Best USB Pendrives Under Rs.1,000 (32 GB & 64 GB) (August 2019)

by | Aug 25, 2019

Pen drives play a huge part and parcel of our life, especially in India even with the advent of cloud-based storage services.

People find it easy to use cheap pen drives for offline data transfer between the devices rather than investing their money of a relatively expensive external hard disk drive.

In this article, we bring you the best five cheap USB powered pen drives in the Indian market priced under Rs.1000.

Without any further ado, let’s jump in the article for more information!

Best USB Pen Drives in India Under Rs.1000

1. SanDisk Ultra DualBest OTG Pen Drive
2. Strontium Nitro PlusUSB C Pen Drive
3. SanDisk Cruzer Blade High Capacity USB Pen Drive
4. Kingston DT50Best Budget USB Pen Drive
5. Sony MicrovaultHonorable Mention

1. Sandisk Ultra Dual

Best USB OTG Pendrive
  • Up to 130MB/s transfer speed
  • Reversible USB connector
  • Sandisk memory zone app for data management

Sandisk is a subsidiary of the popular US-based data storage brand – Western Digital.

The Ultra Dual from Sandisk is a reversible USB 3.0 device that comes with 32GB of onboard storage space.

Design and Build Quality

The Sandisk Ultra Dual is a very lightweight and compact device. It comes with a semi-transparent plastic case that looks unique to the eyes.

It has a reversible connector set up with the regular USB 3.0 Type-A port on one side and the micro-USB port on the other side.

The overall construction is pretty good for the price. There is also a small provision on the chassis to hand this pendrive on to a keychain, in case you have the habit of misplacing things often.

Data transfer performance

As we’ve mentioned earlier, the Sandisk Ultra Dual is a USB 3.0 power device.

This means it’s significantly faster than the conventional USB 2.0 protocol. You can easily achieve speeds up to 130MB/s while transferring data between the devices.

This is also backwards compatible, meaning you can use it with the older USB2,0 ports as well.


The micro-USB port on the side of this pendrive helps it to be connected directly to your smartphone with a micro-USB port.

If your phone supports USB OTG function, you can directly view, edit or copy files from this pendrive easily.


The Sandisk Ultra Dual is a USB OTG enabled 32GB pendrive priced around Rs.500.

The affordable price tag and the relatively faster USB3.0 technology makes this pendrive suitable for offline data transfers.


Lightweight and compact


USB 3.0


Plug n play


Inconsistent transfer speeds


Storage Capacity32 GB
USB TypeUSB 3.0
Body Construction MaterialTransparent plastic


2. Strontium Nitro Plus

USB-C Pen Drive
  • Metallic outer casing
  • USB 3.1 data transfer technology
  • USB Type C OTG feature

Strontium is a Singapore based storage equipment manufacturer that has been in the Indian market for a while.

The Strontium Nitro Plus is a 32GB Type-C supported USB pendrive priced competently under a budget of Rs.1000.

Design and Build Quality

The Strontium Nitro Plus is a very well designed USB pen drive made from metal.

The outer casing gives protection for the actual memory module which can be rotated in 360 degrees to reveal the reversible connectors.

The fit and finish of the USB pendrive is top-notch and can be easily considered as one of the best in its category.

Data transfer performance

The Strontium Nitro Plus comes with the latest USB3.1 protocol for data transfer.

This is at least 15-20% faster than the USB 3.0 protocol and you can expect significant gains in data transfer speeds.


Most of the mid-range and all of the flagship smartphones these days come with a USB Type C port. Many of the laptops are also following the trend.

With this USB Type C pendrive, you can make use of the OTG capability on your phone without any additional dongles.


If you are in search of a USB C type OTG enabled pendrive under a budget of Rs.1000, look no further.

The robust build quality along with the faster USB3.1 data transfer speeds makes this pendrive one of the must-haves in your tech arsenal.


Small and compact


Faster data transfer speeds


Robust build quality


No protective case for the connectors


Storage Capacity32 GB
USB TypeUSB 3.1
Body Construction MaterialMetal


3. Sandisk Cruzer Blade

Best Budget 64GB Pendrive
  • 10MB/s write speed
  • Plastic build
  • 5-year warranty

Sandisk Cruzer Blade is one of the most popular and ubiquitous pens drives that you might have seen around in the hands of people around you.

This low-cost basic USB pendrive is one of the fastest-selling computer accessories in the Indian market since its inception.

Design and Build Quality

The Sandisk Cruzer Blade features an all-plastic build with iconic red and black colour scheme.

This pendrive is so small that it will fit your wallet fine without any struggle. It also comes with a lanyard port to hook it your keychain.

