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Mobile Phones

Best Mobile Phones Under Rs.30,000 (February 2019)

Are you the one looking to step-up your geek game a bit? With a bunch of choices lying around in mobile phones under Rs.30,000, you're sure to sweat it out to find the best. But don't worry we will walk you through the tough part. This list has been curated to provide...

Best Mobile Phones Under Rs.12,000 (February 2019)

If you are looking for a smartphone above Rs.10,000 and you can’t extend your budget to Rs.15,000, then the best option is to go for a smartphone under Rs.12,000. The sheer variety and competition in this segment are massive in India and almost every phone...


Best Gaming Laptops in India (February 2019)

Welcome Gaming Aficionados! In search of a mean machine that will let you play your titles like a breeze? Concerned about the specifications and budget? Don’t worry. We will help you sort the best gaming laptops curated according to the needs of every kind of gamers...

Best Laptops Under Rs.60,000 (February 2019)

Laptops are portable workhorses. As days pass by, these devices are getting lighter and more powerful. A budget under Rs.60,000 will help you experience some of the best cutting-edge features on a laptop that will make your life easier. Here is our list of the best...



Best Camera Under Rs.10,000

Capturing pictures of your most cherished moments is a way of keeping those memories with you forever. Today, every other smartphone launched in the market does feature a very capable camera system that rivals even some of the established cameras in the market. But...


How To Install Google Camera?

A handy guide for installing Google Camera to utilize the capability of your smartphone camera to its maximum potential for breathtaking photos and videos.

Explained: Fast Charging in Smartphones

Dash charging, Quick charging, Warp charging, there are many types of fast charging technologies out there in smartphone world. Let’s take an account of them in detail.