Best Travel Laptops in India (August 2019)

by | Aug 20, 2019

Travel laptops is a must in these days where connectivity is of utmost importance.

Smartphones are powerful but the ease of using a large screen display and a full sized keyboard isn’t something that can be replaced.

Now back to the buying suggestions for the best laptops for travellers, here are the best 5 picks that we think will add great value to you.

Best Travel Laptops

1. Dell XPS 9570Overall Best Pick
2. Asus ZenBook Pro 15Runner-Up Pick
3. HP Spectre x360Best 2-in-1 Laptop
4. Apple Macbook Air 2018Best Build Quality
5. Acer Swift 3Honorable Mention

1. Dell XPS 9570

Overall Best Pick
  • Stunning 4K UHD display
  • Desktop grade processor
  • High-speed 1TB SSD

Dell XPS lineup has some of the most popular ultrabook models out there in the market.

These models are pretty much a cult classic among those who follow an active lifestyle mainly due to the amazing mix of performance and portability that these devices provide.

Design and Build Quality

The Dell XPS 9570 is made of aluminium, and not a bit of construction is plasticky.

The keyboard deck is made of quality carbon fibre and shows no flex when pressed hard.

What’s disappointing though is the keyboard. The keys are a bit cramped and the key travel distance isn’t adequate to give accurate feedback.

The keys, however, are backlit and this will help you to use it in the dark.


What makes these devices popular is the infinity edge display where the side bezels are extremely thin around the screen, making it look like a single slab of display all over.

The 15.6-inch 4K UHD display is a treat to the eyes. The colours pop out and the brightness levels are impressive.

The excellent brightness levels make this laptop easier to use even with broad daylight without any stress to your eyes.

Processor and Performance

Speaking of the processor, this device comes with the latest and greatest quad-core Intel Core i9 8950K chipset along with a monstrous 32GB DDR4 RAM.

This lets you run your normal day to day tasks with ease and the 1TBGB SSD delivers an ultra-fast and smooth computing experience.

In the graphics front, the dedicated 4GB DDR5 Nvidia GTX 1050Ti performs well to carry out graphics-rich processes without any major hiccups.

This laptop, even though has a slim and lightweight design, packs a definite punch to be the best productivity-orientedravel laptop in the market at present.

Battery Life

The charging brick is tiny as well making it easy for a traveller to fit the device and its accessories even inside a small bag.

The Dell XPS 5570 packs a 6 cell 40Wh Lithium-ion cell that provides up to 6 hours of battery life.


The Dell XPS 9570 is one of the most portable and powerful notebooks in the market right now.

The gorgeous end to end display in itself is an attraction worth checking this product out.

With the latest eighth-generation Intel processor inside, there is nothing in particular except the expensive price tag that pulls you away from purchasing this product.


Elegant design


Lightweight and portable


Best in class hardware


Very expensive


Operating SystemWindows 10 Pro
CPUCore i9 8950HK
Graphics Card4GB DDR5 Nvidia GTX 1050Ti
Battery LifeUp to 5 Hours
Display15.6-inch 4K UHD


2. Asus ZenBook Pro 15

Runner-Up Pick
  • Excellent touch-sensitive display
  • Dedicated 4GB GPU
  • Ninth generation Intel CPU

Asus in recent times has been on a roll, releasing successful products under the Vivobook lineup and gaming laptops under ROG lineup.

The Zenbook portfolio is Asus’s take on ultra-portable notebook computers.

The Asus Zenbook Pro 15 is the latest flagship Zenbook series laptop with a lot cutting edge features crammed into a portable form factor.

Design and Build Quality

If you are looking for a portable productivity laptop, the Asus Zenbook Pro 15 is one of the best laptops available in the Indian market.

This ultrabook weighs a mere 1.8Kg in hand and has a slim profile with a thickness of up to 15.9mm.

It is very easy to carry around in backpacks or handbags. Also, the textured chassis makes it a bit grippy to hold in hands as well.

The metallic brushed aluminium unibody makes this laptop look and feels premium. The weight distribution is even across the chassis ensuring excellent structural rigidity.

Processor and Performance

Inside the Asus Zenbook, Pro 15 is a ninth-generation intel Core i9-8950HK quad-core processor clocked at 2.9GHz with turbo boost up to 4.8GHz.

