Best Smartwatches Under Rs.3,000 (February 2019)

by | Feb 4, 2019

More people are starting to embrace smartwatches these days and as a result, the demand has surged sharply.

There are hundreds of cheap Chinese brands pushing out smartwatches in to the market.

This has saturated the market up to a point where people are confused to make their pick.

Fret not, we bring you the list of best five smartwatches priced under Rs.3,000, on which you can safely bet your money.

Most of the models listed here might belong to companies you will be unfamiliar with, but trust us they are well worth the deal for their price.

Let’s get started !

Best Smartwatch Under Rs.3,000

1. Portronics Yogg X Overall best pick
2. Boom U8Runner-Up Pick
3. Benison India A1 Apple watch clone
4. Benison India Q50Best Smartwatch for Kids
5. Captcha T11Best Budget Smartwatch

1. Portronics Yogg X

Overall Best Pick
  • Vibrant and bright OLED display
  • Magnetic charging dock
  • Bluetooth v4.0

Portronics is a familiar brand to many, thanks to their popular Bluetooth speakers and computer accessories lineup.

The Yogg X from Portronics is an entry level smartwatch that doubles up as a cheap fitness tracker.

Design and Build Quality

The Portronics Yogg X has a minimal yet elegant design that looks very attractive in hand.

The rounded aluminium watch face blends very well with the rubber strap material. This strap features a hole and pin mechanism to wrap around your wrist.

The quality of the strap material is excellent. The soft rubber is gentle with the skin and won’t cause rashes or irritations when worn for extended period of time.

The watch face has a glossy circular ring around for aesthetic purposes which makes this smartwatch look way too premium.


The Portronics Yogg X features a 1.2-inch touch-enabled OLED display, which is a first of its kind in this price segment.

OLED displays offer excellent contrast levels as they turn off the pixels on a black background, making the image/text look sharper and more vivid.

The display on the Yogg X is very much visible even when it’s used outdoors on a bright sunny day.

The OLED technology also helps save battery as the number of pixels lit up during a specific time period is less than those in the LCD panels.

The only downside about this display is that it isn’t a coloured display and has a single blue output. However, the blue accent on a totally dark background looks awesome in a sense.

Smart Features

This budget smart watch has fitness-related features and smart connectivity graciously fused in to an elegant watch form factor.

The smart wristband functions of this device includes step meter, calorie burn calculator, distance measurement and sleep monitoring.

These functions may be rudimentary when compared with the dedicated fitness bands, but remember this is a smart watch and these features aren’t its first preferences to begin with.

The Portronics Yogg X has Bluetooth v4.0 support which helps it to get connected with your smartphone with minimal energy consumption.

You can use the Yogg X app from the play store to set the sync for the messages and calls notification on this smartwatch. You can also get notifications from social networks such as Facebook and WhatsApp on this device.

Additionally there’s the anti-lost function that will locate your phone if it is present in the vicinity of Bluetooth range of the smartwatch.

Battery Life

This device is powered by a 55mAh Li-ion battery. The battery takes two hours to charge from the empty state and lasts for 8-9 hours of screen on time.

Charging this device is incredibly easy, thanks to the magnetic dock on which the watch can be placed directly. There is no need to remove the watch module from the strap.


The Portronics Yogg X is the best branded smartwatch available in the Indian market for a budget under Rs.3,000.

The bright, vivid OLED display and the convenient magnetic charging port makes this device pit firmly against the competitors and claim the top spot.


Brand value


Soft and comfortable rubber strap


Anti-lost feature


No colour display


Strap MaterialRubber
SIM CardNo
Battery8-9 Hours
Display1.2-inch OLED
Dial ShapeRound
Bluetooth Bluetooth v4.0

2. Boom U8

Runner Up Pick
  • Easy to use UI
  • Deep integration with Android OS
  • 3 days standby time

Boom U8 is a budget smartwatch that comes loaded with features to the brim, offering tight integration to your Android smartphone.

The Boom U8 doesn’t work well with iPhones due to the closed nature of iOS app ecosystem but apart from that it is a solid smartwatch.

Design and Build Quality

The Boom U8 features a square-shaped watch body that looks like a blast from the past.

The design isn’t really the best you can get in the price segment. The soft plastic strap is thick and won’t suit those with small wrists. However, the bulky design and the thick strap feels solid and durable in hand.

The strap used on this smart watch is easily interchangeable and has a pin to hole mechanism similar to most of the ordinary watches in use.

The capacitive buttons resembling the ones in your smartphone buttons are placed in the front, below the display, making it easy to navigate the interface.


