Best 2 Ton Air Conditioners In India (March 2020)

by | Mar 9, 2020

Generally air conditioners above 1.5 Ton capacity are used mainly for office applications. There exists a niche category of people who buy such high capacity AC units for their home as well.

To condition the dining hall or any other larger space you need a bigger capacity AC. That’s where a 2 Ton AC comes into the picture.

In this list, we are bringing you the best 2 Ton air conditioners available in the market as of now. Read along to make a wise purchase decision.

Let’s start!

Best 2 Ton Air Conditioners In India

1. Panasonic CS-NU24WKYWOverall Best Pick
2. Daikin JTKJ60TVRunner-up Pick
3. LG LS-H24VNXDAC With the Best Quality Compressor
4. Voltas SAC 245VAC with Best After Sales Support
5. Bluestar IC324YATUHonorable Mention


1. Panasonic CS-NU24WKYW

Overall Best Pick
  • Google Assistant/Amazon Alexa integration
  • Suitable for rooms ranging from 150-200 sq.ft
  • Twin cool inverter

Panasonic is a no-nonsense player in the air conditioning market in India. We don’t see many commercials of these products on TV and Internet but they do sell rather well with the word of mouth. Consistent top-notch performance is one of the key features of the Panasonic ACs.

The Panasonic CS-NU24WKYW is a 2 Ton inverter type split AC aimed at large homes and office spaces.

Design and Build Quality

The Panasonic CS-NU24WKYW has an elegantly designed indoor unit with minimal curves and lines.

The use of white and black dual colour scheme makes this AC suitable to be partnered with a wide range of home decor.

The quality of construction is top-notch and high-quality materials have been used for ensuring durability.

The outdoor unit is made using a mix of zinc, aluminium and magnesium alloy for better weather and corrosion resistance.

Rotary Inverter Compressor

This 2-tonne AC comes equipped with a rotary inverter compressor which offers impressive cooling performance at all loads.

Even when the ambient outside temperature is high enough, this AC manages to cool the interiors significantly faster than other competitors in this segment.

Being a rotary compressor, the operation is very silent.

Performance Metrics

The 2 Ton Panasonic CS-NU24WKYW has a maximum cooling capacity of 6200 W at the rated energy consumption of 1850 W.

This AC comes with an ECO mode for mild cooling and a power mode for quick cooling, thanks to the inverter compressor supporting variable load inside.

Bureau of Energy Efficiency (BEE) has certified this appliance with 5-star 2019 rating, ensuring that this AC is highly energy efficient.

Miscellaneous Features

The Panasonic CS-NU24WKYW has a two-stage particulate filter to ensure the quality of breathable air coming out of the indoor unit.

The first stage traps harmful bacterias and the second PM 2.5 filter resists dust and other particulate matter from getting into the air stream.

The twin flaps on this AC which moves horizontally as well as vertically results in delivering a 4-way airflow allowing the air to reach every nook and corner of the room uniformly.


The Panasonic CS-NU24WKYW is a BEE 5-star 2019 rated inverter type split AC suitable for large homes and office spaces.

This air conditioner delivers superior performance while not going overboard when it comes to electricity consumption.


WiFi-enabled AC


Environment-friendly R32 refrigerant


Stabilizer free operation


Heavy outdoor unit


Capacity2 Tonne
Condenser TypeCopper
Compressor TypeRotary Inverter
Cooling Capacity6100 W
Power Consumption1850 W
Star Rating5-star BEE rating 2019

2. Daikin JTKJ60TV

Runner-up pick
  • 5-star BEE 2019 rating
  • Low noise 
  • Suited for medium-sized rooms

Daikin is a Japanese brand famous for its wide range of air conditioners and other related equipment.

The Daikin JTKJ60TV is a 1.8-Tonne inverter type Split AC suitable for rooms ranging from 150 – 175 sq.ft.

Design and Build Quality

The Daikin JTKJ60TV has a streamlined design which looks appealing to the eyes.

The minimal design philosophy Daikin has chosen to build this AC makes it suitable for homes as well as offices alike.

The polycarbonate plastic used for the construction of this air conditioner is of very high quality and you won’t have any issue with the durability whatsoever.

