Best Truly Wireless Earbuds Under Rs.10,000 (August 2021)

Wireless TWS earphones are getting feature-rich day by day and it has almost reached a stage where these earphones now almost match the sound quality from their wired counterparts.

Customers these days tend to prefer wireless earbuds primarily because of their no-frills design and impressive battery life.

Premium TWS earphones pack cutting edge features such as Active Noise Cancellation (ANC) and OTA updates to improve the performance and overall functionality.

This article lists the five best TWS earbuds available in India priced under Rs.10,000 which offers you the best bang for buck deal for your hard-earned money. 

Without wasting any more time, let’s get straight into the article!

Best Truly Wireless Earbuds Under Rs.10,000

1. Sony WF-XB700Overall Best Pick
2. Samsung Galaxy Buds+Runner-up Pick
3. Nothing Ear 1Value for Money TWS Earbuds
4. Amazfit PowerBuds Fitness Oriented TWS Earbuds
5. TicPods IceFeature-rich TWS Earbuds
6. Creative Outlier AirHonourable Mention

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1. Sony WF-XB700

Sony WF-XB700
Overall Best Pick
  • Bass-heavy sound signature
  • Up to 9 hours of battery life
  • Good passive noise cancellation


Excellent, secure fit 

Solid build quality 

IPX4 splash and sweat resistance


No companion app 

Sony is a Japanese consumer electronics conglomerate with a product footprint ranging from smart LED TVs to DSLR cameras.

The WF-XB700 from Sony is a budget TWS earbud from their XtraBass lineup priced currently around Rs.9,200 in the Indian market.

Design and Build Quality

The Sony WF-XB700 TWS earbud and the included charging case is completely made from high-quality plastic materials.

The fit and finish of these earbuds seem satisfactory for the asking price. The ergonomic design helps these TWS earbuds from Sony to stay locked inside the ear canal, delivering a very good passive noise cancellation effect.

These earbuds might look heavy and bulky for those with smaller ears but are very much comfortable to wear. Even without any added support fins, these earbuds stay locked in place.

Talking about the chase, it has a rounded rectangular shape with properly colour coded left and right earbud charging slots.

These premium budget TWS earbuds come with IPX4 splash and sweat resistance which makes them suitable for gym and workout related activities.

Speakers and Sound Quality

The Sony WF-XB700 features 12mm neodymium speaker drivers that as expected emphasizes bass notes.

If you are a bass head who loves listening to EDMs, this TWS earbud will not leave you disappointed.

Even though this is a bass-centric earbud, the vocals and treble note remain perfectly audible. The stage separation is decent enough to deliver a pleasing sound output quality while listening to music genres other than EDMs and Rock.

As we discussed above, the snug fit inside the ear canal helps in an excellent noise cancellation effect which further enhances the experience.


This premium mid-range TWS earbud from Sony has physical control buttons instead of touch-sensitive controls.

The good thing about this particular earbud is that it allows for volume control right from these buttons.

You can double press the button on the right earbud to increase the volume and press and hold it down to decrease the volume.

The inline microphone on this product delivers decent voice call quality indoors as well as outdoors.

Battery Life

The Sony XB-WF700 lasts for about nine hours on a single charge. With the included battery in the charging case, you can completely charge the TWs earbud once more, taking the total battery life up to 18 hours.

The charging case comes with a USB type C port and supports fast charging. With just 10 minutes of charging, you’ll be able to listen to music for up to 1 hour.


The Sony XB-WF700 is a premium TWS earbud with a bass-heavy sound signature and impressive 9-hour battery life.

If you are planning to get an earbud for use during your gym and outdoor exercise sessions, this might be the best bet in this price segment.


Bluetooth Versionv5.0
Water ResistanceIPX4
Codec SupportSBC,AAC
Battery LifeUp to 9 Hours
Warranty1 Year

2. Samsung Galaxy Buds+

Samsung Galaxy buds+
Runner-up Pick
  • Long-lasting battery life
  • Good stereo stage separation
  • Intuitive playback controls


Excellent build quality

Wireless charging

Ergonomic good in-ear fit


No active noise cancellation

Samsung is one of the primary competitors of Apple in the consumer electronics market. But then, the company didn’t have an answer to the massively popular Apple airpods until now.

