Best Water Purifiers in India (November 2021)

It’s already summer here in India and as always the problem of water scarcity lurks on top of our head more than ever before.

Global warming and climate change contributes to the lack of adequate groundwater and forces many of us to depend on either water from borewells or the one supplied by the authorities.

The water from both of the aforementioned sources might not be often the purest as it is and requires filtration to make it potable drinking water. This is where water purifiers play an important role.

In this article, we bring you the nine best water purifiers available in the Indian market for you to choose from.

Without any further ado, let’s cut the chase and get started!

Best Water Purifiers in India

1. Kent New GrandOverall Best Pick
2. FABER FWP Neutron PlusRunner-up Pick
3. Eureka Forbes Aquaguard DesireValue for Money Water Purifier
4. AO Smith Z9 GreenFeature-rich Water Purifier
5. Livpure LIV-PEP-PRO-PLUSBest Budget Water Purifier
6. A.O.Smith Z2+Premium Water Purifier
7. HUL Pureit Advanced Best All-round Performer
8. Blue Star OpulusBest Build Quality
9. Hindware CalistoHonourable Mention

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1. Kent New Grand

Kent New grand

Overall Best Pick

  • RO+UV+UF+TDS purification
  • Water level indicator
  • Patented mineral RO technology


Pan-India service network

8L tank capacity

Robust build quality


Bulky design

Kent is an Indian healthcare products company based in Uttar Pradesh. The company has been popular among the masses for a short while now, thanks to the advertisements done by roping in people like actress Hema Malini.

The Kent New grand is a premium water purifier priced under Rs.15,000 which ensures to retain the nutrients in the water as it is so that you can have a soothing natural water taste even after filtration.

Design and Build Quality

The Kent New grand water purifier is made of high-quality food-grade plastics which is certified to be non-toxic.

The design of the purifier is unique with the transparent filtration column ls in the front and minimal white coloured trim which adds to the aesthetic appeal.

This water purifier comes with an 8L tank capacity and has a filtration capacity of 20L/hr.

The water tank has a translucent water column indication which is of great help to know the water level.

Filtration Mechanism

This water purifier has a multi-stage RO+UV+UF purification process ensuring all the sediments are removed and the viruses and bacterias are disinfected before the water reaches the storage tank.

UV treatment kills all the viruses and after the same, water is passed through a membrane as a part of ultrafiltration after which reverse osmosis is carried out as the last step of filtration.

The patented Kent mineral RO technology makes sure that the essential minerals in the water are preserved to keep its taste healthier and soothing.


The Kent RO has a computer-controlled system that notifies the user when it’s time to replace the filter and the UV lamp.

This device also features auto shut-off and on which significantly reduces the need for manual intervention.


Kent offers a generous one year warranty on this water purifier along with a three-year free service offer which we think is a steal under the budget of Rs. 15,000.


Storage Capacity8 L
Purification Capacity20 L/hr
Purifying TechnologyRO+UV+UF +TDS
TDS Rate2500 ppm
Warranty1 Year

2. Faber FWP Neutron Plus

Faber Neutron Plus

Runner-up Pick

  • 100% RO and UV purification
  • Efficient germ block technology
  • One year warranty



Optimal pH level purification

Copper guard for clean and tasty water


No child lock

Among various companies with rapidly advancing water purifying technologies around, Faber comes out with the most cutting edge features, ensuring the safest and purest drinking water for consumption.

The Faber FWP Neutron Plus is Faber’s latest water purifier that offers great value for money with industry-leading RO membrane functionality for a price of just Rs.12990.

Design and Build Quality

The FWP Neutron Plus water purifier has an elegant design with a stylish black colour finish that has a clean and flawless look to the water purifier. 

The water tank, which is considered the main part of a water purifier, is made out of ABS food-grade plastic ensuring you the safest purified drinking water. 

This water purifier is built with the capability to purify water from any source, no matter how contaminated it is. 

The silver-coloured accent protrusion from the chassis houses the control buttons and the water dispensing unit. 

Filtration & Storage

This water purifier comes with a 10L tank capacity and has a filtration capacity of 13.5L/hr. 

The large storage tank capacity is suitable for a family of 3-4 members to sustain with pure drinking water.

The Faber Neutron Plus comes with a 9-stage purification system, transforming the contaminated water that passes through it into guaranteed safe drinkable water. 

