Best Laptop Cooling Pads in India (September 2021)

If you are someone who often plays games or are into content creation then you will notice that the fans in your laptop tend to spin fast when under heavy load. 

These fans do the job of keeping the CPU and GPU cool by ensuring that there is a constant airflow to keep the internal temperature under check. 

The purpose of a laptop cooling pad is to enhance the performance of a laptop by increasing the airflow and keeping the laptop from getting too hot. 

The following are ten of the best laptop cooling pads that are available for purchase in the Indian market. 

Without any further ado, let’s get started!

Best Laptop Cooling Pads in India

1. KEYNICEOverall Best Pick
2. HAVITRunner-up Pick
3. Zebronics Zeb-NC9000Cooling Pad for Regular Users
4. Tukzer CP5 Affordable Cooling Pad
5. Cosmic Byte Asteroid Value for Money Cooling Pad
6. Tarkan Cooling PadFeature-rich Cooling Pad 
7. Deepcool Multicore X6Versatile Cooling Pad 
8. Dyazo MC RadiatorBudget Dual-fan Cooling Pad
9. Zinq Technologies Cool Slate Budget Five-fan Cooling Pad 
10. Cosmic Byte Comet Honourable Mention

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Overall Best Pick

  • Fan speed – 2600 MAX rpm
  • Good for the gamers and video editors
  • Stand support


5 Wind control modes and 3 fan modes

Plastic and metal construction

RED LED light


Look and feel is cheap

KEYNICE is a US-based brand that sells products across the world through offline and online channels.

The KEYNICE cooling pad is one of the most expensive you will ever find on Amazon India.

Design and Build Quality

Starting with the looks, the KEYNICE cooling pad does feel kinda cheap when you unbox it for the first time.

There is a metal grill on top and the rest of the chassis is completely made out of plastic, even the support legs are made out of hard plastic.

The product has a 41.7 x 30 x 3 cm dimension and it weighs 820 grams. It is lightweight and easy to carry but takes some extra space in your luggage.

This accessory has a RED LED illumination which turns on automatically as you turn on the fans.

This cooling pad can handle up to 35 Kg of weight which is good cause even if you apply a little force while working on your laptop, it won’t break.

At the backside frame of this cooling pad, there are two USB ports that you need to plug into your laptop and we like the placement as the cable routing won’t interfere with your normal usage. 

At the bottom side, you can take out support legs to set the laptop in an angled position and the manufacturer has provided two supports right above the LED panel which you need to pull out so your machine won’t slip down when you work.


The KEYNICE cooling pad has 6 fans in which you can adjust the speed of fans. It also has 3 fan combination modes.

This means you can select either 6 fans which will work at once or 4 or 3 fans at work – the only problem is that you can not decide which fans should be off.

Most of the laptops will have cutouts for the air inlet in the bottom-top section so whenever you select 3 fans modes you can either turn off the bottom 3 fans or top 3 fans, in this case, we’re using top 3 fans so we will shut down the bottom ones.

The case we just explained is considering the notebook and ultrabook laptop for gaming machines. We recommend using all fans to keep your laptop cool.

The maximum rpm of fans is 2600 which is adequate for the most part and in our opinion, it will work even if you render high-quality videos or play AAA title games.

We forgot to mention that you can also change the fan speed, it has 5 levels and you can test what suits you best for your machines.


The KEYNICE cooling pad is surely expensive but is reliable for most use cases and if you do intense gaming and heavy workload then you must purchase this cooling pad from KEYNICE.


No of Fans6
LED LightingYes
Compatible SizeUp to 17-inches



Runner-up Pick

  • Lightweight and portable
  • Foldable anti-skid baffle
  • Support laptops with 17-inch form factor


Sufficient fan rotating speed

LED illumination

Adjustable stand



HAVIT is a computer technology company based in Guangzhou in China.

The HAVIT cooling pad we have here has a 5 cooling fan pad designed for 14-17 inch laptops.

Design and Build Quality

The HAVIT cooling pad sports a mixed chassis that is a combination of metal and plastic.

The surface where the laptop will rest is made out of sturdy metal and the rest of the chassis is built from plastic.

