Redgear A-15 Wired Gaming Mouse Launched on Amazon Prime Day

by | Aug 7, 2020

 Redgear is a prominent gaming accessories brand in India specialized in marketing affordable gaming products ranging from gamepads to keyboards.

The Redgear A15 is one of the latest entry-level wired gaming mice from the company launched in conjunction with the Amazon prime day sales.

This product is available for purchase to all prime members right now for a discounted rate of just Rs.399.

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Redgear A15

Redgear A15
Entry-level Gaming Mouse
  • Maximum DPI up to 6400
  • RGB LED light illumination
  • Gaming grade sensor

The Redgear A15 is a wired gaming mouse targeting entry-level gamers who are looking to purchase an affordable feature-rich mouse with the decent build quality.

Design and Build Quality

The A15 is made from plastic materials to cut down the cost. The quality of construction of this mouse is not too bad, to be honest.

The ergonomically designed chassis helps in delivering the user a firm grip with the palm resting naturally on the contours.

There are textures patterns on the chassis for adding extra grip to the hands even when used with sweaty/wet hands.

The switches on this mouse are very tactile and guarantee to offer excellent click response.


The Redgear A15 features a decent gaming-grade sensor which helps in quick reflexes and cursor movements.

While playing fast-paced action games, having a better sensor would improve your chance of winning the match.

This sensor has a maximum DPI limit of up to 6400. This means the accuracy of the cursor movements will be much better.

The DPI level can be adjusted on the fly with the help of the dedicated buttons on top.

This flexibility makes the A15 suitable not only for gaming but also for use as a general-purpose mouse.

Miscellaneous Features

Just like you expect from a gaming mouse, the Redgear A15 has RGB LED lighting effects to add up the gaming flair.

This lighting illumination can be customized according to the user preference using the bundled software.

Redgear offers up to 1-year manufacturer warranty for this gaming mouse if something unfortunate happens in between the ownership period.

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