Best Fitness Bands Under Rs.3,000 (August 2020)

by | Aug 18, 2020

Staying fit is a hard and tedious task in today’s fast-moving lifestyle. Following a strict diet may not always be possible as our lives get busier and busier day by day.

Fitness trackers help balance our workout schedule and provide us with an up to date record of our exercise sessions in real-time.

Being one of the hottest selling products on the market right now, choosing one over thousands of fitness trackers is indeed a tedious task.

That’s why we decided to bring you this curated list of the five best fitness trackers in India priced just under Rs.3,000. Read along to know them!

Best Fitness Tracker Under Rs.3,000

1. Mi Smart Band 4Overall Best Pick
2. Honor Band 5Runner-Up Pick
3. Samsung Galaxy e FitBest Branded Fitness Band
4. GOQii Vital 2.0Subscription-Based Fitness tracker
5. Mevofit BoldHonourable Mention


1. Mi Smart Band 4

Overall Best Pick
  • Gorgeous colour OLED display
  • Up to 20 days of battery life
  • Adequately accurate sensor data

Mi Smart Band series is perhaps the best selling smart fitness bands in India for a while now.

Affordability and the feature richness of these fitness trackers from Xiaomi are quite unparalleled in the budget segment, to be honest.

The Mi Smart Band 4 is currently the flagship Mi Smart Band product available for purchase in the Indian market for a budget under Rs.2,500.

Design and Build Quality

The Mi Smart Band 4 looks and feels just like its predecessor – the Mi Band 3.

There are some improvements and refinements in terms of fit and finish here and there and the overall build quality is exceptional for the price.

The TPU soft rubber strap is very comfortable to be worn around the wrists without any sort of skin irritation.

This band weighs just 22g, which will make it unnoticeable even if you wear it all the time in your hand.

The straps are interchangeable and come in different colour options for you to choose from.

The only gripe we have about the Mi band 4 design is about its charging setup. You still need to connect the tracker module with the proprietary pogo pin cradle to juice up.

Xiaomi could have gone with an integrated USB port just like that of many fitness trackers in the segment.

This budget fitness tracker from Xiaomi is water-resistant up to 5atm, making it usable outdoors without having to be afraid about the elements.


The Mi Smart Band 4 features a 0.95” colour OLED display. This display can be said to be the best in class in terms of colour accuracy, readability and touch response.

There is an option to manually increase/decrease the brightness if you feel the OLED display is dim outdoors.

The swipe gestures vertically across the display feel very intuitive for everyday usage. The icons and font are designed to be legible and attractive.


The Mi Smart Band 4 comes with a slew of health and wellness tracking features including a heart rate monitor.

The heart rate sensor is very consistent for the price and gives you a rough estimate of your body metabolism rate.

The Band will also alert you of unusual spikes in the heart rate if you have turned on the 24/7 monitoring mode.

The daily activity tracking includes step counter, sleep tracking and much more which can be easily analyzed with the help of Mi fit app.


The Mi Smart Band 4 can display up to 10 incoming messages on the band, which is more helpful than just the alerts.

This fitness Band comes with a music player control mode, where you can adjust the volume/skip tracks and much more directly from the BBand without ever touching the phone.

Battery Life

Xiaomi claims the Mi band 4 is rated to last up to 20 days on a single charge.

You can expect anywhere from 10-15 days of battery life even with heavy usage with this band.


The Mi band 4 is one of the best, if not the best fitness trackers available for purchase in the Indian market for a budget under Rs.2,500.

The long-lasting battery life, gorgeous OLED display and the overall build quality make this band a clear winner in its price segment.


Elegant design


Robust build quality


Integrated media controls


No direct USB charging option


Display0.95″ OLED
Battery LifeUp to 20 Days
Water ResistanceUp to 50m
Heart Rate SensorYes
StrapThermoplastic polyeurethene

2. Honor Band 5

Runner-Up Pick
  • 0.95-inch OLED colour display
  • Up to 14 days of battery life
  • Accurate sleep tracking

The Honor Band 5 as a minor update to its predecessor the popular Honor Band 4.

Priced under Rs.3,000, this is one of the feature-rich smart fitness trackers available in India with one of the best sleep tracking algorithms.

Design and Build Quality

The Honor Band 5 looks and feels much more premium than the Mi band 4 honestly.

“The rectangle-shaped dial is very practical and the extra width of the same help inefficient use of screen real estate.”

The textured silicone trap is thick enough to withstand rough usage without fail. The belt lock mechanism ensures a tight fit around the wrist as well.

Even though the charging is via the pogo pins, the special cradle charger doesn’t require you to remove the tracker module from the strap-like in the case of Mi Band 4.

The Honor Band 5 is water-resistant up to 5atm, making it suitable for outdoor usage even in adverse weather conditions.


The Honor Band 5 features a 0.95-inch OLED colour touchscreen display with a pixel density of 282ppi.

This display is bright enough for effortless outdoor usage. The colours look vivid and punch and the contrast levels are excellent.