This device does not feel premium by any means. Even at this price point, they have compromised in the construction quality.

Anyway, this cooling pad can easily handle most laptops and to provide you with a comfortable posture, you can utilize the angular leg stands from the bottom.

It only lifts the pad a little but is good for the user and good for the laptop as well.

The main center fan of this cooling pad has a size of 110mm and the other four medium-sized fans have a diameter of 85mm.

The device has a foldable anti-skid baffle which helps protect the laptop from sliding.

There are two USB 2.0 ports on the left that need to be connected to the laptop to make this cooling pad work.


As we said, the HAVIT cooling pad has 5 cooling in which the only center fan is large and the other four are a bit smaller but have equal size.

HAVIT has ensured that even at full speed of the fan it does not sound too loud which gives you peace of mind while working.

The big fan speed is 1000 rpm and the smaller fans rotate at 1500 rpm so in total you will get a good cooling pad for your notebook and gaming laptop.

To be honest, this thing is much more reliable for notebook laptops rather than gaming laptops. It helps reduce laptop temperature by 10-20 degrees celsius which can be helpful to avoid overheating issues on laptop internal parts.


The HAVIT cooling pad is a good option for people who frequently do basic video editing and rendering, casual gaming, programmers, and designers.

We felt that the price is a bit steep but this accessory does its job pretty well and if you like to have one for your notebook or gaming laptop then this is the one.


No of Fans5
LED LightingYes
Compatible SizeUp to 17-inches

3. Zebronics Zeb-NC9000

Zebronics Zeb-NC9000

Cooling Pad for Regular Users

  • LED screen 
  • Multi-colour LED fans 
  • 7 adjustable heights 


LED control option

Supports laptops of 17-inches 



Average build quality

Zebronics is an Indian brand that you will come across quite often if you are in search of computer peripherals or audio equipment in the Indian market. They are a few of the reliable Indian brands that provide affordable yet good quality products.

One of their products is the Zebronics Zeb-NC9000 laptop cooling pad which you can buy for around Rs.1,500 in the Indian electronics market.

Build and Design 

The Zebronics Zeb-NC9000 is quite a fancy-looking laptop cooling pad. This cooling pad has a lot going on in terms of its design. 

Unlike other cooling pads, this one does not have a metal grid on the top; instead, we have an all-plastic chassis with some holes on it.

This is a two-fan cooling pad but the size of the fans is quite huge and should provide sufficient cooling. The fans have a size of 110mm. 

LED lovers would be happy to know that this cooling pad has multi-colour LEDs on the fans and you also have LED light strips on the side of the cooling pad. This cooling pad is going to look great in the dark.

To control the lights we have a small control panel which has buttons to control the light, fan speeds and power the device. We also get a small LED that shows information like fan speed.

Behind the cooling pad, you will notice that there is a stand and it lets you incline the cooling pad for a more comfortable experience. There are 7 inclination angles to choose from.

Zebronics claims that this cooling pad is suitable for laptops up to 17-inches. There are two USB ports on the cooling pad where you connect it to the laptop to power it up.


The Zebronics Zeb-NC9000 is going to help you in cooling your laptop however do not expect a drastic change in thermals. 

Cooling pads generally reduce temperatures by around 2-3-degrees at most since it helps in providing cool air to the laptop vents rather than cooling it. 

The speed of the fans is pretty good. It does get really fast at the maximum speed but it is possible to control the speed using the buttons on the control panel. 

Even when the fans are running at the maximum speed, the sound produced by it is quite less, and while gaming it should be absent. 


If LED lighting is your priority and you want a cooling pad that looks good while it does its work of helping the laptop cool down then you should check out the Zebronics Zeb-NC9000.


No of Fans2
LED LightingYes
Compatible SizeUp to 17-inches

4. Tukzer CP5 

Tukzer CP5

Affordable Cooling Pad

  • Six cooling fans 
  • Higher rpm motor
  • USB connectivity 


Silent operation

LED illumination

Phone stand 


Average build quality

Tukzer is an Indian company established way back in 2015 known for manufacturing electronic accessories such as a mobile stylus, tablet covers, laptop stands, etc.