The alkaline filter inside this purifier boosts the alkalinity of the water thereby neutralizing the acidity of impure water.


With the most advanced RO + UV +UF + COPPER guard with alkaline purification technology, the Faber Neutron Plus focuses on bringing out the purest and healthy water to drink.

Let’s have a quick look at the 9 stages of purification on this water purifier:

Stage 1: Sediment filter 20 micron

Stage2: Pre-carbon filter

Stage3: Sediment filter 5 microns

Stage 4: Reverse Osmosis (RO) Membrane

Stage 5&6: Post Carbon+ Copper Guard

Stage 7: Ultra Violet (UV) filter

Stage 8: Ultra Filter (UF) Membrane

Stage 9: Alkaline Filter

Process Indicators

The Faber FWP Neutron Plus comes with three convenient indicators to enhance the usability of the device which includes a full tank indicator, water level indicator, and a purification status notification.


The Faber FWP Neutron Plus alkaline water purifier is one of the affordable premium water purifiers available for purchase in the Indian market.

The foolproof nine-stage purification technology inside this water purifier ensures the safest and purest drinking water for your home and office.


Storage Capacity10 L
Purification Capacity13.5 L/hr
Purifying TechnologyRO + UV + UF + Copper Guard + pH enhancer
TDS Rate2500 ppm
Warranty1 Year

3. Eureka Forbes Aquaguard Desire

Eureka Forbes Aquasure

Value for Money Water Purifier

  • Multi-stage purification process
  • Wide service centre network
  • 7L capacity tank


Solid build quality

Membrane protector technology

Relatively faster water filtration



Eureka Forbes is an Indian company based in Mumbai which has been in the home appliance market dealing with products such as vacuum cleaners, water and air purifiers etc.

The Aquaguard Desire from Eureka Forbes is a 7L water purifier loaded with features yet affordable by Indian standards.

Design and Build Quality

The Aquaguard Desire water purifier from Eureka Forbes has an industrial design that looks bold and beautiful at the same time.

It can be installed in a wide range of places such as hotels, restrooms, houses etc and will seamlessly integrate with the interior decor.

The food-grade ABS plastic build quality is excellent and the overall purifier feels strong and durable.

The front part of this purifier comes with LED status indicators which will provide a great deal of information in a single glance.

This water purifier is not wall-mounted and comes with four rubber paddings to keep the device firmly in place on a flat surface without slipping.

Water and Filtration Capacity

The Aquaguard Desire has a storage tank capacity of 7L which is apt if you’re planning to purchase this device for the office or other establishments such as hotels and shops.

This water purifier can purify up to 6000L at once before the need for changing the filters arises.

The water filtration capacity is about 20L/hr which is one of the fastest in the market available right now.

It makes this water purifier the most suitable candidate for installation in places where there is considerable people movement.

Filtration Mechanism

The Eureka Forbes Aquaguard Desire comes with a three-step filtration mechanism involving UV treatment, Reverse Osmosis and additionally membrane protector technology and excess dissolved salts reduction.

UV treatment and RO are two of the most common treatment techniques employed in water purifiers as you might know.

Ultraviolet rays kill and disinfect the viruses and bacteria whereas, in the RO process, solid particles are filtered out.

The unique membrane protector technology from Eureka Forbes prevents scaling on the membrane surface due to particle deposition and allows an efficient filtration process to continue.

The excess dissolved salt reduction allows the water to have its natural taste and doesn’t make it bland.

Process Indicators

The Aquaguard Desire comes with three process indicators which greatly enhances the usability of this device.

There is a tank full indicator that urges you to turn off the purifier to save electricity, a purification process indicator, and a power supply indicator.


Eureka Forbes provides a one-year warranty with this water purifier. 

The company has its service centres all across India and the availability of a service technician is always guaranteed near your location.


The Eureka Forbes Aquaguard Desire offers an excellent value for money deal for a budget of just under Rs.10,000.

This water purifier is the one to purchase if you plan to use it in a high-density population establishment such as hotels and shops.