Thanks to the sensitive touch screen panel, menu navigation is very intuitive. There is a capacitive button in the bottom of the display to go back to the main screen from within any menu item on a single tap.

Honor has included multiple watch faces which can be swapped according to your preference.


The Honor Band comes with a dynamic heart rate sensor and SpO2 monitor onboard.

This heart rate sensor can be turned on for real-time tracking if you wish to have that but at the expense of battery life.

The data from these sensors are reasonably accurate for non-medical use cases.

Sleep tracking is one area where the Honor band excels. The Huawei Trusleep algorithm tracks sleep much better and accurate than almost all other fitness trackers in this price segment.


The Huawei Health app is thoughtfully designed to show you the summary of aggregated data from the tracker in a very intuitive manner.

The Honor Band 5 features smart music and media controls which will let you control your smartphone music player, right from the tracker itself.

You can see incoming call and message notifications directly on this band, thanks to the smart notifications feature.

Battery Life

Honor claims this smartband to last for up to 14 days on a single full charge.

But in a realistic use case scenario, expect to get anywhere between 8-10 days of moderate usage.

The Honor band 5 can be charged using the supplied charging dock in a jiffy.


Honor band 5 is a budget smart fitness band with the decent build quality and good sensor accuracy.

This fitness tracker is the best out there in terms of sleep tracking under a budget of Rs.3,000.


Up to 50m water resistance


Multiple watch faces


Easy to use Huawei health app


Remote shutter works with Honor devices only


Display0.95″ POLED Display
Battery LifeUp to 14 Days
Water ResistanceYes, up to 50m
Heart Rate SensorYes

3. Samsung Galaxy e Fit

Best Branded Fitness Band
  • OLED display
  • 6 days of battery life
  • The IP67 water and dust resistance

Samsung Galaxy e Fit is the cheapest wearable device from Samsung released recently in the Indian market.

This fitness band from Samsung offers excellent value for money features at such an affordable price tag.

Design and Build Quality

The Samsung Galaxy e Fit has a similar active fitness tracker design which resembles most other devices in its price range.

The removable strap is made from PU and is very lightweight and comfortable to wear.

The whole tracker weighs only 15g and one won’t even notice this device on his/her wrist.

The fit and finish, being a Samsung product is right on point and couldn’t have been better.


The Samsung Galaxy e Fit comes with a 0.74-inch POLED display with a resolution of 128 x 64 pixels.

This black and white display offers decent brightness and being an OLED display, has excellent contrast levels with deep blacks and popping whites.

This is not a touch screen but you can tap on the screen to cycle between the screens.


Samsung has included a heart rate sensor and an accelerometer in this budget fitness band.

The heart rate monitor is decently accurate for causal fitness purposes. The built-in accelerometer detects your movements and track steps as well as to aide in features such as raise to wake.

“Don’t always depend on the heart rate sensor for medical purposes. Please visit a certified doctor for accurate analysis.”


The Samsung Galaxy e Fit is controlled via the Samsung Health app on your smartphone.

Available in both play store and iOS store, this feature-rich app lets you control the tracker right from your smartphone without much hassle.

Battery Life

The Samsung Galaxy e Fit has a 70mAh battery inside to power the display and the sensors.

This battery will last for about 6 days on a single charge and takes about 2 hours to charge from empty to a hundred per cent.


Samsung Galaxy e Fit is a feature-rich, yet affordable fitness band priced competently under Rs.3000.

With the robust build quality and decent battery life, this OLED display tracker will prove to be a worthy companion in your fitness exercises.


Reliable brand


Polished fit and finish


1-year warranty


No colour display


Display0.74″ POLED
Battery LifeUp to 6 Days
Water ResistanceIP67
Heart Rate SensorYes

4. GOQii Vital 2.0

goqii -vital-2.0
Best subscription-based fitness tracker
  • Feature-rich Goqii app
  • Bright and vivid OLED display
  • Accurate sensors

GOQii is a California based fitness technology company that provides fitness-based personalized coaching along with their fitness tracking devices on a subscription-based model.

The company has some of the most affordable fitness trackers in the market that comes with a lot of sensors which aids in providing a complete health report via the app.

Build quality and design

The GOQii Vital 2.0 fitness band is designed in California and looks similar to the low budget fitness tracker sibling, the original GOQii band which is a fitness tracker that costs less than Rs.2000.

The strap of this fitness band is made of soft rubber and is very comfortable to wear on your wrist. The clip mechanism on this strap is similar to the one found on smartwatches.

Fitness tracker module sits flush with the band and can be removed by pushing it out of the centre cradle by applying a little bit of pressure.

Be sure to be careful while doing this as severe pushing might harm the strap of the display of the tracker.


The GOQii vital 2.0 comes equipped with a 0.8-inch OLED colour display that has a vertical orientation.

The display is bright and sharp with excellent colour reproduction. The texts appear sharp and look nice on the pitch-black background.

