HP Pavilion i5 10th Gen Gaming Laptop to Launch on Amazon Prime Day

by | Aug 5, 2020

HP Pavilion 15 is a mid-range laptop powered by the latest tenth-generation Intel processor which is slated to be launched during the Amazon Prime Day sales event starting from August 6th.

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The HP Pavilion series laptops are very popular among school students and first-time laptop buyers due to their affordability and feature richness.

The all-new Pavilion laptop powered by the latest Intel tenth generation i5 CPU is significantly faster and powerful than those powered by the eighth and ninth-generation processors.

If your use is mainly for office work, academic fulfilment, casual web browsing and media consumption, this i5 laptop is one of the most suitable choices.

HP Pavilion Gaming


The HP Pavilion laptop features a smaller 14-inch display compared to the 15.6-inch panel found on standard Pavilion laptops.

This smaller display is brighter, colour accurate and sharper – thanks to the increased pixel density.

You won’t face any trouble using this laptop for watching media or working with documents and text.

Processor and Performance

As we have already mentioned, the HP Pavilion laptop is powered by the tenth generation Intel i5 processor.

This is the latest mid-range flagship-grade mobile processor from Intel which has four physical cores and eight threads.

With the 8GB DDR4 RAM onboard, this processor works well to ensure smooth and stutter-free usage, even with multiple apps opened side by side.


The HP Pavilion laptop runs on Genuine Windows 10 Home operating system. The Intel processor and the integrated graphics is well optimized to run the OS buttery smooth on this hardware.

As an extra productivity perk, HP has also bundled the MS-Office 2019 license with the device for using the genuine Microsoft Office suite without the need to rely on cracked versions of the same.


  • Latest Intel i5 tenth generation CPU
  • 14-inch high pixel density display
  • Bundled MS-Office software
  • Lightweight and compact form factor

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