The all-new Galaxy Buds+ is about to change that. Priced under Rs.10,000, this is one of the best truly wireless earbuds for Android available in the Indian market right now.

Design and Build Quality

The Samsung Galaxy Buds+ earbuds come in an elongated egg-shaped hard plastic case with a polished glossy finish. 

There are indicator LEDs both inside and outside the case to let you know the status of the battery or charging.

The earbuds are very small and have a pearl finish colour scheme which looks very attractive.

Earbuds come with ear support hooks and extra silicon tips to further enhance wearing comfort.

Speakers and Sound Quality

The Galaxy Buds+ features a small tweeter and a woofer inside each earbud. This ensures the bass notes don’t get mixed up with the vocals and treble.

The stage separation is excellent and the overall sound is very good. 

Tuned by AKG, the Samsung Galaxy Buds+ is one of the best sounding earbuds in the market priced under Rs.10,000.

Talking about the voice call quality, the microphones pick up voice and relays quite efficiently.


The Samsung Galaxy Buds app is very comprehensive and features many options to minutely tune the Buds+ earbuds the way you like them to.

Samsung has also added an ambient mode that will amplify the background sounds to listen to the surroundings better.

Battery Life

Battery Life is one of the major strongholds of the Galaxy Buds+ earbuds. It can last up to 11 hours on a single charge and the charging case doubles the total up to 22 hours.

The Galaxy Buds+ comes with wireless charging and can be changed effortlessly with reverse wireless charging supported smartphones or conventional wireless charging pads.


If you own an Android phone and are looking forward to an Apple airpod replacement, the Galaxy Buds+ is one of the robust choices in the market at present for a budget under Rs.10,000.


Bluetooth Versionv5.0
Water ResistanceIPX2
Codec SupportSBC,AAC
Battery LifeUp to 11 Hours
Warranty1 Year

3. Nothing Ear 1

Nothing Ear 1
Value for Money TWS Earbuds
  • Well balanced sound output
  • Good stage separation 
  • Active noise cancellation


Excellent fit and finish

Wireless charging supported case

Feature rich companion app


Treble feels tinny at times

Nothing is an audio accessory startup founded by OnePlus co-founder Pete Lau. The first product to hit the market from Nothing is the much hyped Nothing Ear 1 TWS earbuds. 

This product is about to launch in India, retailing exclusively via Flipkart for a budget of just under Rs.5,999.

Nothing Ear 1 was rumoured  to be launched by July 27,2021 but the official launch has then been postponed to August 27,2021 exclusively on Flipkart in India. 

Design and Build Quality

The Nothing Ear 1 is nothing like any other TWS earbuds you’ve seen till now. The transparent rectangular stem which displays the circuitry inside is one of a kind in the industry right now. 

The rest of the earpiece looks almost similar to that of the Apple Airpod Pro. The fit and finish is excellent and this TWS earbud is very lightweight. 

Weighing just under 4.7g in each ear, wearing it for long periods of time is not a problem. 

Not only is the rectangular stem transparent, but also the charging case is transparent. Not only is this a novel design idea but it also serves a purpose. You can see if both the earbuds are inside without actually opening the case. 

This charging case has the support for wireless charging. Made from plastic, it is easy to get scratches on in this case. It feels a bit hefty when compared to the charging cases of similarly priced TWS earbuds in the market.

Nothing claims that this TWS earbud is IPX4 splash and sweat resistant, which means you can use it outdoors without any fear of getting damaged. 

Speakers and Sound Quality 

The Nothing Ear 1 sounds great for its price. The bass is deep and clean, the vocals sound clean and the stage separation is on point. 

At higher volume levels, the treble notes sound a bit tinny but not as much as that of a deal breaker. 

The loudness is adequate and there are no noticeable distortions even at higher volume levels. 

The Nothing 1 TWS earbuds have an ANC (Active Noise Cancellation) feature that digitally suppresses the ambient noises to deliver a calm, serene music listening experience. 