The coloured icons feel much more intuitive that the black and white ones and offer a great immersive experience interacting with the device.


GOQii devices always come with a lot of health-related fitness sensors no matter what the budget is.

The GOQii Vital 2.0 comes with an advanced dynamic heart rate sensor and a blood pressure monitor.

The measurements from these sensors are synced with the GOQii app on your smartphone and the app provides a detailed report on your health conditions based on the reading from those sensors.

This device comes loaded with an exercise mode, which tracks metrics such as steps taken, calories burnt and distance covered.

This feature helps you set a target in advance and keep track of your progress.


GOQii Vital 2.0 isn’t just a fitness tracker. The GOQii app comes with a lot of in-house services such as a personalized fitness coach who will review the data from the sensors and suggest ways to improve your fitness and health. However, this service comes under a subscription fee which you’re free to opt-in or opt-out of.

If you’re serious to have dedicated professional advice for your workouts, then paying for the subscription is well worth it.

Similar to other smart bands, the GOQii vital 2.0 can display notifications from your smartphones such as calls and texts.

Third-party applications such as Whatsapp can be configured to send alerts to the tracker as well.

Battery life

With all the sensors stuffed in and the colourful OLED screen, the battery life isn’t a let down on the lower side with this device.

On a single charge, the GOQii Vital will last up to 15 days with the sync turned on all the time.

The tracker module comes with a USB port built-in.

This makes the device easy to charge directly from a power source such as a power bank or a laptop without requiring a separate charger.


The GOQii Vital 2.0 is one of the full-fledged fitness trackers available in the market.

Loaded with sensors such as a dynamic heart rate monitor and blood pressure sensor, this device comes at the top of our list due to its feature-rich app which provides a detailed report on your health condition.

Option to interact with a live specialist for your doubts and suggestions is also a great value add-on even if it costs a couple of hundred rupees extra.


Accurate blood pressure monitor


Waterproof and swim friendly


Robust build quality


Subscriptions are not for everyone


Display0.8″ OLED
Battery LifeUp to 15 Days
Water ResistanceYes
Heart Rate SensorYes
StrapSoft Rubber

5. Mevofit Bold

Honourable Mention
  • OLED display
  • Up to 10 days of battery life
  • Direct USB charging

MevoFit is an Indian company specialized in fitness-related merchandise such as fitness trackers and travel accessories.

The MevoFit bold is a budget fitness tracker that packs in a lot of useful features inside a compact and lightweight form factor.

Build Quality and Design

The design of MevoFit bold is similar to the fitness trackers from Lenovo. Although more of a copycat design, the fitness tracker looks cool and has pleasing aesthetics.

The trendy design of this MevoFit bold does justice to its completely ergonomic in-hand feel and is very lightweight to wear around the wrist at all times.

The Silicone strap is thick enough to be durable and has a stud-type mechanism to securely hold the strap in the hand.

This device is IP67 dust and water-resistant, making it ideal for outdoor usage.


The MevoFit bold has a slightly larger 0.8-inch OLED display with a resolution of 160 x 80 pixels.

The icons and text appear to look fine even though it is a bit pixelated. Given the price of the tracker and the size of the display, this isn’t much of a dealbreaker.

This display is touch-enabled and has swipe gestures that will let you navigate through different modes at the flick of a wrist.

The company claims the display to be scratch resistant as well.


MevoFit bold does come with the regular set of sensors including an active heart rate monitor.

The activity tracker features on this device are pretty exhaustive. Ranging from sleep monitoring to steps tracking, this device does it all very well.

The pedometer inside is very accurate and precisely calculates the steps taken and deduces the distance travelled from that metric.

The motion sensor detects the movement of your wrist and turns on the display to save power when not in active use.

Smart push notifier feature lets you have the notifications from the smartphone on the band.

You can also locate your smartphone using the anti-lost feature by triggering an alarm right from the tracker itself.


Ruggedness is the one word which describes this fitness tracker. The scratch-resistant screen is supplemented by the shockproof and water-resistant chassis.

The sedentary alert feature will make you aware of the surroundings in a set interval if you feel too sleepy or unproductive at times.

Battery Life

The 90mAh Li-ion battery inside the MevoFit bold will last up to 10 days on a single charge.

With direct USB charging feature, juicing up the battery inside this stylish and affordable fitness tracker is very easy.


If you love to have a feature-rich and rugged fitness tracker/smart band, the MevoFit bold is a capable device in the market priced under Rs.2,200.


Robust build quality


1-year warranty


Comfortable fit


Average display brightness


Battery LifeUp to 10 Days
Water ResistanceIP67
Heart Rate SensorYes

This is it! Our hunt for the five best fitness trackers in the Indian market priced under Rs.3000 comes to an end here.

If you didn’t find the one that will satiate the fitness nerd in you, do remember to check out our Best fitness trackers priced under Rs.2,000 for much more affordable pickings.

Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below and feel free to voice your concerns and criticisms. As always, thanks for your time and have a great day ahead!

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