The Boom U8 has a 1.12-inch LCD colour display with a resolution of 128 x 128 pixels.

This display is colorful and vibrant and has large fonts and easy to understand icons which youngsters and adults can master in no time.

The display glass doesn’t have any sort of protection on top. If you’re not careful, the glass might get scratched very easily.

Smart Features

The Boom U8 is tightly integrated with the Android operating system on your phone.

Apart from getting notifications from the smartphone about the messages and incoming calls, you can interact with those notifications right from this smart watch.

Calls can be accepted or rejected and reply to the messages can be directly given from this device without ever having to interact with the smartphone in your pocket.

Useful features such as calendar notification will help you keep up with the scheduled programs and events without forgetting them.

There’s the usual set of fitness tracking features like step counter, sleep monitor and sedentary reminder.

One interesting addition to these usual set of features is the drink water notification that tracks your water consumption. If you haven’t consumed enough quota for the day, this smartwatch will alert you to drink water, which may seem to be a silly feature, but extremely useful.

Battery Life

The Li-ion rechargeable battery inside this smartwatch has a promised stand by time of 3 days. In real-world tests, this battery lasts for about 6-7 hours of continuous usage.


The Boom U8 is a feature-rich budget smartwatch that offers a plethora of useful applications that works flawlessly with your Android smartphone.

The intuitive UI and the colour display makes it a very good choice for a smart watch priced under Rs.3,000.


Colour display


Drink water reminder


Interchangeable Straps


Won’t work with iPhones


Comes with Bluetooth v3.0


Strap MaterialSoft plastic
SIM CardNo
Battery6-7 Hours
Display1.129-inch 128x128 pixels
Dial ShapeSquare
Bluetooth Bluetooth v3.0

3. Benison India A1

Apple Watch Clone
  • Cellular connectivity
  • Fitness features
  • Multi language support

Benison is a little known Indian company specialized in e-commerce shopping industry.

The Benison India A1 is just another Chinese knock-off Apple watch clone, that might find many takers here in India, especially considering the attractive price tag.

Design and Build Quality

As we have already mentioned, the Benison India A1 resembles the mighty Apple watch. Every inch of this smartwatch is exactly copied from the Apple’s design textbooks.

The rose gold coloured watch body with the crown in the sides might make you mistake for an Apple watch from the distance. But the crown here doesn’t work like the one in the Apple watch.

The charging port flap is placed just below the crown and is very difficult to open for those without fingernails.

The silicone strap is very comfortable to wear and has a number of holes to plug the pin, according to the size of your wrist.

Overall, in terms of raw design, this smart watch has succeeded in mimicking the expensive Apple watch.


The Benison India A1 comes with a slightly large 1.5-inch LCD colour display with a resolution of 320 x 320 pixels.

The pixel count on this display is significantly higher than that of its competitors resulting in sharper text and detailed icons and animations.

The display panel is decently bright but when used outdoors, the high reflectivity of the screen causes problems.

There is a 2MP camera on the front along the display module, that will let you take photos. These are good enough for viewing in the watch itself and nothing else.

Connectivity Features

This smart watch comes with a SIM slot for cellular connections. You can make calls and send messages directly from this device without pairing it up with a smartphone.

The Benison India A1 is powered by a slightly outdated Bluetooth v3.0 protocol, that creates a huge dent of battery life as the power consumption rates of older generation Bluetooth devices are significantly higher.

If you love to listen music and watch videos on this smartwatch, there is a dedicated SD card slot on the back, that you can utilize to increase the storage capacity.

Smart Features

The inbuilt fitness manager in this smartwatch helps you track your exercises and metabolism including your sleep quality, steps taken and calorie burnt.

There is a sedentary reminder function which will alert you to take a break when sat in a particular posture for a set period of time.

The Benison India A1 syncs all your data from the smartphone including the phone book, call history and messages and displays them within the watch.

You can interact with these calls and messages either by Bluetooth connection to the smartphone or by direct cellular connectivity on the watch.

Battery Life

The battery inside this smartphone is of relatively larger capacity and lasts for an impressive 11 hours of continuous usage.

If you use the cellular network for calls and stuff, the battery gets empty within 4 hours. It takes about 2 hours to completely charge the battery from zero.


The Benison India A1 is ideal for those who crave for an Apple watch but doesn’t have the budget for it.

With the resemblance in looks to the Apple watch and a truckload of useful features such as cellular connectivity and camera inside, this is a value for money deal for sure.