Storage Capacity7L
Purification Capacity20 L/hr
Purifying TechnologyRO + UV + MTDS
TDS Rate2000 ppm
Warranty1 Year

4. AO Smith Z9 Green

AO Smith Z9 Green RO

Feature-rich Water Purifier

  • 8-stage Green RO Purification System
  • One-touch water dispensing
  • 10L tank capacity


Appealing design

Minimal water wastage

Dual faucets



AO Smith is an American company known for its Industrial as well as residential water purification systems, boilers and heaters.

The AO Smith Z9 Green is a premium water filtration system priced under Rs.25,000 in the Indian market packed with a ton of useful features.

Design and Build Quality

The aesthetically premium design of the AO Smith Z9 Green suits any kind of home decor seamlessly.

Made from the best food-grade durable plastic materials, this water purifier ensures safe drinking water without causing any health hazards.

The lightweight nature of the purifier makes this easy to install and maintain.

Featured with a couple of electronic faucets, the AO Smith Z9 Green dispenses pure water at room temperature and hot water up to a temperature of 80 degrees celsius at just the press of a button.

This purifier is straightforward to use. It has a main dispensing button that works upon a single press that gives you clean and healthy water to drink.

Filtration & Storage

The AO Smith Z9 Green water purifier comes with an eight-stage RO filtration which makes sure that the processed water is safe and healthy for kids and adults alike. 

Holding a storage capacity of 10 litres, this water purifier comes with a decent purification capacity of 15L/hr.

An average 9000L filter life is a decent number, considering the number of pollutants that might be present in the water. 


The innovative advanced recovery technology ensures 100% RO purified water and when compared with other competing models, the AO Smith Z9 saves two times more water resulting in minimal wastage of water. 

The RO + SCMT technology acts as double-layer protection in purification delivering pure – healthy water with no microbial contaminants.

Another feature of this purifier worth mentioning is the mineraliser technology, which adds essential minerals like magnesium and calcium to enhance the taste of purified water which otherwise feels bland. 


To keep the users aware of the filter and RO membrane replacement, this purifier has an advanced alert technology that indicates when it is the right time to replace the filter.

The light source on the water purifier is pretty good for assisting you in the night and also adds to the flair of your kitchen’s interior decor.

Process Indicators

 The AO Smith Z9 Green water purifier comes with status indicators to display power, tank full, auto flush, and cartridge life.


If you are looking for a premium water purifier with the latest purification technologies, then the AO Smith Z9 Green is one of the best out there in terms of functionality and performance.

Priced a bit high around Rs.25,000 this water purifier from AO Smith is well worth the asking price.


Storage Capacity10 L
Purification Capacity15 L/hr
Purifying TechnologyRO
TDS Rate2000 ppm
Warranty1 Year

5. Livpure LIV PEP Pro Plus


Best Budget Water Purifier

  • Tripe filtration process
  • 1-year onsite warranty
  • 7L capacity


Elegant design

Wall mount form factor

Tank full indicator


No child lock

Livpure is an Indian company that markets water and air purifiers in almost all states.

The Livpure LIV PEP Pro Plus is one of the flagship water purifiers which offers an extensive range of filtration steps to provide you with clean drinking water.

Design and Build Quality

The Livpure PEP Pro Plus has a minimal design that will suit any kind of home/office decor seamlessly.

Apart from the three small LED indicators in the front, there is a water tap that can be used to fill bottles or glass with filtered drinking water.

This water purifier has a wall mount hook at the back which helps it to be placed on a wall without the requirement of having a solid base to support the system.

The whole purifier is built from food-grade ABS plastic materials that pose no threats to your health whatsoever.

Water and Filtration Capacity

The Livpure LIV PEP Pro Plus has a 7L litre capacity storage tank and can filter water at a rate of 12L/hr.

This small capacity water purifier is apt for a family of four during summers or small offices.

Filtration Mechanism

The Livpure Pep Pro Plus comes with a three-stage water filtration mechanism including UV (Ultraviolet) + Reverse Osmosis (RO) + UF (Ultrafiltration) processes.

UV filtration is the most effective and eco-friendly method which kills and deactivates minute bacterias and viruses in the water by passing radiation through the water.

The Reverse Osmosis process makes use of a physical filter that is capable of trapping dust and sediments up to 0.0001 microns in size.

The Ultrafiltration process ensures that larger particles up to 0.01 microns get filtered before it reaches the RO filter.

This three-stage filtration mechanism helps the water purifier deliver clean and safe drinking water.

