Best Headphones Under Rs.2,000 (Wired & Over the Head) (July 2021)

Headphones are the holy grail for audiophiles. Good music accompanied by great headphones will satiate their quest for nirvana.

Not only audiophiles, who don’t appreciate a good music listening experience right?

There are a lot of great, quality over-the-ear headphones coming under this price bracket and here we are suggesting you the eight best headphones under Rs.2,000 available for purchase here in India.

Best Headphones Under Rs.2,000 (Wired & Over the Head)

1. OneOdio Studio Pro 10Overall Best Pick
2. Claw SM50Runner-up Pick
3. Sony MDR-310APValue for Money Headphone
4. Edifier H840Feature-rich Headphone
5. Readgear CosmoBest Gaming Headphone
6. Sennheiser HD 206Comfort-fit Headphone
7. Audio-Technica ATH-S100BGRBudget Wired Headphone
8. Skullcandy RiffHonourable Mention

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1. OneOdio Studio Pro 10

OneOdio Studio Pro 10
Overall Best Pick
  • Bass rich, tonally balanced sound output
  • Detachable coil-type cable
  • Swivelling ear cups for easy storage


Elegant design

In-line microphone for hands-free voice calls

Comfortable headband


Bulky earcups

The name OneOdio might not ring that familiar to you right away but trust us, the company is indeed growing in its popularity day by day, thanks to the feature-rich audio products priced affordably.

The OneOdio Studio Pro 10 is an over the ear style wired headphone priced just under Rs.2000 which offers exceptional quality sound output along with other miscellaneous features.

Build Quality

OneOdio stereo headphones are one of the best looking wired headphones available in the market.

The metallic finish on the earpiece looks very premium. The headband cushion on this wired headphone is ample and offers excellent wearing comfort.

This OneOdio headphone features 180-degree swivelling ear cups which make the storage and portability of this headphone effortless.

Sound Quality

The OneOdio Studio Pro 10 headphone comes with 50mm neodymium drivers which are tuned to perfection to deliver the best possible sound output quality.

The bass and treble notes are perfectly in tune and don’t overpower the vocals.

The over the ear design of the earcups helps in sound isolation and offers an immersive music listening experience.

The cushions are comfortable enough to prevent ear fatigue in case of continuous audio streaming.


The Studio Pro 10 headphone comes bundled with detachable 6.35mm and the regular 3.5mm plug cables.

This will let you hook this wired headphone to a multitude of devices such as TV, smartphone and laptop with ease.

Needless to say, this is a universally compatible headphone and works well with both iOS and Android devices.


The OneOdio Studio Pro 10 over the ear wired headphone is the best in terms of build quality as well as the audio output for a budget under Rs.2,000.

If you don’t mind the brand name, go for it and you won’t regret the decision.


In-line MicrophoneYes
Driver Unit Size50 mm
Frequency Range20Hz – 20000Hz
Impedance Rating32 Ohm

2. Claw SM50

Runner-up Pick
  • Detachable cables
  • Excellent sound output quality
  • Inline remote with microphone


Robust build quality

Foldable earcups

Comfy earpad cushion


Looks bulky

Claw is a relatively new entrant to the already saturated Indian audio scene and offers a varying array of products ranging from casual earphones to gaming headphones.

The Claw SM50 is a premium midrange over the ear headphone with certain features which makes it stand out from the rest of the competition priced under Rs.2,000.

Build Quality

The design of the Claw SM50 is very well thought out and robust. The entire construction feels very rigid and robust.

The use of lightweight plastic and memory foam cushions helps with wearing comfort significantly.

The cushion on the headband is very ample and helps in minimizing the wearing fatigue while listening for long hours at once.

The earpiece section is completely foldable for carrying the headphone conveniently in tight spaces.

The circular patterned trim on the earpiece makes this budget wired headphone look very premium.

Sound Quality

The Claw SM50 headphone comes with a 40mm neodymium speaker driver covering a respectable frequency spectrum of 20Hz to 20 kHz.

This ensures you will be able to enjoy almost all instrument notes without fail.

The bass levels are very deep and very well compliments the crispy clean vocals and treble notes.

Overall, the Claw SM50 delivers a pleasant, bass-rich sound output for a budget under Rs.2000.


One feature which makes this headphone stand out from the rest of the pack is the inclusion of dual output ports,

The company has included a coiled 2.8 m coiled cable for studio purposes and a regular 1.2m regular cable with the inline remote for hands-free calls.