Apple watch design


SD card slot


Sync function


Outdated Bluetooth v3.0


Strap MaterialSilcone
SIM CardYes
Battery6-7 Hours
Display0.96-inch 320 x 320 pixels
Dial ShapeRectangle
Bluetooth Bluetooth v4.0

4. Benison India Q50

Best Smartwatch for Kids
  • One-touch SOS button
  • Programmable keys
  • High quality microphone

The Q50 smart watch from Benison India is solely aimed at your kids as a companion device.

Loaded with security-centric features, this smartwatch is an ideal gift for your kid on his/her birthday.

Design and Build Quality

The Benison India Q50 is available in different funky colour schemes that will attract kids to use this device.

The rectangle shaped watch dial is integrated with the silicon strap and cannot be removed. The strap is very soft and gentle with the skin and won’t cause any irritations when used.


The 0.96-inch OLED display on this device has a resolution of 320 x 320 pixels.

The monochrome panel displays only the essential information such as battery and signal level, time, date and day of the week.

This is not a touchscreen and you don’t have to fear about your kid accidentally sending SOS calls, creating unwanted panic.

Security Features

There is a safety-centric SOS button on the side that can be used to alert the preset numbers in case of emergency.

Two programmable buttons with phone number are also present along with a power button to take or end calls.

The inbuilt speaker phone and mic allows you to have a real-time intercom functionality over the air.

Connectivity and Battery Life

The Benison India Q50 is meant to be used with a SIM card for cellular reception.

Inorder to insert the SIM card on this device, you have to unscrew the back plate and remove the lid.

There is support for the latest Bluetooth v4.0 protocol on this device for energy efficient syncing with a smartphone.

The battery in this children’s smart watch will last for about 6-7 hours of usage. It varies with the cellular usage significantly.

The battery inside gets charged from empty to full in under an hour and a half.


The Benison India Q50 is the best children’s watch available in the Indian market under Rs.3,000.

With this smartwatch that has one-touch SOS functionality and predefined number buttons, it makes easy for your child to contact you in case of emergency without any confusion.


OLED display


Bluetooth v4.0


Inbuilt speakerphone




Strap MaterialSilcone
SIM CardYes
Battery6-7 Hours
Display0.96-inch 320 x 320 pixels
Dial ShapeRectangle
Bluetooth Bluetooth v4.0

5. Captcha T11

Best Budget Smartwatch
  • Suited for outdoor activities
  • Attractive dial design
  • Auto sync feature works great

Captcha is a Chinese smart wearable manufacturer that makes high-quality smartwatches at a very aggressive price bracket.

Captcha T11 is one such offering from the company with an amazing build quality and stylish design.

Even in the features department, Captcha does not skimp and provides useful additions to the operating system on their own.

Design and Build Quality

The T11 has a rounded dial and a fairly decent screen with acceptable brightness levels.

The design of this smartwatch is aesthetically pleasing and the overall build feels premium due to the quality material used for construction.

The sturdy feels offers a peace of mind realizing that a couple of falls won’t hamper the usability of the device.

User Interface

The user interface of this device is very intuitive and easy to navigate around.

Even first-timers can use the smartwatch without having the need to go through the supplied user manual.

This device mainly caters the Android users as iOS devices limit the functionalities that this smartwatch offers.


This smartwatch has an interesting feature called wrist massage that will utilize the vibration motor inside to gently massage your wrist.

Albeit being a battery hogging process, this is definitely a welcome addition to the category.

There is also a heart rate monitor to measure your pulse and a body sensor to map the temperature.


The Captcha T11 can be easily paired with Android as well as the iOS device via Fun Do app or MediaTek smart device app on both the platforms.

The fitness data that is collected by the sensors on the device will automatically sync with the phone.

Battery Life

Captcha T11 is powered by a rechargeable 250mAh Li-ion battery inside.

This battery takes about three hours to charge up fully and lasts for about 10 hours on a single charge.

However with the cellular connectivity turned on, the battery lasts for about 4 hours or less depending up on the quality of the network.


The Captcha T11 is an excellent device that comes with a great combination of build quality and features.

The weak battery being the only gripe, this device does perform well and has packed in a lot of features at an competitive price point.


Sturdy build


Wrist massager


Bluetooth 4.1 consumes less power


Battery backup


Strap MaterialSilicone
SIM CardNo
Battery4-5 Hours
Display1.24-inch LCD
Dial ShapeRound
Bluetooth Bluetooth v4.1

This concludes our recommendation of the best five smartwatches in India under Rs.3,000. If you’re considering a different budget to buy a smartwatch, do check Out  our reviews about best smartwatches starting from a budget of Rs.2,000 upto the best in India.

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