The Tukzer CP5 is a laptop cooler that is available to purchase in the Indian market under a budget of Rs.2000.

Build and Design 

The Tukzer CP5 is a sturdy and well-built cooling pad for your laptop. 

The top section of this cooling pad features a metal mesh while the rest of the cooling pad is made of good quality plastic. 

This cooling pad features six fans to ensure that your laptop is effectively cooled. There are three big fans and three small fans inside this cooler. These big fans and small fans can be controlled separately.

At the bottom section of this cooling pad, there is a height-adjustable stand and you can choose from two different height settings. This gives you a comfortable position to use your laptop.

The fans on the cooling pad support red LED lighting. It is not possible to change the LED colour of the fan, it turns on automatically when the fan turns on.

For connectivity, this cooling pad features two USB ports. You can connect your laptop to any of the USB ports available using the braided cable that comes bundled with the cooling pad. 

This cooling pad is suitable for laptops up to 17-inches in size. There is also a phone stand located on the cooling pad so you can keep your phone on it while using the laptop.


With six fans inside, it is no surprise that the cooling of the Tukzer CP5 is going to be effective in keeping your laptop temperature under control.

The cooling pad features two wheels that let you control the speed of the fans. One wheel is for the three big fans while the other wheel is for the small fans.

This laptop cooling pad lets you choose between spinning the big fans, small fans or all the fans together.

Tukzer claims that the fans have a rotation speed of 2600 RPM which is quite decent and should provide good cooling. 

Although the fans spin fast, the noise is quite less at around 25dB. The silent noise levels make it much easier to concentrate on your task at hand. 


If you are a fan of LED lighting and want as many fans as possible on your cooling pad then the Tukzer CP5 can be a good choice to go for at around Rs.2000.


No of Fans6
LED LightingYes
Compatible SizeUp to 17-inches

5. Cosmic Byte Asteroid 

Cosmic Byte Asteroid

 Value for Money Cooling Pad 

  • Blue LED illumination
  • Supports laptops up to 17-inches
  • Silent operation 


Height adjustable pad

Lightweight construction

Metal top grid for better cooling 


No LED customization 

Cosmic Byte is a common name that you will come across while searching for gaming peripherals or related accessories in the Indian market. 

We have reviewed many of their peripherals such as keyboards, mice, and controllers in our previous articles. 

The Cosmic Byte Asteroid is a budget laptop cooling pad available for purchase at an asking price of just Rs.1,349.

Build and Design

The Cosmic Byte Asteroid is a budget five fan cooling pad for your gaming laptop. 

This cooling pad consists of four 80mm fans on all four corners and a large 140mm fan in the center for optimum cooling performance.

On top of the fans is a metal grid with holes upon which the laptop is meant to be kept. To support the laptop and prevent it from falling there is a rubber stopper. 

Besides the grill, the rest of the cooling pad is made from plastic. In the bottom portion of this cooling pad, there is a stand with seven inclination angles for keeping the laptop in a comfortable posture.

The Cosmic Byte Asteroid is quite lightweight and easy to carry around. Even though the cooling pad is lightweight, it can still easily manage the weight of any laptop. Cosmic Byte claims that this cooling pad supports laptops up to 17-inches. 

The fans of the cooling pad have LED lighting which makes it look really elegant but the lighting gets covered when a laptop is placed above it. 


The cooling provided by the Cosmic Byte Asteroid is quite good. The five fans do provide a slight boost in performance. 

This cooling pad also has a button that lets you adjust the speed of the fans. You can slow down the fans when the laptop is not under heavy load this helps in less power consumption and increases your battery life.

Furthermore, the noise from these fans is quite minimal and does not cause too much disturbance, unlike some other cooling pads. 


The Cosmic Byte Asteroid is a decent cooling pad that will provide a boost in your overall performance while gaming.