The outdoor unit is built bulky but it is robustly built. The steel clamps provided with the unit makes it easy to be attached on to a frame or onto a wall directly.

Rotary compressor with Copper Condenser

Daikin employs a rotary inverter compressor inside the JTKJ60TV air conditioner.

This air conditioner has a class-leading copper coil type condenser that exhibits better heat exchange characteristics.

This is an inverter compressor which works efficiently at variable loads for precise temperature control.

Inverter compressors are known for its low maintenance, high-performance characteristics backed up by excellent power efficiency.

Energy consumption and Cooling Capacity

This air conditioner comes with a 5-star BEE 2019 rating which ensures that the energy efficiency of this air conditioner is on par with its competitors.

The maximum cooling capacity of this air conditioner is rated at 6000W at an energy consumption rate of 1950W.

The Daikin JTKJ60TV is very capable of cooling the interior of a large room or office space significantly faster with minimal noise from the compressor, even at peak loads.

Miscellaneous Features

Daikin uses R-32 refrigerant in this air conditioner which has zero ozone depletion potential.

This air conditioner with its multi-axis swing feature will throw the air up to a great distance ensuring all the corners of the room will be uniformly cooled without any exception.

Titanium Apatite Photocatalytic Air-purifying offers quality air output without any microscopic particles escaping the dust filters.

Daikin India provides a 1-year comprehensive warranty on this 1.8 Ton inverter AC.


Daikin is known for its air conditioning units which operate way too silent than any other product in the market.

If you are looking to purchase a product that offers high performance, silent and stable operation, the Daikin JTKJ60TV meets all the necessary criteria and then some more.


Quick chill operation


100% pure copper condenser


Low maintenance




Capacity1.8 tonne
Condenser TypeCopper
Compressor TypeInverter neo swin
Cooling Capacity1950 W
Power Consumption6000 W
Star Rating5-star BEE rating 2019


AC with the Best Quality Compressor
  • Variable speed linear inverter compressor
  • Auto clean feature
  • Smart Diagnosis via the smartphone app

LG is a South Korean conglomerate that has been playing in the Indian market along with Samsung.

The LS-H24VNXD is LG’s take on the inverter AC market that has been launched recently in the Indian market.

The LG LS-H24VNXD is a 2 Ton air conditioner that can cool large to medium rooms pretty quickly.

Dual rotary Compressor and Copper Condenser

Copper coil condenser surrounded by gold fins ensures the components are anti-corrosive and will withstand the test of time pretty much without any hassle.

Dual rotary compressors are employed to increase the temperature span that the AC can achieve thereby providing the customer with a wide temperature range choice that suits his needs.

Miscellaneous Features

This air conditioner boasts an indoor sound level of about 27dB which is one of the lowest in the market at present.

LG has used R32 refrigerant in this AC.

LG has included low refrigerant detection that will make sure the refrigerant levels are optimum.

In case of a shortage, the system will automatically detect and alert the user before any serious damage might happen.

LG’s patented Himalaya cool technology will help the AC to cool the surrounding pretty quickly.

Cooling capacity and energy consumption

This air conditioner comes with a 3-star 2019 BEE energy efficiency rating.

The LG LS-H24VNXD has a maximum cooling capacity of 6200W at the rated energy consumption of 2090W.


The LG LS-H24VNXD is an inverter compressor powered air conditioner that has the patented Himalaya cool technology which makes the surroundings cool faster than any other air conditioner in its category.

With safety features such as low refrigerant detection, this is one of the best inverter air conditioners that money can buy in the Indian market.


Corrosion-free gold fin condenser


Four-way swing


Low refrigerant detection


Bulky indoor unit


Capacity2 tonne
Condenser TypeCopper
Compressor Typedual rotary inverter
Cooling Capacity6200 W
Power Consumption2090 W
Star Rating3-star BEE rating 2019

4. Voltas SAC 245V

AC with Best After Sales Support
  • Best in class power efficiency
  • Suitable for large-sized rooms
  • Multi-stage filtration 

Voltas is the air conditioning and cooling equipment manufacturing subsidiary of the Tata group and one of the best in the industry at it.