For reverse osmosis to work, an active electricity supply should be present so that the water is passed through the membrane at high pressure.

Process Indicators

The Livpure Pep Pro Plus water purifier comes with three status indicators which display the power ON/OFF status, purification process and the tank full status.


Livpure offers a one-year manufacturer’s warranty on this device. If any damages happen in between, the company provides on-site maintenance which saves you a great deal of time and effort.


The Liv Pure Pep Pro Plus water purifier with its three-stage filtration protection offers an affordable clean drinking water solution suitable for a small family or medium-sized office.


Storage Capacity7L
Purification Capacity12 L/hr
Purifying TechnologyRO + UV + UF
TDS Rate2000 ppm
Warranty1 Year

6. A.O.Smith Z2+

A.O.Smith Z2+

Premium Water Purifier

  • Six-stage RO purification
  • Advanced alert technology
  • Highly efficient RO Membrane


Highly durable RO membrane

Intelligent digital display

Convenient design


A bit difficult to make the installation arrangements beneath the sink

A.O.Smith is back again on this curated list, thanks to the products with the great build quality and efficient performance. 

The A.O.Smith Z2+ is an under-sink water purifier with an advanced water purification system for a price of just Rs.17,070.

Design and Build Quality

Designed with practicality and convenience in mind, this water purifier can easily be mounted on walls or can be used as a tabletop device.

The water storage tank, made out of virgin food-grade ABS plastic ensures pure processed water without any added impurities from the materials used for construction.

The A.O.Smith Z2+ has a digital display for providing useful process information at a glance.

This device comes with a goose-neck faucet for the smooth flow of the purified water and to keep the kitchen mess-free by the hasty water spillage. 

Filtration & Storage

The advanced RO filtration ensures the supply of healthy drinkable water. 

This water purifier features a decent tank capacity of 5 litres and a decent purification rate of 15L/hr ensuring continuous access to safe drinking water.


The 6S technology in the A. O. Smith Z2+ model focuses on 100% of the water passing through the RO membrane with no bypass.

The mineralizer technology adds essential minerals to the water and balances the pH of the drinking water.

This water purifier features side Stream RO membrane technology purifying the maximum amount of water that passes through the membrane, thereby reducing the wastage of water. 


To ensure a pure and healthy water supply free of contaminants, A. O. Smith Z2+ comes with advanced alert technology which works well to alert the users on the right time for the RO membrane and filter replacements.

The RO membrane meets the exact safety standards and material requirements of the water quality association to ensure safe water is delivered.

Process Indicators

Indicators are the add-on features for making the device more user-friendly. 

With the A. O. Smith Z2+, the users will get the information alert on tank full, filter change, water pressure, normal functioning and the status of the filter.


The long-lasting RO membrane and the unique purification features of the A. O. Smith Z2+ water purifier make it the perfect choice for those who are in search of an affordable cabinet style water purifier.


Storage Capacity5 L
Purification Capacity15 l/hr
Purifying TechnologyRO
TDS Rate2000ppm
Warranty1 Year

7. HUL Pureit Advanced

Pureit Advanced

Best All-round Performer

  • 6L water storage tank capacity
  • UV filtration
  • 20L/hr filtration capacity


Compact form factor

Excellent filter life

Solid build quality


No child lock

Pureit Advanced is a budget water purifier from Hindustan Unilever, which is a consumer goods company based in Mumbai, India.

This compact water purifier may seem to look like a feature trimmed version of expensive purifiers but in reality, it does feature all the essential technology to keep the water safe and clean.

Design and Build Quality

The Pureit Advanced has a distinct look when compared with other water purifiers in the market.

The compact form factor allows it to be mounted on a wall, even in tight spaces quite easily.

The blue graphics on the white chassis look attractive and will match your home decor.

The chassis of this water purifier is made using engineering-grade ABS plastic material which has been certified safe for usage with edible food products.

There are two LED lights in the front indicating the tank full status and the filter change notification.

Water and Filtration Capacity

As we have said earlier, the Pureit Advanced is a compact purifier meant for small household and office spaces.

This water purifier comes with a 6L capacity water storage tank and purifies water at an impressive 20L/hr rate.

The filter life of this water purifier is about 6000L, which is significantly more than what its competitor devices offer.