No of Fans5
LED LightingYes
Compatible SizeUp to 17-inches

6. Tarkan Cooling Pad

Tarkan Cooling pad

Feature-rich Cooling Pad 

  • Blue LED lighting 
  • Adjustable fan speed 
  • Robust metal grid 


Effective airflow 

Silent fans 

Affordable price 


Single stage height adjustment

With the surge in gaming laptops in the country, the Indian market has been loaded with various accessories and peripherals for laptops. 

One of these accessories is the Tarkan Cooling Pad which retails for under Rs.1,500 in the Indian market.

Build and Design 

The Tarkan Cooling pad has a unique design with jagged edges and groves all over the body. This is done to give it a gamer look.

Build quality wise we have a combination of metal and plastic. The metal is for the grid on the top where you place the laptop while the rest of the cooling pad is made from plastic material.

When your laptop is placed on top of this cooling pad, it is protected by a flap that stops it from dropping. There is a foldable stand at the back that offers an inclined angle that makes using the laptop when on the cooling pad convenient.

 Unfortunately, there is only one incline angle, and it is not adjustable.

The Tarkan Cooling Pad features LED illumination. The fans have a blue LED light but they cannot be customized.


The Tarkan Cooling Pad is designed to improve airflow on your laptop, lowering its internal temperature.

By keeping your laptop cool, a cooling pad will not extend its lifetime. If your laptop is prone to overheating then the cooling fan will help to keep it cool.

If you just want to use the cooling pad as a stand, you can change the fan speed or turn them off entirely with this cooling pad. When in use, the Tarkan Cooling pad’s fans are incredibly quiet.


The Tarkan Cooling pad is a good option for a cooling pad for gamers who often find their laptop getting too hot. It is reasonably priced at around Rs.1,500 and is one of the many options you could go for in this list.


No of Fans4
LED LightingYes
Compatible SizeUp to 17-inches

7. Deepcool Multicore X6

Deepcool Multicore X6

Versatile Cooling Pad

  • Decent build quality
  • Two USB ports
  • Supports up to 15.6-inch laptop 


Elegant design

Height adjustment 

Silent operation


No LED illumination

Deepcool is a global company that manufactures gaming peripherals and thermal solutions like liquid coolers, external fans, etc. They also make laptop cooling pads among many other products.

The Deepcool Multicore X6 is one of their laptop cooling pads that retails for around Rs.2000 in the Indian market.

Build and Design 

When it comes to build quality, this cooling pad has a honeycomb stainless steel grid pattern on top, while the rest of the pad is made entirely of plastic.

In comparison to a plastic grid, the stainless steel grid is more durable.

Four fans will help cool your laptop and keep its temperature in check through the grid. Out of these four, there are two big fans and two small fans.

This cooling pad has been crafted with style and you have an elegant design. 

In the rear, there is a step stand for adjusting the height. However, it only has one height adjustment but it is still quite comfortable.

LED lovers would be disappointed to find out that the Deepcool Multicore X6 does not feature any RGB illumination. Although it does not provide any performance boosts it can be a downer for those who like some lighting on their peripherals. 

To power on the cooling pad, there are two USB ports. You can simply connect to your laptop via the USB cable that comes bundled in the box. To control the speed of the fan there is a small wheel next to the USB ports.


The Deepcool Multicore X6’s cooling system is adequate for keeping the laptop from overheating.

The cooling pad’s primary function is to keep the CPU and GPU temperatures from rising too high.

As mentioned before there is a wheel on the cooling pad which lets you adjust its speed. The fans have a speed of 1000 RPM and 1300 RPM. They are not the fastest but should do the job. 

The noise produced by the fans is also minimal. Deepcool claims that the cooling pad has a noise of only 24 dB which is acceptable. 


Who is the Deepcool Multicore X6 for? 

If you are in search of a cooling pad that has a minimal design with a good build and doesn’t like LED lighting then this is the cooling pad for you.


No of Fans4
LED LightingNo
Compatible SizeUp to 15.6-inches

8. Dyazo MC Radiator

Dyazo MC Radiator

Budget Dual-fan Cooling Pad

  • Suitable for up to 15.6-inch laptops 
  • Maximum speed – 2236 RPM 
  • Blue LED lighting 


Minimalist design

Good quality metal mesh

Silent operation 


Only two fans 

Dyazo is an Indian company that is known for its consumer electronics, backpacks, and travel accessories. The brand originated intending to make affordable yet quality products. 

