smartwatch priced under Rs.3,000 delivering a lot of features for its asking price.

Design and build quality

The Jokin V9 features a trendy design with a bright and attractive colour scheme which will definitely attract the youths.

The silicone strap with dotted pattern looks unique and is a welcome change from the plain and boring silicone straps found on other smartwatches.

The clip mechanism is very robust and works well to tightly integrate the watch on to your wrist, no matter the size.


The Jokin A9 features a 1.63-inch OLED display with a resolution of 320 x 320 pixel.

The OLED display provides excellent contrast levels and the dials and the overall interface looks vibrant and vivid.

The rounded dial adds to the charm of this otherwise trendy budget smartwatch.


This smartwatch comes equipped with a 2MP camera with video recording capability.

With the inbuilt accelerometer, this smartwatch is capable of counting your steps and tracks your sleep.

The notifications from the messaging apps and call notifications on the smartphone are promptly displayed without any delay.

Battery life

The inbuilt 160mAh Li-ion battery inside this smartwatch will last for about 8 hours when synced with your smartphone.

The battery gets completely charged from 0 to 100% in under an hour and a half.


The Jokin A9 is a trendy budget smartwatch with unique features such as a 2MP spy camera with video recording.

The styling and colour scheme of this smartwatch makes it suitable for a young audience rather than the adults.


Trendy design


Multi language support




Display is very scratch prone


Strap MaterialSilicone
SIM CardYes
Battery8 Hours
Display1.63-inch OLED
Dial ShapeCircle
Bluetooth Bluetooth v4.0

3. Globe Trak Kids smartwatch

Best Kids Smartwatch
  • Suited for kids of age 3+ years
  • Route playback on the smartphone
  • SOS alerts

You wouldn’t expect kids watch in an article titled “Best smartwatches” but here we’re, adding an unexpected entry which you might be interested to check out.

Location Tracking

The Globe Trak kids smartwatch does what its name suggests – tracks your kids. The company even claims that this device is the World’s smallest real-time GPS device.

This smartwatch is perfect for Kids for three years and above. It’s not only about the tracking but also has many useful features.

SOS Function

This budget kids smartwatch comes with a dedicated SOS button for alerting preset numbers with the click of a single button.

SOS stands for Save Our Souls, which is a universal call sign for emergency alerts asking for immediate help.

The SOS button on this smartwatch will call and send message to two preset numbers if you kid presses the button if the need arises so.

Sleep monitoring

Sleep monitoring is one such feature that lets you track your Kids sleep.

Adequate sleep is of utmost importance to anyone, be it kids or adults.

Understanding your Kids sleeping will let you plan their schedule for studies and leisure time accordingly.


This smartwatch takes in a SIM card that lets you communicate with the child over the air, even while at distant places.

There are two quick dial keys that can be programmed to call in case of an emergency.

The GPS + LBS tracking is quite accurate but the signal levels drop considerably while inside a building.

There is also the option to play back the route your kid has taken via the app available for this device on various app stores.


Safety of our kids is always one of the number one priority of any parents.

If you feel the need to track your kid’s movements for his/her own safety, the Globe Trak kids smartwatch will let you do the same.

The accurate GPS tracking and one-touch SOS function will let you know the location and communicate with the kid in case of an emergency.


Real-time tracking


Sleep monitoring


Solid build quality


Bulky design for a three-year-old


Strap MaterialRubber
SIM CardYes
Battery2 Days
Display1.22 inch LCD
Dial ShapeSquare


4. SKMEI GS10347

Best Fitness Based Smartwatch
  • Best for fitness freaks
  • Withstand small water splashes
  • Real-time activity tracking

SKMEI is a Chinese manufacturer specialized in making smartwatches pertaining to a different audience across the globe.

The SKMEI GS10347 is more of a fitness-based smartwatch that’s priced reasonably in the Indian market.

Design and Build Quality

This smartwatch comes with a khaki coloured strap which looks very much appealing considering the black colour of the circular dial.

The construction is robust and feels very solid.

