Best Wireless Earphones in India (December 2019)

by | Dec 19, 2019

After completing our previous posts on wireless earphones under various budget categories, we thought why don’t we step up the game a bit further and do an article on the best wireless earbuds in India irrespective of any budget. That is how this post was born.

Even though we said no budget, we had to keep a lid to the things as we know that Indians won’t be happy without a number.

This post has seven best wireless earbuds in the market priced under Rs.20,000 which in itself is a premium segment where you can get some best in class wireless Bluetooth earbuds.

Without wasting any more words and time, let’s dive deep into the article.

Best Wireless Earbuds in India

 1. Jabra Elite ActiveOverall Best Pick
2. Bose SoundsportRunner-Up Pick
3. 1MORE True WirelessBest Battery Life
4. Apple AirpodsFeature Rich Wireless Earbuds
5. Sony WF-SP700NBest Bass Heavy Earphones
6. Noise Shots X5Best Value for Money Earbuds
7. CrossBeats AirEarbuds with Universal Compatibility
8. Chevron C160Best Budget Wireless Earbuds
9. Blaupunkt BTW01Honorable Mention

1. Jabra Elite Active

Overall Best Pick
  • Built-in step counter
  • Best for an active lifestyle
  • Adjustable music equalizer

Jabra is a Denmark based wired as well as wireless headset and earphone manufacturer that has recently released some of its top of the line products in the Indian market.

The Jabra Elite Active is a wireless Bluetooth earphone that is truly wireless and targeted at users following an active lifestyle.

Design – functionality over aesthetics

The Jabra Elite Active is a kind of wireless earphone that is more of a substance over style. The earpieces are sufficiently bulky but not so much so that it’s a dealbreaker.

The earbuds secure comfortably inside the ear canals without any problem. You can confidently wear these earphones while performing exercises or while working out at the gym.

The in-ear stability that these earphones provide is undoubtedly one of the best in class.

Sound quality

The Jabra Elite active delivers on the sound quality with a positive note. The final output is loud and distortion free even at maximum volume levels.

The bass is without any artificiality and blends well with the treble while playing songs that are rich in instrumental music.

We felt that the only gripe with this product is the sound quality from the voice calls. It felt a bit distorted but apart from that, the listening experience is definitely pleasing.

Wake up the voice assistant

Jabra Elite Active comes with one-touch access to voice assistants like Google assistant, Siri and Amazon Alexa.

You can make searches and ask them questions or even let them play your favourite tracks without even touching anything.

With more and more functionalities being added to these AI assistants, the Jabra Elite Active will be able to do much more in the future for sure.

Fitness monitor in disguise

These truly wireless earphones come loaded with a peculiar feature that can’t be seen on any other earphones – a step counter.

Yes, this device can track your steps and inform you about the distance you’ve covered via the app.

It’s really of great use to people who do jogging and doesn’t own a fitness band.

Feature rich app for help

To control these wireless earbuds, Jabra has an excellent app called Jabra Sound Plus on both the Play store and the iOS store.

You can tweak the settings of this earphone according to your preference effortlessly by navigating through the intuitive UI.

There’s even an equalizer option where you can fine-tune the treble and bass levels according to your taste.

Good battery life

The Jabra Elite Active wireless earphone lasted for about 5 hours during our testing of this product.

With the supplied charging case, you can charge the earpods up to two times which makes the overall battery life hovering around an impressive 15 hours.

Yay or Nay??

If you’re a fitness enthusiast and want a truly wireless earphone that can be used outside, the Jabra Elite Active checks the right boxes.

Being IPX5 certified, you won’t have any trouble using this device on light rains and amidst water splashes.

Impressive battery life
Sturdy build quality
Natural bass
Voice call sound quality is average


Bluetooth Versionv5.0
Builtin MicrophoneYes
BatteryUp to 5 Hours
Warranty1 Year

2. Bose SoundSport

Runner-Up Pick
  • Natural bass with clean vocals
  • Dual array mic for voice calls
  • Lightweight

Bose audio products are revered for the exceptional sound quality among audiophiles around the globe.

The Bose Soundsport is an in-the-ear style wireless earpod that rivals the likes of Apple earpods.