The high speed 16GB DDR4 RAM along with the powerful processor delivers excellent multitasking performance, even with resource-intensivepps.

You may be surprised to know that this ultrathin notebook PC comes with a dedicated 4GB DDR5 Nvidia GTX 1050 Ti GPU for handling graphics processes with ease.

Be it gaming or video production, this laptop chews through them all without breaking a sweat.

Display and Other Hardware

The 15.6-inch 4K display with a resolution of 3840 x 2160 pixels is a treat for the eyes to look at.

The colour accuracy and brightness levels of this display are excellent and the visuals seem to pop out of the screen.

This is a touch screen and for those who are into graphics, designing will find the display easier to manipulate either with your fingers or a dedicated stylus for precise operations.

The bezels around the screen are narrow, offering the device about 80% of the screen to body ratio.

This laptop comes with a backlit keyboard that will let you type at low light comfortably. The keys are adequately large but have average key travel.

The trackpad is made of glass and supports gestures. The accuracy of gestures is excellent with even light taps registered precisely.

The trackpad is another USP of this device. Instead of the conventional trackpad, the Asus Zenbook Pro 15 comes with a screen which can be set to display the frequently used shortcuts or even apps can be mirrored on to this when required.

This laptop will be the one suited for you if you like a laptop with a sufficiently large screen with an ultrabook chassis.


The Asus Zenbook Pro 15 comes with 1TB M2 SSD to store all your files offline. The apps load faster so does the OS.

Battery Life

The Asus Zenbook Pro 15 comes with an 8 cell Li-ion battery which is rated to last for about 5 hours of screen-on time on a single charge.

The supplied 150W AC adapter helps in juicing up the battery real quick, 0 – 60% in under 50 minutes.


The Asus Zenbook Pro 15 is loaded with innovative and cutting edge features which gives you an edge in comfort and productivity at the same time.

This device feels tough and made to last. From the sturdy hinge mechanism to the tough chassis, the laptop screams premium in terms of build quality.

Asus has also not skimped on the internals and provided the best in class hardware to power this laptop.


Elegant design


Fingerprint scanner


Power-packed hardware


Less tactile keys


Operating SystemWindows 10 Home
CPUCore i9 8950HK
Graphic4 GB DDR5 NVIDIA Geforce GTX 1050Ti
Battery LifeUp to 5 Hours
Display15.6 inch 4K UHD Touch Display


3. HP Spectre x360

Best 2-in-1 Laptop
  • Best travel companion laptop
  • Productivity on the go
  • Webcam with excellent low light performance

HP has been releasing convertible laptops under its x360 lineup for some time now.

The HP Spectre 13-ae503TU is HP’s flagship convertible laptop offering.

If you are not bothered by the price and instead is looking for a solid, feature-packed 2 in 1 laptop, read along to know more about the device.

Design and Build Quality

The build quality of this machine is exceptional.

HP has left no stone unturned to make this device look stunning in your eyes and feel premium in your hands.

It is made of machined aluminium sandblasted to impart a textured finish. Does the aluminium add to the overall weight of the device?

It doesn’t.

This laptop is very lightweight at 1.3Kg and comfortable to hold. At the same time, the body is rigid and durable.

We would say, this is one of the best “small form factor” laptop out there.


This device has a 13.3-inch full HD widescreen display with an active stylus as well as touch support.

The stylus is provided in the box, so you don’t need to shell out extra bucks for purchasing one.

The brightness levels are great and the images look sharp on this panel.

The display can be swivelled up to 360 degrees to convert the device in to tablet mode for easier touch interaction with the device.

Also, this laptop can be set into a tent mode for media consumption.

Processor and Performance

Powered by an Intel Core i7-8550U clocked at 1.8GHz with turbo boost functionality to enhance the clock speed up to 4GHz, this laptop is capable of running heavy apps butter smooth.

The integrated Intel UHD 620 will assist the processor while tearing through graphics-intensive operations.

The device comes with a 16GB DDR3 RAM which can’t be expanded further.

For storage, HP has provided a 512GB SSD for lightning-fast boot times and app loading as well as data transfer speeds.


Speaking about port availability on this machine, there are two USB C Thunderbolt ports that can support external GPU.