The Dyazo MC Radiator is a laptop cooling pad that is available to purchase for Rs.849 in the Indian market. 

Build and Design 

The Dyazo MC Radiator has a very straightforward design in comparison to some of the other laptop cooling pads on this list. 

In terms of the build quality, we have a metal mesh surface upon which you are supposed to place the laptop. A metal mesh is used instead of plastic because it has longer durability and does not give a burning smell if the laptop tends to get too hot.

Other than the metal mesh top, everything else is made from plastic. 

We even get the option to adjust the height of the cooling pad. Four different inclination angles can be chosen according to your preference.

Speaking of the fans, this is a two fan cooling pad and the size of the fans is quite big.

There is blue LED lighting available on the fans of the Dyazo MC Radiator. Hence if you are a fan of LED lighting then you will be satisfied. 

To turn on the laptop cooling pad simply plug your laptop into the USB port of the cooling pad.


The Dyazo MC Radiator is a decent cooling pad for its asking price and it performs quite well. 

The fans on this cooling pad have an RPM of 2236 which is quite good and should provide sufficient cooling to your laptop.

Do not expect a great difference in temperature with a cooling pad but it will help to some degree.

The noise levels on this cooling pad are minimal and once you start playing a game or play a video then the noise will be non-existent. 


The Dyazo MC Radiator is one of the many choices Indian customers have when it comes to a cooling pad. This dual-fan cooling pad has great fan speed and has four adjustable height levels for comfortability. 


No of Fans2
LED LightingYes
Compatible SizeUp to 15.6-inches

9. Zinq Technologies Cool Slate 

Zinq Technologies Cool Slate

Budget Five-fan Cooling Pad 

  • Metal top grid
  • Decent cooling performance
  • Silent operation 


Affordable pricing

LED lighting 

Adjustable height 


Average build quality

The Zinq Technologies Cool Slate is a budget cooling pad for laptops that prevents them from getting overheated. 

This cooling pad retails for Rs.1,099 in the Indian market. 

Build and Design 

The Zinq Technologies Cool Slate cooling pad has a unique design.

Starting with its build quality, the company has used steel for the top grid like most other cooling pads. The remaining construction of the cooling pad is using plastic materials. 

The overall build quality of the cooling pad is decent at best. The plastics used are not of the best quality but this is understandable considering the price of the product.

The fans on this cooling pad are placed inside five hexagonal grids to make sure that the whole bottom side of the laptop is cooled uniformly.  

For a comfortable viewing experience, there are foldable legs at the bottom that can be opened for an inclined angle while using the laptop. 

Zinq Technologies has included LED illumination on their Cool Slate cooling pad. The fans have red lighting when the cooling pad is powered on. 


The cooling by the Zinq Technologies Cool Slate cooling pad is more than enough to prevent your laptop from overheating.

This cooling pad lets you control the speeds of the fans. You can also completely stop the fans if you just want to use the cooling pad as a stand. There is almost no noise when the fans are spinning. 


The Zinq Technologies Cool Slate cooling pad is a good choice for someone who wants a five fan cooling pad without having to spend a premium price.


No of Fans5
LED LightingYes
Compatible SizeUp to 17-inches

10. Cosmic Byte Comet 

Cosmic Byte Comet

Honourable Mention

  • Dual fan cooling pad 
  • LED lighting 
  • Robust metal grid 


Adjustable fan speed

Supports laptops up to 17-inches

Silent operation


Slow fan speed 

The Cosmic Byte Comet is yet another one of the budget laptop cooling pads by the Indian company. 

You can buy the Cosmic Byte Comet for just under Rs.1000 in the Indian market. 

Build and Design 

The Cosmic Byte Comet is a cooling pad that is pretty basic and functions similarly to most other cooling pads. 

This cooling pad features two big 140mm fans that are placed side by side for efficient cooling. 

Talking about its construction, the Cosmic Byte Comet like most other cooling pads has a metal grid on the top for airflow while the rest of its build is made entirely out of plastic.