Design and build quality

The Bose Soundsport is designed to be an active lifestyle earphone that will endure all the rough usage with ease.
The Soundsport earbuds are made of high-quality plastic and silicone eartips.

There is winged support for keeping this earbud in place while performing physically intensive manoeuvres.

The buttons for the volume/playback controls and the attend/pause buttons are conveniently located on each earpods with excellent tactile feedback.

These buttons are slightly raised from the body and can be located quite easily without much work.

The carrying case itself acts as a charging station and can be juiced up in advance before going out on a trip or so.

Speakers and sound quality

Bose Soundsport has a 10mm driver speaker that delivers natural bass compensated by clear mids and clean highs.

The perfect tonal balance between the notes provides a very pleasant music listening experience.

The famed Bose clean sound promise is very well maintained with this product as well.

Since the earbuds fit snug inside the ear canal, the listening experience becomes more immersive.


This wireless Bluetooth earphone features Bluetooth v4.1 with support for low energy mode.

This will save a lot of battery while being connected with the smartphone continuously.

This wireless earphone also features NFC for one-tap pairing with your NFC powered devices.

The Dual array mics in this earphone will enable you to make crystal clear phone calls even when surrounded by noise from the outdoors.

Battery life

The Bose Soundsport delivers a decent 6-hours charge with these earbuds when used continuously at moderate volume levels.

With the case being a charging station, you can charge the case while going out on a trip and get an effective 12 hours playback time.


The Bose Soundsport is an excellent wireless earphone for audiophiles who want to listen to the music, the way its creators meant to be.

Despite being expensive, owning a Bose product is not just a purchase but an experience as a whole.

Elegant design
Excellent sound output
IPX4 water resistance


Bluetooth Versionv4.1
Builtin MicrophoneYes
BatteryUp to 6 Hours
Warranty1 Year

3. 1MORE True Wireless

Best Battery Life
  • AptX support
  • Bluetooth v5.0
  • Powerful bass

1MORE is a renowned audio equipment manufacturer based in the Chinese mainland.

The 1MORE True Wireless is the company’s latest offering to the earbud-style earphones that compete with the likes of Samsung earbuds priced competitively under Rs.10,000.

Design and Build Quality

The construction of this truly wireless earbud from 1MORE is of high-quality plastic. It doesn’t feel any cheap but as a boon makes the device lightweight and comfortable.

The earbuds come in a rather large egg-shaped casing which is also made of tough plastic material.

The earbuds feature an ear hook designed specifically to keep the earbuds inside the ear without easily falling off.

Speakers and Sound Quality

The 1MORE audio product sound drivers are custom tuned by the famous Emmy award-winning musician Luca Bignardi.

This helps the company to provide customers with a more sublime music listening experience.

The bass levels on this earbuds are on point and the compensating mid and highs make the overall sound output much more pleasing to music lovers.


The 1MORE wireless earbuds come with Bluetooth v5.0 for a stable and power-efficient wireless connectivity.

The left and right earbuds pair separately, meaning there is an option to use these in a single or double device configuration.

To make the voice calls and the music clean and crisp, the 1MORE wireless earbuds supports AptX technology.

Battery Life

This truly wireless earbud lasts for about 6 hours on a single charge. The case which holds the earbuds can be used to charge the earbuds when not in use.

The total battery power of the earbuds along with the charging case comes to about 24 hours.


1MORE wireless earbuds is a perfect bass-rich in-ear style earphones battery life and excellent wireless connectivity on board for a price under Rs.10,000.


Custom-tuned sound driver


Elegant and comfort fit design


Passive noise cancellation


No volume control buttons


Bluetooth Versionv5.0
Builtin MicrophoneYes
BatteryUp to 6 Hours
Warranty1 Year


4. Apple Earpods

Feature-Rich Wireless Earbuds
  • Excellent tonal balance
  • Up to 8 devices at once
  • Apple brand value

Apple has done it! They’re done with 3.5mm ports and is now replacing the popular earpods with the new Apple Airpods which is a truly wireless Bluetooth earphone priced around Rs.14,000.

Design and Build Quality

Right from the packaging to the build quality, Apple has kept its charm intact.

Inside the box is a pebble-shaped charging case and inside the case (forgive the inception style description!) is a pair of gorgeous white airpods.

