Best Earphones Under Rs.4,000 (Wired) (October 2021)

Wired earphones at present offer the best quality sound output without any need for constant juicing up.

These earphones can also utilize the hardware audio DAC ( Digital to Analog Converter) to output hi-res audio with enhanced bit rates.

In this era of wireless earphones, there are still hardcore audiophiles yearning for a 3.5mm headphone jack on their smartphones.

If you’re one such old school person looking to purchase a wired earphone under Rs.4,000, we bring you the best five wired earphones available in the Indian market as of now.

Without any further ado, let’s begin!

Best Earphones Under Rs.4,000 (Wired)

1. Audio-Technica QuietPointOverall Best Pick
2. Shure SE112-GR-ARunner-up Pick
3. CCA C10Feature-rich Wired earphone
4. Sony MDR XB75APBass-heavy Wired Earphone
5. ‎H HIFIHEAR BLON BL-05SHonourable Mention

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1. Audio-Technica QuietPoint

Audio Technica Quiet point
Overall Best Pick
  • Active Noise Cancellation up to 20dB
  • Comfort fit, lightweight design
  • Up to 60 hours of battery life (ANC unit)


Robust build quality

Decent inline mic quality

One year warranty


Average stage separation

The Audio-Technica QuietPoint is one of the very few ANC enabled wired earphones priced under Rs.4,000 in the Indian market.

The QuitePoint from AudioTechnica is a one of a kind in-ear style wired earphone priced under Rs.4,000 available for purchase in the Indian market.

This earphone comes with ANC (Active Noise Cancellation) feature that will greatly reduce the ambient noise around you to deliver a more immersive music listening experience, even outdoors.

Build Quality

The shell of the AudioTechnica QuietPoint earphone is made from high-quality plastic materials, which feels very robust and well built. 

The connecting wire is thick enough to withstand minor abuses but is not tangle-free.

The 90 degrees angled 3.5mm headphone jack is gold plated for lossless signal transmission.

This earphone comes with a dedicated ANC unit that is significantly larger than a typical inline remote. 

This is justifiable since the ANC unit has to accommodate additional circuitry and a battery pack to work.

Sound Quality

The Audio-Technica QuietPoint features a 10mm speaker driver which gets adequately loud without any distortions.

The bass levels are decent and the vocals, as well as the treble notes, are perfectly audible as well.

The stage separation between these notes is not quite what we expected it would be. However, for a casual listener, it won’t be much of an issue.

Speaking of the inline microphone, the voice call quality turns out to be perfectly fine, without any noticeable issues on either end.

Active Noise Cancellation

Now let’s talk about the star of the show – the ANC. The Audio-Technica QuitePoint as we said, comes with a dedicated ANC unit.

This ANC unit is capable of cutting the ambient noise up to 20dB which is very impressive considering the price.

When the ANC is turned on, you’ll notice the immersive music listening experience kicking in without any delay.

Outside noises won’t bother you in any way while listening to your favourite tracks. When the ANC is turned on.

Battery Life (ANC unit)

The ANC unit has a built-in rechargeable battery that will last up to 60 hours of continuous ANC usage on a single charge of an alkaline battery.


The Audio-Technica QuietPoint is one of the very few ANC enabled wired earphones priced under Rs.4,000 in the Indian market.

The robust build quality and the decent sound output makes this device one of the desirable choices in its price segment.


Mic AvailabilityYes
Frequency Range20Hz – 20KHz
Tangle FreeNo
Impedance32 ohms
Driver Diameter10 mm

2. Shure SE112-GR-A

Shure SE112GRA
Runner-up Pick
  • Tonally balanced sound output
  • Comfortable ear tips
  • Decent passive noise cancellation 


Lightweight and comfortable 

Included carrying pouch 

Gold plated 3.5mm connector


No inline microphone

Shure is an American company popular for its professional high-fidelity audio products. 

The SE112-GR-A from Shure is an entry-level in-ear earphone priced around Rs.3,600 in the Indian market. 

Build Quality

When it comes to the design, the Shure SE112-GR-A is no different from other earphones in its price segment.

