Best SSD’s Under Rs.10,000

by | Oct 17, 2018

Solid State Drives can offer high-speed data transfer and reliability when compared with a traditional mechanical hard disk drive.

Even though the initial investment is a bit on the higher side, swapping your outdated HDD for one of the best SSD in the market will result in significant improvement in your system performance.

In this article, we bring you the five best SSD’s in the market that are priced under Rs.10,000.

The product that tops our list is the Western Digital Blue 500GB SSD closely trailed behind with the Samsung 860 Evo.

To know more about these products and their capabilities in detail, let’s dive straight into the article without any further ado.

Best SSD’s In India Under Rs 10,000

1. WD Blue WDS500G2B0AOverall Best Pick
2. Samsung 860 EvoRunner Up Pick
3. Crucial MX300Large Capacity SSD
4. Kingston SSDNow A400Best Rugged SSD Pick
5. WD Green WDS120G1G0ABest Budget Pick
6. Samsung 860 Evo M.2Best M.2 SSD

1. WD Blue WDS500G2B0A

Overall Best Pick
  • Consistent read/write speeds
  • Value for money SSD
  • SATA III interface
Western Digital is an American data storage company that has been in the business for a while.

The company produces some of the best storage related computer peripherals in the whole world.

The WD Blue WDS500G2B0A is a 500GB high capacity SSD with enhanced reliability.

Guaranteed data reliability

The WD Blue WDS500G2B0A has many built-in features to protect data that is stored inside from prying eyes as well as hardware damage.

SSD’s are generally safer than the mechanical hard disk counterparts as there are no moving parts involved.

So even if the SSD is dropped in the ground or violently shaken, the chance of the data getting corrupted is minimal.

Western Digital claimed the MTBF (Mean Time Before Failure) rate of this product is around 1.7 million hours. This means that the chance of the product failing is very rare.

Mean Time Between Failures (MTBF) is the estimation of total running hours of product shipped divided by the number of failed units.

High performance flash memory inside…

The WD Blue WDS500G2B0A has a super grade 3D NAND memory module inside that is 25% power efficient than the previous generation models.

This less power consumption is more visible when using this product with a laptop which runs off a battery when not plugged into a power supply.

The SATA III interface that this product feature has a maximum data transfer capacity of about 6GB/sec which although practically is impossible to achieve.

With sequential read and write speeds hovering above the 500MB/s mark, this SSD is sure to perform well and will offer a delightful experience in high-speed computing operations.

Software support…

Western Digital offers a set of the useful software suite for enhanced usability of their products.

The WD SSD Dashboard application lets you manage the data storage in the hard disk along with living monitoring of SSD temperature and other variable factors.

The WD Acronis True Image software lets you take one click local backups from the PC to the SSD in a very limited time frame.

Price and Warranty

Even with the cutting edge technology and a 500GB storage space offering, the WD Blue 500GB SSD is priced very aggressively when compared with other big players in the market.

Perhaps the WD Blue WDS500G2B0A is one of the few sub-Rs.10,000 SSD in the market featuring an SLC (Single Level Cell) flash memory inside.

Single Level Cell flash memory has increased read/write speeds and is more durable than other forms of memories in the market. It is also much expensive.

The company offers 3-years limited warranty with this product in case of any unforeseen failure occurs during its operation.

Final verdict…

The WD Blue WDS500G2B0A is 2.5”/7mm SSD that performs excellent, given the retail price tag. It has an ample 500GB storage with high-quality NAND memory module inside.

If you’re looking for an upgrade to your old and dusty HDD to give a fresh breath of thumping performance to your desktop or laptop, this should be the first choice.

SLC NAND memory
500GB storage
Utility software support
Limited warranty


Capacity500 GB
SSD Flash Memory TypeSingle Level Cell
InterfaceSATA III
Warranty3 Years Limited

2. Samsung 860 Evo

Runner-Up Pick
  • Excellent performance
  • 5-year limited warranty
  • 256-bit AES encryption
Samsung is one of the most respected brands in the whole world.

Making best in class products around the entire consumer electronics spectrum, the company has its offerings in the data storage mediums as well.

