Best Earphones Under Rs.500 (December 2019)

by | Dec 19, 2019

After analyzing all the budget earphones available in the market based on important factors like sound quality, comfort level, build quality, availability of microphone etc, we have made a comprehensive list of the best earphones under Rs.500.

All the earphones on our list sound incredibly good for the price and most of them come with decent build quality as well.

Here are the best earphones under Rs.500 which that are worth buying and offer the best audio experience.

Best Earphones Under Rs.500

1. JBL C50HIOverall Best Pick
2. Soundmagic ES11SRunner-up pick
3. Mi Basic Value for Money Earphone
4. boAt BassHeads 100Best Bass Heavy Earphone
5. Sound One 616Best for Voice Calls
6. Portronics Cor 204Budget Wired Earphone
7. Realme earbudsFeature Rich Wired Earphone
8. Philips IN-SHE1525BK/94Best Earphone for Fitness Enthusiasts
9. Flipkart Smartbuy V23MMEarphone with Best Sound Isolation
10. Artis E400MHonorable Mention

1. JBL C50HI

Overall Best Pick
  • Signature JBL sound quality
  • One year manufacturer warranty
  • Available in trendy colours

JBL C50 HI is the company’s latest budget oriented in-ear style earphones released in the Indian market for a budget under Rs.500.

JBL promises the signature custom tuned drivers will let you enjoy immersive music , no matter the genre you’re interested in.

Design and Build Quality

Speaking of the design, the JBL C50HI comes with the standard shape and size that all in-ear headphones in this price range comes with.

The construction of the earpiece shell is made of plastic, which makes this earphone one of the lightest in its segment.

Unfortunately, the 1.2m cable is not tangle free and feels fragile. At the end, there is an angled 3.5mm headphone jack, which again lacks gold coating for obvious pricing reasons.

Speakers and Sound Quality

JBL is critically acclaimed for its signature bass rich sound profile. The JBL C50HI features a 8.6mm custom tuned driver from JBL for improved acoustic performance.

The bass levels as expected are on par with its competitors. The mid and highs are clean and audible even at higher volume levels.

If you crank the volume way too higher, some distortions do occur but, under normal listening conditions, it doesn’t count.

In-ear microphone and Calls

The JBL C50HI comes a single button in-line remote with a microphone for answering calls on the go.

The single button can be pressed once to accept/reject the calls, twice to skip the track forwards and thrice to skip the track backwards.

The microphone comes with noise cancellation and the output quality of sound during calls is quite good for the price.


If you’re a fan of JBL brand and is in need of a budget in-ear wired earphones, the JBL C50HI perfectly suits your need for just under Rs.500.




Clean sound output


Long cable


No tangle free wire


Builtin MicrophoneYes
Frequency Response20 – 20,000Hz
Driver Unit Size8.6 mm
Impedance Rating30 ohms


2. SoundMagic ES11S

Runner-Up Pick
  • Tonally balanced sound output
  • Inline mic for voice calls
  • Good build quality


SoundMagic is a Chinese electronics manufacturer who specializes in high-quality audio products.

SoundMagic ES11S offers excellent performance compared to its competitors and you will not get such great clarity in sound even from the ones which cost twice its price.

Design and Build Quality

The silicone ear tips provide very good comfort and help to seal the ears from outside noise very well.

It has an L-shaped 3.5 mm jack which is gold plated.

The cable is 1.25m, the rubber padding at each end adds up to the build quality.

The overall build quality is really good as well, it can easily survive some accidental drops and improper handling.

Speakers and Sound Quality

The sound-stage of SoundMagic E11S is better than many other similarly priced earphones out there.

Though it doesn’t have the thumping bass you get on some top picks, when it comes to the clarity of sound the ES11S is miles ahead.

The bass and treble levels are perfectly balanced to provide you with tonally rich sound output.

In-line remote and Microphone

The SoundMagic ES11S comes with a single button remote featuring a capable microphone for crystal clear calling on the go.

The single button present on the in-line remote is very tactile and responsive to the clicks. It can be used to accept/reject calls and to play or pause the media.


These headphones from SoundMagic are one of the best sounding budget earphones you can buy under Rs. 500.

The balanced sound output and the ergonomic design makes the SoundMagic ES11S one of our preferred earphones in this price category.