The build quality is decent for the price. Since this device lacks cap protection for the USB connector, be wary of dust want water entering inside the circuitry.

Data transfer performance

The Sandisk Cruzer Blade is a USB2.0 powered pendrive meaning the data transfer speeds will be considerably less than the other USB3.0/USB3.1 devices.

On an average, you can expect read speeds up to 25MB/s and write speeds up to 10MB/s with this pendrive.


The Sandisk Cruzer Blade is the cheapest 64GB pen drive you can purchase under Rs.600.

It comes with a 5-year manufacturer’s warranty that covers memory module failure and not problems arising from water or fall damage.


The Sandisk Cruzer Blade is the best budget high-capacity pen drive with 64GB of onboard storage priced at Rs.599.






64GB memory space


Outdated USB2.0 protocol


Storage Capacity64 GB
USB TypeUSB 2.0
Body Construction MaterialPlastic


4. Kingston DT50

Best Budget USB Pen Drive
  • 16GB USB 3.0 pen drive
  • Decent read/write speeds
  • Durable metal casing

Kingston is a US-based flash memory storage manufacturer popular for budget SSDs and memory cards.
The DT50 16GB USB pen drive from Kingston is one of the cheapest USB 3.0 pen drives available in the Indian market right now.

Design and Build Quality

The Kingston DT50 comes with a small and compact metal casing with a coloured accent plastic cap at the top.

This pendrive despite its low price feels extremely robust and durable in hand. The only issue with this otherwise well-built device is that it lacks a security cap for the USB connector.

This may allow dust and water to enter inside the chassis and damage the fragile circuitry inside if not handled carefully.

Data transfer performance

Being a USB3.0 pendrive, the Kingston DT50 provides a decent 25MB/s read speed and 20MB/s write speed consistently.

Given the price of this pendrive, this speed is much better than what the USB2.0 pen drives with the same price provide.


There are different variants of this pendrive in various size categories to choose from.

Kingston provides a 5-year warranty on this device if something unfortunate happens in between.


The Kingston DT50 is one of the cheapest USB3.0 16GB pen drives in the Indian market as of now.

The durable metal casing and the decent data transfer speeds make it one of the best affordable pen drives worth purchasing under Rs.300.


Small and compact


Capless design


Reliable NAND memory


No cap protection


Storage Capacity16 GB
USB TypeUSB 2.0
Body Construction MaterialMetal


5. Sony Microvault

Honorable Mention
  • Best for storing sensitive content
  • Intensive File recovery options
  • Budget 32GB USB drive

Sony has its wings spread across a large spectrum of consumer electronics.

Ranging from LED TVs to earphones to storage media devices, the company is renowned for the quality for the premium you pay for.

Design and Build Quality

The Sony Microvault is a 32GB USB pen drive that has plastic construction.

The outer casing feels tough and durable and won’t easily break even if it falls on the ground from a reasonable height.

The retractable port has a textured button slider on the top. After a few days, the slider button felt a bit lost, but that didn’t hamper the usability of the product.

The textured plastic feels a bit nicer to hold and the smallholder where lanyard or keychain can be tied in to is a welcome addition.

Data transfer performance

The micro vault series USB pen drives from Sony comes in different storage capacities ranging from 8GB up to 128GB.

Even though the memory capacity is designated as 32GB, leaving the space for the hidden firmware inside, you’ll get around 31GB of free space to store your files.

This pen drive has USB2.0 technology, so expect some slow performance in due course.

However, for the price at which this product is on sale, the data transfer speed is OK, we’d say.

Software support

Worried that your precious data is lost from the pen drive? Fret not.

Sony File rescue software can now dig out the lost video, audio as well as document files of different formats.

This file rescue software works best only with Sony USB drives and memory cards.

Additionally, Sony also provides the Easy lock software that protects your confidential files with a 256-bit AES encryption.


If you are a Sony fanboy, you should probably.

Also, if you use the pen drive to store sensitive information that shouldn’t be lost or stolen by any software means, this USB thumb drive offers one of the most comprehensive protection and data recovery options available in the market at present under Rs.1000.




Brand value


256-bit strong encryption


USB2.0 is slow



Storage Capacity32 GB
USB TypeUSB 3.0
Body Construction MaterialPlastic


This concludes our best buying list for the five USB pen drives priced under Rs.1000 article.

If you are willing to spend a few bucks extra for larger storage capacities and features, check out our best USB pen drives in India article for more choices.

If you’ve any questions regarding this topic, do let us know in the comment section below and we’ll get to you back with answers ASAP. Thanks for your time and have a great day ahead!