Filtration Mechanism

The Pureit Advanced employs a seven stage filtration process involving reverse osmosis (RO) and ultraviolet filtration (UV), microfiltration ( MF) and a membrane protector (MP).

Note that this water purifier does come with UV filtration, and can disinfect the water if you doubt it is laden with viruses and bacteria.

The Pureit Advanced water purifier features a mineral cartridge inside which will add minerals such as calcium and magnesium into the purified water for better chemical balance which results in optimal body functioning.


The Pureit Advanced water purifier comes with a one-year warranty which includes on-site repairs.


The Pureit Advanced is an affordable water purifier for small households requiring a mild purifier for the water supply from a well.


Storage Capacity6 L
Purification Capacity20 L/hr
Purifying TechnologyRO + UV + MF + MP
TDS Rate2000 ppm
Warranty1 Year

8. Blue Star Opulus

Bluestar Opulus

Best Build Quality

  • Suited for a family of 3-5 members
  • Storage type water purifier
  • Aqua taste booster mechanism


Elegant design

Good customer service support

Integrated water faucet


No built-in TDS controller

The blue star is an Indian company specializing in home and commercial refrigeration as well as air purifications systems. 

The Blue Star Opulus is one such feature-rich entry-level water purifier retailing in the Indian market for just Rs.12,990.

Design and Build Quality

The Blue star Opulus has a clean and minimalistic design that will blend seamlessly with any kind of kitchen decor that you have at your home. 

The construction of this water purifier is entirely from plastic materials of which the build quality seems good enough for the price. 

The three LED backlight control buttons and the water faucet towards the front bottom section give this budget water purifier a premium feel.

The metallic band that cuts across the front of the chassis is very much eye-catchy and welcome addition in terms of pleasing aesthetics. 

Filtration and Storage

The Blue star Opulus features a triple-layered RO+UV+UF filtration system. 

The RO ( Reverse osmosis) technology will filter out most of the particulate impurities whereas the UV treatment makes sure all bacterias and microbes are eliminated from the drinking water. 

This budget water purifier features an 8L storage tank which is big enough for use in a small to medium-sized family of 3-5 members. 

Purification process

This entry-level water purifier from Blue star employs a seven-step filtration mechanism to treat water. 

This includes the RO+UV treatment we discussed above plus several additional filters including carbon filters and UF membrane. 

The Blue Star Opulus purifier features an ATB (Aqua Taste Booster) feature which will help to restore the original taste of the water even after purification. 

The AMI (Aqua Mineral Infuser) technology adds the necessary minerals into the water to make sure that the purifier water is healthy and as tasty as raw water from nature. 


The Bluestar Opulus water purifier features an intuitive tank full indicator which will let you know once the purification is complete and the tank is filled up. 

Bluestar as a company is known for its excellent after-sales service and you can expect the same with this product. 

The company provides a one-year warranty on this purifier starting from the date of purchase. 


The Blue Star Opulus is a feature-rich water purifier packed with useful features to the brim and priced affordably at the same time.


Storage Capacity8L
Purification Capacity15 l/hr
Purifying TechnologyRO + UV + UF + AMI + Mineralizer
TDS Rate2000ppm
Warranty1 Year

9. Hindware Calisto

Hindware Calisto

Honourable Mention

  • Triple-layer filtration
  • Easy to clean
  • Ultrafine sediment filter


Elegant design

Smart LED indicators

Tabletop/countertop installation


No child lock

Hindware is a leading sanitary ware brand in India and the Hindware Calisto is the entry-level water purifier from the same company targeted mainly for use in homes and office spaces.

Design and Build Quality

The Hindware Calisto has a unique and elegant form factor that is easy to mount on walls without much effort.

The engineering-grade ABS plastic is tough and durable and won’t react with the water and is completely safe for health.

The front section of this water purifier features a recessed section to keep the vessels refilling with water. This prevents spillage of water onto the floor.

Also, the front section is magnetically attached to the chassis and can be easily removed for cleaning the interiors.

Water and Filtration Capacity

The total capacity of the Hindware Calisto water purifier is 7L and the machines purify water at a rate of 12L/hr.

The filter life of this water purifier is around 6000L, which seems average for the price tag it comes with.

Filtration Mechanism

The three-stage filtration setup in this water purifier involves reverse osmosis (RO), ultraviolet treatment (UV) and ultrafiltration (UF).