Great sound quality


Value for money

Carry pouch included

Left/Right markings on earbuds are difficult to read


Builtin MicrophoneYes
Frequency Response15 -22000Hz
Driver Unit Size10 mm
Impedance Rating16 ohms

3. Mi Basic

Value for Money Earphone
  • Suited for long listening sessions
  • Durable fit and finish
  • Clean and crisp vocals

Xiaomi doesn’t need any introduction to the Indian market.

With the introduction of best quality affordable smartphones, they have captured the hearts of millions of people in India and here they are, with a new accessory to their wide product catalogue – the Mi Basic earphones.

Design and Build Quality

There was a time when we all considered that the Chinese products had the cheap build quality and that’s why they are priced less.

But Xiaomi has changed that perspective with their products and with these earphones, they are taking it to the next level.

The design of this earphone is minimal at best. But at first glance, we noticed the level of detailing Xiaomi has done in designing this product.

From the unique shaped earpiece to the attractive button on the in-line mic, the Mi Basic earphone has exceeded our expectations.

The silicone eartips are comfortable to wear and don’t easily slip away from the ears.

The mic and the button is of excellent quality and lets you operate the phone handsfree for listening to music and attending voice calls.

The gold-plated angled earphone jack provides minimal resistance to the signal and plays a significant role in clean and clear sound output.

Speaker and Sound Quality

The Mi Basic comes with a 10mm neodymium driver inside that sounds loud and clear with distinct vocal clarity.
The level of bass is OK to say the best and it doesn’t overshadow the mids and highs in genres of music such as EDMs and hip hops.

However, if you’re a die-hard bass head, we advise you to consider other models listed in this article.

The in-line mic works well and delivers HD quality voice calls.

With the combination of neodymium drivers and a wider frequency response range, the details in the music are pronounced and a treat to listen to.

The aluminium alloy sound chamber inside the earpiece amplifies the sound further and enhances the sound output.


Xiaomi has designed this earphone with the consumers in mind.

The high-quality silicone earbuds are soft and very comfortable to wear for longer durations.

Also, they are gentle to the skin and doesn’t cause any pain or rashes on prolonged use.

The angled main earpiece body is very well designed to fit inside the ear canal without slipping out even during intense movement of your head.


Ye, you should. If you’re looking for a budget earphone that sounds decent and is comfortable for your ears for longer listening sessions, the Mi Basic is an apt choice.

Also, the built quality of this product is impeccable and for the price at which this product is retailing, there are only a few models that can match this.

Minimal design

Excellent build quality


Superior comfort



Bass levels are not that good



Builtin MicrophoneYes
Frequency Response20 – 20,000Hz
Driver Unit Size10 mm
Impedance Rating32 ohms

4. boAt BassHeads 100

Bass-Heavy Earphone
  • Suited for EDMs and hip-hop music
  • Good build quality
  • Comfort fitting earpiece

the boAt is a prominent player in the audio-related equipment market in India.

The company has its share of success with products such as the Bluetooth speakers and wireless headphones etc.

The boAt bassheads 100 is the entry-level product on the bass heads lineup that emphasizes bass more than anything else.

Design and Build Quality

The boAt 100 design is inspired by the “hawk, the company says. This is correct.

We do feel the resemblance when it comes to the earpiece form factor that has multiple folds.

The polymer plastic used in the construction of this earphone is of really high quality. The outer casing of the earpiece feels tough and durable.

The cables to have a certain level of thickness to it, reinforced with rubber support on the joints to make sure this product can withstand minor abuses.

The single button on the in-line mic acts as a control for all sorts of functions such as attending the calls, skipping the tracks and so on.

Speakers and Sound Quality

As the name suggests, the boAt bass heads 100 is designed with bass loving people in mind.

The 10mm neodymium drivers inside do perfect justice to the intentions, we’d say.

With only 16 ohms impedance on these drivers, this earphone delivers punchy beats and deep bass in all its glory even with the most demanding tracks.

The loudness levels are sufficient on this in-ear earphone.

While playing certain genres of music such as EDMs and hip-hop, the bass overpowers the highs and vocals.

But under standard volume levels and vocal rich tracks, this earphone performs well.

The in-ear mic is very much capable and delivers a pleasant hands-free voice calling experience.


boAt is an Indian company and has a wide service centre network across the country.

The company website has a dedicated section for consumer grievances, and the company is really fast at sorting issues.

boAt also provides a year of warranty with this budget in-ear earphone priced under Rs.500.

The 1.2m cable is of high quality so does the other components of this product.