The Samsung 860 Evo is a budget 2.5-inch 250GB SSD that features the latest V-NAND flash memory inside.

Flashback for the flash memory inside…

Samsung always does introduce something new out of the blue. This time it’s the V-NAND technology.

V-NAND technology brings the individual memory cells closer and increases the cell density.

This makes the data to flow from one to other much easier and quicker than its counterparts.

The Samsung Evo 860 uses a cheaper Multi-Level Cell technology inside its flash memory which is inexpensive but with limited speeds when compared with Single Level Cell technology.

To keep the costs down but to ensure many speeds, the V-NAND technology helps a lot.

Speed and performance…

The SATA III interface on this SSD ensures that you will get up to theoretical 6GB/s transfer speeds.

But in real life, this SSD achieves around 550MB/s of sequential read/write speeds.

The random read/writes speeds were also much better on our tests than most of the counterparts in this list.

Since all the components that make up this SSD are built by the company itself, the sync between these parts is very much efficient.

This leads to a much better-controlled power consumption even at peak loads.

The speeds are very much favourable for high-speed computing and lightning fast app launches.

This SSD can be clubbed with a traditional HDD and used for storing the OS and certain app installs for much better performance indices.

Softwares and support…

The Samsung Magician helps you micromanage the data storage aspects of this SSD is a much more user intuitive manner.

The design of the app is very pleasing and there’s no learning curve to master the same.

The Samsung one-click install navigator software helps you migrate the data from an existing drive to this SSD without breaking much sweat.

Samsung being Samsung has a brand reputation to keep and pushes firmware updates regularly to these devices that will improve its reliability and performance over time.

It also provided 5-years worth of limited warranty if anything in between goes haywire.


If you love the brand Samsung and would love to own a 250GB SSD just for use as a boot drive, the Samsung EVO 860 250GB is more than sufficient.

The read/write speeds are pretty impressive for this comparatively low priced SSD.

With limited power consumption and regular firmware updates, this product should definitely be on your watch list if you’re to purchase a low-cost SSD for your computer or laptop.

Samsung brand reliability
V-NAND technology
> 500MB/sec data transfer speeds
Multi Level Cell memory is less durable


Capacity250 GB
SSD Flash memory typeMulti Level Cell
InterfaceSATA III
Warranty5 Years Limited

3. Crucial MX300

High Capacity Storage SSD
  • 530MB/s read and 510MB/s write speeds
  • Software support
  • 3-year warranty
Crucial, a brand from the popular company Micron is a renowned flash storage manufacturer in the whole world.

The MX300 from Crucial targets those users who want to replace their traditional hard disk with an SSD having similar or comparable storage capacity.

Design and build quality

The Crucial MX300 features an aluminium outer casing that will seem like a unibody construction.

At the bottom, there is a faceplate with certain ventilator holes to provide some sort of heat dissipation.

The 2.5” form factor is very much suited for newer desktop systems as well as laptops with suitable storage bays underneath the chassis.

Storage capacity and features

The Crucial MX300 has a whopping 1TB of storage capacity, This means that you won’t necessarily need a second hard disk to store your files or any other data.

Also, since the OS and all the programs and related files are on the same hard disk, opening, loading and running them will be significantly faster.

This SSD can provide up to 530MB/s of write speeds and 510MB/s of reading speed which is very good for an SSD of this capacity.

The 3D NAND type memory on this SSD is very reliable and makes use of larger NAND cells to improve overall efficiency and endurance.


Crucial MX300 is a very energy efficient SSD that uses a fraction of energy compared to other traditional hard drives.

In reality, the energy efficiency may not be a big issue on desktop systems, but on laptops, this is a very crucial aspect.

This SSD has adaptive thermal protection technology that adjusts the disk activity and keeps the temperature in check, maximizing the efficiency.

The contents in the drive are protected by 256-bit AES encryption that we will keep your files and media safe and secure.

There is also software support from the company through its storage executive software that lets you manage the disks and install firmware updates which will enhance the performance and stability of the system.