Depending upon the use case, you have the option to switch the cable effortlessly.


The Claw SM50 is a very capable wired headphone priced under Rs.3,000 delivering decent bass-heavy sound output.

The robust construction quality and the inclusion of dual output port makes it one of the versatile options to consider in its price segment


In-line MicrophoneYes
Driver unit Size40 mm
Frequency Range20Hz – 20000Hz
Impedance Rating32 Ohm

3. Sony MDR-310AP

Sony MDR ZX310AP
Value for Money Headphone
  • In-line mic for voice calls
  • Decent build quality
  • Suited for bass lovers


Deep bass levels

Foldable Earcups

Gold plated 3.5mm connector


One button inline remote

Sony’s MDR series over the ear headphones are acclaimed for their deep bass levels and clean sound output. 

The MDR-310AP has some impressive features which will make your music listening experience enjoyable at a reasonable price range.

Build Quality

The Sony MDR series headphones are known for not only the extra oomph in the sound output but also for the aesthetically pleasing colour options and the overall elegant design.

This budget over the ear headphone similar to its higher-priced siblings comes with a minimal yet attractive form factor, made out of quality materials.

The adjustable headband has enough cushion to make it comfortable for you to wear this headphone for longer periods at a single stretch.

The earcups are sufficiently comfy and provide a closed-back feel, offering passive noise cancellation from the outside noises.

Sound Quality

Sony has provided a 30mm neodymium driver which produces clean and crisp sound with some deep bass levels in the segment. 

This headset features a sensitive diaphragm that will let you listen to the music across varying sound levels without any distortion.

The headphone has an impedance rating of 24 Ohms meaning it requires only a low power to deliver clear audio without the help of an amplifier. 

A frequency response range that varies between 10 Hz – 24000 Hz makes sure you will be able to hear all the notes across the spectrum.

The quality of the bass is exceptional and will satisfy even the hardcore bass audiophile out there.

Inline remote and Microphone

Indian customers often give importance to the value for money aspect rather than the performance of a product. However, with this budget headphone, you’re neither missing out the two.

The Sony MDR-310AP comes with an inline remote and an integrated mic for voice calls. 

The mic is very sensitive and picks up the voice quite easily, providing decent quality hands-free voice calls experience.


The cord length is 1.2mm and the connector is gold plated. 

There is an inline remote and mic for accepting calls and changing tracks without needing to look at the device while listening to music. 

Earcups are of the swivelling type and this makes carrying the headphone easy.


Foldable design with deep bass levels and a wider frequency spectrum, this headphone lets you listen to the music the way it is intended to. 

Available in a variety of eye-catching colours, MDR-310AP is the one where style meets substance.


In-line MicrophoneYes
Driver unit Size30mm
Frequency Range10Hz – 24000Hz
Impedance Rating24 Ohms

4. Edifier H840

Edifier H840
Feature-rich Headphone
  • Bass-heavy sound signature 
  • Comfortable soft leather earpads
  • Decent build quality


Gold plated 3.5mm plug

Ergonomic fit

Adjustable headband


No inline mic

Edifier is a Chinese brand that manufactures audio accessories such as speakers, headphones and music systems for personal as well as home entertainment purposes.

The Edifier H840 is an entry-level over the ear wired headphone available in the Indian market for a price of just under Rs.2,000.

Build Quality

The Edifier H840 over the ear headphone is made from plastic materials which are to be expected for this price range.

The earpieces themselves are swivelling but don’t fold for easier portability. The earpiece cushions, however, feel very comfortable.

The headband size can be adjusted and has a steel rod inside for better durability. This headphone weighs around 200g which is quite okay.

The 2m long wire might not be of everyone’s taste as the chance for it getting tangled inside your backpack is very much prominent.

Overall, the Edifier H840 has a decent build quality for its asking price.

Sound Quality

The Edifier H840 has a 40mm speaker driver inside which is tuned for emphasizing more on the bass notes.

Those who love bass will feel right at home with this budget wired earphone.

The vocals are clear and the high-end treble is audible as well. The music and the sound quality overall feels very balanced around 60-70% of the volume. 

If the volume is cranked up way up to the maximum, the bass overpowers the vocals and treble notes, making the sound output too boomy for our liking.


The Edifier H840 doesn’t come with an inline remote nor a microphone for that matter.