The earpiece rests comfortably inside the earpiece without sliding out during exercise or running.


The boAt Basshead 100 is a perfect fit for you if you’re looking for a budget earphone under Rs.500 that has excellent bass output.

EDM and hip-hop lovers would rejoice at the level of bass, this earphone provides but with the vocals, it’s a bit narrow and may not be likeable for those who love pre-audio with distinct vocal tones.


Unique design


Excellent customer support


Rich and punchy bass


Bass overpowers mids and highs at times


Builtin MicrophoneYes
Frequency Response20 – 20,000Hz
Driver Unit Size10 mm
Impedance Rating16 ohm

5. Sound One 616

 Best for Voice Calls
  • Comfortable fit
  • Passive noise cancellation
  • Colorful design

Sound One is an Indian company popular for its affordably priced earphones and headphones that became popular among the masses with its fine build quality and attractive designs.

The Sound One 616 is a budget in-ear earphone priced under Rs.500 that promises to deliver a full spectrum sound out for enjoyable music listening experience.

Sleek Design, Comfortable Fit

The Sound One 616 comes with a dual tone colour design that looks attractive to the eyes at the first glance itself.

The vertical in-ear earpieces are cleverly designed at an angle to sit flush in the ear canal, providing a sort of passive noise cancellation.

The 1.2m wire is sufficiently thick but the rubber support at the ends of connections are absent. This makes it highly fragile even with a slight pull.

The in-line remote button feels a bit excess plasticky but works well with the controls.

Sound Output and Voice Call Quality

If we’re to say a high point about the sound output from this earphone from Sound One 616, it will be about the bass.

The bass reproduction is light but very much enjoyable. It won’t make your eardrums vibrate, but certainly, enough for an average joey to get satisfied with.

The mids and highs are distinct and listening to vocal rich songs is a breeze.

The light bass in the background compensates with the wide frequency range that distinctly delivers notes from either end of the spectrum.

Voice call clarity is one area where this earphone trumps others in this list comfortably.

The voice on either side was crisp and crystal clear, to begin with. There were no distortions in between the calls as well.

The angled earpiece design cancels background noises effectively. Also, the ear cups are comfortable enough to be used for longer duration without any irritation.

Valued Added Bonuses

The Sound One 616 comes with a lot of goodies along with the main product, ie the earphones.

There is a soft pouch included in the box for safe keeping the product inside when not in use.

It is a nice gesture for companies to do this as most of us throw our earphones in the bag carelessly and easily damaging them while doing so.

The company also gives a carry case that can be used for long-term storage of this product while on a trip or a backpack.

Final Verdict

The Sound One 616 is a very good choice for those who want a good quality earphone for voice calls.

This earphone also delivers a decent sound quality that is actually pretty good for the price.

The attractive colour options and sleek design makes this earphone look like a product worth a lot more than just Rs.500.


Sleek design


Good tonal balance


6-month warranty


Average build quality


Builtin MicrophoneYes
Frequency Response20 -20,000Hz
Driver Unit Size10 mm
Impedance Rating32 ohms

6. Portronics Conch 204

Best Budget Wired Earphone
  • Suited for fashion freaks
  • Decent sound output
  • 6-months international warranty

Portronics has been in the market for a while with its popular Bluetooth speakers as other electronic peripherals.

The Conch 204 from Portronics is an entry-level in-ear styled earphone with a mic that’s priced just under Rs.500.

Design and Build Quality

Design-wise, this earphone beats the other competitors on this list by a great margin.

The minimalistic yet sleek finish instils a sense of premium quality at the first look.

The flat style cable feels strong and sturdy and is tangle resistant.

Speakers and Sound Quality

Equipped with two speaker drivers of 8 mm each, the Portronics Conch 204 delivers clear mids and decent bass.

The bass output is not overpowering as some of the bass fanatics may wish, but the earphone produces an overall pleasant sound output.

This in-ear earphone comes with an inline remote for attending calls.


The remote has a volume rocker as well so that there is no need to reach up to the phone to adjust the volume levels.

With an impedance rate of 16 ohms, this earphone produces neat sound covering the entire frequency spectrum ranging from 20 – 20,000 Hz.

This earphone comes with a 6 months domestic as well as an international warranty that gets you covered even while you are in continuous transit around the world.


The Portronics Conch 204 is more like a fashion statement than a normal earphone.

This earphone does deliver decent sound quality for the price.