The earpiece resembles the traditional Apple earpods minus the wire, of course. The airpods are magnetic and so is the case to keep them.

When you insert these into the case, they automatically click in place without any effort.

Speaker and Sound Quality

The sound quality is impressive from the tiny airpods from Apple. The bass levels are very well balanced with the mid and highs.

The vocals are pronounced and well distinct from the instrument sounds.

The Apple Airpods is one of the few earphones available in the market that will satisfy all types of music lovers – be it EDMs, hip hop or even pure vocals equally.


Since this is an Apple product, it blends seamlessly with the ecosystem.

The Airpods sync via your iCloud account meaning you can use this product with any of your Apple devices without having to pair manually each time.

Apple claims that you can use a single earpod on eight Apple devices at once. This is of great use when you are highly invested in the Apple ecosystem.


The Airpods look minimal from the outside but they aren’t so inside.

It packs in an accelerometer for the double-tap gesture that invokes either the smart assistant Siri or to play/pause the track option.

Additionally, the infrared sensors detect whether the airpods are inside the ear. If you pull out the pods from your ear, the music will automatically pause.

Battery Life

The Airpods has batteries separately on each earpiece. This will last for about five hours of music playback.

Additionally, the case in which the airpods are stored features a battery that will automatically charge the pods when they are kept inside.

Altogether, you will get about 24 hours worth of playback time from the earpods and with the included charging case.


If you wish to be in line with the latest technology that delivers excellent audio quality and at the same time is packed to the brim with features, the Apple Airpods is not only a great choice but also doubles up as a luxury statement.


Excellent build quality


Perfect and balanced sound output


Battery life


Limited functionality with Android phones


Bluetooth Versionv4.2
Builtin MicrophoneYes
BatteryUp to 5 Hours
Warranty1 Year

5. Sony WF-SP700N

Best Bass-Heavy Wireless Earbuds
  • Best for outdoor use
  • Suited for bass fanatics
  • Unique design

Sony and audio technology are like a match made in heaven – many would say.

We think we should agree with that because the earphones, Bluetooth speakers and headphones from Sony we’ve tested and reviewed, this notion seems to be true.

The WF-SP700N is a truly wireless Bluetooth earphone from Sony that aims to cement this fact further.

Cute little seed.

The design of the WF-SP700N reminded us of a seedling – Yes the one with sprouting. The difference here is that the sprouting is of the ear support and has no leaves.

Jokes aside, we liked the aesthetics of this product. It’s well-built and feels outright premium when held in hand.

With IPX4 certification. You can take these cute wireless earphones outside in light rains and continue enjoying the music you like.

Extra Bass? Present Sir.

Sony and Bass are almost synonymous now. With this WF-S700N, the sound output does have that punchy bass you’re familiar in Sony’s audio-related equipment.

The loudness levels are on par with the competitors. Having an adequately powered dome-type speaker drivers helps these earphones to cover a wider spectrum of the frequency range.

What this means for you is that you’ll be able to listen to instruments that didn’t sound pronounced while listening on normal earphones.

Noise cancellation at its best…

The Noise cancellation on this earphone is the absolute best we’ve tested till now.

With the Active noise cancellation feature inside, this earphone cancels out the background noise and lets you listen to the music without any distractions.

This won’t be much important to those who use this product inside their house or office building. But for those who love to listen to music while travelling outside, you’re sure to notice the day and night difference in the immersiveness.


Noise cancellation works well but remembers that when you have that feature enabled, you won’t be able to listen to the background sound.

If you’re a rider and if you aren’t aware of the surroundings, the results could be fatal.

However, there’s an option to let ambients sounds to be filtered and let inside your ear. This is very much helpful in such situations.

Battery life – Average or not?

Unlike passive noise cancellation, Active noise cancellation does draw some power. Maybe because of this, we got this wireless Bluetooth earphone to last up to 3 hours on a single charge.

With the supplied charging case, the battery life was satisfactory at about 9 hours.

Should you buy it??

Yes – If you are a bass fanatic and would love to listen to the music in its full glory even when you’re in the middle of a chaotic environment.

With the brand reliability and the audio quality it delivers, we think the Sony WF-S700N is a product worth checking out.