The in-ear style earpiece is constructed from decent quality plastics to ensure the right mix between durability and weight factor.

The earphone cable is sufficiently long and has a V type split in between with adjustable length cable fasteners. 

The L-shaped 3.5mm connector pin is gold plated and is reinforced at the tip for added reliability.

Sound Quality 

Shure is known for its audio prowess and the SE112-GR-A is no different. This wired earphone delivers a sound output with pure bass, crisp vocals and tingling highs. 

The stage separation is very good and the instrument sounds are audible, distinct from each other. 

If you’re a sucker for the pure audio quality without any artificial pumping up of bass, you’re going to love this wired earphone without a doubt.


The Shure SE112-GR-A earphone doesn’t come with an inline remote nor an integrated microphone. If you’re someone who takes a lot of voice calls with your earphone plugged in, this is one thing you should be aware of. 

Shure bundles a velvet finish carry pouch with this earphone. It helps you keep the earbuds and the earphone themselves safe and secure when not in use.


The Shure SE112-GR-A is a budget branded earphone with delightfully balanced audio quality that is ideal to listen to all kinds of music genres without any disappointment in terms of the sound output.


Mic AvailabilityNo
Frequency Range25 – 17000Hz
Tangle FreeNo
Impedance32 Ohms
Driver Diameter10 mm

3. CCA C10

Feature-rich Wired Earphone
  • Excellent sound stage separation
  • Durable twisted pair cable
  • Detachable wire


Robust build quality

Ergonomic design

One year warranty


Average quality inline mic

CCA is a Chinese company that is relatively less known in the Indian market. 

The C10 from CCA is an insane Penta-driver in-ear style earphone priced just under Rs.4,000.

Build Quality

The CCA C10 is designed like no other earphones in the price segment. 

The aluminium earpiece casing to the mute brown coloured twisted pair cable, this thing looks unique and stands out from the rest of the pack.

The earpieces themselves are big – obviously to include those four balanced armature drivers and a dynamic driver in each housing.

However, while wearing these in-ears, it feels relatively lightweight and comfortable.

The cable can be detached from the earpiece and is swappable. Since the cable is of twisted pair design, it is very durable and tangle-free.

The length of the earpiece stem is minimal and this might pose some problem in terms of comfort fit with those who have smaller ears.

Sound Quality

The CCA C10 in-ear style wired earphone consists of five drivers in each earpiece. Yes – not one, not two, not three but five.

There are four balanced armatures for high-end treble notes and mid-range vocals and a single 10mm driver dedicated for the lower end bass.

The stage separation from this earphone is one of the finest in this price segment. The bass, vocals and treble notes are distinctly audible, even at maximum volume levels.

However, if you are a basshead, you might feel the lack of that extra oomph that natural music lovers wouldn’t mind at all.

In-line Remote and Microphone

The CCA C10 does feature an inline remote with a single control button integrated with a microphone.

This microphone is sensitive enough indoors but offers average call quality when used outdoors.


This wired earphone comes with a one year warranty. In case something goes wrong you can contact the supplier via Amazon and arrange for a repair or a replacement.


The CCA C10 is one of the unique wired earphones available in the market that comes with five drivers.

If you are a fan of tonally balanced sound output with good stage separation, you might like this product for a budget of Rs.4,000.


Mic AvailabilityYes
Frequency Range20Hz – 40000Hz
Tangle FreeYes
Impedance24 Ohms
Driver Diameter10 mm

4. Sony MDR XB75AP

Bass-heavy Wired Earphone
  • Best for listening EDMs
  • Inline mic for voice calls
  • Lightweight and comfortable


Full metal earpiece housing

Flat, tangle-free cable

Bundled carrying pouch


Vocals get muffled at times

Sony MDR-XB lineup has been one of the fan favourites among audiophiles who are in search of affordable, high-quality headphones for listening to EDM and trance music.

The Sony MDR-XB75AP comes with an inline remote and microphone, making it a complete package worth investing your hard-earned money into.