At the bottom section, we have the height-adjustable stand with seven inclination angles. This lets you adjust the height of the cooling pad for a more comfortable position. 

If LED lighting is something you look forward to in your peripherals, then you will be delighted to know that the Cosmic Byte Comet features LED illumination on its fans. The LED lights are not customizable though.

Cosmic Byte claims that this cooling pad can support laptops up to 17-inches. This should be more than enough for most gaming laptops. 


In terms of cooling the Cosmic Byte Comet does its job as expected. 

There is sufficient cooling provided by this cooling pad which helps keep the temperature of the laptop down. 

If you are expecting a drastic temperature change then you will be disappointed. There is only so much an external cooling pad can do. 

The noise from the duals fans is quite minimal and they do not disturb you that much. It is also possible to adjust the fan speed using the rotational switch that is available on the pad.


The Cosmic Byte Comet is a basic dual-fan cooling pad that is a viable option for someone who does not want to spend a whole lot of money on a more expensive cooling pad and would rather stick to a basic one from a well-known manufacturer.


No of Fans2
LED LightingYes
Compatible SizeUp to 17-inches

With this, we have reached the end of our list for the ten best laptop cooling pads. If you have any questions regarding the products listed above feel free to comment down below and we will get back to you. 

As always thank you for your time and we look forward to seeing you again! 

Buying Guide for Laptop Cooling Pads in India 

A laptop cooling pad is something that is now commonly used by a majority of people to prevent their laptops from overheating. 

These cooling pads come in different shapes and sizes. If you are in the search for a cooling pad for your laptop but are confused regarding which cooling fan you should choose then fret not.

We at Bettershark have prepared a short buying guide that will give you an insight into a few of the things you should consider before purchasing a cooling pad. 

So without further ado let’s get right into it.

Build Quality

Most cooling pads feature a mixture of both plastic and metal build. The top section of the cooling pads is usually made from metal while the remaining construction is generally made of plastic. 

The reason for the metal being used is because it functions similarly to a heatsink. The metal is easier to cool and the heat of the metal is transferred to the air. 


The fans are a really important part of the cooling pads. The fans are what provide air to the laptop.

Cooling pads are available in different fan configurations and sizes. You have one fan, dual fan, and even six fan cooling pads. 

What is more important than the number of fans is its RPM or Rotation Per Minute. The higher the RPM the better the cooling. If the fans move slowly then you won’t have the best cooling. 

Make sure you check the maximum RPM of the fans before picking a cooling pad. A cooling pad in which the fans spin for more than 2000 RPM should be of good speed. 


While choosing a cooling pad for your laptop, you have to make sure that the laptop will fit on your cooling pad. 

If the cooling pad is small for your laptop then it won’t provide efficient cooling and will be pretty much useless. 

It is best to go for a cooling pad that supports up to 17-inches since most laptops have a size of only 17-inches or under. 


If you prefer LED lighting on your cooling pads, then you can go for one that has LED illumination. Do note that these do not provide any benefit other than for aesthetic purposes. 

Cooling pads also feature adjustable stands that let you use your laptop at an inclined angle for better comfortability. Some cooling pads have various levels of inclines while some only have one. 

These cooling pads can also be used for other devices such as gaming consoles or mobile phones and they are not limited only to laptops. 

The above-mentioned points are some of the basic factors that are to be considered when purchasing a laptop cooling pad. If there are any other questions that you may want to ask then do feel free to comment down below and we will get back to you ASAP.

Frequently Asked Questions

 Q. Will cooling pads provide better FPS?

A. A cooling pad may or may not provide better FPS. This typically depends on the cause of FPS drops. If FPS drops are due to overheating then a cooling fan can help slightly in providing better FPS but if the reason is not related to heating then there will be no improvement.

Q. Will cooling pads enhance the lifespan of your laptop?

A. There is no evidence that a cooling fan enhances the lifespan of your laptop. Generally, once laptops start getting old, the performance starts deteriorating and this is the same for most electronic devices.

A cooling fan might help in improving your performance but it won’t enhance the lifespan of your laptop.

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