This is purely a wired headphone for listening to music and is not capable of hands-free voice calls.


The Edifier H840 is a wired DJ monitoring headphone with a bass-heavy sound signature best suited for listening to EDMs.

The ergonomic fit and the overall wearing comfort adds to the usability of this wired headphone priced under Rs.2000.


In-line MicrophoneNo
Driver unit Size40mm
Frequency Range20 – 20000 Hz
Impedance Rating32 Ohms

5. Readgear Cosmo

Readgear Cosmo
Best Gaming Headphone
  • Bass-heavy sound output
  • Noise-cancelling microphone 
  • LED lighting effects 


Sturdy build

Comfortable earcups

Flip to mute mic


Slight audio leakage

Redgear is a well-known gaming brand in India with a wide range of products under its wing such as gaming mice, controllers, headphones, etc. 

The Redgear Cosmo is an entry-level gaming headset that is priced just under Rs.2000 in the Indian market.

Build Quality

The Redgear Cosmo delivers a good build quality for the price. Redgear has mainly utilized plastic in the construction of this budget gaming headphone. You can find some metal inserts on the headband and microphone, but that is it. 

The microphone featured in this wired headphone supports noise cancelling and can be swivelled up when not in use to mute it. 

Controlling the audio has never been easier thanks to the audio control unit attached to the wire. 

This entry-level Redgear Cosmo gaming headphone features LED lighting which is available on the mic, control unit, and the sides of the ear cups. 

Talking about the earcups, the cushioning provided by Redgear is extremely good. This is an over the ear headphone and it has huge ear cups compared to your average gaming headphones. 

This budget headphone comes with a USB connector that is connected to your host device.

If you are planning to purchase this headphone for mobile gaming, then you would need to purchase a separate OTG adapter for that. 

Sound Quality

The sound quality on the Redgear Cosmo headphones is surprisingly good. 

It should be noted that the Redgear Cosmo is by no means a premium gaming headphone but Redgear has managed to pull off a home run with this headphone in terms of audio quality. 

The 50mm driver does a fantastic job of delivering loud and crisp audio output. You will be able to listen to even the faintest of footsteps, thanks to the Cosmo gaming headphones.

There is no mandatory requirement for driver downloads for the headphones to function properly but there is an optional software download that can be done from the Redgear website.

The companion software for the Cosmo gaming headphones provides a variety of customization options that let you tweak the audio to your liking. 

There is also the ability to enable virtual 7.1 surround sound for a more immersive experience but as usual virtual surround sound is pretty subpar. 

Mic quality is another good thing about this gaming headphone – the sound is distortion-free and your teammates should not have any problems while communicating. 


Under Rs.2000, the Redgear Cosmo is an excellent choice for a wired gaming headphone.

 The build and audio quality of this headphone are one of the best in this price segment.


In-line MicrophoneYes
Driver Unit Size50mm
Frequency Range20Hz – 20000Hz
Impedance Rating32 Ohms

6. Sennheiser HD 206

Sennheiser HD206
Comfort-fit Headphone
  • Crisp and clean audio output
  • Excellent noise attenuation
  • Lightweight and comfortable



Signature Sennheiser sound quality

Long 3m cable


No inline microphone

The brand Sennheiser doesn’t need any introduction for audiophiles around the world.

This German audio equipment manufacturer is synonymous with high-quality audio equipment such as headphones and earphones.

The Sennheiser HD206 is an entry-level wired headphone from the company offering a taste of signature Sennheiser audio quality under an affordable budget.

Build Quality

The Sennheiser HD 206 is completely made out of polycarbonate plastics. This makes the headphone lightweight and extremely comfortable to wear.

There is no flex or creeks on the chassis, in case you’re wondering about the build quality.

The dual-tone black and silver finish imparts a sense of premium quality to this headphone.

The cables are reinforced at the joints to minimise the possibility of damage when handled roughly.

Sound Quality

The Sennheiser HD206 comes with 32mm custom factory tuned drivers for precise audio reproduction.

This is one of the cheapest supra-aural headphones which will deliver you a perfect, tonally balanced audio output across the entire 21 – 18000Hz frequency spectrum.

The bass, mid and treble very well complement each other to provide pleasant music listening experience, no matter which genre of music you’re hooked in to.

The closed-back design helps in preventing the ambient background noise from getting inside your ears and offers a serene and calm, immersive experience altogether.