Build Quality

The Sony MDR-XB75AP is designed to perfection using high-quality materials for its construction.

The angled in-ear tube and the metallic driver casing makes this earphone stand out from the rest in terms of aesthetics.

Additionally, there are earclips to keep the earpieces intact even while engaging in active sports and workout sessions.

This earphone also comes with the IPX7 water resistance certification for outdoor use without any damage.

The 1.2m cable is sufficiently long enough to reach your pant pockets with enough slack so that you don’t have to fear the cable being stressed under pressure.

The flat style cable is tangle-resistant and can withstand minor abuses without damage.

This budget earphone comes with three pairs of eartips that you can replace according to the size of your ear for a tight and comfortable fit.

Speaker and Sound Quality

The Sony MDR-XB75AP features a 12mm neodymium magnet driver to deliver excellent quality sound output across the spectrum. 

The driver inside this earphone covers an impressive frequency response range of 4Hz – 26,000 Hz, providing an immersive music listening experience.

The clever design of the driver casing includes a bass chamber that improves the quality of the low pitch sound, making it a bass lover’s dream companion.

Inline Remote and Microphone

The inline remote on this earphone features a single button to accept/reject incoming calls and to play/pause the music track.

The microphone underneath the remote delivers excellent voice call quality. The mic doesn’t pick up any unwanted noise in the background while you’re calling, making voice calls, a much better experience.


If your music listening routine consists mostly of EDMs and other bass-rich tones, purchasing this earphone won’t disappoint you at all.

The immersive bass reproduction along with clean mid and clear highs makes it the best all-around performing earphone in the sub-Rs. 3,000 price segment.


Mic AvailabilityYes
Frequency Range4Hz – 24000Hz
Tangle FreeYes
Impedance16 Ohm
Driver Diameter12 mm


Honourable Mention
  • Excellent sound output clarity
  • Zero distortion audio 
  • High-quality carbon nanotube driver


Stainless steel earpiece housing

Tangle resistant cable

Premium design


No inline microphone 

HIFIHEAR is a Chinese brand dealing with hi-fi audio products such as IEMs (In-Ear Monitors) and DACs(Digital to Analog Converter).

The BLON BL-05S wired earphone comes as a worthy successor to the popular BL-03 model which was well received by audiophiles around the globe.

Build Quality 

In terms of design, the BL-05S earphone almost looks similar to the BL-03. The stainless steel housing design looks futuristic and premium. 

The angled in-ear acoustic tube of the earpiece makes sure that the earphone sits steady and comfortable inside the ear canal. 

The left and right ear markings are inscribed on the earpiece casing to relieve any confusion while connecting the cable. 

Speaking of the cable, what we have here is the twisted pair design which offers some sort of resistance to tangling. 

The L shaped 3.5mm plug is gold plated for minimising the signal loss. 

Sound Quality 

What makes the BLON BL-05S stand apart from the other wired earphones in this price bracket is the 10mm carbon nanotube driver. 

This driver is tuned to perfection by HIFIHEAR to deliver the best possible acoustic experience you can get from an entry-level IEM earphone. 

The deep bass complemented by the crystal clear vocals, accompanied by tingling highs will elevate your music listening experience. 

The ergonomically designed earpiece housing further enhances the auditory experience by simulating a studio environment. 


With a sensitivity around 108dB, the HIFIHEAR BL-05 can get fairly loud without any sound distortions, even when the music is blasted at full volume.


If you are a hardcore music enthusiast who prefers a proper studio-grade IEM, the HIFIHEAR BLON BL-05 wouldn’t disappoint you.

If the lack of an inline remote/mic doesn’t bother you at all, there is very little to be worried about purchasing this earphone.


Mic AvailabilityNo
Frequency Range20 – 20000Hz
Tangle FreeYes
Impedance32 Ohms
Driver Diameter10 mm

With these five products, we wind up our curated buying list for the best six wired in-ear style earphones priced under Rs.4000. 

If you have any questions or suggestions, let us know in the comment section below. 

As always, thanks for your time and have a great day ahead!

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