Best Websites for Refurbished Products in India (Smartphones, Laptops etc)

India has one of the fastest-growing consumer electronics markets in the world. With multiple companies fighting tooth and nail for supremacy, the prices are as cheap as they can get.

People tend to switch smartphones, laptops and other electronic goods often as the e-commerce sites conduct flash sales and marketing stunts such as Flipkart big billion days and Amazon great Indian sales.

All this leads to an excess of used goods which are either exchanged or with slight manufacturing damages. The second-hand market in India was once largely decentralized with local vendors taking the cut.

The products sold via these outlets were in an as-is condition which gave the customer no choice but to accept the product he pays for whether it is in working condition or not.

Recently, companies such as Flipkart and Amazon has started refurbishing phones and other products at their expense, repackaged and sold at discount rated with warranty.

In this article, we are covering the best-refurbished product websites in India where you can find the best products with quality assured at the cheapest.

Without further ado, let’s start!

Best Websites for Refurbished Products in India

1. 2GUD by FlipkartWide categories available
2. Amazon RefurbishedWide categories available
3. ElectronicsbazaarLaptops & desktops
4. BudliElectronics
5. ShopcluesSmartphones & feature phones
6. OlxWide categories available
7. QuikrWide categories available

1. by Flipkart is the refurbished product selling platform owned by the popular e-tailer Flipkart.

The site was first launched as a mobile-only service which was only accessible through the 2GUD App but then expanded to other platforms such as PCs. boasts about having 5000+ certified refurbished products ranging from smartphones to kitchen appliances.

This website has a wide range of products to choose from, be it consumer electronics or non-electronics items.

The products are graded by professionals into different categories such as:

  • Unboxed – Like New
  • Refurbished Superb
  • Refurbished – Very Good
  • Refurbished – Good
  • Refurbished – Okay

All the products have this tag besides them for the customer to curate the condition of the product they are going to purchase, rather than blindly buying a product and later to find it unsatisfactory.

The prices are reasonable for the most part. The price difference between the unboxed product and the ones on the vary greatly but overall there is scope to have considerable savings.

One thing we found a little unnerving about this website is the dynamic pricing which hikes up the cost randomly during the sale.

We believe refurbished goods after graded by the professionals should come with a fixed price rather than the website changing it without notice.

Overall, is the best-refurbished product website you can purchase your products from.

2. Amazon Refurbished

Amazon is the final word when it comes to the e-commerce industry. Amazon refurbished is an integrated service to the primary amazon platform aimed at selling refurbished and renewed products to the budget-conscious customers.

Amazon Refurbished has been a great hit in the west and riding on that success the company has recently introduced the same in India as well.

Amazon refurbished program in India has the potential to be a direct competitor to from Flipkart but it lacks the polish for the moment.

There are products in the listing but some of them are even higher priced than the original unboxed items available with offline retailers or even when compared with other online marketplaces.

One advantage of this programme is that Amazon brings in out of stock products more often under the program.

If you missed a certain model during its sale but need it so bad, you might have your luck with Amazon refurbished service.

Amazon refurbished program brings in more strict checks in terms of the quality of the product.

Only products with minimal use or negligible wear and tear are accepted and sold, that too with a six-month supplier backed guarantee on every product that’s listed on the website.


If you are looking to purchase a refurbished laptop or desktop, electronics bazaar is one of the best sites in India.

Since this website is specialized in refurbished laptops and desktops, the number of units available for purchase is more in number than any of its competitor websites.

You can either order a single item or bulk depending on your need. All the products are checked by professionals to make sure everything is in working condition.

Electronics bazaar also has four physical stores in and around the Mumbai region.

This website is a Microsoft certified refurbished agent. This means that all the desktop and laptops available with electronics bazaar comes with a genuine copy of the Windows operating system.

This is a great advantage over its competitors since most of the refurbished goods ship with counterfeit operating systems with serious security issues.

The website is very intuitive with fine-grained control over the configuration to choose from.

Filters are depending on the memory size, hard disk space, operating system, processor, display and even graphics cards.

Products ranging from laptops to desktops including servers are available for a reasonable price.

4. is a Bengaluru based second-hand electronics reseller where you can either sell your product in hand or purchase a pre-owned or refurbished product.

For a relatively new service-based company. Budli has an impressive catalogue of products including smartphones and laptops at very reasonable price points.

Budli ensures a 25-point check on every item they have in their inventory to make sure the customer receives a working product with no major defects.

Out of all the sites we have reviewed, Budli offers non-standard industry products such as NEC laptops which were never launched in India in the first place.

Even with these products, the company provides a six-month service warranty if anything goes wrong.

This online e-commerce website also lets you sell your products for a minimal price.

The product submission is straightforward with a few basic questions about the condition and nothing complicated.

The design and layout of the website are archaic but it gets the job done quite well.


Shopclues is an online marketplace which had its inception way back in the year 2011.

Headquartered in Gurugram, Shopclues is one of the prominent players in the e-commerce industry in India at present.

Shopclues usually sells unboxed products sourced directly from the manufacturer for a small commission similar to other e-commerce giants.

But with smartphones, in particular, Shopclues does feature a refurbished section within the native site to cater frugal customers looking to buy phones at discounted rates.

The website design is standard with no bells and whistles. If you are an avid customer of Flipkart, you will feel right at home with Shopclues.

The similarity of Shopclues with Flipkart doesn’t end here. The prompt shipping service is one of the highlights of this website.

It also provides cash on delivery on refurbished products along with EMI facility if you prefer that payment method.

All the devices sold of Shopclues comes with 6-month seller warranty to make sure everything works the way it should be.

Apart from smartphones, feature phones are also often listed on Shopclues refurbished section. If you’re looking for a secondary phone just for calling, these deals might help you save some bucks down the lane.


Although OLX is not a refurbished product website, we are forced to include this one in our list because it’s too significant to ignore.

The product listings on this website are 100% user-generated with no middlemen or brokers involved.

You can contact the seller directly using the integrated chat option and discuss or bargain on the product.

Since it’s a pan-India service, OLX has located based ads which you can filter based on your location. This makes second-hand products more accessible.

If the seller lives near you, you can have the product handed over to your direction without any tedious shipping and tracking hassles involved.

Products listed on OLX range from smartphones to TVs to even real estate ads. The website and app are very intuitive and even a beginner can use it without any issues whatsoever.

So if you are willing to skip the comfort of professional checks on the second-hand product for the ease of procurement and purchase, OLX is an online marketplace which you shouldn’t miss.


Quikr is like an intermediary between the buyer and seller. Quikr charges a commission in the name of the delivery fee for each sale from the buyer and the seller.

We feel OLX does a much better job than Quikr. Quikr seems to have a lot on their plate – specialized services such as Quikr cars, Quikr real estate and so on.

The website feels clunky and less intuitive than the former.

If you can’t find your desired product on OLX, there’s no harm in using Quikr for the same.

This marks the end of our research on the best-refurbished product’s website in India.

Note that the last two sites we have mentioned – OLX and Quikr are not refurbished good sellers but rather a peer to peer second-hand products website with no third party checks.

The one thing to note while buying second-hand goods is that you are not guaranteed to get the best of the product like the experience you would have from a boxed product straight from the factory.

There might be slight imperfections either cosmetically or internally even if the advert claims like brand new. If you are ready to sacrifice that from the monetary gain, you are set to go.

Thanks for your time on our website and have a fine day ahead!

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