Excellent noise cancellation


Rich bass


Build quality

Average battery life


Bluetooth Versionv4.1
Builtin MicrophoneYes
BatteryUp to 3 Hours
Warranty1 Year

6. Noise Shots X5

Best Value for Money Earbuds
  • IPX5 water and sweat resistance
  • Stereo sound output
  • Affordable

Go Noise is an India based marketing company focussed on marketing audio equipment and gadgets such as action cameras and smartwatches.

The Noise Shots X5 is an improved version of its predecessor – the original Noise Shots, truly wireless budget earbuds available for just under Rs.3000, offering excellent value for money proposition.

Design and Build Quality

The Noise Shots X5 earbuds are designed with exemplary simplicity and minimalism. The fit and finish of this entry-level budget earbud feel very premium and elegant.

The metallic earbud casing and the charging case is really small and lightweight, aiding excellent portability.

The angled earpiece fits very well inside the ear canal and offers passive noise cancellation effect while doing so.

This gadget comes certified with an IPX5 rating, which makes it sweat and splash resistance.

Speakers and Sound Quality

The 10 mm speaker driver inside the Noise Shots X5 earbud delivers bass-rich sound output with complementing mid and highs.

There is no sound distortion to be felt even at maximum volume levels.

Not only does this budget earbud shine with EDMs and hip hop music, but it also performs well for its price with vocals and light music as well.


The Noise Shots X5 earbud comes integrated with an inbuilt mic for voice calls.

The quality of the microphone is decent and picks up the voice even with mild ambient background noises.

The Bluetooth v5.0 connectivity works pretty well to offer a consistent wireless connection anywhere within the 10m range of your smartphone.

Battery Life

The rechargeable battery inside the Noise Shots X5 is rated to last for about five hours of music playback on a single charge.

The charging case to has a 2200mAh battery built in to charge the earbuds almost ten times to its fullest capacity.


If you’re in search of entry-level earbuds with decent sound quality, the Noise Shots X5 is a good choice, to begin with.

Being an Indian company, the service is expected to be better, unlike other cheap Chinese brands which are an added advantage.


Elegant design


Voice assistant feature


High fidelity sound output


No Passive Noise Cancellation


Bluetooth Versionv5.0
Builtin MicrophoneYes
BatteryUp to 4 Hours
Warranty1 Year

7. Cross beats Air

Earbuds with Universal Compatibility
  • Truly wireless design
  • Decent build quality
  • Deep bass with perfect mids 

Cross beats is a domestic Indian company specialized in marketing wireless headphones and earphones.

The Cross beats Air is a truly wireless earphone that is designed on the lines of Apple earpods but with a much more affordable price tag.

Design and Build Quality

The Cross beats Air is made of hard plastic coated with a glossy paint finish that provides a premium earphone look to this device.

The Cross beats logo adorns the chassis and with the minimal design, it looks cool from a distance.

The earpods in itself is very compact and fits inside the ear canals quite comfortably.

Speakers and Sound Quality

The 9mm speaker drivers inside the Cross beats Air does produce bass-heavy sound with neutral mids and decent highs.

The Sound quality of this wireless earphone, when compared to other competitors in its league, is satisfactory and well above average.

The in-call audio is clear and stutter-free within the Bluetooth range the sound from the receiver end is clean and crisp as well.


The Cross beats Air is compatible with a wide range of devices that has Bluetooth support such as laptops, TVs and smartphones.

There is a dual-mode operation in which, you can either use a single earbud for listening to the music or use both at the same time.

Battery Life

The company claims a battery life of about 4 hours on a single charge with these earphones.

The charging case has a built-in battery that has enough capacity to charge the earphones thrice.

Combined, you can get around 15 hours of music listening from this budget truly wireless earphones.


If you want an Apple earpod style truly wireless earphone but has a tight budget, the Cross beats Air is an excellent choice under Rs.5,000.

The earpods themselves are compact and fits comfortably inside the ear delivering a soothing music output that will satiate your nerves.




Compatible with all devices


Comfort fit


Mono output during voice calls


Bluetooth Versionv4.1
Builtin MicrophoneYes
BatteryUp to 4 Hours
Warranty1 Year

8. Chevron C160

Best Budget Wireless Earbud
  • Apple Airpod style product
  • Decent audio quality
  • Universally compatible

If you’re in love with the Apple Airpods but doesn’t have that sort of money in the wallet, we’d suggest the Chevron Wireless C160 earphones that are priced under Rs.3000. This truly wireless budget Bluetooth earphones deliver the Airpod experience at a fraction of its price.