The Crucial MX300 is a high capacity SSD suitable for those users who need lightning-fast data transfers for the overall system performance and for the regular storage purposes.

This SSD comes with intelligent thermal controls and security features that will definitely take your computing experiences to the next level.

Intelligent thermal controls
Encrypted data ensures security
Solid build quality


Capacity1 TB
SSD Flash memory type3D NAND
InterfaceSATA III
Warranty3 Years Limited

4. Kingston SSDNow A400

Best Rugged SSD
  • A very affordable price tag
  • Best suited as a boot drive
  • Shock resistant design
Kingston is a name familiar to many because of their low and SD cards.

The company has followed the same strategy with the A400 SSD by slapping it an affordable price tag that is very attractive for those who are making the first switch from a mechanical HDD to an SSD.

A capable boot drive solution…

The King A400 comes with a 120GB storage capacity that is best suited to serve as a boot drive rather than a full-fledged data storage solution for all your needs.

The boot drive is a drive where the operating system is installed along with some critical applications that you use regularly. In the case of an SSD, it will be coupled with a traditional HDD for storing other related files as well.

The flash memory inside this budget SSD is powered by TLC (Triple Level Cell) technology that offers a decent mix of durability and transfer speeds within an affordable price bracket.

Available in different capacities…

If you are not satisfied with the meagre 120GB capacity and want more of the same low budget goodness, Kingston offers the same SSD in various different capacities such as those with 240GB and 480GB capacities respectively.

These low-cost SSD’s are definitely an upgrade over the traditional mechanical HDD’s in terms of durability as well as performance.

Kingston claims that their SSD’s are 10x faster and efficient than the mechanical disk drives available for the same price.

SATA III and read/write speeds…

SATA III standard is the base we have curated this best SSD under Rs.10,000 list upon.

This is because this interface gives the best consistent transfer speeds on an affordable budget.

The Kingston A400 does feature the same design and boasts of reading speeds up to 500 MB/sec and write speeds up to 450 MB/sec.

Note that these speeds are calibrated from the factory and can vary in your day to day normal usage.

At this price point, we honestly feel that anything above 400 MB/sec is a respectable performance from an SSD that’s intended to be a boot drive.

Rugged and shock-resistant build…

Kingston offers a rugged case that is built to withstand falls and absorb shocks that might affect the data inside.

Usually, for an SSD, hardware failures are not very common and with these additional safety measures, this product offers an extra level of security to your sensitive/personal data inside.

The 7mm form factor lets you use this budget SSD with desktop and laptop PCs alike.

The drive bays will fit the SSD with ease and the slim profile will make this SSD fit tight inside the bay.

Final words…

The Kingston A400 is a low-cost SSD that offers 120GB of storage.

At a price less than Rs.2,500 this SSD is a good choice for those who want a shock resistant, rugged SSD to be used primarily as a boot drive.

With reading/write speeds comparable to some of the expensive models out there, this SSD performs fast when it comes to operations such as OS boot times and app loading.

Rugged and shock resistant
Decent data transfer speeds
Slower, non-consistent speeds


Capacity120 GB
SSD Flash memory typeTriple Level Cell
InterfaceSATA III
Warranty3 Years Limited

5. WD Green WDS120G1G0A

  Best Budget Pick
  • Suited as a high-speed boot drive
  • Excellent reliability
  • Attractive price
Western Digital products have been under the radar before as well.

The best pick of this list is enough to advertise about the quality of data storage mediums that WD manufactures.

The Green series from WD is a budget SSD offering from the company competing with some of the entry-level SSD products from the likes of Kingston.

Super-grade Flash memory on a budget…

The WD Green WDS120G1G0A is a 120GB SSD that has some of the same technology that powers it, higher-end sibling, the WD Blue SSD.

Inside the SSD is a NAND chip that utilizes the same technology that powers the higher end SSD’s.

This budget SSD features the Single Level Cell (SLC) technology that offers the best durability and speeds available in the SSD market at present.

With read and write speeds hovering around 550MB/ sec, this is one of the best budget SSDs available in the industry that can be used a boot drive for lightning fast booting and improved app loading times.