There are two modes of ANC which you can switch depending on your preference. The noise cancellation works decent but don’t expect the level of noise suppression as that of Apple Air pod. 


You can control the Nothing Ear 1 via the companion app. This app is still in it’s initial phase so we expect more and more features will be added in the upcoming versions. 

The media control on this TWS earbud is via touch gestures activated by finger gestures on the transparent stem.

Sliding the fingers over the stem lets you control and tapping multiple times initiates other actions which can be customized from the app. 

There is a find my earbud feature on the companion app that will make the earbud emit an audible pulsating sound for you to locate them. 

Battery Life

The Nothing Ear 1 will last for about four hours on a single full charge with the ANC turned on. With the ANC off, you can expect this TWS earbud to last anywhere from 5-6 hours.

With the charging case, you will be able to fully charge the TWS earbuds about 4 times over completely. 


If you’re someone who likes novelty and likes to stand out from the crowd, the Nothing Ear 1 is an ideal choice. 

The transparent construction and decent sound quality is well worth the asking price of just Rs.5,999.


Bluetooth Versionv5.2
Water ResistanceIPX4
Codec SupportSBC,AAC
Battery LifeUp to 5 Hours
Warranty1 Year

4. Amazfit PowerBuds

Amazfit PowerBuds
Fitness Oriented TWS Earbuds
  • Tonally balanced sound output
  • Built-in PPG heart rate monitor
  • Up to eight hours of battery life


IP55 water and dust resistant

Comfortable in-ear design

Magnetic ear hooks


Buds may look bulky on small ears

The Amazfit Power buds was one of the major TWS earbuds announced during the CES 2020 event.

Packed to the brim with features, the Amazfit buds is one of value for money TWS earbuds available under the price bracket of Rs.10,000.

Design and Build Quality

The Amazfit power buds have a unique design which makes them look very distinct from other TWS earbuds available in the market. 

These in-ear style earbuds offer an excellent comfort fit inside the ears. The company includes two ear hooks inside the charging case which can be attached magnetically on the earbud for added grip and secure fit. 

These earbuds support tap-based gestures for media controls which can be easily mastered over time. 

The charging case is made from tough polycarbonate plastic and is easily pocketable.

Speakers and Sound Quality

The Amazfit power buds deliver excellent tonally balanced sound output with equal importance given for bass, vocals and treble notes. 

The stage separation on this TWS earbud is very much on point and the distinct instrument sounds are audible, even at higher volume levels. 

There are dedicated sound modes suitable for different use cases which enhances the overall usability of these earbuds. 

Miscellaneous Features

The Amazfit Powerbuds features an inbuilt PPG heart rate monitor which measures the heartbeat rate and if found over the advisable limit notifies the user through the app.

This is a very useful feature for fitness freaks who work out a lot. 

With certified IP55 dust and water resistance, the Amazfit power bus can be used indoors and outdoors alike without getting bothered too much about the elements.

Battery Life

The Amazfit Powerbuds will last for up to eight hours on a single charge. This is perhaps the best battery life of any TWS earbuds in the sub-Rs. 10,000 price segment.

The charging case itself can charge these earbuds twice completely taking the total battery life up to an impressive 24 hours. 


Bluetooth Versionv5.0
Water ResistanceIP55
Codec SupportSBC,AAC
Battery LifeUp to 8 hours
Warranty1 Year

5. TicPods Ice

TicPods Ice
Feature-rich TWS Earbuds
  • Active noise cancellation
  • Up to 5 hours of battery life
  • Intuitive touch controls


Minimal yet elegant design

Lightweight earbuds

IPX5 water resistance


No wireless charging

Ticpods is a budget feature-rich TWS earbud from Mobvoi, a Chinese company known around the world for its affordable smartwatches

The Ticpods Ice currently retails in the Indian market for about Rs.7,999. Read along to find out more about this product down below. 

Design and Build Quality 

The Ticpods Ice have a stem design, unlike most other TWS earbuds we’ve discussed in this article.

This stem has a slight curvature which makes these earbuds stand out from the rest in terms of design. 

The in-ear stem is angled to fit the ear-canal snug. The attached silicone ear tip is comfortable and holds the earbuds in place without them falling off. 