These three steps make sure that the water you drink is pure and pristine, and without losing the natural taste.

This process also ensures that the dissolved salt content in the water is kept in check, which prevents the hardness and the resulting bland taste of the water.

Process Indicators

The three smart LED indicators in the front give information on the power ON/OFF state of the purifier, the ongoing purification process and the storage tank full status.


The Hindware Calisto comes with a one year warranty. This includes the six-month warranty on the filters and the one-year-long warranty on the RO membrane.


This tabletop/countertop water purifier is your gateway to accessing clean and safe drinking water, no matter how unhealthy the water source is.


Storage Capacity7L
Purification Capacity12 L/hr
Purifying TechnologyRO + UV + UF
TDS Rate1800 ppm
Warranty1 Year

This concludes our article for the nine best water purifiers in India.

We hope this article did ease your purchase decision a bit, and if you’re not, don’t fret.

Consider reading the buying guide down below for making a learned purchase decision. If you have any suggestions or questions regarding this article, let us know in the comments section below.

Thanks for your time and have a great day ahead.

Water Purifiers in India – Buying Guide 

Water is considered a vital element that keeps us all alive. A lot of water resources are there around us but the availability of pure water is scarce. Hence, finding out the right purifying product, capable of purifying the water based on its contamination level is essential. 

Included in this buying guide are a few basic points to consider before planning to purchase a water purifier.

Types of Water Purifiers

In-built Pump Water Purifiers

These types of purifiers with built-in pumps make use of the water stored in any of the containers to work with, which makes them an ideal choice for the areas which lack running water or water with low pressure.

Electrical Units with Storage

The electrical water purifiers are those purifiers that run on electricity and are connected to the water supply 24×7. The filtration system included in these purifiers, the sediment, and activated filters demands a power supply to purify the water effectively.

Electrical Units without Storage

Electrical water purifiers that lack storage are popular and used in areas having flawless electric supply throughout the year. These purifiers have twice the filtration quality as that of the purifiers with storage.

Non-Electrical units With Storage

These water purifying products have tanks to store the purified water. Here, the purification is done using sediment and activated carbon filters. These purifiers are ideal where the water supply is unstable.

Non-Electrical units Without Storage

These purifiers come as compact candle-shaped, and water bottle size, these can easily be fixed to the water tap. The filters of this water tap are made of resin and require monthly replacement. 

These are portable water purifiers and can be carried along with you for water purification on the go.


Ultra Filtration Technology – UF

Those water purifiers with UF technology can be seen in most of the gravity-based purifiers which can store water and these are the only type of water purifier that removes cysts. 

For the filtration to work, these purifiers with UF technology do not require electricity. 

With ultrafiltration technology, the purifier is not capable of removing the dissolved impurities in the water and is not an effective barrier against viruses. 

To deliver quality and safe purified water, this technology demands regular disinfection.

Ultraviolet Technology – UV

This technology acts upon the microorganisms in the water by penetrating deep into the cell membrane then entering the cell body and destroying the DNA that helps in reproduction. 

The ultraviolet light is invisible to the naked eyes, and this filtration performs faster than any other disinfection process.

Though it clears out microorganisms, it fails in removing the sterilized microorganisms, inorganic sediments and other particulate particles. 

Reverse Osmosis Technology – RO

In an RO based water purifier, a semipermeable membrane rated at 0.0001 microns is the main part through which the water to purify is squeezed out. 

This is the same technology with which the bottled water is done. This technology is the only one used for desalinating seawater and makes it a drinkable form.RO technology delivers the utmost purified water when the TDS rating is between 200 and 2000.

RO technology reduces the hardness of the water and purifies the contaminated water with heavy metals and harmful chemicals.

Electro Adsorption Technology – EAT

The EAT purification technology with five advanced purification stages, available both in electric and nonelectric unit variants works well with the water having a TDS of 500 ppm.

Storage Capacity

If the users experience frequent power cuts or unreliable water supply, then it is better to opt for a purifier with a storage tank. As the water gets stored in the tanks, this helps in having uninterrupted access to pure drinking water any time even without electricity.

If you are looking for a purifier to cater to a large family, then it’s best to pick the purifier with a storage tank for a constant water supply. 

These are some of the important points to consider while buying a water purifier for your home/office usage.

Thank you!

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