If you don’t mind the lack of thumping bass in your music sessions, the Portronics Conch 2014 is a product worth considering.


Sleek design


Flat, tangle-free cables


The inline volume rocker button


Bass levels are not that much great


Builtin MicrophoneYes
Frequency Response20 -20,000Hz
Driver Unit Size8 mm
Impedance Rating16 ohms

7. Realme Buds

Best Feature-Rich Wired Earphones
  • Magnetic earpiece housing
  • Ergonomic fitting
  • Six months warranty

Realme buds are Realme’s answer to the Xiaomi’s Mi basic in-ear style earphones.
Priced just under Rs.500, the Realme Buds offer excellent value for money proposition with this well-built earphones.

Design and Build Quality

The fit and finish of this budget earphones are excellent with great attention given to even the minutest of the details.

The braided cable offers durability to these earphones and keeps it from tangling to an extent.

The metallic earpiece housing is magnetic and sticks to each other without any issue.

The 3.5mm headphone jack is straight and comes without a gold coating.

Speakers and Sound Quality

The Realme buds feature a single 10mm driver covering a decent 20-20000Hz frequency spectrum to output the best possible sound in your ears.

Although the bass levels might not be up to the liking of bass fanatics, the overall sound signature is pretty decent for its price.

In-line remote and Microphone

The Realme Buds earphones come with inline remote features three different buttons and a microphone.

The voice call clarity from the microphone is good without any distortion. The three-button aides in volume control and accepting/rejecting voice calls.

The buttons are a bit hard at the beginning but with a few keypresses returns to normalcy.


The Realme buds offer a reasonably good quality sound output at an aggressive price point.

The magnetic earpiece and the braided cable add to the value of the wired earphone.


Braided cable


Elegant design


Pleasing sound output


Bass is limited


Builtin MicrophoneYes
Frequency Response20 – 20,000Hz
Driver Unit Size8 mm
Impedance Rating32 ohms

8. Philips IN-SHE1525BK/94

 Best Sports Earphones
  • Flat tangle free cable
  • In-line microphone
  • Passive noise cancellation

Philips releases a plethora of budget in-ear earphones in India which combines excellent build quality and decent sound quality under an affordable price range.

The Philips IN-SHE1525BK/94 is one such earphone that is popular among budget-conscious buyers looking for a reliable active lifestyle wired earphone from a reputed company, priced under Rs.500.

Design and Build Quality

The Philips IN-SHE1525BK/94 has a minimal yet elegant design which looks posh and premium, despite its plastic build.

The matte paint job masks the average build quality of this device to an extent that you won’t notice it much.

The soft silicone tip and the earpiece tube fits snug inside the ear canal and offers a sort of passive noise cancellation effect.

The ear hooks on this earphone let the earpiece sit tightly inside your ears even while you’re engaged in gym sessions or other sports activities.

The tangle-free flat style cable is a boon for sports enthusiasts as well.

Speakers and Sound Quality

The Philips IN-SHE1525BK/94 features smaller 10mm speakers, compared to most of its competitors in this price segment.

The drivers, though small deliver decent quality sound output with perfectly natural bass and equally audible mids and highs. If you are the kind of guy, who loves listening to vocals and light music, this earphone will suit you the most.

The frequency response range between 10-20,000 Hz in the paper should equate to deep bass, but with this earphone, you shouldn’t expect anything spectacular.

Maybe the non-gold plated jack dampens the signals, thereby reducing the effect of low pitch sounds in the final output.

In-line Microphone and Voice Quality

This in-ear style earphone comes equipped with an in-line remote which has a single button to accept/reject incoming voice calls.

The quality of the remote is in conjunction with the overall build quality of this earphone, which is just OK for the price.

The microphone inside picks up voices quite well, and there is no sound distortion on the other end of the call.


If you would love to spend your hard-earned money on an earphone from a reliable brand, the Philips IN-SHE1525BK/94 might be a good choice.

Perfect for listening to vocals and light music during workout sessions, this earphone offers clean and crisp mids and highs that will satiate the true music lover in you.

Earhooks for stability
1-year warranty

Average bass


Builtin microphoneYes
Frequency response20 -20,000Hz
Driver unit size10 mm
Impedance rating16 ohms

9. Flipkart Smartbuy V23MM

Best Earphone with Sound Isolation
  • Best for casual listening
  • Good build quality
  • Neodymium drivers

Flipkart is a popular e-commerce marketplace in India selling thousands of varieties of goods from mobile phones to air-conditioners to cosmetic products.

