Best Jackets in India (Cold Weather, Cycling, Rain & Running)

All-weather jackets are one of the most sought after clothing segments currently in India. There are different kinds of jackets suiting different needs and finding the best one for you is indeed a challenge.

In this short best buying guide, we’ll discuss the best five budget jackets that we have closed in on after reviewing a truckload. We hope this will help you to make a learned choice and get the best value for your hard-earned money.

Without any further ado, let’s jump straight into the article!

Best Five Jackets In India

1. Quechua Men’s Rain JacketBest Budget Men’s Raincoat
2. QUECHUA Women’s RaincoatBest Budget Women’s Raincoat
3. Kalenji Running JacketBest Budget Running Jacket
4. Solognac Men’s JacketBest Budget Fleece Jacket
5. BTWIN Cycling JacketBest Budget Cycling Jacket

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1. Quechua Men’s Rain Jacket

Best Budget Men’s Raincoat

  • Waterproof
  • Adjustable hood with drawcords
  • Breathable material


Convenient zip pockets

Lightweight and portable

Eco-friendly materials


Small pocket size

Quechua men’s rain jacket is one of the best in its class providing a durable all-weather jacket combined with excellent wearing comfort.

This jacket is perfect to be worn in all weather, while you’re out for the mountain, forest or even coastal hiking.

Design and Material Quality

The Quechua Men’s rain jacket is made from 100% polyester material. 

The company had added breathable ventilated sections across the jacket body to reduce the perspiration issues in humid climatic conditions.

The specially placed drawcord can be used to keep the jacket as much as close to your body if you wish so.

Similar to the other Quechua jackets, this one also comes with a hydrophilic coating to repel water droplets from sticking on the jacket surface.


This waterproof jacket from Quechua is ideal for use during rainy seasons. It comes with a built-in hood to protect the head from rain as well.

The hydrophilic coating on the jacket makes the water run off the surface very quickly, resulting in excellent breathability of the material and remains lightweight.

This men’s jacket from Quechua can be used as a regular raincoat during your bike rides as well as an adventure wearing gear.


This polyester jacket from Quechua for men is made from eco-friendly recycled polyester fabric. The dyeing process involved in the colouring process in these coats is also done under standard conditions to minimise the impact on the environment.

Quechua provides a two-years of warranty on this jacket, in case there is something wrong with the gear due to manufacturing defects.


If you are in search of a quality men’s jacket with excellent weatherproof capabilities, the Quechua men’s raincoat NH100 is one of the best in the business priced under Rs.900.


Pockets2, with zips
UsageMild Rains

2. QUECHUA Women’s Raincoat

QUECHUA Women’s raincoat

Best Budget Women’s Raincoat

  • Suited for use during the rainy season
  • Two-year warranty
  • Eco-friendly recycled polyester material



Attractive colour

Included hood protection


No zip pockets

Quechua is a UK based activity wearables brand with a decent track record of delivering quality products to customers at a reasonable price point.

The Quechua women’s raincoat is one such product ideal for females to use while threading out in the rainy season to keep themselves warm and dry.

Design and Material Quality

The Quechua women’s raincoat is made from eco-friendly recycled polyester material. 

Available in an attractive bright red colour, this jacket makes you feel comfortable even if it is humid outside, thanks to the breathable material.

The hydrophilic coating on this jacket dispenses the water droplets on the surface right away to minimize any accidental leakage.

This budget women’s jacket is waterproof and can withstand mild rains/windy climate very well.


The Quechua women’s jacket is ideal for use during the rainy season. The waterproof polyester material and the hydrophilic coating on top of it protects you from the rains completely.

This jacket weighs only about 175g and can be easily carried in a ladies bag. It comes with a hood to protect the head from the rain and has a fastener to keep the hood tight and secure around as well.


If you are inclined to use a conventional raincoat for travel or hiking, the Quechua women’s raincoat is one of the best in the business under an affordable budget of just Rs.499.


UsageMild Rains
MaterialRecycled Polyester

3. Kalenji Running Jacket

Kalenji running jacket

Best Budget Running Jacket

  • Breathable polyester material
  • Large zip pocket storage
  • Three zip storage pockets


Excellent material quality

Two-year warranty

Hood with adjustable cords


Not completely waterproof

Kalenji is yet another Decathlon sub-brand specialized in running adventure sports. 