They have been awarded for the best air-conditioners complying with the energy efficiency standards by the Indian government.

The Voltas SAC 245V is a 2 Ton 3-star BEE 2019 rated inverter type air conditioner that perfectly fits a small room with floor space ranging from 150 to 200 sq.ft.

Compressor and Condenser

The high quality and durable twin-blade rotary inverter compressor aids in quick cooling of your surroundings no matter what the outside temperature is.

The copper condenser inside with specially designed inner grooves helps the airflow to be smooth and super cool within no time.

4-stage dust filter and the timer function

This 2 Ton air conditioner comes with a 4-stage filter that blocks and eliminates dust as well as microbes from entering the air stream keeping you and your surroundings healthy and fresh.

The timer function lets you set the schedule for auto switch-on and off eliminating the hassle of turning the air-conditioner manually on/off.

This effectively reduces energy consumption as the machine works only during a pre-set period.

Miscellaneous features

Auto-restart function keeps the last active temperature settings before the power outage and automatically optimizes the temperature when the power comes back on.

Turbo-cool mode aids in fast cooling of your surroundings.

This is greatly beneficial during summers when you come home tired and sweating, the inverter inside will increase the speed of the compressor thus enhancing the cooling rate.

Energy Consumption and Cooling Capacity

Featuring a cooling capacity of 6400 W at a minimal 1850 W energy consumption rate makes this one of the best energy efficient inverter AC’s in the market at present.

Voltas provides 1-year of overall warranty for the unit and an additional 5-year warranty on the compressor.


If you’re looking to purchase an air conditioner for a large office space or a hall, the Voltas SAC 245V is a great choice.

With the power-efficient rotary compressor inside, this AC can cool the space effectively even in the most demanding of conditions.

Being a product from the Tata family, customer service satisfaction is guaranteed as well.


Copper condenser coil


Active dehumidifier


Advanced air purification


Noisy outdoor unit


Capacity2 Tonne
Condenser TypeCopper
Compressor TypeRotary inverter
Cooling Capacity6400 W
Power Consumption1850 W
Star Rating5-star BEE rating 2019

5. Bluestar IC324YATU

Honorable Mention
  • Best for industrial usage
  • 3-star BEE 2019 rating
  • Dual rotor inverter technology

Bluestar is an Indian company headquartered in Mumbai having years of experience in the HVAC industry in the country.

The Bluestar IC324YATU is a non-inverter type 2-ton split AC that is powerful enough to cool large areas, be it your home or office.

Copper condenser

The Bluestar IC324YATU features a 100% pure copper condenser to improve the cooling efficiency and for the power consumption efficiency.

Miscellaneous features

The air vents on this AC are cleverly designed to ensure a wide-angle of cooled air propagation.

The auto swing feature supplements this function by horizontal and vertical louvre motion, making sure the air reaches every corner of the room evenly.

The anti-freezing thermostat inside this AC makes sure they remain in operation for a very long time without needing frequent maintenance.

The timer mode function lets you set the time for AC operation and helps in saving energy as well as makes a significant decrease in electricity bills.

Energy consumption and cooling capacity

This product comes with a 3-star BEE 2019 certification which means this air conditioner is 25% more energy efficient than a non-star rated unit in the market.

The rotary compressor inside does its job as advertised. This 2-ton AC has a cooling capacity of 6300W at an energy consumption rate of 1750W.

With this air conditioning unit, Bluestar provides an effective 6-year warranty including the 5-year warranty on the compressor.


Bluestar IC324YATU is a solidly built air conditioner that performs exceptionally well to provide you with the best air conditioning experience.

The latest 3-star 2019 energy efficiency rating for this 2-ton air conditioner ensures that you won’t have to bother much about the electricity bills.


Precision cooling technology




Sleep mode

Uninspiring design


Capacity2 tonne
Condenser TypeCopper
Compressor TypeRotary inverter
Cooling Capacity6330 W
Power Consumption1750 W
Star Rating3-star BEE rating 2019

The list ends here and rest is upto you to decide and select a model that suits your particular use-case. With the best models we have cherry picked for your convenience, we hope that would be a rather easy task for you to accomplish.

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