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Research about the latest and the greatest gadgets.


Review and list the best gadgets based on consumer interest.


Recommend gadgets and gears that suit every users needs.

Hey, gadget geeks!

Are you obsessed with the latest gadgets and gears just like we do over here at Bettershark? Do your friends treat you as their Gadget Guru and seek your advice before their next big purchase? Do you love reviewing and writing about the coolest devices in town? Then we need you!

We are offering an exciting and challenging career for you to join our team of Product Review Experts at Bettershark and help people buy the best product. As part of your job, you will test, research, and write comprehensive reviews about the best technology devices and gadgets. Rest assured, you will have a lot of fun working with us.

Why you should join us?

You're a self-proclaimed gadget guru

Up to date with the latest and greatest gadgets and every new gadget launch triggers your adrenaline.

You're passionate about reviewing gadgets

Have a healthy obsession to critically analyze a gadget and order your verdict about it.

You love writing about the latest gadgets

You love writing about gadgets and have the ability to clearly explain why they are the best.

You dream of working in a cool startup

Our work culture is as cool as it gets and we adhere to a no-drama policy in our workplace.

You are inspired by the amazing MKBHD

You religiously follow the dope tech videos of Marques Brownlee, Jonathan Morrison and Unbox Therapy.

You love helping people to choose gadgets

Last but not the least, join us if you love to help and simplify people’s gadget buying decision.

Current Openings

Gadget Reviewer

We are looking for gadget reviewers who can test, research, analyse, review and write quality content related to gadgets and gears.

You will be a perfect fit for us if you are a:

  • Self-proclaimed gadget guru

Lives and breathes tech, follow product launches, interested and passionate about gadgets and have a never-ending curiosity to learn more to always stay on top of the game.

  • Concise word juggler

Have the knack to explain what you know about gadgets, tech and whatnot in a simple, easy to understand manner, even to a novice reader with no prior background knowledge about the subject.

  • Team player

Capable of communicating and collaborating with the team to achieve a shared common goal all while having the capability to be an independent contributor.

Job location

You can work from our office which is located in Calicut, Kerala or work from home if you want.

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Gadget Reviewer Internship

Are you deeply passionate about technology and gadgets but worried about the lack of English language skills and vocabulary to reflect your ideas?

Fret not!

Join our Bettershark gadget review team as an intern with stipend for three months to have a hands-on experience with gadget reviews and content writing for our website with experienced mentors.

If everything goes well, we will be happy to offer a long-term position as a content writer in our team.

Job location

You can work from our office which is located in Calicut, Kerala or work from home if you want.

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