Connectivity and Hardware

Just as other smartwatches in the category, the SKMEI GS10347 can connect with your smartphone and pull the notifications such as calls, messages and calendar entries.

However, there isn’t a SIM card slot for independent cellular connectivity.

There’s is an optical heart rate monitor on this device that gives pretty much accurate readings on your heart beats.

Real-time activity tracking feature will let you strictly follow the plans according to the schedule and helps to stay fit.

Nifty features like turn the wrist to check the display works well off the shelf. This feature saves a lot of battery as well.

Spy Camera

This smartwatch can double up as a spy remote if you want it to.

When paired with your smartphone, using the remote camera option, the device can click pictures and capture videos using the smartphone cameras stealthily.

One of the main advantages of this fitness smartwatch is that the quality of sensors used inside is of much better quality compared to the rest.

Battery Life

Speaking of the battery, the 160 mAh cell inside can last up to 8 days on a single charge.

The magnetic induction charging makes the process of plugging in the device a pleasant experience.


The SKMEI smartwatch is more of a fitness-based device rather than just a smartwatch for checking time and notifications.

Fitted with a heart rate sensor, one of the main omissions the company has made is that of a SIM card connectivity.

Fitness freaks would any day prefer a heart rate sensor than a SIM card for sure.

If you love to have a fitness-oriented smartwatch under an affordable budget, this device is a good choice.


Solid build


Accurate sensors


Good battery life


No SIM slot


Look bulky


Strap MaterialSilcone
SIM CardNo
Battery6 Days
Display1.3-inch LCD
Dial ShapeCircle
Bluetooth v4.0


5. Novateur Smartwatch

Best Budget Smartwatch
  • Stylish design
  • Excellent display
  • Heart rate sensor

Novoteaur is a previously unheard smartwatch marketing firm in the Indian subcontinent.

This company has a recently revealed a stylish and premium looking device for a budget of just under Rs.3000 in the market targeting consumers looking to purchase a feature-rich smartwatch without shelling a lot of money.

Design and Build Quality

The Novateur smartwatch is the best-looking smartwatch priced under Rs.3000 currently available in the market.

The square shaped dial with the roman dials watch face will remind you about the traditional Seiko analogue watches.

The faux leather strap is a refreshing change from the silicone and rubber straps usually found on smartwatches in this price point.

The stainless steel frame around the watch face makes this device look much more premium than what it originally costs.


The Novateur smartwatch features a 1.54-inch TFT square-shaped display with 240 x 240-pixel resolution.

This display gets sufficiently bright and the colours appear vivid and contrasty.

The capacitive touch screen technology aides in quickly registering your taps and swipes, offering a smooth menu navigation experience.


The MediaTek chipset inside along with 32MB of RAM and 32MB internal storage runs the proprietary OS on this smartwatch quite smoothly.

There are occasional stutters and lags but considering the price and feature list, it doesn’t pose much serious.


The Novateur smartwatch is powered by Bluetooth 4.0 and is compatible with both iPhones and Android smartphones.

There are options to receive push notifications and calls from your Android smartphone on this smartwatch and it also allows you to reply directly from the watch.

There is a continuous heart rate sensor in the rear of this watch, aiding in your metabolic rate measurement.

In short, this smartwatch also doubles up as a fitness tracker of sorts.

Battery Life

The Novateur smartwatch is powered by a 280mAh Li-ion battery which is rated to last for 6 hours.

This battery takes about 2 hours to completely charge from zero to a hundred,


The Novateur smartwatch combines the elegance of its beautiful design and build quality along with a handful of the useful feature under a very affordable budget.


Attractive design


Faux leather strap


Capacitive touch display


No SIM card facility


Strap MaterialFaux leather
SIM CardNo
Battery6 Hours
Display1 inch 54-LCD
Dial ShapeSquare
Bluetooth v4.0

This concludes our recommendation of the best five smartwatches in India under Rs.3,000. If you’re considering a different budget to buy a smartwatch, do check out our reviews about best smartwatches starting from a budget of Rs.2,000 up to the best in India.

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