HP 14q CS2003TU Launched on Amazon Prime Day 2020

by | Aug 6, 2020

HP 14 is an entry-level laptop aimed at first time buyers looking for a beginner machine for casual browsing and document editing.

This laptop powered by Intel’s latest Pentium silver processor is to be unveiled in India during this year’s Amazon prime day sales event starting from August 6th.

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The HP 14 is an affordable laptop priced very competently targeted at those who want an entry-level portable laptop with decent internals and satisfactory performance.

This laptop offers one of the most value for money prepositions in the entry-level market in India right now.

HP Intel Pentium Laptop


The HP 14, as the name suggests features a 14-inch HD display with a resolution of 1366 x 768 pixels.

Even though this is not a full HD panel, the smaller screen size helps in improved pixel density which results in sharper, clearer texts and visuals.

The colour accuracy is decent enough for the asking price and the brightness levels won’t bother you too much when used indoors.

Processor and Performance

Pentium series processors are Intel’s answer to the AMD APU’s.

These low cost, low powered processors are ideal for beginner laptops which is primarily aimed at fulfilling casual web browsing and document editing needs.

The Pentium Silver N5030 together with the 4GB onboard RAM does well in that regard.

You can easily run almost all day to apps including web browsers, document editors and stuff without choking the processor to a halt.


The fact that HP has included a genuine copy of Windows 10 OS on an entry-level laptop is very welcoming.

You will get to enjoy a hassle-free, non-pirated, secure OS pre-installed from the factory on this machine for your personal use.

Not only that, but HP is also bundling genuine MS Office suite along with the OS for document editing and academic productivity uses.


  • Entry-level Intel Pentium N5030 processor
  • Genuine Windows 10 OS
  • Bundled MS Office
  • 14-inch display

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