Smartbuy is an affordable consumer electronics lineup from Flipkart mainly targeting budget-constrained consumers in India looking for a decent product.

The Smartbuy V23MM is a wired headset from Flipkart that costs just Rs.375.

Honestly, we’d say this earphone has all the features and then some that earphones priced under Rs.500 usually have.

Design and Build Quality

The casing of the speaker unit of this earphone from Flipkart is made of metal. This makes it slightly heavy but gives a pleasant feel when inserted into the ear canal.

The anti-slip eartips helps in keeping the speaker unit in place even while you are not stationary. The earbuds also have a sweat repellent silicone coating as well.

Speakers and Sound Quality

The sound is the number one priority when it comes to the purchase of an earphone. This earphone feature a 9mm driver unit with neodymium magnets inside.

The sound clarity is very good with the mids and highs getting pronounced over a wide frequency range – boring jargons aside, treble and vocals are clearly defined and is pleasant to hear.

The bass is a bit on the softer side. This might be an issue for those who need extra bass even for Carnatic music, but for no one else.

In-line Remote and Call Quality

The inline mic comes with noise cancellation that works pretty well. The mic is sensitive to our voice and picks it up easily.

One important thing to mention about the Smartbuy V23MM is its braided nylon cable. The cable is 1.2m long.

It is strong and can handle mild abuses without hampering the functionality of the earphone.


If you have a budget of under Rs.400 and need a nice-sounding earphone, this product is well worth considering.


Braided long cable


Minimal design


Clear vocals


Softer bass


Builtin MicrophoneYes
Frequency Response20 – 20,000Hz
Driver Unit Size10 mm
Impedance rating16 ohm

10. Artis E400M

Honorable Mention
  • Large 15mm speaker drivers
  • Double layered braided cable
  • 6 months warranty

Artis is a Mumbai based IT peripherals marketing company which deals with a whole array of budget-friendly products ranging from Bluetooth speakers to power banks.

The Artis E400M is a popular in-ear style earphone priced under Rs.500 which offers excellent audio and commendable build quality.

Design and Build Quality

Made of high-quality ABS plastic, the outer casing of this earphone has a glossy finish that adds to the overall aesthetic appeal.

The two-tone black and red colour combination blends well with the design and makes it look like a premium product when worn in your ears.

The ergonomic tube design along with the soft silicone ear tips makes wearing this device, a comfortable and rewarding experience.

Speaking of the cable, the Artis E400M features a comparatively long 1.5m braided double layered cable that can withstand abuses like a champ.

Speakers and Sound Quality

The Artis E400M, although a relatively unknown brand stacks up right against the established players in the market.

This in-ear wired earphone has large 15mm speaker drivers which deliver exceptional sound clarity and dynamic stereo output consistently across various genres of music.

With the frequency response range covering the spectrum anywhere between 20-20,000Hz, every bit of detail in your favourite music is captured and reproduced gracefully.

For you bass lovers, the large drivers and the snug fit inside the ears provides a treat, when it comes to listening to EDMs and hip-hop music.

The mids and highs are clear and clean, allowing you to enjoy vocals and light music in its entirety.

In-line Microphone and Voice Calls

The Artis E400M comes equipped with a decent quality in-line remote and a microphone which allows you to take voice calls on the go without much hassle.

The microphone captures sound pretty well even when you’re speaking in the middle of a crowd. The quality of voice on the receiver’s end is all good and clean, and downright OK for the price.

Since the length of the cable is longer, the remote tends to tangle too much and cause slight discomfort while attending calls on a ride.


If you’re in search of a good quality in-ear earphone with the top of the line sound and build quality for a budget under Rs.500, we’d like to suggest you try out the Artis E400M.

Equipped with large 15mm drivers which delivers excellent sound quality, no matter what genre of music you’re into, this is definitely one of the best in the business.


High-quality ABS plastic shell


Ergonomic design


Tonally balanced sound output


Long cable causes dangling of in-line remote too much


Builtin MicrophoneYes
Frequency Response20 – 20,000Hz
Driver Unit Size15 mm
Impedance rating16 ohm

That sums up our list of the best earphones under Rs.500.

We have put together some incredible value for money earphones here.

We hope that we have helped you pick the right product. If you can extend your budget, do check out our best picks under Rs.2,000 and Rs.1,000 here.

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