Reliable and trustworthy…

With the claimed MTBF (Mean Time Before Failure) of more than 1 million hours, this SSD is guaranteed to last for a very long while before facing any sort of trouble related to your data inside.

WD has an in-house function integrity lab where they test these products rigorously to ensure that it works as advertised without any data loss or threat to privacy from hackers.

With no moving parts inside to fear about, the WD Green SSD offers a great peace of mind and offers assurance that this product will withstand the wear and tear for years to come before it ultimately fails.

Power consumption and performance index…

This SSD used an average active power of only 80mW. This makes it one of the best SSDs suitable for low power consumption computing purposes.

For example, this SSD is best suited for laptops where the power consumption is very much an important factor.

With this product installed instead of a regular HDD, the battery life savings will be pretty significant.

The OS booting on this SSD is very fast and same is the case with the shutdown.

If you want to install the most used apps on this SSD, it will definitely propel its performance on to a whole new level.


The WD Green WDS120G1G0A hands down is the best budget SSD that money can buy under Rs.2500 in the Indian market as of now.

Powered by the latest and greatest SLC technology at such an affordable price tag is unprecedented and it offers durability and high-speed performance combined.

Low cost
High-speed performance
Power efficient
Thin mounting frame


Capacity120 GB
SSD Flash memory typeSingle Level Cell
InterfaceSATA III
Warranty3 Years Limited

6. Samsung 860 Evo M.2

Best M.2 SSD
  • Suited for laptops
  • Excellent read/write speeds
  • Firmware update support
Suppose you have a budget laptop that at times stutters and lags not because of the processor inside but due to the low rpm mechanical HDD inside, an SSD will save your day.

But wait, what if your laptop doesn’t feature a drive bay that can’t fit a traditional SSD?

Thank God, we have the M.2 SSD!

Small, yet powerful!!

The Samsung 860 EVO MZ-N6E250BW is a 250GB M.2 SSD that uses the inexpensive Multi-Level Cell (MLC) technology for the flash memory inside.

M.2 is an expansion standard that is set by the computer industry for internally mounted expansion cards for thin computing devices such as laptops and netbooks.

For such devices without the provision for mounting a full-sized SSD, these M.2 slots provide a way to install the specially designed M.2 SSD that offers the same speed and performance as that of a full sized SSD.

The Samsung MZ-N6E250BW is small, compact and still has that same firepower of its full-sized SSD counterpart mentioned as the runner-up on this list.

Power Efficient operation…

This M.2 SSD uses Samsung’s proprietary V-NAND technology that increases the performance of the flash memory while keeping the temperature and the power consumption minimal.

Such lightweight portable computing devices, having a power efficient component that always runs inside is of great value.

With this SSD, the performance of such devices is enhanced with a considerable battery saving.

Also, these SSDs have no mechanical components involved and the operation is dead silent.

SSD TRIM support…

The Samsung Evo 860 MZ-N6E250BW SSD supports the TRIM feature which is more of a rarity in the sub-Rs.1000 segment.

TRIM feature will clean the deleted files by writing over the memory blocks and keeps the SSD free of unwanted resources using up the memory.

Many newer OS systems have this feature built-in but having it with the SSD is useful nonetheless.

 End words…

With sequential read/write speeds around 500 MB/sec and pretty respectable random write speeds, the Samsung Evo 860 MZ-N6E250BW is one of the best M.2 SSD available in India.

If your laptop doesn’t have a drive bay for storage expansion and swapping, this SSD is the right way to make your lap perform better.

Fast and reliable
SSD TRIM support
V-NAND technology
No Single Level Cell support


Capacity250 GB
SSD Flash memory typeMulti Level Cell
InterfaceSATA III
Warranty3 Years Limited
This list of the best SSDs available in India under Rs.10,000 concludes here.

We have listed these products based on their performance and taking into consideration the quality of flash memory used inside.

Covering all the specific categories that our readers would be interested in is a daunting task, yet we have tried our best to do so.

If you’ve any queries or suggestions, do voice it in the comment section below.

Thanks for your time on our website and have a great day ahead!