The charging case too has a familiar design and has a glossy white finish. 

The Ticpods Ice comes with IPX5 splash and sweat resistance which makes it a suitable gym/jogging companion. 

Speakers and Sound Quality

This budget TWS earbud from Mobvoi features 13mm speaker drivers which deliver a pleasantly surprising sound output. 

The bass notes are rich and deep, the vocals remain crisp while the higher end treble perfectly complements the bass.

There is minimal to zero distortion in the sound stage even at high volume levels with this earbud. 

Active Noise Cancellation (ANC)

The Ticpods Ice as the name suggests feature active noise cancellation up to 32dB. 

The sensitive microphones on these earbuds detect ambient noise and block them digitally to deliver a serene and calm music listening environment for the most part.

While the ANC of this earbud doesn’t match those from the other expensive earbuds, it fares for the price. 

The voice calls too remain audible indoors as well outdoors with minimal distortions. 

Battery Life

The Ticpods Ice is advertised to last for up to 5 hours on a single charge. In real-life usage expect anywhere from 4-4.5 hours with ANC turned on. 

The charging case will let you charge the earbuds about 2.5 times completely. 


The Ticpods Ice is a feature-rich TWS earbud delivering soothing audio output quality coupled with digital noise cancellation for an affordable price bracket under Rs.6,000.


Bluetooth Versionv5.0
Water ResistanceIPX5
Codec SupportSBC,AAC
Battery LifeUp to 4.5 Hours
Warranty1 Year

6. Creative Outlier Air

Creative Outlier Air
Honourable Mention
  • AptX codec support
  • Bass-heavy sound output
  • Impressive battery life


Volume control option

Voice assistant integration

Decent build quality


Stiff control buttons

Creative is a Singapore based multinational company popular for its premium headphones and wireless speakers. 

The Outlier Air from Creative is a premium mid-range TWS earbud retailing in the Indian market for just Rs.6,499.

Design and Build Quality

The Creative Outlier Air TWS earbuds feature a stem-free design that is both compact and comfortable to wear.

These earbuds come inside a semi-cylindrical charging case with an aluminium metal covering. This charging case opens sideways with a push from the right.

There are four different LED status indicators on the left side of the case with the Type-C charging port just beneath.

These earbuds come with IPX5 certification so they would work just fine outdoors under drizzles.

Speakers and Sound Quality

The Creative Outlier Air delivers a bass-heavy sound output when compared with other TWS earbuds in its price segment. 

The bass notes sound rich and deep, ideal for listening to genres such as EDMs and pop music. 

The vocals are clean but get overpowered by the bass at times. The higher-end treble notes do sound sharp with a good amount of details. 


The inbuilt microphone on this earbud sounds reasonably good with hands-free voice calls but while outdoors expect some distortions primarily due to the ambient noise suppression kicking in. 

The Outlier Air TWS earbud features physical buttons instead of touch-sensitive pads. You can press and hold these buttons either to increase or decrease the volume, which is a desirable feature for a TWS earbud to have. 

Battery Life

This TWS earbud from Creative has an impressive battery life of around 10 hours per charge. 

With 60-70% volume, expect this device to last you anywhere from 7-9 hours on average. 

The charging case in itself can juice up these earbuds two times overtaking the total battery life somewhere close to 30 hours. 


The Creative Outlier Air is a well built TWS earbud with AptX codec support and bass-heavy sound output with impressive battery life for an affordable price.


Bluetooth Versionv5.0
Water ResistanceIPX5
Codec SupportSBC,AAC, AptX
Battery LifeUp to 10 Hours
Warranty1 Year

This concludes our curated list for the five best TWS earbuds priced under Rs.10,000 available for purchase in India. 

If you have any suggestions or queries regarding this article, let us know in the comment section below and we will get back to you soon.

As always, thank you for visiting our website and have a great day ahead!

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    • Hi Ayush!

      The Sony WF-XB700 (Link- is a good TWS earbud with an overall excellent sound quality and good stereo stage separation. The bass notes at times overpowers the treble but nothing as much that of a deal breaker. You can sure go ahead with the purchase.


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