This feature, in turn, can convert this already convertible laptop into a gaming powerhouse.

There is a USB 3.1 port for faster data transfers along with an SD card reader.

The webcam on this device has full HD resolution with IR that will enhance the quality of low light video calls.

The keyboard on this laptop is backlit with a key travel distance of 1.6mm. The keys are a little cramped but that has to be expected on such a small form factor.

Battery Life

A 3-cell Li-Polymer battery supplies juice to this machine. The company claims that the laptop will last for a good 9 hour on a single charge.

The fast charging technology found on other HP laptop models has also found its way over to the HP Spectre x360.

The touchpad on this laptop is huge but performs well below expectations.

Although supported by Windows precision drivers, sometimes the gestures act strange and the accuracy falters.


If you want the ultimate mobile productivity, choosing the HP Spectre x360 is one of the most powerful computing devices available in a small factor.

The full HD touch screen and stylus capability make this laptop an excellent tool for graphic designers and artists.


Great build quality


Latest 8th generation processor


Thunderbolt ports


Lightweight and compact


Battery life not up to the competitors


Cramped keyboard


Finicky touchpad


Operating SystemWindows 10 Home
CPUCore i7 8550U
Graphics CardIntel Integrated UHD 620
Battery Life6-7 Hours
Display15.6 inch Full HD Touch


4. Apple Macbook Air 2018

Best Build Quality
  • Well optimized hardware and software
  • Guaranteed free software updates
  • Suitable for on the go editing sessions

Apple is a class apart when it comes to consumer electronics. The company has got its share of loyal fan following, which we honestly think is worth deserving.

Apple products work as advertised – which is becoming an oddity these days. Now let’s discuss the Apple MacBook Air.

The MacBook Air 2018 is the latest laptop offering from the Cupertino giant to go on sale in the Indian market with some of the latest and greatest technology in the industry.

Design and Build Quality

The build quality is nothing short of excellent.

The aluminium unibody design we are familiar with previous Apple products is retained with this release as well.

There’s no illuminated Apple icon in the back though. Those who like to flash their swag in the dark – forgive Apple, please!

There are some other neat little tricks that will keep your mind away from this omission.


For the editor in you, Apple has packed in a 13.3-inch WQHD display that looks gorgeous with a 2560 x 1600 pixels resolution.

The colours are spot on and the brightness levels are on par with the competitors. Rest assured, you won’t miss out on any minute details in your frames with this guy.

Being an IPS LCD display, the viewing angles are great. Apple has integrated its TrueTone technology on this laptop.

TrueTone technology use four-channel sensors that measure brightness and ambient colour and then feed this information to the display driver for lighting up the screen accordingly.

TrueTone feature allows the display to accurately display true to life colours, no matter what lighting conditions prevail in the surroundings.

Software Support

The software inside is Apple’s revered Mac OS. It’s known for the fluidity and responsiveness without any lags after a while.

And no. I’m not taking a dig at Microsoft Windows, even though.. aah let’s leave it aside.

Editing software like Final Cut Pro and Adobe Premiere Pro runs so well on this machine.

Once you get the kick of using an Apple product for editing, there’s no turning back.


The all-new apple MacBook Air is powered by the eighth-generation Intel Core i5-8210Y processor with 8 gigs of DDR3 RAM.

With the excellent optimizations between the Mac OS Mojave and the hardware, this laptop is perhaps the best mobile computing device out there.

The Intel integrated UHD 617 GPU contributes to the buttery smooth performance of this laptop in the graphics department.

The Ultrafast 256GB SSD ensures you faster app and OS loading times and enhances the performance of these apps while carrying out heavy-duty tasks such as rendering a video.

You will have to spend a few extra bucks on a port extension module for plugging in all that USB devices at once to this laptop from Apple.

Battery Life

As we’ve discussed earlier, the software and hardware are very well optimized to ensure extremely long-lasting battery life when it comes to such a powerful machine.

The all-new Apple MacBook Air lasts for about 8-10 hours on moderate to heavy usage, which is almost double the screen on time of its competitor devices.


Apple MacBook Air is the best budget Apple laptop you’ll get in the country at present. It’s the best productivity laptop for travel junkies. Period.