Unlike the other headphones, the Sennheiser HD 206 comes with a long cable, almost double the length of conventional 1.2m cables found in earphones and headphones.

This allows you to conveniently place the smartphone in your pocket and listen to music with enough slack to the cables, protecting the phone as well as the headphones from damage.

The only downside of this budget headphone might be the lack of an inline remote and microphone for voice calls.

However, the premium quality sound output makes up for this omission.


The Sennheiser HD 206 is one of the cheapest headphones you can purchase in the market right now with exceptional sound clarity.

If you are tight on your budget and the lack of an inline microphone doesn’t bother you, this is it.


In-line MicrophoneNo
Driver unit Size32 mm
Frequency Range21Hz – 18000Hz
Impedance Rating24 Ohm

7. Audio-Technica ATH-S100BGR

Audio-Technica ATH-S100BGR
Budget Wired Headphone
  • Suitable for all head sizes
  • Natural bass output
  • Minimal sound leak


Great sound output

Build quality

Noise cancellation works well


No inline mic

Audio Technica is a Japanese company that specializes in the manufacturing of audio equipment.

They are known for their high-end earphones and headphones that are widely used in recording studios.

The ATH S100BGR is the company’s entry-level headphone offering.

Audio Technica has provided a great package with ATH S100BGR without compromising on the audio quality it is famed to deliver.

Build Quality

The build quality of Audio Technica ATH S100BGR screams premium with flexible headbands that will help with the snug fit of the headphones on your head.

The design is minimal and aesthetically pleasing. The one side cable ensures that there won’t be any unnecessary distractions while listening to music.

The closed-back design ensures lesser sound leak and better noise cancellation.

Sound Quality

The ATH S100BGR is powered by 36mm drivers that produce great quality output over the 15Hz – 22KHz frequency response range with a minimum impedance of 32 Ohm.

The output gets pretty loud even without the amplifier and the bass feels more natural.


Do note that the AudioTechnica ATH S100BGR doesn’t come with an inline microphone for facilitating voice calls. 

Since this headphone is very lightweight, you can wear this for extended periods without any issues. 


Budget wise, the Audio Technica ATH S100BGR beats its competitors in this list to become one of the best affordable over the ear headphones under Rs.2000.


In-line MicrophoneNo
Driver Unit Size36 mm
Frequency Range15Hz – 22000Hz
Impedance Rating32 Ohms

8. Skullcandy Riff

Skullcandy Riff
Honourable Mention
  • Tonally balanced sound output
  • Comfortable easy to use the button
  • Voice assistant feature


Trendy design

Lightweight and 

Breathable cushion


Sound leakage

Skullcandy is an American based company specialized in marketing earphones, headphones and other similar audio-related hardware worldwide.

The Riff from Skullcandy is a budget over the ear wired headphones available in the Indian market priced just under Rs.2000 favouring budget-conscious consumers,

Design and Build Quality

The Skullcandy Riff has a trendy design with flashy colours which will attract the youth.

Made from high-quality polycarbonate plastic, the Skullcandy Riff SP5XY is very lightweight and offers excellent wearing comfort.

Speakers and Sound Quality

The Skullcandy Riff has a 40mm speaker driver with a refined acoustic signature that helps the headphone deliver music notes, pleasing to the ears.

The level of bass is adequate and doesn’t feel artificial at all. The vocals are loud and clear as well.

The breathable ear cushion material eliminates the chance of ear fatigue while listening to music for a longer duration, continuously.


One of the unique features of this headphone is that the control button is located on the earpiece instead of the cable.

This large easy to use button can be used for skipping tracks, accepting/rejecting the voice calls, and even controlling the volume level.

This headphone supports Google assistant integration which can be used to wirelessly execute commands directly on your Android smartphone.


The Skullcandy Riff is a trendy wired headphone priced under Rs.2000 which suits the youth better.

Ear-pleasing sound quality along with the excellent wearing comfort makes this headphone suitable for people with longer listening duration.


In-line MicrophoneYes
Driver unit Size40mm
Frequency Range20 – 20000 Hz
Impedance Rating32 Ohms

This concludes our list of the eight best wired headphones under Rs.2,000 in India. 

We have taken a genuine effort to include headphones in each category that we feel might suit our readers to make your choice selection easier.

The list, although this is not an exhaustive guide, will let you have a basic idea of what to look for while purchasing headphones in this segment.

Last but not the least, thanks for your time and have a great day ahead!

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