Kalenji makes some of the best affordable shoes in the market which sells like hotcakes in the budget-conscious Indian market.

The Kalenji running jacket is a high-quality jacket made for use while jogging and doing workout exercises.

Design and Material Quality

The Kalenji running jacket is designed to provide excellent wearing comfort to the users. 

The lightweight fabric is warm yet breathable and delivers a pleasant experience while jogging with the same.

There are vents for good air circulation on this jacket to make sure that you won’t sweat unnecessarily while doing the exercise routines.


This jacket is primarily designed for use while running or jogging. However, it can be used during workouts in the gym as well.

This polyester made jacket comes with a hood having adjustable cords to adjust the fit on your head.

Even though this jacket isn’t fully waterproof, it can withstand mild drizzles with no problems whatsoever.


This running jacket from Kalenji features three storage pockets with a zip lock. One of these pockets is large enough to fit your conventional smartphone inside without any trouble.

It has been lab-tested with professionals to ensure maximum comfort to the users.


The Kalenji running jacket is a perfect companion to your early morning jogging and workout sessions in the gym, providing a pleasant and comfortable wearing experience.


Pockets3, with Zips

4. Solognac Men’s Jacket

Best Budget Fleece Jacket

  • Suited for cold weather usage
  • Two zip pockets
  • Two years warranty


Wearing comfort




Not weatherproof

Solognac is a famed brand in manufacturing jackets catering to various sports as well as day-to-day activities.

The Solognac men is a fleece jacket made for use specifically in cold weather to keep your body warm and comfortable.

Design and Material Quality

The Solognac men’s jacket is made from pure fleece material. It traps the air in between your body and the jacket, thereby creating a barrier limiting the heat from the body escaping outwards.

The quality of the fleece is very good for the price and offers excellent wearing comfort.

The polyester lining beneath the fleece material imparts strength and durability to the jacket.


As we discussed above, the Solognac men’s jacket is perfect for cold weather usage. If you are the kind of adventure junkie, this jacket can keep you comfortable in the cold weather.

It can also be used while performing activities such as hunting. The fleece material is silent and won’t distract the prey while hunting with concentration.


The Solognac men’s jacket comes with two zipped pockets on the front. These pockets are easy to access and close on the go.

You can store small items such as your smartphone, compass or anything smaller inside very comfortably and safely.

This jacket weighs only 370g even if it is a fleece jacket, delivering the best compromise between comfort and lightweight dress.


If you are looking for a budget cold weather jacket, the Solognac men’s fleece jacket is one of the best in its category.

With two zip pockets and soft fleece fabric, the pricing of this jacket is perfectly justified under Rs.500.


Pockets2, with Zips
UsageCold Weather

5. BTWIN Cycling Jacket

BTWIN cycling jacket

Best Budget Cycling Jacket

  • Breathable polyester fabric
  • Two years warranty
  • Double zip pockets


Easily noticeable bright green colour


Full sleeve


No headgear

BTWIN is a Decathlon sub-brand specializing in activity sports-related goods such as cycles and riding gears.

The Btwin cycling jacket is a lightweight coat designed to keep the riders safe from adverse weather conditions and incoming traffic.

Design and Material Quality

The Btwin cycling jacket is made from fine polyester material with a compact design. 

This jacket has a bright green colour to let the drivers see the jacket from a distance, which is very much essential if you’re to drive on roads with traffic.

This compact cycling jacket can be folded and easily carried in your pocket without any problems.


As the name suggests, this is a cycling jacket meant for use while riding the bicycle.

The breathable polyester facilitates the movement of air in and out of your body keeping you comfortable even while sweating.

Since this jacket weighs only about 180g, it won’t even bother you while cycling.


The Btwin cycling jacket features two zip pockets that can be used to store small stuff such as your smartphone or your power bank securely.

The polyester material used in this jacket is waterproof and will keep you dry and warm during the rains.


The Btwin rain jacket is a lightweight cycling coat available at a very competitive price point.

With the weatherproof build quality and two years warranty, there isn’t anything much to go wrong with this jacket for a price under Rs.800.


Pockets2, with zips

This concludes our hunt for the best five jackets in the Indian market. We have carefully chosen these products with a budget in mind and considering the various use cases.

 If you have any questions regarding this article, leave a comment below and we’ll get back to you ASAP. Thank you for your time and have a great day ahead!

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