No other laptop brands match Apple’s prowess in hardware and software optimization resulting in the best possible performance without cutting corners when it comes to battery life.


Sharp and vivid display


Excellent performance


Stellar battery life


Build quality


Lack of USB ports


Operating SystemMac OS Sierra
CPUIntel Core i5-8210Y
Graphics CardIntel UHD Graphics 617
Battery Life8-10 Hours
Display13.3-inch Full HD Retina


5. Acer Swift 3

Honorable Mention
  • Budget Macbook replacement
  • Commendable performance
  • Lightweight and portable

Acer is a Taiwanese electronics hardware company specializing in budget laptops around the globe. The Swift 3 is their entry into the performance laptop segment.

The Acer Swift 3 is comparable to the likes of HP’s Envy lineup and even the Apple Macbooks.

Build quality and design

The build quality is top-notch and one of the best available in this price category.

The brushed aluminium finish gives it a sturdy stature. Acer somehow has managed to keep the weight down at 2.1Kg with this laptop.

The 18.9 mm thickness profile of this laptop makes it easy to carry around in bags with limited space.

The brushed metallic look of the chassis imparts a premium luxury feel to this laptop.


Under the hood, this laptop is powered by the Intel Core i5 8250U chipset that performs excellently when dealing with all your day to day apps.

For that additional performance boost in graphics-related tasks, the company has thrown in a 2GB DDR5 Nvidia Geforce MX150 to the mix.

The 128GB SSD inside makes the boot times considerably faster. Also, when the apps are installed on this SSD, they tend to perform significantly better as well.

If you’re that bored, this guy will let you play some casual games without a glitch.


The keys on the keyboard are nicely laid out with decent key travel. The clicks feel accurate and tactile.

The trackpad is large enough to comfortably tap and play with gestures.

With the inbuilt fingerprint scanner on the keyboard deck, the privacy issues concerned with password cracking is kept at bay as well.

Speaking of ports, this laptop features all the necessary ports that are required to be present on laptops in this segment including the USB C.


The 15.6-inch display on this machine is a joy to look at indoors. The viewing angles seem excellent and even better than the similarly priced HP’s Pavilion series laptops.

The screen is too reflective to be used outdoors though. Glares from the screen might cause some discomfort to your eyes.

Battery life

On battery life, the Acer Swift 3 is second to none. This device gave a solid 5 hour usage time on our tests.

Although if you are gaming, or using some resource-intensive applications, this will considerably decrease.


Under a budget of Rs.70,000, we definitely feel this laptop is worthy of praises and has little to no shortcomings from the perspective of an average consumer.

The Acer Swift 3 comes with the latest technology inside and then an SSD to make the already faster performance much better.

This well-built laptop is one of the best models out there which you can buy under Rs.70,000.


Excellent build quality


Comfortable keyboard




Highly reflective screen


Operating SystemWindows 10 Home
CPUIntel Core i5 8250U
GraphicsIntel Integrated UHD 620
Battery Life Up to 7 Hours
Display14 inch Full HD


This concludes our list for the best five travel laptops in the market.

If you loved the list and want to read more, we have an awesome list of best laptops on the market in every possible budget category.

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As a traveller, you’ll have a lot of luggage to carry with you. Adding a bulky laptop that weighs heavy and consuming a lot of precious luggage space is not an ideal choice.

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With the decrease in the display size, the overall form factor will be compact and lightweight.

2) Battery life

While travelling, it isn’t necessary that you may find a power source to juice up your device so often. Therefore, a laptop with great battery life and standby time is an absolute necessity.

Fast charging is also an important aspect worth considering. Having the convenience to charge your device from a local coffee shop while having your cup of hot beverage is definitely a welcome feature for travellers.

3) Good display and comfortable keyboard

Nobody dislikes having a great display. To see and experience things close to reality, a good screen with accurate colour reproduction and ample brightness is necessary.

Since we are dealing with sub – 15.6-inch laptops in this article, all the products feature a full HD panel that will output sharper images and text with a lot of details.

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4) Performance

Last but not the least, a laptop – whether it be a travel-specific one or for any other purpose, the capability of the processor to perform tasks without any hiccups is important. Most of the products we listed in this article features latest 8th generation Intel processors.