Design and build quality

Even though it’s priced way too lower than all the competitors here on this list, Chevron hasn’t done any compromises on the build quality of this Bluetooth earphone.

The plastic used for the construction doesn’t feel too cheap and the design resembles a luxury product.

The stable, ergonomic design ensures that these wireless earbuds stay in place even while you’re engaged in strenuous activities.

Does the price sound right??

Powered by the Bluetooth v4.1 CSR chip inside, the sound output coming out of the speakers is on par with other models priced similarly.

With the support for aptX technology, this earphone delivers rich bass and crystal clear mids and highs that make your music listening to an enjoyable experience.

The voice call clarity is another important aspect to talk about this earphone. The call quality was decent and the mic seemed to be sufficiently sensitive enough to pick the voice.

Features galore on a budget

With the Chevron wireless earpods, you’re going to get almost all the features of a premium-priced Apple Airpod.

The magnetic charging case and the noise cancellation technology are present with this product as well.

This Bluetooth earphone is compatible with almost all Bluetooth enabled devices including Apple, Android and Windows products.

Fast charging feature that’s present with this wireless earphone lets you have a quick 15 minutes juice up of the battery and use it for an hour and a half.

Less price, less battery life?

Surprisingly No. The Chevron wireless Bluetooth earbuds lasted for a respectable 4 hours before its battery completely drained out.

However, with the carrying case featuring a 400 mAh battery, you can use this product for about 3 hours on a single charge.

Decision pending?

If you’re in dire need of a truly wireless Apple airpod style Bluetooth earphone, this one might be the right pick for you. Its battery life is also quite impressive.

But if you’re inclined more towards the quality of sound than the price of earphones, then you may have to look elsewhere.


Robust build quality


Secure and comfortable fit


1-year warranty

No noise cancellation


Bluetooth Versionv4.1
Builtin MicrophoneYes
BatteryUp to 3 Hours
Warranty6 Months

9. Blaupunkt BTW01

Best Budget Wireless Earbud
  • Soft-touch controls
  • Eight hours of battery life
  • The stereo high definition of sound output

Blaupunkt is a critically acclaimed German company known for its audio products including car audio systems and speakers.

The Blaupunkt BTW01 is a budget truly wireless earbuds costing just under Rs.5000 which offers excellent value for money proposition for budget-conscious customers.

Design and Build Quality

The Blaupunkt BT01 earbuds are made from metal, which feels extremely polished and well made.

The earbuds fit inside the ears comfortably and deliver peace of mind while carrying out workout exercises such as jogging.

These earbuds come in a carrying case that doubles up a charging dock. There are two LED lights on top of the earbuds to indicate the pairing status and battery status indication.

Speakers and Sound Quality

This truly wireless budget earbud features a 6mm neodymium speaker driver which delivers loud and clear, bass-rich sound output.

The low and high endnotes are pronounced with distinct vocals, making for an overall satisfactory music listening experience.

The voice calls through the speaker also sound well and clear without any distortions.

The Blaupunkt BTW01 has touch-sensitive button controls on the earbuds. A slight tap play/pauses the music track or accepts/rejects a voice call.

Pressing and holding the left earbud skips on to the previous track and the same action on the right skips to the next track.

Three taps on the earbud summons the Siri/Google voice assistant feature on iOS and Android devices respectively.

This device is IPX5 certified meaning it can be used outdoors during adverse weather conditions without the fear of getting damaged.

Battery Life

This wireless earbud comes with 590mAh rechargeable battery inside which is rated to last for six hours on a single charge.

The charging dock gives 24 hours of extra charging and the earbuds take roughly around 1.5 hours to completely juice up.


The Blaupunkt BTW01 is one of the best truly wireless earbuds you can purchase under a budget of Rs.5000.

Decent battery life combined with satisfactory sound output makes this gadget well worth every penny spent.


LED status indicator


Up to 25ft signal reception


12 months warranty


Slight discomfort after longer duration listening


Bluetooth Versionv5.0
Builtin MicrophoneYes
BatteryUp to 6 Hours
Warranty1 Year

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